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Is there any way to fundamentally increase happiness? I've made big changes in my life, some good, some bad. For example I used to be a NEET and now I have a job. When I think to myself what I would do if I was a NEET again and had that much free time I feel that I would be very happy, however if I think back to when I was actually a NEET I can say I felt about the same level of happiness as I do now. It's always been consistent throughout my entire life. Big events only fluctuate it temporarily, but nothing changes my base day-to-day happiness long term. So is it possible? Has anyone actually changed their base level of happiness long term?


The only way I can think of cheating the hedonic treadmill is to purposely remain a little unhappy, and any time you feel happy, to cheat it. That way it remains easier to 'dip up' for a brief moment if needed.


Yes, you need to change your value system and stop tying your happiness to things outside of your control.


I think you shouldn't chase happiness as a thing, just do what you want to, look for things that may interest you.
Also nice image, where is it from?


Hedonic treadmill makes it so that this solution does not really work.
This makes a lot more sense given the reality of the psychology of human happiness.


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I think happiness is the side-effect of meaningful interaction with the world and isn't necessarily tied with pleasure. One could take heroin and have arguably the best feeling in the world but this euphoric state will likely work against your happiness. Same with any other pleasurable activity, it becomes stale and boring after a while. What's important is that you have a sense that the activity in question is somehow leading to a meaningful outcome.

For instance, despite it being a pain to wake up early and commute, I feel that my job keeps my mind engaged with interesting problems while also giving me a positive direction in which to grow and of course, make money. All of this contributes to felt sense of meaningfulness that keeps me relatively happy (for now) despite it not being an euphoric or even comfortable experience.

Of course, I'm not saying you should just get a job and hit the gym brah, but simply to keep in mind that the thing to look out for is meaning and not the perceived pleasure of the activity. Being a NEET, despite being physically and mentally comfortable (usually), is the equivalent of a dead-end in terms of meaning. It's often the case that people can't wait to retire and do nothing and then find themselves in a state of complete despair because they zapped the little meaning they had in life. Again, I'm not saying becoming a wageslave is the answer, but usually work has a nice combination of activities that result in a flow state and opportunities for meaningful growth.

Another part of happiness is meaningful interactions with other people, but these are a rare occurrence for most wizzies. We're a different breed so interacting with most people usually results in either boredom or pain and rarely can you find meaning.


Above all I think this is correct and it's easier said than done, if you start consciously trying to root all the little ways your programmed to be miserable it's quite the trip. Why you feel this way on something, what this or that feeling really is, should this or that matter, blahblahblah. Then you have the negative things that have hard wired themselves through your mind all your life into your body and physical limitations. I don't know the way around some of them, sometimes I wish I never knew at all of the mess I made of this body before I knew better. I just need to live with the fact that I'll always feel like a human science experiment.


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Happiness is not related to success hardly at all. Counter-intuitively, the less you strive for happiness, the happier you become. For me a baseline happiness of 7/10 is ideal. Easy to bring myself back when I slip, goes to 8/10 if in a really good mood, and when doing body practices on top of that (like deep breathing and smile meditation) can dial it up to 9/10. 10/10 happiness would only be reached in deep states of meditation, moments before death/near death experiences or on certain psychedelic drugs.

I'm not shilling for this guy promise, but happen to be re-watching this video atm, very relevant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lzzu0kel7d0 Ignore the normie references and the advice on happiness is relevant to wizards especially.


Every single person is different.
It's really you who decides what makes you happy or sad. Don't take any advice that's telling you to do certain specific things like jacking off twice every other day or rubbing honey on your anus.

I quit my job and focused on working out, I am now 200% happier. No job can make me feel good, it will always be a negative thing for me.



Misery comes straight from the depths of your mind. If you ever were to explore here…

It has a counter-spell on it, however: the facilitators and organizers who hold this knowledge always ask for a high payment to use their assistence while using it.

But, if anyone cared to discover how it works and replace them freely, that would be a great gift to mankind.


>learning the spell
>successful cast

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