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979699 .[View]
979693 .[View]
979688 smoking weed again.. Lucky me[View]
979680 https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/neuroscience/articles/10.3389/fnins.2016.00300/full[View]
979675 .[View]
979661 Money above everything [View]
979659 I love with Justin trudeau[View]
979655 [b]PTSD Army Black True Wizcel, Shell-Shocked Iraq War Veteran. Griever of Lost Virgin Souls. No friends, no wife, no social life at 41. [/b][View]
979653 hmmm fuck you[View]
979650 I masturbated without ejaculation for a week now, my balls hurt like crazy[View]
979649 .[View]
979641 charles bukowski said:[View]
979637 Got a roommate for the loneliness, but all I do is stay locked in my room afraid to talk to them[View]
979636 lol[View]
979632 Just dreamt of killing Joseph[View]
979626Sleep deprivation - nootropic Now, Northwestern University neurobiologists are the first to uncover what produces this punch-drunk effect. In a new study, researchers induced mild, acute sleep deprivation in mice and then examined their behaviors and brain activity. Not only did dopamine release increase during the acute sleep loss period, synaptic plasticity also was enhanced — literally rewirin[View]
979624Morgan & Morgan & Morgan & Morgan & Morgan Let your imagination run wild[View]
979621 I don;t think there is anything more evil then homosexuality. its pretty much bottom of the trash can level of filth. [View]
979608Apple macOS scans storage drives for CSAM / CP It scans your drives even if you don't have an Apple ID, disabled iCloud and don't use the macOS Photos app.[View]
979607 .[View]
979605 .[View]
979586 174[View]
979583 .[View]
979582 .[View]
979579 .[View]
979578Woman zonked out of her mind kills kidz sleep med[View]
979565 It's sort of ridiculous how university is held up as an IQ test in some circles when in reality it's a test of conformity and motivation in most disciplines. Normies get a massive boost simply by being in connected social networks whereas the eccentrics suffer in isolation for years on end because they've no community to participate in[View]
979563 Don Dimadon[View]
979559 dying succubi says she's happy she'll never see Justin Trudeau ever again[View]
979557 .[View]
979548 .[View]
979547I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out Most of the meme drone videos coming out of Ukraine are actors shooting propaganda behind the frontlines. We never see the aftermath where the men or assets or actually dead[View]
979545 .[View]
979535 .[View]
979528I hate normalfags here's why fucking normalfags ruining everything that's fun in life. just kill'em'all[View]
979524 Gay Andy featured on liveleak after getting domed in his creepy old skull with a lead pipe after trying to meet with a wizkid[View]
979522 andy's liquified remains[View]
979513 andy's wandering fingers[View]
979500 he's still the best[View]
979499 What are you doing right now, fellow NEETs[View]
979498 turning my swag on[View]
979476 emitting horrific smells from my nether region[View]
979465 .[View]
979461How the H.E.C.K. Do I kill toxoplasmosis gondii??[View]
979459 SOme guy embedded videos of some kiddo, she larps as a DOG.. i got around to watching her vids and it's very clear she does not wear udnerwear under those thin tights... omg wiz[View]
979454 Vampires have many methods of preserving blood: they make jams, jellies, fermented tonics, pastes, and dehydrated cubes. They fill cellars; they are great lovers of jars[View]
979453 .[View]
979452 I hate god I hate life I hate children[View]
979443 .[View]
979440 smoking weed on patio rn. Just chillin[View]
979432 https://i.4cdn.org/pol/1713312929322781.jpg[View]
979430 .[View]
979428 :)[View]
979423 Welcome to the new 4[View]
979417 .[View]
979415 Don't ever let a normie tell you they're poor. These people get a colleg degree before they're 25 and have spent close to a decade wageslaving in jobs that makes at least 50k yearly. They also have a wife by now and possibly even kids.[View]
979414 I love being a big dick Volcel christian. I love my 9-5 mon-sat job. (rest on sunday) everyday is a blessing from god not dealing with succubi and having a huge dick as a mgtow and loving god. life can't get any better. [View]
979409wizcel songs I know what died that night[View]
979408 Praise Jesus [View]
979395 .[View]
979393 .[View]
979377 .[View]
979367 plotting against crabs[View]
979362 .[View]
979346ITT: Wizcels and Winners Stevie won[View]
979339 Wow friends very cool very nice and cool board for being NEET hey we should rail lines of meth together and let the jewish sex demons in our butts haha as a joke haha :)[View]
979338 Yes! Yes! Kosherize the carcass, kosherize it! kosherize it! hehehe another goy soul damned to darkest Gehenna hehehe *rubs hands*[View]
979332 that's a man[View]
979328 .[View]
979324 BGA cometh..[View]
979312 Der Wuzzer Annihilator[View]
979311 .[View]
979307 .[View]
979306ライチ☆光クラブ Why don't we create our own Litchi Hikari Club, wizards? We would be feared by normalfags and succubi [b]HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[/b][View]
979305 wizmin you in cel fucker elminate google capcha [View]
979298facts shota>loli[View]
979294 .[View]
979291 stink my eyes and sink my ass[View]
979287 .[View]
979286 conspiracies make me laugh. they are made almost exclusively by and for people with too much free time or mentally ill people which usually also have too much free time [View]
979267 biden will be reelected[View]
979266 i have some sticks[View]
979262 .[View]
979261🇺🇲 I wish I was american tho[View]
979259 it's a smash[View]
979253 is wizchan a community? I don't like the word community.[View]
979251 .[View]
979250 the funniest wizchan meme is: "we won wizards!"[View]
979249 .[View]
979248 We need to torture and kill every succubus [View]
979246 memetic curse spell[View]
979245 .[View]
979222 .[View]
979221 just saw a beautiful preteen with a good pair of tits, too bad it's illegal to fuck preteens; you'll be categorize as a pedophile[View]
979207 the right wingers usurped phonk music [View]
979205 the scrolling of this zeitgeist was engendered in monuments suffocated by many microplastics of the time[View]
979200 Look, I don't know how to explain this to you if you don't realize it already.[View]
979194 Technique #1 - 'FORUM SLIDING'[View]
979181 kill crabs with fire[View]
979176 Me after succesfully selling fruit yesterday[View]
979156 Fckn modmin disable google capcha to stop doxing me on this site[View]
979155 Top 10 Heterosexual characters with the biggest Homosexual energy:[View]
979153 99% of people are retards. including you. just keep that in mind. [View]
979152 563[View]
979150 @vickybiagini8623[View]
979142 crab stomping should be a sport[View]
979126 rate my battlestation [View]
979121 tired of the world shoving shit in my face[View]
979118 .[View]
979111 APOLOGIZE[View]
979107 wizzies will retake wizchan one day[View]
979106 .[View]
979101 call me wizpapa[View]
979097 .[View]
979089 Turns out all of pawl is only about 100,000 people worldwide. That's a very small number, especially when you consider the shills and ip jumpers and fence sitters[View]
979087 .[View]
979080 I have no Willpower[View]
979063 based 50 cent pulling a wizcel schizo on the gay nigger rappers cliquers[View]
979061 mood[View]
979055 andy's skiddy undies [View]
979053 I am [b] not [/b] describing whatever the fuck my dream was supposed to be.[View]
979046 what other websites do you use for searching anime pics beside danbooru, gelbooru, r34?[View]
979042 wizschizo main theme[View]
979038 can gay people become wizards?[View]
979032 .[View]
979030Lack of wiz ideology What unites us is that we're late virgins but there's no solid ideology behind it. The lack of driving force for the wizard ideology transforms wizchan into a breeding ground for sex haver ideologies like Nazism and Islamism. As you can see those extremist threads are frequently posted.[View]
979029Oops! Didn't see you there! Don't mind me - just wiggling the wand.[View]
979024 .[View]
979023 .[View]
979021 volcels can do anything, crabs are incabale of even act like human beings [View]
979008 Wignat bro, there's not going to be a second hitler. [View]
978995 Having sex means you were corrupted by lust, which is why Hitler was a volcel. [View]
978993 I hate how youtube today is a bunch of disguised adverts posing as cultural commentary for various vapid gaming and entertainment brands nobody could possibly care about[View]
978988 Five nights at my own Home.[View]
978971 https://tokuzilla.net/watch/kamen-rider-build.html?ep=49#watch[View]
