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searching for a way out edition

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I didn't think about it at all and just did whatever I wanted all day, then eventually I contacted some job getting place and they got interviews for me. Still doing my first and only job right now. Try finding a place like that.


File: 1568134236203.jpg (137.57 KB, 1000x646, 500:323, sabo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Need some advice. Been in job for years, pretty comfy but i absolutely despise the bosses and the culture. You get no appreciation and it's a dead end office job. Should i quit and find something else? Or is every workplace basically hell so it doesn't matter. Thx!


What's the average amount of months/years you guys usually stay in one job before moving on?


Hate working with succubi


Quit caring about the pathetic mewlings of insipid normalcattle.


I really hope nobody wayches the camera footage of when I'm alone at the office


File: 1568409531427.jpg (46.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm getting kicked out.

My brother is having a baby, so I have to move out. I only make $1,000 a month and I'm scared wizzies.


Live with a roommate?


File: 1568410573232.jpg (48.01 KB, 447x589, 447:589, 1568256835311.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>getting kicked out because someone stuck a dick in another person
fuck this earth, best of luck wizzie.


Fucking breeders. Best of luck, wiz, stay strong.


File: 1568412784165.jpg (246.14 KB, 1024x553, 1024:553, terriblefate.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


That sucks. It's a shitty, uncaring world, isn't it? No sense wishing you luck, but hopefully you'll manage to eek by somehow, as equally depressing as that is to say.


rent a private room its a lot cheaper


File: 1568424897447.png (57.93 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 2474274328247427.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well fuck him then, look around for a cheap place and start living by yourself. My dad also kicked me out when he got remarried and I survived. Didn't become homeless or fall into any vices and saved up even more money living by myself then I ever did with him. Sometimes it's better to leave then continue to live somewhere where you're not really wanted. I say move on and forge your own place in life. In this world sometimes its best to just rely only on yourself. You'll do allright wizzie, we believe in you.


live in a van/car so you don't have to pay rent. there are a lot of guides on how to do it comfortably on youtube/ the internet


Why don't you all try to unionize and go on strike for better conditions? If you don't fight for your rights then you'll be taken advantage of. All the rights we have now as wageslave (though are slowly eroding away because of dead labor movement), are because of socialists fighting for them.


I have a cushion but places to live are expensive here. With my minimum wage yearly income if I'm lucky with the single cheapest possible option around here it may all be able to pay for the rent itself but nothing more, not even utilities. Pretty sure this is one of the most expensive states in the US actually. I'll take anything really as long as the place has working electricity and plumbing with no major mold problems or anything of the sort. I bet if I lived in a place with much cheaper options with the cushion I'm saving right now I'd be able to live quite well until I kick the bucket. I mean any medical problem that arises might be the end cause of how expensive it is but my that time I would probably be too old and normally sickly anyways so I'm not too worried about that.


Because it's almost impossible to pull off nowadays. It worked in the 50s when companies did not expect their workforce to rebel, but now companies have all of their supervisors trained on how to identify unionizing and workers are told that they will be terminated if they unionize (they use different wording of course, like "your behavior does not align with the company's values"). Here's Amazon's union busting training video:


You'd have to garner massive support in absolute secrecy. Not an easy thing to do when there are cameras everywhere, supervisors watching you, and brown-noses ready to snitch at the first opportunity they get.


For every person willing to throw the towel there's 5 willing to do his job and 10 snitching on him before he does it. It's fucked. Good thing you only live once. Imagine being stuck in this dystopian shithole for more than one lifetime.


File: 1568561123321.gif (1.3 MB, 500x700, 5:7, 1559499851245.gif) ImgOps iqdb

got roped into a dishwasher job at local restaurant wish me luck bros doing a trial today in 30 minutes


Good luck bro, stay strong


File: 1568575186249.jpg (77.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1447575494339_001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been working on a 'zerohour' contract for some months now, where I have to fill in the hours I work and am free to put in however many I like. but for some time now I'm not paid what I should be, I get paid 5 days or so a month, I thought at first it was an error since I just started or there was a vacation period and it'd come back but I'm going into the 4th month now and I cant live on the salary of 5 workdays a month. I put in roughly 13~15 days a month.

the problem is I'm too much of a mess to speakup somewhere and complain about it, I just check into work and try not to be bothered by anyone. anyone had similar experience? should I just casually try to bring it up with my manager or try though an email? I'm not really in a position to switch jobs either as I currently need the flexible hours and lack experience


What game is this gif from?


