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Does anybody know of or experienced being dead for a short time and came back alive? Did you see anything or feel anything? I’d really like to know because it creeps me out.
Happy 18th birthday wizzie yeah I know.


Happy 18th birthday wizzie


Honestly, I wish I was never born. All these nihilistic thoughts made me depressed. I can't believe that all those great minds(Greek/Roman philosophers, Emperors, Scientists) are simply gone. This materialistic world is hell.


I feel like I'm dying.


That’s a really beautiful movie scene btw.
I believe in a god but I’m not religious. I believe religion is garbage and there is so many how could you know which one is truly the right one? What if you were catholic and went to the Islamic god instead that would suck since you’d probably get tortured for believing in the wrong god


life after death doesn't exist




I hope so. Having a second life is my biggest fear.


If this life is terrible (it is), then having more lives means more suffering, which is unjust regardless of being able to remember the past. Even worse, i might end up as person who is not even aware of it, having a happy and delusional life.


>lives in general have been progressively better
I think this one is a bit too subjective. After all, everyone seems to have its own vision on life and different goals that have to be satisfied in order to be considered better. I can't compare my life now to a description of one that was centuries ago and say that mine is better, there are way too many things to consider and "better" is still a matter of opinion, but what is known for certain is that bad things happened back then, they happen now and in the future.
Also, what do you mean by "better"? Because for me, better is not enough.

>if you're happy why do you care if you're delusional? yet if you're delusional you won't recognize you're delusional

Because i think truth is better than happiness. I like to be intelligent and to deal with everything and never hide like a coward. I'm more positive with knowing reality and suffer than being happy in a fake mental bubble. I can't say i hate happiness but i obviously don't consider it to be the biggest achievement.

>do you have a sense of higher purpose?

I haven't found a purpose it life. There is none. If you want to have one, you'll have to embrace delusion too.
I find life itself to be inperfect and inefficient. Everywhere i look there is good and bad, an upside and a downside and the only way to fix the inperfection is to unroot the problem; in this case getting rid of life. All of it.

Inexistence lacks both of them. And that's truly something im content with.


someone gets it!


Alexei Venediktov (Russian journalist of Jewish origin) is an atheist. He had a clinical death. After returning he told he simply had seen white light and nothing else.


Life is an illusion, and you are a sleeping dreamer.
If you awaken you'll cease to be here, it's possible if you sleep again you'll dream of another.
But if you become aware of your dreaming without waking from your sleep then you can lucid dream, and the world will shift and bend to you.
But that world is not the same as mine, or the same as anyone else's.


If life is an illusion, it's a pretty painful one.


i feels very real but sometimes there are glitches in the matrix.


The only coherent definition of death is the absence of life. So we know that life after death does exist since you were dead before you were born, and now you are alive.


That's not a good defintion. It makes no sense saying you were dead before being born. You can only die after you're born. The time before you were born you weren't dead, you didn't exist, it's different. Something that doesn't exist doesn't die or do anything for that matter, it doesn't exist in the first place.


If we cease to exist after we die, there is no reason to think that we can't come into life from nonexistence, since we have done so before.
If we do not cease to exist after we die, the nature of the death-existence must be explored further.


what about re-incarnation memories that had been proved as correct?



File: 1570203140253.jpg (989.37 KB, 700x5065, 140:1013, 1570130796362.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Still sounds more fun than life in society be it in schools or workplace


File: 1570231258694.mp4 (10.58 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Biggie Smalls feat 112 - S….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>Life after death


This is the most interesting NDE I've ever learned about.


This is another good explanation by Howard of his NDE experience.


I finally watched those two nde videos after procrastinating it and what I want to know is what religion do you believe in for Jesus there’s so many different parts like Christianity and Judaism and even being catholic and which one is the right one you’re supposed to go with?


>returns from literal hell
>commits suicide, the one thing thats guaranteed to land you a spot down there

Sounds likely as fuck


Theres many different types of atheism and agnosticism


do you remember yourself in a womb? i don't remember what i ate a few minutes ago.


The lack of sources and tryhard melodramatic style didn't tip you off?




It's a creepypasta. Hell doesn't actually exist.


>death is the absence of life
Nothing isn't death. It's nothing.
You weren't alive before, you can't be dead before you are alive.


>If we cease to exist after we die
But we don't. We're a rotting corpse after we die.


>Hell doesn't actually exist.
Then how do you explain life on earth?
Checkmate atheist


Life isn't significant. It's no different than the chemical reactions in the sun.

Humans and life in general is a series of chemical reactions. Since the start of universe, everything was predetermined. Life is simply an illusion of grandeur and significance.




prove it


Reincarnations is terrifying. Every time I see evidence of it I want to scream and drink whiskey until I forget about it. Please, for the love of whatever forces in control, do not make me live another life


Life is made of atoms and elements. The past is also proof that there is only one possible outcome.


I vaped super high doses of nicotine held it in and meditated on it. Literally died there for five seconds. Literally.


I am not too worried about reincarnation. As long as you forget about your past lives it'll be no different from living only once. Maybe my "soul" have been reincarnated in countless lives before but I still feel no different than if this is the first time I've been alive.


You should worry about it the same way you should worry about your future.


If "you" don't have any of "your" memories then how is it really you? If you lived a different life you would be a different person.

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