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searching for a way out edition

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Capitalism is great if you're rich and wealthy,
Socialism is probably fine if you're poor with little to no ambition in your life,
They're both terrible systems to exist in for your average, middle-class peon though


>College debt takes 20% of that
>Rent takes 30% of that
>Credit card payment takes 15% of that
At least you have a say in those. I also have to pay my healthcare because I work abroad/NEET without signing into labor office and would have to pay rent out of the pitiance Big Brother would leave me.


It's all capitalist now, and you're probably young and only grew up in the time when it was under capitalist reforms or full capitalism which is when quality of life started going down hill, but the older generations under the five year plans is when they had constant economic progress, which you weren't alive then to see. This guy goes around the soviet union and interviews a lot of the older folk and I haven't seen any that disagree with my statement. Video is related and in many other videos.

But again, I'm not advocating for that type of socialism. There are many schools of socialism, the ussr's version was one school (marxist leninism) and I don't follow that school. As I have already pointed out, I'm a libertarian socialist, and if you want evidence of what that looks like you can look up revolutionary catalonia, although it lasted shortly.

I'll disagree and say that capitalism only good if you're rich and wealthy. Since capitalism is a broken system meant to centralize wealth, the middle classes in capitalist countries is shrinking and the majority of people are poor. Not to mention the alienated, dehumanizing lives people live under it. But I'll not derail this thread any further, see the politics thread and I can prove what I said if you're interested.


File: 1565757802952.png (40.17 KB, 510x530, 51:53, 79bf90c4a93b7857ad580d4206….png) ImgOps iqdb

For you wizards that don't have a job: How do you afford things like merchandise (figurines/posters/etc.) and gadgets? (Not asking about games since you can easily pirate.) Just curious.


I simply don't waste hundreds of dollars on useless plastic junk.
Other than the bare necessities that it takes to live (at least a handful of clothes, food/shelter if your breeders don't provide this) there's absolutely nothing on the planet worth buying once you have a computer.


>How do you afford things like merchandise (figurines/posters/etc.)
I don't, they're expensive and pretty much useless,I like anime just like the average wizard,but spending money on plastic shit is ridiculous


Usually buy them with money that my parents/family give me,and sometimes I sell shit on ebay

I managed to buy a PS3/PSVita/PS4 Pro/PSVR/Nintendo Switch and a high end smartphone without slaving a single day,quite an accomplishment for a NEET like me.


Fucked up big time. Lied on my resume / CV for a job a couple of years ago, got an interview but it was the next day and I couldn't make it.

Now a similar job, much better than the last, has been advertised by the same local council organization but I'm too scared to apply in case they ask why my resume doesn't include something I mentioned on my previous application. I hate myself for lying in the first place, it's disgusting.


My parents are dirt poor so the government paid me in exchange of going to high school and university.


You're derailing the thread but I'm going to respond anyway.

Wageslavery is the need to work and you need to work in socialist systems even more than you do in capitalist. In capitalism, you at least have the chance of living on interest, whereas in socialism you'd be gutted for being a parasite if you did that. The idea of "fulfilling" work has always been mostly a delusion, if not in the past certainly in a technological society. One of the reasons work sucks so much for wizards is the social nature of it, which is exacerbated by technology and the servicification of the economy, and I don't want to deal with coworkers when I'm working let alone "organize" something with them and basically turn my life into a function of whatever retarded thing I work on.


not true. Wageslavery is a distinct form of work under capitalism in which someone controls your labor and the product of it. capitalism's defining feature is wageslavery, but it is not the only form of work. I won't go into depth about why the rest of your response is wrong because I don't want to derail, see the politics thread and repost it so I can respond.


Apparently they're basically bumping my schedule back an hour. Instead of 10-7, I'll work 9-6. Whatever, I'll still avoid taking extended washroom breaks.


Can you live on $1,000 a month?

Cheapest apartments I find are $300 and that's with a roommate. Is it worth living with someone else?


>Is it worth living with someone else?
no way, human beings are demons.