978970Conservative learns who holds the power >In February 2021, Carano shared an Instagram post that compared "hating someone for their political views" to the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust[81][68][82] and included an image taken during the Lviv pogroms.[79][83][note 1] Many critics interpreted the post as comparing American conservatives to Jews in Nazi Germany.[65] Shortly afterward, Lucasf[View]
978967 reddit.com/r/crabtears[View]
978949 feels good being a modern man, volcel, intelligent, and a master on the dark magical arts[View]
978945 https://i.4cdn.org/pol/1713227126658835.jpg[View]
978944 what is a wizza without a pizza[View]
978940 .[View]
978938Seven days... https://www.biocybernaut.com/pricing/[View]
978937 are you disabled?[View]
978934 yes my volcel master i'll do whatever you ask me[View]
978930 i love modern houses[View]
978903 im not on acid[View]
978901Bank won't give a Canadian $3000 without paperwork https://twitter.com/CatchUpFeed/status/1779878690408816873[View]
978897 The Argentine is a human aberration, he is lazy by nature, he does not seek to improve his quality of life, he lives in an unrevoked house, he turns 40 and still lives with his parents, he is dying of hunger because he does not work and he blames his president They don't finish school and they spend the day watching repeated World Cup matches where they were champions (where they stole the cup). T[View]
978895 .[View]
978893 46[View]
978891 recc me some games with lolis that get pregnant and give birth[View]
978889 .[View]
978884filthy wizards lol I have the same underwear for at least 10 years and they have holes most of them and I still wear them lmao[View]
978883 .[View]
978878 good afternoon i hate crabs[View]
978873 im glad im vaccinated[View]
978867 The vaxscene was the biggest scam in human history and every single institution that forced it upon canadians should be obliterated[View]
978864Yu-Gi-Oh! what did you think about the new banlist? why linkuriboh got banned?[View]
978858 .[View]
978855 I NEED A WIZHERO[View]
978848 miss you morning star[View]
978845 it's been awhile since a ate this. I forgot how it taste. they're my favourite.[View]
978844 .[View]
978839 why isn't great writers anymore? beside Houellebecq who seems to be more of a our-time-only good writer and will be forgotten in 100 years from now. same with philosophers, where are the genius?[View]
978838 ,[View]
978827 How the fuk do you catch up to the normies after 30 w/o a fast cash career lined up[View]
978816 These idiots calling other men "in cels" think that makes them immune to succubi's actions.[View]
978810 wpath files[View]
978807 .[View]
978805 it's true.. all of it![View]
978804 .[View]
978801 why crabs and christianity go and in hand?[View]
978792 That's a big yikes from me, sweetie.[View]
978788 .[View]
978769 Stupid Loli weeb posts[View]
978765 .[View]
978762 dumb lil nigger [View]
978761 i was born to win [View]
978760 .[View]
978758 .[View]
978757 technology, science and progress[View]
978753 down to earth[View]
978727 i could hurt you but i won't[View]
978725 the sky is cumming[View]
978724 .[View]
978712 yeah i love money [View]
978707 .[View]
978705civilization vs barbary millions must fuck shotas[View]
978704 Tweakers playing Turtle WoW with each other and there being massive drama in the discord a week in.[View]
978700 >Researchers find that ‘superpowers’ are real - they’re just not what we expect[View]
978699 .[View]
978698Top underground HACKS to TRICK NORMIES How to get a hoooker to love you:[View]
978695 .[View]
978694 Gay Andy irritates me to no end. That little fella has me all riled up.[View]
978693 fucking unreal[View]
978691 Thank you mods for unbanning me VPN IP addresses.[View]
978690 jupteriam arts[View]
978688 evolution is real[View]
978686 .[View]
978683 .[View]
978679 we need to destroy crabs, my brothers [View]
978676 can't even post on 4chan anymore without having to link an email[View]
978674 .[View]
978661 a nickel ain't worth a dime anymore[View]
978659Wiz Kyaa!!! A neko!!! A kuro neko!!! On my... my OSHIRI!!![View]
978658 i'm him[View]
978657 lol this foid blogger got GANG RAPED by three shitskins [View]
978651 .[View]
978647 .[View]
978638 my sides wizcel bros lmfao[View]
978627 This is me btw I posted the thread about doing things to people that ban me[View]
978626 .[View]
978625 Is it moral to send a payload of seismic missiles to Israel over their houses for banning me from 4chan? [View]
978621❤️ if I had a daughter I'd name her either Lolita or Alice. I like these names[View]
978614 billions of tortured minds[View]
978613 Volcels = sitting comfy in 1st world white countries[View]
978604 There is almost certainly going to be a war against Iran in the next year so two.[View]
978595 Why is it so difficult to just create an email anymore?[View]
978592I guessed right I know What the lolicon fag is trying to do.[View]
978590 I love being a big dick Volcel. theres other things out there in life other than pussy. but if I did have sex then there is no doubt I will pleasure them more then crabs with tiny penis. [View]
978589Lo que se llama morirse eso si es gacho Los del canal 12 de la television de aqui de durango me apuntaron con una pistola.[View]
978581 work hard and achieve material comfort[View]
978572 bitcoin fell off[View]
978571 .[View]
978561 Israel have shoot down all Iran's Drones down. They have at very strong Airdefend.[View]
978554 why crabs are so disgusting [View]
978553 Here's Walt Disney pretending to draw Mickey. In real life he couldn't draw and people in interviews kept asking for him to draw Mickey, so he had his best animators teach him how to draw Mickey's side profile and he drew the same picture every time.[View]
978548 https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291139.html[View]
978547 .[View]
978521 lookin real good[View]
978518 .[View]
978512 Total Jihad: Leaf edition https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=wUr_d-uOG64[View]
978497 what pussy does to a nigga xD [View]
978486 .[View]
978475 severe internal damage[View]
978473 I pray for the wizcord clique to return[View]
978471 .[View]
978468 what a wussy..[View]
978463 .[View]
978462 reddit.com allhotnewrisingcontroversialtop[View]
978461 .[View]
978458 >be wiz[View]
978444 what is your Wizard class?[View]
978442 a wizard who does not shower is cleaner than a crab who shower everyday [View]
978439 Destroy crabs [View]
978434 reject crabs[View]
978430 Hello I’m the demon lord / real anti christ of earth. I have an army of 50 million in North America and another 50 million in South America with a total of 300 million across the earth. My ultimate enemy is the Jew and unethical animal husbandry raisers. [View]
978417 reject tradition, embrace modernity[View]
978413 Bluey moving away and selling house[View]
978411 https://www.ign.com/articles/japanese-police-arrest-36-year-old-man-on-suspicion-of-tampering-with-pokemon-violet-save-data?cx_testId=4&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=4&cx_experienceId=EXHKSUV8Y60C&cx_experienceActionId=showRecommendationsPW8U8117BRZA17#cxrecs_s[View]
978406 https://tokuzilla.net/watch/build-new-world-kamen-rider-cross-z.html[View]
978383 I hate crabs. They whine nonstop about lack of pooooooosy instead of using all that free time to do hobbies. And most of them are young too. If you are 19 and dont try and just whine nonstop no wonder you are alone. Fitting a narc pretty boy faggot like Elliot Rodger is their idol. Its all so feminine[View]
978378 .[View]
978373 .[View]
978368Civil War The constant talk about another Civil War in America on other chans makes me anxious/scared as fuck.[View]
978362 .[View]
978358 Surely no harm will come if I post it [b]here[/b] :D[View]
978349 .[View]
978348good investiment physical manga you didn't regret buying[View]
978346 @jasonellis8180[View]
978341 .[View]
978339 PURU PURU PURURIN! ^____________^[View]
978330 .[View]
978324 yhyug[View]
978321 the smell is unbearable[View]
978317 .[View]
978314 .[View]
978308 https://streamable.com/sf65hz blacks are right when they say xhites don't know how to dance[View]
978303 .[View]
978302 why wizchan is more reddit friendly to reddit then 4chad? we must hate reddit[View]
978295 .[View]
978293 im a fucking sorcerer[View]
978286Wizcels lol homosexual volcel cares about dick size[View]
978280 😙😚😘🥰😍🤩[View]
978279 "i hate jews because society is not going the way i like!!" [View]
978276 calculated violence[View]
978263 Guess what[View]
978262 ==New Wizchan Rule:==[View]
978261 New Wizchan rule:[View]
