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searching for a way out edition

previous >>200881


I already got out this year


currently working the return desk at a department store in the mall. It is not a wizardly job at all. I don't know how much longer I will last but i'm milking it for all the money i can right now. People never cease to amaze me with how stupid they are.


File: 1563361703488.jpg (84.52 KB, 620x827, 620:827, 1536062826986.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>system fucks up yesterday while doing work on my computer because of power outages
>coworker tries to fix it, seemingly does so
>come into work this morning to see several angry emails about it from a different coworker who had to fix it overnight because the coworker who used my computer to "fix" it just made it worse
>now look like an idiot and can't explain any of it without looking like I'm just trying to shift blame
I've been here 15 minutes and already wish I'd called in


I work as overnight security. Not really slaving, I only work 2 days a week. I am pretty happy.


Just received an email back from my job application. Too scared to look at it right now but my heart is beating so fast and I feel terrified and full of panic.


Good luck. I hope it works out and is a good job!


Thank you Wiz. I'm not quite sure whether it's a "succubus's job", as lot of jobs like Administrator or whatever seem to be taken only by succubi. It's similar to that but I guess I'll find out.


Yeah I guess next time you won’t let him fix it on your computer then


Well I didn't get accepted for an interview. What's worse is that every single one of my answers was rated 1 out of a possible 7 in terms of their quality. The answer word limit was something like 350, and I didn't want to bore them so I tried to be concise and wrote about 150 in each case on average. Pretty disappointed to be honest.


they graded it like a school exam? what a bunch of assholes

well at least you got some kind of feedback, however un-helpful it was


I would have loved some feedback, but all I got was a message saying your submission was unsuccessful and a string of 1 out 7s. This was for a job that paid £17k (~$21k) and required no real qualifications or specific skills. Oh well.


Anyone here have any strategies for dealing with workplace bullying? I’m about to quit my job over it.

I’m undertrained and expected to be an expert on everything. My boss constantly forces me to stay back after hours. Unloading of course. And I have peer who’s made it his mission to single me out and humiliate me at every turn.


just show up for work but don't put effort or care what happens just show up and waste time. do not quit just hang out until they fire you. this way you can collect unemployment after while u try to find a different job if thats what u want. if not u still can collect some free money for a bit after being fired.


>I’m about to quit my job over it.
I did just that.


what i am doing is just do everything slowly, take my sweet ass time so i'm still "working" and on the clock but i don't do very much

whenever someone criticizes me and says "you need to be quicker" i just say "sorry" and keep on going slow

for weeks i've been doing it, we're unionized so i think they are a bit scared to fire me


I went through the exact same situation.

I just stopped going in and quit. Don't do that force them to fire you get unemployment. And beat the ass of the bully. Fuck workplace bullying it's pathetic


I also always regret trusting co-workers.


I'm going through similar, I will try the stand up for yourself and confront them strategy, I'll let you know what comes of it. Unfortunately if I get fired I have little hope of finding another job in my field (engineering) after it took a long time to find one after university. Normalscum at my work picked up on my atrophied social skills, speech impediment, social anxiety, depression, self hatred etc, and are relentless with the passive aggressiveness, mocking. I can't believe I underestimated the vile, malignant, malevolent nature of normalfags. I will ask the main perpetrator why he is a massive cunt, then remind him I am larger and would easily smash his face in during a fight. Being bullied at 24 by normalscum has awoken something buried deep within me, perhaps it was for the best. I have absolutely nothing to lose.


File: 1563533970229.jpg (53.03 KB, 640x478, 320:239, zellers-family-restaurant.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You have several options. One is what >>204246 outlined. Worth it, if you want unemployment.

Or you could just quit. Giving two weeks notice is preferable, but you can just stop showing up.

You could also bring your concerns to a manager. Preferrably a different one from the dickhead one you mentioned in your post. Say you'd like more training, and a coworker is harassing you.

You could also keep this one and look for another job. I would do this if i were in your position.


Half of the office will start their vacation this week. Everyone has 4 weeks of paid vacation to enjoy as they prefer during the summer plus 2 or 3 more during the rest of the year.
I'm only allowed to take 2 weeks of unpaid vacation in august, while earning 1/3 the salary. Internships are modern day legal slavery


File: 1563789585826.jpg (99.33 KB, 677x631, 677:631, 1463623981825.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think one of my coworkers is conspiring against me. I legitimately don't know if I'm being paranoid or if he's actually doing it and I'm frustrated and confused.

He's worked with my father before and the two disliked each other, now my father is at a different job and I work with the guy instead. He's generally very curt with me and was previously ordered to teach me/a different new hire some stuff about the job a while back, putting him behind on work. In the last few weeks I've noticed an uptick in stuff I've "messed up" that he's emailing me telling me to take care of, but when I actually check it there's no way I caused it and the fix is extraordinarily simple. The last time it happened I even had two other people check it out because I couldn't see what the hell went wrong to cause the issue in the first place, and they couldn't understand either. This incident is what made me begin to think he's doing it on purpose.

Every time this guy emails me he CCs all of our supervisors so now there's a trail of emails directly accessible by our bosses where he looks good for catching stuff and I look like a fucking idiot. I haven't been replying to them because I'm not sure what to say (I'm sure this was a mistake) and just silently fixed them. There's a user log for all changes to the system so if it came down to it the logs could be searched to definitively find each change a specific user made to the system, but it's hard to discern context/intent.

I suspect he's intentionally creating problems or finding unrelated ones and attributing them to me because he dislikes me and/or my father. Am I mentally unraveling and deluding myself or is there a way to actually find out for sure? I have no idea what to do. If I just wait and let the situation advance then I'm letting him walk all over me and giving him time to spin more webs (if he is planning), but if I confront him it would definitely piss off a lot of people which I want to avoid. Quitting/finding another job is not an option.


maybe he is conspiring against you. ofc we can only see your perspective here.

if it was me i would try to get some coworkers on my side, complain about him to them while still fixing everything he sends me. that way if push comes to shove i have allies who can back me up who know what i'm experiencing

not necessarily complaining to bosses but if there's anyone there you're friendly with, just mention the situation to them from time to time, they can potentially vouch for you

otherwise, maybe you can complain to a supervisor, preferably with some evidence of problems you're being blamed for that weren't caused by you

either way i wouldn't confront him directly


File: 1563802993969.png (68.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1456851809580.png) ImgOps iqdb

>get hired
>contract signing gets delayed, miss one payday
>unlucky starting a week before next payday, no pay again
>this month its vacation period and they move payouts to the next month because 'extra administration'
>already running out money months ago


If you use a temp agency always have a month+ in funds on hand, I've had to wait up to two because they required stupid shit like useless paperwork and drug tests and TB vaccines.


it wasnt even through an agency its just a parttime/zerohour contract where I have to fill in the hours i work and they have to be approved by a manager before they can get payed out. and they always take a few weeks to approve them. it should eventually work out I guess and stop mattering, just a painful start.


File: 1563817672755.jpg (108.51 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, MV5BMTU5NDEwNzE4NV5BMl5Ban….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


In a recent meeting, a coworker told a harmless joke about a set of recent administrative fuckups. The joke was essentially "yes we fucked up and yes it's coming out of your salary." Standard work joke.

Another co-worker across the table responded, "you shouldn't say things like that to Anon. One day he'll come in here and shoot us all."

Don't think that's a standard work joke.


File: 1563897899496.jpg (322.48 KB, 1000x1201, 1000:1201, 1563822399796.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Will we all be slaves in our lifetimes?


Can you file a complaint? That's over the line.


he needs to thats fucked up



If I have more days like I did today, it won't be long before I exit this thread and start posting in NEET threads again.


What happened, wizzie?


Got embarrassed in front of the entire office. Starting to become the office pariah again. I thought this job would turn out differently, but nope. Same shit, different office. Ready to drop out of the workforce altogether and become a vandweller, living off my savings which is around $100k USD.


File: 1564010049202.jpg (28.23 KB, 320x231, 320:231, 1563887818498.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I work overnights at a supermarket. The deli department comes in our cooler and takes as much produce as they want, without OKing it with me or scanning it through. They have been doing it since I came over 2 years ago.

Last week, I started leaving a note, saying what I suspect they were taking. Apparently my boss will have a meeting with the deli crew this evening about it.

I feel bad ratting them out, but they should follow protocol


Other employees stealing from your employer are directly endangering your livelihood.


Quite soulless


Got a job in security desk-ing.

Work from 11pm to 7am. It's been great.


That's what I'm figuring. If I were doing something similar, I'd expect to be told about it. And it would be affecting the livelihood of people who work in the department.

How so? My boss told me to do it earlier, but I hesitated doing it until it got extremely bad. I don't want to get into shit because someone else isn't doing their job properly.



Cover your ass.

Those guys wouldn't hesite one second to throw you under the bus if it came down to you vs them.

Don't listen to that white knight guy that replied.


I agree. The deli people not doing their job sounds soulless


People who snitch are usually psycopaths who enjoy other's suffering


Getting drunk on a worknight isn't a good sign. This is what I did on previous jobs right before quitting.

I think I'm starting to mentally check out of my job. Now it's only a matter of time before I actually check out of my job and put in my two-week's notice.


Protecting one's ass =/= enjoying it


How is it snitching in that case?


out of curiosity, how long do you usually last before quitting?


6-12 months unless the job is really bad. I'm at the 9 month now and am starting to burn out like I always do at this time. I've never lasted an entire year at one job and I've been working since 1999 (professional jobs since 2007).


I wouldn't recommend dropping out completely, since without a source of income that amount of savings would slowly dwindle overtime. Maybe you could look into some part-time job then if you don't like you current one?


