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In primary school I was bullied by 50% of the students in my class.
In middle school I was bullied by 75% students of my class.
In high school it was once again 50% of the class.

By bullying I mean being bullied by one person at least 2 times.

Does it mean that potentially 50% of the people of earth are my enemies?
Its quite logical conclusion.


I was subject to bullying throughout my education until I went to university. Now the only times I am bullied are when assholes yell at me from their cars when I am walking near a road. It happens once or twice every few months.

I don't see people as enemies, just natural predators to be avoided. Where I live that view makes sense, but it may be different where you live. I'm glad I live in a large city so I don't run into the same face often enough for them to turn into a bully. Just a lot of random, unpleasant encounters.


File: 1568420331296.jpg (1.11 MB, 3161x1637, 3161:1637, img_05321.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I was bullied not only by classmates but by a teacher as well. She took pleasure in humiliating me in front of the class at every opportunity.
I think the reason that so many people have bullied you throughout your life boils down the same reason I and many others have; people can sense the weakness, so you become an easy target in order to boost their own ego.


>Does it mean that potentially 50% of the people of earth are my enemies?
No, 100%. The 50% who didn't bully you were probably friends/girlfriends of your bullies, or at least tolerated what they were doing and saw no problem with you being humiliated.

probably. And there are people who claim that's a good thing because it makes you stronger, but you're not even allowed to fight back in most situations


File: 1568498577513.jpg (113.12 KB, 620x826, 310:413, 1555339438423.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you guys carry any weapon/s for self defense in case old bullies or new bullies jump on you?


Being bullied is proof that you were a normalfaggot in school. Only kids who try and shoehorn themselves into social circles where they don't belong get bullied. I never ever initiated any sort of social interaction in school, nor did I ever encourage any. As a result of this I was never once bullied.
Bullying simply functions to remove undesirables from the social environment. If you have no desire to be part of the social environment in the first place, there's no way that bullying can affect you.


I'm pretty sure those kids just started yelling and calling me a faggot every day for no reason, I didn't even know them


Raises a good point. It has always appeared to me that some people are pegged by the greater crowd to be bullied. Even those who do not directly bully the unfortunate victim will either ignore or commend the behavior under many guises, such as banter or as the aforementioned post pointed out, that it is somehow a benefit of the victim in the long term. Just spitballing thoughts here but really pushes home the random cruelty of it all.


guess you never been bullied then it's true gang stalking


Not really true. I was a silent loner in highschool and never tried to insert myself into social situations, and my experiences do agree with yours in that nobody went out of their way to fuck with "the quiet kid who never bothers anybody", but experiences can vary.

To begin it depends on whether you went to a school with "soft kids" (middle-class+/whites and asians) or "hard kids" (lower class, blacks, browns and etc.) For me it was the former but I can definetely see myself having gotten fucked with badly if I had gone to the latter.

On top of that, the truth is that I did get bullied, but I was too socially oblivous ro care. When it comes to "soft" kids they don't do things like beat you up or even verbally assault you, they aim for your reputation and talk behind your back. If you're a loner you're an easy, almost irresistable target since you have no "allies" or "clout". I was totally surprised when I first caught winds of what a bad reputation I had and how much people (even people I didn't even know existed, never seen before in my life) actually did care about and notice me.

Also, bullying in highschool is actually not as bad as it is once you're past highschool. People like to say kids are mean but I have always found that to be false; people become way more socially agressive when they get older. I never got fucked with in highschool as agressively and directly as I did once I was 19, 20 by other people that age and some years older. I'm still the schizoid-loner-who-doesn't-care-about-his-appearance that I was in HS and people now practically jump at the chance to insult me, laugh at me, or try to make me feel lesser-than, and be as egregious about it as possible.


nonsense. if i were normalfaggot i ll be either bully or neither bully neither bullied.


I tried to avoid everyone and never said a word and I was severely bullied.


>or at least tolerated what they were doing
And how many times have you stood up for anyone, ever?


I have a similar experience. Bullied right up until final year of high school. I was treated like an actual human in university, and afterwards, outside of normgroid teens yelling at me for no reason from their cars and angry middle aged customers at my last job.

