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This thread is for wizards who are permanent, unwilling students in highschool 2.0.


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Haven't and don't plan on going to class this last month before the year ends. My interest in my major is zero, and I'm not getting in any more debt than I have to retaking courses 50 times before I pass or I get kicked out. For now I'm just working on my terrible writing and looking into community college or some type of job until I can figure out where to go next.


then only 6 more years of school while working full time

At least people look at me on professional merit instead of how normie I am expected to be with parties and such


I paid a classmate to write a programming project for me. Didn't even know a service like this exist. It's nice but there's obviously the problem of the cost accumulating in the long run and my lack of income.


Just started a Language Studies degree, but fuck! I thought it would be easier compared to STEM but the problem is not the subject per se, but myself. I hate writing, I can't read something like Plato without spacing out and I can't stop procrastinating.
Everyday I think about suicide, but there is no will within me to accomplish this either.
I could try a public job for money and stability, but that also requires study and I don't have motivation to do it.


is it harder to do uncomfortable things if they're abstract, like doing math homework in uni than if your deeds are physical like carrying heavy bags or wage labor. i think that might be what makes education difficult


some things that might help
>watch media in only that language dub/sub
>use commercial products to augment language proficiency (I suggest pimsleur method)

>is it harder to do uncomfortable things if they're abstract, like doing math homework in uni

not sure if intentional question, but it can be harder, Since I work a blue collar job AND am doing STEM meme, I have to devote more time to learning the concepts.


i ruined my groups presentation by not showing up (overslept)
its good to know no one will talk to me anymore


File: 1556576938616.png (25.49 KB, 577x289, 577:289, friends study.png) ImgOps iqdb

I knew it!


A couple of my professors gave me a hug on the last day of classes this semester, it made me feel bad because I didn’t get 100% in every class so I didn’t feel like I deserved their affection, my mom says it’s because I’m endearing, but I’m just quiet and occasionally ask or answer questions, it feels weird to be noticed like this


more like sitting next to each other and copying during the exam


Just finished my last final today. Taking summer off then going back in the fall. Taking a Math & Theatre course then. Online classes both of them.


failed this semester entirely. took 4 courses, dropped 1 immediately off the bat because we’d have to give presentations. failed the 2nd one because again, group projects and presentations so i stopped going. 3rd one was an SJW professor and I actually showed up to it regularly and wrote papers for the class, and even did a presentation (i took lots of xanax and adderall beforehand and cant even remember it, other than everyone in the room giving me funny glances). I was very depressed and sick and missed a day of class, turned out that was the day she gave the final exam. I missed it so I failed! Nice! I emailed her and explained that I was sick and if there was any way i could retake it, especially since she gave the final exam a full week earlier than the date listed on the syllabus. In so many words she told me to go fuck myself, i know she didnt like me because I was weird and it was a small class where every normie grouped and and joked together but i just sat alone the entire time, so obviously she was more than happy to fail me. Only class left is calculus but to be honest i am horribly behind and have lost all motivation and willpower. The final exam is tomorrow and i’ve had an entire week to prepare but I haven’t studied at all, I just can’t cqre anymore.

I’m giving up on college. Think i’m gonna try and just learn html and javascript and hope for the best with finding a job without a degree.


File: 1556746435084.png (61.1 KB, 300x223, 300:223, marichan.png) ImgOps iqdb

im so sick and tired of learning stuff, i wanna shut off my brain forever


Hiding on the toilet to avoid a prof whose class I dropped out of this semester. Jolly times.


failed my class, i had already dropped out of all the others
i hate university but i cannot quit it; i am an incredibly stubborn person
when thinking about this contradiction, and futility of me getting an education something in my brain broke last night; i can't feel bad feelings anymore

i will try to channel my stubbornness to study math 12 hours a day, like my grandma and some other boomers I have talked to in the past


Over half a year since I graduated with a masters in AI with an award for top marks. Still NEET, can't even bring myself to apply for any jobs. I think i'll kill myself soon. If you're torturing yourself to study when you will be miserable to put on a suit and beg normalfags to let you be a slave then you should think deeply about your future.


Damn man, that's a huge accomplishment just to throw away like that. I hope you can try and use that skill somehow, maybe teach on YouTube the basics and make some money. Good luck.


Stay in academia perhaps? Since you're doing well in school, might as well just get a PhD or two, become a professor or researcher.


I avoided doing any thesis because it required public speaking, so I'm probably not eligible to enter a PhD


>gets a master in an in demand field
>cant find a job

I don't believe this. I am starting to think these posts are made by NEETs to scare college goers.