978257Crypto memecoins I see a lot of crypto memes popping off lately. Should we do something like GameStop? The WIFE token on Base, one of the only ones that represents traditional values. Low marketcap and easy to pump. Not that i'll ever have a wife since im celibate. But I do support traditional roles and think the feminism movement is a complete joke. [View]
978247 i hide all the posts from a certain person and you should too[View]
978243hole baby slot[View]
978238 feels good to be a wizcel :D[View]
978229 .[View]
978224 .[View]
978221 shoko asahara is a mix between a wizard and a crab[View]
978219 .[View]
978210 this wizcel suffers so much.[View]
978205 .[View]
978194 .[View]
978188 andy's home videos feat. tradesman tyrone (uncensored)[View]
978182 i despise republicans[View]
978177 .[View]
978176 i am a king, who the fuck is you[View]
978173 .[View]
978166 Let's Make A Game [View]
978165 i want him dead[View]
978163 8 days remaining[View]
978160 .[View]
978158ur net werk is ur net worth :^) I luv how social connectivity to a pack of midwit normies is the primary determinant of success and power in life and none of these people have an original thought in their heads[View]
978154 pretty damn good[View]
978152cyberpunk 2077 ruined the word 'cyberpunk' on internet >cyberpunk on internet and youtube before cyberpunk 2077 came out[View]
978150 .[View]
978144Post interesting subreddits I'll start:[View]
978143 .[View]
978140Dungeon Synth do you listen to dungeon synth, wizards?🧙[View]
978121 .[View]
978120 .[View]
978119 japanese are wizcels we don't want outsiders in our imageboards or country. get the fuck out if you hate virgins, this isn't you'r culture.[View]
978117 damn it I want to go to japan but I don't know what to do there. I might never go to japan. embarassing[View]
978116 the runt of the litter[View]
978115 homosexuals are valid[View]
978112 now I feel bad for the ukranian succubus who won miss japan contest and had to resign her title even if she's not real japanese[View]
978111 It was a Friday night he'd certainly miss. A big party, his college graduation party, and he was only going to be able to experience it vicariously through Insta stories and TikTok, all because the volcel was embarrassed to go outside in his current condition. His swollen cheeks and red eyes hadn’t gone down. Regrettably, both he and his friends tried to pick a fight with a stranger. They bullie[View]
978105 Dementia Joe https://twitter.com/i/status/1701232598519787653[View]
978103 The Univer$ity $cience grift - write my textbooks scweety[View]
978102 .[View]
978099 lol wizchan is advertised DAILY on r9k and by females and trannies in a thread called >BioFem/ - Gen #18[View]
978098 Vanquisher Revengeful Wizcel God of Wizard Souls[View]
978097 Welcome to the Future.[View]
978095 have to have my window really open because ive been farting a lot today[View]
978085 can a wizard have friends [View]
978079 .[View]
978076 Degenerate faggot has gall to come here to wizchan and say who is wiz or not after having had e boyfriends and gay sex.[View]
978072 Bipolar are succubi like maniacs who always act like borderline antisocial passive aggressive gossipy fags. Just kill yourself if you are a bipolar there's also a high correlation between faggotry and drug abuse which makes you non white. Nonwhite means you can't be a wizcel. [View]
978068 Well, there was a wizzer that lived in a shed.[View]
978067 There’s nothing more that larpers love than sounding off about why they are wizards and in cels are not.[View]
978062 Wizcels cannot ignore what has gone before. We have to build this new wizchan based on our history. What brought the debacle of our site is what must be avoided. [View]
978057 reminder that it's one schizo retard spamming "wizcel" over and over again. the same schizo that spams about discord too. seek help champ you're clearly not well.[View]
978054 I hate it that my cognitive function isn't as sharp as it was when I used to write, bipolar has really done a number on my brain. It would probably help if I proofread but it used to be that I could rattle off a shitpost that was clear and concise in one go. And why would you proofread a post on an imageboard anyway?[View]
978043 An old wizcel in his underwear made for the bathroom despite having visitors. He peed to his heart’s content and felt the pressure leaving his body. For a brief moment, a moan of satisfaction escaped him, a noise audible to the guests.[View]
978039 The plan was in place to fool other virgins for the rest of their lives, but it all went haywire when the one true wizcel appeared and exposed them for the normalfags they are.[View]
978031 .[View]
978027 Mi papá estaba trabajando en un edificio del world trade center ese día, hacia mes y medio que habia emigrado a estados unidos. El 11 de septiembre heroicamente ayudó a rescatar a muchas personas en la zona cero, hasta que la torre norte se derrumbó. Quedó mal herido, y nunca se recuperó. Durante años deseaba morir, pero nosotros tratabamos deanimarle a que siga adelante. Hasta que un dia l[View]
978026 .[View]
978025kkklimate change is fake[View]
978024 :)[View]
978017Game over for coffee-cels https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8969755/[View]
978016 what are wizcels doing?[View]
978014 wizcel chads btfo'd the fags[View]
978013 wizcels won.[View]
978011 I've come to an ocean of bullshit breaking eureka: the WiZZcel soldier isn't just some threat to demoncracy, but a damn living, breathing archetype of a world-tearing-apart change. He's way more than just flesh and bone; he's the raw and the honorable, as unstoppable as a cunculating thunderstorm n' as still as the ocean in any struggle that's life[View]
977997 https://youtu.be/wgyHvpc1b7I?si=AwgT9Nof0jOlE5wY[View]
977972 does wizchan like reddit or hate it. I'm for hating it[View]
977971 faggots, niggers, kikes, degenerate volcels, erping retards, crossdressers CAN'T BE WIZARDS :D [View]
977941I have intellectually defeated incels with logic crabs dont want succubi to have standards for them, despite all their flaws and low value, they want succubi to love them anyway[View]
977922Don't let them scare you into apathy and submission bros Our sites are polluted extensively with irrelevant crap to divert attention, demoralization to make pepes internalize apathy and weakness, and the proliferation of destructive habits and sabotaging idea to try and harm the users. [View]
977914 there's pepe image and wojak image and mids are doing nothing[View]
977898 Smoking my vape.[View]
977893 '[View]
977878 f[View]
977874 iridescent arsehole[View]
977873 I hate all the illiterate brown turd worlders on this board now.[View]
977871 blacks tend to commit more crimes because they're poor[View]
977860 my theory is that present day crabs are reincarnated souls from people who died 100~200 years ago. Hence why they are excessively conservative since teenage years.[View]
977855 discord is beyond comfy [View]
977845 > go to i ncels.is [View]
977838 You wouldn't get it.[View]
977832 there's something pulsating inside me that gets stronger everyday[View]
977812 well? [View]
977793Andrew englin https://twitter.com/Lucas_Gage_/status/1777792807484227683[View]
977791 https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/adolf-hitler-calling-out-the-freemasons-bolshevik-jews-war-profiteers-and-bankers_sEQAwFpZZsWF94k.html[View]
977785 That's enough, no more[View]
977784 black people have the style i aint gonna lie[View]
977782hell awaits all low IQ autistic faggots. https://www.bitchute.com/video/HFHJV488BZJ7/[View]
977777 This is a war I can't win[View]
977773This is what it's like to live with a normal woman https://twitter.com/ChuckCallesto/status/1777711286643470638[View]
977771 Dale suave[View]
977767 im so autistic that i cant actually enjoy porn with two people. i only watch porn of people(usually feminine boys) masturbating because only this way i can relate with the please that person feel. despise being a heterosdxual man watching succubi wont do anything for my arousal because i cant relate with the feminine arousal[View]
977763 (no funeral)[View]
977762 im somewhar schizo and people want to be me. the one thing they don't know is how much suffering you have to go thru in order to have the visions[View]
977759 .[View]
977753 If post-war boomers, and mostly animated short films count, then we already have a Soyjak Movie.[View]
977749 Damn, is that succcuya???[View]
977741 update[View]
977739 I am OBSESSED with a dimwitted narcissistic gay man who can't stop namefigging on this site[View]
977718 i just don't like adults[View]
977717depression life what's your day routine, wizzies?[View]
