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Trying to avoid overtime as much as possible edition.

Previous Thread: >>198096


Mafia IV for the PS5 is looking great


How in the fuck does one get used to waking up early in the morning? I'm asking for advice from those of us that have to be up at 5/6 am or a similar time. I can't be the only one that has so much trouble waking up and it's killing me, I never understood how the normals can look fresh and awake in the morning, and whenever you ask them it's the typical bullshit answer "coffee", "go to bed earlier", I'm sick of it all, I can't take this and I don't know what to do or try anymore.

If there's something you do specifically to start functioning when the alarm goes off, literally anything no matter how meaningless it might seem to you, please do share it in here if you can. I been dealing with this since school, dropped out of highschool and had to redo a year twice, now it's taking it's toll in my adult life and I can't figure out what on earth is wrong with me.


What was the context of that scene in the OP?
The only thing that works for me sometimes is drinking a metric fuckton of water before going to bed. By the time I piss and do everything I'm awake enough to make it through the morning.


File: 1557807717254.jpg (13.67 KB, 374x374, 1:1, D8CRtMS_d.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I ended up working for a company based in a so-called advanced european country.
Thing is all the safety and shit look like they're held by duct tape and goodwill of some people (we've run out of basic shit like soap because nobody cared to order it, nobody cares still, I'm literally waiting 2 months for a stupid fire detector. This shouldn't take more than a week). What troubles me most is nobody gives a flying fuck about work and rest hours. I went through some mails and it was literally the same thing 5 years ago. What the fuck? What's the point of the ITF and all that shit if all of that is put aside because company is on a tight schedule and it needs to make money?
There's two easy ways to counter this, slowing down and hiring more people, neither of which are happening. Everyone is stockholmed into laughing about it, the fact that everyone has a breach of rest hours by the end of the first week. Myself I would probably have a breach every single day of the month, because I never get off 6 by 6 system, and my daily chores and delays always take up to 30 minutes a day.
I'm leaving this company because I feel like I'm losing my mind here, and the cash is not great considered I do 1.5x the work I normally would in a different workplace. I've literally worked, on average, 42 hours every week for the past two years.
Will it be like that everywhere in the future? Have I caught a glimpse of the future where you literally either work or sleep and are basically a disposable tool of the company? I've started to think of myself in terms of property.


I've accepted the fact that my situation won't improve, that I won't get better at anything that I'm doing.
I've also realized that the amount of stress that I experience at work may not be enough to break me. The pressure I feel is just not enough. And as time goes on, I won't get used to this pressure. It will always be just enough to where it's barely bearable but not enough to inspire change (whether that is through quitting, mental breakdown or getting fired).
I also don't have anything I look forward to. Once I realized my limits I knew that the shallow "goals" and "dreams" that I set for my self when I was younger would remain unfulfilled.
I've accepted all of this and every day I wake up feeling like complete shit. No matter how much or how little or consistent sleep I get. I feel like shit. I dread going to work and I'm scared once I'm there.
I don't understand why I was made. I don't understand why I have to suffer like this. I don't know who I harmed but surely I've been punished enough.
I'm so tired.


Practice during the day. Set your alarm to go for 10 minutes and close your eyes. When the alarm goes off turn it off and get out of bed ASAP, don't think about anything. The more you think the worse you feel and the worse you feel the harder it becomes. Try to make your morning routine as automatic as possible, maybe do 10 pushups then head to the shower.
Don't think, I practiced five times a day and it worked. After a while you won't need to do it anymore. Nowadays, I'm much more disciplined and can will myself to get out of bed.


I watched the entire series of The Sopranos at my job as a security guard


>Workplace restroom has been vandalized ad half of the writing is insulting me in particular

Why do people do this? Why can't we just do our work and go home


Because normalfags are bloodthirsty psychopathic cunts.


I hate my new position so much I have no idea why I transferred. I hated my old position too but what the fuck was I thinking going from a cushy office job where I can sit and listen to music all day to a half customer service half manual labor job where I can't get any private time holy moly I am RETARDED


>How in the fuck does one get used to waking up early in the morning?

I don't know if you mean just physically being able to get up in the morning, or being okay with it/not hating it. I set my alarm bell at around 6 am, then another one about 2 minutes later. Then I usually lay in bed for 5-10 min. If I didn't have two alarm bells I would probably have overslept a lot, as the second one prevents me from falling asleep again. I've had to do this for the last 3 years and have almost never overslept, going from being a neet and having a really fucked up sleep schedule (getting up at 6pm every day and stuff). During my teens I overslept a lot. I still don't like getting up early, but have gotten kinda used to it I guess. During the weekends I usually get up around 11.

>I also don't have anything I look forward to.
You should at least have some sort of goal that you're working towards, whatever it is. Life becomes really horrid when you get up in the morning every day without any reason to it whatsoever.


People just apply High School mechanics to the workplace, it seems.


So I finally entered into a career that I wanted to go into (programming) and while it's far more wizard friendly, I missed certain perks of being a NEET.


>You should at least have some sort of goal that you're working towards, whatever it is. Life becomes really horrid when you get up in the morning every day without any reason to it whatsoever.
Yeah I know. I dream about never having to work again or only working part time but I can't afford to do so. I save a lot of money because I am naturally frugal and the things that I truly want, money can't buy.
On the bright side, I think I am going to be fired pretty soon (don't know how I've lasted an entire year at this job tbh, been under-performing for months) which means I can look for a less stressful job. I will probably apply to a job I am overqualified for, but not mention my experience. It will be harder finding a job, but there will be less expectations and less stress.


High school never ends wiz…norms may get older, but they never mature.


be careful not touching your cage it has electric bars


File: 1557885299021.jpg (8.56 KB, 246x205, 6:5, IMG_0455.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm in the negatives when it comes to paid time off, but I don't feel like going into work tomorrow or the day after. Granted it's only for 5 hours a pop but still…day shift is filled to the brim with retarded fuckwits who I can't stand working with.


File: 1557967773590.jpg (53.53 KB, 640x664, 80:83, c_g313.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It was hot all day today. I had to spend most of my shift assembling rack bars (the orange bits in this image) ~20 feet in the air and while standing on poorly sized grates the pallets sit on. The grates kept sliding back and forth under my feet while I struggled to keep my balance and the bars kept slipping out of my sweaty hands. It's over with though and tomorrow I should only have relatively easy shit to do like putting up labels and dull computer work.

I think I'd kill to have one of those stereotypical 'boring' office jobs normalfags decry so much, this job pays okay but is fucking exhausting and I can't even summon the energy to enjoy the rest of my day once I'm home. I don't even want this fucking money, I'm content to use my computer all day and sleep. I miss sleep so much, I used to sleep whenever I wanted like a lazy cat drifting in and out of naps but now I'm running on 5 hours a night every night except for Saturday where I get around 8. To any NEETs curiously perusing this thread: grip your freedom tightly. Never let go, not for anything.


How was the process from going to programmer from wiz? Sounds tough.


File: 1558013520943.jpg (20.68 KB, 288x499, 288:499, IMG_0442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have to come in to work today and work 5 hours…I'm not excited about it at all. I'd like my 4 days off back thanks.


One of my co-workers is such a fucking asslicker, it's one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. We're both apprentices so we're being treated like subhumans at work, and he really seems to be content with being shat on by the company. The thing is that he really sucks at the job, but tries to compensate for it by brown-nosing everyone. I would honestly rather become homeless than doing what he does.


Are you sure he's not just being nice and want to create a good relationship with coworkers?


>Are you sure he's not just being nice and want to create a good relationship with coworkers?
Well, he could be putting on a mask at work while being an asshole in private, for all I know. Wouldn't really surprise me. His behavior isn't even normal, I mean, I know normies like to fit in and all, but he's taking it to an extreme level. The thing is that the guy really sucks at the job, he shouldn't even be working in this field. So the whole thing just looks like one big compensation mechanism.


File: 1558042630432.jpg (10.34 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1501946148622.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>there's a new guy at work I'm supposed to be helping learn stuff
>he sucks at everything and is slow, have had to spend days at a time undoing shit he's messed up but he's learning
>go into the office to ask supervisor a question about something he had him doing
>overhear the supervisor talking to someone about how fucking awful we are at our jobs
I suspected they hired the new guy to replace me but it sounds like we're both fucked. Should I jump ship early to screw them over as much as possible? I don't want to stick around for ~2 months just to finish this project and not have them extend my contract anyways, I'd rather quit and leave them with one useless asshole who'd they'd have to babyshit all day. Fuck them.


Decided to quit my job today. Told my owner that I will put in my two weeks. All of a sudden I'm employee of the year, talking about how valuable I am to Mr. Sheckelberg and his company. She is telling me that I will be missed and have been doing good work.
She then got her owners involved and this entire issue just became bigger and bigger. They are going to spend all of tomorrow trying to convince me to stay.
I don't understand any of this. My performance has been shit for a long time. I refuse to do more than my two weeks. I wake up in so much pain, I dread going to sleep because I know that when I wake up I have to go to that place again. I drink so much on the weekends because it's the only thing that makes the pain go away. But it also makes me feel like a zombie when I sober up. I no longer care about my hobbies An anon on here told me a while back that I shouldn't trade money for mental health and he was right. I don't have another job lined up but I have enough money to last me 6 months to a year.
For now I will enjoy my new found short-lived freedom for a month then look for a job that is less stressful. I can't believe I got so fucking close to killing myself because of this shit.


File: 1558049286407.jpg (34.51 KB, 677x461, 677:461, Andthentheresthisasshole.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I'm minding my own business, doing my job. Having to wear a facemask that prevents me from inhaling a combination of pollen and dust that would make me have a sneezing/coughing fit to the point where I'm close as hell to death.

Enter Norm who says to me "Sup Darth Vader"


I'm just trying not to get sick while busting my ass on a shift that isn't even mine to begin with. I'm here on Overtime and I'm getting disrespected like this? Fuck day shift.


Dude that's just a joke


Well done. Those first few days after you quit are always the best.


That's fucked, but screw them stick around and collect the wagebucks as long as possible. If they lay you off collect unemployment. Milk 'em for all their worth.


Are you a big guy?


