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What was the last good year of your life? 2012 is the last year I can say with 100% certainty that I was happy, everything ater it was only downhill.


>everything after it*


Too long to even remember. My life since teenage years has been pretty terrible. Maybe there was a year in my childhood that wasn't so bad, but from what I remember my childhood wasn't even that good. My whole life has pretty much been a joke. At least I enjoyed games until 20 or so. After that it's just been a total mess.


when i was like 5 years old probably


Life started out as hell and then got better every year starting from age 18.


2009 was the best year for me and then it all went downhill from there


Either 1999 or 2004. I was always an anxious and kind of depressed kid feeling terrible and alone at school or in society. Around 1999 I would have been happy playing video games and having my birthday off school playing all day on a new game, actual joy. Before then I played video games but was too young to truly enjoy them. About 2004 I was 13 or so and although a bit depressed and anxious I was enjoying being online, learning to code, I enjoyed drawing, and generally having an energy to do something when I wasn't at school since I still hated that. Everything dropped off hard after that age and I stopped playing games really - this year has probably been the best since 2004.


2007 probably. I flunked out of college but was carefree, had a lot of friends and had a successful business. Lost the business in 08, had to be a wageslave ever since and lost nearly all of my friends from then.


Some time in 2006. It probably would have been better if I had died in childhood.


Around 2001/2 I think. Rest has just been waiting for something, anxiety, depression that has ever since become a bigger issue I am unable to deal with…


My life ended when I was ~14


Had a pretty normal life till 2001. After that mother started drinking and everything went to shit


2016, I was happy, had dreams, hope. Now I live among chaos and misery


t. a 18 yo death lord


2011 almost a decade since the last time I was happy


2011 also was my last good year. In some sense I was still innocent back then.


What do you mean by innocence? Why is that so preferable compared to what the opposite of innocence you're experiencing?


Everything changed for the worse when I was 16. Mental illness kicked in hardcore and I lost my shit. I became a totally different person. Though the real last good year for me was 2006 when my mom died and my family stole my house and mostly got rid of everything I was. I was 21 and that was the final nail in the coffin for what was left with of my identity. Fuck this gay earth.


In 2012 for the first time derealization/ depersonalization hit me. I lost basic connection to myself and my body and the thingly world around me which is a horrible feeling that I'm scared of till today. It totally dissociated me from normal reality and it devaluated all values and experience I collected up to that point in my life. I'm not diagnosed but ever since that first devastating derealization I had symptoms of different mental illnesses like psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, depression, head aches and so on for the coming years up to today. However the worst part is that my whole past and my self conception and my ideas about the existence in general got ridiculed and erased as a result of that first derealization. That's what I mean when I say I lost my innocence. In a very simplified way you could say I got redpilled but that doesn't barely encompass the whole of the change that occured to me. At that point I saw the world for what it is and all slightly comforting illusions faded. Whatever selfworth I might have had, dreams, ambitions, peferences, it all meant nothing and it's like you are not your former self anymore as you don't remember anymore how it feels to be yourself.
Right now I'm back at the right direction in life. I will never be like I used to be but it's different now. On some level I appreciate that I saw existence at its pure being without any masks. It helps to appreciate the small things in life.


1993. I'll be 37 later this month and haven't had a good year since puberty.









Our memories can fool ourselves, wiz. I try not to think about them too much, for I know the nostalgia is only my brain making a sucker out of me.

For instance, I'll remember with sweet sweet memories a year in my life when I tried to commit suicide and was in anti-depressants. Just crazy, uh? But now, wow! that was such a great year, I did so many nice things, it were way better than now…

Just our brains playing smart.

I don't understand the evolutionary reason for that behavior, but it's a common thing.


>it was


2016 that year my life turned downhill hard and i lost hope of a confortable existance


2014, I guess


2007 when I still had my innocence and didn't fully swallow the blackpill. Now I'm 22 and closer to suicide regularly.


Got dumped? V wizardly
*Clears wizthroat*

Wizchan 2019


it was obviously his dead dad that got dumped, duh


Probably 2007, 2008 or something. It all went to shit after 2012, I probably lost hope around 2015 and started some weird sort of half-life where I'm partially convinced I already died once.


2011 was the only year of my life that didn't suck.


Probably 2013. I Spent the year at home comfortably NEETING recieving bux.


File: 1562819531583.png (525.86 KB, 719x685, 719:685, 1556385067535.png) ImgOps iqdb

2018, unironically. I had a good-to-me wizjob, no school, etc. I was in a comfortable, "work all weekday nights and either sleep or play video games in my spare time" routine. It is boring, but I'd rather that than what came before it. My life perpetually sucked before graduating hs in 2004, and it got slightly worse in uni and evey job i had until my current one.

I was a neet from mid 2009 to mid 2010. I had money issues then, so I couldn't even do that properly.



Last year of my birthday


What happened between then and now?


why are you posting in /dep/?


Why not? Despite having "made it" as a wizard, I still have hangups. Anhedonia, anxiety, etc.


around 2012 for me too
I was still 23 and the shame of being a useless NEET hadn't kicked in yet, I played flash games all day on Kongregate, I even had some online friends in the site's only brazilian chatroom. It was so fun to play a new game every day, get badges and talk in the chat


1999. That was the last good year for me before things forever took a turn for the worst.

Mid 2013, end of 2012 was a different sort of ending and loss of hope. 2016 was probably the last year with any hope, but the years preceding it were hopeless.


I can't recall ever having any happy memories or years. I guess there was a dumb comfort in being a younger child, since you can't mentally understand whats wrong with life at that age.