977711 x[View]
977704 can you still be a wizard if you marry a femcel/ witch and just don't have sex. [View]
977703 just another parasite[View]
977702 another all nighter nigger[View]
977693 wizcel of the streets finds solace in his silent muse[View]
977687 google recapcha is beyond broken, and it's everywhere. How do I kill this Satan[View]
977675 .[View]
977671 a[View]
977661 s.korea is for succubi, japan is made for men[View]
977645 New Emma Ellingsen vlog just dropped, you guys should check it out. 😉 [View]
977644 I hate the meme ricardo milos[View]
977642 we shall remain outside of society because this is what awaits you[View]
977635 .[View]
977631 .[View]
977625 .[View]
977624 raping andy's rectum in virtual reality[View]
977622 Hello there, bitch. Are you comfortable right now? [View]
977621 e[View]
977619 .[View]
977618 thank you /b/ about this music, remember[View]
977616 .[View]
977615 negai shimasss[View]
977607 just another used washed up disease ridden hole. [View]
977598 🦠[View]
977597 What kind of crab are you? [View]
977596 it was a nice ride[View]
977593 What if me and cartoon poster cuddled? Wouldn't that be super gay?[View]
977591 I only brush my teeth when I wake up[View]
977590 .[View]
977586 can someone tell me what the fuck are they saying? I don't understand nigger english[View]
977585 artificial butthole[View]
977579 What 0 pussy does to a mothafucka[View]
977568Drake Bell is here Thoughts on the Eclipse? [View]
977565pray for our brother Wizcel Jackson Jew me, sue me, everybody do me [View]
977554 would you eat this pudding[View]
977552 .[View]
977551 .[View]
977540 people act like they dont use eachother. Only your mother loves you man grow up to adult life[View]
977539 andy's dutch oven[View]
977524 >...right wing politics was made literally illegal between 1945 and 2015, but it’s true. If you’re a publisher, you’re heavily subject to the law. Why would you publish someone who for example opposes civil rights law, opposes legal gay marriage, or supports state religion? You wouldn’t. You open yourself up to a whole litany of lawsuits. Meanwhile, you literally get tax incentives and inv[View]
977522 :D Wizcel moment[View]
977517 What if I started claiming to be a ftm trans? Like obviously I'm a man. But once you plant that seed in their head, they'll look at you closely for clues and be like "you pass fairly well". [View]
977516 .[View]
977501 Give me your fucking money[View]
977500 ==WHAT IS YOUR DUTY!?==[View]
977491 It's becoming impossible to even create an email anymore.[View]
977489 🧙[View]
977485 wizchan.orgy[View]
977483 And the Oscar goes to...[View]
977482 anyone wants to compete against me in all nighters ?[View]
977479 I should be pumping witches right now all day all the time, why isn't it happening?[View]
977468 there's two sojack meme one on wiz and another on dep, wtf mods are doing?[View]
977463 .[View]
977462 .[View]
977460 a[View]
977457 internet created the worst kind of humour: memes; even if, I must say, being iconic[View]
977447 /\/ /\ /\/ /\[View]
977436 I reported Elliot Rodger's May 2014 threads and got him banned from Wizchan for threatening violence. [View]
977434 andy[View]
977430 any place, any time[View]
977428 andy's homemade brews [View]
977427 inmendham is right we live an unintelligent design[View]
977426 .[View]
977425 ,[View]
977418 im extremely liberal[View]
977414 let's do the time warp again.[View]
977413 i hate How rightoids co-opted "free speech" word for them when in fact all they want is the power to be racist scumbags[View]
977411 I think i got banned because it was easier to track me.[View]
977405 ochinchin [View]
977397 .[View]
977396 Kids born after Trump ran for President, already have gfs[View]
977391 Canadian deputy minister[View]
977389 .[View]
977388 .[View]
977386 How i can make black friends?[View]
977380 Is it bad I actually like what Nick Fuentes says about Israel?[View]
977374 .[View]
977373april 8 doomsday are you ready for the solar eclipse? [View]
977371 .[View]
977369 i only have two emotions: happy and mad. [View]
977368 dont let the gatekeepers tell you shit. let them crumble before your authority[View]
977367 .[View]
977364 .[View]
977363 sending andy to auschwitz[View]
977356 When the time comes, they will burn. You will burn. All of those who stonewalled, gaslighted, guilt-tripped, isolated, lied, deceived, physically attacked, or gave the cold shoulder to us wizards. You delighted yourself with inflicting pain and treated us like animals, lesser than human. This is human behaviour after all so in your mind it’s justified and just as doing good can bring satisfactio[View]
977344 Good song[View]
977343 .[View]
977340wizgang nigga so the bloods and the crips havetheir own hand signs. so I decided to give the wizgang is own sign. what do you think of a 'W' made with the index and middle finger of each hands[View]
977339look at these funny videos I found can someone decipher what the niggaz sayin', please?[View]
977337 .[View]
977334 .[View]
977328 .[View]
977322 a[View]
977302 Why don't Wizards empathize that bullied and mocked, LGBT and minorities are the wizards of society? [View]
977298 tbh i think they should require a pic for any new thread.[View]
977289 < Wizcel.[View]
977288 Andyyyy, Andy![View]
977285 https://i.4cdn.org/pol/1712482654642995.png[View]
977284 new lines incoming , time another 72h round[View]
977283 .[View]
977282 .[View]
977271 .[View]
977264 .[View]
977263 can someone find me the source of this video? I don't know how to reverse search[View]
977262 andy's home videos feat. father flowers and tradesman tommy[View]
977257 Sunday [View]
977255 This is my piss jug[View]
977252 g[View]
977241 I like trannies. Sue me. [View]
977237 https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1712424658712678.webm[View]
977229 ITT: mutant goblins hold a NA meeting (Nutting Anime)[View]
977228 coomer manchildren[View]
977227 disappointed to replay mgs2. It's a very short game in terms of area, stuck in a 5-room hexagon with a few short connective passages. Most of the weapons are redundant or filler, and once you've passed the harrier boss to get to the second half you're only about an hour away from the end of the game.[View]
977226A Wizcel's Little Joy A fragile little succubus of red hairs and hazel eyes could be seen zooming off her room when the main entrance’s door made an opening sound.[View]
977220 https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1712158594037725.webm[View]
977215 693[View]
977198 Since the start of the year those pesky know it all nerd wizcels have been winning.[View]
977183 Lets post photos of our gun collections to compare who has the best [View]
977180 the way private torrent sites are run is stupid[View]
977177 The real Trulli Tales 🥺[View]
977173 .[View]
977157 damn science sure has improved[View]
977156chess white to move.[View]
977145 https://youtube.com/shorts/EkwJ5kTQImQ?si=YlRhN6omRVgBB9Ur I'm angry at cops not knowing the differences between a hebephile and a pedophile😡🤬[View]
977143 wizards who have to shit 5 times a day[View]
977141 wizards are ungrateful for being born in the 90s. life its easier than ever, you can never be bored, modern architecture is beautiful, vídeo games look really nice, you can learn almost anything online. You dont ever need to leave home to buy most things, you can work from your house. Living in this age is like being a god. Fuck i LOVE modernity and im grateful for being born in this era.[View]
977136 i love modernity[View]
977116 by nature i put succubi on a pedestal, and have a lot of sympathy for them. so i have to constantly black pill myself and remind myself of tinder stats to shut down that part of my brain [View]
977098 You've checked the /wiz/ threads?, this website is done for.[View]
977093 .[View]
977091 .[View]
977088 All Western "celebs" (biggest losers imaginable) are trannies[View]
977070 i wanna fly away from this nigger planet[View]
977065 ban my ip range for a year will you[View]
977063 I'm proud I helped get Andrew approved as a Catholic Priest, Wizards help Wizards spread our values. [View]
977061 /[View]
977060Attention wizcels What's the difference between (you) and brevik, who is confined to a comfy study cell every day of his life?[View]
977055 >watched a yt video about japan by a succubi[View]
977048 .[View]
977041 well i guess that is a no.....[View]
977040 What drug is this guy on[View]
977036 it is so over[View]
977034 who remembers combat arms? https://youtu.be/Gr3ZcWkZCjs?si=LT0HGCHx6yqhPWCm[View]
977033 .[View]
977030 .[View]
977029 let's play wizards & witchies[View]
