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You always make threads of "I will never be pretty enough", "I will never have a job because I am ugly", "I am horrible :(". Everything related to physical appearance, and complexes. The truth is already unpleasant, and pathetic that men , and especially chaste men, give importance to something as trivial as appearance.
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Because appearance is social currency. Unless you are completely isolated you should care at least a little about your appearance.


Unless you're a japanese style hikikomori whose parents bring you food behind your door, you need a job to survive.

Jobs in 2024 don't hire unkempt unhygienic people even if your job requires zero interaction.


Shave, wash your face daily, wear good quality clothing, brush your teeth, and diet.




Do you think it's funny to repeat normie memes or do you unironically assume that wizards don't take care of themselves and are therefore abused? Either way you're a scumbag who's shitting up this board. Kys.

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This place is swarming lately with fools who still yearn about fapping being natural and good, probably demonic kwiifarmers who got bruised as hell by some random stuff here.

The userbase should really wake the F up, so these psychos rot even worse knowing we are not fall into ignorance about this.
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>judging things by looks


it's not "some level" of irony, it's enough to not even bother clicking the link. in general people who pass information by means of video are retarded and don't have enough IQ to structure and post their braincrap as text, so videos are mostly useless to watch, except maybe some lectures, but then again i have no patience listening to lectures. clever people recognized that high iq people better understand text and only used irl interactions to get over the hard parts. that said videos are useless, give me text or don't fucking bother me


File: 1716668868875.png (1.56 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Very based


This is pseudoscience


File: 1716717839910.jpg (119.27 KB, 1004x768, 251:192, -.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

i find this neo-puritanism to be a distinctively american phenomenon. it seems that it took just 40-30 years for the youth to go 180 on sexual freedom related things. i wonder what the punk/grunge baby boomer/gen X kids would think, if you were to time-travel back in time to them in their prime, and describe to them the current state of things. may be this cursed circle of generations rebelling against the values of their predecessors started with US being founded by puritans but i am not educated to talk about this.

posted it again award

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
Previous: >>290006
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Pregabalin helps my anxiety but not 100%. Anything that I could add to it to remove it completely? Debilitating anxiety is my primary reason for depression.


Stop being a failed normalbrat
Still a scapegoat for many many poor choices.
Confront your fear.


stop being retarded please
>Confront your fear.
i wish you get stricken by psychotic anxiety for once


>failed normalbrat
God forbid someone wishes to socialize after a lifetimes of friendlessness and random anonymous interactions that never lead anywhere right?


Honestly nothing other than either addressing the underlying cause of anxiety or metabolic dysfunction will help. I've heard some describe pregabalin as "poor mans benzo" because it kinda feels similar but works quite differently, yet still carries dependence risk. I don't know how urgently you need, like if you need it to hold down your job, or just to feel less shitty as a neet. But if I were you I'd try to fix it from the metabolic perspective, or idk try other things like ashwagandha.

I don't think it's possible to 100% remove it anyway.

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The purpose of this thread is to counter the general tenor of sadness that defines all the other threads. This thread will therefore feature practical advice about reducing suicidal behavior even when we feel most suicidal. Naturally, being that I started the topic, I will be the first to contribute.

(1) Know that I care about you guys deeply and sincerely. Call me a faggot, I don't care.
(2) Examine what you are eating. For example, gluten especially produces depressive/psychotic episodes in sensitive autistic individuals. Sugar also is not healthy for your brain.
(3) Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep. Chronic sleeplessness or even a few days' worth of irregular sleep can seriously interfere with the clarity of our thinking.
(4) Clean up. Taking a warm shower and putting on fresh clean clothes always is refreshing and helps to break up darkened mental habits.
(5) Breathe fresh air. Open the windows to your wiz-cave and allow some wind to come in.
(6) Watch your breathing. When we are panicked, our breathing can become very disordered and we do not recognize the effect this has on our thinking. Take deep, purposeful breaths, and collect your thoughts.
(7) Respect yourself. You have done your best to survive in an awful world, and you should grant yourself forgiveness for any mistakes and the allowance to rest with a composed and balanced mind.

