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All I head is that the family will be devastated yada yada, but really? Yes, It will be hard for them for a few years, but you will eventually be forgotten. What is your opinion on the family impact wizs?


if you have a sister or a brother, especially one who is younger than you, then they'll get by without you, I assure you.


The family can't suffer if they're dead too.


I was thinking if I should write a note explaining the reason I killed myself so as no to make my family blame themselves. What do you think?


Whatever you write they’ll always feel terrible and blame themselves. Unless they are the shitty parents most of us have that is.


I can't really speak for anyone else but I have a 10 year old brother at home and I can't imagine putting him through his big bro killing himself. I might be a bitter depressed wreck but I love that kid to death. He and I shared a bunk for most of his life since we always lived in small houses and when I moved out he cried and couldn't sleep for days.
That's really what's keeping me from killing myself right now. If my family died I'd probably do it the next day.




Compared to what OP?


>Others have come to recognize the numerous personality, psychological, and intelligence pitfalls that I have–but because he left at his peak, others didn't know that about him. It's just so perfect, he committed suicide in just the right way at just the right time.


Sry, english is not my first language and I have a difficulty interpreting what he said, did he kill himself when he was hopeless/neet? or when he accomplished everything, he was still depressed and ended it?


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It doesn't matter, if you are suicidal you don't care about what your family goes through, you won't be a part of this existence, you won't experience their sadness, your "stained" conscience dies too.


don't do it, OP. Don't become another victim of a gynocentric society.


IIRC in the thread, the OP was saying he knew another person who an-heroed, and he had pretty much the same life as OP, but OP was jealous that the other person died at the "right" time while OP was still alive (implying if he suicides it would be the "wrong" time)


There's more of a logic to it. In one case, the guy killed himself BEFORE his parents started to hate him. Therefore leaving his parents with a better memory of his life than if he had lived.


>Is suicide really THAT devastating for the family?
>but you will eventually be forgotten.

In any case, you're not killing yourself because you don't have the balls to do it, the family is just an excuse.


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They will live the rest of their lives with guilt especially your parents.
Your suicide will affect their education progress(if you have siblings or a parent seeking to further their education), financial goals possibly destroying most of their work and effort. Worse of all it can single handedly damage or destroy family cohesion.

The online diary of Maeda Hitoshi

Google translate is suffice to understand to some extent.


If one would be dead, why would they care what happens in physical reality once they leave it and cease to exist?

Also, you posted a new thread instead of using the suicide general, go life yourself.


It would be extremely painful. For me at least, that's the point. That's what they get for practicing poor breeding.


my brother committed suicide and yes it's devastating, none of us will forget him and I doubt any of us will really recover from his death


Never give up: Magic is power.


Why? If my sister an hero I would understand.


I wish mine did


I mean most of this advice is geared towards relatively normal people or at least those with the possibility of being functional.

As for me just being a spiteful, angry, bitter NEET who keeps threatening suicide for years, I don't think it would be a huge loss if after decades of threats I finally followed through. Its a living dead vegetable life anyway


I know this isn't the same as a suicide death, but it's going to be six years since my father passed this year. The pain's intensity has definitely lessened since then, and who knows, perhaps decades from now I won't feel much about it anymore. But the best way I can describe my feelings currently, it's a dull ache, always in the back of my mind. I still think about him every day, even if it's just a moment. It hurts terribly. It's one of the reasons why I haven't killed myself yet. I know what losing someone dear to me feels like, and adding on to that pain to others by killing myself feels wrong to me. But I feel like I'm nearing the end of my rope, so who knows what'll happen.
Sorry for blogposting, just wanted to share.


Reminds me of this thread:


After having lost my father last year, I understand completely Anon. Also similar to you, I have many reasons to want to leave this life, but I have many family members who depend on me and the thought of stabbing them in the back for no reason (no cancer,terminal illness or w/e) for justification feels very weak and against my code of ethics. I desperately want to break my little code and fuck off, but I am also very afraid at the thought of eternal return since it seems to make so much damn sense.



i don't give a shit about my family's feelings


Based. These people didn't mind shitting you in this bastard world so they don't deserve any empathy. Don't let them interfere with your right to die.