My city is rather small, as it's about 20k in population. I rarely have negative interactions with people I meet, outside the occasional asshole. It just seems like most people don't give a fuck and just go about their day


worked for me too. i was a ghost that no one acknowledged existed in high school.
after high school, a druggie kid recognized me on the street and said "hey man, you're nathan right?" it was extremely confusing to me that he knew my name and remembered me even though i never spoke to a single person. i gave him a free ride to his halfway house and never saw him again.


I guess you have a point.
I was never ok with it but I was too much of a coward to do anything when I saw it happen to someone else IRL. And I'm sure there are other people like that.
So it's hard to justify hating everyone without hating myself, and I don't think I would kill myself for not doing anything.

Not that you shouldn't hate *most* of humanity though. From my experience at least, most people liked and respected bullies, not only out of fear.


I had a confrontation at a gym with someone a while back. I was ready to punch the guy but then I realized that I'll probably end up on some shitty fights compilation on youtube and possibly get charges, so I left the situation. None the less, I started to carry a padlock with me at the gym in case the guy ever tried to confront me again. The padlock can be used as a one knuckle brass knuckle and can protect your finger from getting injured. Combine it with some boxing skills then it can be a deadly weapon. Yeah, I know punching someone with a padlock is worse but at the time I had nothing to lose and I didn't care if I went to jail anymore because I was tired of getting bullied.


kindergarten, elementary, highschool and college.


In school only males were my bullies

females treated me like a ghost.
Sometimes they tried to protect me from bullies. while only one man tried to protect me from bullies.



No. Try using your brain for once in your life


I'll probably get banned for this but I just realized why this thread rubs me the wrong way. Everybody saying they got bullied in this thread sounds like an whiny, low intelligence, annoying faggot. If that's how they act in real life too then it's no wonder they got shit sometimes. Some of the things in this thread isn't even bullying. Look at this >>207606.
>Now the only times I am bullied are when assholes yell at me from their cars when I am walking near a road.
I guess everybody in angry motorists quarrel is a bully victim now. I not saying that bullying is improbable or justified. I just found your whining funny. Reminds me of that autist in middle school that tells the teacher he got bullied by everyone just because some people call him names.


Despite my quiet & abnormal behavior as a child, everyone else around treated me in an extraordinarily friendly way. Always got invited to parties, other people's houses, or just to generally go play with them. My issue was more how inherently anxious I was as a default, which persisted even in the face of everyone's friendliness. I could have had an amazing childhood, but due to this inherent anxiety of mine I only had an unmemorable/uneventful/mostly acceptable one instead. Bit of a shame, but I guess that's how the genetic cookie crumbles.

I also wonder if, perhaps, the fact that I was one of the tallest/strongest/better looking kids in my age group played a part into why I wasn't bullied as well. Not to mention, I had somewhat of a watchful older brother just a grade above me, so there's that factor to consider as well.

Middle school was, more or less, the same story. High school was fairly uneventful as well, but I didn't have that much experience with it since I dropped out after Grade 9 and became the sullen hermit I still am to this day.


>I was bullied not only by classmates but by a teacher as well.

Yes, my Grade 5 teacher was downright psychotic, frankly. Literally the most unpleasant old buzzard you could think of. Taking an almost comical delight in being as much of a cunt as possible. Just picture that evil teacher from Matilda, except in the image of some old english crone that looked as if she had just crawled out of the nearest swamp and you'd have a pretty good idea of what she was like. My brother had her as a teacher as well and he'd always refer to her as a jack booted Nazi (which he'd always make a big show of pronouncing 'nahzee'), whenever she was brought up years later. Her ire was never really directed at me specifically, or at least no more than it was towards everyone else.


>To begin it depends on whether you went to a school with "soft kids" (middle-class+/whites and asians)

Yep, these were exactly the kinds of kids populating my school. As a result, I never really saw any kind of bullying going on. It probably still happened in its own way though, as you suggest. To be honest, most of the kids I can recall truly being on the fringes were kinda there for a reason. Whether because they were annoying, or because they smelled bad, or any combination of things which made them generally unpalatable & therefore unwillingly alienated from the rest.


