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The last suicide thread has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread:


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There are reports that this guy, who has often been discussed here, passed away peacefully. Let's hope it's true.
>A heartbroken mother has released photos of her son, who is in a vegetative state after attempting suicide.


Is there an explanation to why some succubi act like this?


Thank you.
I want to believe it.


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How did the story of the blinking prince end? It ended with the grim reaper offering out his hand and our prince blinking twice.


αἰών τέλεος finally got him.


There is a God.


My mother gave me a reality check two days ago and it made me really suicidal, I feel better now but next time I will probably train because everything is just fucked.


I'm just a bad couple days from hanging myself in my closet.


What is your problem?


Where do I even begin?
My whole life has been a steadily accelerating spiral of bad decisions, brain problems, addiction, lust, self loathing, and failure. The past three months in particular have been pretty bad - I get pretty close to just tying a sheet into a rope and doing it already almost every night these days, and only hold back because the impulse eventually passes, but each time it takes longer and feels more convincing.
I keep wishing that I could get hit by a car or have a fatal massive aneurysm or something. I'm tired of being a burden on those around me, a disappointment to my parents, and a disgusting addict. I'm tired of those brief moments where things seem to be going okay that inevitably lead into another failure, managing only to delay the action I should have taken years ago.


Just disappear and start a new life. Better than suicide without knowing what's waiting you after death.
If life after death exists, better not go as suicidal. If it doesn't, fuck the world, start a new life.
For me it's logical


Is this post satire?


Welp, looks like self immolation as a form of political protest is out as an option. Holy fuck look how long he's just walking around while engulfed in flames. I really would have thought death would come sooner than that.



>Just disappear and start a new life.
lmao you watch too many movies bro


this just makes me angry, and i'm not even that suicidal.
give the man some fucking dignity, don't post his crippled body online for people to gawk at. self righteous assholes…..


File: 1559236465836.jpeg (114.56 KB, 605x900, 121:180, 1252660A-B707-4712-8205-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How do you cope with a loved one wanting to take their own life? I am struggling to reconcile my open views on suicide with my care for this person (a distant family member).


a "distant family member" huh


i don't know your relationship with this person, but if you love them enough, maybe you should talk with them?

in the end, it's really their decision.

i would make it very obvious that you're there for them if they need you (if you're in a mental/emotional position to do so, of course).

the fuck is your problem, this guy is upset and you're questioning his motives.


How do you kys in Canada?


Who in the fuck says distant family member? Just a curious thing he was called out for


I wonder if anything will come of this, if Sanctioned Suicide will get shut down. It's a deeply flawed site, filled with a lot of normans and poor advice, but there are still some good and interesting people contributing on there.
>Suicide assistance: Did website contribute to Shawn Shatto's death?
>A young Pennsylvania succubus with severe depression and anxiety killed herself after allegedly getting detailed instructions on a site that bills itself as a “pro-choice” suicide forum.
>Shatto’s parents saved screenshots of her posts and gave them to police. They now hope to raise awareness that such “evil” websites exist and to hold someone accountable in her death.


Be careful of sanctioned suicide as it is now run by normalfag clique trolls. Make sure to keep anonymous through vpn on there.


File: 1559479388913.jpg (34.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pentobarbital.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here know anything about pentobarbital? If you live in the US, you can go to Mexico and buy it over the counter, since it's used for euthanizing animals. Does anyone here know if it's legal to import into the US, and how one might go about doing that?


File: 1559485106735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.93 KB, 1058x1058, 1:1, 15593189241010.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I wonder what his story is. Looks like he killed himself just before his 40th birthday, if I'm reading his passport right. Did he die in some cheap, sweltering third world hotel? Seems like a sad place to die.


File: 1559487933630.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.27 KB, 1280x889, 1280:889, D76QYsQXYAAoRrq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Thank you, wiz. Was he some sort of Russian Internet personality?

RIP Viktor.


It's the only thing I want to do but most days I can't even get out of bed to take a shower so I know I'm not going to do it any time soon.


There is an email for a supplier that will send to the US in The Peaceful Pill Handbook. It's not legal.


>A 17-year-old Dutch succubus has been euthanised at her home after she said the trauma of being raped as a young succubus made her feel she couldn’t keep living.


lucky lass tbh.


Shame euthanasia will never be a thing in America


Probably fucked by her middle-eastern migrant bf and regretted it.


must be nice


Rip moddess


Funny thing is, the article says it does
>Euthanasia is also legal in some US states

She was raped by two men when she was 14


In a few states, and only if you're someone with 500 diseases and physical ailments.



Thanks for the link.
>Pothoven did indeed apply for The Netherlands' legal euthanasia process, but physicians reportedly denied her request. Her recent death came after a long struggle with anorexia and depression, in which the teen ultimately refused to consume food, water, or anything to keep her alive.


>pro life moralfags shaming her parents
This just make it even more depressing


File: 1559802671934.jpg (507.18 KB, 1819x1786, 1819:1786, 1557599696962.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Must be nice to live in a country that respects your right to die.


If one doesn't have access to fentanyl, is jumping the next best option.

I'm thinking it is, especially if its into a river that will take care of your body and not leave a mess. Any other ideas for someone who's set a date for Oct 31st?


Why did you choose Halloween?


I can't wait to suicide and finally get life over with


It's the extreme last day I think I can keep going. Most likely I'll snap before though.


how do you plan on doing it?


I have everything I need except meto


Can you order Nembutal through the dark web?


What is there to cope with?
>if they want to die and die, it's what they wanted
>if they don't want to die but die, they can't regret it
Anything else is just selfishness on your part. Substitute suicide for unpopular career choice, marriage, or joining some group.


no look and infinity chans sucide board >>201981

I received 2 bottles from him. I have nembutal, but i am scard to die and it would be a disaster if i open the bottles and can't drink it. any advice? I litteraly have no choice anymore, it's all a disaster and really fucked up. I want to be gone this years…


Trapped in a loop where I feel suicidal urges, sleep or wait long enough to get over them, feel better, give in to my addiction again, feel disgusting, and feel suicidal again.
I'll probably do it with my belt hung over my doorknob. My coworkers see me as a pretty bright guy so it'll probably be fairly shocking. I won't leave a note.
I know I'll probably end up in Hell afterwards. The temptation to die gets stronger every day, and it's all I can do to keep going like this.


Why i always turn religious when i plan to suicide
Is it because i kinda know that it's real and i will be fucked in hell , or just because im a big pussy


The survival instinct is hard-coded deep within our minds; it causes all sorts of absurd effects.


It's because it's real and you should do something before you go


In my case I was heavily brainwashed with christian garbage that still worries me about the afterlife despite not believing in god nor any shit like that. My mind has ingrained the idea that everything I do will be judged and that I'm being watched all the time, even by people. I think I might have paranoia at this point


How can I go to the roof of a building? are those locked or what? Maybe I'll see an abandoned building or some shit idk


Look up spirit box communication videos, no one ever changes we just lose our physical bodies. The shit you hear during very clear one's that quite the absurd super serious opposite of some religious nonsense about heaven and hell. I'm sure there are hell worlds out there you can find or end up in should you enter the astral not knowing how much control you will have but other heaven and hell are umbrella states.


How much did you pay? It says 600 for two bottles. I think I'll buy one too. Seems to be the most peaceful method. Dying in your sleep with no pain…

I don't have any advice for you. You can die anytime you want, if you really will want to die, you'll do it.


Where can I ship/store Nembutal? I live with my parents.


Please help me, wizards.


The sad truth is you or 99% of people are too pussy to do it anyways cause of our shitty survival instincts and instincts, you are stuck here forever boi.


hanging is tried and true (and free).


