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not getting paid enough for this shit edition

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jesuschrist I'm barely managing to put those 40 hours down as it is.


What job? I physically couldn't hack that myself and I just work retail.


Between work and university, I barely have time to buy food items for my living cubicle.


No it is auto-pilot where I don't have to think, that's my point. What should I think about instead with all this free thinking time?


If a subject matter doesn't come naturally for you I don't think anything people say here is going to help. I usually just daydream about the shit I'm going to do when I get home.


File: 1575668869718.jpg (478.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fuckkkk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why every fucking blue collar job I work there has to be a asshole fucking manager treating me like shit, yelling at me to do shit faster and just generally wants to make my life worse? I really don't want to quit this job because I have no other job to find and the pay is shit but its better than nothing. This asshole always fucking ask me "Why you're working this job? you should do computer stuff" It's annoying because I look pretty scrawny but I work like a fucking monster and get high rates and he still shits on me, while he treats a little succubi like a goddess and doesn't shit on her. Christ I just wanna smash his face in, he's just a typically redneck annoying cunt who hate the weak, just like every other shitty job I been too, I don't think working in general is for me.


Tell him what you think. Stand up for yourself.


>bro just stand up for yourself lmao


What else is he supposed to do?


Cleaning job?


I know what you mean but I can't, I really don't wanna stir shit up with him, I rather just be quiet and slave until I get enough experience or work till I save a shit ton of money, I recently looked up jobs around my area and theres barely any thats even nearly decent as this shitty one, so i'm gonna be stuck like this for a long time.
Package Handler, I posted here on this before complaining about shit, but it wasn't as nearly bad as this, it just keeps getting worse for no reason.





>quit my last job because of horrible working environment and conditions
>now my old boss is refusing to pay me my last salary
>only a few weeks before christmas
I can never get used to the amount of evil that exists in the world. Makes me wonder why I even keep trying when Im only going to get fucked by some asshole behind every corner.


File: 1575762908075.png (1.27 MB, 1124x805, 1124:805, 1573636149174.png) ImgOps iqdb

Look for help from the labour board in your area, or whatever governmental org looks after wages owed. Pretty sure withholding wages owed is illegal, even if you quit the job.

Kind of reminds me of my last job, but they never withheld pay. They were sketchy as fuck in other ways, though.
>was promised every second weekend off for years. Finally got it… only to have the schedule changed on the Thursday before
>get promised full time hours. Only get ~25 hours a week pay. When asked about it, they said "anything above 25 hours a week is considered full time, according to our handbook :) :) :)".
>get to do most of the heavy lifting at work. Cool, whatever. I am not adverse to manual labour. Most of it was moving seasonal stock around the mall, usually in traffic and inclement weather. Complete and total bitch work
>I had shitty schedules. Back to backs (finished midnight one day, start 8am the next), 7+ days worked in a row (no/little overtime pay, because of the above "only worked 25 hours a week" thing), etc.

Not sure how I lasted 7.5 years at that hellhole. I've been gone from the place for over two years, and I still think negatively about it.


You're wrong.


I'd be a real shame if that boss had four flat tires just before christmas


Can you threaten him to file a complaint to his superiors, or is he the boss?


He's just a manager, I could file a complaint but still a pussy too and don't want to cause trouble or drama, just want to fucking get this work done. Why do people treat each other like shit when the main goal is to make money and live their lives? Christ people are so fucking retarded.


its because most people dont change after high school they stay immature ass childrens in bigger bodies growing up.


LMao people love power tripping dude they really love tf out of it LMAOOO


can we get a janitor over here for this faggot


how do i ask for a raise


Yeah figures, it was a job full of retard rednecks and a lot of ghetto trash, but whatever. I had to resigned yesterday cause I kept puking for no reason multiple times and they wouldn't let me go unless I resigned and stopped working, so I did it and didn't give a shit so i'm a neet now and my parents are raising hell. I'm done posting, hoping I will suicide now, Fedex anon out.


doing anything worth doing requires money. money gets you a lot more than just "buying crap."



Normgroid stuff like travelling, probably


anywhere from getting treatment for sudden health problems, repairing/replacing broken appliances to actually learning something and developing a hobby.

easy to label anything that's not laying down and rotting normgroid. having a job and saving money is one of the most normgroid things possible, so this observation isn't just obvious, it's pointless.


Calm your tits, little buddy.


Wow these are the things in life worth doing? May as well fucking kill ourselves now then, all that sounds like it sucks shit.