I work a supposedly flexible job where I was told that I'd be able to work from home most of the time. So I was told.

>be normalfag

>come to office every day
>screw around on phone all day and talk all day and browse whatever social media, basically do fucking nothing
>leave at 3pm because muh kids
>be praised for your dedication

>be me

>work from home whenever I'm "allowed"
>be actually productive and put out high quality work frequently
>What do you even do all day wiz????

I swear to christ most office work is literally just one massive elaborate LARP


File: 1558301471544.jpeg (12.1 KB, 220x96, 55:24, B70E8D89-84CA-4B02-A3E6-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’m likely quitting my job, my one ticket to worldly success. It’s been nice not having to worry about money. I can’t handle it, though. All I can think about is that I have to kill myself, but I don’t want to do that. I’ve only worked here for a couple months (I was a NEET before) but I know it’s not for me.

Can I be happy as a NEET escaping into anime? Is this a dark tunnel? I feel weak and humiliated.


im so fucked at work it's impossible to put to words.


My work keeps fucking with my hours and asking me to both put in the night shift and then come in early the very next day for a 12 hour shift. They just do it to fuck with me and know how exhausting it is to have your sleep schedule messed with over and over again.


Why is it that trying to find a job less than full time (40 hours) is such a pain in the ass? I would only need to work like half of that to sustain myself and even save a little.

I think if i stay in my current job (Industrial cleaning) i might breakdown.
Here's a tip for free, working in an industrial job is fine short term, but after a while it can be soul crushing.


Every day I kick myself for leaving my old job for an even worse one. What was I thinking? I can't even transfer back, and if I did I'd feel awkward about it. But I hate this job so much…


Gotta head into work tomorrow for more overtime bullshit. Why can't peak seasons not exist? I want my goddamn 4 days off back!


My work keeps scheduling me for hours I told them I’m not available. They also expect me to stay overnight at the worksite without pay for hours spent sleeping. God damn them all


Haha, ever read a post and thought it's foreshadowing?
Because I feel like this now.


File: 1558652205307.jpg (37.58 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 91950_0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Today for Overtime I was able to do easy shit for a long ass time while avoiding management for a long damn time. To the point where I felt like Solid Snake. I acted like I was being productive in front of everyone else, but I was able to avoid management by transporting shit to a different end of the building. Surprisingly I was able to evade detection, until 1 hour I was supposed to leave. They asked me to run their garbage…to which I had to…but throughout the time I was avoiding management I was having more fun at work than I ever had. I even had MGS music running in my head and I was talking to myself in my best Solid Snake impression. Needless to say it was decent.


Same. My new job pays $2.50 more per hour, but it’s not worth it at all. Compared to my job now my llast job seems like a dream


File: 1558711969779.jpg (97.22 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 705deece79ec47f874d716cb00….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Psychiatrist was implying that he might put me on autismbux, not sure what to think-


lucky you


File: 1558750055884.jpg (47.92 KB, 346x407, 346:407, 1558392801914.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>coworker comes in to autistically talk about whatever video games he likes, mostly FPSs and the Elder Scrolls games
>not my thing, but whatever
>he asks what I'm playing
>after I tell him I'm playing Final Fantasy 10, he asks me why
>goes on rant about how all JRPGs are the same, despite only playing only one Tales game
>any way to get him off my back doesn't work

Fuck off. I just want to do my work and leave, not hear how I'm doing my hobbies wrong. I don't slog him off because I don't like shooter games


File: 1558750460365.jpg (46.37 KB, 500x738, 250:369, 589.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I'm just getting a trailer set up for a close for tomorrow. No big deal right? Well no, because I didn't do it in a way that the clerk (not the supe mind you) liked it, she belittled my ass on the radio for everyone to hear…and survey says she's gonna get away with it on the radio. Fuck the hellhole I work in. I hope it burns in hell.


File: 1558793839864.jpg (83.14 KB, 640x756, 160:189, cpbcfwincdz21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>likes elder scroll games
>complains jrpgs are the same

You work with a retard. Just dismiss him.


Does anyone else here get frustrated by the lack of quality in other people's work? There's one guy at my job who is without any skill, the only reason he keeps his job is because he is well liked by the others. The guy works pretty fast and basically just mass-produces a bunch of shit that is below the quality that it's supposed to be at. Say we might work on the same thing, I'm putting a lot of effort into my work to ensure that it meets the requirements, even a little bit extra to make it look nice. And then you have this guy next to me who just shits out a bunch of turds. And now I even have to work faster than I normally would because of this talentless motherfucker. On top of that the guy is delusional and thinks he's good. The whole thing is so completely and utterly pathetic. Why do I even bother putting any effort into the work when the leadership doesen't give a fuck whether it looks like a fucking turd or what it's actually supposed to look like.



They probably dont give a shit because at the end all evens out and the projects have the same output.

Just do your own work with your own standards, cash your check until you move on to a better position, likely a different company. You often have to move sideways before you move up, is kinda dumb to stay in one place that you know your performance won´t be noticed


JRPGs are all the same though.



From something like Shin Megami Tensei to something like Final fantasy X theres a much bigger diference in style, setting, story, etc than between shit like Elder Scrolls games, The Witcher 3 or Dragon Age. Western Rpgs have you doing fetch quest for the same stock characters, killing the same stock monsters always on the same exact copy pasted brown and grey patch of english countryside , every time



Once, I had one guy telling me that the main reason 'gamers' play videogames is for the graphics and he said that that's what 80 or 50 percent of gamers look in a game to even play it. I kid you not, that's exactly what he said to then start to insult me for disagreeing with him.


>Just do your own work with your own standards

Well that's pretty much my philosophy. If the guy next to me rushes through the job and produces a piece of garbage, I still take my time and produce the best quality I can, as efficiently as I can. If the leadership wants me to rush through stuff and produce garbage, then they need to let me know. Otherwise I'll keep putting my best effort into the work I do.

The thing is though, pretty much everyone at my workplace are good workers, except for this guy. And it's not like the guy is a little bit below the average skill level here, the guy is total dogshit and not cut out for the job. And on top of it the guy has no self-insight whatsoever, and tries to take on as many projects as possible when he will just turn them into shit. I try my best to ignore it but can't help but getting frustrated at times. This guy is the biggest fucking ass-licker I've ever seen in my life, and that's the only reason they aren't getting rid of this talentless fuck.


That't the thing, most of the games he likes are more similar than the stuff I play. He likes same-y CRPGs and first person shooters (Doom, Killing Floor, etc.) I don't call him an edgelord for liking Doom.

There's probably more variance in JRPGs than western ones. As >>201517 said, most western RPGs are "you're doing fetch quests in medieval Europe." SMT, Earthbound, Ys, etc. all play differently, even if the stories generally boil down to "kids saving the world." There are generic JRPGs, just like there are not generic western ones.

Meh. I just find it annoying that the guy thinks it's ok to rag on how someone spends his free time. And he thinks he knows all about JRPGs when he only played one or two games in the genre. It's like me saying all action/adventure games are the same, but I only played Zelda.

Haha wow. Graphics can improve a game, but not the sole indicator of the quality of a game. Gamers are weird


File: 1558813812977.jpeg (8.34 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>coworker asks what I did the weekend
>say not much
>he says something like "oh that's right, you don't get out much" and leaves

The last bit of >>201521 was meant for you


charlie horse



for me the art direction is more important. You can have a beautiful game thats aesthetically pleasing without advanced graphics. Of course the gameplay needs to be engaging.

But he is only half wrong tough, a lot of kids will only care about specs, because kids are dumbasses and only get things in numerical values because it gives them a rod for e-penis comparison. The Nvidia corporation is more than happy to push for that angle, Sega was already doing it in the 90s "Muh blast processing" "muh nintendon´t"


At leasy JRPG dare to be ballsy and weird with their setting and really push the "fantasy" label. If you read LotR and played a single D&D campaign then there´s zero unexpected things for you when playing the copypasted western rpg games.


>At leasy JRPG dare to be ballsy and weird with their setting and really push the "fantasy" label. If you read LotR and played a single D&D campaign then there´s zero unexpected things for you when playing the copypasted western rpg games

True. You have LotR tier JRPGs, but it seems to be mostly confined to Dragon Quest/Warrior, the first few Final Fantasy games, and Chrono Trigger, amongst random other one off games. Otherwise, you have games set in modern times (Mother, Pokemon), space (Phantasy Star), etc. I can't think of many western RPGs that aren't set in medieval Europe, but I'm sure they exist.

Also, I'm not implying that western RPGs aren't enjoyable, despite the fairly generic settings.


File: 1558823597732.jpg (11 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Hushpuppy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I miss that show


>Chrono Trigger

Chronno Trigger has different timelines and a really funky art direction and mix of sci fi and fantasy, that is already miles ahead of "totally not the same medieval grey english town with the same few tolkien characters"

>the first few Final Fantasy games

The first ones were definitely very traditional d&D campaigns. Even when i don´t always like the games per se i still like how they really started going epic and stylish after 5 or so.

> western RPGs that aren't set in medieval Europe

The fallout series, but they made them just as boring and bland as the medieval ones so why even bother.


You know what drives me fucking insane?
Nosy co-workers. Co-workers who feel the need to pry into every aspect of your personal life.

My god it is so fucking rude. This has been a theme at so many jobs I've had. People are usually relentless about it too.

Anyone else?


This behavior is basically the monkey equivalent of dogs sniffing each other's butts. Monkeys want to know where you stand in the social hierarchy so they can adjust their attitudes to you accordingly.


"So, what'd you do last weekend? :^)"

I fucking hate that question.


yeah maybe im thin-skinned but little things like that are a major reason I cant work


Very stressed out lately.

I'm putting in my mouthguard when I go to sleep tonight for the first time in a while. I can feel myself grinding my teeth into dust. God I'm so fucking angry.


Fair enough on Chrono Trigger. It breaks from "muh medieval Europe" pretty early. Like, it has a teenager who invented time travel in some medieval city pretty early on.

I'd argue FF6 is when Final Fantasy became less "random D&D campaign." Earlier games had airships, though.