23 anyone still living with their parents??? i never even had my own room bros


Im 32, i own a house/live by myself. I have 4 bedrooms and only use 1. I dont go out often.
House was givin to me


can i live with you


Fuck off wizkid.


Why do you reveal yourself so easily?


File: 1564227436423.jpg (112.74 KB, 737x768, 737:768, NRPPlC0yfSHbnAWnNbUDo2WdpL….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wondering if I should continue my "career" in a sector that's dying for Europeans, and especially ones from my country.
It's contractor work, basically 2-6 months of prison at the time, while the work isn't hard, you spend 24 hours 7 days of the week in the workplace, and usually up to 8 (but with my luck it's been 12) hours daily actually working. It's maritime transport.
I think the conditions are getting worse - mostly because the pays stagnated, so the catering department CAN find better work in hotels. With food and people being shit usually, sleep being interrupted more often than not, you spending every hour in a LOUD place (vents, the engine, other people), offices demanding stuff from you which can and results in accidents (keeping the schedule against bad weather) I've quickly started to wonder if money's worth the effort or should I maybe embrace minimalist lifestyle and try to make the best of it. I'm not gonna be able to afford early retirement, I'm not gonna be able to afford a house in the forest away from everyone, unless I literally spend 8 months away from home every year, get a big loan (not happening), and not have a terrible accident, or even a normal one that will no longer qualify me for a health certificate (losing a finger or two is enough for that, and when the ship is rolling trust me it's easy to accidentally grab a frame of a metal door someone forgot to secure.
Plus there's all this responsibility and chance to fuck things up. It's basically only good work on offshore vessels (which are hard to get into, basically I'd have to spend most of my savings just to get the certifications and then still get jack shit in return if I'm not lucky) or companies that probably prefer employees from a country that's not shitting out graduates with no actual experience in their mid 20's. Cheap labor they get from the east.
I'm thinking of calling it quits, and pursuing a wizjob - nighttime security, warehouse, maybe learn programming/Blender to make freelance a pie in the sky dream. I got into this job for money, but before I could earn this money, I was already too old to really care about things. So now I can finally afford a gaming PC.. whoop de fucking doo if I have a hard time playing a game for 15 minutes. I can afford to play Paintball… great, except the community is dead over here and it's no longer worth it if I have to drive 2 hours to the nearest field. I can afford a second-hand car… wow, but I don't ever drive anywhere anyway so might as well just get an app for those "rent a car" things.
I fucked up.


I do, had a room since I was 14. I don't see a point in moving out if you can't move into a higher standard place. I can't, because that would take hundreds of thousands, a 4m x 4m room I have is hard to top, when you're probably cattle by top 1% standards.


I regret having an office job. I feel constant tension because there is a potential of social interaction all the time, and I'm within the field of view of at least 5 people all the time. My desk is practically in front of the door and I'm the first thing people notice when they come in.
The anxiety doesn't go away after work too, only on weekend days can I finally breathe calmly and not feel my heart beat all the time.


Next shift starts in an hour. I'm tired.

Let's see what bullshit is happening today.


How did you get into maritime transport? I'd like to work on a ferry boat in some isolated town.


Who gave it to you?


Office jobs are a special kind of hell. You're pretty much forced to be in close proximity to normans and god forbid you have some sort of social anxiety or an introver, you better learn to hide it well or you'll be instantly labeled at that weirdo autist who's silent and doesn't talk to others.


I drive a truck; I’d recommend it to a lot of you guys. I still have to deal with people every day but it’s far less. Also, be prepared to live in a truck with another person at least a month while training. It was horrible.


File: 1564290349828.jpg (32.65 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1556183079415.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have very little interaction with my coworkers, as i work overnights. Even that seems like too much.

At least once a week, smeone from another department has a habit of coming in when I'm busy doing work and talking at length about whatever video games he's playing. He goes on for at least a half hour, despite me giving various "fuck off, i'm not interested" vibes. Also, a few of the people i see while coming or going try to gossip about other people in the store. I just want to be left alone


At least you seem approachable. Think of the 30 minute interaction as part of the job and maintenance upkeep that is annoying yet necessary. Remember that people being friendly is the lesser evil of the alternative of being an actual outcast that will sooner or later be targeted for his asocial ways.


Never work for retail distribution…or in a distribution center in general. They will constantly treat you like less of a human & it sucks.


This, do not be an edgy retard and be grateful they make the social grooming themselves by ranting to you.


Maritime Academy, they fix you up with all the certificates you need to be a Ordinary Seaman. If the market was better, you'd need even less than that to be a Deck Hand.
Ferry boat in some isolated town sounds good. I was working in Norway for some time, and envied their ferry/small boat infrastructure. My country doesn't have that, despite having both rivers and sea access.


I work in a distribution center and for us this only really applies to the bottom feeders doing unskilled labor like material handling. And even then unless you're some drooling temp doing putaway for a month you'll have your ass covered by the union and get away with literally anything. I've seen middle-aged coworkers blatantly talk down to their supervisors and disrespect them and nothing happens because of the union. Half of our staff would be booted out on their asses in under a week otherwise.

What experiences have you had with being mistreated?


What is your biggest problem with your job?

What change to that problem would satisfy you?

e.g. working hours, salary


not working


File: 1564365112597.jpg (18.38 KB, 164x175, 164:175, 1553456708729.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just let em rant until they get bored and fuck off. Like you say, it seems like part of the job. I still find it annoying. Guess it beats "being the quiet, unapproachable guy."

Can you explain yourself?


>What is your biggest problem with your job?
The general toll that working full-time takes on my emotional well-being.

>What change to that problem would satisfy you?

Working 3-4 days MAX instead of 5-6 every week.


Also, being able to work from home would help immensely because it would give me more free time before and after work and lower my anxiety levels that stem from being surrounded by other people all day.


People tend to avoid talking to me but some will rant to me even if I have nothing to say just because I listen I guess. I'm borderline quiet unapproachable guy and now like to give off that vibe since I have no reason not to. I don't want to associate with all those snakes. Who knows what agendas they have if they somehow become a friend enough to talk to you outside of work. I need to really trust the person.


This. Also wouldn't hurt to get some UBI so if I decide that I need some frugal time off, I can, without wondering if I starve at the end of it because it takes months to find work again.


Ah, I got you now. I am like you. I tend to keep to myself, as I have nothing to say, nor do I really want to interact with anyone outside my parents or if someone wants to talk about work.

That being said, I must come across as either approachable or being a good listener, given how often that guy comes in and rants about himself. It's weird.


quston: What happens if the truck gets problems, do you have to know how to fix anything?
I got the certs from my consript service but i'm not a car guy so i don't know how to fix jack shit.


I assume they have some partnership shit with services signed so if something happens they want you to contact them ASAP instead of fixing your own shit. It's probably good if you have some mechanic background but what matters to them is time and money. If your pro fixes will cost them extra delay and money, you'll be in more trouble.


Anyone else just doesn't like to be in a position of responsibility? I've always avoided it cause I don't care much for doing more then what's expected of me. I got an email from the boss asking me if I wanted to take on some additional tasks at work however I think I'll decline. Reason being is that this will mean a change in hours then from what I'm used to and also the fact that I just don't care for doing more tasks. In my experience taking on more responsibilities at work always equals more stress. Therefore, the less tasks you are responsible for, the easier a job becomes.


I quit my shitty warehouse job a few months ago because i couldn't take it anymore. Now I'm running out of money so I've paid for a security course to improve my chances of getting employed.

But the faggot running the course is making us do acting to replicate real life scenarios with aggressive customers we might experience. I don't wanna do any of that shit but I'd force myself to if it wasn't for the fact we had to act as the customers too.

Wtf do i have to act drunk or angry or like a normalfag for.

Cant stand this bullshit.

If they said you'd have to act I'd have never wasted my money.

Everyone else in the class had no problem since they're all extroverted normgroids.


Just push through it and get the license. 99% of the time nothing ever happens in these security jobs and I never had any incidents when I worked as one. Also compared to warehousing work, security jobs are top-wiz tier. Some tips - make sure and try to get an easy post like doing night security or working in some place where you're basically there just by yourself. Avoid jobs where you have to be on your feet all day or deal with normgroids like retail security work, since that usually means you'll have to stand the whole time and watch customers for shoplifters.

Also check to see whether you'll be allowed to bring in a laptop or a phone with you to do something when you're on site, some companies are lax when it comes to that. I worked for a really chill security company that basically allowed me to bring in a laptop and do whatever to pass the time, so I took full advantage of that. Watched as much anime and TV shows as I could. It was great.


Push through, I've got to go through same shit for my maritime courses. I really thought I'm leaving that shit behind in High School, but so far all the shit parts are as persistant as ever.


how long until you're fired after the "stop being so shy" talk by the boss?


I've never been fired for being shy


File: 1564653200542.jpg (163.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1552921296576.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They were hinting at that after a month or two, but I've quit myself. I had some savings and I forgot about why am I earning money in the first place.


how do you keep getting job offers if you quit within a year, and have been for 20 years?


By fudging my resume.

If it wasn't for a week-long vacation that I'll be taking later this month, I'd be putting in my two-week's notice tomorrow morning. The commute keeps getting worse and worse, the office keeps getting more and more crowded, and I seem to be getting less and less popular among the people on my floor. If things don't change by next month, I'll be going back to NEETdom until I'm ready to send out my fudged resume to more employers (probably a year from now when I get the urge to do something with my life again).


It's a complete nightmare for people like us. If I could do my current job from home, I would have no problem working until I'm 65 or older. Instead, I strongly doubt I'll make it until the end of the year and might not even make it another month the way things are going.


Don't romanticize working remote. I moved from an office to working remote as a programmer in the same company.

