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File: 1568174260875.jpg (112.87 KB, 954x513, 106:57, ruined-city-576c6209145c2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Since the internet is as it was, a place for mistifts is in the great process of dying.. where have the actual misfits gone now?
For example this very site is affected too, in 2017 I could still see various quality posts on /dep done by real recluses but I guess the situation here drove them away.

If anyone of you, "those" people reading this.. please tell me where you have gone nowadays?
Be it other sides of the internet or I dunno where.


They are all around us, we can't see them but they lurk here and there. They stay in reclusive discord groups with no invites. They mostly have real life situation to catch up with now because the neet/nihilistic lifestyle they life can only last for a while, they mostly are dealing with themselves and have figured out that dealing with other people on the internet is not gonna help. They are around, just not frequent because there is no need to be frequent


File: 1568175588303.jpeg (113.65 KB, 1280x936, 160:117, 5CC1A54D-F676-43B8-81CE-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

i wish i knew anon. i always was aware the day would come where the internet would die but it happened so much faster than I'd expected. 4chan is complete and utter shit and has been for years. 8chan was significantly better but is no more got deleted just like that. This website is the last place I really know of. So far as I can tell most people just moved on in life, or they are only active in small, exclusive, insular irc and discord servers that you can only get in by invite. The internet as it was is through. it’s done for and i doubt it will ever go back. Honestly it was such a small blip in human history i doubt anyone will ever remember or recognize it other than a very select few. There’s the deepweb/darknet but i personally haven’t had much success finding any active communities on there. There’s an 8chan still up on there at least, maybe worth checking that out.

I have also heard of zerochan but haven’t checked it out myself.

Personally I recommend you start hoarding content while you still can, before even that all gets censored and removed. The great silence has already began. This place has managed to stay under the rader since wizardchan shut down, but imo its only a matter of time before wizchan gets axed too. Probably will get accused of terrorism sympathy or something.


It's so weird. What will happen when this place also dies? I tried going to 4chan but everything is so childish and repetitive. I don't find anything interesting there. Here it feels more human, even if it's also repetitive. What are we going to do withouth a place to at least lurk? I guess we'll just move on and struggle with our lives. But it depresses me to think what could of have been if everyone had stayed here and we had a nice and clean community. Instead we have a semidead imageboard


>It's another "Wizchan current year is shit, wizchan past year was not" /meta/ thread disguised as a complaint about the internet in general


atleast people are self aware


File: 1568177779199.jpg (195.3 KB, 1000x663, 1000:663, Xpuhil-II_compressed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>i wish i knew anon. i always was aware the day would come where the internet would die but it happened so much faster than I'd expected.

Wow, same here.. 8 years ago I didn't even see that coming. Then sudden and rapid death on massive scale of the quality that used to define the brighter side of the world wide web. I was less aware though, I didn't think the cancer will so successful manage to spread into all possible corners on the internet.

>This website is the last place I really know of.

This site was one of the very last places of truthfulness, especially the /dep board.
This is why I stayed around, but it's sad how ruined it has been becoming.

>There’s the deepweb/darknet but i personally haven’t had much success finding any active communities on there.

I am not deepweb dweller but from how I got to know sites constantly die there on mass scale, even if they have nothing to do with the actual serious fucked up shit the deepweb/darknet is stereotyped for. It's weird.. but I guess it's about censorship of non-normie Internets that are out of normie control thus is "unacceptable".


it is ridden with alt right and 4chan migrants. Sure it's better than 4chan, but not a place for me.

>personally I recommend you start hoarding content while you still can

That's what I already do, yes… if the internet is in the process of getting ruined like and there seems to be no force to try to stop it then no wonder it will be filled with censorship from head to toe eventually.


A very anime imageboard

>This place has managed to stay under the rader since wizardchan shut down, but imo its only a matter of time before wizchan gets axed too. Probably will get accused of terrorism sympathy or something.

I don't think wizchan will die that way, it is already dying and I envision it will die by the hands of what's already killing it.

Look at /b/ board of this site and what's going on there… this shall serve as a warning.


wizchan 2018 meme made sense, it was a warning. Wizchan 2019 is even worse but everyone got tired to address that.


fascinating. i never knew of the abyss. i only knew of lounge which i thought was the closest thing this site had to /b/. that was a disgusting and repulsive sight, i wish i hadn’t looked there. It’s awful. Harrowing and i hope that cancer is contained and sealed by powerful spells to never leak to the rest of this sanctuary, else it will be corrupted


File: 1568191584733.mp4 (3.55 MB, 336x450, 56:75, Dozens_of_Doors.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

There is nowhere left to go.