And Mass Effect is another CRPG series not set in Generic Medieval Europe Area #4522


it's over man, fuck


fuck my bitch ass boss who talks down to me and sent a gay email about me leaving early and committing time sheet fraud.

looking for a new job. sick of these bitches


File: 1559106824214.png (152.23 KB, 458x500, 229:250, 1545353952508.png) ImgOps iqdb

Another 13 hour day tomorrow.


I recently quit my job. I didn't give a lot of notice, I just… I couldn't take it anymore. Sorry, I have to vent because I havn't been able to talk to anyone about this.

[spoiler]I mean, it was partly my fault… I lied about taking in-person classes at school, when in reality they were online. I used that as leverage so I'd only work morning shifts as opposed to the night shifts.
My boss asked to see my class schedule, which is invasive as shit, but I held onto that lie for too long. I even went as far as too photoshop a fake schedule, but I didn't submit it because of anxiety.
I finally came clean and told her I lied, but that my availability I gave her was still firm and I didn't want to work night shifts. Big mistake. She became very cold to me and trying to make me feel guilty.

On top of that, my supervisor became very cold and mean to me. Just, out of nowhere, wouldn't look at me, treated me like absolute garbage. Never complimented me on my work, just began micromanaging me and criticizing everything I did.
I went up to him one day after work and tried to see if there was something I was doing wrong, and he gave me the fakest smile I'd ever seen and just said "you're doing great. if there was something wrong, I'd tell you." but then he continued to treat me like trash.
He's ex-military, and it shows: he's an asshole. He seemed very insecure about his position as supervisor. He thought that me and the other cook were talking shit about him behind his back (we weren't, his name just came up in conversation) and he literally yelled at the other cook to come to his office so he could interrogate and see what the conversation was about. [/spoiler]

My hours had dropped significantly. I was getting maybe 2 shifts a week. So, I didn't feel too bad about calling out and emailing my boss that I was officially done with the company.

But now I'm out of work, my savings will soon start to dwindle, and because being a cook is my only marketable skill it's really hard to find work outside of the cooking industry.


I've been doing overtime quite a few times this month. It was tiresome and I hate it but on the other hand I have no time nor strenght to engulf myself in depression in my free time.

Not sure if that's win/win or lose/lose situation.


Your supervisor sounds based. I would do the same thing.


Haaaaaaaaaahaaaa doing well everybody loves me. I mean loves having me as their gimp they can feel superior to. Everybody knows I am a wizard at work and I am looked at like the company dog.


>stereotypical 'boring' office jobs normalfags decry so much
As someone who had an office job, I can attest to how soul sucking it is. I did tech support. Imagine literally being tethered to a desk, taking call after call… some old lady can't find her home button. Some stupid kid stole his friends iphone and wants me to unlock it for him. Old man angry at ME because he didn't save his shit properly and now it's "disappeared".

Most people weren't too bad. But the job literally made me feel numb at the end of the day. I would sit in my car during lunch break, I couldn't move.

The grass is always greener, anon.
I've done both, manual labor and a desk job. They both suck. Work sucks. You just gotta find soemthign that pays the bills and doesn't make you want to end it.


I don't think that call center work would count as the kind of 'boring' office job he was talking about.


>18 hour workdays
>4 hours sleep a night
>6 day work week
kill me please


File: 1559196527368.jpg (247.83 KB, 1024x775, 1024:775, istockphoto-183385533-1024….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>13 hour shift today
>Expected to be back at work at 8AM tomorrow and Friday
>One day off then another 13+ hour shift
>Still not making enough money to even afford a studio apartment in my area


how is it really all that different, though?
You're still stuck at a desk. You're still sending emails and calling people all day. You still have pointless meetings and shitty coffee (that's not even free).
You're tied to a desk and filling out documents and filling out forms.


Where the hell do you live, Mauritania?


It's worse than a normal desk job


I live in California, near San Francisco for a company that supplies lighting and A/V for high end events. Because it's event-based and sometimes involves driving far away or setting up in the middle of the night, they often schedule me for crazy hours with no respect for sleep.

When I signed up I thought it would be mostly technical things but the reality is that most of it is loading and unloading heavy cases of equipment and cables onto trucks and driving them around.


File: 1559335056509.jpg (86.68 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 6e9bdbe60c21bf85fa887cf06f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well friends, this is it. I got a job as a dishwasher because my parents threatened to kick me out and took my internet and computer. My life is over.


I was a dishwasher once and saved enough money to buy a car.


Why do normals think slaving your life away is a good thing? I've noticed that having a full-time job has become part of a "normal" life in our society. Moreover, normals feel fulfilled and happy when they can lead such materialist lives. Although I think they just convinced themselves to believe that, or got convinced my mass media, and advertising, and the bs corporations say, etc. My sister laughed at me when I told her my goal in life is to get to a point where I can work part-time and earn enough to survive and called me lazy after explaining my reasoning. What the hell am I supposed to do then? Should one willingly spend all my days, weeks, months, years surrounded by people and buying my boss another expensive car or watch and get a fraction of that money in the process?


File: 1559363089787.png (156.86 KB, 499x497, 499:497, 1541138162480.png) ImgOps iqdb

I kinda like going to work. It's easy, I'm alone most of the time, and I don't have to listen to my parents complaining.


Why not? Everyone loves excess


You should know better than to vocalize such thoughts to normalfags.


What if she's a witch? A witch sister of a wiz brother


I never implied their gender, darling.


And? Thats irrelevant, fruitcake


wait, nevermind. I was falling asleep when I read your previous post and misinterpreted your meaning.


I'm a government slave and cannot legally decline to work overtime.
Next week I'm working 75 hours or so.


My work keeps fucking around with my shift hours so my sleep is now all fucked up, yet when I try to find other jobs, they never even respond to me.


I have to get surgery or I will go blind, and I don't have health insurance so the past 5 years of money I've saved up are gone now.


>got a new job, first day of work on monday at 9:00 AM
>current biological clock has me sleeping from 6AM to 2 PM
>Alarm clocks don't work for me


are you a govt worker? I always thought that could be a good alternative to the military threads, which is basically just another govt job but extra-chad. How is it?


One of my coworkers works remote one day of the week usually monday. I asked to be allowed to do the same, my boss accepted and started talking about logistics and how having remote workers makes things harder to coordinate. I know they had trouble with a full remote worker in the past and currently with a part-timer so they aren't fond of it but I'm going to try to push all the remote time I can.


no, I'm in the military. I just like calling it government slavery because that's basically what it is.
the military isn't what you think it is, if you're basing your image of it on movies and vidya. there are plenty of regular non chad people, losers, weebs, actual wizards, autists, and other such types in every branch and job. I'm in the infantry, probably the branch most likely to attract chads, and it's mostly filled with regular dudes trying to get by til their ets date.
government (gs) jobs are apparently pretty cushy but they have massive veterans preference when hiring, so people will retire from the military and then snipe a gs job off usajobs and basically sit around all day making 4x the money with a third of the hours as they would in an equivalent position in the military.


Working is quite mind numbing it made me feel even more detached because I just do this shit without questioning any of it. I dont even care about money I just dont want to get kicked out. I now regret this and want to get kicked out.


What's your job?


File: 1559510521849.jpg (86.68 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 6e9bdbe60c21bf85fa887cf06f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hello again friends. First day as a dishwasher went well, boring but easy enough I guess. I still managed to have a decent amount of free time after my shift too.


how many hours?


I fucking hate this shit job , been here for a week and it feels like fucking eternity
If anyone think to join pharmacy in 3rd world country , please think again


Any wizardly professions?

I'm currently working part-time as a security guard and I have enough time to attend school at the same time. The problem is I don't know any professions that I would enjoy, which is any profession which would allow me to work alone.


85% of professions aren't enjoyable for anyone. Best a wiz can hope for is something that doesn't require interactions with other people. I'm an after hours cleaner at a school. It's shit most days but at least its only 13 hours a week and nobody talks to me.


>I'm an after hours cleaner at a school
that's literally my dream job, how did you land that




I get 32 hours this week


My job agent autistically kept ringing up a commercial cleaning agency until they said "fuck you fine we will give him an interview".
The interview was more of an induction though. All they really care about it that you're polite and will turn up for work.


>after a while it can be soul crushing.
That's every job.


I've been working IT for a small school for 5 years now. They pay me like shit and treat me even worse, but I've continued to work there in the hopes I'd save enough money for a minuscule apartment. It has been my dream to someday own my very own place where I can live all alone, instead of sharing a home with family or house mates (fucking house mates I swear it's an absolute hell I hate coming home from work craving some peace only to find one of those hyper social fucks sprawling on the couch desperate for attention for god forbid they'd spend 5 whole minutes of their life in complete silence).

Finally after 5 years of working, living as frugally as I can (even cutting whole meals to save some cash) I saved 10000 euros. A fucking whole 10000 euros for 5 years of living like shit. At this rate, and due to habitation prices having soared sky high in the last few years, if I keep working like a horse and living like a sewer rat maybe, just maybe I can fulfill my dream a few weeks before dying of old age. Meanwhile I'm doomed to an existence of uninterrupted torment, to never being able to enjoy a single moment of silence in my whole miserable life.

And you know of a fucking hilarious thing that happened to me the other day? I went to visit my mother in the country, and while leisure walking through the town I noticed a bunch of literal mansions (seriously they could fit a small community of wizards there) being built here and there in empty land lots. My mother was happy to inform me that most of those palaces belonged to my former classmates. The people I went to school with were at the ripe age of 30 building paradisiac mansions in the countryside. Fucking how? Is this a joke? Was my mother just getting back at me for not giving her grandchildren? Where did they get the money? It wasn't working I'm sure. I also work and I couldn't buy a handful of bricks let alone a mansion. Is it bank loans? Who lent them the money? Banks here wouldn't lend me a cent even if I begged them to. Shit, I asked about what kind of jobs they were working and a bunch of them were miners, other worked as cashiers in the local supermarket and one sad succubus painted nails "as a part time". Their families aren't even wealthy or anything, just local drunken miners and low tier government workers.

Sorry for the rant wizards, but am I playing this whole wageslave game wrong? How do I make a fortune painting nails for 4 hour a day? How do I buy a mansion? How do you guys do it?