They still expected me to be available at the exact same hours as everyone else was. People will also talk and look down at you whenever you have to step on the office for never being there.
Lots of communication issues, most people don't know how to write an email, they can't word their problem or needs, they'll use it as a chat and expect an immediate reply. I received constant phone calls for stupid reasons, like checking up if I had read an email sent 2 minutes ago or asking what I was working on that exact moment. They'll have meetings and change your job and requirements however they like without telling you or allowing feedback. This is really problematic when working on software.

The pros were getting ride of things like commute and any kind of chit chat.
I don't recommend remote unless there's a stablished culture of remote work and the rest of the employees also work remote, it just ends up being more stressfull due to incompetences.


anyone know a good security company that has good full time nightshift security hours??


Try whatever company is available where you are at. You're late though, the regulars are returning from their summer vacations now, so there will be less hours available even for the recently hired guys who worked for the summer.

Best of luck to you though, I found it to be an excellent job. I would be a nightwalker anyway, now I even get paid for it.


I'm planning to quit my job on Monday, because I feel like the company I work for is sinister in what they do. The people I work with are ok, but I feel ashamed really to look back and think I worked for this company for so long.

Unfortunately my mother lives with a long-term partner who has his own kids, so I can't move back in with them while looking for another job. Any advice on finding work as a low-skill guy in his late 20s?


You're in a completely different line of work, so a lot of that wouldn't apply to me if I worked from home.

There would be so many advantages to me telecommuting that I would gladly do it for minimum wage:

>Getting to wake up 1-2 hours later

>Starting my evening 1-2 hours earlier
>Wearing more comfortable clothing
>Avoiding nervewracking commutes
>Not having to cross busy streets
>Having way more privacy at home
>No office politics and social hierarchies

As for these:

>They still expected me to be available at the exact same hours as everyone else was.

That's expected.

>People will also talk and look down at you whenever you have to step on the office for never being there.

So people showing disdain towards me on rare occasions vs. people showing disdain towards me 5-6 days a week. I'll take it!

>Lots of communication issues

I communicate a lot better electronically than verbally. Telecommuting would allow me to do more of the former and less of the latter.

>I received constant phone calls for stupid reasons

Wouldn't receive any of these.

>They'll have meetings

I wouldn't have these if I worked from home. Or I'd only have virtual meetings. Another advantage to working from home.

>and change your job and requirements however they like

No different than working a normal office job in my experience

I realize that your situation is a little different, but for me, working remotely would provide so many advantages that I would take a substantial pay cut to do it.


apparently people are spreading nasty rumors about me at work, or just someone who shares my given name unluckily is affecting my reputation

either way, not helpful


Based on what?


Sorry, lemme reformulate. Based on what they say these things? Do you have a idea of something you did in the past?


i honestly don't know, someone just told me "stacy overheard you talking in a very inappropriate way", now i barely talk to my coworkers. let alone anything that could potentially get me in trouble with management. i asked further and of course, it's someone with my name, probably who works in a different department. so of course i denied saying anything like that.

i just hope it doesn't cause any problems for me at work. for christ's sake, i just started working there, and within two months people are already connecting me with some shitty rumors. i try to not cause problems, get along with everybody, not badmouth anybody, be polite to all the customers no matter what. am i really being hated, or was this one person just fucking with me? i am just going to act like they haven't told me anything.


It's 2 am, coming from working 9-10 hours…

Before I faint to sleep, the band in my place played a female cover of "with or without you". It sounded more like a version by Silversun Pickups featuring Cindy Lauper.

That's all, zzzzzzzzzzzzz…


Thank fuck I don’t have overtime this week. These past few weeks work has been asking me to come in on my days off constantly, and so far I haven’t been able to avoid them until now. Feels good man.


I'm applying for more jobs. I'm trying to get a career out of this, so wish me luck. I need to get out of my comfort zone if I ever want to stop being so depressed about this whole situation.


I work for one of the most sinister corporations in the entire world. I commend you for having the guts to go for broke, I resent my job and myself.

Anyway, I can't recommend any jobs to you, but good luck.


File: 1565144512798.jpg (255.68 KB, 811x1217, 811:1217, SnowTragedy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw start wageslaving in 2 weeks

I don't want to. Obviously. It's shitty manual labor in a goddamn warehouse for minimum wage. But if I don't I'll be homeless soon.

this sucks. I'm miserable enough NEETing, but now I need to spend 40 hours/week (closer to 50 if you include commute, preparation etc) away from everything that can make me happy. I feel like I'm on death row. I've slaved before but this is going to be a long-term position. 5 days a week every week until I get "promoted" (just to be a slightly different slave, shit doesn't matter) and/or kill myself.

seriously feel like I'm gonna cry. It's all over. I'm gonna need to spend at least 1/2 my earnings on drugs just to make it tolerable to go to work.

The only way to keep myself alive is to make my life not worth living. fuck.


Maybe homelessness is better.


If it's any consolation, I work a corporate white collar job in a cubicle with a ton of boomers and no fucking lie I envy the manual labor jobs. The place I work at drug tests. I want to cry, but I think I have something neurologically wrong with me where I can't cry even when I'm feeling devastated and screaming internally.

You're one of us, though. You deserve respect for wageslaving in my book. It's probably worth very little to you if anything, but maybe you can view this change in your life as a new adventure. You're going to need to stay as optimistic as possible.


I know this feel.

Are you planning to quit? I seriously feel like I've sold my soul, and I'm not even earning tons of money.


I was promoted to from a manual labor job to a middle management tier job and I quit shortly after that. Office boomers are the worst. If it was possible to be part-time manual labor worker, working would be tolerable. It's either nothing or


I don't know if it makes sense to ask this here since this thread is biased against work but did working help you establish a structure in your life and improve your discipline?

I would like to work but I feel like I am just not capable to at the moment. I can't keep a consistent sleep schedule because I keep taking long midday naps, I feel weak and I can't focus. So I think that I need to get these things sorted out before appliying for work. But now I wonder if maybe these things would improve if I got work first?


Different fag, worked for 4 years when it was either that or the street. It helped my gain some assurance and filled up bank accounts but made me want to kill myself at times. I guess knowing that money was gonna keep coming gave some sort of peace of mind.
Re-entered neetdom willingly and I feel like myself again, but the damocles sword is back again, even if much further away than during my first neet cycle.
Just can't have both.


I'm trying to find online work to supplement my shitty part-time IRL job in data entry. I just got turned down from an online Shopify job so that tells you what a peanut-brained failure I am. On a side note, every time I go in for a morning shift (9-5), my health deteriorates exponentially. I honestly will be surprised if I even live to see 2020.


If your english is good, you could do remote English teaching to people in Asia. There's apps for that. I remember a couple years ago I made like $100 something in a month just by having some conversations in english with people from China. And I'm not even a licensed teacher or anything like that. The only downside was in order to get incoming calls, you'd have to be awake in the early mornings or late nights due to the time zone difference, but it was kind of a fun easy gig.


It's 9:30 in the evening and succubi from the flat next to me are listening to loud disco music, possibly hosting a party, and are thus making it impossible for me to focus on my daily philosophical readings, or anything really. By the rules, they're permitted so until 11. I'll have to go for a walk since it's so unbearable.
I wasn't going to, but I'll have to listen to some black metal with the speaker facing the wall as I get ready for my slave job tomorrow at 6am.


Is anyone here struggling to pay rent?


It helps some people especially if the shifts aren't too long. For me it just meant getting more and more tired each day due to shit sleep until days off. It felt like it was slowly destroying my health.




wizchad 2029


Im stuck in a meme job with unstable hours. Pay is okay but meaningless when I don't get hours. Not that I want any at this point, fuck that place.
With the help of a relative ive been trying to get another more serious job with better pay and regular hours, but ive been rejected like 5 times and to be honest its a pretty shitty job even if they did hire me (which they wont).
I really dont see the point of going on if this is my life.


Be careful with any kind of warehouses. I had a brief experience with that, didnt take long to quit.
Alot of the people who work in those places are extremely toxic. Many are simply too incompetent to do anything else other than lift boxes all day. Thats the high point of their career. They'll bring you down further than you thought possible. And depending on what and where, it can be dirty and tedious work. Never again for me.


File: 1565348546388.jpg (6.4 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 1557174178956.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, it has. Rather, my current job is. At my current job, i work all nights, Monday through Friday nights. I have set hours, too.

I found it harder at my last job, primarily because they would schedule me basically at random.. 10am-6pm one day, 4pm-midnight the next, 8Am- 4pm, one day off, 6-10. That kind of schedule was bad, as I couldn't rest. I'd often get called in on my days off, or have a shift change on w moments notice.

Anyway, I'm meandering about my personal anecdote. It may be worthwhile checking to see if there are any jobs with set schedules. Doesn't have to be literally 9-5, could be all nights or evenings. The focus could improve your schedule. It did mine


Thanks. That's good to know.


i did the same thing couple years back, problem was i could not find another job for a year. shit is tough man, that's a really hard choice to make


Go back to 8ditgag


What is your issue?


You do not understand. And asking this question, chances are you never will.




File: 1565426030181.jpg (28.52 KB, 410x580, 41:58, 9ts8lu5d5hyu5r941jvi8q69eq….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you opposed to all work or just wageslavery, when your work is controlled by others. Would you still hate it if you controlled your own labor in cooperation and free association with other workers as equals, like in a socialist society? Why do wizards here hate socialism when it's purpose is to eliminate the alienation and human energy wasted under a capitalist system, with a shorter working day, meeting your material needs and spiritual needs, and letting your manage your own labor.

