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Anyone here legit have brain damage?

I've never got a brain scan to confirm it, but I'm 99 percent sure I do. 10 years ago when I was 16 I was beaten really badly by a white knight. He hit me with a punch off guard and stomped on my head repeatedly. I was able to get up and go home and never saw a doctor, but I was never the same since that day.

I began stuttering even though I never did before that day, my grades tanked, my thinking became scattered, I became less coordinated, I forget words, even common words, very easily, and my typing speed tanked. I remember my goal used to be to be able to consistently type at 100 wpm and I did those online things to test it and I went from consistently being in the 80-90 wpm range all the way down to 35-40. I also remember literally nothing that happened before middle school, but who knows if that's related.

I think about getting a brain scan to confirm my suspicions but I know nothing can be done about it if that's the case, so why bother. Part of my likes to cling to hope that I just have some sort of mental block that I'll magically snap out of.


my parents got me scanned for brain damage but I didn't have any


All people who suffered/suffer from depression have brain damage.
As for your story, I'm pretty sure you had suffered brain damage. If you puked, had blurry vision and visual and auditory sensitivity after the incident, you must have suffered a concussion. About the scans, don't even bother. Unless you had some internal bleeding and severe scarring (which you would have noticed and had it treated, otherwise you'd be dead) practically nothing will be seen. Unless you decide to do a fMRI, that is.


>If you puked, had blurry vision and visual and auditory sensitivity after the incident

I sort of remember having blurry vision for a little while after but it wasn't permanent. I've been sensitive to loud noises since, and I forgot to mention, but I also had tinnitus since that day. The tinnitus has only gotten worse.


And the funny stuff is that the fag who did that to you is now probably a "successful" normalfag applauded by society. Stories like this of people getting their lives ruined forever and the one doing evil celebrated make me mad

Fuck this world and fuck the demiurge


Two strokes here and a failed suicide attempt induced by sleeping pills. Central nervous system is shutting down, I'm absolutely terrified even if fear of death is irrational because I'm only 26. I never could have predicted or prepared for something like this. I'm probably going to hang myself tonight. Life is beautiful when it isn't totally unprecedented.


I've done enough drugs to make Hunter Thompson blush and my brain is still intact


ive got the schizophrenia and have been taking antipsychotics on again off again for fifteen years now. I'm afraid my brain is a slurpee at this point.


File: 1559721945871.png (10.13 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb



I suspect i do, when i was a kid i inhaled can after can of buthane gas. Later i found that it is extremely toxtic and the high you get from it is basically neurons dying and asfixiating.
Add a lot of hits to the head from fights with other people when i was young and i would be surprised if i have a healthy brain.


Why were you beaten up? Are you flirting with a witchie?


Severe depression permanently damages the brain to begin with. It inflames your brain and shrinks the hippocampus.


I'm afraid that whatever radiation I get from a brain scan would cause more brain damage than all the hitting my head on things. Been punched in the head pretty hard sometimes, but that pales in comparison to impact of my own clumsiness.


I was hit by a truck when I was little and got a head injury, broken arm and a broken leg.

I frequently forget common words, names, my street address, phone number, etc.


I was just discussing this with my mom. I might… I had multiple concussions as a child. Who knows, maybe this is the reason I'm depressed and unable to function within the parameters society has set. Maybe this is why socialization is so difficult, and I frequently jumble up words and names when trying to speak… Compared to what OP described it's very minor, and I offer my sympathies for your suffering. Normals are brutal creatures, the males in a physical sense- the females in an emotional one. Pure evil, no doubt.


Me and my sister went grocery shopping, neither of us had a car so we had to walk. On the way home, she realized something we were supposed to get was missing and we got into an argument about who's fault it was, which quickly devolved into us shouting at each other.

That's when the white knight came up to me and told me to back off her and not to talk to her like that. I told him to fuck off and he hit me with a sucker punch as I had both of my hands full. He stomped on me like 6 or 7 times and he told my sister something along the lines of "you need to get away from this abuser".