I don't think there's much anyone can argue with you. It's all just feelings from bonding with your family and shit. You either care about them or you don't, there's no real basis beyond basic evolutionary systems of thought. I care about my families suffering and there's nothing I can say to defend it but, "I just do".


my cousin killed himself and while it did depress my aunt and still does depress her she still gets by fine. She is still the wine aunt she still has fun vacations. Her life has actually changed very little other than the fact that thinking of the suicide sometimes really depresses her so she has more negative moods but its nothing life breaking.

I also intend to kill my self and I know in the end my parents will be sad but otherwise fine. They are extremely blue pilled and do a real fine job of lying to themselves and buying into false hope and optimism. I read some of my depression rant which I am releasing along with my suicide note on D-day and its pretty fucking dark and sad. It conflicts so heavily with their world view they likely won't even finish reading it nor will they understand it because they won't even try. I question the wisdom of even writing it at this point. I do have a half brother who I am not close to that will probably get it though so it wasn't a complete waste.

Even if a suicide brings great sadness to the family it doesn't matter. If a person is miserable and their life so hellish that they actually committed suicide then expecting them to stick around in living hell just for the emotional sake of the family is beyond fucking sick. They just don't want to deal with the hardship and hassle of knowing someone they cared about kill themselves because part of them will feel guilt as well and they don't want to deal with it. In the end this guilt will likely be far easier to deal with than the hell the suicidal person is enduring. These fucking normies cannot understand when every minute of your life is pain. That even sleeping and eating or going to the bathroom all very mundane things are complete and total hell.


I never got the point of writing a suicide note. You must think very highly of yourself to do such a thing. Seems conceited and self centered. Honestly no one really cares about my internal monologue or my thoughts, and why would they? What value do they have to anyone else? Actions speak louder than words anwaya, so surely your suicide should speak for you? What’s the purpose of the note?


It seems like a fun thing to do is all. It's not nearly as dramatic as you make it out to be.


unfortunately if you leave a note and leave someone out that feels like they're owed an explanation then they'll feel worse than if you didn't.


Men exist in time and cannot escape that, if one is choosing suicide because of suffering then their conception of suffering of others in time is natural and base to experience.


Of course you cannot "escape" from time, for no man controls it. Time is eternal and as it's left billions of humans behind, so will it leave you behind after your death. Trying to latch onto time and immortalize oneself via such laughably desperate measures as writing suicide notes is downright pathetic, no matter what kind of excuse the man comes up with. Accept that you are a nobody in an ocean of nobodies, or you'll never find peace in life or death.


Fuck em especially my brother. He has six years on me, gets a gf and now finally wants to be friendly. Fuck you asshole. I guess if he really did change he will cry.


The losing somebody dear to me argument is flawed. People don't want to talk to me, help me or even be around me. And then they expect me to stay around? In other words, i'm dear to nobody. I'm something to use for entertainment, not an actual person but a tool to make you feel good. The more I look at it the more I realize, nobody truly cares and nearly all societal norms are simply illogical.


This 100%.
Like why would you want a person to stay on this earth if you fucking hate and avoid them every chance you get?
And then you have the audacity to act all suprised not realizing that you
(along with others) drove that person to commit suicide.
Why does everyone have to be so fucking selfish to make someone stay when that person is clearly not wanted?



next happy


I was thinking about this not too long ago. On the subject, childbirth is indeed a painful process for the mother, and the amount of labour a mother has to put into making a child with the father constantly having to console her every given moment given the process can go awry if the mother isn't property attended, is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Now, if a parent suddenly comes to the sudden realisation that their own son (in a wizard's case) committed suicide, they would utmost feel as though all their hard work was for nothing. In that regard, they would also likely view the son as a burden, though not quite; more like a mixture of losing a burden and a sense of immense grief. Most often, people take trauma for granted and feel as though it's something an individual can simply and suddenly get over, even up to the point where they actually think it's their fault for not getting over it; claiming they're the reason why they're so unhappy with their lives. But when you shift it towards the individual's perspective - if they can't get over it, they never will in their lifetime, thus the only practical thing the individual can do is learn how to live and deal with it. Don't take this the wrong way however, I'm not excusing the breeder mentality at all; consider this to be a neutral and rational approach on the subject.