The more I learn about the nature of wageslavery and oppression under capitalism the more radical I become to change it, but somehow fellow wizards all seem to be reactionary and accept the status quo as unchangeable.

Is this a side effect of hopelessness from depression? Or perhaps it's bigotry urged by the full force of the elites propaganda machine manufacturing consent to stop people from learning about alternative ways of life so they remain in power?

Also instead of complaining on here you should realize as individuals you are powerless, but in unions you have power and can make demands to better your conditions. It's a waste of time posting in this thread, nothing will come from it.


File: 1565426444826.jpg (76.23 KB, 809x960, 809:960, kzil028v4cf31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Relevant. Replace the left cats facebook posts with wizchan posts and this sums of wageslave general or any other wiz that isn't class conscious.


File: 1565432398799.jpg (6.85 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1556011622567.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Night shift produce wiz here. It looks like the managers finally caught on to my "take a 20+ minute washroom break near the end of my shift" routine. I got called out on it this morning, despite taking said "break" for months.

I don't think I'm in major trouble, as the manager told me to knock it off or go home early if my work's done. I neither want to lose the hours nor this job, as it is easy as fuck, I need the money and I'm too lazy to look for another job. Guess I'll have to put in extra effort for a bit. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


>I don't think I'm in major trouble, as the manager told me to knock it off or go home early if my work's done.

Meant to say that she gave me a verbal warning instead of a written one. This is the first time she, or anyone, gave me a warning, too.

Not sure why this is bugging me so much, though. Oh well.


File: 1565438316450-0.png (150.46 KB, 377x603, 377:603, oie_24RhWLkm8smk.png) ImgOps iqdb

Not this again.


Everything is political. The authoritarian social relationships we experience at wageslavery is due to the involvement of the propertarians in the political system to enforce their warped idea of 'justice' that they should have a right to own property, and so the right to oppress people. By refusing to engage with the system that is controlling you and by being apolitical, you're signing your consent with the status quo and defending the system that controls you and the actions it participates in.

The wealthy know this and they want you to stay in your bubble, refusing to bother to learn and expand your understanding of the system. However, political change doesn't happen without mass mobilization of people and resources, to make concrete demands. Disengagement and apathy are not your friend if you don't want to be a wageslave, it's only a friend of the elites that encourage this attitude.

Also, it's interesting that in every other thread we can point out the conditions that are causing us deppression, but when it comes to wageslavery pointing this out is taboo. In other threads, their specific reasons for deppression can be temporarily solved by individual acts like excercise, suicide, leaving the area, ect, but when it comes to a remedy that requires meeting other individuals for a common goal, even just pointing out the reasons is opposed.


Everything is political, true: everyone wants to be on top, everyone wants his interests fulfilled and his needs and wishes satisfied, all want their position to be the new moral high ground and their ideology the one that dominates society; selfish desires, material or abstract, like influence or self-affirmation, is what drives both the left and the right, which makes them both equally disgusting.
Socialism is not a cure-all like its proponents imagine it to be, it has its flaws which I'm not willing to discuss so as not to derail the thread further and because it has already been done to death by all of its adversaries.
The faultiest part, in any case, always seems to be humanity. Any ideology that makes humans or "the cause of humanity" its cornerstone misses the point entirely. Humans are animals and should be treated as such: our stomachs are bottomless and our intelligence is limited, our audacity is out of bounds and our achievements are miniscule.
The only logical solution is to instate a system that'll oppress everyone and serve nobody's interests, provide no guarantees unless you earned them or are working to earn them, which will put an abstract idea of civilization, nation or progress and its preservation above humankind itself and stay that way until we've learned to remove all that's animal about ourselves, something that is probably never going to happen, sadly.


There is no set human nature, how people act is only influenced by the institutions in their society. You can see this by how people behave in non-capitalist societies, like the kibbutz in israel, rojava, and evidence from anthropologists of other non-hierarchical societies. In a capitalist society the institutions encourage greed at the expense of labor, priding itself on commodities. A socialist society has different institutions to encourage different human behaviors and mitigate the negative ones we see under capitalism, in particular I advocate for the basic ones described in libertarian socialist theory, based on free association, free federation, and mutual aid. Selfishness itself is not a crime, but it only becomes so when you satisfy your selfishness at the expense of others, and only the institutions under capitalism allow you to do that. Under socialist economy you would cooperate with others in your own self interest to satisfy a need not met with your current productive capacities, and a desire to be free. No serious socialist has ever said that humans are perfect beings and that we will create a utopian society, but we provide realistic alternatives to realistic problems. No society has ever been perfect and none ever will be. But a socialist one will have less issues than a capitalist one and be better to live in. A free society is based on free human beings and so with their own problems and difficulties. If you're looking for a utopian perfect society talk to the 'free market' capitalists'. If you're looking for a realistic society, human and so imperfect, then you will find it in libertarian socialism.


sometimes I feel like I'm too pessimistic and don't take enough risks. But I realize that what the numbers are telling me, is that if I gambled I'd be with the losers. The winning gamblers just draw our attention and envy. And its not like I have average luck, but cursed luck.


the fact that it's newsworthy when someone wins at those games, is evidence enough of how rarely that happens. if it happened all the time it would be no big deal. in reality, you have to be an extremely adept mathmagician, or an extremely lucky fool


just wageslavery. Work is alright as long as it serves a purpose other than to use you like a tool and discard when you break.


I'm from a post-soviet shithole. Socialism plain fucking sucks, capitalism would be alright if it was heavily regulated by the country I think. Outsourcing labor and attracting immigrants fucking killed it.


>win something
>country takes 81% tax
whoop de fucking doo.


>Win something
>Healthcare payment take 25% of that
>College debt takes 20% of that
>Rent takes 30% of that
>Credit card payment takes 15% of that
>Land of the free


We certainly live in a society


Capitalism is great if you're rich and wealthy,
Socialism is probably fine if you're poor with little to no ambition in your life,
They're both terrible systems to exist in for your average, middle-class peon though


>College debt takes 20% of that
>Rent takes 30% of that
>Credit card payment takes 15% of that
At least you have a say in those. I also have to pay my healthcare because I work abroad/NEET without signing into labor office and would have to pay rent out of the pitiance Big Brother would leave me.


It's all capitalist now, and you're probably young and only grew up in the time when it was under capitalist reforms or full capitalism which is when quality of life started going down hill, but the older generations under the five year plans is when they had constant economic progress, which you weren't alive then to see. This guy goes around the soviet union and interviews a lot of the older folk and I haven't seen any that disagree with my statement. Video is related and in many other videos.

But again, I'm not advocating for that type of socialism. There are many schools of socialism, the ussr's version was one school (marxist leninism) and I don't follow that school. As I have already pointed out, I'm a libertarian socialist, and if you want evidence of what that looks like you can look up revolutionary catalonia, although it lasted shortly.

I'll disagree and say that capitalism only good if you're rich and wealthy. Since capitalism is a broken system meant to centralize wealth, the middle classes in capitalist countries is shrinking and the majority of people are poor. Not to mention the alienated, dehumanizing lives people live under it. But I'll not derail this thread any further, see the politics thread and I can prove what I said if you're interested.


File: 1565757802952.png (40.17 KB, 510x530, 51:53, 79bf90c4a93b7857ad580d4206….png) ImgOps iqdb

For you wizards that don't have a job: How do you afford things like merchandise (figurines/posters/etc.) and gadgets? (Not asking about games since you can easily pirate.) Just curious.


I simply don't waste hundreds of dollars on useless plastic junk.
Other than the bare necessities that it takes to live (at least a handful of clothes, food/shelter if your breeders don't provide this) there's absolutely nothing on the planet worth buying once you have a computer.


>How do you afford things like merchandise (figurines/posters/etc.)
I don't, they're expensive and pretty much useless,I like anime just like the average wizard,but spending money on plastic shit is ridiculous


Usually buy them with money that my parents/family give me,and sometimes I sell shit on ebay

I managed to buy a PS3/PSVita/PS4 Pro/PSVR/Nintendo Switch and a high end smartphone without slaving a single day,quite an accomplishment for a NEET like me.


Fucked up big time. Lied on my resume / CV for a job a couple of years ago, got an interview but it was the next day and I couldn't make it.

Now a similar job, much better than the last, has been advertised by the same local council organization but I'm too scared to apply in case they ask why my resume doesn't include something I mentioned on my previous application. I hate myself for lying in the first place, it's disgusting.


My parents are dirt poor so the government paid me in exchange of going to high school and university.


You're derailing the thread but I'm going to respond anyway.

Wageslavery is the need to work and you need to work in socialist systems even more than you do in capitalist. In capitalism, you at least have the chance of living on interest, whereas in socialism you'd be gutted for being a parasite if you did that. The idea of "fulfilling" work has always been mostly a delusion, if not in the past certainly in a technological society. One of the reasons work sucks so much for wizards is the social nature of it, which is exacerbated by technology and the servicification of the economy, and I don't want to deal with coworkers when I'm working let alone "organize" something with them and basically turn my life into a function of whatever retarded thing I work on.


not true. Wageslavery is a distinct form of work under capitalism in which someone controls your labor and the product of it. capitalism's defining feature is wageslavery, but it is not the only form of work. I won't go into depth about why the rest of your response is wrong because I don't want to derail, see the politics thread and repost it so I can respond.


Apparently they're basically bumping my schedule back an hour. Instead of 10-7, I'll work 9-6. Whatever, I'll still avoid taking extended washroom breaks.


Can you live on $1,000 a month?

Cheapest apartments I find are $300 and that's with a roommate. Is it worth living with someone else?


>Is it worth living with someone else?
no way, human beings are demons.


Depends on the roommate. If you find another wizard to live with, its possible, if it's some normie with an active "social life" you'll regret it.