It's frantic sometimes but back end work in a kitchen is some of my favorite work. It's easy, hopefully you'll like it enough to stay.


Two days ago I finally understood that sketch where John Cleese keeps telling the radio news despite criminals stealing him.


10-hour day today. Another one tomorrow. I barely came back home, rested and did chores and now it's time to get ready for sleep. What a life.


all of us


>>207050 here. Miraculously, things have suddenly gotten much better since I last posted. So much better that only health issues would drive me to quit like I was going to do.


File: 1568679156947.jpg (19.07 KB, 350x320, 35:32, Only-35-Calorie-Rice-Cake.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here live with roommates?

I'm going to be paying $400 a month for a room and I want to know what your experience is with roommates and your situation. Thanks.


Yes. As someone who's had plenty of roommates before I can confirm it can either be a great way to save money or one of the worst experiences you may have. It all depends on the type and quality of roommates you'll be living with. If it's mature, responsible adults who pay their share of bills on time, are quiet and clean up after themselves then consider yourself to have won the roommate lottery. If it's a bunch of irresponsible normies who party, booze & drug it up the entire time you're living there, well lets just say you probably won't really enjoy it very much. So good luck.


no matter how careful i was in choosing roommates they cheated lied stole food bailed on rent on & on & on…
always live alone if you can…


I never finished high school but I've been working steady part-time retail jobs, but is there any chance for me to get SOME kind of full-time job? I just want some kind of health care benefits cause I could really use it lately

Anyone have any idea where I could try to look? Retail will never offer my anything, its like full-time positions don't exist outside of store managers. I'm willing to do anything but I don't even know where to look and I feel like me dropping out of school has doomed my existence to part time hell forever


Yeah like wtf man it's like this website is 99% suicidal people that hate themeselves or something


Today my mother had to borrow hundreds more for something after already over 800 dollars weeks before for something else. It's feels like I'm working part time for nothing now as I have for over a month. Made me think about just quitting if I don't get any back soon because I can't handle this shit. It's even worse when there's this aspect of total uncertainty when your losing big time. Fucking nauseating.

I think to even be considered in retail/grocery stores or not recommended but fast food too. That you were part time for a while in some places. But they are out there, to be a wizard and do them you'd have to become quite a crazy master of a wizard to hold it up without losing your mind and quitting. 18-24 hours part time is enough.


Its so fucking crazy.
I work in company for 3 years. coworkers know that i m weird. But at the same company works father of my uncle's wife.

And guess what. I got to know that he told my coworkers everything about me. Negative things. Coworkers told me that, if they didnt then i wouldnt know that.

He told them that my parents got divorce, that I m didnt had any friends in childhood, that I m addicted to computer and that I spend all days staring at computer.

He is a traitor. Instead of hiding my true personality he told them.
A member of my family.

I didnt except that.

Know everybody is laughing at me behind my back.


File: 1568838321639.png (79.8 KB, 343x183, 343:183, fuck.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally after years got good enough job, low wage but okay workload but then I learn that I will be probably fired at the end of year, reason seems I am not extroverted and outgoing enough even while I diligently do my work. I dont even mention that being men I have to do all the hard work and cant spend my day watching youtube shit like my femcoworkers
this always happen no matter how hard I Try, being someone who is not outgoing puts me in the worst category in eyes of everyone.


>A member of my family
those are the worst


How exactly is "father of my uncle's wife" family?


We arent related by blood, but I call him family, perhaps shouldnt I?