I'm guessing the most likely scenario is that your classmates got loans to build those houses. For the vast majority of people, when they speak of "buying" a house, it means taking out a long-term mortgage from the bank and repaying them monthly with interest for the next 15-30 years. Very few people can afford to purchase a home with cash upfront. So don't feel too intimidated about the fact, rest assured those people are now locked into paying for those mansions for the next few decades of their working life.


Miners in some countries earn a lot.And in some parts of the world countryside is very cheap. Where do you live?


Yeah I know it's more likely loans, but I can't help but look at those houses with envy. I guess those people are slaves for life not only to their crappy jobs but to some bank. Yikes, no matter how much I complain I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Miners here used to earn quite a lot of money. But that changed drastically during the economic recession of the last few years. The mine also hasn't been doing so well lately. I mean, the pay isn't awful, but it's not that much more than what I'm making. And the houses are indeed considerably cheaper, although those were some huge ass houses. It's as the poster above said, just life long loans more likely.


Their parents are probably guarantors on the mortgage loans and are using the houses as insurance for when they retire so they can move in with their children's families. The loans might actually be in the parents' names and paid by them but their children will move in. In socialist European countries alot of Boomers and older people own their own homes automatically after the fall of Communism (Eastern Europe) or just bought them really cheap (Southern Europe) in the 80s, so getting an Anglo-style debtslave loan for their 2nd home that their childrens' families can move into is new to them.


I work as a welder, I would say this job can be quite wizardly. You work alone mostly. In this job you are basically an artist, a metal artist. This is why I find it to be fun. Unfortunately I work in a small business, so I have to interact a bit with people. If I worked in a large shipyard and just welded all by myself all day, that would be a toal dream, I couldn't think of a better job than that. Maybe I will try to find work in such a place in the future. Working in a small business is definitely not wizard friendly, absolutely horrible.


>It has been my dream to someday own my very own place where I can live all alone

Same here. The only way to realistically fullfill that dream, is probably to move to a remote location where no-one wants to live. Normies are flocking to the cities these days, we can take advantage of that. In my country people don't want to live north, so I will probably end up north eventually. I don't really give a fuck where I live as long as I get to have my own home, ideally without any neighbours.


>In my country people don't want to live north


doesn't welding damage your eyesight in the long term?


>doesn't welding damage your eyesight in the long term?

There are a lot of things can be damaging in this job. There are strong UV rays that will give you sunburn in a minute if your skin is exposed, toxic fumes (I wear protection mostly, but don't always have the opportunity to), grind dust, you work with potentially dangerous tools. When you try to figure out how dangerous this stuff is, you get conflicting information, so I don't really know for sure. There are some older people at work with no problems at all, while some people will tell you otherwise. The job isn't easy or comfortable, I didn't say that. But it is solitary work for the most part, and it can be exciting work if you enjoy art (depends on the job as well though, you can end up in a shitty place where you just well some small piece of shit over and over, or another place where you do very varied work).


I just trick myself by increasing my alarm clock time by a couple hours, it works if you adjust the alarm with it.


>What was the context of that scene in the OP?
cops were coming


Got rejected from a job today after a 2 month unpaid internship. Fuck this dogshit, I wasted 2 months for nothing. Now I have to go to register to the fucking job center again.



If you legit tried going to sleep early (some people require more than 8 hours of sleep on average so just making sure you get 8 hours of sleep may not cut it), it may just be your diet. I used to have trouble getting up when my alarm rang until I started taking vitamin and fiber supplements.

Also could be legit depression. If you are actually depressed then you may feel tired all the time no matter how much sleep you get. Should talk to a doctor about it.


>unpaid internship

That shit is for suckers.



That shit is for suckers.


Never do unpaid internships in the future, that's just a waste of your time & basically the equivalent to modern slavery. You'd be better off working some regular min wage job and getting paid for your efforts at least. Working for free is for suckers.


Have you guys ever had a co-worker try to be friends with you? One invited me to do something outside of work and made me give them my phone number and is now texting me. How can I get out of this situation without making things awkward?


tell the person you busy with the family or you got a second job after work


Just keep making polite excuses not to hang out with him. He'll get the hint eventually.


that happened to me before, just keep telling them you're busy and can't hang out with them and eventually they'll just stop texting you


It's official now. Starting next month I will join you all in wageslavery as a paid intern. The company that made the mistake of hiring me is a joke, but the pay (about $515) is good for an internship and more importantly, better than what you'd earn as a cashier. As someone who's scared of any simple human interaction I can tell that this is going to be interesting.
We had an initial meeting today to sign the papers and show us around the building. The atmosphere was really forced. Everyone was wearing casual clothes and used informal language, so even a person about twice my age talked to new interns as you would with a contemporary. One person was even walking around in slippers (!)
There's much more I'd like to talk about since I don't have anyone to share the experiences with but people would find it rather boring. I still have some paper work left to do in the following days but the thought of having to talk to so many people in order to getting it done is stressful as hell.


I think I've fried my brain. I've got time off and have no joy doing any hobby.
Fuck I wish STALKER was real. Venturing into somewhere you can easily die in hopes of making easy money on shit you scavenge.


Yeah. He'd always send me 4chan threads, or complain/lecture about video games. And ask to hang out every once and a while.

I hung out with him after work once, just to please him. It was just like at work, except I listened to him monologue about video games at a coffee shop instead of at work. I got him to stop messaging me, and asking to hang our, by taking my sweet time replying, and saying I was busy after work


One of the unexpected things about making money is it creates a hunger for more even though I don't need it.
When I was totally poor I was more or less satisfied with having the basics of life and a bit of amusement/entertainment.

Now that I have a real job and I am not totally poor the main thing on my mind nearly constantly is how can I make even more money.
I have all my needs met. I have better and more amusement options then I have ever had before. My old self would have been totally content with how my life currently is. Yet now I want more and I don't even know why. I was littrally looking at gold bars the other day. What the fuck am I going to do with a gold bar. What is wrong with me?
This lust for wealth is illogical.


True wizard he is



Hes a true wizard


it's time for me to join you. i'm going to be a deli clerk at the supermarket. i start on monday.

i may have to walk a mile there and/or back, depending on what hours i get. i will be paid minimum wage.

my parents are very happy about it. i think i am kind of doomed.


It's just instinct that evolved over time due to the vast importance of money on individual outcomes in life.


I recently rejoined the wageslavery world after two years unemployed.

Been working since end of april on a logistics company as a mix of IT support + programming. It's been pure hell. I hate everyone there but I try to keep the "cool guy" façade just to not get bothered. The people are loud and the manager is a fucking cunt.

The only reason I had to go back to wageslavery is that I fear one day my father gets fired and we have no income. My father is 60+ years old but is still working. Adding to that unemployment in Brazil is skyrocketing day after day, the economy is getting worse and our newly-elected president is too incompetent and retarded to fix anything.

I only wish I was dead.


>the economy is getting worse and our newly-elected president is too incompetent and retarded to fix anything.

Thats what you get for spending the entire campaign worried about gay people and some sjws rather than real issues, burguers will end up learning it the hard way when the next recession comes around the corner.

The thing is, you were fucked anyways, the other party in Brazil are commie crooks who deserve to all be in jail. Latin America is perpetually fucked no matter what .


>Latin America is perpetually fucked no matter what .

The entire world is fucked, actually.


how do I get over my sunday evening anxiety, I have it every sunday, even though nothing bad will happen monday. just same old same old work I'm indifferent about.



It could be possible that they either got better paying positions, got a loan, or both. I would not have expected you to stay at the same job for five years. At that time, I would have thought you would move to better opportunities and jumped to different companies for better pay. Five years would also mean getting more certifications as well, which means more job opportunities. You can probably still earn more if you haven't, and I suspect you're young enough to do so anyways. Even if you're a full blown wizard, you still have a lot of earning potential.

So just jump around companies for more pay if you can, get those certifications, etc. You've already made it into the IT field. You just gotta try going as far as you can.


I thought quitting my job would make certain things go back to normal. I thought the pain in my chest would finally go away but it hasn't. The dread has decreased but it's still there. What do I have to dread? I don't have to work, I'm fine money wise, I don't understand.
When I started working, I just blindly saved money for emergency and retirement because I have everything that I need and don't want anything else. I'm forcing my self to do active things like read or workout instead of brainlessly watching streams but it's so exhausting. Day dreaming and writing down my dreams (whenever I remember them) are the only things that give me joy. But the pain is always there.
And as much as I am complaining, this situation is vastly superior when compared to working.
I don't want to live like this


done with my first day. they couldn't find an available computer to train me on, so they just threw me into the chaos with no training. my "mentor" was only three days into the job himself, and he didn't receive his training yet either. i was running around bumbling and clueless for hours. i came home exhausted and feeling dirty from meat and dishes. coworkers kept trying to be social with me. i will probably have to walk most days.

when i got home i purchased some video games to justify the salary to myself.

ready to do it all over again tomorrow.


Good luck with tomorrow and rest of the week.




For some reason moving to a better paying job, getting certs or advancing in my """career""" never even crossed my mind. I was already lucky enough to land this job without any qualifications or experience in the field so I never thought that I could possibly do any better than this. I could look into those IT certs you mentioned, or look for a better job using all the years of experience I have, but on the other hand this job is comfortable and low stress enough that I feel kinda reluctant in leaving it. I guess I can't really complain about the shit pay like this, but I also don't want to move to another job where I might have more responsibilities and being forced to work extra time under huge loads of stress, even if it pays better.

I realize what I'm asking for is a relatively easy going job, like this one, but with a fatter paycheck. I know that isn't going to happen so maybe I'll take the plunge and look for a better paying job. Most likely not, and I'll just keep milking this one until retirement, but I'll think about it at least.




File: 1560276721265.jpg (18.47 KB, 228x250, 114:125, 1519061924258.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizkid here, i'll probably get blasted for stupid shit I did in my job but it's fucking retarded considering the conditions. I work a shitty car wash nigger job and the co-workers are fucking annoying and always pick on me for stupid shit and no one else gets shit on. I got stressed today and started to wear earbuds cause some nigger was wearing them and didn't get in trouble, but when I wore them I got warned twice and got kicked out for the day. I even explained that i'm stressed out and the music helps me work better and just gives me a blank stare, over a fucking car wash job what a fucking joke.