What's the point of moving out if you'll be living with other people? Just stay with your parents.


I live with my brother and his wife


Probably tolerable if it's a boarding house type arrangement where everyone is just renting a room (landlord doesn't live there) and keeps to themselves, but renting a room in someone's house is really weird. Even worse if it's a normie with a social life (as above) or, god forbid, a couple.
I did it for a while and felt on edge the entire time. It never feels like your own place; I felt very uneasy, like everything I did was being examined and somehow wrong. Getting back into private accommodation was a huge relief.
The people I stayed with got a divorce after I moved out.


I dunno, I can't shake the feeling that I can be let go at anytime. Even though my job hasn't given me any reason to suspect that. I think probably due to the fact that I'm just a replaceable worker with no real connection or ties to the place. I guess that's why I try to not get too overtly attached to anywhere I work and just always save up as much money from my pay as I can. Hell, even my desk at work is clear from personal possessions and looks just like the first day I started working there.


Anybody have moral issues with what their company does?

A few years ago I was on low money, so didn't consider myself complicit in what my company does. But now I'm on pretty good money, and am no longer young enough to be able to use that as an excuse.

Would you think I'm retarded if, for the sake of my conscience, I submitted my resignation without anything else lined up?


I am unemployed right now, but my previous job was really fucked up. It was an HVAC company that was really focused on sales. They literally had sales classes that taught us how to sell extremely expensive air conditioning units to elderly people dieing of cancer.

Needless to say, I didn't do too well there. Both because I sucked at the social side of sales and because i felt really awful doing it. I thought it was going to be more of a technical repairman kind of job but it really sucked.


How come you left? Resigned or fired?


I resigned but I am pretty sure they were going to fire me for performance reasons within a week.


Good for you. Is it hard finding work in your area?

What kind of things are you applying for?


Ive been having a lot of problems with depression and health since then. I have been out of work for about a year. I will probably begin applying soon but I dont know.


Sorry to hear that, but good luck.

Where are you located, if I may ask? Understand if you'd prefer not to say.


>selling useless junk to gullible people
literally what 80% of all companies do
this is the reason why I never want to buy anything. Because I know I am getting ripped off and someone is pocketing 40% profits and comissions as the entire work was done by slave children in congo or china

I also started to get rid of all my possessions that I don't really need. If it lays around for a year and I don't use it, I get rid of it
also, the less you consume, the less time you waste with work to earn money


Thank you. I am in the southwest US. If I do want to get back into HVAC I can probably get a job pretty easy but I am not sure I want to do that again.


I've been doing bus dispatch for a while which was comfy since I spent more time just sending messages on the computer than ever having to talk to people. And since most of the company is old tech illiterates I did my job well and fast enough to play around on my phone most of the time.

But now to placate the oldest with seniority's schdules I'm being moved to a bus stop with no technology or facilities to do customer service all day greeting and talking to people getting on or off the bus. It's almost time to be a NEET again I suppose…


>…so experience is a must
Then fucking look for a candidate yourselves, someone with experience probably has a job like that already, you lazy fucking cunts, and won't bother applying.


The experience meme is really annoying, how am I supposed to gain experience without working the job in my life? Do I have to do jobs like that for free to gain experience? Like an internship?


They don't even have internships. You have to miraculously find yourself in those conditions somehow.
I'd love to go for less pay as a trainee or whatever, but it's simply not possible. Holy fuck I should have chosen some trade or freelance job, at least I wouldn't feel like a useless retard with no skills and "experience".


i'm a shitty useless deli worker. i hate my job and my life at home with parents. who thinks i should try to get a cs degree, starting from community college, so i can break into the it field. is it worth it?


I'm in a similar situation. I work in a supermarket. While I like my job, I'm sure I can get a better one if I get some certs or some more schooling.


i just wish i knew, how valuable is a degree… i got an a+ cert and it seems useless so far… maybe bachelors from a nice school would be better. i hear mixed accounts about it all, some people even saying they got an entry level it job with NO experience or certs… now i have no idea how that's possible unless they just got super lucky/have connections in the field. i couldn't even get an interview with my cert, granted i suck at the whole "job search" thing too…


>NO experience or certs… now i have no idea how that's possible

In many cases those people might not have experience in a company but they have a pretty good portfolio with a couple of interesting projects to show for it.


this is why real work is a boomer meme only
you either trade shitcoins or heroin to get rich
everything else is lost time
you will never make it otherwise


File: 1565998173940.jpg (1.25 MB, 1242x1818, 69:101, c148f8d292360834c5d909d596….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

imagine being a boomer, working your entire life and when you enter retirement, you end up homeless
what a farce


Boomers hit 40 in the 1990s and it was pretty good


well, i am kind of screwed in that regard, i am a very private person by nature and i certainly don't have anything worth publishing on say github. i guess that is for those creative "driven" types who just keep getting motivated to make new projects… not me. i don't even have enough energy to finish a video-game most of the time.


Anyone else work for a poor ass company? Not only is my company poor, they are poorly managed. So, as a middle manager, I basically can't change anything, and they won't spend any money on equipment until it kicks the bucket entirely. You guys who have real jobs who work for companies that are actually lucrative don't know how good you have it.


To be a boomer loser you must have made some terrible life choices and missed out on the only time where you could actually be 'succesful' at life rather easily.
My parents afforded to build a house after a year of work. I could barely afford a new car even if I saved 100% of what I earned.


I worked on several underequipped ships. It's very easy when you've got
a) offices in another country full of people that haven't worked on a ship approving orders
b) a captain who doesn't want to anger the company by constant orders of high-end shit
Basically shit like safety stickers, paint rollers, boiler suits that weren't synthetic crap were always short - and if you had an inspection at port, they'd crush your balls about it. You would have to prove that you made an order, but then it would turn out captain denied it, so now you've framed the captain who's worked for this company for 40 years and knows everyone while you're from a shitty country that hasn't heard of unions and only thing ITF does are dart tournaments. Enjoy looking for your next job. The only good news I've heard recently is that HR bitches can't just call eachother due to GDPR and ask should they blacklist you now, or after you've spent hundreds of dollars and weeks of your time doing their shitty Spoken English tests etc.
I hate work.


No job no experience, no experience no job. The catch-22 of my life.

The company I work for is so ghetto that it doesn't even have its own name on the building or even a sign, and it's in an industrial neighborhood where even the buses won't drive.

The company I worked for before my current job would get us on scripts cold calling people to convince them about getting reverse mortgages or why they should sell their land with oil to some company that only had a PO Box address and no phone number. I still hate myself for not walking out right away when I did for making those shit calls just to get some min wage paycheck.


Since the moment I started working here I heard a lot about how the company got this big client or the other. Being a small company without many employees, hearing about this several times a month I thought it was earning a lot of money.
End of fiscal year comes and the boss calls everyone into a small room, then he proceeded to cheerfully explain the results of the year. The net revenue was lower than my salary as a part timer. My thoughts went from "I might get a good salary here" to "I hope I'm fired soon to get some severance pay".


It's not crazy to think that most Boomers will end up homeless, they got their money by chance. No hard work, no intelligence, just luck of the post war period.
Them losing it is logical.


this a great fantasy to daydream about, i hope it comes true.


that, and they're getting old, and their kids hate them


Ever have those times where something really puts a dent in your wallet for a huge chunk of money you saved for over a months work of min wage slavery and the little motivation you had to work goes down the toilet? Being a part time retail monkey I barely have the energy for as it is went from bad to "nauseating marry go round" experience bad. I wanna quit but I know it'll be worse since I don't have that huge cushion to fall back on and as I just experienced it can all be gone in a second.


Are there any jobs with either better hours or better money in your area? Normgroid tier advice, i know, but it may be worth looking for another.

I know the feeling, though


Sorry for late reply. Not that I can see, I've checked everywhere but I'd get similar hours. Never went to school or anything so I have no other qualifications but these bottom of the barrel retail jobs. But I'm probably going to go around and old school ask a bunch of non-corporate monolith places if they have anything I can get for 20-30 hours a week (or whatever full time is). Either way all I know is a got to get out of these places. Even if i'm gonna continually fail at life anyways I know I can do better than this under someone's wing that is focused on people, efficiency, and cooperation rather than pushing numbers for some shadowy higher up figure whose getting all the money taken in we get the smallest legal cut of. You inspired me anon, thank you


Never got the job I wanted, but now I'm tormented by insurance headhutners now.



I'm running low on money so I might start wageslaving soon if I can even get a business to give me a chance.
Any advice on pulling a ruse to make it seem like I am only available on certain days and possibly making it not obvious that I am a hermit who just wants money to spend?
It's so horrible that its joked that having a job will fix your mental health, yet if its obvious you are not well nobody wants anything to do with you.


Told my boss I was quitting at the end of the year and told my parents Im going to community college out of desperation but…I just dont see how that will lead to anything. Ive wanted to quit this job for seven years now but now all I have is more anxiety about the future because theres no feasible future endpoint that isnt another dead end low paying job I hate. All the jobs Ive worked in my life have been given to me and Ive just ended up in. Ive never had to pick a career or anything like that. Im going to kill myself soon


you can usually just say, "i can work x, y, and z days." some places even let you fill your availability out on the application itself. i doubt you would actually NEED to tell them some excuse for what you are doing, but maybe "i have a second job" could work. or, "my grandmother is sick and i need to watch her some days." but, you can probably get away with telling them nothing, saying something like, "sorry, it's personal" if they ask.


How old are you? I'm in the exact same situation and I turn 28 soon. Resigning soon, but my boss is away on holiday right now.