Not him, but there are factors other than qualification that go into getting a job. If you don't have connections, you have to go through the grueling process of standing out from all the other candidates and also have an acceptable social personality for people to be willing to work with you.

(In all likelihood tho, it seems he just hasn't been applying for jobs).


If you read the post again it literally says I havent applied for anything.

AI jobs are all evil data mining shit, and they all expect a 27 year old to have experience and be able to talk to people. Even for this supposedly in-demand field there are hardly any positions posted online that don't demand years of experience


Can't you work as a freelancer?


I applied to a programming job (didn't get it) that required 5 years of experience (I have none) and they gave me an in person interview. I failed so bad, I was really nervous standing in front of strangers attempting to solve coding problems. They weren't too hard (reverse a string in place, find a cycle in a linked list, code a pre-order traversal) but I was so damn nervous it ruined the interview.
My point is, the experience requirements are more of a wish list. If it's truly in demand, they'll take what they can get.


File: 1558191966497-0.png (104.73 KB, 305x367, 305:367, 1382382674277.png) ImgOps iqdb

Started my Linguistics degree this year, and I'm hating it. Chose it because leraning languages is what I supposedly do best; plus, since I'm from a non-English speaking country, the course, I thought, would be two times easier for me, because my English is rather good, and therefore, I should be able to breeze through the course, the part of it that has to do with learning English, at least.
But oh fuck, it doesn't fit me at all. We have lectures on History of England and the US, Angloamerican literature and History of our Homeland; the choice of subjects is pretty bizarre, but at least they're there for the first two semesters only. As for subjects that have to do with language study, we have six English lessons a week, and only three lessons of my language of choice, not to mention that the teacher, who isn't a native speaker, is young and inexperienced with teaching, teaches two of the three classes we have. It's both a blessing and a curse, considering the clusterfuck that turned out to be the English classes. Three of them are specialized, focusing on grammar, phonetics and writing. The first two bring me immense pain, especially phonetics. The teacher, despite her age, is absolutely anal and demanding about the subject which I find to be pointless for the most part. The first semester was just basic stuff like learning to pronounce phonemes properly and training to do that by reading various texts, it was helpful for everyone. But, along with that, we had to learn each vowel and consonant's classification and articulation plus all the phonetic phenomena. When the exam week came, I got a high score on the oral part, but bombed the tests focusing on theory, got the bare minimum needed to pass, and actually ended up losing my scholarship because of this single subject and its hard to remember theory that explains otherwise intuitive things in an overly complicated manner. The second semester turned out to be even worse. We've been learning Intonation patterns. We've been learning, essentially, how to talk like a human being, a really basic thing, the practical side of which I nail near-perfectly, but the theoretical part of which is an absolute disaster. The test is this Monday, actually, going to hope on the bare minimum, again. Thankfully, we'll get another phonetics teacher next year.
I touched upon Grammar a bit, and it's all the same shit. Practically, I'm generally a-okay except for a few slips here and there, but when it comes to talking about English in fancy terms, explaining grammatical phenomena, I simply can't.
The cherry on top is Linguistics. I genuinely don't get the point of this science. It's borderline philosophy, talking of problems no one had even thought existed, and overcomplicating things that shouldn't be such, heaping pointless difficult to remember term over another pointless difficult to remember term. Studying elementary Semantics and listening to a lecture by some foreign linguist on Cultural linguistics really made me question my life choices.
And it's not like I'm going to be showered with money post-graduation, it's more than likely I'll be struggling to find a job after this, and my only choice would be to continue my education and go for the magister degree to be able to teach, either in schools, in which case me enduring all this pointless bullshit was essentially in vain and I'm also going to be bothered by little shitheads and live on scraps, or universities, in which case I'm going to go bald in my early-to-mid thirties, overwork consistently and have the usual "Kill me already" look most of the university teachers sport.
God damn it I hate all of this, but I've been inculcated with the idea that a life worth living is one where I have a degree and work an office job, otherwise I'm a failure; but that's an entirely different topic for an entirely different post.


>teacher, who isn't a native speaker, is young and inexperienced with teaching

I had to deal with a teacher like this for a class on assembly language I had to take. I failed of course. The guy was knowledgeable but was just awful at teaching. Lectures would be him rambling on about the minute details of ARM, we'd get behind so he'd end up rushing through things near the end of class, and he spoke in the slowest and most monotone way possible. It reached the point where after the first exam I had no fucking clue what we were even learning anymore. Office hours didn't help because he explained things the same way he did in class so I just ended up pretending I understood and went on my way because it wasn't helping.

