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File: 1634058244113.jpg (147.43 KB, 1080x749, 1080:749, 1608568996998.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Has anyone else gone long periods on inadequate sleep? I'd imagine this board is full of insomniac wizzes. My story:
>November 2019
>do Nofap for fun
>get job
>have to get up at 5:30
>go to bed at 11
>almost fall asleep standing up at work several times
>job finally moves closer as planned
>wake up at 6 now
>go to bed at 1130
>turns into midnight
>hate job more and more every day
>realize it's over
>strat drinking coffee to stop falling asleep at work
>around June 2020 I am hiking in woods when I realize that I don't feel real
>feel like I am watching movie
>I've been sleeping 5-1/2 hours a night for around 5 or 6 months now
>keep doing it anyway
>dissociate at work, floursecent lights and hissing air in manufacturing shithole doesn't help
>balls and dick shrink
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throwing your life away just to make ends meet while people retire off investing in shitcoins…this world is unfair and fucked up


There he is, there he goes again…


been keto for over a year and off it and conclude there was personally not much difference. grains lack nutrition but give you energy.


waking up once for a little while then going back to sleep can be very normal. In fact iirc its exactly how most humans used to sleep before we got electricity that let us stay up later.
many times not so much, you could maybe try melatonin to see if it keeps you asleep


I keep waking up after 5-6 hours similar to this anon >>249953
Except i can't go back to sleep. I'm just probably too stressed from uni but I've never had trouble waking too early like this…

File: 1637277053778.jpg (153.21 KB, 948x975, 316:325, 1559977471510303786.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


At first I thought I'm just getting older, but whenever I find a place for myself, sooner or later I realize how bad it becomes. Before I blink, the place I got used to is just gone. I don't know how to get over this.

All the people who used to be there are pushed to the side by the newcomers who doesn't care about the place or it's story. It's like all the new people just outnumber the old userbase and shape everything into their image rather than acclimate themselves to the culture.

Is the spike of popularity so detrimental?
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Yes there is, a wizard is simply a 30 year old male virgin, a tcrab just happens to be one variation of wizard, who are welcome here as long as they don't talk about shit that breaks the rules. More welcome than the normalfag and succubi infiltrators who want to demonise and exile them like the rest of the internet thats for sure.

You true wiz fags are real tiring.


>crabs are welcome if they dont talk about shit that breaks the rules
>more welcome than succubus
The succubus who post here don't openly state they are succubus so why the double standard? the only standard we should have is the ability to discuss and share ideas in a maturelike rational fashion.

On the internet no one knows your'e a dog.


This wizard/crab shit only came about during gamergate. It's a false divide.


crabs are wanna be normalfags who hate being virgins and solitude. They buy into the whole normalfag mindset, they want a girlfriend, a family, etc.


And? Wasn't that the case with the original wizardchan?

Like I get why crab stuff got banned during gamergate, and I get why on wizachan it'll never go back but it feels disingenuous when there are many 30+ crabs who will forever remain celibate and the vast majority of truwiz types here are are in their teens or early 20s.

You'd think there'd be more wizards as the years go by but instead you get kids who do a surface-level imitation of what came before. I mean, 4chan right now is normies screaming 'normies gtfo', some kind of weird-ass imitation, they probably don't even remember when /b/ wasn't a porn board and /r9k/ wasn't a fag/tranny board.

File: 1627777029679.jpg (81.86 KB, 660x330, 2:1, 660-5-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else here starting to miss quarantine times? I hate that normies go out again and do their socialising stuff.
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i don't know what it is, but being around strangers (or even servicemen i have seen several times) or driving around a high-traffic area gives me tangible migraines after a half-hour or so


My Mum has invited extended family over when its my birthday in the past and I've literally stayed in my room not even coming down to say hello to people, this included a dying grandma and her carer. I told her before hand I don't want people over.





I hope you had a good birthday, that sucks that your mom still forces you to interact with annoying normie relatives.

The vaccine will kill all that take it.


I literally just did nothing but sit on the computer beating my dick all day. Again.

Tired of this shit.
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Anyone else's dick curve more due to all the excessive masturbation?


hard (lol) to know if it's natural or that's the cause.