She told him I was her brother and that I was 16 and he said "oh fuck" and ran off.

He somehow thought I was an adult, that my sister was my girlfriend, and that I was an abusive boyfriend. I can understand thinking I was an adult as I was over 6 foot by then and had a beard but it was pretty obvious that she was still a minor. That combined with how similar we look/looked would have clued in anyone with common sense that we were brother and sister. Also we were just shouting at each other, I never hit her (be it that day or EVER) nor did I threaten her physically in any way.

But beating up an evil abusive man to protect m'lady is every male normalfag's wet dream, so he was probably eagerly waiting for a day where he could live out his white knight fantasy.


Lmao, i'm sorry for laughing because of the absurdity of the situation. I wish you well.


typical or atypical?


I hope that gut gets shot or run over by a truck


Thats fucked man. Were you ever able to find him or press charges?


That really sucks and that guy is a piece of shit


This. Please tell me there is some justice in this screwed up world.


Nope. I went to the police, filled out some paperwork and was interviewed by an officer for maybe like 2 or 3 minutes. The cop I spoke to seemed completely indifferent. He didn't even pretend to give one iota of a fuck. I knew when I went to the cops the chances of him getting caught were slim, but after talking to them, I knew there was zero chance. I have no doubt they did zero investigation into the assault.

So I tried taking matters into my own hands. I made sure to walk up and down the street it happened on everyday, during the same time of day, for at least 15 to 20 minutes, looking for the guy, but I never saw him again. I gave up after about a month.


the absurdity of this situation is baffling, feels unreal. Have I unknowingly entered a crooked mirror world and I've been living in it ever since?
Its just terrible, I am so sorry OP


Females can't think logically, all they are capable of is emotional outbursts, so it's literally impossible to reason with them. I can't stop my mom or any other female from erupting into a bitchy fit at me, but I can just ignore it like it's a dog barking at me when I walk past it's yard.


And the counter-intuitive thing is that females get even more mad at you when you ignore their bitching than if you try to argue with them. At least being aloof and smug won't be mistaken as aggression by some white night or nigger thug looking for a reason to go apeshit to protect m'lady.


File: 1563950762267-0.jpg (24.5 KB, 312x445, 312:445, threadnecromancy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


My wizard power is bringing things back from the dead


Had a subarachnoid hemorrhage due to ruprtured aneurysm at 24. Largest issues is aphantasia and light form of hemiparesis. I'm feeling so empty now, can't hide myself in daydreams anymore.


I used to rage hardcore at competitive shooters and fighting games every day for 5 hours a day for about 15 years. I would punch myself in the face and jaw. I have a misaligned nose, chipped teeth, probably a standard deviation lower iq. I had no competitive outlets at all as a fat sperg child so underperforming at the only thing I felt even slightly competent at caused pretty strong reactions.


I think I do, something's wrong in there. I've done IQ tests and always get around 100, so there's no other reason for me to be as slow as I am.


I get what you're saying, but you might be overestimating what exactly i'm trying to do, its not something a person with average IQ would find difficult.

My brain is probably damaged from marinating in stress hormones for the first 20 or so years of my life. I would get a brain scan but its not something you can do for curiosities sake.


I'm 22 and I can't grow a beard.


IQ tests are actually a bunch of different tests that are added up together to determine your score. Most people are worse at some tests and better at other tests than their IQ would suggest. So depending on what you are doing you could indeed be well below average for that specific catagory.


really sorry op, that's actually fucked up.

I wanted to tell you that pretty much every mental illness can cause the symptoms you listed. something as simple as insomnia can cause you to stutter, forget words, slur them, etc. but with that it symptoms would come and go and not be constant.

i don't know if you have brain damage from the incident or not but its an indication of how hard it is to know without a proper diagnosis.


