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The last suicide thread has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread:
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The issue is, you're making a bet on whether reality is objective. Does it exist without your presence, in a meaningful sense?
Okey ty anon. I used to cut my forearms but that's partly because there was more blood. Now I cut my thighs, so only I'm seeing it xad


>That said, limb/torso wounds are a shit suicide method.
Isn't that common sense. What kind of idiot unironically asks if wrist cutting is a good suicide method


based Mainländer


Not at all. You can self harm for many reasons and im many ways, most acts of self-harm dont leave permanent marks either.


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Yeah, yeah. Rub it in some more, why don't ya.


You won't kill yourself


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It's too late now, anyways. On the other hand, it can also be said that it's never too late to save yourself from future pain & suffering by catching that big, old bus to oblivion. I'll continue to go with the former, however, mostly for coping purposes. No need to remind me of who much of a gutless turd I am. I'm already well aware of the tortuous predicament I'm in, since I'm consumed by it nearly every day. What do those damn kids who go & kill themselves over social media, or something equally trivial, got, that I don't got? I'd imagine it mostly comes down to the fact that they just do it without thinking & get lucky, as opposed to me who's a complete neurotic mess constantly wrapped up inside himself. So that's, that, really. I've no business in this thread, nor, odds are, will I ever. What a shame.


Don't kill yourself, kill your self.


I wanna slap his head.


I want to rub his head for good luck.


keep us informed


File: 1565256278080.jpg (38.2 KB, 670x446, 335:223, gettyimages_589317094_670.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's a new article about Kelly Catlin. It is interesting and moving, though it feels a bit maudlin and overwritten at times. There is also mention that she was apparently a celibate loner. Anyway, she somehow was unsuccessful with helium the first time, but the second attempt was fatal.
>Kelly, according to relatives, was perhaps as confused by her survival as anyone. She had done as her research suggested, and indeed the helium had caused her to drift off. But after a while, she’d write in her journal later, she simply regained consciousness; the first thing she remembered was standing fully clothed in the shower. Colin would say authorities had arrived, discovering Kelly’s materials and rushing her to Stanford Hospital, where she’d spend seven days on an involuntary hold. Kelly either couldn’t remember, or wouldn’t reveal, much else.


Thanks Xavier.


I won't lie, I'm jealous of her, reading about her achievements and near-perfect attitude towards life which put her at the top made me angry but pleased at the same time, knowing that the bitch is dead. Reading about her attempt at making her death as theatrical as possible, with a strong humble-bragging and conceited undertone in her letter that boils down to: "I'll kill myself on the day I have a scheduled meeting with the Queen of Spain because that'd be edgy," was both hilarious and exasperating. She will not be missed.
So many conflicting emotions from reading about a dead succubus I've never heard about until now.


>regarding sports as achievements


They always hide suicide because they are afraid of the herd waking up to the truth


She spoke Chinese fluently, played the violin, knew biology and studied biomedical engineering all of which take tremendous amounts of time and willpower; she wasn't just a cyclist, read the article God damn it.
You mean her death wasn't given any publicity immediately? Also, how can suicide coverage in media "wake up the herd to the truth" and what sort of truth would it even be? I'm curious.


>what sort of truth would it even be?
Hello, sheepie.


I certainly did notice she has many of the negative traits that one often sees in highly competitive individuals. But I still like her and feel great sympathy for her. To be hit with mood changes, depression, and nihilism practically out of the blue must have been very hard for her.


This shows that suicide can affect basically anyone no matter how much of an overconfident go-getter they may try to be. Even with all those achievements and all that success, she still ended up just offing herself. This is why I can't really look down on suicide or call it weak like so many normalfag retards do, it can affect anyone at any time. Even on a spiritual level, I keep thinking that it isn't as bad of a thing as people try to make it out to be.


>Instead, she had rented two cylinders of compressed
seems excessive. why two?
you become unconscious really fast before the first one is barely used .
i agree with you. it was way too dramatic. suicide fags think their death is important and life changing, but the reality is that everyone will forget about it in 2 weeks


Are cpap masks suppose to be so expensive? i'd rather not have to pay $120 just for the mask


This is going to be your last investment anyway, you won't need money where you'll be going.


Everyone in this thread, please do not commit suicide. There is literally no benefit to suicide. If you have an internet connection to post on this board, then life really isn’t that bad for you. Whatever problems you’re going through won’t even mean shit in 10 years. Start actually trying to cure your depression instead of wallowing in your own despair. Easier said than done, but why not give it a try? Live out your lives to their fullest.


Kill yourself.


> literally no benefit to suicide
how about to escape the "despair"?