They are family. The other guy is a dick


File: 1569003973047.png (77.91 KB, 337x329, 337:329, i dont really know what ty….png) ImgOps iqdb

>be me
>sitting by myself at lunchroom in new job
>Im sorraunded by people chatting and eating, its loud
>there are some young people with not so young people
>I take my new backpack to grab my food, and since i use to carry another backpack im not use to it yet
>Autism kicks in cause i dont want to look to weird grabing my food
>I have a cristal tupper with my food in it
>I let go of it
>it falls
>it breaks
>Now everyone is silent and i remind you this is a BIG ASS lunch room filled with people
>everyone is looking at me
>succubus says "were your friends? someone go for the brum and other the one pick it up"
>"n-naa i can do it" while making a smile
>I smile always im nervous or sad or dont know what to do
>i pick it up and the whole time everyone is looking at me
>I lost my food, I humiliated myself infront of everyone
<I want to fucking kill myself


btw im smiling rn cause I notice how fucking good i can write


I avoid going to the break/lunch room if there are other people in it on mine and never eat anything on the job. Maybe I'll chug some coffee at most and then get out there quick when no one else is in there. I survive by treating avoiding everyone else like a part of the job description as nothing good has ever come out of associating with any of them. I wouldn't even like any of them anyways and don't up front either so it's not hard.


Colleague's last day was today. We had worked closely together for around seven months. He was a very interesting person and while we worked he would just talk about himself and his past experiences while I silently listened. He was nearly forty years old and single, but filled his time with a variety of hobbies which I found admirable since he was content with himself and passionate about enjoying life. I would not call us friends (and I strongly doubt he would have either) but I know when I go in to work on Monday I will feel a little more alone in this world.


I'm moving out October 1st into a boarding house.

I have a nice private room near the attic behind two doors. Hopefully I don't lose my job and become homeless.


I'm a month into my airport retail job now, I lucked out into getting put in the shops where barely anyone goes to.
I also get to practice speaking Japanese to tourists since most flights on my side go to Asia which is something I've been learning that's been fun so far in my uneventful life.
Every other week though, a ballbusting fat whale of a bitch feels the need to send commands my way all day since I apparently look like I'm "slacking off too much"
I don't get why the hell she has to be so tense and strict, she isn't even a real manager but an assistant. I feel like all fucking succubi seem to abuse any amount of power they're allowed to have and it really drives me up the fucking wall sometimes.
Like most of the time, the shops are pretty much vacant, most of the shelves are already stocked and I'm figuratively eating out of my nose for most of my shift. Why not just relax? Why does her retarded brain think that we must do something all the time or look as though we're busy? Fuck I wish she just broke her fucking leg so I don't have to put up with her.


So I'm getting this job for a liquor store, but he said while hes training me I won't be getting full pay I'll get 6 dollars an hour under the table, and he said hes gonna train me for a month.

A fucking month for 6 dollars an hour and not a full wage? Is this dude trying to fuck me over?


are you sure you actually want a way out? because I can tell you that being a long term NEET is much, much worse. So whatever your "Way out" make sure it has nothing to do with being a NEET.


I classify break time in three periods. Early, normal and late.
During the early period, there's few people, usually 0 and when there's some they eat quickly and leave without talking. So there aren't any conversations or obnoxious people.
Normal period has the most people, the place is full and there's lots of talking. It's not pleasant but the amount of people makes it possible to pass the time without anyone talking directly to me. Half of the time they'll talk about work, and the other half about private life.
Late period is the worst, this is when my boss and other heavy talkatives concentrate. There's usually no more than 3 but they are louder than the normal. They will always start talking about work and then move onto their private life, trying to include everyone in the conversation.

There's no time to mentally rest during normal or late periods, I like to take my break early by myself. But a new obnoxios person joined recently and took my early spot. A talkative person followed up joining him between the early and normal period. This created a continuous obnoxious 'break' time thats draining me even more than before.

My hair started to fall off, I don't know if it's from turning older or stress from this kind of life I effectively spend 12 hours a day between work and commuting.


Why do I wake up and drive to an office building to shuffle papers around every day when what I really want to do is go to a gun store and buy a shotgun to end my miserable, meaningless and pathetic life? I ask myself this everyday on my morning commute.


she abuses it because it is her only chance to show/have value in this life.
trust none of them ever !
document everything save all copies!

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