Yes. Thank you for outing yourself as being a passive aggressive mongoloid.


there's always a reason why , be it good or bad. If you're poor and live in country with mandatory school while being a white peron you're kinda fuckt in a way and there's nothing really you can do about it. What i mean by being a white is that you can't be in a school dominated by immigrants/ poor because their not degenerate white people . They have a culture and they don't like outsiders that much . They will group up and you will be a target.


I hate when people say 'sense' to describe it, I think that people can tell from your appearance that you are weak, yeah sure but they will also be testing peoples boundaries constantly until they find someone who just won't fight back someone who will just take their abuse and be hurt by it…


Wait till you get in to the workforce.

Workplace bullying is really something else. I’m leaving my job because of it.


I did have to leave one once because of it or I was probably going to get fired anyways. Basically it was more undermining me to shift the blame to someone else if I happened to be around or on a register when it happened. Or I would have impossible responsibilities to keep up with as one person in a short amount purposely piled on to me and then someone would draw attention to it and try to get me in trouble for it which didn't quite work so I got written up the most for solid things out of my control. My current one isn't too bad up front, there's just a lot of shit talking and you never know whats being said. I only know because one dude who of course quit told me at the time. It's always there wherever I go it's just more subtle or up front depending on the place.


>I guess everybody in angry motorists quarrel is a bully victim now.

Has anyone ever yelled at you from a car before? It definitely feels and seems like bullying. In reality some very young guy is just yelling at whoever he sees on the street for the lulz, with his friends doing it to and egging him on. The reason why people do this is because its fun to see the reactions and it gets such a quick reaction and easy rise out of people.


I rather watch them as degenerates, which understimate another person's potential just because of following some sort of filthy hatred pulse inside them.

I learned to deal with it long ago. I assumed, that if the world was going to treat me as a scum, i'd a real scum for them…

eventually all these matters were losing importance to me as I accepted them as soulless degenerates.

Don't wish mercy. You don't need it at all, and the sooner you realize it, the better.


I strongly disagree with what you said about boundaries. It's just a step from "you just gotta stand up for yourself" bullshit.

Standing up for yourself doesn't matter because ultimately it's just a number's game. You want to stand up to that guy who is hurting you? Next time he will bring friends. You think you're a hardass who can take on five people? No. Being bullied or not is not about being too weak to fight back or not. It's about being chosen by the social group to be the target. There was one hardass like that in my middle school, knew some martial arts, but 5v1 they still got him. Every single time. There was a succubus. You know the type, bright, organized, from a better family than the rest of us. Trying to do the right thing, wanting to help the starving people and generally save teh world. She stood up to the bullies, she got into her head by a hammer. Don't know what happened to her afterwards. Don't care.

Obviously the things I mentioned might seem a bit extreme, but I am from eastern europe. Things are different here. That I understand and just for the record I am not trying to say that people who got bullied in a less physical way didn't really get bullied or anything like that, don't get me wrong.

It just really insults me so, so, SO deeply when people claim bullying is the victim's fault for not fighting back.


>An eye for an eye only makes the world blind


File: 1574108608328.png (427.61 KB, 680x797, 680:797, A54297DF-5B6C-4141-A1A0-8A….png) ImgOps iqdb

I agree with you.
I’m pretty sure anyone’s parents have talked to them about being bullied or anything, not because it didn’t use to exist, but because:
a) They were the bullies themselves
b) They had something that stopped people from messing with them or
c) They fought back, even if they lost
When I was a manlet kid, my mother always told me that if I let the other kids bother me, the would beat the living shit out of me.
Most of the time I didn’t win, but at least that gave me some respect. It’s not the same to be a fag and let people punch you and do anything about it than to be beaten up but at least give some kid a blackeye or something.
From my point of view, bullying is more like a natural selection thing (although we live in an artificial selection environment), but nowadays kids are too pussies for coping with something like that.