Depends on the roommate. If you find another wizard to live with, its possible, if it's some normie with an active "social life" you'll regret it.


What's the point of moving out if you'll be living with other people? Just stay with your parents.


I live with my brother and his wife


Probably tolerable if it's a boarding house type arrangement where everyone is just renting a room (landlord doesn't live there) and keeps to themselves, but renting a room in someone's house is really weird. Even worse if it's a normie with a social life (as above) or, god forbid, a couple.
I did it for a while and felt on edge the entire time. It never feels like your own place; I felt very uneasy, like everything I did was being examined and somehow wrong. Getting back into private accommodation was a huge relief.
The people I stayed with got a divorce after I moved out.


I dunno, I can't shake the feeling that I can be let go at anytime. Even though my job hasn't given me any reason to suspect that. I think probably due to the fact that I'm just a replaceable worker with no real connection or ties to the place. I guess that's why I try to not get too overtly attached to anywhere I work and just always save up as much money from my pay as I can. Hell, even my desk at work is clear from personal possessions and looks just like the first day I started working there.


Anybody have moral issues with what their company does?

A few years ago I was on low money, so didn't consider myself complicit in what my company does. But now I'm on pretty good money, and am no longer young enough to be able to use that as an excuse.

Would you think I'm retarded if, for the sake of my conscience, I submitted my resignation without anything else lined up?


I am unemployed right now, but my previous job was really fucked up. It was an HVAC company that was really focused on sales. They literally had sales classes that taught us how to sell extremely expensive air conditioning units to elderly people dieing of cancer.

Needless to say, I didn't do too well there. Both because I sucked at the social side of sales and because i felt really awful doing it. I thought it was going to be more of a technical repairman kind of job but it really sucked.


How come you left? Resigned or fired?


I resigned but I am pretty sure they were going to fire me for performance reasons within a week.


Good for you. Is it hard finding work in your area?

What kind of things are you applying for?


Ive been having a lot of problems with depression and health since then. I have been out of work for about a year. I will probably begin applying soon but I dont know.


Sorry to hear that, but good luck.

Where are you located, if I may ask? Understand if you'd prefer not to say.


>selling useless junk to gullible people
literally what 80% of all companies do
this is the reason why I never want to buy anything. Because I know I am getting ripped off and someone is pocketing 40% profits and comissions as the entire work was done by slave children in congo or china

I also started to get rid of all my possessions that I don't really need. If it lays around for a year and I don't use it, I get rid of it
also, the less you consume, the less time you waste with work to earn money


Thank you. I am in the southwest US. If I do want to get back into HVAC I can probably get a job pretty easy but I am not sure I want to do that again.


I've been doing bus dispatch for a while which was comfy since I spent more time just sending messages on the computer than ever having to talk to people. And since most of the company is old tech illiterates I did my job well and fast enough to play around on my phone most of the time.

But now to placate the oldest with seniority's schdules I'm being moved to a bus stop with no technology or facilities to do customer service all day greeting and talking to people getting on or off the bus. It's almost time to be a NEET again I suppose…


>…so experience is a must
Then fucking look for a candidate yourselves, someone with experience probably has a job like that already, you lazy fucking cunts, and won't bother applying.


The experience meme is really annoying, how am I supposed to gain experience without working the job in my life? Do I have to do jobs like that for free to gain experience? Like an internship?


They don't even have internships. You have to miraculously find yourself in those conditions somehow.
I'd love to go for less pay as a trainee or whatever, but it's simply not possible. Holy fuck I should have chosen some trade or freelance job, at least I wouldn't feel like a useless retard with no skills and "experience".


i'm a shitty useless deli worker. i hate my job and my life at home with parents. who thinks i should try to get a cs degree, starting from community college, so i can break into the it field. is it worth it?