File: 1560276787420.jpg (67.33 KB, 548x418, 274:209, Politicians-Laughing2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


kill your co-workers


I couldn't get an excuse to miss my office's mandatory fun day. Now I have to look forward to being the only employee there with no wife or family watching the clock and constantly considering when it's an appropriate time to leave. It's usually when someone brings out cards against humanity.


Ok, I quit
working part time for 2 weeks was bad enough. I'll just kms once I have no choice but to work
Do they sue you if you just stop going without formally resigning?


probably not

i guess they might withhold your paycheck or something


New things keep coming up before I'm done with old ones. I'm starting to think it's not just a tough period and that it will stay like this forever.


Wow, swap out Brazil for Lithuania and you're literally me.
I got a junior programmer job that pays around 600 euros. 60+ year old dad who's still busting his ass for minimum wage.
Office is full of absolutely the most obnoxious stereotypical normies imaginable.

At least I'm content in the thought that I have something to fall back on if everything goes to shit. Got enough saved up to NEET for a year. Possibly two if I lived with maximum frugality. Once I've saved up enough to survive 10 years or so, I'm peace-ing out, because let's be honest. I'm not making it past 40.


I'm probably an outcast for saying this, but I wish I could work more. I work 40 hours a week with little overtime. I can't take my mind of a task/project due to my OCD, so when I get home I can't relax anyway. During the weekend I go into lazy-mode, and Monday is always terrible because I have to re-adjust. I would much rather work all day and have longer breaks, or just work every day for that matter. I would be find with not working at all if I had enough money to live decently, but if I'm going to work I want to do it constantly.


I'm the same way, dude. I'd rather just have 3 13 hour shifts or something so I can actually relax the rest of the week. If I'm working that day that means the whole day is ruined anyway, whether it's 8 hours or 13, so it would be best just to get your time in at the start of the week and have 4 days off.


In my country you have to tell them 15 days before leaving, f you don't they can legally not pay you those weeks.


I really wouldn't mind work if it didn't come wiht emotional damage I suffer from dealing with people. I waste 99% of my free time, if I was paid for doing something else I'd probably turn out to be a workaholic.


>I'm the same way, dude. I'd rather just have 3 13 hour shifts or something so I can actually relax the rest of the week.
I would rather work 13 hour shifts every day for several months in a row, then have a long break. Or just work all day every single day. I'm a no-lifer so it doesen't matter anyway, I have no friends or gf/wife to come home to like normies do.

>If I'm working that day that means the whole day is ruined anyway, whether it's 8 hours or 13

Pretty much. I can't remember a single time where I came home from work and enjoyed myself that day (apart from some Fridays). The OCD and neuroticism just torments me at home. I average maybe 5 hours of sleep on work days. During the weekend I sleep 10-12 hours. When I was neeting a while ago I averaged probably 10 hours of sleep every day for a few years. I bet I could get 8 hours of sleep every day on work days if I worked 13 hour shifts daily.

I like my profession but I'm dissatisifed with the workplace, partly due to the lack of overtime. If I worked in retail or something I would probably just loathe work and not want to work at all.


File: 1560449291712.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-06-07-21h09m2….png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm an early bird, yet I've been into night shift work for 6 months now.

More than 40 hours in sleep debt, feel like shit everyday and constantly suffer from performance anxiety related to manual labour, which sometimes takes a heavy toll on my emotional well-being.

In spite of it all, in about 1 1/5 year I should have saved enough money to go to college (not that expensive where I live, and I have support from parents), NEET comfortably for couple years as well as affording a trip to the weeaboo meca.


File: 1560460846988.jpg (120.7 KB, 1300x1012, 325:253, 7597763-cleaning-woman-hol….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fell asleep in my cubicle today during lunch break. I don't even remember falling asleep. It was for around an hour (thirty minutes after break had ended). I'm almost certain at least one person noticed, but we're on relatively neutral terms so hopefully he won't say anything to our supervisor. I fucking hate letting anybody else have leverage over me like this, especially a normal. If he wanted to, he could have me reprimanded and given a strike and there's nothing I can do but crack a forced smile at his shitty jokes and hope he tolerates me enough to not bother.

>fun day
I don't even know what that is and I'm horrified. You all sit around playing games for a few hours after work? Is it actually mandatory, or would you just be looked down on for refusing to participate?


File: 1560469180831.png (141.7 KB, 476x484, 119:121, 1496012914166.png) ImgOps iqdb

not that wiz but we have them as well, there was one for easter and another picknick thing next month. it's not 'mandatory', but it'll cost you a free day if you don't show up. it is exactly as awful as you can imagine being surrounded by the usual annoying coworkers and now also their families while you try to drink and wait away the time. I've accepted my faith and just burn my few free days for it these days. I suggest anyone to do the same, if anyone gives you shit for it just make up some random reason for not being able to go that day, or something related to not being able to attend the place or event. its completely bullshit and I doubt its legal but thats just how it is I guess.


forgot to mention these are usually in weekends as well, like in the easter weekend. just to add insult to injury


File: 1560472986457.png (1.04 KB, 122x87, 122:87, Metrication-US-logo.png) ImgOps iqdb

I live with my mother and commute to my job. My mother is selling the house and leaving the state. I have enough cash to not be homeless, but I don't want to live in another roach and normie-infested shithole of an apartment complex. It's looking like it's going to be that way, though. I feel kind of bummed about it.


I am going to be working for 11 days straight by now. From Sunday to next Thursday.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then, I work again probably. Same schedule. I swear I'm going to be working 10-11 days straight with only one weekend in between. However, I only work three 8 hour days. So I'm working almost 40 hours between an internship and job.

My head started hurting today right after lunch, probably from stress. I've also been stress eating, and this entire situation has me a bit hopeless and angry. I was sleeping for about three hours after working, so I really have to go to bed now. If I hadn't slept, I probably could have done fun stuff for 6 hours or so, but I was so tired.

I'm also pretty sure I hate doing I.T. work too. It's been about a few years, and I don't exactly like what I'm doing, but it's pretty easy as an intern. I'm not sure how well I can problem solve though. I have much to learn, and I'm starting to think this line of work is all about getting a lot of different technologies + book knowledge to become a good technician, and people in the field are at a huge advantage compared to "laymen" who need to know some technical stuff for personal use. Still, it all goes away in the end. You don't use it, you lose it. That's why I don't bother to learn useless things.


scared shitless from getting a job. i need the money but im scared. im 22, with no idea of who i am. I make music at the moment but I'm not good. Took a break from school because I started flunking every single class. Now I need money but whenever I get a call for a job,I feel like puking. I don't know what to do, I feel like a bitch. I get anxious about anything and everything.


Get a security guard job for now or something. When I was a recovering shut-in, it was the first job I held in a while. It was good for me since it was basically a solitary job watching over some construction site on the times when it was closed, so I was basically entirely by myself. I didn't have to deal with the general public at all. I brought my laptop with me & I spent the entire shift just watching anime & browsing imageboards on it. It beat working at any other jobs like retail or call center for sure.


are you me thats the same job I have right now!!! except i wish i had more hours for more money its only on the weekends and i wanna save up for a car.


get your security license card first and then apply for a overnight security job.


boss let everyone go home at noon friday because the internet didn't work
right now I have sunday evening dread and it's still saturday


File: 1560624937746.png (6.59 KB, 250x250, 1:1, yakui grinsi.png) ImgOps iqdb

Time to go to work!


File: 1560647263143.jpg (91.9 KB, 400x300, 4:3, IncoherentRage.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trying so damn hard to get through this "peak season" overtime bullshit. I fucking hate it.


so, now i have gotten through my first "week" (5 days) of the deli.

first thing i have to say is, it is not a very wizardly job, at least where i am working. first of all, there has been a lot of learning since i had absolutely no experience. so many different meats and cheeses, and different ways that they have to be handled, cut, and stored. also many different salads and our store's shitty way of organizing them means they have to be recognized on sight rather than by a label. then there are machines that have to be used, weird little movements that you have to make. all this learning means naturally having to communicate with coworkers a lot. also because it is a job where you are never supposed to have ANY downtime unless you are taking your break, i find myself having to ask people if they have anything for me to do. otherwise i can get reprimanded for "standing around with your hands like *mocking motion*" which happened today.

then there is the fact that it is largely a customer service job. my first few days i was allowed to just shuffle around and cut meats and cheeses to put in the displays, but starting recently i've had to spend a lot of time taking customers' orders, and filling their individual orders. i fucked up a lot and it often felt like the customers knew more about my job than i did. i am very slow at my work and can feel the people around me watching how slow i am. there are different things you're supposed to do with customers too, like offering samples, asking if they are happy with the thickness, doing a friendly greeting and goodbye. all this wouldn't be THAT bad if there weren't so damn many of them, help one person and two more show up to take his place. and you immediately have to do it all over again. just constant talking and having to put on your "friendly face."

as i said earlier there is supposed to be no downtime on this job. there is also nowhere to sit down, so i spend the whole shift on my feet, either bent over a machine, or running around to grab things out of the freezer, or running to put things on display. the whole place is COLD and we are supposed to wear t-shirts. my manager wears a jacket but i was told t-shirts when they explained the dress code to me. so physically, it's uncomfortable, exhausting.

then there's the commute. it is probably around a mile to get from my house to the store, or about half an hour of walking. this is an hour total of walking each day and funnily enough, nobody wants to drive me there or pick me up, so i've had to walk almost every time.

another funny thing is the training. i have gotten one day of training which basically equated to watching some slideshows on a computer. i have probably done about 10% of that computer training but nobody has seen fit to put me back on to finish it. this just makes everything shittier because i have no idea what i'm doing, and everybody else is too busy running around and filling orders to properly explain anything. so i just poke around and make lots of mistakes. "oh you're supposed to wear cutting gloves when you use that knife," nobody ever shows me where the cutting gloves are. "did you take the wrapping off this liverwurst? you're only supposed to do that with the salami," well that was never explained to me. how am i supposed to know any of this when i was hired with no experience and given no training?

either way, i can see that it's the kind of job i would hate even if i came to understand everything perfectly. just because it is constant physical labor, and customer service up the ass, and the shifts will only get longer. i have already been given more hours next week, and i thought this week's shifts were too long…

also, it fucks with my sleeping so much, i barely get any sleep on these days and they schedule me all over the place because i put open availability on my application.


