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not getting paid enough for this shit edition

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So much this, my fellow worker unit.


File: 1572727170242.jpg (30.52 KB, 474x266, 237:133, love working.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't wait to get my new job on Tuesday to slave like a droid for little money to scrap by, i'm just glad I can call anyone who doesn't have a job a worthless lazy faggot who can't take care of themselves, they're some good benefits of having a job.


sounds like you have an inferiority complex


You soon see it's all a pyramid scheme, somehow working and success is at the same time truly fulfilling and meaningful yet makes people so weak they cannot deal with the existence of mental illness and cling to magically defined free will concepts. The beliefs all this stuff rests on are threatened by nasty little truths; it's like rich people who suddenly feel unhappy if they accept luck played a small part in their situation.

After getting over depression it was easy to see that 99% of culture is literal meaningless horseshit. All this shit normans talk about being hard is bullshit, everything is super easy now my mental illness is cured. Walking for 10 hours a day is piss easy now even when my feet are covered in blisters. Yeah I'm lucky and me getting better depended on material circumstance, it doesn't affect my experience of things being fulfilling now to know that - but so many normans can't deal with it. Language is all meaningless - we are alone in this world and communicating with other humans is mostly meaningless. You must stand alone if you are even a tiny bit different because communication is mostly noise.


Where do you think you are? This is /dep/, of course i'm a whiny faggot, I mean i'm somewhat glad of getting the job, but I feel like its going to be torture to make up the money. At least my parents will leave me the fuck alone and I can move out soon.



Started a new job as a baker and it's a fucking dream come true. All alone from 1am to 8am, kneading bread while listening to the radio. Also free unlimited access to pantry / can basically cook and eat whatever I fee like.


Absolutely. The seething crabs in this thread will never understand the joy of being a productive citizen. I pity and spit on them for not contributing to society like I do, they are forever below me. I am a better human by virtue of working 12 hours a day, the money I generate for my boss increases my value as a human being. I do my job with abundant passion and enthusiasm.


That's about the only job in the food industry I would take it. Working with food is fucking nasty but your position sounds really cool actually. Hope you do well wiz.


Wallowing in self pity is the way actually.


>work 12 hours in a factory
>daydream of all the other things I could be doing
>feel like I just want to quit and live in my car
>cant wait to get home
>get off after its dark, drive home in heavy traffic which basically makes it a 13 hour day
>shower then lay on bed
>get up and use computer
>time for bed

I used all of my vacation days just wondering around wishing I were home then getting drunk alone everyday. why am I even doing this? I dont even talk to people outside of work besides cashiers or bartenders unless its my parents on the phone.


Why are you? I was able to survive on part-time work on a $10/hour job, factory work being more stressful should pay higher than that. If it's rent you should consider moving. You could even buy a small plot of land and live in a camper, I've done that.


File: 1572904273584.jpg (192.49 KB, 720x720, 1:1, buddha.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What's the point if when I finally get home and have some free time I don't feel like doing anything. Fuck.


Do you guys have any sort of endgame you're working towards? Mine is saving 80% of my paycheque living with my dad till he eventually dies. Goal is to save about 50-100k in those years and then go into frugal neetirement.


I've gotten to the point where I I'm saving 50% of my monthly income but im trying to increase that proportion. Next year I will hit my projected goal of having 100k networth in cash & stock investments. Sure i'll probably continue to wageslave for a while though but at least I'll be comfortable enough due to having this safety net tucked away. I'll also be looking for ways to increase the income I get from my online business so I don't have to rely completely on my wageslave job too. I had to live like a hobo for the past several years to achieve this goal but I believe it was worth it.


File: 1572989478630.gif (1.99 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1466666224719.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>call out of work yesterday since I had an interview
>come in today and coworkers are being extremely short with me because they had forced overtime on monday as I wasn't there to contribute and help get work done on time
>while I'm eating lunch one of them asks me if I'm going to actually be doing my job today
>get pissed off and go as slow as possible for the rest of the shift so they have forced overtime again
>I don't have to stay late because my temp contract forbids it
>mfw I leave on time while all the norcs watch two extra hours of their night melt away
go fuck yourselves


what kind of work does this involve?




I work in a distribution center so it's general shipping/picking/etc


nice one, fuck those fags


Man I would be terrified of doing this. I think about doing stuff like that all the time but once I'm actually there I'm a fucking pussy. I would in fact have stayed and helped them without the pay, that's how much of a faggot I am.


Are people actually this petty?

Good on you wiz


Anyone worked for a temp agency before? If I'm going to work a job without killing myself, it has to be temporary.


I have worked as a temp and it's worse than being an intern. Expect to do the same work as someone who is making 3x as much as you do. Also, you have no control over what shithole the agency sends you to. Do anything else, wiz.


I think you should go for part-time positions.


I started working because I wanted money but I haven't used any of it.


Anyone here got a corporate job that requires lots of humanbinteraction? how do you get by?

I have this strawman persona on a surface level. I always try to please my colleagues so they don't fuck with me. But I still refuse to eat lunch when they eat or I sit alone in a table. And I refuse to partake in their conversations, which are inherently stupid, I just put my headphones and listen to music all day to avoid listening to dumb shit.

How do you cope?


>Anyone here got a corporate job that requires lots of human interaction?

>how do you get by?

You suffer every day.

>How do you cope?

Save enough money to quit and not have to work for a while.