977017 so it seems back in 2009 Simpsons was considered in decline, but now its part of the golden era[View]
977009japan hav you ever been yo japan? can you tell me what you've done there, and what did you visit? did you speak japanese with japanese people? are they kind?[View]
977005help me meditate to beat femdom porn vice Im a bit addicted to femdom porn. Please give me a wake-up call and explain to me how miserable the life or filming experience of the "actor" femdom slave is.[View]
977004 i just deleted my myamimelist. my god i fucking hate weebs and i hate myself for enjoying the same thing as them[View]
976994 Wizcels = ugly brown 3rd world poostains [View]
976990 .[View]
976987 plant the seeds and then wait, its really that simple[View]
976986 what being coward does to a mf[View]
976985 .[View]
976983 https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/entitlement-arrogance-ruling-class-determinants-gt-mgtow_QMfyaJ7KNxgSXdV.html[View]
976978 i am the reason[View]
976977 er[View]
976971 i now realize that most kool looking scifi stuff isnt IRL for good reasons [View]
976961 how could a wiz be so obsessed with a rock opera with only 28 views?[View]
976960 its not matter if you spam wizcel all day and ban evade nobody gives a rats ass about you. [View]
976950 588[View]
976942 .[View]
976937Ai thread Porn did irreversible damage to your brain.[View]
976923 Wizcels = brown and dumb newfags[View]
976918 I'm really enjoying this new ribbed wizwand I got. [View]
976913 me returning to b[View]
976912 Black candles. Black magick.[View]
976911suicide cold feet im starting to get nervous about suicide. but thats actually a good thing.[View]
976909 .[View]
976907 use to be a wizard but then I took my meds. [View]
976906 .[View]
976903 if only i could fucking remember what i was gonna do[View]
976885 https://youtube.com/shorts/BMvQMx5IgDM?si=Jo0UPu7yTmzkTXYH would you win a fight against them?[View]
976872when the pendulum shifts https://old.reddit.com/r/cognitiveTesting/comments/1bwif9g/high_iq_friend_concerned_about_african_population/[View]
976860 TND [View]
976858 wtf I have red spots on the glans of my penis. do they go away?[View]
976857 I'm sure I could correlate certain internet buzzwords to stupid people. Mid-wit for instance, if you use this one that's what you are.[View]
976856 447[View]
976855 179[View]
976853 morning star answer me pls [View]
976845 Why can't the wizard nose be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot![View]
976843 >OP was banned over 100 times for posting pornographic embeds after he was banned from the "Wizcord" for admitting to being a crab and then trying to dox that chat's users here. If you're upset that VPNs are being rangebanned and barred from uploading files, this is why.[View]
976838 what if i want to lose control[View]
976836 By chance I came across something called Aomori Hiba and decided to give it a try. When I dipped Aomori Hiba chip in essential oil and placed it on my desk, it gave off a very calming scent and i loved it. Very refreshing.[View]
976834 .[View]
976827 What's even the point anymore? Everything just fucking sucks. [View]
976815 peruchan is annoying but the cute pics he posts makes it Impossible to hate him[View]
976812 i want it now[View]
976811 Why do boomers…write using strange punctuation….like a lot of ellipses…and formal valedictions… Best regards, Bob Johnson[View]
976807 lick them or die wwyd (be honest)[View]
976798no talent club there's two types of people in this world: people who create, and people who get fucked.[View]
976796 who?[View]
976795 favorite op from detective conan[View]
976793 .[View]
976791 .[View]
976788 .[View]
976782 Who is he?[View]
976781 ,[View]
976777 lol[View]
976775 morning star pls answer me[View]
976770 how do you deal with the hardships of life[View]
976748 You don't have to be gay to lose sexual attraction to females.[View]
976742 I am sorry kids, Mexico is no more...[View]
976736 i admire gays because they are free from attachment to the female form. [View]
976735 .[View]
976732 30-40 cops assigned to try and intimidate a roadside protest of about 150 people. Communist Canada....[View]
976731 .[View]
976721 Hey Guys, I'm Family Guy Poster[View]
976711Thoughtcrim 2024 https://uncoverdc.com/2022/12/15/jen-easterly-shaping-cognitive-infrastructure[View]
976710 Wizcel master race[View]
976704 You think some of the guys who write academic papers on crab forums are crabs themselves?[View]
976703 running freely around the globe[View]
976701 kiss me until my lips fall off[View]
976690 ^-^[View]
976689 .[View]
976687 here kitty kitty kitty[View]
976686 i'm a necrowizard. [View]
976684 WHITE POWER[View]
976677 any necrowizards?🧙💀[View]
976672SAVE YOUR WIZARD SOUL, YOU ARE NOT SICK, IT'S SOCIETY WHICH IS SICK Antidepressants are a scam because they're based in a false theory, so it's all bullshit from the get-go. Only stupid niggercattle would actually fall for the (((meds)))[View]
976666 >social isolation and electronics will cause dep[View]
976654 I'm only in my 20's and I already feel old. [View]
976643 andy's home videos[View]
976642 I saw a photo of Trump with Epstein, with his hand on the bare knee of a teen succubus, and I believed it right away. But it turns out it was just AI. [View]
976639 "omega male level threat"[View]
976624 .[View]
976615 🍌[View]
976609 We need an imageboard reserved only for white wizards. [View]
976608 black wizzies are the most op wizzies.[View]
976585 So who's going to make the successor to 4chan now that the old one is completely comp'd and sold out, mobbed by signals jamming and agents?[View]
976580 .[View]
976579 if your white you dont need a female to have a son, do like me and divide the birth into two phases:[View]
976569 .[View]
976567 black wizzies rise up[View]
976555 The NEET thread on /jp/, 4chan is one of the rare 4chan thread I still relate to.[View]
976553 .[View]
976549 its so over.[View]
976548 lets freestyle until we accidentaly say something very gay. [View]
976547 at least im a free man[View]
976546 I just wish for us to be together[View]
976542 How to piss off “wizards” mention anything about not being a loser [View]
976533 HAHAHA![View]
976532https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/001698620104500103 >Findings indicated that High Gifted boys exhibit levels of behavior problems similar to the Learning Disabled[View]
976526 get out of my cul de sac[View]
976506 imagine on a suicide forum they insult each other by saying dkys, because having to keep living their life is more painful than it all being over [View]
976505 heavy[View]
976490 just read the wikipedia of frederick brennan, he's cool I think https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fredrick_Brennan#:~:text=Fredrick%20Robert%20Brennan%20(born%20February,to%20repudiate%20it%20in%202019.[View]
976486 I was reading Playboy magazine for the articles, when I came across a biography of Miss July, and I started crying that compassion still exists in this world.[View]
976482 Post some lolcows. I need to be grounded in reality and they calm me. [View]
976476 admit it[View]
976475 What did he do?[View]
976469 fighting for hetero sexuality is pointless since it will always remain as the 99% .[View]
976455 .[View]
976453Why wizards should not be hostile to LGBTQ people Why the hell most wizards hate the lgbt? They are by far the least hostile group to virgin people. Just say you are asexual or whatever and they may not agree but will understand you in the end. [View]
976444 >>976440[View]
976427 I like running my finger from my asshole, through my taint and under my balls. [View]
976426 Am I a wizard if I lost my eyes virginity?[View]
976425 lmao females got same rate of graduation as niggers[View]
976399 Fellow volcels rest easy for we have won. [View]
976397 .[View]
976396 Wizcels won[View]
976394 i miss you :([View]
976389 Wizcel guy is dumb, brown, ugly, poor and would bash in the soft feeble minded malnourished skulls of zoomer wizkids with an anvil for a slim chance at a crumb of pumped and dumped creamed up stanky poontang. [View]
976387 .[View]
976386 Is Wizard the new cool?😎🧙[View]
976383 Wizcel guy is such a weasel. He hates on volcels, but if you pin him down and say oh so you want to have sex? He'll deny it, and start using volcel rhetoric himself!!! we "wizcels" dont want sex! [View]
976381 Indians are taking over everything, even Alt-Right Twitter is all Hinduvatas who hate Muslims. They just copied western culture war stuff with Hindus as the Christians. [View]
976379 America is ground zero for femoid degeneracy and insanity. America is only beat by the feminist shitholes of Canada, New Zealand, Scotland and the UK.[View]