File: 1568202592011.jpg (175.68 KB, 1787x1281, 1787:1281, comfy69.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Internet has not died. I guess I'm going to be the only post disagreeing here.

>There’s the deepweb/darknet but i personally haven’t had much success finding any active communities on there.
It really has moved to the Deepweb. If you recall back to the webring days of the Internet, it was not trivial to find active communities. You had to search for quite a while, ask around, and get lucky finding a website that had a webring. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that what most people recall as 'active' may be a little twisted. Most communities moved at (compared to today) a snail's pace; however, if you hang around for a week, you come to realize that it's plenty fast enough as you end up finding enough different communities to make up for it. This is just how I remember old Internet at least. I think part of it are false expectations from the speed of modern internet communities, and another is just the passage of time making us forget how it was like. The deepweb is almost exactly how I remember the Internet being in the early days.


The old internet was a shithole. It got what it deserved.


What's surprising to me is how influential imageboard culture has been in society at large. Modern internet culture, including meme culture, is largely an outgrowth of imageboard culture, and it's interesting how it all got started by a group of anonymous outcasts and misfits on a Japanese inspired website 15-some years ago. YTMND didn't do it, Newgrounds didn't do it, Ebaumsworld didn't do it, and those places are forgotten relics today, but for some reason 4chan had the magic ingredients to "break out" and achieve widespread notoriety and spawn imitators.

It was big event back in the day when 4chan was mentioned in the mainstream news, and probably the beginning of the end. Now 4chan and places like it directly or indirectly dictate the mainstream news. The interesting conversations and the fresh ideas start there and make their way to the mainstream media like shit rolling downhill. Not only is the average normalfag fully exposed to memes, in most cases without suspecting where they come from, but mainstream politicians are now communicating using a meme-like format, having shitposting wars on social media, and so on.

It could be a generational effect. Maybe a critical mass of "hip" young people got on board with 4chan at the critical moment when the Internet was reaching a saturation point, and their attitudes became "viral".


Weird.. in your case.
This is an undocumented board but it isn't rare that posts from the surface of this site if not deleted by the mods are just being sent to the abyss. I doesn't really feel like part of the site, it's somekind of shithole that looks like it came from 4chan.

I was wondering lately, on one side it makes sense part of the surface web to move to deep web with how tense things get.
Might happen especially in the future.
But for now deep web I don't see anything, some time ago I tried to visit it just for this reason because the surface internet got so boring. Meanwhile I haven't found anything interesting there and most links are dead.
If you have any onion links to those communities then maybe post them?
And I mean just communities where normalism doesn't rule or sites with interesting information. (Not some cp sites or dms ofc)



It is in the instinct of the normgroid to ruin everything that begins as nice. I just don't understand why so many current 4channers have difficulty to stick to their shithole and have to spread around and ruin other chans.

And 4chan has been very easy to access by everyone since the beginning and no one had to earn their reputation. So whatever stuff could be born there by whoever person.

I don't get recent mainstream memes btw, those whatsapp themed dank-normie stuff aren't funny.


You're just old and stupid. That's it. Not trying to offend you.

Most wizards here post on 4chan,some on Facebook and Reddit. I don't understand that isolationist position. I'm sure the mods agree that's why we have a wiki page and constantly get features.


And this is why we say:
>wizchan 2019 everyone


i dont think any memes are funny anymore. people try too hard to go out of their way to be "weird" and "absurd," all of it makes me groan audibly.


I'm sure you're very new here too


Yeah and we all have significant others and we hang out with our friends at the bar every weekend


File: 1568269916771.jpg (283.3 KB, 595x585, 119:117, 1560380765057.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's just a lull. Things are changing, but the same minds will eventually congregate again. I predict a new golden era around the corner – nobody can just "move on" from imageboards and chans. They change the way you think.

Just stay alert and don't be a fag and you'll be there too.


Not an argument. I'm sure you have a significant other in 2d and socialize on some kind of s community online excluding this one. You're stupid.


Not at all, I'm probably one of the few who even remembers 4chon.



They got tired of posting the same old answers in the same old threads for the same old newfags with their same old shitposts over and over again.


Let me guess, 2014/15 post rodger gg for you. Right?


Yeah I hope you can stick to the argument old man. Sitting on your ass for a long time is not an achievement.


File: 1568307161154.jpg (118.82 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 105.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>And this is why we say:

>wizchan 2019 everyone



>I predict a new golden era around the corner – nobody can just "move on" from imageboards and chans.

You're being too positive, of course I would like that to be true but.. gimme a break.

