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I told the police and doctors I planned on killing many people before I killed myself, and that it would happen over the next few days. Nothing came of it and they sent me home
I feel exactly like Patrick Bateman at the end of American Psycho, where he realizes that there's no consequences and everything is superfluous. For all the paranoia people feel about 'being locked away and force fed drugs' for expressing mental illness, the opposite is true. I looked the nurse square in the eye and I said "If I was in the States, and had access to guns, I'd be committing a mass shooting right now" and nothing happened, nothing at all. I expressed in detail how I'd kill as many people as possible before killing myself, and nothing came of it.

And I read about the recent mass shooters, being in trouble and expressing their murderous intentions, and nothing happened to them either. They just kept on going until they did it.

And that's the more jarring truth, they just don't even care enough to stop you.


Can't tell if it's bait or not. Certainly possible, given how shit America is


This was in New Zealand, and it's true. It happened two nights ago and again one week ago. A big reason for it is because they're out of room in the mental health unit.


Euthanasia coming soon?


I mean the "you/OP going to the police saying you'll commit mass murder" bit. I know of the shootings


its because you mentioned going to the states and easily getting a gun. If you talked about it doing it in your home country they might do something.

Even if they did take is seriously they may detain and question you and even put you in an institution for a time.


I did talk about doing it in my own country. I specifically mentioned torching buildings and killing people 'sometime over the next few days'.

The first response I got was "If you're trying to impress us it's not working', the second was just a flat out ignore. They said the wards were full and that there was nothing they could do. They told me to come back tomorrow. I came back tomorrow and they just talked about SSRI and SNRI medication. I repeated my plans to the psychiatrist and he just kept on talking about SSRI and SNRI drugs. The same thing they've been going on about my entire life, SSRIs and SNRIs, nothing more, nothing less.


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>if I was in the States, and had access to guns, I'd be


I live in america and when I told a therapist that I was suicidal they involuntarily locked me in a mental hospital for 2 days, maybe you just live in a shithole.



They don't try and stop you or basically anyone else because the Jews and their useful idiot leftist allies literally want more mass shootings so as to justify their gun grabbing agenda.

If we had sane, moral leaders you and every other admitted wannabe shooter would be safely tucked away in fully staffed insane asylums until whatever point may arise that you were deemed safe to enter society again.


sloppy job mossad


This. Just blow up a bus


in america don't they actually get money for locking you up? That probably makes a big difference. Saving effort in NZ by throwing you out vs making money by locking you up in USA

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