I know I will never have the courage to kill myself. I will endlessly fall in this bottomless well of hatred and despair until the demiurge takes me.


Mary Kills People finale is on tonight!


I think I'm more concerned with people who are only subconsciously suicidal. If you were fully consciously suicidal you'd just end it.


File: 1560713257022.jpg (98.4 KB, 900x617, 900:617, brazen-bull-roast.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The earth is a brazen bull. You can't escape. You can't man up and overcome the pain. You can only suffer.


Gonna try to helium myself tonight but I'll most likely pussy out like the coward I am might try to get xanax or alcohol and try then if I bitch out yet again god I hate my lizard brain so fucking much


Whatever happens, may you find peace of mind.


Stop coping and rationalising the fact that you are way too much of a pussy to walk up 20 stories and dive head first into pavement dying instantly?

When I see someone whining "wahhhhh suicide is hard" what I see is "Wahhhh, I'm too afraid to commit suicide, someone please make me feel better!"


File: 1561585617922.jpg (15.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1475493159173.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mother and I had a long talk about suicide today. Seems it might finally be time for me to order some fentanyl and, frankly, it's been a long time coming. I have a few questions first, however, and I'd appreciate if someone could take the time to answer them. It's a bit lazy, since I know there's probably info on this elsewhere, but please bear with me.

Anyway, to start with, is there a chance I could go to jail over ordering fentanyl? Would it be best to have it sent directly to me, or to a 3rd party P.O. box? I live in Canada, by the way.

How would the fentanyl itself be utilized? Would it most likely be an injectable, or a liquid to be imbibed? Could it be put in a pill capsule of some kind? In whichever case, how much would be enough?

Following from the last question, is fentanyl really as painless a method as I've heard it is? Is it possible to take too little and end up as a vegetable, or take too much and have an awful freakout, panic filled demise? If not, what can I expect to feel after in-taking it? How long does the process of dying take? Would my older, overweight need more, or less than what the usual amount is?

How much does fentanyl cost these days? Is it possible to get a bad, impure batch of it from some black hearted shyster? Is there a list of reputable vendors out there somewhere?

Those are all the ones I could think of for now. I'm sure I won't get all the info I'm looking for here, but I just thought I'd try anyway.

It's a strange thing, though. Not only looking to find the means to kill oneself, but also for another to do so as well. In this case, that being my mother. Is it wrong to do so? I want her to have the freedom to do as she wills in this regard, but I can't deny the pain of her being my mother and me being her son, as I go about this task. In her case, she wants to leave before things can get any worse than they already are. Ideally, once the fentanyl is on hand, she'd like to meet her end in whatever moment of calm bliss, however brief, manages to come along. Smiling and at peace on a quiet day, with the sun shining and the breeze blowing through the trees near her window. Clean, private & dignified. Almost as a Bodhisattva would choose to end things, after deciding it's time to depart their mortal vessel and leave all this behind. No bad emotions or depressing thoughts to pollute or upset the experience of departure.

A good example of this, and one my mother uses as an example for what she'd like to emulate, can be found in one Sadhguru (the famous Indian guru & mystic), whose late wife, Vijaykumari, was said to have achieved Mahasamadhi, the great and final samādhi, which is the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one's body for good while in a deep meditative state. Reaching Nirvana, basically. Helped along by fentanyl, perhaps? Who can say. It's a noble goal for my mother to aspire to either way.

I'd certainly like to join her in that, as I'm sure most here would, but, in my case, I almost feel like the opposite will have to be true. As one night, in some black pit of despair, like the kind I always seem to reside in, I'll finally feel pushed & desperate enough to, at long last, do what needs to be done. At least that's the grim hope, anyway. Why wait for things to get that bad, though? That's certainly my mother's question and, certainly, it's a fair one to pose. I guess it's because I'm still mostly a coward, quivering in the face of the exit door out of this terrible thing called life. I've thought & fantasized about death & suicide for so many years now. And yet my mother is so much more prepared & equipped to go through with it than I am. I can't help, but feel ashamed & afraid. Ashamed at my weakness, and afraid at the possibility of going on without my mother, who's quite determined & committed to go through with it, should I obtain the necessary fentanyl. Which itself begs the question, would she still kill herself without it? Maybe, maybe not, so what does that make me? I don't know. Getting fentanyl originally started out as simply me having a back-up plan against future anguish, with a ready to go means of escape. After talking with my mother, along with the continued deterioration & inevitable doom of this whole situation, it's changed into something else entirely. I almost feel like it's my duty now to acquire some. If not for my sake, then at least for hers. She's almost depending on me to, in a way. Yet, despite it all, I don't want her to leave me. What would I do if she did? I'll have nothing. I'm a helpless shut-in for fuck's sake! She says she'll look after me from the otherside. What nonsense! There is no "otherside" and, even if there were, so what? In the end, I'd rather she just say she doesn't care what happens to me. Either way, what if I'm still too afraid to kill myself even after she's dead? What will I do then? Wasn't I the fucking one who wanted to die here? Damn it, what a bad joke this all is.

Needless to say, but what an awful place this world is. Why did this have to happen? Why did I have to exist? To find myself in this kind of mind rending position, brought about by the sheer arbitrary nature of life itself, to be made to process & experience this kind of ghastly predicament, such as it is. Not that it'll solve anything, but I'll continue to simply plead laziness for the time being. Magic space rock, please crush this house and save me from myself.


If you're going to post here, at least try not to type like a retarded underage kid. Thanks lil buddy.


I don't read your whole post, but you are to late for fentanyl probably 2-3 years


I don't know anything about Canadian law, but you could possibly get yourself in some very serious legal trouble if you help someone else commit suicide. She should handle all the preparations by herself if possible.

Good luck with everything; your post was very moving.


Fentanyl is the big bad drug in Canada right now. If you check the local bad news for golden horseshoe area you'll see frequent accounts of deaths as a result of utilizing opioids that had been even lightly laced with fentanyl. Good news towards its effectiveness as a killer, but because people who want to live are dying because of it there are going to be a lot of sting ops and package sniffing for it in particular. Most people who do overdose on it don't know that they're dying which is one of the reasons deaths involving fentanyl are so common. Their euphoria inhibits their ability to feel anything but content as they drift off to death.

If you do order it, I would highly suggest ordering in small batches spread out over time if you have the patience. If you're not buying enough to be considered someone with an intent to deal illegal substances, and the seller (assuming it's an import) didn't falsely label the package in an attempt to hide it ("supplements", "health product", "vitamins" are vague but proper), customs is likely to just destroy the package and notify the sender's LEA. Maybe.

I hope you two fare well on your way out of this world. It's going to get real cold real soon. Bundling up under the blanket of death will let you sleep through it all.



>but you are to late for fentanyl probably 2-3 years

Damn, that's quite discouraging to hear. Why is that? Opioid crisis, or whatever? I actually had an idea to order this about 3 years ago, but never bothered with it out of laziness & apathy, thinking it would always be around and relatively easier to acquire via the darknet, which I was already somewhat familiar with, even back then. Certainly serves me right to find myself in this position, but my mother deserves better, having massively let her down in this sense.


>I don't know anything about Canadian law, but you could possibly get yourself in some very serious legal trouble if you help someone else commit suicide.

Yeah. Ideally we'd do it at roughly the same time. If not at once together, then perhaps me, hopefully, following a day or two afterwards. It's hard to say because I just don't know. Perhaps I wouldn't be so afraid as I'm concerned I would be, especially with my mother there to provide the extra impetus. I'd like to think so, anyway. The alternative of simply bowing to the demiurgic whims of my survival instinct, only to find myself in a much worse position than I was before, is just too terrible to consider. Accounting for my troublesome weakness makes my head hurt.