Sounds like hell. Sorry you have to live through that.


Gotta pick on the people who can't just cry muh racism to show how tough the microdick managers are I guess.
Good luck and enjoy the trip.


Sounds terrible. Can't you get a bike and cycle to work? There's obviously no future in a job like that, and it must be unfulfilling as hell.


File: 1560699501549.jpg (277.56 KB, 1502x1920, 751:960, kpsPYeq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Having to choose between a work that pays okay, but basically scratches entire months out of my life, 2-6 at a time, or regular wageslaving for 25% of the pay
>Hate the idea of doing either
If I could afford to move out and live on my own I would probably choose the latter, trying to live frugally. I pursued the former to get away from my family. But I can't fucking do this anymore, it's like sticking your hand into a fireplace just to get away from sticking it into a pot of boiling water.
Life is a complete fucking disaster. Everything feels like it comes down to being fucked in the ass. And you have to send applications, pretend this is what you want, pursue some workplace that will agree to fuck you in the ass. If you won't, your family will do it, but without monetary compensation. And being raised a Cathocuck, I've been brainwashed into thinking that killing myself isn't an answer to this rigged game. Basically every move is a losing one. And then when I have those rare moments when I'm not thinking about how fucked I am in all of this, I get blamed and punished for enjoying myself.
I wish War Economy from MGS4 was real so at least I could enlist and either die or put all of my worthless chips on one dangerous gamble. GOD DAMN IT.


File: 1560702592014.png (316.64 KB, 796x712, 199:178, 1455625184139.png) ImgOps iqdb


>And then when I have those rare moments when I'm not thinking about how fucked I am in all of this, I get blamed and punished for enjoying myself.

this has to be the worst part of all of it. even if you somehow manage to get by okay despite all odds you get shit for it and it gets ruined again. fuck this life


>Life is a complete fucking disaster



good question. i'll check if there's anywhere to lock a bike up nearby. thanks for the suggestion

almost time for my next shift!

good luck to all the wagies working today too


Slow as hell today. Finding as much ways to keep myself under the radar so i do the least amount of shit possible & end the day on an easy note. Probably not gonna happen, but a man can dream.


> I no longer care about my hobbies
This is the most nightmarish part of working full time I have found. This work takes so much of my life that I have become a narrow-minded dullard. No wonder so many multi-millionaires continue to work after amassing a fortune when they could easily live in peace and quiet. They have put so much of their life force into the work that without it they are an empty shell. Selling your soul I guess.

Either that or they enjoy the work. which I can't comprehend


Nothing has changed about me since I quit my job, the dread is still there, so is the pain but it is somewhat manageable. I will have to start looking for a job very soon but I thought my state of mind would have improved more than it has. I will also go back to living with my parents soon, not looking forward to living with other people again but I don't know how long I will be out of a job.
It's fine if I lose interest in my hobbies as long as I can get a good nights sleep. Sleeping is the only thing that consistently makes me happy. Even if i don't remember my dreams I feel truly free.
We'll see if this is a prelude of whats to come.


File: 1560735975630.gif (885.82 KB, 498x310, 249:155, kurama.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I just keep putting out applications for jobs that are not this shitty data entry one and no one even responds to them. I even put their stupid buzzwords into my resume so their filters pick it up but nothing.

I'm going to be stuck at this min wage job until I'm dead, aren't I?


Worst part about it is the complete lack of feedback. Is your resume complete shit? What do they actually want? Whoooooooo knoooooooows.


File: 1560761645789.webm (171.06 KB, 204x360, 17:30, 1560721266140.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Yep. At least when I'm pissed and angry all the time my family avoids me, so there's that. Just gotta be careful not to laugh too loud at some stupid YouTube video or audibly enjoy playing a game or else someone's bound to "accidentally" reset the router or come and complain how we're not a good Christian family by acting selfish.

I couldn't afford my lifestyle if I moved out, so I'm not saying I regret not doing it, because it would be a big trade, but it is my regret that nowadays moving out is such a big deal, and that no job prospect is really safe enough, especially for a quitter like me.


File: 1560761890102.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1560720027596.webm) ImgOps iqdb

It's probably something completely asinine and completely up to HR hags to decide what happens with your application.
They don't like your name?
They can't find your Facebook profile?
They don't like your face?
That unemployment gap must mean something?
And the 5 more applications that came after yours are denied too, for good measure. Okay its 9:52, time for a coffee break.


> invasive as shit
>tried to make me feel guilty
> cold to me out of nowhere

Talking about work is where even on wizchan I start hating people, when even politics doesn't make me hate wizzies

God, some of the people itt


High iq wizards, what do you think would happen if everyone is meeting?






Simply not possible. It's more likely we'll all be slaves in our lifetime.


Gods, I want out of my minimum wage job, but I have no qualifications. I'm going to look for a low paying tech job and try to get a cert, but I don't know if I can do it. I've gone so far too. Just need something like an a+ cert. Is it hard?


File: 1560791421039.gif (7.52 MB, 462x341, 42:31, vxyGikm.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You can always make it end faster


op of that post you responded to.

it's been around a month and i still see his face and his shit attitude in my minds' eye every day.
i can't get it out of my head.

i feel like some kind of failure, guys. i wish i hadn't lied.

i was a damn good worker, despite lying about something as innocuous as a school schedule. but he treated me like scum. i made a promise to myself yesterday that i will never allow someone to treat me like he did ever again. nobody deserves that.

sorry, im ranting again. i just have nobody to talk to.


you can talk to me


You're just not smart enough to understand why he acted like that. Who cares anyway, fucking wizlet


i got an a+ cert. i still couldn't get a low-level tech job but i probably wasn't doing the job search properly. either way, it's proven useless so far.

>Is it hard?

it was harder than i expected. i advise you to get the online training when you reserve your exam date, it certainly costs more, but without that training i doubt i would have passed. and i considered myself reasonably above average when it comes to tech.

also i've heard they're phasing out the tests i took, so if there's a replacement coming, you might want to get that cert instead


File: 1560817334535.jpg (24.79 KB, 280x326, 140:163, 1483286486759.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

full on neet wizard for years, get handed a somewhat cozy night shift job so human interaction is minimal, pay is decent, I already had a fucked up speep schedule so it fit right in, I proceed to feel reborn like a fucking phoenix, light at the end of the tunnel. Fast forward 2 months and 17 days later, mindset is back at square one and I'm contemplating jumping off the hotel balcony, and it wouldn't even hurt because I'm at the first floor. I have irrational bouts of anger out of seemingly nowhere. There is something fundamentally wrong with how my brain works.


To be clear, I meant warriors don't like like lying.


Can you tell if your welds are good or not? I feel like this is one of those jobs I'd continue to fuck up because of a mistake I wouldn't see but I'd keep doing it, and it would blow up in my face one day.


I feel like I could have written this post.
I think happiness (if such a thing as happiness really exists) can't be achieved overnight. It's a long and tiring process like bodybuilding or memorizing book of poetry. My default state is despair, probably to try different things. Being a flesh monkey and nothing more, my brain probably spazzes out because I can't find a mate. And I won't, you're lucky I live in a noguns land brain, because you wouldn't be safe in your bone castle then.


I like to jump ship to a new retail slave job now and then just top feel some sort of progress which there is. I learn more, I always at least have some half decent chunk of money more saved. I've over the years worked on breaking bonds with trauma that dug deep into every one of my senses and I'm what I'm noticing is that neutral state is always somewhat uneasy and has a background of dread in general. You need to maintain neutrality and stop chasing dragons to be somewhat content and it's not much to go off of. There's something wrong with this world though or it's not what it seems at all to put it more lightly. It works like a clock.

I notice everything is progressing like a bunch of cycles moving with eachother. If you keep an eye out you'll see the surreal sync events everywhere in your life pushing you along this path you need to go and sometimes something will have been significant to that path but you won't know until later when you look back on it a long while after. A good example will be what work is like for me, when I get to a new job it's usually pretty tame. I'm never liked all that much and usually just ignored but as time goes on people will subconsciously get more hostile towards me, start talking behind my back, and good employees will move out to be replaced by people that almost act like some sort of hive. That's usually when I start to consider jumping to a new job, when "the system" or whatever this is begins to rain bad luck on me and push me out. If I stay other bad things will start happening around me in general, I feel like I'm cursed to some extent or there's some beings behind this somehow that are able to alter thing in real time to make me keep marching forward.


Learn from your mistake and then forgive yourself. Failing in one thing in your life doesn't make you a failure.


Thanks, coach.


The cycles are esoterically encoded into us as DNA. The double helix is circular and linear like time. From the side it makes a chain of infinities. This chain is our shackle in this prison.



Dammit. I think I hate IT actually, but I've dug myself into this hole. A few years of jerking around.

Holy hell. I shoulda been a park ranger. It was either my first or second thing on my "career assessment" papers in high school or whatever. I enjoy the outdoors and it makes me happy, and now I'm stuck. If I get outta here, I'm heading to that field.

Thank you for your guidance and for listening.


If it helps, I wanted to be a park ranger too, but it's one of those things that's pure nepotism here. I sometimes feel like the only person in the country who's parents don't have ANY connections whatsoever. They keep hiring people at my father's place, I think he just hates me and never asked about it.


I work in an entry level IT job too and I don't particularly care much for it. I look at my older bosses who've been doing it all their life and I don't think I wanna end up like them. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful its a pretty easy job for now that pays decent enough and my coworkers are nice & not assholes, but I can't stand the idea of sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life. I'd rather much prefer to work some kind of a solitary job, one where you don't have to deal with customers or people at all. That's why I try not to make any serious connections at work or get too involved with anything, basically work every day with the expectation that I can be let go at anytime, and it wouldn't even phase me. I'm also saving as much of my money from each paycheck as I can, and living as cheaply as possible so that I can have options to escape this wage-slave existance.