976361 Hypothetically speaking , could Elon Musk have paid sex\ hire prostitution from succubi who are living goddesses of beauty like jenna ortega or ariana grande? This question may seem coomer but Im serious: I need to understand HOW powerful money is (or is not) and Im giving an extreme example to make a point.[View]
976357Hikikomori https://youtu.be/02K3mqNhkZ0?si=N-uWvNZhLeP5y_rn (turn on english traduction)[View]
976356 fuck i did it again[View]
976354 I hate niggers[View]
976350 you are all pussies for not wanting to go to Africa in search of blood diamonds.[View]
976349 andrew would love this anime [View]
976348 another 72 h another w[View]
976331normies >I read about a guy who used to put a small amount of coke or amphetamine under his foreskin to get succubi addicted to being fucked by him.[View]
976317Tyrant Trudeau the most hated man in Canada He's fucking done[View]
976316 I think I may be a furry now as well.[View]
976313 white succubi and the down fall of civilization. [View]
976302 https://hispachan.net/mex/src/1711887391104.mp4[View]
976295 I wanna have sex![View]
976289 .[View]
976288 Coach Red Pill's method would have gotten even Elliot Rodger a blonde Ukraine gf[View]
976286 do you like me[View]
976282 Jerry Springer was a kike's kike[View]
976281 Went too far with my fetish, now I'm disgusted by it and can no longer get a boner from it[View]
976280 god damn it, I thought it was a joke but no, quora is full of indians![View]
976274 You Fucking CUNT! [View]
976273 coccaine is doing her job, my lines are now my gfs[View]
976272 .[View]
976263 goddamn you're ugly[View]
976262 .[View]
976248 the more languages you know, the easier it is to learn more languages. by the time you are fluent in at least three you can learn many more easily[View]
976227 stevie's foul stench[View]
976223 Saw a succubus walking down street with her boobs hanging out in tiny bra[View]
976220 can someone tell me what tshirt is he wearing?[View]
976200 the brothers get a Tablet, Unfortunately Лапочка does not appears.[View]
976199Academia exposed Academics are literal hivemind charlatan scammers. This has been known by many already, but now there's hard evidence to prove it. So-called "experts" are cheaters and liars just like the average student who cheats on his or her exams. And the evidence focuses on STEM papers specifically, including medicine, and not what are considered bullshit majors where of course everyone is ex[View]
976192 imagine going to a site where the admin is an obvious power tripping homosexual and repeats the same shit[View]
976182 https://lichess.org/6ZFjompl[View]
976181 can't believe we're not allowed to talk about the evil wizcord on feeler anymore[View]
976170 where do japanese artists upload their piece of work/drawings they made? I heard pixiv is now full of westerner drawers and that japanese drawers flee. but where? also I don't want to create a twitter account to follow japanese artists because when they're too popular, they delete their accounts[View]
976169NOIR 🏴[View]
976164 [b]The Wizcel Armada embarked on a journey to salvage the lost honor of celibacy. The virgin troops were fit out with the latest gear:[View]
976155 .[View]
976153 a[View]
976137 nobody wants more brown people in europe and america. nobody[View]
976125 .[View]
976123Activating the wiz suicide pact of 2015 I'm ready to do it for real this time. Serious.[View]
976121 puru puru puruin[View]
976111 .[View]
976109 seems relevant for that 30-year-old wizard that can't do stuff even though he really really wants to[View]
976107 .[View]
976102wizpoll https://take.quiz-maker.com/poll5152819x36FB4928-155[View]
976097 just had sex (april fools)[View]
976093 jd[View]
976091 there's a mini game on 4chan, fake stonk. what fo you think of that?[View]
976089 helldivers 2? more like hayledivers 2 [View]
976088 .[View]
976086 bashing andy's skull in with a sledgehammer[View]
976084 I always put my finger around the ring of my anus, then sniff.[View]
976082 >cute[View]
976080japanophilia Have you ever been to japan? what you did there? ate/visited/bought?[View]
976076 I always put my finger in my nose[View]
976074 .[View]
976067 three in the morning, time to go to bed and fall asleep to fantasies of an idyllic life with a loli daughter that I will never have (╥_╥)[View]
976066 its so over [View]
976059 https://www.bigandfashion.com.mx/[View]
976055 soylent is actually good If you don't plan to replace all meals. Its a great substitute for dinner because its easier to digest[View]
976053 reddit is a lot like real life. Of you are obnoxious and talk shit a lot you will get downvoted just like in real life you will be frowned upon. [View]
976049 u a bitch ass fed [View]
976047 Три кота парк с аттракционами[View]
976040 >schop was a big fan of hinduism[View]
976029 I wish I lived a comfy life in japan🗾[View]
976024Incels should get free sex in prison Why don't crabs just go to prison?[View]
976023 andy's sunday service[View]
976010 .[View]
976004female collection Why does anon watch a toddler show? Is it a sex thing?[View]
976001 ᴗ_ᴗ[View]
975994The Wizcel Ristorante [b]5th grader Pale Sakura-colored nipples, Wizcel Chef’s choice. You will love smooching them. Magical scent. Cute and Funny and no correction needed. Three michelin stars.[/b][View]
975988 i ran out of chakra pills.[View]
975983 i want you to do it[View]
97597236 years If I kill myself after 1988-2024, it wont be that short a life, it'll be comparable to these date well helluva lotta shit happened[View]
975971 .[View]
975970 .[View]
975967 synthetizing glycerin from crickets fats while blasting faggot music [View]
975960 People have always caused me misery.[View]
975952 male virgins who are dumb are called crabs. Male virgins who are clever are called wizards[View]
975938 I need 25 dollars until the 2nd or wizardchan.net won't be renewed (I am poor)[View]
975935Inkwell gets beaten to death by a Chadlite LOL[View]
975934 kino[View]
975932 never ever try crack[View]
975930 Volcels = good looking, wealthy and hold their celibacy despite being magnificent[View]
975919 I also haven't drawn anything in the last few years but After 3 days it unscrewed, the lid fell off and the heat ray was soon to follow...[View]
975917 Stand up for the national Anthem[View]
975913 .[View]
975909 All of this sounds good. Vote Trump[View]
975906 .[View]
975900 .[View]
975895 gay[View]
975894 a[View]
975893 yeah i like it[View]
975890 .[View]
975881 https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/she-will-never-love-you_97ZOO5qTvCxmIbx.html[View]
975870 I'm writing the FIRST book on Generation Beta, who comes after Gen Z and Gen Alpha [View]
975857 america is the country where arabs can consider themselves white[View]
975851 Pura pinche gente del grandísimo señor Jaime Uriel Parra Lerma, nombre y hombre de respeto, junto a su gente Fiel[View]
975849 .[View]
975847 kfc is my favorite fastfood [View]
975845 .[View]
975843 so over[View]
975842 .[View]
975839 Breathing. Living. Hoping.[View]
975825 assisted suicide should be available to everyone[View]
975823 those who dont know the history of ireland are doomed to become irish[View]
975820 Late night chill at Wizard's[View]
975815 This was the very first Trulli Tales episode I ever saw TWO YEARS AGO, you would think I would hate Sun for what she did to Stella. I bet most people did.[View]
975813 happy easter day aka ester day aka estrogen day aka satan. [View]
975812 casted spell now pegnis gone, how do i fix plz help i need it to go weewee ):[View]
975808 See if you want to save your money just buy gold or silver[View]
975804 .[View]
975800 Sleepy Seymour[View]
975793 . [View]
975788 how are these called in japan?[View]
975785literally succubus sex I am honestly attractive (I kinda think Im uggo, but succubi told me im hot so let's stick with that) but don't have IRL sex with a trans succubus, as Id like to because Im too autistic to hook-up \ flirt and date. I would and almost do, go to a trans prostitute but this could end up so bad IRL (stds, loss of reputation and cred if found out, loss of lots of cash which isnt n[View]
975780 I can't believe the "MAGA Communist" from Tucker Carlson is now officially posted by the Russian Ministry [View]
975773 .[View]
975772 .[View]
975762 wizzies my waifu got pregnant?? what do i do!!!!![View]
975748toxic masculinity I think toxic masculinity ruined my life.[View]
975747 so over[View]
975740 .[View]
975737 what's the differences between a otaku and a weeb?[View]
975735 A gentle rain falls softly on my weary eyes[View]