Irregardless, could I really be implicated in that way? Where would the evidence be and how could they trace it back to me if I'm using the darknet/TAILS? I also wish she didn't my help for this. I wish fentanyl could just be ordered from Amazon, or acquired from a simple pharmacy. I wish human society at large wasn't so condemning & obtuse towards this sort of thing, but here we are. Either way, you're right that I should be concerned about this sort of thing, despite euthanasia being at least somewhat accepted in this country. All the more reason for us to do it at once, I guess.


>Fentanyl is the big bad drug in Canada right now.

Is that so? I don't follow or read any sort of current news for Canada, so I honestly wouldn't know. I heard it's a big thing in the States though, so I guess it's only natural the same would be true here. Cracking down on the current opioid crisis and all that, like you mentioned.

When all's said & done, I'm just really stupid, out of the loop & incompetent. I actually know next to nothing about what the actual state of things are and, thus, have seemed to severely underestimate the difficulty of acquiring this sort of thing. Even looking at the stickied Nembutal (a worse substitute, no?) thread on 8chan's /suicide/ board, has thrown me utterly for a loop. No proper vendors, seemingly complicated procedure with some risks attached (not just injecting or imbibing a tiny bit of Fentanyl and that being that), potentially uncomfortable & long demise without taking other substances (etc.). For the longest time, I literally just thought it was as simple as going on the darknet and visiting an Alphabay-like equivalent website, finding the right vendor, and simply ordering fentanyl. Grossly mistaken would be an understatement. Hoisted aloft by my own stupidity and stunning lack of awareness once again. I honestly don't know what I'll do now, or what I'll tell my mother. Damn it, so much for this being simple.

>If you do order it, I would highly suggest ordering in small batches spread out over time if you have the patience.

Over the darknet, I assume? Assuming I can find any that is and, even then, perhaps it'd just be a honeypot or a fake. Hell, can fentanyl even be ordered just from the regular internet? Can't imagine that'd be wise to do. I'll really need to look through that fentanyl thread on /suicide/ at some point. Talk about hopeless that I haven't done so already. First time, I'm really trying to get serious about this and I'm not doing a very good job.

>It's going to get real cold real soon. Bundling up under the blanket of death will let you sleep through it all.

That's the idea. A graceful, painless exit is a very handy thing to have, especially for the days to come. It'd just be nice if this were a lot easier/safer than it is, and that I was less stupid and wasn't so profoundly ignorant about fentanyl itself.


>Most people who do overdose on it don't know that they're dying which is one of the reasons deaths involving fentanyl are so common. Their euphoria inhibits their ability to feel anything but content as they drift off to death.
Sounds heavenly.


Im ex muslim , the same here , but in our religion there is no forgiveness if you do it unless you are mentally unstable like in psychosis , which im not of course
Anything other than that is thrown in hell forever


> For the longest time, I literally just thought it was as simple as going on the darknet and visiting an Alphabay-like equivalent website, finding the right vendor, and simply ordering fentanyl.
That's how it was 1-2 years ago. I got my fentanyl like that. You need to use Tor browser and look for reputable vendors within your country. If fentanyl is not available then heroin will be, and it will also do the job


Use nitrogen, retard. Helium is mixed with oxygen now.


Is this actually true though? I've heard it a few times but I've never once seen an actual source for it. I was going to get helium because it was substantially cheaper than Nitrogen. I guess I might as well save up for the Nitrogen just to be safe anyway.


I actually found a source
>In 2015 author and right-to-die advocate Derek Humphry reported that Worthington Industries, the world's largest manufacturer of disposable helium cylinders, had announced that their helium cylinders will guarantee only 80% helium, with up to 20% air, making them inappropriate for use with a suicide bag in Humphry's opinion.


Far as I can tell some companies in some countries now dilute their helium. But people are still finding suitable helium, it just takes a liitle more effort. In the past a wizard could just walk into a party store and get what he needed. Now sometimes you need to go to specialty suppliers, ask for helium, and possibly make up a reason as to why you want it if he asks. So, much less wiz friendly now unfortunately.



I hope this is an appropriate place to ask

Can you please recommend me suicide methods? I'm not sure if I can obtain some magic ingredients from darknet, though


Exit bag is the safest, most painless and cheapest method.
Go to amazon, buy a nitrogen tank, cpap mask that covers your nose and mouth. And a cpap tube
Exhale all air out of your body, put your mask on and breathe in through the mask.
Make sure no one is able to bother you for the next 2 hours or you might risk becoming a vegetable


That's nice, thanks for this info

The only disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to perform. Self preservation instincts might kick in the middle of the process and I'll screw up


>Self preservation instincts
What? No. There's literally zero pain involved. You literally just breathe in normally like you would do with oxygen. You'll be fine.
>The only disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to perform
Putting on a mask is a lot of time to you?


Another guy who was interrupted in the act by his mother, though he was much luckier than the poor fellow from the first post ITT.
>Man, 40, with Asperger’s who was left paralysed in one arm after his mother saved him from suicide bid told her ‘I wish you hadn’t saved me’ just weeks before he killed himself, inquest hears


What about hypothermia?


this is infuriating to read. why can't the mom just let her kid die? he's fucking 40 years old. he's an adult, he can make his own god damn decisions


How do you get fentanyl without getting caught?


Whats with those bumpers on trains, wizzies? Could they interfere with my plan to lie my head on the track for a quick lights out? Or are they high enough to not cause issues?


I've watched several of this guy's videos in support of euthanasia. He is at times a bit combative and cranky in an Inmendham sort of way, but I like him a lot. His two most recent videos concern his reaction to his brother's grisly suicide.


Visit the avengers forum on tor. Some vendors sell heroin spiked with fentanyl. Check out the reviews. Stillslyhi is a good vendor


File: 1563050589310.png (17.44 MB, 3608x2430, 1804:1215, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Depends on the train. Scout out which kind of train will be your executioner to determine whether the bumper is high enough. If you're that unsure you could put your neck instead of head for a bit longer, but 100% successful execution.


This video made me reconsider suicide. It's about a mom talking about her son, who killed himself. Every person's reaction to suicide is different, so this may or may not be useful.

It's kinda hard to see what your family will go trough after committing suicide.


You will be dead, so I find it rather pointless to consider. You won't in any way be impacted by their feelings.


Being dead is easy, literally everything that ever lived can manage being dead pretty well, it's probably the easiest task I can think of. Actually getting to be dead however


Your parents' suffering will not exceed yours I want to think. In my case, if I were to end my life my mother would use me as a great and probably only reason to get and be sad and miserable, so whenever she's feeling kind of down, she'll remind herself of my death to make the sadness take place faster and easier, and she will feel justified doing so because she lost her son, and what else is supposed to be if not depressed.
Maybe for this situation to not be a problem we might need to promote an acceptance of death.
One solution for your case if you really want to commit suicide would be to leave your family and move into another place without notice, and proceed with your mortal wish. It'd be a mystery that way, they would never know what took you to do it, or maybe they'd think that something happened in the way, and would never think of themselves as guilty, don't you think? At least in their minds they'd see you as a victim of the circumstances or something of the like. Surround your death with a puzzle, don't make it so obvious that it was a suicide, make them think that something or someone forced you to do it.