>Can you tell if your welds are good or not?
If it looks good on the outside it's usually good on the inside. The looks can be decieving sometimes though. You usually need certification before they let you weld stuff, so you already kinda know what you're doing as long as you manage to get the cert. If the weld is really important they might do x-rays on it or visual inspection.

>I feel like this is one of those jobs I'd continue to fuck up because of a mistake I wouldn't see but I'd keep doing it, and it would blow up in my face one day.

Funnily enough I just disovered that I've done something wrong all along. It wasn't a fatal mistake, but it would have saved me a lot of trouble and made my welds a tad better. It takes a very long time to learn all of this stuff because the job requires so much technical knowledge.



I'm also thinking about doing this. Do you just do the basic cert or try for something more right off the bat or work first, then try for it.

I know its going to take some studying for me, the only thing I can do reliably computer wise is build them and google problems.


>get up at 2am
>work until 2:30am
>sleep 2 hours
>get up at 5am
>work until 3am
>get up at 5am
>work until 2pm
>finally get off
please kill me


File: 1561167859012.gif (498.33 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 1549150742870.gif) ImgOps iqdb

1 week left of my 6 month codemonkey internship and I'm finally free…for several months at least.

Can't wait to stay up late and sleep in the whole week rather than having to wake up at 4 AM every weekday and drive in traffic for 4 hours.


finished another week at the deli. my experience has been steadily increasing, and so less communication is required for me to get things done. in return, i am tasked with more and more shit to deal with.

this week, i thought that my hours were already too high. next week, i have been given way more hours than i can handle. i requested fewer hours - i guess i'll know on sunday whether or not they'll be merciful to me.

if this exhausting shit keeps up, with these kinds of hours, i will be forced to quit. i am not cut out for spending so much time on my feet, and dealing with people all day. i need a desk job, or at least something less hectic and more solitary. and less fucking dirty, this job is simply disgusting.


never reveal something personal to co workers, i made the mistake of mentioning i was vegan and earlier i found a dead mouse. This feels like some some sick joke because i am the only one that sweeps that area and keeping my fingers crosses that this is a missuderstanding but maybe one of the people that i work with killed the little mouse and left it there for me to find.


You're going to have a hard time with a lot of people.


You get used to the exhaustion somewhat, I guess. The social part of work is so annoying, I work alone mostly but in a smaller company, so I have to talk to fellow workers every day. When I get home I have to deal with my family when I'm already completely exhausted both mentally and physically. Wish I could work in a large industry and just dissapear in the crowd. Wish I could just walk in and out of work completely anonymous and not talk to a single soul.
The job market is really shit, I don't know if you'll ever find your dream job. The ideal job would probably just be to be self-employed if you were ever to be so fortunate.

I'm pretty secretive in general. Sometimes people around me are conversating about a subject that I know a fuckton about, I just keep my mouth shut and don't say a word. I have told my mom about personal issues of mine before, the responses have been dismissive or even mocking. I've learned to keep my mouth shut since then.

Vegans are a popular target for people to pick on. It is pretty ridiculous since veganism is an ethical thing, yet they are almost villified. I've even seen it here of all places. I've been vegan before but quit because I'm just too nihilistic at this point. I just eat whatever food that is in the fridge at home. If I lived by myself I wouldn't buy much meat because I don't really like it that much anyway. Maybe I could've gone vegan again if I regained some enthusiasm about this fucking shitty life.


working the front desk at a real estate place. seeing dudes younger than me with their girlfriends walk in asking about apartments. it's sickening


I've a week off.

Can't stop thinking that I fucked something up before I left Friday and when I will come back next week it will be a shitshow.


After I finish my internship, I am gonna try to get an entry level job. If I can do that, I might make it.

I want to make it! I want to live.


About 3 weeks or a month ago I said here that I finished off an unpaid internship and didn't get hired. They called me today saying a position opened up and they want me for it. I don't even know how to react to this, I'm just a 25 year old shitter who's worked 4 months as a janitor before and now I'm gonna get paid to be a programmer.


congratulations, my man. that's some good money. don't let it change you too much.


I fucked up and drank booze all night instead of sleeping. Now I am drunk as balls and have to show up to work in 4 hours.


go for it. You can always quit.



An hour later and still drunk, fuck. I guess Ill take a nap and hope I wake up in time.


Do you guys feel sinister for being so secretive? I keep to myself and instinctively don't think people are all that interested in me (from experience) so just ask them questions instead. But I feel like I'm becoming paranoid that I'm hiding something, or that people think I am.


>Do you guys feel sinister for being so secretive?

Not really. I tend to think too much before opening my mouth, so I don't exchange a lot of information. I'm also really shitty at explaining stuff (at least orally) and tend to under-exaggerate alot. For instance, say I participated in a war and killed a lot of people, the only description I could give would probably be "it was really fucked up", nothing more detailed than that.

People probably think I'm hiding stuff, and of course I am doing that in a sense. Not that I'm a serial killer and have a lot of things that I need to hide or something, but people obviously don't know who the fuck I am, or at least they don't know a lot of concrete stuff about me. I'm okay with that anyway, I don't need to broadcast myself to the world or something.


Honestly I'm just glad I have plenty of savings banked. I've been working like crazy the past couple of years and living as cheaply as possible in order to save money. The fact that I can quit my job and just go be neet for years is a big stress reliever for me. Even if I have to go look for another job later, I can at least put it off for a very long time. I can't imagine how the typical normans are just content living paycheck to paycheck and are utterly dependent on their slave job.


most of them people have children lol they need to support or they couldnt hold back their horny asses from fucking or they feel too holy for an abortion.


I recently started using the forklift at work, and I had to pick up a pallet on the highest rack right under the fan(?) I swear it was millimeters under the fan so I was on full concentration. A boomer lady from some corporate office walked behind me and made a snarky remark about millennials being ignorant because I didn't greet her. I simply replied with "Can you not see that I'm working?" She made a massive scene and mad a complaint, now I have been issued a final warning at my work place, despite it being my first warning. I'm so fucking upset


the only way to deal with boomer cunts is be super fucking apologetic every time they make their criticism, just make really big eyes and nod along and say "i'm sorry ma'am"


I love my job.

All I do is watch movies and read. The best part is that it's only Saturday and Sunday and 12 hour shifts.


Made some sloppy mistakes recently in one area of my job. Received about ten emails yesterday evening highlighting each one. Suddenly I'm left interpreting my entire life as a serious of sloppy half-efforts and failures.


Well done Wiz


I had literally the same shift when I was working as security guard a few years back. It was a very laid back job just being all alone, enjoying the fresh air with a huge park nearby, with nobody around to bother you. Getting paid to do nothing but watch anime and browse wizchan on my laptop the entire shift. Now I work indoors in an office setting with normans and while it's a lot better pay, I have some very fond memories about that security job, it was very cozy. Enjoy it while you can!


It's best to just lick ass at work and not get too prideful. Your bosses can fire you and ruin your reputation so you don't get jobs elsewhere. No need to get into a conflict with them, you are pretty powerless in that case.


File: 1561661959954.jpg (6.37 KB, 233x217, 233:217, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I once saw a job i wasnt qualified for but thought i could fake my way about it,it was business advisor or something,i think im smart enough for it.
my skills are:
spanish-english-portughese translation(i can translate from but not TO)
journalism/writing skills

and probably anything else that isn't maths, I can fake my way about it and get paid.
i need a job that pays in dollars or in euros(or pounds),it will probably be in dollars.
im not gonna work for my local currency, i'd rather cope with poverty than toil away for that.


My work keeps me completely in the dark as to when my next shift will be. At this point I almost want them to fire me so I can go back to the NEET life. I just don't care anymore. It'll be nearly 2 years since I started there in a couple of months and I'm going to start saying I'm a manager with my experience on my resume just to see if I can escape this shitbox employer and get a higher paying job.


I'm starting tomorrow. I don't know how I am going to survive this. I either take part in the code monkey rat race or get kicked out after the internship period ends. The company is a sinking ship, too.



Get. The Fuck. Out of. Food Service.

Parley the experience into a good interview for an office wagey position. Particularly use the experience of time constraint to answer competency based time constraint questions. Make the rest up. You do it right and you can get a fairly comfy cubicle job.

I worked food and retail and fuck me, does that "customer face" shit KILL your energy levels. Fucking job where you are worked hard, worked to deadlines, and expected to SMILE with it. The worst a cubicle can do is either a) bore you or b) sometimes work you to time contraints.

We're all standing in shit, but would you also like your hair set on fire and a series of cuts on your feet? No. You'd rather just stand in shit.

A wagey cubicle is standing in shit.

What you're doing is worse.

Don't feel bad about finding it hard. Anyone who's not a dumb normgroid who can "switch off" finds it hard.


Can you get an office job without any sort of degree?


i feel like you'd have to know someone unfortunately


how do you find the motivation to wanna work full time or more hours???? i currently work part time on the weekends as security and i like it but damn i dont get paid a lot and i feel like working more to get more money but i am too scared of working full time because my last job made me insanely suicidal working 40 hours a week. how do you guys get the motivation to keep working???


Office jobs are not good for wizards, you already lead a sedentary shitty lifestyle, I think its good to counter balance it with an active outdoor job, they really arent that social and you do your assignment yourself from my experience.


Why do you want an office job? You know you'll be surrounded by normans all day right?


My job is alright and I don't have a whole lot to do at home due to anhedonia anyway.


File: 1562003804013.jpg (831.47 KB, 3407x1918, 3407:1918, prisonlabor2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>an active outdoor job
Have you ever had an "active outdoor job"? Working with your body is not fun at all, especially in high heat and humidity. Physical labor is exhausting and leads to all kinds of stresses on your body.


Well, first day and already coworkers made fun between themselves of the way I speak. Just let this end already


It doesnt have to be chattel slavery, you can be in production, a workshop or storage, there are even some cleaning jobs that go beyond maiden floor wiping.
Office work isnt "fun" either, except if your are "passionate" for it and sitting all day will ruin your body as well.
Everything is better than some groid office job really.