I've done my part. Anyone else?
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Why are you making unfounded claims that I only do it on wizchan? I do it on other websites too, just not irl, yet. You'd be surprised to know how many normalfags agree with at least the antinatalist half, free falling fertility rate is proof of it. Won't be long till the squeeze makes more go postal as a last fuck you to the world. I'm doing my part, they'll do their part too. Why are you refusing to do your part? You love life because either you got lucky with an amazing job or get neetbux. Whatever it is, it will end soon. I pity people like you who "love" life, you're so attached to the material world that you will do anything to not let it go when the right time to go comes. You're the kind of slave our overlords have carefully and selectively bred.

If I really wanted to torture wizzies I would be making the "missed out on teenage love" crap pseudoargument, or whatever cringe shit that is not worth it. Nah. I love my wizbros, I love humanity as well and sorry that includes normalfags. I don't want the world to become a giant favela full of slaves too attached to life, making the rich even richer.

I'm killing myself in 2028 btw


>enjoying life is le bad
>you are le brainwashed slave if you say you love your life
>you are supposed to want to kill yerself or else you are not le wiz
>even normalfags are not reproducing that means they agree with me. they are on my team!
>I love humanity and that includes normalfags
>I am killing myself in 4 years believe me!!
Read all that shit before. I love my virgin life and that won't change anytime soon. Try harder next time, kid. I will not just outlive all normalnigger scum, but I will enjoy every second of my life. How's that for a change :D ?


Not to mention I get neetbucks. And that is never going to change because I live in a wealthy nation.

I will never, ever give my labor to exploiters, nor do I have to starve. In fact I built up a nice 5 figure nest egg from neetbucks. I have a spacious home (about 700sqft, 70m2 european).
Why would I suicide?

The situation is different in third world hellholes, but I wasn't born there.


that's right. disregard of material things must go along with happiness, otherwise it's suicide


>If I really wanted to torture wizzies…
Well, it's not that we worry much about you being a failed normie. A thing is I do not feel you as wiz either.

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File: 1716489018365.jpg (215.78 KB, 1021x419, 1021:419, brun-915164280.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Even though I disagree with people saying "life is a gift" because until we are born we don't exist and are not feeling anything so we never feel any lack of something that being born satisfies I still can't help but want to experience life to the fullest but depression and my bad stats prevent me from doing anything. Life 1000 ago seemed pretty boring but life now can be like a themepark ride if you are not a broken person like me and can do things. As much as I can try I feel like I will never get to 100% performance and will always only be able to make small steps. But lifespan is limited so making small steps only severely limits my options.

I hope people here understand how depression can make you unable to truly enjoy something even if you like something so just because nothing is fun with depression doesn't mean everything objectively sucks and you are not missing out on anything.

Has anyone dealt with these thoughts and found a way to make peace with them?


those thoughts don't help you. think em once but when they pop up again, know that you are being held hostage by the depression.

the depression wants you to focus on what sucks, to fight it, focus on what is good and on what you want. keeping yourself busy with what you want is one nice way to deal with it i think.

when i doomscroll meme sites all day and watch conspiracy videos, then i feel like shit but when i use the day on getting along what i believe to be important, then i feel good.


The depressing thing about life is not that you are mentally ill and unable to compete in the rat race and win all the swell prizes, it's the fact that the rat race exists at all and that there is no alternative to it, human life loses all meaning once it divorces itself from the social order and hierarchies. On the one hand you want to be free from their oppressive value systems, on the other hand you're biologically dependent on it and at the end of the day, if you're not beating some other naked ape in some socially constructed game, you don't feel alive at all. How do I know that I matter at all if there isn't a society to define me and give value to my actions? That's the paradox every isolated individual encounters. You cannot create meaning from nothing, all of it is created and acquired through social systems around you, social systems that you despise and want to be free from.