As far as being forgotten goes, in a wizard's scenario, I'm entirely certain just about every living soul would forget about the wizard's suicide; it's not like they ever cared about their existence to begin with, because no one would want to be with a wizard for a fixed period of time once they get to know them. Take what I said here with a grain of salt though; I know not every wizard has this experience. Anecdotal, but when my mother found out I was suicidal, she told me I wouldn't want to do it - because once I die, everyone will forget about me.



My step father who I considered my father commited suicide 2 years ago and it still haunts me to this day and of I lost one of my siblings I would be broken forever, I assure you your family will care


Simply put, it depends how much they love you. If you're a wizard they're gonna get over it quickly in most circumstances, if you're some model child it can destroy the family. Factors such as number of siblings and your worth next to them can also change the end result. Either way we can all agree that normies and mostly sad over pretty people dying more than they are about the average person dying


Honestly, I don't think my parents understand my struggles at all and If they did, I'm sure they'd be at least 99% fine with it. I tried opening up about my depression and how It's borderline impossible for me to ever be happy and for anything to make me happy, but they always brush it off like the boomers they are. They also overrate literally every aspect of me, that's probably their lizard brain convincing them that they practiced good breeding or whatever. At this point, after failing a semester by flunking literally all subjects and my future prospects diminishing, why can't they understand that I simply don't care to live? >but you weren't trying hard enough anon… >but you play all those vidya anon(when I haven't touched any sort of vidya for months) NO IT'S BECAUSE I WANT TO DIE AND NEVER TRIED HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND YOU BRAINDEAD FUCKS. Sry for the blogpost but I needed to vent


The pain eases with time. That will be the same for your family if you commit suicide. I think it is stupid and selfish for people/society to tell the horribly depressed to tough it out or to call THEM selfish for wanting to end the blame. It's just the culture not wanting to feel guilty.


my family doesn't even care about me they care about my older sister tho I'm like the forgotten child that makes everyone disappointed and sad


Yes, it's extremely devastating for the family, please please don't suicide for everyone's including your sake, everyone will miss you dearly

That's a lie you wanna delude yourself into with the help of wizzies because you can't do that alone


>no one would want to be with a wizard for a fixed period of time once they get to know them.

This so much.


This so much


Probably. I have a little sister who really looks up to me. A few years ago I bought a keyboard but never learned to play because of a severe lack of motivation to learn anything at all. So when I moved out I gave it to her.
When I visited last week she had taught herself a song to play for me, which she did indeed play, slowly but with no mistakes. I think about killing myself every idle moment of every day but when I think of her there's no way I can pull the trigger. Sometimes I think about disappearing as a sort of diet suicide but the result is the same I guess. I'm stuck here.


Finding the body or seeing it would be traumatizing. It's a sudden absence of someone they're close to at least in some sense, if you feel like there's no connection. That can lead others to do the same, possibly making it traumatizing for the other people as well. Not to mention the financial aspect, a lot of people in developed countries can't even afford a funeral so either they'll go into debt to make one happen or they will probably never feel closure from not having one.


people die; you get used to very quickly.
the world keeps on going w/o them.
the creation does not notice their absence and never will.
if you die here and now it means 0 to 7 billion + hairless apes who deceive themselves with a pretense of their importance.
live or die, it makes no difference.



This seems like you coming to terms with the concept of nihilism for the first time, and less about whether it devastates the family or not.

OP. People will treat the family differently. Even if they get over it, will everyone else? You know how people are.


i have had many years; and many teachers (who had no more clue(s) to reality than a crackhead chitwawa with a 10 rock a day habit and defective long term memory.)
you are just as well off worshipping a cockroach.
i have been a nihilist from my earliest days.


Same situation as you. Somehow it came up in conversation and my little sister told me she wouldn't know what to do if I died. Her saying that hit me way harder than I expected.


Depends on how useful you were to them, if you were the model kid they would be all devastated, if you were a regret its just going to be a quick acknowledgement. I don't see why my family should be sad if they just see me as a disappointment.
I'd argue for wizards to disappear instead of committing suicide. If you suicide they technically get what they wanted, you exterminated yourself permanently from their existence. If you disappear, it would boggle their mind why. Just look at the reactions for a missing over confirmed dead one.


100% would destroy a lot of families. There's no father in the picture, but my brother and mom don't get along and I can see him blaming her for all of this while she ruins herself. Believe me when I say a lot of shit comes to the foreground when a conflict in the family arises, whether over finances, suicide, or something else.


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