I'm adamant on finally finalizing and going through with my suicide, I will be using a 12 gauge shotgun but im not quite sure i have the right ammo type for it.
will it actually work (through roof of the mouth) if i used birdshot?


no you need buck shot or deerslug


this shit is so stupid. you gonna let someone else dictate your entire existence? who gives a fuck what they think. stop being a slave to everyone else. your family will cry, boo fucking hoo. not like you will even get to see them cry cause you will be dead. fucking retarded faggot


Amazing how she turned that into a 40 fucking episode thing, isn't it


think i’m deciding on fent OD. Jumping from a building seems straightforward, but I tried train before but was too pussy, so i doubt i’d have the balls to jump. Only issue is getting fent. I guess i’d have to order online and hope it doesn’t get caught. My other option is a shotgun rifle to the head. Does anyone have advice on that? What caliber/how much it would cost/ etc. I can sell my guitar probably for $200-$300, would that be enough?


Ha. Good point. If anything, her sons suicide has given her lots of youtube money and fame.


File: 1563772966791.gif (945.04 KB, 165x115, 33:23, C2D53D13-5BEA-42CD-8324-98….gif) ImgOps iqdb

0.001% of you will kill yourselves, and whether or not you’re one of those who do is mostly a dice roll.

Food for thought.


You are very unique for noticing that.


How do I get courage to do it? I'm past beyond the "muh family" and fear stages and stuff but somehow after I go to sleep the suicide willingness disappears. It only reapears as I get depressed again in the day, sometimes as soon as I wake up. But still I can't do it somehow. Is it possible that laziness keeps me away from suicide?


File: 1563842923388.png (330.38 KB, 700x375, 28:15, 1521067387779.png) ImgOps iqdb

based, i was afraid we wouldn't get a threadly reminder to all wizkids here that they're never gonna go through with it


same, hiding from the reality checks every day. feels like i'm living on borrowed time. one of these days i'm just going to be fucked.


File: 1563955261137.png (310.18 KB, 580x282, 290:141, this is fine.png) ImgOps iqdb

I can relate to this so much.

>college dropout nearing 30

>parents aren't getting younger and don't have the money to support me indefinitely
>health is getting worse
>push all these thoughts into the back of my head
>instead focus on unrelated things like how to get better at some video game or watch some documentary on something that doesn't affect me


What did you study in college?


Computer Science meme


What kinds of languages did you study?


what about carfentanile?


is there any argument against poverty charged suicide
i live in a post soviet shithole on my grandmother's retirement benefit, am mentally ill and afraid to go outside, my pc is old and dying and i've never had any friends online or at least someone who is aware of my existence


File: 1564692812645.png (2.68 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 43FA109E-5A4F-49D9-85AC-84….png) ImgOps iqdb

We look for God everywhere. In religion, in art, in science, in wealth, in power, in love, in pleasure., in craft, in drugs, in culture. God being an end to suffering, liberation, redemption.

But we can’t find this release. Not in life, anyway. Every one of the things I mentioned comes with painful strings attached.

The only true God is death. Death releases us from suffering. Death releases us from all the stress, rage, frustration. As a result, the only useful study is the knowledge of death and how to die.

It’s the best hope we’ve got.


> As a result, the only useful study is the knowledge of death and how to die.
That's the core of buddhism and jainism basically


Prove it


Is there another word in the english language as poorly defined as God?


To describe the concept of God as simply as possible would be to use the label "Unconditioned Reality".


File: 1564877818527.gif (200.02 KB, 288x400, 18:25, D3767E9A-023A-466E-B3C3-E4….gif) ImgOps iqdb

what is the best painless and efficient method to kill yourself?


CO poisoning in a small space, maybe with a drug and alcohol cocktail to knock you out and make the whole thing fail safe.
No pain, you just go to sleep and never wake up again.


You're probably just shitposting, but you're actually right. This thread is terrible. I don't think a single person here is serious about actually going through with it. They just want to vent about how bad their day was and entertain the thought of suicide without seriously considering it.
It's sad, really. Wizchan is one of the few places on the internet where suicide discussion isn't frowned upon. There's potential to have some good legitimate discussion about it


Is that why they call us "a cult"?
Sodium nitrite will get banned soon, get it while you can.


I feel like if I ever commit suicide it would just be a spur of the moment thing and I would just disappear one day from the internet and maybe a couple people on steam would wonder what happened to me but no one would ever really know. I'm too much of a wuss to make a big plan about it, but maybe in the future I'll buy a gun so I can take advantage of some random moment of clarity to actually kill myself, pull the trigger before I get to really think about it.


I think people would love to suicide obviously cause of their conditions, but death is a very scary thought to the human mind and if someone tries to do it, most likely they will stop cause they're very afraid and it's their natural instinct to be afraid. I know some people actually got through with it though, like a 12 year old succubus literally committed suicide way back 2014, she has more balls than us apparently.


Is self harm a succubi behaviour? I like to cut myself sometimes because Im alone and emotionally neutered. It's the only time I feel true adrenaline. And is slitting one's wrists the right way to go? I have nothing to contribute to this world and too much anger


one time i stubbed my toe while depressed, and i could kinda relate to the attempt to substitute physical for emotional pain


I think the answer is that it depends. Scratching up your skin in very visible places and then trying to get people to notice for sympathy is succubi behaviour, but there's nothing inherently attention-seeking about harming yourself.
That said, limb/torso wounds are a shit suicide method. It's painful, takes a long-ass time, and is unreliable. If somebody were locked in a box with literally no way to die but a knife then going for the throat would be a much better choice, but even that is not consistent.


The issue is, you're making a bet on whether reality is objective. Does it exist without your presence, in a meaningful sense?
Okey ty anon. I used to cut my forearms but that's partly because there was more blood. Now I cut my thighs, so only I'm seeing it xad


>That said, limb/torso wounds are a shit suicide method.
Isn't that common sense. What kind of idiot unironically asks if wrist cutting is a good suicide method


based Mainländer


Not at all. You can self harm for many reasons and im many ways, most acts of self-harm dont leave permanent marks either.


File: 1565140537577.png (115.76 KB, 396x256, 99:64, 746872634872.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah, yeah. Rub it in some more, why don't ya.


You won't kill yourself


File: 1565178402962.jpg (54.62 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 658374658736.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's too late now, anyways. On the other hand, it can also be said that it's never too late to save yourself from future pain & suffering by catching that big, old bus to oblivion. I'll continue to go with the former, however, mostly for coping purposes. No need to remind me of who much of a gutless turd I am. I'm already well aware of the tortuous predicament I'm in, since I'm consumed by it nearly every day. What do those damn kids who go & kill themselves over social media, or something equally trivial, got, that I don't got? I'd imagine it mostly comes down to the fact that they just do it without thinking & get lucky, as opposed to me who's a complete neurotic mess constantly wrapped up inside himself. So that's, that, really. I've no business in this thread, nor, odds are, will I ever. What a shame.


Don't kill yourself, kill your self.


I wanna slap his head.


I want to rub his head for good luck.


keep us informed


File: 1565256278080.jpg (38.2 KB, 670x446, 335:223, gettyimages_589317094_670.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's a new article about Kelly Catlin. It is interesting and moving, though it feels a bit maudlin and overwritten at times. There is also mention that she was apparently a celibate loner. Anyway, she somehow was unsuccessful with helium the first time, but the second attempt was fatal.
>Kelly, according to relatives, was perhaps as confused by her survival as anyone. She had done as her research suggested, and indeed the helium had caused her to drift off. But after a while, she’d write in her journal later, she simply regained consciousness; the first thing she remembered was standing fully clothed in the shower. Colin would say authorities had arrived, discovering Kelly’s materials and rushing her to Stanford Hospital, where she’d spend seven days on an involuntary hold. Kelly either couldn’t remember, or wouldn’t reveal, much else.


Thanks Xavier.