On academic probation now, but I don't have enough money to continue with this shit anyway. God I want to die.


I'm in the same situation. I am studying the first semester and I have to write (of course, it is a language course). The question is: why am I studying this if I don't like writing? I don't know either, I was lost and stil am. I have to write an abstract of a technical language text, but I can't force myself to read or write. It seems to preferable to talk and think about my misery.


File: 1562596689154.png (9.82 KB, 355x353, 355:353, palette1.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

after all, you are the least dumb guy in class, right?

you better leave it for the last, still got two months left and so much to do with nearer deadlines
you've done it many times before, no problem. that class is piss-easy
but it seems you will have to take that piss-easy class again if you don't get your ass to work ASAP!
maybe this time is not like past semesters? i mean, it's getting harder and time is getting lesser.
but nothing you can't handle. i mean, you're that guy everyone asks for help. sometimes even teachers reach you for help from time to time. a hurried schedule and the quantious mechanical work needed can be helped by already knowing how-to and planning ahead

well, it seems doing the work of an entire semester takes a little bit longer than thought. maybe you should have repaired your db manager the very first weekend.
or maybe you should have bought a usb keyboard instead of being a lazy shit for five months straight
but no need to stress, after all, that class is piss-and-shit-easy, right?
everyone passed thanks to your help!

but time's passed by and little is left
you gotta get that job done quick, mate
most of everything else is done, only thing left is that project from the third unit
that one was a real pain in the ass wasn't it? man, gotta hurry!
but it's not like there's gonna be any setbacks in the meanwhile, right?

maybe you are a little bit dumber than you thought
this ain't funny anymore
getting the final networking class's project took a lil bit longer than thought
three days left would be enough if i didn't feel like a loosey clockwork motor
if it wasn't for the provigil and that gram of meth you have from months ago you wouldn't have made it in this class; and without them you ain't gonna make it in this last one
but you had months beforehand, retard
you knew it was unavoidable
that shit was originally intended to be done by an entire team, not by you alone
and you only have around 60 hours left

but you alone is more than enough, right?
after all, you are not clinically retarded!
last time you got at least six hours of sleep, mate?
is it reasonable to think you can do a team's work of two months in three days?
did you know this was preventable? it most certainly was
it was just a matter of not doing it at the very fucking last moment!
and how is it going? how much did that lil' problem set you back? 6-7 hours?
are you tired? does your chest feel funny?
getting nervous ain't you?

big day's here, mate!
you didn't finish it, but the teacher is going to pass you anyways, right? all five units?
he knows you know your shit, you've taken three classes with him before
he's gonna value that

but nevermind, it seems that general power failure affected the school too
but that gives you one more fucking day! you ain't gonna take any chances
it's like a fucking miracle!

and cautious when driving back home, you haven't slept for who-knows how long
good thing you have that piece of paper full of meth disolving in your ass
it burns like mad, but hey, it's better than falling asleep on the road
or even worse, falling asleep before class and failing in such a retarded manner

finally home! safe and sound, without dying and the stuff
time to get serious, or else!


shit's getting a lil' freaky isn't it mate!?
they noticed the jerky movements on your face, and your sudden weight loss and sunken eyes are terribly obvious
but it's a little price to pay so you don't have to repeat an entire class
can you imagine how discouraging that would be? to be set back an entire fucking semester just because of one class!?
you got no time to waste!

night's coming by, and keeping going is getting harder and harder by the minute
but nothing you can't handle, right!?
shove that shit down your foodhole and find that fucking straw before you die from dehydratation
and better wash it before using it if you don't wanna get a gastric infection
deadline is at 10am, still 14 hours left
better get some refreshment if you don't wanna tear your now-white hair off
after all, 14 hours is more than enough, right?

after all, that class is fuck-me-in-the-ass-easy!
much work's been done, and still 10 hours left
but it's hard to type when your eyes are sore red and your left hand feels like made of wire
and who are we kidding? this shit ain't gonna get done in 10 hours!
getting desperate? why not asking for a little help?
and who will we ask? are we gonna pay some indian dude to code some GUI on fiverr?
that ain't gonna happen
is your phone still plugged in? why not checking it out?
why not asking on your school's group? you're always willing to help, they must reciprocate, right?
but nevermind, you know that ain't gonna work, better reach for someone trustful
why not that guy with the glasses you teamed up with in networking? he seems chill
last time seen: two minutes ago
good thing you were too lazy to delete whatsapp!
just gotta text him casually, like people do!