975731 AI poster, how valuable is the tool you're using for getting informational answers? [View]
975727AYY LMAO AYY LMAO [View]
975718Canadian librarian fired for saying Libraries shouldn't be progressive https://niagaranow.com/opinion.phtml/opinion-censorship-and-what-we-are-allowed-to-read/[View]
975717 .[View]
975710 .[View]
975708 I had this idea to buy a table like pic related and put gemstone inside the drawer, so the table looks beautiful[View]
975700 .[View]
975698 .[View]
975697 they're not even hiding it anymore[View]
975695 MS answer me pls [View]
975686 Dont really want to call this a nightmare (since the tone was surprisingly low key) but i also don't think helping John Cena reenact a certain death scene from Seed of Chucky (you know [b]exactly[/b] which one) out of nowhere, doesn't count as chill.[View]
975676 what's the point of staying healthy, your body is going to deteriorate and dying[View]
975672 .[View]
975659 685534[View]
975656Nu study shows nofap increases androgen receptor density Lmao Fappers never gonna make it gains bros always will win you fap you lose you will never be a wizard jannies mad x10[View]
975649 You cant cum your way out of this one[View]
975648dear God help us! AAAAAHHHHHHH [View]
975644 Wizchan predicted Gonzalo Lira, Coach Red Pill would be killed by Ukraine, and then he was [View]
975639 Do any other wizards read max? I have read like 2-3 light novels in a week but feel like I could up my pace. how much do you read for a good session? [View]
975638 .[View]
975636 wiz gets caught[View]
975630 I don't remember signing up for anything[View]
975629 .[View]
975626 Who cares what you think?[View]
975624 Natural Death= Sex[View]
975607 ehh would've been shit anyway[View]
975603World Wide Wizard what's your nationality, wizzies?[View]
975601 .[View]
975600 .[View]
975596Trudeau's Destruction of Canada It has been nearly ten years since Trudeau "won three elections" using dominion voter fraud and approximately 30% of the electorate. In other words, 7 out of 10 Canadians didn't "vote" for Trudeau...[View]
975591 .[View]
975590 🍌[View]
975577andy pics thread andy pics thread[View]
975573 i am out of pills , its over[View]
975564 MS answer me dammit[View]
975554 lmaoing at miss japan who gave up her title. she's ugly and will never be japanese lmao. same for ella freya or any other non japanese in japan lmao. hafu can still pretend to be japanese because of their side parent's japanese blood. but still. real japanese have 100% japanese blood born from japanese parents. foreigners in japan will never be japanese and should remain foreigners. fuck them thin[View]
975552 I want to see Jordan Peterson vs Inmendham[View]
975544 >cartoons are dead[View]
975543 .[View]
975540 .[View]
975537 this place stinks[View]
975535 heyy[View]
975531 volcels fear the wizcel[View]
975529 .[View]
975519 any tips to stay productive after the first 26 hours?[View]
975514 Wizcels, being the rational beings they are, attempted to negotiate with the volcels and enter into an agreement, but the latter declined. [View]
975502 what could happen if we did a wizard meeting?[View]
975495 enjoy[View]
975491 this is why I don't like fanatics😡🤬[View]
975486 andy's intestinal parasites[View]
975483 🏄🌊[View]
975475 i cant stop trippin[View]
975473 .[View]
975471 My Sexuality is my Identity![View]
975469 .[View]
975467 andy's final solution[View]
975461 what about apprentices?[View]
975453 :D[View]
975447weapon have you shot with a weapon already? do you own weapons, wizzies? [View]
975438 THE WAR IS OVER![View]
975431 a[View]
975430 /.bd[View]
975417 .[View]
975413Newest grift Dude, destiny is gonna change the world. All these big people just all of a sudden started talking to him, he's so famous[View]
975401 For some reason I'm attracted to 18-25yo Hispanic boys even though I'm not even gay. [View]
975399 .[View]
975394 .[View]
975393 Woody and Buzz from the movie Toy Story are stuck inside Andy's rectum. Buzz is holding a flashlight allowing just enough lights to see the ribbed walls of Andy's intestines. Woody is asking Buzz where they are[View]
975388 i now need 2.5(3,2 if 36h+ in)monsters energy a day in order to remain productive [View]
975386 feels good being a volcel. [View]
975378 He's right you know.[View]
975376 challenge: turn on the sound the to maximum volume and watch this webm without quiting or deacresing sound[View]
975375 https://altcensored.com/watch?v=s00kw9twVM8[View]
975360Contumacious Sand Wizcels Slayer of Kaffirs https://files.catbox.moe/qfelnc.mp4[View]
975353 .[View]
975346 .[View]
975343 Daddy's Little succubus[View]
975341 >listening to old classic song[View]
975332take the wizpill wizards should stay apolitical or neutral about politic[View]
975324 Beardson and Andrew Anglin talking about how insane modern succubi have become and how everything in this gynocentric society revolves around them[View]
975307 .[View]
975303Wizcel destroyer of larpers [b]True wizcel's relentless pursuit had left a trail of lifeless nonvirgin bodies. They lay sprawled on the cold, unforgiving ground, their silent voices a haunting echo in the night, and the stench of various sexual diseases made the area unbreatheable for pure virgin males. [/b][View]
975296 .[View]
975284 .[View]
975280 .[View]
975279 wizard's anthem🧙[View]
975277 2 months, 8 weeks[View]
975274 .[View]
975259 memes are for normalfags[View]
975253 a[View]
975251 wipe that wussy playa[View]
975248 .[View]
975246 andy's low IQ[View]
975240 normalfag has cancer[View]
975232 i did not lie and i plan to prove it , my balls are goners and i boosted my routine to 18 hours now.[View]
975224 up is what wanted the christ, a world of peace and tolerance. the down pic is what the lord don't want to see: fanatism and hatred[View]
9752182000' Why the 2000' were so comfy, wizzies?[View]
975215remember, no russians >133 russians killed[View]
975210 I'm a truwiz volcel, while you're an ugly poor loser wizcel.[View]
975208 The Great Pizza Hut of Giza isn't just a Pizza Hut, it's also a KFC[View]
975200 ./..|[View]
975195"volcels" >On TikTok, voluntary or intentional celibacy has become a trend – the #celibacy hashtag has had more than 195m views – with those who practise it claiming it has improved their focus, mental health and energy. In January, it was reported that there was a 90% increase in Google searches for celibacy that month.[View]
975179 .[View]
975177 .[View]
975176 wizard wrestling competition[View]
975171 >One of my favorite small altchan boards is getting ruined by a discord clique. They keep referencing users from there and it really kills discussion when a couple of people spend an entire thread talking about some discord name that no one except them knows about. [View]
975165wizzer rap wiz wizzer[View]
975161 Chips Ahoy![View]
975152 do you have tatoos, wizzies?[View]
975138 he wizzes, she wizzes, me he she wizzes[View]
975136 .[View]
975135 .[View]
975132 I want to start a youtube channel but I don't know what subject to choose to talk about[View]
975131 m[View]
975126 he is a true wiz[View]
975124 .[View]
975113 tulpa left me for another wizard[View]
975102 I want to study in japan, wizzies![View]
975097 JEWISH[View]
975094 emitting unbelievable odors[View]
975090 Now that normies are calling themselves volcels. It's time to move on from volcel to wizcel.[View]
975089 youtube comment section is awful normalfags memes/jokes[View]
975088 Andrew Flowers: Top 10 Gayest Moments[View]
975080do you remember? I remember seeing as a kid both 9/11 and Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, the thing is, that I remember 9/11 more vividly despite being almost 2 years older.[View]
975063you bros reddy? https://impacttheory.com/[View]
975058 .[View]
975054 the alt-right was foolish to make a idol out of Taylor Swift[View]
975041 >all the vpn slots i use are now blocked thanks to this retard who is fixated on volcel shit[View]
975040 where most of memes come from?[View]
975033 .[View]
975032 10 years later and it really does never end.[View]
975014 .[View]
975013 .[View]
975012 baby[View]
975002 .[View]
975000Why cartoonfag is a based wizard Based wizards love beautiful things because they are capable of producing them themselves, wizards aren't try hard noramlfags so they make art simple and cute as long as it's cute and easy, the more inclusive it is the more it will inspire other wizards to draw their waifus regardless of their talent or skill, a wizard genius endevour. [View]
974998Hikikomori It's friday, let's watch and comment about real hikikomori[View]