I won't lie, I'm jealous of her, reading about her achievements and near-perfect attitude towards life which put her at the top made me angry but pleased at the same time, knowing that the bitch is dead. Reading about her attempt at making her death as theatrical as possible, with a strong humble-bragging and conceited undertone in her letter that boils down to: "I'll kill myself on the day I have a scheduled meeting with the Queen of Spain because that'd be edgy," was both hilarious and exasperating. She will not be missed.
So many conflicting emotions from reading about a dead succubus I've never heard about until now.


>regarding sports as achievements


They always hide suicide because they are afraid of the herd waking up to the truth


She spoke Chinese fluently, played the violin, knew biology and studied biomedical engineering all of which take tremendous amounts of time and willpower; she wasn't just a cyclist, read the article God damn it.
You mean her death wasn't given any publicity immediately? Also, how can suicide coverage in media "wake up the herd to the truth" and what sort of truth would it even be? I'm curious.


>what sort of truth would it even be?
Hello, sheepie.


I certainly did notice she has many of the negative traits that one often sees in highly competitive individuals. But I still like her and feel great sympathy for her. To be hit with mood changes, depression, and nihilism practically out of the blue must have been very hard for her.


This shows that suicide can affect basically anyone no matter how much of an overconfident go-getter they may try to be. Even with all those achievements and all that success, she still ended up just offing herself. This is why I can't really look down on suicide or call it weak like so many normalfag retards do, it can affect anyone at any time. Even on a spiritual level, I keep thinking that it isn't as bad of a thing as people try to make it out to be.


>Instead, she had rented two cylinders of compressed
seems excessive. why two?
you become unconscious really fast before the first one is barely used .
i agree with you. it was way too dramatic. suicide fags think their death is important and life changing, but the reality is that everyone will forget about it in 2 weeks


Are cpap masks suppose to be so expensive? i'd rather not have to pay $120 just for the mask


This is going to be your last investment anyway, you won't need money where you'll be going.


Everyone in this thread, please do not commit suicide. There is literally no benefit to suicide. If you have an internet connection to post on this board, then life really isn’t that bad for you. Whatever problems you’re going through won’t even mean shit in 10 years. Start actually trying to cure your depression instead of wallowing in your own despair. Easier said than done, but why not give it a try? Live out your lives to their fullest.


Kill yourself.


> literally no benefit to suicide
how about to escape the "despair"?

>If you have an internet connection to post on this board, then life really isn’t that bad

yeah living like a dog imprisoned in a cage with some toys isn't that bad, what's worse is you have to slave away and then be caged all day. but hey at least you're not starving like the african children right?

>Whatever problems you’re going through won’t even mean shit in 10 years

yeah they will get much worse that the current problems won't even compare

>Easier said than done

At least you admit this.


rude, no one's gonna kill themselves in this thread mkay


Rude? It's a fitting response to someone denying your suffering and telling you recycled platitudes as if they mean anything. Your problems don't mean anything, just cure your depression and live your life to the fullest, bro :)

Neck yourself.


I see what you've tried to do, your message may help some, but not all.

>If you have an internet connection to post on this board, then life really isn’t that bad for you.

Who's going to pay for that? My problems are in the real life, I wish I could live 100% on the internet and never see the sunlight again, but that's not possible.

>Whatever problems you’re going through won’t even mean shit in 10 years.

My problems started 12 years ago. They aren't going anywhere.

>but why not give it a try?


I'll kill myself at some point, it's just a matter of when I get 100% motivated to do so.


File: 1565565255588.png (1.21 MB, 1242x904, 621:452, 1564148488793.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know if it has already been discussed here, but anyways.
After some thinking about some method that won't cause a lot of emotional pain to my parents, this came: what if I get a gun pointed at me by some thug and ask him for a gunshot at my head?
I know that asking for a bullet in my head is weird, but could that work? Another option would be to not ask and get a bullet at a random place, which could be worse than death itself.
My goal here is to minimize the emotional pain that my parents would feel, instead of a normal suicide which they could blame themselves with, I would die by homicide and therefore put the blame on someone else.

I don't see how this could go wrong, but it feels bad. It's like the normal suicide (like hanging) is more pure.


>I don't see how this could go wrong
You walk up to Tyrone in the ghetto and ask him to shoot you. Either you have no money and he tells you to fuck off (because he's not going to risk going to prison for nothing) or you have money and he robs you and runs away.

Your logic is pointless anyway. There is no way for you to die that isn't going to absolutely destroy your parents. The little marginal improvements you're imagining aren't even noticeable.
You're going to have to get over this fact if you ever want to work up the guts to die in the next 4 decades.


Well-written article.


anyone else curious about what that last straw will be? I went from depressed teen wanting to die, to poor hiki and crippled adult with chronic pain and migraines, yet nothing seems to do it. i'm still here, i wonder what it'll be.


Do it before it's too late. What if you become too ill to even KYS? Suicide is going against self-preservation bullshit, it's not easy at all, y'know. How are you going to do it when you're this broken? Improve your health a little bit and we'll meet in another life c:



thats what im afraid of, just lingering here until then - always wanting to suicide but never being able to.


File: 1565721689180.jpg (4.48 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 5661878892_15fba42846_o.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

planning on doing it in early september, after I get my wage to pay for the supplies I need (at the end of the month). gonna go pretty deep into one of the remote forests nearby and sit in my tent, undisturbed, full of alcohol and sleeping pills, and the nitrogen will put me into my eternal sleep

it's really hard to talk to people and go to work every day because of the overwhelming apathy and knowledge that it just doesn't matter anymore, but I only have to deal with about 3 more weeks, and then it's all over

thanks for being here for me for the last few months guys


farewell anon
I hope you find peace at last


Farewell anon, good luck with the plan and may you find peace for once.


usually you get a burst of energy and a lighter step once you've made definite plans. see on the other side man.


What do you think will happen next? Are you prepared? Are you sure?


Hi fellow wizards. New to all of this. Has somebody bought the How to make your own inert gas hood kit from finalexit? Is there any information in there I cant find otherwise? How does it compare to what you can find on wikibooks? The suicide wikibooks mentions a spring loaded nozzle with no real regulator on these party balloon helium tanks and recommends changing it to a real one. Which one do I have to buy or would it be sufficiant to hold the nozzle into place with tape or something?


Thank you, I needed to hear this.


why is >>205469 still up


Because mods are anti-death normalfaggots. Remember the suicide hotline ad?


I won't ever kill myself. I will talk about suicide and nihilistic(look it up) ideas for the rest of my life though and talk about it inappropriately in other places.


Places such as?


>I'll kill myself at some point, it's just a matter of when I get 100% motivated to do so.


I wonder why the knowledge that I can always kill myself if I fuck up my life too badly doesn't give me more confidence to do things. Oh well, not doing things is fucking my life up pretty bad but thankfully there's a solution to that…


>fuck up
you cannot fuck up if you walk into a snowstorm on a mountain forest and undress your coat
some booze to numb the feels and overnight you are done


File: 1566288088196.jpg (1.46 MB, 1200x816, 25:17, brugge-7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just posting a link to an interesting story about a succubus who was euthanized. Also, I was somewhat surprised and happy to see that being autistic makes one eligible for euthanasia.
>Asperger’s is among the most common conditions for which Belgians seek euthanasia on mental health grounds, alongside depression and personality disorders
>Belgian officials are investigating whether doctors improperly euthanised a succubus with autism, the first criminal investigation in a euthanasia case since the practice was legalised in 2002 in the European nation.


Why is society so anti-suicide?
Let's say we have a perfectly normal person that has NO mental problems, is not depressed in anyway, and has a well off life. Everything is good for him, he's just simply tired of living and doesn't enjoy it anymore.
Why should society stop him? He's completely sane and normal. Why can't he make his own decisions?


because he/you would deprive your rulers their GOD by no longer buying shit and paying taxes!
they live only for their one true GOD!
they live for shekels!
'shek-el' = 'small god'


Simply put, society benefits from people being unable to leave when they please. If everyone had the capacity and was also allowed to leave, the world for those who didn't want to leave would become a lot worse.