>evils of capitalism
to be honest, this shit is present in any system on the planet
you know the christians have the concept of the "original sin"
It is actually pretty accurate:

>get born

>have no assets
>daddy is a poorfag
>mommy too
>I need clothes, food, car, housing, water, electricity, internet, heating
>I cannot produce those myself
>therefore, since birth I am in debt to those who can produce those things
>that makes 2 million dollars over an average life span
>muh freedum
this is why I think, unless you have a trust fund worth 500M USD that generate profits to live off every year, you better not bother producing children because they will die as slaves
slaves to the things they cannot produce themselves, always in paranoia their employer fires them


I got no sleep last night at all. Next post decides if I call in sick or not.


No one responded so I said fuck it and called in sick. The only thing I could think of that would only last a day is a very bad migraine which has happened to me before. When it happened I felt like throwing up, so I just mentioned that I did in fact throw up this time. Is this a bad excuse? I feel like people who have never had a migraine before look at them as a minor headache or something. Does anyone know of any good excuses for a one-day sickness for the future?


Personally, I would just tell the truth as much as possible. I have lied in the past few years and it still haunts me. It's not good for the soul.


stomach virus


File: 1566640135050.jpg (252.2 KB, 800x812, 200:203, 1566361621356.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So the guy I complained about here a few times isn't working at my store anymore. The guy who would come in and rant about video games for upwards of 30min or more. Not sure why, but whatever.

I kind of miss his rants, but I'm happy I can work undisturbed now.


Boy I hate my job.

My boss hates my guts and is incompetent.

My coworkers have taken to bullying me for their amusement to pass time. I'm now the teams' personal punching bag.

Fucking hell, offices are truly hell for wizards.

Does this shit get better? Have any of you ever had wizard friendly jobs before?


So get this. The succubus who pulled the rug from under me when I was applying for an easy office job is now the supervisor of the whole damn department…and she’s flexing that power like mad. I dunno how much time I have left in this company, but it’s not looking long.

At least I can talk shit about the company on here and the place is none-the-wiser.


The Morrowind guy?


>Have any of you ever had wizard friendly jobs before?
Solitary office jobs don't really exist, unfortunately. Or when they do, they're rare. Office work is cooperative almost by definition.
The best you can hope for in terms of "wizard-friendly" is to get lucky and be put on a team that isn't composed of juvenile sociopaths.


Yeah, the morrowind guy. He was going on about another game when I last spoke to him. Can't remember what one, as it's been a month or so since I've seen him


Could you describe how youre being bullied?


I work overnights in the produce section of a local, large-ish grocery store. It's pretty chill. I have very little interaction with my coworkers. Most of that is saying hi to the cleaners, and getting stuff for the deli workers from the produce cooler. Plus, I can listen to my music as loud as possible, or without judgment. If you want to listen to podcasts or the radio (or nothing at all), that's cool.

Not sure if that kind of work is in your country or area, though.



Im 31. Really no clue what degree or course to go for. I just want something that leads to me being alone all day.


please give me advice
can i get fired if i pull a no call no show? this is my first time not showing up at all and i don't even have a cellphone so couldn't give them notice even if i wanted to.

took painkillers and weed so didn't even want my boss to know i was sedated :/ i know i'm a freaking loser but come on


take sick days instead, i think 2 weeks is the maximum. DO NOT do what i have and no show no call, let them know what's going on and kiss ass.

What did they say to you after you no call/no show?


Really depends on the boss. If you go in and tell them what's up, they will likely be more understanding


My vacation has ended I have to wake up in a few hours to go back to the hellish routine. The dread is already coming back.
The last week was so peaceful my parents were out and so I was able to taste the kind of secluded life I yearn for. With the inflated housing prices, yearly taxes, food costs and monthly bills I know I'll never be able to attain it. I don't have any use for the little money I earn, but if I don't work I'd be evicted by my parents and find myself in an even worse situation.
Has anyone been able to escape this life?


Yes, and also it sucks for the person replacing you to have to come in on short notice. Just make something up.


Im so tired of not having enough money, I want to be able to make real money without having to work 13 hour shifts. It's so tiring, and I read these ""rags"" to riches stories of people that started with NOTHING and then after a few small donations from friends and family (adding up to millions of dollars) they start a successful business.

God damn it I just wish I could make it. I have to make it. I can't keep wageslaving.


File: 1566843792762.png (38.78 KB, 226x300, 113:150, 58487494749585.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here, let me explain the reality of life to you this way. You see, your life is sort of like an inescapable game of Monopoly except that you're a late joiner, you don't get $200 by passing GO, you don't get a get out-of-jail free card, and all the properties have already been bought up and built up by players who got into the game early. Oh and you'll likely have to to slave away for the rest of your life just to afford renting on Baltic Ave. Now go ahead and try to win, [i]if you can. Have fun playing!


cant you not collect unemployment if you get fired?


File: 1566970788651.png (27.18 KB, 400x400, 1:1, existential nightmare 32.png) ImgOps iqdb

32 yo life-long NEET wiz here. Just failed to get a maintenance job at Walmart. Convince me this isn't as bad as I think it is; I feel like I've lost my only chance for a decent wage with my non-existent skills and experience.


How could you fail getting a job at Walmart? They hire literal retards and hardcore ex-felons.


File: 1567001807740.png (1.82 MB, 4539x3026, 3:2, The Scream_edvard-munch-th….png) ImgOps iqdb

>27.18 KB, 400x400


not really. Can't speak for US and Walmart, but it's pretty ignorant thinking that nonetheless.


Pretty much all of those big warehouse like stores do and some grocery stores or even fast food (which is disgusting and horrible, do not rec though unless you must). it's all about applying everywhere and being able to at least bs your way through the interview which is usually only one and your in.


I failed an interview at McDonalds, despite having previous retail experience. This was maybe ten years ago. I was in university at the time, so I told a classmate who was working there at the time about it. He joked that I never got the job because I never had a criminal record.

There is a semblance of truth to it, as it seems like they only hire ex cons, high school students, and old people.


I killed the interview but failed the drug test. I thought I was fucking hired until they called for that shit. I was a 420fag until late last month; guess I didn't quit early enough.


I broke a somewhat expensive item used by my dept today at work. It really was an accident though since apparently the item was being held up on this flimsy cart that was missing a wheel. I must have not noticed it initially, since when I rolled this cart with the item on top of it, the cart tipped over causing the item to fall to the floor and get damaged. I put the whole thing back in our storage and am debating what to do.
I could feign ignorance and since there's several people working in our dept. including many temporary workers, it's not likely that I'll be found out as the culprit. Most likely the management will chalk this up to some temp worker and never find out. Or I could fess up and just admit the item got damaged during my handling of it (which is technically true). It'd be really amusing if they fired me cause of that though.


that is awful wiz :( we really don't want to quit because then we can't make money to buy liquor/drugs so we can work more… such is life
fingers crossed and i hope you can make a living while still being able to get high if you haven't quit yet.

WIZARDS if you don't feel like working call in sick. I cannot stress this enough, call them in the morning or something. I missed that one day and didn't call in so now I have no job :/


This will be a short message because I only have two minutes to post before I have to go back to work. This has been the longest, most dragged-out workweek that I've had in a very long time. I haven't had time to do anything except work, get ready for work, unwind from work, and sleep. Thankfully I have a three-day weekend after today because I have soooo much catching up to do outside of work that I haven't had a chance to get around to because I've been working overtime day after day after day after day.

Really need to start looking for part-time jobs because I have no work/life balance anymore.


My area will almost certainly be restructured soon. Another department falling under the same executive was recently "restructured" by firing the entire department and creating a couple of new jobs that could only be filled by outsiders. I know that was one of the options presented for my department but no decision has been announced yet. Hoping to be canned so that I can get a nice severance payment.


Fell asleep at work and dreamed of having sex with my sister and cumming inside of her. I woke up with a little bit of cum in my underwear.


That's a very wizardly dream congrats!


This is basically, as a NEET, what I imagine work to be like. That or a darker more depressing version of "Office Space."


FUCK i want to quit. i wanna quit so bad. i keep telling myself "just gotta power through a few more months" but goddamn, the hours are shit, the work is shit, the pay is shit. i hate this fucking job. if i do end up quitting i'm not gonna blame myself one bit because this job fucking sucks.


How did you get these jobs?


I wouldn't risk it.


How do I lie on my resume? There's a IT job I'm looking at and it says you need some certificate. I did a few units for a cert but didn't complete whole thing. I'm thinking I'll just put them down and see if I get interview.


Overnight grocery store produce clerk wiz.

I had to work last night, despite it being Labour Day. No big deal. I get more money for working it, plus the extra work makes time fly.

Anyway, while I was waiting for someone to open the door for me, a customer asked why we weren't open. He couldn't understand that, despite the internet telling him it was open until 10PM, most stores are closed on major holidays. He was polite, but slightly confused. Further, he sounded like he was from the Caribbean somewhere, so maybe it's different down there.


Usually the worst part of my workday is the abrupt transition between blissful sleep and having to wake up at this god-forsaken hour of the morning. Switching gears is such a bitch.


I think I might have to quit my job before I get fired. Long story short, I was given a project to do in an area that I have little to no experience in. Despite looking things up online, I'm still no closer to completion as I was when I first started. So I'm thinking of just submitting my resignation ahead of time before I get blamed for it anyways. It was a nice job for me too, but I was given additional responsibilities because the person that used to do them left and I really have little experience in his area. Thankfully I have years of savings banked up and I can probably just get some part-time job afterwards, while I figure out my next move.


I was fired from my job from receiving a burn caused by unsafe working conditions. I received a burn on my entire left hand and upper arm, resulting in me going to the ER. Was fired the next day over text.

Made masturbating incredibly difficult, no hand alternations.