974989Why cartoonfag is a woke normalfag Woke People hate beautiful things because they are incapable of producing them themselves, making them simple, cheap and ugly make everyone's art have equal value, the more abstract an easier, the more inclusive it is for anyone regardless of their talent or skill, a post-modernist mess.[View]
974984 wizards who shit the bed[View]
974980 why do you usually eat in a week? I want to know so I have ideas what to cook[View]
974963 .[View]
974957 optimism is irrational[View]
974956 all the vpn slots i use are now blocked thanks to this retard who is fixated on volcel shit[View]
974952 If your posts don't get replies that means you fail as a human[View]
974928 My favorite version.[View]
974925 .[View]
974919 leddit is where you go popular, astroturfed ideas receptive in the brains of stupid normies or BA kids who go around practicing their latest patch updates brought to them by the hubersteinerman podcast[View]
974918 I'm a Simp[View]
974864 https://hispachan.net/virg/res/16.html[View]
974860 .[View]
974834collect I love collecting images, I have ~5000 images and ~1700 webms. do you also collect images on the internet?[View]
974808 i stan dan. [View]
974798 JEWISH[View]
974796 someone link the andy video of him rolling around [View]
974780 .[View]
974777 .[View]
974767 .[View]
974765 If you can't undo the volcel brainwashing placed upon you by kiwifarmers and normalfags then you don't deserve to call yourself a wizard [View]
974764 Dark web bros, just how easy is it to get somebody behind a typical VPN when they connect to a site with a bad admin?[View]
974762 how do you spend your day? all I do is scroll youtube and wizchan all day. my life is boring so maybe you have a more intresting life then I[View]
974756filthy wizards I'm unrionically wear the same clothes for ten years now. I need new clothes but it's expensive and I don't have a sense of fashion[View]
974753 Why isn't Crabs.co not good enough wizcel poster? You have a perfectly fine community over there, to share the love of types of succubi you'd like to fuck, and anguish that you can't. You can even post 3d pics of her without being banned. Wizcel heaven. [View]
974750 Black Metal [View]
974745Normies using the term "Volcel" wizcel bros[View]
974740 I'm tech illiterate so I wanted to ask you what computer to buy? I want to play new games on it. how much will it cost?[View]
974727 I don't like the following terms to describe people who are into popular hobbies:[View]
974726 Is the universe deterministic?[View]
974724 Does this act affect your wiz status?[View]
974712Cincinnati WKRP The price for finding me was losing you.[View]
974706 wiz/b/ee[View]
974695 Wait, are you saying the Admin hasn't apologized yet for giving mod power to normalfags from discord who came here with their gay and normalfag friends to insult other virgins? I don't believe it! And now he wants us to call ourselves volcels and play by his rules.[View]
974688Admin, how about you kill yourself Volcel has been trending on tiktok and social media for quite some time.[View]
974687 waiting for the right kind of wizard[View]
974682 choco log maker's gone haywire[View]
974676 Hispanic loser men/boys should just transition and become succubi. [View]
974675 .[View]
974664manga idea I have an manga idea:[View]
974659 humiliation ritual[View]
974650Dating is so hard! https://www.f-cklist.com/[View]
974647 .[View]
974645 Bozdogan evil cliquer[View]
974640 .[View]
974633 andy's deformed genitals [View]
974626 The day codemonkeys are made obsolete is the day I rejoice and thank the Gods for this glorious gift. [View]
974624 Time until developers are obsolete????[View]
974612 Kaname & Fazli & Deletewiz[View]
974606wizard images post all hour images about wizards[View]
974605 stay alive.[View]
974602 bullied, but slowly getting stronger. [View]
974595 Wizzer, wizzeria, wizplaya, pimp daddy wizz,wi-zu, wizzie,wizzin,wizza,wiTsar,wizir,wizardly, wardzard, wizcel, wisteria,wizster, truwiz,depwiz, wizburger, wizdang, wizfeel, wizbux,lilwiz, wizheart, wizhacker,wizdungeon, wiztower,wizbeard,wizaadad,weezy, whoaZi,wizsama,wizanka, wizard as,wizshot,wizardout, wizplace, wizsex, wizkiss, wuzzy, wizwukki, wizcord, wizring, wizdrug, wizzahate, wizzielove[View]
974581 JULIE!![View]
974579 puru puru puruin[View]
974575 When you create a new thread, the text box where you put the content into is labeled "Comment", which makes no sense unless you are posting in someone else's thread[View]
974567Weird Music projects Do you know this musical?[View]
974564vpn please do you have a vpn to use one my phone?[View]
974561 cause i'm daddy[View]
974553 damn it feels good to be a wizza[View]
974552frendly remider Michael Bay has 2 movies in the Criterion Collection[View]
974550 Ohaio gozaimasu[View]
974547 post some music here[View]
974538 https://vocaroo.com/135frugpOuRx[View]
974532 Ж[View]
974521 brown owns this site! deal with it[View]
974514/r9k/ talking about wizchan are wizards crybabies?[View]
974501 I can't hold a conversation...I don't even fit in real life nor virtual world[View]
974495 andy's amazing adventures[View]
974487 I'm following a liquid only diet[View]
974484 ohaio minasan[View]
974482 where did it air?[View]
974480 .[View]
974477 Brown roaches are so boring, uninteresting and dumb.[View]
974475 Why are trannies so bad with personal finance?[View]
974472 who wants some Scooby snacks??[View]
974457 mmmm[View]
974456 Count Choculitis[View]
974448 Have you known the Blackpill, this wouldn't have happened.[View]
974444 i just let my hair go[View]
974439 I wish I was american but I was born european 😔[View]
974426 .[View]
974423 Is this still english language? As a non native speaker I don't get a damn thing[View]
974414 i lie awake just to hear you scream[View]
974409 oh rascal kfc fraudster meth schizo[View]
974407 can you fuck off and die already[View]
974401 🐟[View]
974399 //[View]
974397 Giorgia Meloni, prime minister of Italy, president of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party.[View]
974392 wanna get back into gayming[View]
974388 I'm diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia[View]
974385 why's it always me?[View]
974380 .[View]
974379 a[View]
974376 How do I (as part of an Insight Role\ extensive social experiment and personal immersive ARG) become a male tool? A sort of working-class grinder "sigma male" own-the-libs type.So far [View]
974375 psychosis sufferers board[View]
974374 I just learned about sweet baby inc.[View]
974366 what music genre wizzies are into?[View]
974354welcome to the D.O.D https://www.dodreads.com/2023-national-hispanic-heritage-month-reading-list/[View]
974351 Ummochan[View]
974349 .[View]
974348 .[View]
974339 andy's lustful looks[View]
974325 [b]Wizchan is dying. Meta troll copypaster, schizo with 100 personalities(some still unlocked), this is Wizchadmin calling you to request your assistance. Do your magic and make those numbers go up, do it to save wizchan. We need you![/b][View]
974320 lovely.. just what i wanted[View]
974316 how did this guy grow tits[View]
974298 wizchad working on his game LIVE[View]
974291 >>>/v9k/6171[View]
974262 It's Friday night/Sat morning and /b/ is dead.[View]
974246 those who use the word 'bro' unironically should be hanged[View]
974223 Ostia Tío, ostia![View]
974195I'm wizcel hermit, live alone die alone. I'm a wizcel hermit. By choice. I carefully plan any and all outings I must do to take care of my life. I do not talk to anyone, I have scripted replies to the inevitable normalnigger or female npc, I have scripted replies to as many scenarios as much as I can predict. I started seeing that almost everyone takes far more from me than I get from them, and I c[View]
974155 .[View]
9741464chad problem I was permabanned on 4chad for breaking rule 1. and since then, I used to post with 4G. but it happened again: I was permabanned for breaking rule 1 again. now I can't post at all. how do I post again on 4chad. I'm european. please, can someone help me?[View]
973971 https://wizchan.org/dep/res/283944.html[View]
973968 *wizmogs 99 percent of wizchan*[View]
973902 Its been a while since the last cute thread. [View]
973690 braindead morons be like:[View]
973244 https://imgur.com/a/BNz6dF4[View]
972605 just love being a wiz[View]
972601 faggot[View]
972197manbabyposter btfo'd, he is a faggot medicated subhuman Matthew thought people would forget that he is a mentally ill freak who gayposted, streamed himself completely naked masturbating, and shitposted daily with the same unoriginal manbaby shtick on wizchan, feeding off negative attention like only other mentally ill subhumans can do, and creating a name for himself, parallel to andrew in status.[View]