>Asperger’s is among the most common conditions for which Belgians seek euthanasia on mental health grounds, alongside depression and personality disorders
I was unaware, this is pretty fantastic news.


Society can't really stop you from killing yourself if you want to do it.



Everybody knows that life is awful. If people started to kill themselves in droves, society would collapse. Suicide would start to burrow into their minds, until it becomes the ultimate answer


If people started committing suicide in droves, it would just create selection pressure for a higher average hedonic set-point.


Fuck you’re smart


File: 1566411782733.jpg (216.56 KB, 692x766, 346:383, 20190810_174601.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im planning on killing myself sometime around the first of september, what are some things that you should do before you die????



if there was something that you already wanted to experience then you would have done it by now


File: 1566415906195.jpg (610.69 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, mushishi-wall-mushi-shi-16….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Use up the rest of your money I guess, unless you have someone to leave it to. If I had set my mind to dying I would probably travel to a lot of places in other countries before choosing somewhere foreign to kill myself in, preferably in nature with no one around.


If you're talking about some kind of bucket list, anyone who is capable of making a list of cuhrazy fun things to do is a norman who has no business being anywhere near this board, let alone killing themselves.
If you mean practical things, there isn't too much. You can consider getting rid of all your stuff and not leaving a filthy mess of a house for the people behind you to clean up. If you have anything of actual value or any substantial money, and you want it to go somewhere in particular, make sure that's arranged for.


>bucket list
funny that you mention it, I have one

>visit a few anime cons

>get rid of possessions
>get fit
>write songs and poems to mai waifu
>learn her favorite board game
>learn her native language
the first 2 I am already onto
the third one I start in september
the forth I have been doing for a while already
when I complete number 5 and 6, I am ready to go meet her


File: 1566422714394.jpg (421.27 KB, 1745x1123, 1745:1123, blackpill.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tried to helium myself a few days ago
was very panicky and I started hyperventilating in the bag as soon as I put it on.

Took a few big breaths and
Lied down on the floor but just before I passed out I ripped the bag off and started sobbing I've never cried like that before I just felt so hopeless

Anyway I already bought a new tank
What can I do to prevent panic like that will alcohol help? my mother was in the house at the time if it matters
Because I think I hallucinated her walking down the hallway hence me fucking it up…..I hate my narcissistic "mother" so much


>retards give their money to thots
and this should make me sad how?


sleeping pills?


>and I got a 6 figure job within 3 months of graduating.



I'm interested to see your charts later, good man.


A high security job for someone directly out of college.

You had to have some stupid high up there connections of some sort otherwise I don't believe that.



>There is no way for you to die that isn't going to absolutely destroy your parents.

My parents wouldn't even notice since we live in different parts of the world. My father would be humming to himself and joking with friends when he got the news. My mom would wonder why even though I told her 100 times.

Not all parents care about their kids. Doubly so if they have other children who are better at everything including appearance. I think we like to tell ourselves we'd be missed because the truth is much darker.


2400mg of ritalin
4500mg of venlafaxine
1350mg of mirtazapine
75mg of olanzapine
+ 700ml vodka be enough to kill me?


what helium did you use?
>my mother was in the house at the time if it matters
holy shit you're retarded.
imagine if she walked in on you and took off your mask, you would be a vegetable and you would have to suffer for the rest of your life. can you not wait until you have an hour by yourself?
>Anyway I already bought a new tank
what does this even mean? why did you buy a new one if you barely used the first?
>but just before I passed out I ripped the bag off
How? if you were near passing out then you wouldn't have any cognitive abilities or strength to do anything


you'd just vomit and render it null


File: 1566663499989.jpg (1.83 MB, 3504x2336, 3:2, nn20120509f3a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

when i save up enough money i am gonna go to Japan and die in the suicide forest.


>Could I go to jail
Yes, but it's very unlikely. I order various drugs (Not fent) off the darknet all the time. It's very easy to do, and you're unlikely to be caught unless you order in bulk, which you don't need to do. Just do research on your vendors and try to find someone who shipping from the same country as you so it doesn't have to go through customs

>How is it utilized

I don't do opiates, but to my understanding fent can be used in pretty much the same ways as heroin, since the reason it's such a problem is people cutting heroin with fentanyl. So you could snort it, inject it, or smoke it. I believe that snorting or injecting it are a little more potent, not sure though. I don't believe it can be taken orally, but I could be wrong

>How much does it cost

It's very cheap, this is why it's used as a cutting agent. It's unlikely you'll get a bad batch, as I believe it's fairly simple to make.


I tried to do it in the psych ward. Twice. Once with fentanyl and s different time I took some bedsheets and hanged them from the door. I hanged for maybe 2 minute and then someone opened the door.. my hands and legs were numb.
That is heartbreaking. Something could have been done that would have restored her will to live. One direction visiting.. a pony.. a kiss from a beale..
Yes if you take an anti emetic 45 minutes beforehand.


I have settled on using my car. I need to figure out how to disable the airbags though, so I go headfirst through the windshield.


That is a terrible way to go mate. The success rate is extremely low, and it has the possibility of being very painful. There's too high of a chance of being stuck with TBI instead of dying


I want it to be messy. I already know a spot where I can get over 150mph that they won't be able to helivac me in time. And I'm fairly certain that my "loved ones" will refuse to take care of me in that state even if I do survive.


>And I'm fairly certain that my "loved ones" will refuse to take care of me in that state even if I do survive
I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. Pretty sure that your suicide attempt and the subsequent incapacitated state will spark a natural caregiver instinct in them, or something, not to mention the societal pressure that'll be put on them to care and provide for now vegetable you.
If you survive, you can count on being that guy from the news article I read a couple months ago who botched up his suicide attempt and now his mother won't let him die although he still wants to.


Not the guy you were responding to. But this is possibly my biggest fear. And also the biggest motivation to commit suicide. And to do it right.

The slight possibility to end up in a state where you are physically unable to kill yourself. Tied to a bed. Too bad I live in a retarded backwards country that does not allow euthanasia.


Death is absolute.


Will cutting the carotid artery do the job?


I feel like the success rate being low is offset by retards. If I plow directly into a wall or hit a semi truck head on at 100mph without my seatbelt you're gonna fucking die, no question about it.


How many of you; IF i could give you a painless way out with no 'take backs', just a painless peaceful 'end' ; how many of you would grab it; right here right now?
separate responses please…


btw not offering promising anything there is some interesting new developments from a exit standpoint.


What do you mean by "interesting new developments," wiz?


>bad acid trip in 2013
>still don't feel like me


hello normie


because society is religious and im not aware of any pro-suicide religons, why would a God want his people to throw away his gift? even if a society is majority atheist its still a religious society. atheist societies dont even exist because the fundamental building blocks of society are religious values, not saying atheists dont have values but all values are religious.


does ammo really matter that much? i mean its a fucking shotgun vs bone.


DO NOT use birdshot to kill yourself for fucks sake.


I personally suggest 45mm


I almost did it in July.
I got mad over a small argument, locked myself in the bathroom, and swallowed my pills. The police were the first to show, and they almost tased me. Then I was dragged out to the driveway, where the ambulance was. I fell asleep in the ambulance and woke up at the ER. I was there for two days.


File: 1567780547394.jpeg (87.13 KB, 750x630, 25:21, FD178B2B-E3DC-4BB2-A673-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to off myself with this. Any experts here think it looks stable enough?