"hey man, i need some help
i still haven't finished the db class's project, the one from the third unit
could you code some gui for me while i do everything else? i'll pay you real good for it, deadline is 10am"

"Don't worry man no need to pay me lol
Been there
Just gimme something to base my work on
Like, how you want it
Can't sleep and got nothing to do"

bless this guy's soul!
he's relieved me from a humongous load on my back
i mean, if he actually does something
at all
better give him some simple concept designs and hex color codes, just in case

eight hours left[i]
just gotta keep pushing for a little more
what's left is the easiest stuff, the stuff you've done many times before
[i]a converter class 'round here, a saving method 'round there, an updating event 'round there…

just a matter of actually doing it! 'cause you fucking stopped typing!
what are you doing there frozen like a frozen retard?
do you want to repeat the course!?
you've done this almost-exact same thing over hundreds of times, it's muscular memory by this point
you just have to focus!

see? we are doing it! see that? how we are doing it?
now, open your eyes
you were asleep all this time! your hands were static and your eyes were closed!
it was all a great dream!
but we have to keep going, we got no other choice
just move the keyboard a lil' bit to the right, it's not in the right position and you are typing gibberish
don't worry, ctrl+z, keep going for a little more
see? we are doing it! see that? how we are doing it?
now, open your eyes
you were asleep all this time! your hands were static and your eyes were closed!
it was all a great dream!
but we have to keep going, we got no other choice
you just pressed the return key a bunch of times
but now that it's in your brain's cache, it should be no big deal!
don't worry, ctrl+z, keep going for a little more
see? we are doing it! see that? how we are doing it?
now, open your eyes
you were asleep all this time! your hands were static and your eyes were closed!
it was all a great dream!
now you know what it means to be tired!
don't worry, ctrl+z, keep going for a little more

but nevermind, it's pointless to keep punishing yourself on this
i mean, we all fail sometimes, right?
it's not that bad
piss on your piss-jug and wash your hands you filthy shit, you have a water bottle laying there on the ground
go to your bed, and have some good rest
it's gonna be a very bad day


i can still quite recall a pretty solid picture of that night's dream's events sequence, with particular emphasis on some kind of shadow's voice which was saying an array of non-sensical vowels with a very deep and resonant voice
it was a heavy nightmare, a very notable one
at 9am my phone's alarm went off, with the very last remaining of juice my phone's battery had left
the quite but strident sound of the alarm was enough of an annoyance to make me turn around, open my eyes and dissmiss it
but it was after some seconds after closing my eyes with the intention of getting back to sleep that i realized what was going on: a little alarm that sounded from the back of my head, screaming 10AM
opened my eyes fully, and jumped from the bed
went to take a much urgent piss and got a much needed face wash
two spoons of instant coffee in warm water, a cig and a big line of meth to try to jump-start myself
unlocked my laptop, it was 9:10AM, and nothing near-to-be-done
but i finally had some sleep, i was going to make it
checked my mail and i had a mail from the teacher:

"Mr. W., just to remind you that i have to submit grades at most 11AM, so you have until 10AM of today to send me your due projects.
Everyone else who notified me was going to submit something due already did it, i'm only waiting for you."

it was sent at 8:44AM
i replied back, "sorry Mr. P, i'm still making some little tweaks here and there, gonna upload it in some minutes"

before even opening my IDE back i remembered my classmate, and to my great surprise i had a message pending: a zip file
it was sent at 5:15AM, he didn't make them all, but the ones made were pretty solid, even with icons and animations!
THANKS the infinite and blessed providence i decided not to delete whatsapp!
it seems not being an autistic asshole really does pay off, i just had to copy and paste from the text files
but after some minutes the scare of my awakening faded out and i was left with all i trully had: an exhausted body, completely depleted of all energy
to the point that even making the slightlest mind work felt like an over-human endeavor
i managed to copy and paste the code for the GUI and made sure i had a correct connection with the database server, then put it all in a zip file

opened my mailbox to redact the mail and saw the teacher replied back: "I need you to hurry up, i still have to check it and i only have until 11AM to do it all. I'm only waiting for you."