I second this


Depression, memory loss, brain fog, I'm sure I have all sorts of brain damage but am too apathetic to even care.


vitamin D3 & B12.


File: 1566413063715.jpg (5.25 KB, 163x209, 163:209, 1561761021648.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>all people who suffered from depression have brain damage
Got a source for that ???


Yeah. Hanging attempts, adolescent marijuana and alcohol use, depression. I constantly forget details of shows and video games, making it near impossible to enjoy them. I forget why I walk to different rooms. I forget conversations. I forget how to do things. I forget what I did yesterday. It sucks. Any advice?


yes, work


As in, get a job? Lol.
If anything, working just burned my brain out even more. Besides, it gives me little time to enjoy the things I want to enjoy.


Article related:
Contains a basic overview of all the ways depression was shown to affect the brain and links to original research papers.


sometimes this weird thing happens to me where i'm not paying attention and my mouth gapes open and my eyes get rly big and then i catch myself and realize what i'm doing


visit a doctor or something


I think so. It's from when they strap the mask to my face with the terror gas. Overdosing on opiods/opiates causes brain damage to.. one time they gave me to much dillys at the ER aswell and I needed narcan. As well anyone that had any form of lobotomy has brain damage. brain damage results in diminished mental capacity, obviously. How they tout it as a solution is truly sickening.


Why take the pills if you aren't depressed? Who needs a girlfriend? Live for yourself and not some succubus


Based on a true story


What do you think about?


I have pretty significant brain damage from drug use.

I did a lot of weed, opioids, benzos and alcohol while I was in college. Was a depressed wizard youngling used to take drugs to take the edge off the feels.

Eventually the drinking was getting in the way of my work so I stopped cold turkey. I haven't been the same since.

I had multiple seizures and since I slur my words, my coordination sucks and it seems like my brain is "lagging".

I just feel so slow. Takes me a while to understand stuff, I can't make conversation coz I'm too slow to come up with a response in time and my "depth" of thought has definitely become shallower. I can't think deeply about stuff anymore. Just very surface level observations, but no higher order assessments.

I don't know if there's a solution. I'm just trying to adap to my new life.


They haven't been doing Lobotomy's since the 50s. What country are you from?


USA. It is legal here as long as you fill out the paperwork. An instance of rogue surgeons with orbitoclast, eye stabber, ice pick is not unfathomable, look at XXXTentacion's fate for proof of persecution of targeted individuals.


>forgot words and names of people regularly

>don't finish sentences
>unsure of whether something is grammatically correct or not when i am speaking
>can't comprehend a damn thing when i read(especially poetic prose)

yeah i have brain damage


>unsure of whether something is grammatically correct or not when i am speaking
do people actually do this? im guessing you're not american.



naw, i am american

i grew up with poor grammar i learned from my mother. As a result of that, it has given me a complex


Feels like shit..didn't get my mind destroyed with drugs or have a stroke, just naturally retarded I guess. I wonder if it was the premature birth or the slow brain rot of depression. Probably a combination of both.


I was also going to bring up the topic of nootropics and perhaps how they might help us improve our shitty brains. I haven't taken vitamins in years, and only those shitty kids gummy ones at that. Perhaps it's simple as vitamin deficentcy.


maybe this is why i'm so slow


I would consider my condition myoclonus dystonia to be brain damage, considering that it requires brain surgery to fix/treat.

It's actually caused by a genetic mutation and results in irritating and painful muscle jerking and locking up. Sometimes my fingers lock up and I have to manually move them back with the other hand.

Runs in the family unfortunately and if I had any kids they would probably have it too and I don't want that. Honestly I would rather kill myself than spread this on another generation.

Alcohol really helps but it's easy for someone to say I'm an alcoholic when I'm drinking to avoid this shaking and twitching even though the MD never lets up whether I've not had a drink for 6 months. It's been getting steadily worse since I was 12 or 13 and didn't start drinking until 18. Most infuriating is this problem got me diagnosed with alcoholism because I was stupid and mentioned that my alcohol consumption eased the twitching and shaking and shit.