It comes in 3metres and 4,5 metres btw (don’t know yank measurements sorry). There are some woods around here we’re likely no one would see it. How to do it without becoming veggie?


Remember, snap the neck, don't asphyxiate. You don't want to be able to feel what happens to your body. Also proper hanging is unironically a very humane way to die, just after beheading. It's idiots who let themselves suffocate slowly that make it unpleasant.


don't kill yourself.


File: 1567802786344.gif (1.53 MB, 320x320, 1:1, c1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

this, ideally you want to break the first bone of your cervical vertebrae, this will sever your spinal cord and you will become paralyzed and then die


How do I achieve this? Just tie the rope as tight as possible around the top of my neck, then jump or kick the chair away?


A quick drop will do it, of course I’ve never done it myself so I can’t give much detail



File: 1567814946332.jpg (19.88 KB, 200x262, 100:131, 1285558940_3073.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We are approaching the nine-year anniversary of Mitchell Heisman's suicide (18 September 2010). I remember reading about it at the time with great interest and respect. I was in a bad state, working one of the last jobs I had before I became a hikki. I think I might try to finally read his suicide note from start to finish.


same it was especially relevant to me as i had chickened out of a suicide plus philosophical note just a month before. it was like he died for my sins


Friends, I am considering the pentobarbital route. Anyone know a reliable supplier in China? I don't want to travel to Mexico.


The Sanctioned Suicide forum is probably one of your best bets for up to date info on that sort of thing.


If you don't mind my asking what was your philosophical note about, wiz?


Really interesting but idk if it's a good idea for me to read this. Ignorance is bliss after all. But at the same time i can't help it, like he was talking about i want to open that door because it's there i want to seek the truth even if it leads to my doom. oh well


File: 1567839067638.gif (639.63 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1418776542978.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>Suicide note

>1500+ pages

More like a suicide book at that point, amirite?

>But after he studied for years and questioned everything, he got to the conclusion that "There is nothing to take seriously!"

Feels like that's all he should've written down, the rest of whatever he says being more or less superfluous to those in the know about this sort of thing.


If only he hadn't lost his ipod.


File: 1567926222638.jpg (100.81 KB, 1200x825, 16:11, wp3073699.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Feels like that's all he should've written down, the rest of whatever he says being more or less superfluous to those in the know about this sort of thing.
This reminds me of a funny story in Eugene Thacker's "Infinite Resignation." IIRC, he's teaching a graduate-level class on the great pessimists. And at the end of the semester he contemplates failing anyone who completes and turns in their final paper. His logic being anyone who actually learned anything from his lectures would see no point in ever writing another term paper again.


Okay, so I ordered the fentanyl, it's 0.1g. Everywhere I've read has said that should be enough but I'm still nervous.

Hopefully I'll be gone by next month. I wont be leaving a note or recording it.


That's what I've been thinking to. I hope it works for you, painless and easy. Good luck.


What’s the common trait among people who actually go through with suicide?


IIRC from a study one was if the person had made previous attempts, because many people have to psychologically work up to it.


Not using the hurting family excuse


File: 1568557557614.jpg (88.56 KB, 648x365, 648:365, mushrooms.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Something I dont see discussed at all is poisoning yourself. You could just go into the nearest forest and eat whatever mushrooms or berries you find, chances are good you wont survive without medical attention. Hundreds of people die like this every year.
You dont even have to eat them raw, you could make it a nice mushroom soup or berry cake, your last meal.


I think mushroom poisoning tends to be very slow and painful though. Just from looking over wikipedia, Death Caps cause fatal liver damage 1-3 days after ingestion. Cortinarius orellanus causes kidney failure within 1-3 weeks.



transwoman does the partial hanging gimmick and drifts off to sleep.


you mean delusional man


So I want to overdose on H.

Is 0.25g snorted enough if I weigh around 60kg? I've never done H before. Should I mix it with alcohol (as in will this make the overdose more painful, quicker, require less H, etc)? How long does it take to fall into the coma? Will it feel painful before I fall into the coma?

Should I just wait and get 1g? Is it possible to take too much H and therefore have a more painful overdose? Or is more H always better than less when it comes to inducing a painless OD?

Keep in mind it will be snorted.


Doesnt snorting it means it gets to the brain alot slower so its less effective than injecting?


If you want to OD properly, get fentanyl instead.


>Doesnt snorting it means it gets to the brain alot slower so its less effective than injecting?

Too hard to get in the UK


Always hear about people ODing on fentanyl in the uk though. especially scotland


Well I have no idea how they get it. I'm a social recluse with no connections.


You should jist inject anon


File: 1568692119981.jpg (98.29 KB, 700x467, 700:467, image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sorry he had to deal with all this. At least there's a possible silver lining in that the UK government now might hesitate to take autismbux away from other people.
An autistic Milton Keynes man who lay dead in his flat for nine months took his own life after benefit cuts left him unable to afford to eat, the Citizen can reveal.
He wrote: “My only income has been employment and support allowance benefits as I am unfit for work. On August 15 2018 the Department for Work and Pensions decided to terminate those benefits. This means I am no longer able to pay rent or afford food.
“I decided that I would not bother fighting this, and will exit instead. I have written this page to explain my decision to friends and to answer anticipated questions.”
Ayman had been receiving care from social services but it is understood he refused contact with them in the period leading up to his death.
His notes reveal he made three separate attempts to hang himself between 2016 and 2018.
“Each time I failed with panic,” he wrote.


If you want to kill yourself yet you're too stupid to get to get fenatnyl or do it in a sure and painless method. The easiest method with little to no pain is terminal dehydration. Hospices and doctors reccomend it to elderly and terminally patients all the time.

I reccomend only drinking water for 2 weeks. Then abandoning water. from abandoning water death should come around 10 days in


Anyone else regret ever posting on Sanctioned Suicide,it's garbage in terms of of reasons why people kill themselves, I feel like no males even post there, just cunts and trannies



I posted there for a little while last year when it first came into existence and it served as a bit of a break & change of pace from this website for a brief amount of time. After a few months though, I just got tired of how repetitive & boring it was, plus the usual cliques & cults of personality that center around the high likes/high post count users, which are usually female anyway, as you already mentioned. Not to mention that someone like myself, who's too much of a weak willed faggot to ever seriously consider committing suicide, really has no business even being in a suicide related thread, let alone website. In my case, I hadn't really frequented Wizchan much staring from near the beginning of 2017 to early this year, so that played a large role in why I even bothered going there in the first place. I don't even know why I still come to Wizchan, frankly, since it's equally as tiresome & repetitive in its own way and is part of why I didn't bother frequenting here for so long. Boredom & pure desperation seem to always bring me back to this place. There's just nowhere else to go.


Hmm, it's always funny hearing about people like. Autistic dole bludgers just like me. We're even the same age as well. The fact that he could still go outside to pose for photos, interact with strangers on his own, live on his own, handle his affairs on his own, and had friends, makes him equally alien to me, however. A shame what happened to him, I suppose. I honestly admire his conviction when it comes to suicide, however. He looked at his situation & acted rationally, while explaining his reasoning clearly & coherently (doubt I could even do that). Saving himself from experiencing inordinate amounts of future pain & misery. If I ever find myself in the same position, I know I'll be too weak & afraid to do the only sensible & ideal thing I could do in that situation & neck myself, just like he did.


What are some reasons to live?


Having a laugh.
Yummy food.
Interesting video games.
Funny shows and movies.
Be comfy, anon. Pick your values and stick to them.


