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People that are neets/hikis and live with others with no backlash for their lifestyle are really in a comfortable spot. Compare that to me who is living with my parents I'm always scared of leaving my room due to the fear that i'm just gonna get scolded for my "laziness", parents have been on my back for college while I just want a wagie job that pays minimum and live in an apartment, all I need is a bed, some food and internet, my happiness is not fulfilled by consumerism or needless thing because it never makes me happy. I wish that I could be as comfortable to just not have so much pressure on my back, it's so hard living with someone that barely understand you. Anyone with similar experiences? I feel like living a low life is what I deserve, I don't feel grateful for what I have, I feel as this is some deserving punishment, who else owns their own apartment/house, what is it like?


We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. The potential people who could have been here in my place but who will in fact never see the light of day outnumber the sand grains of Arabia. Certainly those unborn ghosts include greater poets than Keats, scientists greater than Newton. We know this because the set of possible people allowed by our DNA so massively exceeds the set of actual people. In the teeth of these stupefying odds it is you and I, in our ordinariness, that are here. We privileged few, who won the lottery of birth against all odds, how dare we whine at our inevitable return to that prior state from which the vast majority have never stirred?


I am, which is what makes it worst for me, I don't know how to be grateful anymore


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you just want a moment of freedom from a stressor long enough that you can finally get out of that rout. you basically are articulating hope. you want hope. but guess what! a label becomes your noose. neet becomes a social problem, then it becomes an opportunity to work your problem and then they get paid while basically you transform literally into a dopamine knob.


>>207404 (you)
>>207473 (sorry)

what i meant is that you are articulating hope aka resiliency. i am not trying to be a btard rite nao ok!


Is that a bad thing


Well yeah that's pretty nice but don't you think there could be more of them?


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no because tonight i will smoke up 420 proper, that means not wasting it and properly inhaling it you fucking morons. actual people died for this too and also because i have this platform, i also need to say this:

> 1 kids in africa are dying because of conflict minerals.

> 2 kids in uk died for the very fact we have CNC machines.
> 3 genocide happened behast germany rule between 1939-1945 contravening the actual geneva convention
> 4 crack cocaine, along with the drug war, decimated the american population (hence my personal support for trump, and fyi the drug war is real and still continuing. if they need to, they will make a netflix docudrama about it easily to prove it to every single fucking one of you moronic scum)

ok enuff said
> 5


More of what?


At this point this is just lazy bait.


There is no way of living that is lucky by default because life by default is shit.


Well, I am glad I am not born a NIGGER! lmfao


More starving african children might make me feel ahppy


That kind of lifestyle is only for few maybe good years then you simply burn out


as opposed to my wageslave lifestyle where I burned out after 2 months


Yet you're still mentally deficient

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