i felt the pressure of being hurried by the only thing you can't stop, and it felt like a throbbing mass in my chest when i remembered i have 100kb/s on a good day
i replied back "sorry Mr. P, you didn't have to wait. you've been doing me a lot of favours and i didn't know how to manage my time
the controls aren't linked to anything, the gui is completely non-functional, but i guess you can get a pretty good idea of how it works by checking the classes
also for some reason, when i tried to add back the entityframework thing it wouldn't work, so i had to comment it all in a hurry to just compile it
i'll embed the sql scripts too, along the zip file"[/i]

needless to say i already accepted i was going to fail by that moment
i connected my laptop to my phone's data so it wouldn't take three hours to upload, then sent it

after making sure it was sent correctly for the twentieth time, i closed my laptop, sluggishly went to the bathroom, lit a cig and sit on the toilet to take a shit

after 15 minutes or so, i decided i had to check out my grades, nothing else could be done at that point anyways
and there it was, he passed me with the minimal
then checked my mail
he replied:
"I just needed evidence of the extra exams so i could submit the grades. next time i won't wait, so don't leave it for the last moment again, i'll just oversleep."

i don't know if it's related, but since i'm doing an engineering, school's mainly a male-only environment, free of the drama and shenanigans result of female coexistence
and that's how i lost 8kg in one month and got a nice bunch of white hair
and i think my brain don't work as well anymore
but it was worth it


college can be a difficult experience for a variety of reasons, when i moved into my apartment i checked the water pressure in the shower and the shower didn't turn off after that, but started dripping. I was too proud of my mechanical repair abilities to put in a maintenance request and kept trying to fix it with no tools.
I spent 3 months living in a humid, steamy, rotting room until i broke and sent in the request. that was one of several problems i dealt with last year.

i seem weak, and infantile and privileged but college is difficult, a little under half the students at my school drop out. willingness to go to college is a difficult question. the OP is technically wrong but your also being pedantic


after re-reading my drunken rant i noticed i use the words "class", "course" and "signature" interchangeably, like we do in my native languaje
idk if it sounds weird or dumb to you, it just feels natural to me


File: 1562794207977.jpg (1.09 MB, 2124x4176, 59:116, 1478178156906.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm applying for applied linguistics too, English with Russian. I have a technical degree from hs (19, Europe), but getting it made me hate the subject so I treat it as a backup plan.
Years of internet addiction and consuming all my media in English made me pretty good at it and the uni isn't that renowned so it should be easy
Also I'm learning how to code on my own since there's a high demand in my country and there are more jobs then college graduates for CS
easy major (since I'm unable to NEET) + teaching myself how to code (since I'd need to retake math for uni and somehow survive 5 years of STEM) seems like a good idea


The prospect of learning programming sounds appealing to me as well, but actually learning it and practicing it isn't interesting to me; it's just the idea of having money and being able to potentially realize some of the projects I've come up with that's nice. Or I just need to be constantly pushed and put under pressure to learn things properly and not lose interest, university, basically. But hey, at least I'll have my Philosophy degree as a prize for going through all this, and the learning process is much more streamlined.
Also, why learn Russian? Wouldn't it be the opposite of an easy major?


File: 1562838992831.jpg (982.03 KB, 1311x932, 1311:932, 1481574688511.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Basically I had to choose between Russian and German and I can't stand the latter.
Also I'm Polish so many words will be similar and it may be useful when looking for a job since many companies need Russian speakers and nobody knows it well enough except for old people.
For the programming part, pressure helps a lot to be consistent but I want to learn at my own pace without having to stress over passing classes and grades, get a couple of certificates and create a nice portfolio, maybe I'll sign up for a code bootcamp though, sounds like a nice middle ground


I'm finishing up my Associates in Science degree, and maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I'm happy and excited for the first time in years.

I'll finally have a degree under my belt to help me get a better job. My ultimate goal is to work for a national forest so I can roam around in the woods and help others all day.


I received my last grade and I didn't feel anything. There's no escape, after 20 something years of academics it's 40 years of slavery.


How many of you dropped out, and why?


R u a grl?


how does studying science help you get a job roaming around a forest? I worry that you are being tricked.

I did a bachelor in physics and it never helped me with anything so far


File: 1564570703726.jpeg (47.85 KB, 660x371, 660:371, 2887AD2C-60AB-43D3-8338-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to research and explore small islands. I currently only have a GED (which I passed with honors). In the past, I have found school to be quite stressful, particularly the social aspects, the homework, and the restrictions on freedom.

That being said, I’m playing with the idea of going back to school in order to study small islands. I figure starting with a course in geography is the way to go, but I’m open to other suggestions. Most community colleges don’t offer courses in geography, so I’d likely have to start at a community college and transfer to a four year school.

Then again, this all seems very stressful. My interest in small islands is mild, but perhaps it’s worth a shot. The alternative is suicide.

Thoughts? Advice?