Hope for what?


I don't remember.


The year before the one I was borne.


2010. Everything went downhill from there, fast, to the point that I was angry in 2011 how I lost an entire year of my life.
2011 was pure heaven by today's standards.
I'd cry of bliss even if I went back to summer 2015.


File: 1564479434223.png (6.62 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1511004071481.png) ImgOps iqdb

The year I found imageboards back in 2011 made everything worse. I was exposing myself to the craziest porn, the most abysmal cynicism and lots of gore all at once, and it changed my personality irreversibly. It only took a few months for me to become a dead-inside neckbeard and I didn't even realize it until too late. Not good for an 11-year old.


Weak white male


>There are children born in 2000/2001 that are allowed to post
Well fuck


File: 1564480092037.jpg (31.16 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>2000 was 19 years ago


What good is knowing that? No matter how good your life was in a certain year because it sure won't make up for the suffering your experiencing in the now and the bad times life has in store for you in the future, right?


I can't find a good year in my life because I'm quick to find bad things happening on every year. But in general I'd say 2005 was the most peaceful year on my life


Thinking back possibly 2009-2010. Long before I had much to worry about but the small set of issues I already had. I also got brought home my cat who is still here with me in 2010 finding an old video to confirm. 2011-12 was just boring and depressing but then that's when my life became this total hellish shit fest for 3 years that was more of an accumulation of all going wrong that crashed all at once forcing major change.


Can't believe I miss 00s music. Everything we have now is either super-derivative to the nth degree or just tuneless garbage.

It's hard to say, cos for most of the 00s even if life sucked I had the internet and all it's weird and wonderful stuff. Some point in the early 10s all this changed and the internet started looking the same everywhere. I guess 2014 if I have to guess.


>best year
Perhaps for you, op. For me It was the worst year of my life.
2012,2008 and 2009 were nightmare. They couldnt be any worse.

The best years of my life were 2014,2010,2007 and.
I also liked 1999-2002, because I was a kid and if could turn back time, then I know I would rewrite my bad life into a better one.


>going to image boards with 11 years

Well that explains a lot. Also you're kind of fucked dude.


You've barely started life.


Isn't that 19 then?


Shit you're right, even my maths skills have deterioted. Dude's not even 20.


i think i remember being happy in 2009. that's about it.


Do any of you feel like explaining why your chosen year is your favorite?


2006, was 12


2009. I had hope. A whole decade. Fuck.


>neet from mid 2009 to mid 2010
that's not being neet you larping faggot. that's call being unemployed for a year



Hope that there would be resolution of some sort.


we trueNEETs amirite people not in employment or education are not neets


Was kinda happy through most of 2008 (was 16 years old), then in the last 3 months of that year everything went downhill.

Felt kind of good again after dropping out of high school in early 2009 but it only lasted 8 months at best.

Lost hope around 2015.


File: 1565071757943.png (93.66 KB, 540x540, 1:1, B0E3A723-129C-4791-8B91-7A….png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm in the mist of a derealization/depersonalization hell from anxiety. Does it get easier? Everything feels hyper real to the point where just mocing around feels like I'm not in reality


I was neither studying, working, nor in training, yes. Being unemployed counts as being a NEET, as I was not working.


It's a difficult thing to quantify because as time goes by we tend to forget the smaller things and only remember big events, our memory isn't as reliable as we like to think.

I think 2011 was my last good year. I was losing lots of weight, doing well in my studies, got on well with my classmates and had no problems at home. I can't recall many negative feelings or emotions during that year.


File: 1565547520099.png (141.75 KB, 340x424, 85:106, deb4033dcf81e9ba29bacf3866….png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know about you wizzies, and maybe I am "set wrong" but later I realized I actually enjoyed that period in my life when depersonalization and derealization hit me constantly. It was sich a wastly different experience from usual daily life, and it did end up teaching me of reality and it's usage.
To be fair I also wake up genuinely happy and with a childlike excitement from dreams where I am brutally being murdered or I feel and external force literally stripping me of my storeroom consciousness and completely removing me from existence.

I'm not much for eastern philosophy, but you might want to read the tibetian book of the dead if you can find it only and imagine yourself already dead and apply the logic from it.
Actually I recommend you do.


Everything kind of went to shit around summer 2016. A combination of me being retarded and other problems piling up
The 2 years before then were probably the happiest of my life


1996 what can I say its been a hell of a ride.


The late 90's, fifth or sixth grade. I was going to a year-round school then and so every three months I'd get a month or so off. I rather enjoyed that since it meant going to my friend's house all day. It was a daycare but I was friend's with the provider's son so I'd just hangout during the school day and then all afternoon and evening we'd play Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Smash Bros, Road Rash 64, ect…

There were some dull times when he was at school, but things were better when my mother quit working and I could stay home. I even had a few friends in my neighborhood (lived in a different town from the daycare).

However I would say that the peak of my life was 1996 or 97, when I was in fourth grade. I liked my teachers, they liked me, I enjoyed school, I had two friends at school, and after school I went to daycare with my best friend whose mother ran the place out of her house. In those years I'd sometimes stay the night there all week. I miss those times.

There have been good things about the years after that, but life has never quite hit that peak. Starting in Junior High my "otherness" in regards to other kids started to become noticeable. I started doing worse in school and the friends I had in Junior High and High School were people who didn't actually like or respect me. My depression hit bad in my mid teens and has never really gone away.


2007 was when everything went downhill
2014 was the point of no return

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