You are too retarded to get sarcasm - must be a zoomer or some other normgroid life form.
Your trolling sux, back2failbook

This wasn't what the golden era internet was all about, seems you're not familiar.. a larping n00bie, nice try.


Have kids always been this tiring?


You're still not sticking to the argument. Everything is trolling to you because you can't grasp anything. Wheres the sarcasm? You also seem to have autism as you you can't properly do sarcasm





most of them unironically killed themselves
rest of them probably scattered on discords or have completely quitted social part of the internet



This. But I ask them, I know some lurk here still even if rarely.


>ms paint strawman
Where do you think we are, faggot?


I've said this before: the internet has become one nasty, heartless empire waiting to fall.

I feel it already did if it's not going to improve in any way whatsoever anymore.


I agree, I don't see any way it is going to improve. It's a normie social media borg wasteland. A lot of people probably left because it's become so sterile and modernized yet dysfunctional mess that steadily got worse as every normal person and their mother started getting online. Otherwise a lot of people around or when they hit that magical age of 30 online as the outcast tend to disappear because they feel they most likely saw all there is to see on it these days, nothing feels new to them anymore and there's no more point in interacting much on it. Then of course when normal people that would otherwise not be online much at all started pouring out of facebook or wherever other big social platforms they were the internet began to decline rapidly because of censorship and the mob mentality they carried. Fast forward to now every website is a shell of what they were before. The internet despite there being so many people connected now feels so empty. I don't even visit any other image boards anymore, wizchan is the last. It's one of the only places that seems to be full of other actual human beings and probably some of the last. I went on 4chan yesterday to see the state it was in and it's terrible. Either the boards are nearly empty or it's just a giant meme infused shit tossing fest because it can be. It feels like to me this major decline started around 2012-2013 tied into when giant file sharing sites began to get shaky or go down, maybe in 2011 we began feeling the echoes of what was to come.


>Human society has become one nasty, heartless empire waiting to fall.



It's hard to know if there are humans online any more. Bots are able to write "realistic" posts and 3rd worlders lowered the quality to make some of those fake posts seem realer than real. It's pretty much impossible to know if a website is just you and bots or you and others now.

Something awful was feeding 4chan back in those days and 2chan memes were often stolen by 4chan. 4chan wasn't at the front of the centipede even if you remember it as such. Memes aren't even a new thing, it's just the idea of a meme became more mainstream.

4chan's power was technology advanced with a generation learning it. Early millenials had access to fast tech and knowledge to because very tech savvy. After you got apps and plug and play hardware and before nothing at all. So you have a peak generation of nerds because those nerds grind down all the harsh edges which created them. it was a specific generation at a specific time which is why it can't be recreated. Downloading apps from the playstore is very different to understanding hardware.


Internet websites are the new tribes. Outcasts who have no community or identity cling to websites as their tribes. Now you have a corruption spiral where people compete on piss bottles and insert their identities into websites.

Remember when being anon meant you just had to make a good post? Didn't matter who you were or what you were as long as your post was good? Well now you have to be a depressed virgin who hates succubi and loves anime or GET OUT OF MY BOARD NORMALFAG

That's what killed image boards. It doesn't matter if someone is or isn't a virgin if they're discussing something on /games/. It just matters the quality of the posts. But now identity has been forced onto all image boards where identity trumps content and so the content has massively declined. Places like Reddit and Facebook now have better content than image boards do but much worse identities. So instead of having just good content you now have no content identity or lots of content bad identity as your choice.

Oldfags now are either living their own lives away from image boards or they went to places like Reddit or anon accounts on facebook. That's where the content is so that's where they went.

4chan has always been a cluster fuck of noise to signal. It hasn't got worse on that front, it's stayed about the same. The problem is there are now better places for people to post content. Why make memes on 4chan when you can make youtube videos or facebook memes? much bigger group and you can make it into a career. Money creates intensive and image boards make no money.


A very refreshing take, nice post anon. While I agree that imageboard culture has become more akin to idpol in a sense, surely we should enforce some level of restriction so as to not completely shit up the site? Non-virgin, sociable redditors would likely not appreciate the sort of discussion that takes place in a site like this, and would likely contribute to a given thread with the same quality of post than some shitty "meme" you'd see in r/dankmemes (or any 4chan board for that matter). At the other end of the spectrum you have the pubescent child who recently stumbled on here from a manifesto/"doomer youtube video"/crabs.me/whatever garbage who makes a naive attempt at assimilation by responding to every thread with "reddit spacing??? GET OUT NORMALFAG". Somewhere in the middle you have the indifferent lurkers who, for the most part, actually have something interesting to say if the thread qualifies a response.


wizchan is probably the best image board left because it defends it's content by moderating away distractions. I bet a lot of posters here aren't virgins and some likely aren't even male. But as I said /games/ works as a board. The underground games thread is pure gold for people wanting new games to play. The wizard mentality is good for those sort of threads, for the reading threads etc. The identity here creates a natural boundary that prevents a lot of cancer spreading. I would propose people crying reddit spacing or REEEE NORMALFAG should get their posts deleted and maybe a day or an hour ban. Clean up that junk and you have a supreme image board.