Unfortunately you have an interest in something that isn't really an actual field of study as such. There are no smallislandologists, and really there are barely even "geographers" in modern times either.
You're going to need to pick a specific region you're interested in before you get far. Academic research is characterized by autistic focus on one microsubject. Hopefully your idea wasn't to bounce around between dozens of different islands around the world, because research isn't going to let you do this; you will almost certainly spend 10+ years focused on one island or at best a small archipelago.
I would suggest your best shots for programs are either biology, probably marine (isolated islands usually have interesting and unique stuff living on or around them) or geology, if you prefer rocks to fish.


Keep it up, were gonna build a wizpirate Haven in our wiz Island


Maybe he studied biology or forestry or something?

I have two meme degrees. It got me nowhere, either. I should have either gotten a trade, did a "not shit" degree, or gone straight to retail work.


I have a computer science degree. I am unemployed paying rent to live on a couch

Im so miserable. I wish i followed a passion in college rather than study something i was vaguely interested in and immediately grew to hate.
But i never had any passions to begin with
I had a full ride to college and its still not worth it


Why the fuck couldnt i be born with some talent or passion for anything at all? Whats the point of living a life with no passion


source of that chick?


I feel you. I've always struggled with the same set of problems and still do. Funny thing is, for me this lack of interest in things isn't something that came with depression, but rather something that has always been with me. Pretty much all academic achievements and the fact that I possess at least some sort of education and skill is all thanks to my parents' tough love and university's somewhat predatory nature of "study or get kicked out and get forced to get a job and waste the time and money you've already put into your education."


How do you not get a job with a CS degree? Did you intern? How were your grades?


Not the the wiz you're responding to, but I got work with a CS degree through an internship. You'll be amazed at how the simple computer skills you take for granted make you look like a tech genius in the eyes of a boomer. I guarantee that 90% of wizards would outperform an average boomer at a technical job they've done for a decade within 6 months if not sooner. These boomers are so puffed up on their own competence but they have no fucking idea really.



How do i get ajob like this?

Im ass at programming. This is not imposter syndrome. I was bad and now im rusty.

Icant apply to any jobs because when i graduated i knew no languages usable in industry. Not only thag but i hate the industry. Im basically a luddite were it not for my ability to use a computer.

All i feel like i know at this point is LaTeX.


Im with you. The only reason I have academic achievements was due to societal push and my own complete lacl of creativity. I never felt anything from it. And now its the end of the road. When i read posts about going to college here and elsewhere im filled with dread. They shouldnt do it.
Whats the point in being born if you're just going to be a loser?



The biggest factor for people with CS degrees who cannot get jobs are their attitudes. You can easily lie your ass off on a resume and get a job, easily. Learning new programming languages isn't hard and shouldn't be a barrier to applying. Ignore that "minimum x years experience in language x" bullshit. Read the language reference, practice for a week, and you are good.

The years of experience help you with programming in general, not a specific language. If you are shit at programming then you definitely do have a problem and probably want to select a different career path.

Honestly I have no idea how the hell colleges manage to give people who are shit at programming CS degrees.


Im bad at programming. Im morally opposed to any CS dev job



So it is your attitude.

The only type of jobs you are going to get with a CS degree are dev jobs. Why do you oppose such a job? Developers are in high demand so it is really your own fault if you stick with a job where they treat you like shit.

I am currently employed as a computer scientist right now, but I ended up writing the entire framework for the project I was assigned to. 70% of my time is devoted to development, 20% maintenance, 10% on actual algorithm design and research. Software dev is the name of the game when it comes to CS and honestly I don't see why the hell you would even pick that major if you didn't want to write software.


I dont believe computer science improves the world. Also i dont know how to program


I go to community college occasionally, right now I'm dropped out, I don't think it's like high school at all, it's actually worse. In high school you can just zone out and maybe play games on a handheld or on the pcs and just scrape by with C grades on everything, in college its actually stressful because you can easily fail subjects if you don't care at all AND also on top of that it's not like high school where a teacher might give you a bit of a grade boost for not being troublesome, it's actually all just your pure work which could easily just be shit.

Also being in college is like edging so close to career and goal oriented stuff, it's not like high school where I was just waiting to get home and play pc games, all the talk in college is about how I'm gonna get a job, it's really depressing because due to mental issues I'm unhirable unless I had crazy good grades which I don't.


No one will ever request your grades don't worry about that.



If you want to get a job then you need to get over yourself. Only stupid ass kids with a safety net think like how you do. You seem to have a decent education, use it. Your parents will die eventually and if you don't have independence at this point you will regret being so stupid and idealistic in your youth.


