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>turn on computer
>suddenly all worries gone


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I center my life around this thing, and I don't know when I'll start to truly feel regret over it. It keeps me company, keeps me entertained, and feeds me knowledge. Many people would view my views as unhealthy, but I truly believe it. There is not much else I want.


>Get job on computer
>Now associate computer with stress
>Struggle to get on now
Why did I do this, lads


>turn on computer
>suddenly all worries gone
>turn on internet
>suddenly rage and headaches return

burn in hell steve jobs


When my power supply died, I got attacked by a massive panic attack. I never felt it before in my life. I was unable to sleep because I couldn't hear the sound of fans my pc was making. It was a constant nightmare. I was shaking. Unable to bear it any longer, I asked mom to give me money for a spare one, which I bought immediately at the next day, and only then I was able to finally find peace again.


>turn off computer
>the worries come back
this is the worst thing for me


Doesn't work for me anymore.


>Why did I do this, lads

Because working at home is still better than working in a normie-filled office.


I am always worried even when I sleep nothing can detach me from my worries now


i dont turn it off anymore

doesnt for me either but im still attached to it


>turn on computer
>no longer depression aches, no worries, no fear
>go to sleep, turn computer off
>crying in bed
I would like to be insomniac.


This, the misery eventually works its way through everything that tries to protect against it.


No you wouldn't.
Then you have
>turn computer off
>can't sleep even though exhaused
Its hell.


why would you buy an apple product? i cant imagine anyone here would use that overpriced normie-tier garbage


I'd bet cash you're another hypocrite posting from yer iphone


>turn on computer
>suddenly all worries gone
>suddenly everything about the past goes away
>suddenly everything that bothers you is no more
>life becomes better in some way


Are you retarded? There's no reason to use an iPhone if you're not dumb enough to like Apple. Androids exist, being both cheaper and objectively superior.


>live in switzerland
>people are insanely rich (even the middle class)
>they all buy apple products
>apple market share is one of the highest in the world
>just because they can afford it
I always wondered why android is not more popular because it has micro SD cards and more freedom but people don't want that. They love their slavery


You're saying this as an example or you're actually swiss?


It's a sad fact that most people would pay more for an inferior product just because it's the latest trend.


Why regret it? I don't feel as if we've gone far enough yet.

Once CPU waifus become a reality my life would be complete.


Switzerland has the lowest home ownership rate in Europe, being able to afford overpriced electronic adult toys doesnt mean anything.


>turn on computer
>become glued to it for multiple hours
>get angry at shit normies say
>eyes and mind become tired from staring at glowing plastic box
>turn it off
>continue to feel like shit for some hours, curse myself
>towards the evening it gets better
>sleep, feel pretty good in the morning
>immediately turn on computer again
I have a problem.


>all your wealth doesn't mean anything unless you own a house

There's absolutely nothing special about home ownership. It doesn't bring power and independence, or any of the other dreamy shit they tell you there in america. It's just a dumb old middle-class american meme.


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My PSU died last Friday. My normalfag roommate and his gf set up a blind date for me and on eof their friends, but I didn't leave my room. I just spent the night reading instead until I got a new power supply the next day. That was a close one.


What PSU was it?


File: 1502979507387.gif (54.97 KB, 300x200, thepoint.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I am Swiss you retard.

If you cant buy assets and property then your "wealth" isnt worth anythign. Young people in Europe have nothing, they still have to rent an apartment in their 30s while boomer cucks already owned houses at that age. They economy is absolute trash and everybody talking about how well off we are is full of shit.

I dont expect a man child like you to understand.


If you own a home, you've an asset that appreciates in value and you can change rent.


>have /happening/
>finally feel happy


I sleep with my computer on.

This can cause some problem to him?


If there's no power outages and all fans are functioning properly (meaning no overheating) - then no. Just restart it sometimes to prevent data loss if something like that happens.

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