I swear it used to be straighter. It curves slightly to the left and that's the direction I put pressure towards when I masturbate. Could also be very minor peyronie's too but I doubt it.


what do you even fap to when on a big fap session? I love going through lots of tags on a booru and exploring all the works of certain artists that pop out to me.

dont tell me you watch hentai like a pleb


yep it happens

File: 1636591196591.jpg (148.08 KB, 2121x1414, 3:2, pills.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


please post your experiences with anti depressants here

i'm starting on them (Citalopram) tomorrow and im scared that ill gain weight from it
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I was taking mirtazapine for a while but those drugs always give me dry mouth. Was taking it mostly for sleep and am going to try melatonin now.


ask your doctor about rozerem, it's basically prescription melatonin


I took opiates and benzos regularly from 18 to 27. Now im 30 and havent taken them for years because my life situation improved. So no, that doesn't match my experience. If I didnt have them when I needed them I am certain I would be dead now. I consider the unavailability of opiates and benzos a crime against humanity


I was on SSRIs for awhile. Unlike other people's experiences, I lost my drive after getting off it. I've had to stop taking the tricyclic antidepressant I was on too and haven't slept in 36 hours since my script ran out. I've been avoiding caffeine and even bought some crappy melatonin gummies, but they do no good. I just lay there in bed unable to sleep.


Nothing has helped me at all and if they did anything it was always bad effects.
I was taking this and did not find it helped me feel better but I was sleeping a lot and felt foggy.

File: 1638699520933.jpg (1.87 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 6vy6ufidfzs71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I cant jerk off. my cock feels nothing. no frenulum left, not even remanent. cut tight, my dick points to the left because skin is so tight. glans is dry all the time. my fetish is foreskin and phimosis hentai now because I want foreskin so much especially when its erect and the foreskin cover the glan then the bitch lick it to uncover the glans. no rigid band, no gliding sensation. I will have to resort to anal to feel good when masterbating now so I guess im gay until my foreskin grows back.

my doctor gave me a hand job with a knife when I was a baby so does that even make me a wizard anymore?
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They didn't "do it", most if not all of them were mutilated as babies.

Jews lobby against banning it so yes they are to blame.

Calling it plastic surgery shows you're entirely uneducated on the subject and shouldn't bother posting.



And what? You're wrong, that's all.

Though trying to make some correlation between being mutilated as a child and virginity is a bit of a stretch considering most ignorant american men are cut and not virgins, but being consciously aware of the betrayal your parents enforced on you probably contributes to additional misery that would set you down that path.

To a wizard though, being mutilated and depressed is like a double middle finger from the world to your existence, so I sympathise deeply. This planet is hell.


>they do it for aesthetical reasons.
Yes, that's a big concern for male babies, it's so big they ask for a circumcision moments after they're born.


Circumcision is the reason for all my problems.

File: 1638916425809.jpg (72.16 KB, 700x557, 700:557, 2294-khxeamv8382242.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Around late 2016, the long-form suicide note of a 28 year-old Japanese man (which had been saved in the Internet Archive) made its way here. I remember this in incredibly vivid detail because of how moving it was: he detailed how he dropped out of high school at the age of 16 in 2004, lived with his mom, and did little other than play video games. He detailed his childhood crushes in full, including school yearbook photos and their full names, and described how he used to visit one's house. He documented how his mother openly lamented his pitiful state, saying things like "I gave birth to you? For what?" and how he punched holes in the walls of his room in anger.

At the end, he outlaid how he planned on offing himself: hanging from an exercise bar purchased on Amazon. Presumably, this was successful.

I used to have the Internet Archive link saved, but lost it a few years back. Even before then, the page was deleted from within the archive for one reason or another. Does anyone here remember this and/or happens to have it saved someplace?

Pic related.
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So, can someone provide a good info resume about this? The translator is shit as always.


Also I remember there was a couple of recording of his mom crying and saying "Hitoshi" they were very unnerving.

I actually feel bad for the mom, 2 of their sons killed themselves, and the husband dissapeared, no one ever thinks about your parents when you kill yourself?


I do think about my parents and it's a big reason why I never offed myself.