Listen. I dont have any skills.
College isnt good for you



I'm gonna agree


Guess who has an assignment due tomorrow? Guess who is going to spend all his time browsing chans and masturbating? I swear if only I was given time and not pressed for deadlines I could train myself to be functional. I even got myself to watch a few hours of lectures and tutorials on youtube yesterday. Just don't expect me to be a normal right away. My mom is even telling me to find a job or some kind of activity because that's what all the other kids do as if my shitty community college tier uni isn't stressing enough for me.


File: 1565733941030.jpg (112.81 KB, 1003x967, 1003:967, Chisa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

beautiful pic OP


El Hierro Canary Islands
Ascension Island in the Atlantic


One more year for me. My dad wants me to go to graduate school because my degree is worthless without it, but I never had interactions with any of my professors so I don't have anyone to get recommendation letters from. There's no way I can get into any program without making friends with professors, right? I'm fucked. Even if I have perfect grades, everything in life will always depend on social skills that I don't have.


What field are your pursuing? For STEM type stuff it's definitely difficult without having someone in academia vouch for you.

What I'm trying is just emailing some grad students and seeing if they'll let me work on some small project or do their gruntwork. It may not get you into a top uni but a recommendation from them is at least better than nothing, and it sure beats trying to suck up to a professor in their crowded office hours.


It's in a subdivision of biology.

I've gotten all A's without ever feeling the need to ask for help. Why on earth, then, would I take time out of my already loaded day to go to office hours just to suck the professor's dick? Even in the most advanced, autistic sciences, the real winners will always be normie slackers who study in groups and fool around on snapchat and have to ask the professor for help on all their homework questions. Even if my personality completely changed and I no longer had anything impeding me, there is no way anyone could make friends with three good recommenders in 1 year. And I've never even made a single friend.

For any apprentice or wizard out there considering college, probably the most important factor other than cost is size of the school. I would be in a fine position if I went to a small local college where I could stand out and then applied to a mediocre graduate program. But because I fell for this meme, I'm fucked and my degree will be useless. A large university with lots of "opportunities" to take advantage of (which you'll never get due to competition anyway) is not a place for people like us.


This seems like a wizkid 2k19 thread, but I'll take a bite.

Hated highschool more than anything. Worse period of my life. Frequent migraines and illnesses due to stress, mother suddenly comes into my life because she actually "wants to be a parent now" (Meaning, she is done riding the cock carousel since no normgroid man with dignity wants and older lady in her 30s with a history and wants to settle down now teehee~)failing grades due to being sick, and counselors/CPS being up my butthole.

Mother was the worse part of it. She caused most of the problems. Instead of homeschooling me like any normal parent who has a sickly child who is not doing well, she let me stay in school till senior year because she so desperately wanted me to have the "highschool experience" she didnt have. Yes, typical normalfag she is, skipping classes and having sex with a bunch of men, ending up getting pregnant not once, but 2+ times, (My older brother was a miscarriage, mother was [is] promiscuous so there is probably an abortion or more miscarriages somewhere in there) and ended up dropping out. Didn't have any highschool experience since I didn't talk to anyone really in highschool, was by my self most of the time, and never went to prom graduation or ring dance since I did online schooling in senior. All putting me in school did was make me more anxious and sick and ended up making me hate my family even more.

The other worse part of it that sticks in my head was the counselors and CPS. Counselor was an annoying scubbus who believed my damn mother (a compulsive liar) over my intel, and always chastised me. (Gotta stick up for all the single mommies out there!! It's so hard sleeping around and ruining your childrens lives!!!) I was always lazy and didn't listen to the mother who abandoned me to my grandmother up until they threatened her on her taxes for not caring for me. (Never really interacted with my mother that much until the end of middle school)

CPS came because, as I said, missed school a ton due to illness. It was some dumb Jamaican scubbus, who if I ever see again plan on telling her off. First she lied to me, and told me she would not tell my mother anything that I told her. Then she threatened me and told me she would take me away from my grandmother, the succubus I had lived with all of my life, because my mother is my guardian. I didn't care really what they did at the time anyways, since I'd be an adult soon anyways. Dumb retards.

And with that, highschool was terrible because of the trusted adults in my life. This is why there is such a stigma about single mothers, and child protective angencies, because they only cause more pain and dysfunction in the world.

As a matter a fact, while I am a non violent person who would never kill anyone due to strong morals, I do admit that whenever I see that someone killed their spouse or their parents, I feel a small amount of pity. They got drove so much up a latter that they would go so far to kill someone. You really have to hurt someone in order for them to go that far.