I'm in a similar situation. I work in a supermarket. While I like my job, I'm sure I can get a better one if I get some certs or some more schooling.


i just wish i knew, how valuable is a degree… i got an a+ cert and it seems useless so far… maybe bachelors from a nice school would be better. i hear mixed accounts about it all, some people even saying they got an entry level it job with NO experience or certs… now i have no idea how that's possible unless they just got super lucky/have connections in the field. i couldn't even get an interview with my cert, granted i suck at the whole "job search" thing too…


>NO experience or certs… now i have no idea how that's possible

In many cases those people might not have experience in a company but they have a pretty good portfolio with a couple of interesting projects to show for it.


this is why real work is a boomer meme only
you either trade shitcoins or heroin to get rich
everything else is lost time
you will never make it otherwise


File: 1565998173940.jpg (1.25 MB, 1242x1818, 69:101, c148f8d292360834c5d909d596….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

imagine being a boomer, working your entire life and when you enter retirement, you end up homeless
what a farce


Boomers ruined everything. Fuck 'em.


Boomers hit 40 in the 1990s and it was pretty good


well, i am kind of screwed in that regard, i am a very private person by nature and i certainly don't have anything worth publishing on say github. i guess that is for those creative "driven" types who just keep getting motivated to make new projects… not me. i don't even have enough energy to finish a video-game most of the time.


Anyone else work for a poor ass company? Not only is my company poor, they are poorly managed. So, as a middle manager, I basically can't change anything, and they won't spend any money on equipment until it kicks the bucket entirely. You guys who have real jobs who work for companies that are actually lucrative don't know how good you have it.


To be a boomer loser you must have made some terrible life choices and missed out on the only time where you could actually be 'succesful' at life rather easily.
My parents afforded to build a house after a year of work. I could barely afford a new car even if I saved 100% of what I earned.


I worked on several underequipped ships. It's very easy when you've got
a) offices in another country full of people that haven't worked on a ship approving orders
b) a captain who doesn't want to anger the company by constant orders of high-end shit
Basically shit like safety stickers, paint rollers, boiler suits that weren't synthetic crap were always short - and if you had an inspection at port, they'd crush your balls about it. You would have to prove that you made an order, but then it would turn out captain denied it, so now you've framed the captain who's worked for this company for 40 years and knows everyone while you're from a shitty country that hasn't heard of unions and only thing ITF does are dart tournaments. Enjoy looking for your next job. The only good news I've heard recently is that HR bitches can't just call eachother due to GDPR and ask should they blacklist you now, or after you've spent hundreds of dollars and weeks of your time doing their shitty Spoken English tests etc.
I hate work.


No job no experience, no experience no job. The catch-22 of my life.

The company I work for is so ghetto that it doesn't even have its own name on the building or even a sign, and it's in an industrial neighborhood where even the buses won't drive.

The company I worked for before my current job would get us on scripts cold calling people to convince them about getting reverse mortgages or why they should sell their land with oil to some company that only had a PO Box address and no phone number. I still hate myself for not walking out right away when I did for making those shit calls just to get some min wage paycheck.


Since the moment I started working here I heard a lot about how the company got this big client or the other. Being a small company without many employees, hearing about this several times a month I thought it was earning a lot of money.
End of fiscal year comes and the boss calls everyone into a small room, then he proceeded to cheerfully explain the results of the year. The net revenue was lower than my salary as a part timer. My thoughts went from "I might get a good salary here" to "I hope I'm fired soon to get some severance pay".


It's not crazy to think that most Boomers will end up homeless, they got their money by chance. No hard work, no intelligence, just luck of the post war period.
Them losing it is logical.


this a great fantasy to daydream about, i hope it comes true.


that, and they're getting old, and their kids hate them


Ever have those times where something really puts a dent in your wallet for a huge chunk of money you saved for over a months work of min wage slavery and the little motivation you had to work goes down the toilet? Being a part time retail monkey I barely have the energy for as it is went from bad to "nauseating marry go round" experience bad. I wanna quit but I know it'll be worse since I don't have that huge cushion to fall back on and as I just experienced it can all be gone in a second.


Are there any jobs with either better hours or better money in your area? Normgroid tier advice, i know, but it may be worth looking for another.

I know the feeling, though

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