File: 1567600969347.jpg (14.22 KB, 210x240, 7:8, nanako-kuroi-lucky-star-21….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Okay its not really a job, more like a freelance thing you can do on your own free time. How much you earn is really dependent on how much time you want to put in. Here are the basic steps:
1. Own a smartphone
2. Download an english-teaching app from Google Play or the Apple Store (the one I used was called Palfish but there's different ones out there you can look into)
3. Register on the app and create a biography of yourself. You might have to take a photo of yourself and submit a short voice speaking example to the moderators so they can hear how you sound like. I don't know the percentage of people who get accepted but it definitely helps to have an American/British accent. You don't need to be an actual teacher or anything, but the #1 most important thing it seems to me is to basically portray yourself as a native English speaker. I actually pretended that I was an educator despite having no formal teaching experience, and just wrote that in my bio.
4. Once your submission is approved you can basically start accepting calls from people on your smartphone. due to the time-zone difference, it obviously means you might have to be up late night or early morning to have the most availability of calls. Usually someone will call you and then you can decide whether to accept the call or not. Warning: you're usually expected to accept the call if you've specified that you're available during those hours, if you don't, you risk getting a low rating from the caller.
5. It's actually quite time-intensive and for the majority of the time, you'll be the one doing the talking and it can kind of wear you out especially if doing multiple calls in a day. So if you don't like talking a lot, this kind of work probably isn't for you. The actual conversation can range from basically speaking about whatever subjects or English lessons. So it can be more of a structured type of call where you're doing a lesson or more of a free flowing conversation with the person. Obviously a lot of the times, you'll be the one doing the talking since the caller doesn't know english that well.
6. And for the pay, it's probably averages to somewhat about a few $/hour I'd guess? It really depends on how much time you're willing to put in, the more calls you have and the longer you keep the person on the line, the more money you can make. But it does wear you out, after a month I just stopped doing it completely because I was tired of always being up early and late at night having conversations. Also I found a better job by then so I didn't need the money.


Thank you for the information I'm really interested in this because I don't have any experience and it'll be nice to have at least one thing on my CV now that I'm trying to break into the slave life. Just a couple of questions though, how do the calls start, like what do you say at the beginning? Can you be a little more specific about how the conversations go, could I mock up a template or flow chart to loosely stick to?


There's no script or template that I used, usually when someone called me I would answer the phone and introduce myself. Then I would ask the caller to tell me a little about themselves, whether they were a student at university, how long they studied english for, what were their hobbies, etc, etc. It was really more about getting the person to practice their english skills in a casual-type conversation, although other teachers on there had things like lesson plans, etc. But I personally never bothered with that and just stuck to casual conversations. And students usually could call you back again, so it could be a repeat business with just a few select students if you wished. Students could also rate you and leave feedback after each call, so the better they think you did, the higher ratings you had.

Oh and you could also actually set your own hourly rate for the amount of money you charged a student, although the lower your rate was the more calls you'd get obviously. This might vary from app to app though. Also there was no face-to-face interaction required, both parties only just interact with each other through voice so that's good if you don't want to show yourself. And at the end of the month, the company would pay you through PayPal.


Okay, I'm starting as a mailman on Monday. Any advice or experience got for me?


mall security sucks ass worked for four days and i cannot handle the constant walking i always have anxiety about giving two weeks notice to my bosses and them asking me to come to the office to talk to me and possiblely get mad at me


If you're on foot: Exercise, exercise, exercise. Put some money in to custom fitted shoes (your employer should pay for all or half). If you're not used to walking many miles without a break every day, you'll have a hard time keeping up. Even if your route isn't all that long, the accumulated distance of the driveways and walkways of each house could triplify the steps needed. look at >>207011 . he's already tired after only walking on one property. You have to cover several

If you're just driving then enjoy eazy job


I don't mind the walking. I enjoy hiking and running + I walked every day on my previous job. I'm more scared of having to interact with all the normies. You still have to ring a lot of households for packages and stuff.


I'm now planning to have November 1st be my last day at my current job. At least now there will be a light at the end of this tunnel that keeps getting darker.


File: 1567984053410.jpg (48.91 KB, 300x345, 20:23, A62E393307C94FEA947BB03E02….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I should be fairly content with my night shift job, I get to bring a laptop I bought with one of my salaries and just watch movies and TV shows, maybe play the occasional old vodeo game, while saving up very little and helping the family with bills. The thing is, I could get used to this life, but the problem is that I am a very impressionable guy, and everyone around me keeps saying that "I can't keep doing this kind of job", "I have to up the ranks and find a better paying job" and this fills me with dread and an awful sense of urgency that pretty much ruined the comfy atmosphere that I created for myself in the few hours of my shift. The worst part? They're right. I'm gonna be fucked big time once my family dies, I have absolutely no chance to live on my own with my meager salary and with the crippling job crisis in my country, coupled with my unwillingness to learn a trade or even go to the university, I realized that at 25 I am probably looking at a decade of this AT BEST, before I eventually remain alone and off myself somewhere.


I wish remote jobs you can do from a home office were more common

I feel like they could be very common except people are way too used to getting up extra early to commute to an office type setting to be around people they don't like

and they don't want to change
but I'd love to have a cozy home-office type job, would take a lot of anxiety and stress away from the work experience and I may even be happy


Lol that meme


That's the thing with me but I can't do any better unless some miracle of a chance happens. Only difference with me is I can save a decent chunk and I'm almost a couple years older. I take all the hours I can short term too because there's always the chance that a manager could have a bad week and fire me over some stupid sign up goal or similar. I know I'm not really liked and only kept around cause I'm so useful for random shit around the workplace.

I could also see around a decade left for me to keep doing what I can here and so much can change in just a year. It's scary sometimes cause whats left of my immediate family is shrinking little by little every year from the edges in. I try to keep myself as healthy as I can because never mind my parents. I barely have the drive to keep going from week to week, if one thing health wise gets me down and I fall too far behind then I'll be crippled for good. Once I hit the sick and broke rock bottom, I'm probably going to be too old for it to be anything but futile to climb back up. Maybe I can cope better by pretending my life here is a combination of a joke and a survival horror game.

>>207341 If it's some low level skill garbage I would do that too as long as I get at least 160 to 200 a week out of it and it would stable for years to come with a boss that doesn't give a fuck as long as I do it.


A succubus has screwed me out of a comfy job for the last fucking time. I'm leaving the company I work for and I'm looking as much elsewhere as I can. I'm tired of being screwed, looked over, and mistreated.


Just move to socialist Scandinavia, OP.


>and they don't want to change

More likely, they aren't able to find any jobs that will 1) allow them to work from home and 2) pay more than a few dollars per hour. Trust me, I tried for years and couldn't find anything so I was left with no choice but to accept a "real" job and all the bullshit that comes with it.


nobody fucks with the mailman. also carry bear mace so if a huge dog or silverback nigger attacks you, you can just hose them down and book it.


How many times can you call in sick before it becomes suspicious you just want some more days off?


I don't think you actually have to be sick to take sick days, that's just the name that they're called


What is a sick day exactly? As far as I know I don't have any set amount for my job. But obviously if you take 2 sick days every week you're going to get fired.


I'm actually in desperation mode right now. How did you guys who had a long period of unemployment or never were employed do it? Everything about getting a job is so stressful and it looks to me purposefully as difficult as possible.


I didn't think about it at all and just did whatever I wanted all day, then eventually I contacted some job getting place and they got interviews for me. Still doing my first and only job right now. Try finding a place like that.


File: 1568134236203.jpg (137.57 KB, 1000x646, 500:323, sabo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Need some advice. Been in job for years, pretty comfy but i absolutely despise the bosses and the culture. You get no appreciation and it's a dead end office job. Should i quit and find something else? Or is every workplace basically hell so it doesn't matter. Thx!


What's the average amount of months/years you guys usually stay in one job before moving on?


Hate working with succubi


Quit caring about the pathetic mewlings of insipid normalcattle.


I really hope nobody wayches the camera footage of when I'm alone at the office


File: 1568409531427.jpg (46.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm getting kicked out.

My brother is having a baby, so I have to move out. I only make $1,000 a month and I'm scared wizzies.


Live with a roommate?


File: 1568410573232.jpg (48.01 KB, 447x589, 447:589, 1568256835311.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>getting kicked out because someone stuck a dick in another person
fuck this earth, best of luck wizzie.


Fucking breeders. Best of luck, wiz, stay strong.


File: 1568412784165.jpg (246.14 KB, 1024x553, 1024:553, terriblefate.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


That sucks. It's a shitty, uncaring world, isn't it? No sense wishing you luck, but hopefully you'll manage to eek by somehow, as equally depressing as that is to say.


rent a private room its a lot cheaper


File: 1568424897447.png (57.93 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 2474274328247427.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well fuck him then, look around for a cheap place and start living by yourself. My dad also kicked me out when he got remarried and I survived. Didn't become homeless or fall into any vices and saved up even more money living by myself then I ever did with him. Sometimes it's better to leave then continue to live somewhere where you're not really wanted. I say move on and forge your own place in life. In this world sometimes its best to just rely only on yourself. You'll do allright wizzie, we believe in you.


live in a van/car so you don't have to pay rent. there are a lot of guides on how to do it comfortably on youtube/ the internet


Why don't you all try to unionize and go on strike for better conditions? If you don't fight for your rights then you'll be taken advantage of. All the rights we have now as wageslave (though are slowly eroding away because of dead labor movement), are because of socialists fighting for them.