>human life loses all meaning once it divorces itself from the social order and hierarchies.

what makes you believe that? i don't think it is true. i divorced myself from social order and hierarchies and my life is better because i am not a slave as much; simple as. groups are just broken at this point in time.

>On the one hand you want to be free from their oppressive value systems, on the other hand you're biologically dependent on it

i don't believe this is true. the world does theater to convince you of this, a lot of 'people' say that but that doesn't make it true.

>and at the end of the day, if you're not beating some other naked ape in some socially constructed game, you don't feel alive at all.

what? no. you need to learn to skate that is what i am reading at this point…

>How do I know that I matter at all if there isn't a society to define me and give value to my actions?

those are puppet concerns. social validation is an illusion, a placebo. all beneficial effects from social interaction are those that socialization installed on you. they trained you to be worthless unless someone says otherwise because they wanted you to do what they said. you were born complete and had to be taught to believe you are lacking.

>That's the paradox every isolated individual encounters. You cannot create meaning from nothing, all of it is created and acquired through social systems around you, social systems that you despise and want to be free from.

when meaning is created by others, then that means you could create meaning for others and if you can create meaning for others, what makes you think you can not do it for yourself? what do you base this on? you got nothing to base that on, it is pure dog training what you are repeating.
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I'm only dependent on food production and medical care. Solar panels have solved electricity.

No matter how healthy I live, I might get unexpected health complications as I age, which I can't solve myself (like performing surgery on my own burst appendix or heart).

And realistically I'm not going to grow all my food myself even though I did choose to move away to a more farm-like home. I can grow some stuff myself but not all of it.

Everything else is meaningless noise. I can make do without the internet and have done so for stretches of years. Bill payment is mostly on the internet though and even I cannot escape taxes or mandatory bills.

File: 1716159891587.png (7.69 MB, 8192x5322, 4096:2661, 2000-2020BestDemMargins.png) ImgOps iqdb


I used to cut myself but my parents forced me to stop.

Now I make maps to keep myself from committing suicide.

What do you guys do
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>If you were born, then you're needed here for some reason.
Sorry, I'm not religious.


Cool hobby you have, OP.


It's not about religion though. Universe is subjected to a certain set of laws, so if you were introduced, than it was required by the system. In a universe bound to heat death there's this stupid humanity thing. I hope you get my meaning. You're not here to be unhappy. Seeking happiness is the only worthwhile thing.


Thanks man. I'm currently working on expanding this map >>292498 to include 1952 - 1968 Datasets. It will look drastically different given the fact that Republicans actually won in 1952, 1956 and 1968, while this map is actually made up entirely of Presidential Elections where the Republicans lost.


>What do you guys do
Frankly, I do nothing. I think it is cool you found something to do. I had a hobby in mind I really wanted to try out, but I developed some mental condition that prevents me from thinking clearly most of the time. I really wish I'm not going schizo, but even if it's just DPDR I don't know what to do.

File: 1716135455257.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.06 KB, 617x596, 617:596, 4e131fed1f50a9736d4dba5de5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>mom told me to get a hair cut because I'll look better
>Got it anyway to have an I told you so moment
>Hair cut finished
>She sees me
>She resisted the urge to laugh

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Send mom


Send mom


stop spamming faggot


w/ome/n are monstrous creatures. they're not human either, which makes them some type of "other" monster that pretends to be a human with a soul. I think they can pick up on the men who realize they are human mimics and it makes them angry. never allow their brutality (which expresses itself in many ways – laughter, mockery, physical violence, cuckolding, deception) to have any influence over your mind. men are generally mentally weak, and because of this fee-mails easily rule them.


i agree that a sensible male would prefer death over "improving" his mental state through relationship with a succubus

File: 1716255024964.jpg (288.08 KB, 990x530, 99:53, DSC_0349_01.oneThirdSize.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Glimpse of beauty for hope of a man to draw upon the sword, to an uncertain outcome unwilling to bend to his will, that we mistaken for evil deeds. Not the hidden intention of her hubris that compels us to strive. We will know no rest until we realize the light of our prize is the only thing we sought after than the prize itself. Only then we can reclaim our rib back that was used to separate that essence from us, to taunt. The impractical is practical sometimes when the mind of a man isn't struggling to maintain a foundation, but already has one built.