>From my point of view, bullying is more like a natural selection thing
I agree with you. And if we were both classmates in the same school, and if I would shoot up that school - you would be the first on the list


>and if I would shoot up that school - you would be the first on the list

most mass shooters were not only not bullied but were themselves the bullies, like the trenchcoat mafia douchebags. "muh victims taking revenge on muh society" its a hollywood myth and i am kinda tired of that old kike stereotype of romanticizing and excusing assholes who do asshole things.


source? Except for that one rumor of Dylan mocking a special needs kid, I've never heard of a school shooter being a bully.
You're probably one of those "I've read Cullens book, believe his ridiculous, unsourced claims and am now an expert on columbine" types.



yeah, you´ve been kiked real hard. The only people who ever called them outcasts were kike newspapers, they were so outcasts in fact they both played fucking sports on the school teams, were part of fantasy baseball groups and Dylan had a date to prom a few days earlier to the massacre, nowhere in their writings was there ever present that they were bullied, no proof whatsoever either, total fabrication, what was present was a desire for chaos and sadism, by their own admission they simply wanted to fuck with people for the sake of pointless edginess.

stop admiring fucking assholes that make everyone else who is really an outcast look like an edgy crab.

The most bullying any school shooter ever got were someone teasing them one time maybe, they were all crabs with no justified reason for vengeance and who should have killed themselves alone instead.


File: 1574185363626.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1434x1074, 239:179, 0fde84f92b675b9b2cb9568a4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>asks for source
>"you been kiked! all sources are lies!"
>talks about Roof being a normalfag when the other guy explicitly mentioned Roof as an exception

The intelligence of the average poster here really is getting lower and lower by the day



learn to read, i told you, their own writings are a source. Most of their journals are them insulting "nerds" and "geeks" and speaking about killing people for their sake.Learn to google to, both of them played sports, went to prom, is documented.

Plis provide source of both of them being poor misunderstood victims of bullying. Theres not even a single example of them being bullied even once.


>“Most kids didn’t want them there. They were into witchcraft. They were into voodoo dolls. Sure, we teased them. But what do you expect with kids who come to school with weird hairdos and horns on their hats? It’s not just jocks; the whole school’s disgusted with them. They’re a bunch of homos, grabbing each other’s private parts. If you want to get rid of someone, usually you tease’ em. So the whole school would call them homos, and when they did something sick, we’d tell them, ‘You’re sick and that’s wrong.'”
Actually, the guy who said that was in the library during the shooting. Wonder why eric and dylan didn't kill him.


No, it means that the other 50% are complicit and don't care to stop your oppression.


No one owes you a thing.


exactly, just like no one owes you safety when you stand in the line of fire while bullies are getting shot(in minecraft)


in what sense do people really owe anyone anything? even if i stole everything from you, i wouldn't "owe" anything to you unless i had the most basic moralistic sense. if you understand that, then you should be able to see that the concept of "owing" something only makes sense in a given moral framework, e.g. Kant's categorical imperative. you might believe "no one owes you a thing" but if you really believed that you would either be out killing or you'd have been dead.


File: 1574836297275.gif (371.33 KB, 500x375, 4:3, To blame God is to blame t….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>was almost exclusively bullied by females, and the males that bullied me were just tagging along with them for pussy and weren't nearly as aggressive
>was frequently falsely flirted with out of spite, would have them grab my hand and then say I was the one who did it or have it moved to a breast or bra strap
>was called virgin out of the blue all the time
>couldn't beat the shit out of them for obvious reasons
>helplessly put up with this from middle school to graduation
>"ThEy'Re OnLy DoInG iT bEcAuSe ThEy LiKe YoU"
I don't know what bizarro hell I was thrust into. I'm not a manlet nor did I ask anyone out. They came at me for literally no reason.


sorry to hear man. Similar shit happened to me but it was never that bad.

>couldn't beat the shit out of them for obvious reasons

Yup, thats the worst part. And 99% of people don't see a problem with that, its extremely frustrating.

And if you DO retaliate against females like that, everyone will think you only did it because you wanted to fuck them.
As if theres NO WAY a female could ever do something to make a guy angry besides refusing sex.

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