Kids today aren't even using image boards, they have their own eco system of chat apps and discord servers. The same way we used to join counter strike servers they now join discord servers. But they join them on mass so they're in 10 chat rooms at once (most of which are serving some flavour of porn to boot). Have no investment in any and no real community in any. The way men have become isolated IRL has now happened digitally as well. But we knew those old communities so we pine for them. This new generation has no community and doesn't care to have one.

The entire situation is a real mess. I would say now people rally around e celebs rather than websites. They watch streamers they think are their friends, they orbit roasties on twitch. They join their discord servers to get access to them. It's almost like virtual friend prostitution. It's pretty sad.


I'm 30yo, been on 4chan since 2009 and on wizchan I don't remember how long. This site is kind of slow so sometimes I stop coming here for about 3-4 months, then I come back and read everything I missed at once. In all these years I only made about 12 posts, I just lurk a lot.
I mostly stopped going on 4chan because it's been shit lately. Ironicaly I started to lurk reddit about 1 year ago, but I don't have any interest in creating an account there, I just lurk some quality subs where people aren't the typical reddit faggots and there's some quality content here and there.
I also used to frequent hikkichan occasionally, but that site closed down. I somehow found their discord, but it's not for me, people turn into attentionwhores on that thing.

I think wizchan is the last kind of site for people like us. I used to think I was the biggest recluse here for being a NEET for 12 years and never having worked, but I saw other threads where people mentioned being NEET for 15 or 20 years, and I thought to myself "woe looks like I'm right at home here"
If anyone could recomend similar sites ITT that would be great, but for now it's just wizchan + a bit of reddit for me.


Even through there are lots of legitimate criticism against wizchan and it's moderation structure, wizchan is still one of the best imageboards for reclusive. There isn't even a single imageboard that could match wizardchan on it's unique culture and it's acceptance of social misfits.




>If anyone could recomend similar sites ITT that would be great
This and some boards on 8ch are/were pretty much the only ones for me. Some of the few places that still kind of has the same vibe as the internet had 10-20 years ago.


I agree, I don't think there's a better imageboard than this one right now.


File: 1568884590927.jpg (380.94 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Metro-Exodus_4K_TA.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizardchan indeed is one of these last small internet icebergs floating around which is somehow usable. However I remember the content in 2017 was much better. There really is a decline and it's disturbing. This site really goes down the spiral.

Discord is cancerous and so is reddit. Sites are shells of themlseves like someone here said, this site is too becoming a shell of itself.

There are numerous factors that ruined the web, all together managed to havoc the internet too fast. Now the internet to me feels like a one big television.

Internet is now offically being conquered by normie hordes, money hungry ad companies with latest technologies, bots, government peeping services and all with latest tech and army of hackers and coders and psychiatrists to manipulate the landspace how they wish. It just works for them, they wont let go and they dont want these free small corners of the internet to exist either, they want full control. People like us even those who will try something will be silenced. We are standing at the end.


>If anyone could recomend similar sites ITT that would be great

Wish I could but this site and board in particular is the only place I can relate to and enjoy. If the end is real then it sure feels like this could be it.


File: 1568965242409.png (665.06 KB, 1760x1440, 11:9, sketch-1568965075108.png) ImgOps iqdb


There's a list being kept in txti.es/chans .

If anyone wants to e-mail updates, please go ahead.


This is the only chan list i've seen so far. Thanks anon.

Also, if you're looking for more sites to add you should look at arisuchan.jp, they got some decent activity there.


I agree with him.
There were 7 chans here on Brazil (that I can remember). Now there's not a single one which is still running with a good "quality content". 3 died for no reason whatsoever, it just went off without any explanation. The other 4 are running, but it's just like a mixture between 4chan and reddit, 14-year old people talking shit to each other and being toxic.
And yes, one of those that died for no reason had a message on the index page saying that we should give some time off because it was dangerous. No one understood what it actually meant.

I remember the "good ol' days" where you could have good discussions easily around the internet. Now if you go to, let's say reddit "internet's front page", people will talk shit at you just because they don't agree with your opinion. 4chan is far worse in some cases.

Am I the only one that thinks there won't be any freedom on the internet anymore in the future (just like today in real life)?

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