What about loneliness I ask, it's a better price than a missing part of me to be satisfied in my own mind, than a partner who's fidelity is not certain, who might run off with it. At least then the light goes no where.


and it can neither be used against you. Based and wizpilled


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I've been on finasteride for 2 years and I just lost my job and had to move back with my parents and I noticed that my hairline is receding it looks bad, my hair is thinning too, even the back and sides are thinning so I will never be able to get a hair transplant. I've always been anxious about going bald because I have a really bad head shape and I just don't look good without hair, or well, i look worse than with full head of hair.
Balding young is fucking brutal and I don't feel like wearing a fedora or beanies it will make it all more obvious, i feel a pain in my chest and all this stress is causing me to lose more and more hair im in my early 20s but i look now like my male relatives who are full in their 50s.
I can't hide it and I don't want to be that bald guy everyone mocks.
Why it had to be me, wizards? I'm short and now balding, fucking life sucks and did nothing to deserve this.
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A curious thing about this site is, that we might still be figuring out who is who according to our own mental biases, sometimes being hearty with those we have eventually hated, and viceversa.

How boring, this textwall :(
How full of diarrheic evil


I'm fascinated you didn't request me to cry you another river. I don't care about your opinion on my post. The saying "cry me a river" is by far the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life. My hatred towards it is boundless and there are not many faggots who say that.


>opinion on my post
It's called "description". Grab a dictionary if you don't believe me.
Oh, am I being too harsh? ¬¬


>too harsh
No, just too retarded.


Suffer at ease. This is not a place for your likes, as it is neither any other imageboard.

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Why are there female apologists here, on the only website dedicated to wizardly endeavors, the only place on the internet that defends and respects male celibacy of all places?

Females are the origin of all our suffering and all the suffering of the collective human race, proven by the irrefutable fact of their unique role as stinky fuck holes that shit out children for their personal selfish enjoyment, desire, status and primal urge.

To them in their self serving justification, children should be grateful, but in reality females have to carefully conceal their sadistic, uncaring and casual indifference in their role of throwing a baby into this evil society to be logs of worthless shit, helplessly abused, used up and treated like disposable trash to be thrown away once they no longer have value.

Females are the bane of all wizardly existence, the origin of all wizardly suffering, the origin and the beginning of unquenchable wizardly desires, the dawning existence of the humble unsuspecting wizkids with aspirations of deserving their fair share of basic wizlet happiness.

Wizkids are naturally pure, innocent, busy with wizardly endeavors, wand enjoyers who love to conjure magic in their rooms, some evolving into wizardly figures recognized as a lively house ornament with unending loyalty and as a silent background figure always providing company for the house occupants to stave off their feelings of loneliness, some wizzies composting and blossoming into wise loyal hermit oracles, some a cared for sheltered recluse that has invaluable wizardly virtues. Some having to partake in the dog eat dog normalfag world of cliqued up social hierarchies all orbiting around female gynocentric pussy worship. The wizkid is a rare treasure in the modern world and must be protected.

The wizkid serves as a naturally innocent benevolent force of objective moral good, the entire existence of the wizkid stands in complete contrast to the naturally wicked existence of the human female, creatures that are unashamed in their sadistic self serving primitive impulses, unashamed in their vile intentions to scheme, lie, cheat, manipulate and swindle, but are instinctually smart enough to keep it hidden deep within, but eventually the infectious bio-waste that fills their souls leaks out in subtle almost unnoticeable slip ups that stupefies you into disbelief witnessing their casual cruel intentions. Once you finally learn how to notice thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1715777168816.gif (202.22 KB, 479x498, 479:498, katawa-shoujo-kenji.gif) ImgOps iqdb



>offended speech


It's not wizards' fault that you can't notice patterns. Really pity people like you who will forever live in ignorance because you suffer from underdeveloped brains.


lulz pWn3d

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