File: 1573222591261.jpg (58.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, TheStruggleIsRealwht-4500x….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>have dual screen setup so I can bullshit my way through those e-learning things companies push on you now while lurking


File: 1573223479333.jpg (248.18 KB, 766x1043, 766:1043, sick.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why do I have to be born as a fucking retard? I recently started working at a Fedex packaging job and my god i'm a fucking dunce, I keep fucking up going through security and embarrassing myself, can't even put this dumb fucking device on my wrist thing because most of the time I can't slide it through, and apparently I was too fucking slow and barely scanned any items or packed them in trailers. Another guy who is just new as me did 5 times better than me and the managers just rubs it in my face. I fucking can't catch a break with working, i'm useless.


Yes that's why I don't even try anymore, I know I'm too slow compared to your average normal wagecuck. Or try a night job like hotel, no boss there to see you do nothing.


Funny enough, it's a night shift, I mean one manager is pretty cool but I hate how i bother him for every petty shit that doesn't seem to work. Other manager just tries to help me but feels pretty strict and doesn't take bullshit so he might fire me the most. I hope when I go in there next time i will know how security fully works and can get that dumb fucking thing on my wrist.



You most likely have a streak in you that wants to do things "properly" and you are taking way "too much" time on something like making sure you definitely have the right package.

But fedex's attitude will be "fuck you pack faster".

This is because if you make one mistake in 10, people will grumble but do they give a fuck? No. But if you make one mistake in a hundred but are only 10% as fast, then you will end up with everyone getting the right package BUT FEDEX MAKES A LITTLE LESS PROFIT

so "fuck you, speed up".

It took me a while to realize just how much this happens in every job.

I work in a fucking bank investigating money laundering and it is ABSOLUTELY clear from time limits sets that the bank wants me to weed out only the most obvious cases to signal compliance with state legislation.

Absorb this for a minute - then try to feel better about yourself for trying hard to be good. But save that shit for things that matter and just do the job they want you to do while you're in the neo-liberal hellhole that is the wage-zone.


How the hell were older generations able to work nonstop for decades? I cannot even last a year at any job before having a mental breakdown and quitting. Working full-time leaves me with no time for anything besides work, sleep, and errands. I barely have enough time to make this post because I'm so time-starved.

Why didn't past generations of men put their feet down and say "Fuck this miserable existence! I'm done!" like I'm going to do before long?


I read somewhere people are working more nowadays than ever before. Too tired to actually look it up now. I guess when you have something to look it up to it's easier to endure work, now all you can look forward to is dying on your sleep so you don't need to go to work next morning.


FedEx Anon here, what's worse now that everytime I scan the items, my number doesn't go up because I'm not scanning a shit load in time, so my number literally goes down. That's how fucked it is, no wonder shit ton of people quit and they say they always lose people.


I dont get why some people put in "extra effort" at a job beyond trying to suck the dick of higher ups to get a promotion. They get shouted at to work faster (when their current pace is actually perfectly fine) and actually oblige, they only do that to try squeeze as much out of you as possible as people fall for it.


they stayed decades in the same place to be able to make new employees ram their tongue inside their assholes


I worked in a company which was helping prepare samples for analysis to see if the people who the samples were taken from had cancer. When I started I was slow and was told a few times to speed up but yet I was also told I had to be accurate. I could be accurate or I could cheat and half do it and do it more quickly, pick one.


File: 1573602600362.png (162.73 KB, 348x253, 348:253, idontcareanymore.png) ImgOps iqdb

"Anon, where were you?"
"At work."
"I think you were with your girlfriend ;)."
"Mom, I'm 32. I've never had a girlfriend. If I did, I'm so socially awkward that you would have figured it out by now."
"I think you're just hiding her from us, anon ;) ;) ;)."
*remain sullen and silent while she continues teasing for 5-10 minutes and then eventually gets distracted by something else.*
Sometime in the past year I realized that she will never stop this. I will have to deal with her saying this sort of shit for the rest of my life. The only respite I've noticed over the years is that as I have slowly made my responses more and more apathetic and monotone, she has not only stopped asking me this sort of shit, but just started talking to me less in general.


Mine does this shit too ocasionally. Can't really treat her seriously anymore.


>Maybe the key to happiness is actually just being retarded.



Time to whip out the dakimakura on her. "Mom, I would like you to meet my girlfriend." Bonus points if it is a loli.


I would like to do this so fucking much.


Took a day off today to clean the apartment. Hopefully it'll stop smelling like booze and old food and dirty clothes and dust. Maybe it'll feel satisfying if I tell it to someone even if nobody will read this.


File: 1573671308753.jpg (52.88 KB, 260x400, 13:20, Paulie1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just 2 days ago I watched exactly this episode:
>carmella stresses tony she needs more money
>and more security
>just a few weeks after talking to that shrink about her husband and his criminal activities
>but she cannot throw away the luxury life now
>it's fur dah childruns
>stresses tony for money
>tony stresses everyone else
>in the end, ralphie needs to buck up
I always hated ralphie though
I like paulie


Good for you anon, I often fantasize about cleaning my apt but I never do, I just start moving stuff around and then watch youtube videos all day or play video games.


Do you guys have any energy to do stuff on your free time? I keep day dreaming all day about all the shit I'm going to do on my free time but as soon as I'm home all I can do is lie down, browse wizchan and watch garbage on youtube. FFS


Day dreaming is a good hobby. You should go straight to bed and day dream for a couple hours, see what happens.


90% of my free time is spent browsing the internet, gaming out, and listening to music. I go for walks daily, too. Don't have the gumption to do anything more productive than light exercise.

Awesome, wizbro.

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