When I don't drink I have a strong resemblance to a meth addict because I am also thin. This is commented on by people I would happen to interact with in public and has actually lost me more than one job.

This is 100% the source of my depression, lack of social life,and lack of income.


Are you still here Anon…………………


This is not about (You) Anon


is it possible to reverse?


Lost a lot of my memories. I only vividly remember the last 3-4 years of my life. Don't really know who I am - I sorta remember my name and what kind of person I was, but I don't associate myself with the past me anymore. I've been severely depressed for as long as I remember, maybe it's because of that. If I ever had any head traumas, I don't remember them.


I think you're able to mend it slightly, but it will never be the same again.


This right here is one of the reasons i dont go outside. Some faggot causing me permanent damage and then feeling good about it


> I began stuttering even though I never did before that day, my grades tanked, my thinking became scattered, I became less coordinated, I forget words, even common words, very easily, and my typing speed tanked. I remember my goal used to be to be able to consistently type at 100 wpm and I did those online things to test it and I went from consistently being in the 80-90 wpm range all the way down to 35-40. I also remember literally nothing that happened before middle school, but who knows if that's related.

I know I'm replying to an old post, but all of those things are red flags for acquired brain injury.

Shit, man. You didn't deserve getting screwed over for life because of some random piece of shit who couldn't mind his own damn business.

Here's hoping that that fucker ended up picking a fight with a streetgang type. He deserves to know what the sharp end of a knife feels like.


i think i have some kind of brain damage. I went threw a very shamefull traumatic i felt personally and i shut down for almost 2 weeks. I managed to pick myself up and return once again. But now 2 or 3 years later i begin to feel constant stress over it like it's a constant pain in my life and it isn't even that bad or horrible of a event just something that i guess personally i felt a great shame over. I tried to figure out the root of the problem and trying to solve it using logic conclusion and for a bit i helped but after a while it just comes back. I tried telling my subconscious it's irrelevant/unimportant and that hasn't workt aswell. It's like my brain is just a damaged machine that's on repeat. It doesn't need a reason to or have any logic to making you feel stressed it just does it. Maybe it's a effect of long time social isolation maybe i was just fuckt from the begining and it just get's worse the older i get. I dont know but what i do know is the problem and i can't fix it. Gotta love the human condition


Been here for a long time and haven't seen this post, lol. Anyway, I quite recognize some of the things OP said, so maybe something is off.
Forgetting words; choosing wrong words when speaking; having to read 10 times a simple phrase to understand it; "forgetting" how to speak and walk; people said that I don't speak clearly but it's clear to me; sometimes I experience a sharp pain in the top-back of my head; can't play any musical instrument because I can't coordinate my brain with my hands (been 6 months with it, gave up). Those are some of the things that I live with everyday and I don't care, but it gets hard sometimes.


I wish I was never sired/conceived. I wish (((worst cult group))) & (((worst ethnic group))) never reproduced/existed. Consider yourselves luckier you never received concussions, & never need to buy/use insulin, & never need to buy/drink psychiatric medicines.
t. concussed obese insomniac type-1-diabetic mentally-ill person
t. member of (((worst cult group))) & (((worst ethnic group)))


everything is basically necro here


What made you so ashamed? Just curious.


File: 1573413435747.jpg (39.06 KB, 400x289, 400:289, Marlboro Man.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got a big scar on my head and my parents said I fell when I was a child and cracked my skull but apparently never had brain damage. I've always been slow when it comes to maths and academics. Painfully lazy to such a degree I'll let my teeth rot rather than getting up and brushing them. The sad reality of it is I can't remember it happening. I was young and I just forgot due to the trauma. So I don't even know what I was like or what I could've been. I genuinely believe if I hadn't hit my head that day my life would be a lot better.


I third this.

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