I have a cushion but places to live are expensive here. With my minimum wage yearly income if I'm lucky with the single cheapest possible option around here it may all be able to pay for the rent itself but nothing more, not even utilities. Pretty sure this is one of the most expensive states in the US actually. I'll take anything really as long as the place has working electricity and plumbing with no major mold problems or anything of the sort. I bet if I lived in a place with much cheaper options with the cushion I'm saving right now I'd be able to live quite well until I kick the bucket. I mean any medical problem that arises might be the end cause of how expensive it is but my that time I would probably be too old and normally sickly anyways so I'm not too worried about that.


Because it's almost impossible to pull off nowadays. It worked in the 50s when companies did not expect their workforce to rebel, but now companies have all of their supervisors trained on how to identify unionizing and workers are told that they will be terminated if they unionize (they use different wording of course, like "your behavior does not align with the company's values"). Here's Amazon's union busting training video:


You'd have to garner massive support in absolute secrecy. Not an easy thing to do when there are cameras everywhere, supervisors watching you, and brown-noses ready to snitch at the first opportunity they get.


For every person willing to throw the towel there's 5 willing to do his job and 10 snitching on him before he does it. It's fucked. Good thing you only live once. Imagine being stuck in this dystopian shithole for more than one lifetime.


File: 1568561123321.gif (1.3 MB, 500x700, 5:7, 1559499851245.gif) ImgOps iqdb

got roped into a dishwasher job at local restaurant wish me luck bros doing a trial today in 30 minutes


Good luck bro, stay strong


File: 1568575186249.jpg (77.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1447575494339_001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been working on a 'zerohour' contract for some months now, where I have to fill in the hours I work and am free to put in however many I like. but for some time now I'm not paid what I should be, I get paid 5 days or so a month, I thought at first it was an error since I just started or there was a vacation period and it'd come back but I'm going into the 4th month now and I cant live on the salary of 5 workdays a month. I put in roughly 13~15 days a month.

the problem is I'm too much of a mess to speakup somewhere and complain about it, I just check into work and try not to be bothered by anyone. anyone had similar experience? should I just casually try to bring it up with my manager or try though an email? I'm not really in a position to switch jobs either as I currently need the flexible hours and lack experience


What game is this gif from?


It's frantic sometimes but back end work in a kitchen is some of my favorite work. It's easy, hopefully you'll like it enough to stay.


Two days ago I finally understood that sketch where John Cleese keeps telling the radio news despite criminals stealing him.


10-hour day today. Another one tomorrow. I barely came back home, rested and did chores and now it's time to get ready for sleep. What a life.


all of us


>>207050 here. Miraculously, things have suddenly gotten much better since I last posted. So much better that only health issues would drive me to quit like I was going to do.


File: 1568679156947.jpg (19.07 KB, 350x320, 35:32, Only-35-Calorie-Rice-Cake.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here live with roommates?

I'm going to be paying $400 a month for a room and I want to know what your experience is with roommates and your situation. Thanks.


Yes. As someone who's had plenty of roommates before I can confirm it can either be a great way to save money or one of the worst experiences you may have. It all depends on the type and quality of roommates you'll be living with. If it's mature, responsible adults who pay their share of bills on time, are quiet and clean up after themselves then consider yourself to have won the roommate lottery. If it's a bunch of irresponsible normies who party, booze & drug it up the entire time you're living there, well lets just say you probably won't really enjoy it very much. So good luck.


no matter how careful i was in choosing roommates they cheated lied stole food bailed on rent on & on & on…
always live alone if you can…


I never finished high school but I've been working steady part-time retail jobs, but is there any chance for me to get SOME kind of full-time job? I just want some kind of health care benefits cause I could really use it lately

Anyone have any idea where I could try to look? Retail will never offer my anything, its like full-time positions don't exist outside of store managers. I'm willing to do anything but I don't even know where to look and I feel like me dropping out of school has doomed my existence to part time hell forever


Yeah like wtf man it's like this website is 99% suicidal people that hate themeselves or something


Today my mother had to borrow hundreds more for something after already over 800 dollars weeks before for something else. It's feels like I'm working part time for nothing now as I have for over a month. Made me think about just quitting if I don't get any back soon because I can't handle this shit. It's even worse when there's this aspect of total uncertainty when your losing big time. Fucking nauseating.

I think to even be considered in retail/grocery stores or not recommended but fast food too. That you were part time for a while in some places. But they are out there, to be a wizard and do them you'd have to become quite a crazy master of a wizard to hold it up without losing your mind and quitting. 18-24 hours part time is enough.


Its so fucking crazy.
I work in company for 3 years. coworkers know that i m weird. But at the same company works father of my uncle's wife.

And guess what. I got to know that he told my coworkers everything about me. Negative things. Coworkers told me that, if they didnt then i wouldnt know that.

He told them that my parents got divorce, that I m didnt had any friends in childhood, that I m addicted to computer and that I spend all days staring at computer.

He is a traitor. Instead of hiding my true personality he told them.
A member of my family.

I didnt except that.

Know everybody is laughing at me behind my back.


File: 1568838321639.png (79.8 KB, 343x183, 343:183, fuck.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally after years got good enough job, low wage but okay workload but then I learn that I will be probably fired at the end of year, reason seems I am not extroverted and outgoing enough even while I diligently do my work. I dont even mention that being men I have to do all the hard work and cant spend my day watching youtube shit like my femcoworkers
this always happen no matter how hard I Try, being someone who is not outgoing puts me in the worst category in eyes of everyone.


>A member of my family
those are the worst


How exactly is "father of my uncle's wife" family?


We arent related by blood, but I call him family, perhaps shouldnt I?


They are family. The other guy is a dick


File: 1569003973047.png (77.91 KB, 337x329, 337:329, i dont really know what ty….png) ImgOps iqdb

>be me
>sitting by myself at lunchroom in new job
>Im sorraunded by people chatting and eating, its loud
>there are some young people with not so young people
>I take my new backpack to grab my food, and since i use to carry another backpack im not use to it yet
>Autism kicks in cause i dont want to look to weird grabing my food
>I have a cristal tupper with my food in it
>I let go of it
>it falls
>it breaks
>Now everyone is silent and i remind you this is a BIG ASS lunch room filled with people
>everyone is looking at me
>succubus says "were your friends? someone go for the brum and other the one pick it up"
>"n-naa i can do it" while making a smile
>I smile always im nervous or sad or dont know what to do
>i pick it up and the whole time everyone is looking at me
>I lost my food, I humiliated myself infront of everyone
<I want to fucking kill myself


btw im smiling rn cause I notice how fucking good i can write


I avoid going to the break/lunch room if there are other people in it on mine and never eat anything on the job. Maybe I'll chug some coffee at most and then get out there quick when no one else is in there. I survive by treating avoiding everyone else like a part of the job description as nothing good has ever come out of associating with any of them. I wouldn't even like any of them anyways and don't up front either so it's not hard.


Colleague's last day was today. We had worked closely together for around seven months. He was a very interesting person and while we worked he would just talk about himself and his past experiences while I silently listened. He was nearly forty years old and single, but filled his time with a variety of hobbies which I found admirable since he was content with himself and passionate about enjoying life. I would not call us friends (and I strongly doubt he would have either) but I know when I go in to work on Monday I will feel a little more alone in this world.


I'm moving out October 1st into a boarding house.

I have a nice private room near the attic behind two doors. Hopefully I don't lose my job and become homeless.


I'm a month into my airport retail job now, I lucked out into getting put in the shops where barely anyone goes to.
I also get to practice speaking Japanese to tourists since most flights on my side go to Asia which is something I've been learning that's been fun so far in my uneventful life.
Every other week though, a ballbusting fat whale of a bitch feels the need to send commands my way all day since I apparently look like I'm "slacking off too much"
I don't get why the hell she has to be so tense and strict, she isn't even a real manager but an assistant. I feel like all fucking succubi seem to abuse any amount of power they're allowed to have and it really drives me up the fucking wall sometimes.
Like most of the time, the shops are pretty much vacant, most of the shelves are already stocked and I'm figuratively eating out of my nose for most of my shift. Why not just relax? Why does her retarded brain think that we must do something all the time or look as though we're busy? Fuck I wish she just broke her fucking leg so I don't have to put up with her.


So I'm getting this job for a liquor store, but he said while hes training me I won't be getting full pay I'll get 6 dollars an hour under the table, and he said hes gonna train me for a month.

A fucking month for 6 dollars an hour and not a full wage? Is this dude trying to fuck me over?


are you sure you actually want a way out? because I can tell you that being a long term NEET is much, much worse. So whatever your "Way out" make sure it has nothing to do with being a NEET.


I classify break time in three periods. Early, normal and late.
During the early period, there's few people, usually 0 and when there's some they eat quickly and leave without talking. So there aren't any conversations or obnoxious people.
Normal period has the most people, the place is full and there's lots of talking. It's not pleasant but the amount of people makes it possible to pass the time without anyone talking directly to me. Half of the time they'll talk about work, and the other half about private life.
Late period is the worst, this is when my boss and other heavy talkatives concentrate. There's usually no more than 3 but they are louder than the normal. They will always start talking about work and then move onto their private life, trying to include everyone in the conversation.

There's no time to mentally rest during normal or late periods, I like to take my break early by myself. But a new obnoxios person joined recently and took my early spot. A talkative person followed up joining him between the early and normal period. This created a continuous obnoxious 'break' time thats draining me even more than before.

My hair started to fall off, I don't know if it's from turning older or stress from this kind of life I effectively spend 12 hours a day between work and commuting.


Why do I wake up and drive to an office building to shuffle papers around every day when what I really want to do is go to a gun store and buy a shotgun to end my miserable, meaningless and pathetic life? I ask myself this everyday on my morning commute.


she abuses it because it is her only chance to show/have value in this life.
trust none of them ever !
document everything save all copies!

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