>If you have an internet connection to post on this board, then life really isn’t that bad

yeah living like a dog imprisoned in a cage with some toys isn't that bad, what's worse is you have to slave away and then be caged all day. but hey at least you're not starving like the african children right?

>Whatever problems you’re going through won’t even mean shit in 10 years

yeah they will get much worse that the current problems won't even compare

>Easier said than done

At least you admit this.


rude, no one's gonna kill themselves in this thread mkay


Rude? It's a fitting response to someone denying your suffering and telling you recycled platitudes as if they mean anything. Your problems don't mean anything, just cure your depression and live your life to the fullest, bro :)

Neck yourself.


I see what you've tried to do, your message may help some, but not all.

>If you have an internet connection to post on this board, then life really isn’t that bad for you.

Who's going to pay for that? My problems are in the real life, I wish I could live 100% on the internet and never see the sunlight again, but that's not possible.

>Whatever problems you’re going through won’t even mean shit in 10 years.

My problems started 12 years ago. They aren't going anywhere.

>but why not give it a try?


I'll kill myself at some point, it's just a matter of when I get 100% motivated to do so.


File: 1565565255588.png (1.21 MB, 1242x904, 621:452, 1564148488793.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know if it has already been discussed here, but anyways.
After some thinking about some method that won't cause a lot of emotional pain to my parents, this came: what if I get a gun pointed at me by some thug and ask him for a gunshot at my head?
I know that asking for a bullet in my head is weird, but could that work? Another option would be to not ask and get a bullet at a random place, which could be worse than death itself.
My goal here is to minimize the emotional pain that my parents would feel, instead of a normal suicide which they could blame themselves with, I would die by homicide and therefore put the blame on someone else.

I don't see how this could go wrong, but it feels bad. It's like the normal suicide (like hanging) is more pure.


>I don't see how this could go wrong
You walk up to Tyrone in the ghetto and ask him to shoot you. Either you have no money and he tells you to fuck off (because he's not going to risk going to prison for nothing) or you have money and he robs you and runs away.

Your logic is pointless anyway. There is no way for you to die that isn't going to absolutely destroy your parents. The little marginal improvements you're imagining aren't even noticeable.
You're going to have to get over this fact if you ever want to work up the guts to die in the next 4 decades.


Well-written article.


anyone else curious about what that last straw will be? I went from depressed teen wanting to die, to poor hiki and crippled adult with chronic pain and migraines, yet nothing seems to do it. i'm still here, i wonder what it'll be.


Do it before it's too late. What if you become too ill to even KYS? Suicide is going against self-preservation bullshit, it's not easy at all, y'know. How are you going to do it when you're this broken? Improve your health a little bit and we'll meet in another life c:


the last straw is your natural death of old age



thats what im afraid of, just lingering here until then - always wanting to suicide but never being able to.


File: 1565721689180.jpg (4.48 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 5661878892_15fba42846_o.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

planning on doing it in early september, after I get my wage to pay for the supplies I need (at the end of the month). gonna go pretty deep into one of the remote forests nearby and sit in my tent, undisturbed, full of alcohol and sleeping pills, and the nitrogen will put me into my eternal sleep

it's really hard to talk to people and go to work every day because of the overwhelming apathy and knowledge that it just doesn't matter anymore, but I only have to deal with about 3 more weeks, and then it's all over

thanks for being here for me for the last few months guys


farewell anon
I hope you find peace at last


Farewell anon, good luck with the plan and may you find peace for once.


usually you get a burst of energy and a lighter step once you've made definite plans. see on the other side man.


What do you think will happen next? Are you prepared? Are you sure?


Hi fellow wizards. New to all of this. Has somebody bought the How to make your own inert gas hood kit from finalexit? Is there any information in there I cant find otherwise? How does it compare to what you can find on wikibooks? The suicide wikibooks mentions a spring loaded nozzle with no real regulator on these party balloon helium tanks and recommends changing it to a real one. Which one do I have to buy or would it be sufficiant to hold the nozzle into place with tape or something?


Thank you, I needed to hear this.


why is >>205469 still up


Because mods are anti-death normalfaggots. Remember the suicide hotline ad?


I won't ever kill myself. I will talk about suicide and nihilistic(look it up) ideas for the rest of my life though and talk about it inappropriately in other places.


Places such as?


>I'll kill myself at some point, it's just a matter of when I get 100% motivated to do so.


I wonder why the knowledge that I can always kill myself if I fuck up my life too badly doesn't give me more confidence to do things. Oh well, not doing things is fucking my life up pretty bad but thankfully there's a solution to that…


>fuck up
you cannot fuck up if you walk into a snowstorm on a mountain forest and undress your coat
some booze to numb the feels and overnight you are done

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