File: 1566077802706.jpg (23.32 KB, 540x300, 9:5, 1457254238378.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've become more and more cynical about CS as the years have gone on. When I first went into it in uni I thought it'd be a really cool profession and I'd be some lone wolf programmer doing cool shit for money. 3 years of classes and 1 internship later and I'm disillusioned with programming and the industry in general.

I don't give a shit about 95% of the companies offering jobs or their mission, so the job itself will have no real non-monetary value to me and thus feel meaningless unless I religiously worship consumerism.
Actual programming is bogged down by having to write tests and get multiple code reviews from approved people. Often as a new person I got dragged back and forth by people who would give me conflicting advice, so I'd have to rewrite things multiple times.
Large amounts of legacy code that no one really bothers changing because it works and everyone's more focused on adding new stuff.

Also it seems like the expectation for everyone is that you need to be spending large amounts of your free time programming. Like you need to be some superautist who spends all his time programming for some personal projects or contributing to github projects for free, in addition to all the studying and programming you have to do for school. You can still get an internship if you don't have these but you're then at a major disadvantage, especially if you're a wizard and lack social skills. Honestly I feel like I got lucky with my internship because they were hiring like 20 people for software engineering interns and so probably weren't as picky. But even then my grades probably carried me.

Freelancing I don't know about but it seems oversaturated. On Youtube now there are shitloads of people making videos about "domestic nomads" so of course lots of people will be rushing to that. Consultancy is an option but I hear you need a decade of experience to be taken seriously, and it still wouldn't feel meaningful when I don't give a shit about these companies or what they're doing. Making your own thing and profiting is mostly dependent on luck, like these shitty viral phone apps or games. Probably the best bet to make money would be to just shit out free phone apps loaded with ads but even that would probably be a trivial amount.

Programming on my own, just as a hobby, could be fun but because the projects or topics I'm interested aren't relevant to the current job market I'm just gnawed at by guilt for wasting time whenever I work on them. All the dreams I had of doing cool shit with computers are dead and my options are either to become a corporate cuck, get lucky and strike it big with some idea, or churn out shitty apps and websites to make money in scammy ways.

I regret all the time and money I've poured into this dumb fucking degree. If I had worked towards getting one of these mindless night guard jobs after high school where you can be on a computer or reading when not patrolling, I would've been in a better place with more money and probably would've learned more there, by programming and reading in my free time, than all my years of university.


Hmm same. Don't care about most companies' missions. Lots of annoying baggage to deal with at work.


Maybe you could try some smaller companies? Some of the things you are complaining about might be better there.

Sure at a big company no one is going to refactor huge legacy code that works even though it's written like it was from 1990s. But in a small company you might have more freedom. At least that's what I've heard.

As for code reviews, I think the same thing applies like above. The smaller the company, the less serious they're gonna be about code reviews, refactoring, teamwork, agile development (you've probably heard that buzzword), test driven development, CICD and whatever other bullshit the industry likes now.

The only downside, I'd imagine, is money. But it should still be a relatively good pay. And also chances are you will find more wizardly environment than in some huge corporate machine where you either have to be a normie or be DAMN GOOD at pretending you're one to survive there.


Hey man Im that original poster and I agree with you 100%. I feel like studying CS ruined tech for me. I looked behind the curtain and I was just disgusted. I could no longer be excited for any of the things my peers were. I had a friend genuinely considering moving across the country and sleeping in the office for his internship. We arent treated as human and we love it. I then got into old uncle Ted my last years of college and it made me feel less alone

I've already graduated. Let me tell you it doesn't get better. I cant bear to program and my skills have deteriorated. I cant even get a retail job with my degree.

College is hopeless.


I wanted to study languages as well but wasting my time on menial shit like history or PE is pissing me off. But that's not really a problem since i'm too poor to apply anyway. And i'd probably fail entrance exams as well.
I've started learning another language by myself. Wouldn't be the first time but this time i chose a more tactical approach with all the books and apps as opposed to just sitting with a translator and trying to remember shit. Doesn't go too well. I need time and quiet to concentrate but in my flat i get neither.


File: 1566139528976.jpg (192.75 KB, 1304x1511, 1304:1511, 3607ldrk9r711.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would like to go to design school but what terrifies me are 2 things

- being an old fart with no life experience to show for it among people fresh out of college: people will assume I switched careers and not that I was a NEET for 10 years

- being surrounded by turbo normals: I studied CS for a while and even such a course with a reputation for nerdiness had mostly normal people

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