First day is in the books. Didn't get to even write a single line of code, because I was struggling trying to install their custom development environment and nobody would help me. I spent all 8 hours on it and I still can't get it to install properly. If some norman would have just sat down and walked me through it, I would have been done in 30 minutes.

Feels like they hired me just to take the piss out of me. Pulling this sink or swim bullshit.


I've had a shitty "active outdoor job" and it was miserable. Luckily I am NEET now and going to Japan to follow in the footsteps of Japanwiz.


What exactly did you struggle with?


They have custom docker launchers for their projects. Eachone breaks at some point and I keep getting stuck. For example one didnt work because it couldnt find my RSA key, which it needed to continue so I spent 5 hours trying to fix it (keep in mind I dont know jackshit about linux) and found out that I needed to run it as sudo -E cause otherwise it looks for the key in the wrong folder.


File: 1562107174913.jpg (51.36 KB, 685x900, 137:180, 70917624498ad41ae1f6481a2b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just become a programmer bro


I was anxious and more depressed than normal but reading how shitty you wageslaves (no offense) have it made me feel much better about my life (hikilkomori).


If you were born a succubus all you'd have to do is create a patreon account and post some pics of you wearing different clothes and you'd be set for life after some time. Just imagine that.


no, you're not


All you have to do is be born an average looking succubus.


I watched a documentary on sugar babies the other day. The succubus on there looked average at best and was getting 3k a month from 1 sugar daddy, she only had to see him 3 times a month. She had 7 sugar daddies all together and got maybe 200-300 per meeting.


>If I was a succ I'd be a whore





Prostitutes usually have more than 1 client.


And what do you call a man who has to go through humiliation and torment every day for a few bucks? There's no pride in toiling your life away for a meager paycheck for the privilege of dying abandoned in dispossession.


It's impressive how great a change to a wiz-friendly job has had on my mental health. All my other jobs have been mental hell

>call centre. Hell as I had phone anxiety, and I had to deal with shitty angry boomer after shitty angry boomer

>store where I was treated like shit. Screwing with my schedule week after week, being the only person tasked with heavy lifting and other bitch work meant for two people, without help, and more

This job is miles ahead of both. I work nights, the job itself is easy, and I don't have to deal with people. I'd rather be be home drinking beer, but at least I feel bored and longing for home instead of anxious and depressed.


what job you work??


Do you even logic?


File: 1562418767870.png (77.25 KB, 213x350, 213:350, honorroll.png) ImgOps iqdb


Overnights in a supermarket, preparing food for the next day


Just started a new job a couple of weeks ago and eventhough it's not hard and it's actually pretty easy going, I still wish I was NEET. I'm just not cut out for this shit. I dread going to bed every night because I know I'll have to waste 10 hours of the next day on the same routine again. Doesn't matter if I sleep for 5 hours or 9 hours I still wake up tired. After I come home I'm always tired, I haven't played a video game since the first day I started because I'm ALWAYS FUCKING TIRED. I wish I could just work 4 10 hour days instead so I could have a rest day in the middle of the week.


File: 1562755419210.jpg (2.07 MB, 2000x951, 2000:951, 1559412470596.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to wagie life. I'm just glad I was too retarded to realize I'm being fucked the same way when I was in school, and that my entire life belongs to someone, and will continue to belong to someone.


Today was especially bad. There was a whole array of negative events caused by my exhaustion. But at least it's almost over. I wish days would be long enough for me to finish resting before the next one begins.


My job made me hate my only hobby. Programming. I don't want to live anymore.


I think it's less hassle for them to keep somebody in the system than it is to hire someone new.


I don't think I will ever last an entire year at one job. My current job is tolerable enough that I could probably do it for the rest of my life if I could do it from home or from a more private area of the office. But no. I'm not allowed to be content.

The office has become a crowded nightmare, with everybody jammed in one small area of the floor, and it's about to get even worse. After today, I'm seriously thinking about using all of my vacation time in the next month or two and then put in my two-week's notice as soon as I return from my week-long vacation next month.

So done with offices at this point. If given the choice, I would rather be homeless. I really don't give a shit anymore.


How long have you guys been posting in wageslave threads? 5 years here. These threads are the only thing that keep me sane sometimes.


About the same, roughly five years. Now I spend more time on the antiwork subreddit but still come here on occasion.


Does anyone else become more antisocial as the office becomes more crowded? I'm okay in workplace environments with a small handful of people, especially if we're spread out a bit, but notice myself becoming more closed off with every new person that joins my already-overcrowded workplace.


For people living in the US, how true is the "slavery" suffix of wageslavery?
A couple of weeks ago I saw a video of a person saying he is going to keep working his job for 18 months and save up enough to move out, get a car etc. I can't recall what job it was but it was something wagie-tier. Also over here people from time to time say they have enough savings to survive X months. It amazes me how it's possible for you people. The minimum wage can't be that bad for you guys then.
Where I live, minimum wage is just enough to barely survive. I earn a little more that that (about $515 in total), don't own a car, don't eat fancy, rarely buy clothes, don't have a social life etc. and manage to put $100 into savings each month.
I'm wondering, how much would one be able to save up with a lifestyle like this except in the US?


There have been experiments done with animals which showed that an increase in the number of living organisms in a certain area and a subsequential decline in the available living space for each of the groups members, lead to an increase in hostile behavior and group infighting among them.



we need to abolish the wage system and liberate the means of production. fuck all these boot licking capitalists in here that want to keep this system because they are fooled into thinking they benefit from it. After seeing this being the most popular thread in dep for years and still believe in this inhumane system these bootlickers are too indoctrinated to ever change and see alternatives.


we humans are a part of nature after all why do we impose population control on other animals rather than on ourselves too??? man is too arrogant thinking himself is above animals and nature itself!!! we cannot support rampant overbreeding!!!!


Sounds absolutely horrible. I work in a workshop and can barely even stand being in the lunch-room during break. I might try finding a job at a large shipyard or something in the future, so I can just completely dissapear and be a nobody.


File: 1562875483364.gif (1.67 MB, 404x280, 101:70, raw.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>mouthguard when I go to sleep
wait… holy shit, is that a thing people actually do?
i clench my teeth all the time before falling asleep


File: 1562876355545.png (145.73 KB, 300x359, 300:359, hydebed1.png) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw you walk into work and immediately want to quit
I hate being disrespected every day.


File: 1562877086412.png (439.37 KB, 492x503, 492:503, 1562753440609.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pretty sure I vented here about my job in 2016.. so pretty much since I started.


widespread internet and social media really fucked people like us over. Suddenly I know if I had been born a bit to the north, I'd have all kinds of possibilities not to be as fucked as I am.


>don't own a car,
>don't eat fancy
>rarely buy clothes
>don't have a social life
>how much would one be able to save up with a lifestyle like this except in the US?

You'll actually be ahead of most Americans, as a lot of them are balls deep in debt. Whether it's student loans, mortgages, bank loans, payday loans etc. they always have something to pay off. Also, since having good credit is must, let's say for a mortgage, then people get credit cards and slave themselves into monthly payments of anything. Oh, and having a car here is a must if you don't live in a metropolitan area but you can always buy a shitbox 15 year old shitbox for 3k.


The "he's quiet and weird" shit is starting. I wonder how long before they let me go.


Having debt terrifies me. I never liked the idea of owning money to someone and never borrowed anything from anyone. Never had a credit card either. I guess I'm lucky enough that I managed to squeeze through college without crippling student loans so I don't have to deal with bs like wage garnishments that a lot of coworkers in my job seem to deal with. I guess student loans are one thing, but how the fuck do people get into credit card debt buying stupid shit they don't need? I was raised in a household that taught if you don't have the money in the bank to buy something, you simply don't buy it. Put it off for later sure or save, but don't get yourself in debt because you need some shiny new thing immediately. I really don't get peoples reasoning.


consumerism culture and greed brother.


I make 70k in software development. After taxes and benefits, and 401k contribution, it's like 4k a month.

>live with parents rent-free

>$650 to student loans
>$200 to food and supplies
>$100 for buses to work
>$210 Internet & cable (long story live with parents and they pushed this bill onto me, said it was either that or switch from Verizon to a shitty local ISP)
>$40 for phone (fucking Verizon)
>$450 invested into bitcoins, other crypto and stocks
>$350 spend on games, a few subscriptions, limited impulse purchases
>$2000 in savings account every month

I will never ever get in debt, I promised myself. Pretty soon I will have enough to get a cheap Honda car new for like $16k outright. I might even own property one day but I'm gonna put at least 50% down outright if not 60% or more. Parents are definitely MVPs for helping me to achieve this, but it's fucked up that people can get so far into debt and never able to save.

I have used a credit card a total of twice in my life, not for an emergency but just to see how it worked. I guess I would use one if there was a medical emergency or something comparable. But people who just use it for random shit? It's called save the money in your BANK ACCOUNT and then you can buy whatever tf you want. I'm ashamed to be American.


I meant never get into debt again. The student loans were unavoidable (parents had not saved 1 cent for my college, I forgive them 100% but it's fucked up to see how many peoples' parents paid out for shit degrees). College mainly sucked for me but the one thing I got out of it was a few job connections. And it was really difficult to get those. Probably impossible without the degree. In Northeast here and they really care about that shit.


Same for my job only its fixing shit,I like fixing shit but now it feels like work instead of a hobby.


Can fucking confirm,I work outside most of the time and inside a shop sometimes, but it might as well be outside, I work so much that I don't get time to do basic shit like laundry or even take a shower, so I work in 90degree weather for 8 hours a day plus overtime so like 13hrs and never get a chance to take a shower….


> I never understood how the normals can look fresh and awake in the morning

They don't. Who the fuck are you talking about?


What the fuck is that gif from?


About 30 hours until my vacation ends. I don't want to go back


it's awkward talking to me.. "don't think people are all that interested" yea that's the conclusion i got to. Fellow wage slaves should keep to themselves like it's suppose to be, paranoia is not a bad thing me thinks. How do conversations usually go for you?


Hearing back today from a job I applied for. Really hope I get an interview.

It's 37 hours a week with a £17k salary.


>37 hours a week with a £17k
is it at least somewhat comfortable?

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