And it turns out at 31 my life did change for the better, so even though my adolescence and early adulthood was hell, I still have a livable life now with decent happiness and dopamine levels.

I just forced myself to see it through. But I was in the exact same spot as Hitoshi at 28, and I do admit I felt extreme sorrow, pain and misery daily.

I'm not saying it gets better for everyone, but in my case I just lucked out.

In a way it's never "too late". Though it does feel like I've just dreamt and skipped through a large part of life, but it no longer pains me.


How did your life change at 31?


It's the "cured my autism" guy. Ignore.

File: 1632487568040.webm (4.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ghost Dog - It is said.webm) ImgOps iqdb

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The gatekeepers are dead and we're staring down the barrel.

BUT wizards, outcasts, outsiders, those who now merely exist, we've been afforded a unique priviledge; namely front row seats to, I wouldn't call it a collapse, but a continuing and steady acceleration of the degradation of the human. I'm sure a societal collapse is not too far off; I read somewhere it rained for the first time in recorded history somewhere in the arctic circle, barely made a blip on the news radar.
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I used to be afraid of nuclear war. Now I kind of wish for it to happen.


Whenever you start thinking that anon, just remember:
>You think it can't possibly get worse, so just end it all.
>1 - You can't end it all.
>2 - It can always get so, so much worse.


There is a movie similar to threads I recommend you. Dead man’s letters. It’s subbed on YouTube, probably the bleakest movies I have ever seen.


Does anyone feel sorry for the kids of today in regards to geekdom?

I swear it feels like it's under siege by psychopathic degenerate (trans) manchildren and normalfags who worship rule 34. I don't know if that's a consequence of the mainstream invading or the internet's ability to bring lunatics together.


I just need to look to gaming these days: microtransactions, dudebro "gamers" and now nft/cryptocurrency shit is being introduced.

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File: 1636985338420.jpg (9.63 KB, 259x194, 259:194, online forever.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I had always felt like an other online but it wasn't until 2017+ and especially the past two years I feel old online.

It seems as if my fellow netizens all vanished and everyone is a teenager or talks like one. I do not socialize but when viewing comments on youtube or on other websites including sadly here I will notice strange use of language that is similar to baby babbling and doesn ot express more than a single idea.
>finna mad cap
For example is repeatedly posted on the interweb and I do not understand what any of it means.

I am unsure if age is entirely a factor and it could be the isolation that causes this feeling of being out of touch because I have stumbled across older people talking on reddit getting along fine.

People do not seem to want to have discussions anymore online and instead post a meme or use a few words to express themselves.

I cannot be the only one who is experiencing this phenomenon.
I think social media is the cause because a lot of us have been terminally online for decade(s).
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Good rant it hit home. Anyone decent on 4chan only ever posts out of habit or to hang onto that faint feeling of belonging. main chan dying could be a good thing if it means some type of exodus occurs possibly to a different style of forum that is still anonymous (maybe not image board who knows).
of course normalfags love funny frog and feels man depicted in crude ways.


why would normalfags come here, it is a virgin only forum


Why the hell would you come to an anonymous board just to try and not be anonymous, are you retarded


>I feel like wizchan is one of the few places that still has a bit of that 'old' internet feel to it.
It doesn't. It's filled with succubi, normalfags and zoomers. It's easy enough to detect their posts.


There are traces. And I mean like faint traces, certain posts that bring you back to old internet feels like a watermark left long after tide has completely disappeared.

File: 1634658215650.jpg (260.42 KB, 600x555, 40:37, animesher.com_like-narciss….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Discuss the ways out of our eternal suffering in this thread. Good death to everyone!
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The guy just happens to be Australian and actually Australia even is the only place to ban books like the Peaceful Pill Handbook. Don't be fooled, there is no silver lining anywhere to the australian authoritarian dystopia


File: 1638830083845.png (783.24 KB, 688x446, 344:223, main-qimg-9b2d52b04b7f5f48….png) ImgOps iqdb

burn yourself alive.


Can you help me kill myself in ways that involve my microwave?


sell your microwave and with the money buy yourself gun, aim for your head and shoot.


el psy kongroo friend

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