Thanks anon, that really does help


File: 1569016781072.jpg (262.73 KB, 1024x702, 512:351, 9682371413_3492037312_b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

nice choice.

in case anyone is wondering, you can order black powder pistols straight to your door in the US. no paperwork, they arent even technically considered firearms by the atf. You can buy them with free shipping from sites that sell hunting gear. Its just as expensive as driving to a pawn shop and buying a modern gun, but you dont even have to leave the house.


I remember reading years ago that an American journalist killed herself that way.
>At some point in the night, Chang got into her white 1999 Oldsmobile, taking with her a six-round pistol that she had bought from an antique weapons dealer to defend herself from attackers. She drove to a country road, loaded the pistol with black powder and lead balls, aimed it at her head and fired. She was found a few hours later, along with a farewell note to her family.


Im interested in what kind of gun it was. I wouldnt expect a succubus to choose a blackpowder pistol to kill herself. You have to select the correct diameter lead ball, there are actually different sizes for the same caliber gun that might not fit. It was probably some copy of .454 revolver used by the army.


Any of you motherfuckers kow how to get seco/pento barbital illeglaly or can hook a nigga up through the black market


I can get you amitriptyline and flubromazolam for 150$


Peaceful way to go

For Pento it’s alejandrovasquez@protonmail.com


File: 1569177730154.png (32.25 KB, 425x250, 17:10, 1111.png) ImgOps iqdb


soc grandises the best lives tries to act ewith and even their deaths but shun mock the lowest quality trash human slop its like they have an unfair bias and favoritism to the social and genetic winners sometimes i think its all survivors guilt competitive programs turnb people into machines and warps the psyche its a trap for any that get in the high risk high reward and one scandal can ruin a career of years obsessed with being above averageand status


Imagine wanting a Nintendo Wii so much you kill yourself.


Somebody is usually going to tell you to commit suicide when you do so it was probably just a murder they wouldn't commit. Usually they do it for fun or because they got bored of you being their dildo.



how the fuck is that easy to sit around for 10 days waiting to die of thirst? even if you had the willpower, someone will eventually find you and call 911. thats so stupid.


8chan suicide board was great though I think most anons already died before the shut down.

Hedonism and escapism can only get you so far.


Jump in the snow without a jacket.
IDK hanging?


Unless you are extremely brave do not attempt this under any circumstances. If you can handle mushroom poisoning you can handle everything 3D life throws at you.


i can easily cut open some part of my body (like arm or chest) with a regular razor blade without experiencing any real pain, does it mean that i can do the same with my carotid artery?


veins are really tough and when I touch mine with a knife I feel like a really sharp pain that makes me jerk away


You need to be a wageslave to get them, they have downsides too and will fade away eventually.

I can't have a laugh when the rest of my life is shit. I can only pretend to.
Yummy food is what made me fat and gave me health problems.
Video games and tv shows stopped being entertaining years ago.

You can't stick to them when they're just mere distractions.


at point blank range the pellets wont have time to seperate so youll essentially be being struck by a single large projectile, doesnt matter the ammo load


Anyone else wanna kill themselves because they are bad people and are beyond change or redemption because there is something inherently wrong with you that makes you hurt everyone around you (such as mental illness, lack of empathy, personality disorders)?


If you want to kill yourself because you consider yourself a bad person you aren't really evil. Truly horrible persons don't care whether they hurt others or not.


It's arguably more evil to care about hurting people and still do it


What would you even protest? Politics seems like the domain of someone who honestly thinks that people's lives can be good, or at least better.


I have 40,000 in credit card debt from a spending addiction and I am losing my mind from benzo and alcohol withdrawal and I am trapped in my job and on disability right now I can barely sleep

I can’t eat

I’ve had depression and bipolar and alcoholism for years and I have some good months and then just FUCK EVERYTHING AND TURN IT INTO SHIT

How do I secure a belt in a door jamb like robin williams

Live in Texas, might buy a shotgun


Use 00 buck for maximum damage. Birdshot and target load are not lethal on humans ( although putting the barrel in your mouth will probably kill you, just use double aught buck or a slug to be sure)


I wouldn't hang myself if I had a shotgun. Shotgun to the head is substantially faster and as close to 100% reliable as you can get.
Although if you do end up hanging yourself you ought to use something sturdier than a belt stuck into a door. Unconscious hanged bodies thrash about pretty viciously, you don't want to entertain the possibility that you fall off after a few minutes and wake up retarded.

I've read that it's marginally more effective to use a slug than buckshot, but given how lethal buckshot already is it's probably not a critical difference.


Anyone else suicidal for no reason?
I want to kill myself but there's nothing rational behind it. I'm obviously a KHV loser but my life isn't so bad that I should want to die, I think.
Thinking about suicide feels comforting. It feels like wrapping my loneliness and brain problems around myself like a blanket and falling asleep. That makes no sense but it's convincing to me.
Maybe I should stop overdosing on caffeine every day.


where can i find an in depth step by step guide for the exit bag method


I'm glad for him if true finally he is free from the nightmare


I wish I was never sired/conceived. I wish my laughing-stock butt-of-jokes disgusting inferior country never existed. Consider yourselves luckier you never received concussions, & never need to buy/use insulin, & never need to buy/drink psychiatric medicines.
t. concussed obese insomniac type-1-diabetic mentally-ill person




Going to take the Sodium Nitrite route boys, ordered 1kg off the clearnet, going to take 20 grams orally. Oddly enough I feel at peace, like it was meant to be; Going to be listening to Nujabes and Atmosphere when I do it. If you fags are going to do it orally remember to take anti-puke medication 30 mins before. I really hope I don't threash too much while seizing and my mom breaks my door.


I think of suicide incessantly, it's always on mind and never fails to resufface, even if i'm able to distract myself for 30 mins to an hour. Everything just seemscompletely void of any real true meaning, and I cant help but feel even if I had all the very best life one could achieve, I'd still be in this defeatist mindset due to me not being able to maintain the illusion of purpose.

Ive been thinking of hanging by extended partial asphyxiation, but would rather not fail and have to deal with possibilities that it would bring in making my situation entirely worse.

I don't have a gun or any idea what medications would do best. I wish I could just get something from a doctor to make me go to sleep and not wake up.

I suffer from bipolar 1 disorder, schizo effective, major depression, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and pstd.
I'm on disability and am 31 years old, my life has been completely broken since an early age and ive never been able to function or maintain my mental health beyond just existing.

I'd rather not be a drain on society nor suffer the long term effects that come with the life style my condition keeps me in. I'm no better than a bed ridden person suffering from a terminal illness.

Soon I will probably make an serious attempt. I can feel it.

You Feel it too, don't you?


>I'd rather not be a drain on society

Fuck society. They're the ones who have been a burden on you, not vice versa. Why do you think your life has been so shitty thus far?

I don't, I explained why here


File: 1570773527495.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Resources are limited


I wish I was never sired/conceived. I wish my kakistocrat kleptocrat idiocrat public-transport-accident-prone underage-baby-factory country never existed. Consider yourselves luckier you never received concussions, & never need to buy/use insulin, & never need to buy/drink psychiatric medicines.
t. concussed obese insomniac type-1-diabetic mentally-ill person


So the first part of my plan went as planned. I got the SSRI, now to wait for them to come into effect, this to make suicide a lot easier.


Does anyone here have any experience buying a gun? I want to just get one tomorrow and end it. I've done a bit of research, I know shotguns are better, but I'd rather a handgun. I can get a 9mm Glock for ~$500. The issue is the normies who run the store, I tried to do this a number of years ago and was simply turned away because I didn't know much about guns. I figure I may just try multiple stores until I succeed. Things are just too terrible for me right now, I need to get out now. I'll end up driving my car into a ravine if I fail to get a gun.


You might be able to get one locally from somebody else online. Lots of states don't have any restrictions on private sales like that.

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