Tell us about these hobbies


i cant stand to live with my parents any longer but i also cant stand working so might just kill myself honestly


learning and having hobbies are orthogonal to the worklife
health problems only apply on the usa the rest of the world has free healthcare
only good point you made was getting a new stove if yours breaks


You do realize that not all hobbies cost money right



File: 1576146740934.png (27.4 KB, 150x183, 50:61, 150px-Senorbackwardscap.png) ImgOps iqdb

>everyone in my department started losing three hours a week or more, a month or so ago
>noticed everyone in the store is getting a sweet, sweet 1% raise

Thanks. The 12 cents really conterbalances the $36 or so I'm losing each week


If there was one thing I envied about people regularly employed was the job/wage security but I've seen this happening so many fucking times it's disheartening.
I'm sorry wiz, well at least they cover health insurance, paid vacation and you can qualify for benefits if you're let go, right? Fuck this world.


>Had a training contract with Shell
>Join the site as a contractor
>Indian Pajeet nigger starts fucking abusing me for no reason
>his underlings do the same
>hold out for 2 months
>eventually explode and call him an animal mother fucker
>resign from said position
>get new training contract
>guys here are cool and no niggers in sight
>get email from SHELL today
>oh hi anon (((shell))) here. We paid you too much and now need two weeks pay off you even though you have resigned

Honestly as if I haven't been shit on enough as it is. One of these days lads I'm going to kill myself. Live on this earth is hell. I'm not fit for it.


If you attract drama and trouble wherever you go, sometimes you're the problem.


lol look at this guy getting triggered. He can't even read the post properly he's so upset about it.


>attract trouble and drama
I just do my job then go home. I don't understand how that is drama. I'm also quite and reserved. I get the job done then leave. If people have such a fucking problem with that then they're the problem not me. At least this time my managers recognise that and are really cool guys.


Are you fucking retarded? He said the Indian pajeet always abuse him and treat him like shit, they probably yell at him all the time too, so he had enough and didn't want to deal with them and now they're trying to fuck his ass when resigned. Sick and fucking tired of shitty co-workers and managers trying to start shit with you when you try to do your job and go home peacefully, nothing makes me more mad when wage-slaving.


Thanks, anon. My hours (and the hours at the store) usually get cut in January for a bit. This is the first time they were cut before Christmas. I'm still getting 37 hours a week, but it's weird.

But yeah, I get two weeks paid vacation a year, and insurance. Benefits depend on how I left. I'd qualify if they let me go because business was slow, for eg. If I were fired for stealing, I wouldn't be entitled to anything beyond what I was owed for workimg.

I hope nothing comes up like that, but whatever.



nigger. i need money. i need nigger money. i need money nigger.


File: 1576509109853.png (18.89 KB, 174x273, 58:91, 1VGLtVv.png) ImgOps iqdb

>was NEET
>had tons of free time
>never did anything with it
>told that once I get a job I'll have less free time but spend it better
>have a job now
>have very little free time
>constantly too tired to do anything in it
>used to sit around watching youtube and TV shit, now I just sit around staring into space until it's time to eat/shit/sleep
Remember lads, life always gets worse. If anyone so much as suggests something more positive than that then they do so for their own gain.


>rest of the world has free healthcare

basic care. if you want to live properly you need to pay up a lot.


Did anyone here experienced having a part time job ? It seems like the least worst thing if i want to live on my own. Here in Europe i'il also have the right to a small amount of unemployment bux while working part time, in order to reach the minimal wage. It's possible to live like this if i rent a small room. I dunno why but this makes my family extremely salty.


File: 1576641385732.png (250.77 KB, 393x393, 1:1, 1573741775409.png) ImgOps iqdb

>spend all day at work walking and on my feet
>cheap shoes are worn out from being used so often
>my left heel gets a deep infected sore from the shoe plastic (the interior cloth is almost completely gone) cutting against it daily
>switch to a pair of boots instead
>now the bottoms of my feet also hurt because of walking in circles all day in work boots
>my fat thighs chafe through my shorts and wear holes in them
>find an old pair of pants to wear to work
>halfway through my shift realize they also have worn out holes which is why I discarded them in the first place and they have also been visible all day
>panic and patch the holes with duct tape placed on the inside of the pants
>now there's just two taped holes on either side of my crotch and the tape chafes even worse than the pants did
>spend the entire shift holding back tears and walking like a retard
>get home and there's blood blisters on my thighs
>spend what little money I have on new pants
>visible blood stains on them after a few hours at work the next day from the blisters chafing and breaking
>heel sore still hasn't healed at all and is leaking pus into my socks
>have to wait several more days to be able to spend my paycheck money on new pants and shoes in order to be presentable for my job that gives me the money I need to spend to be presentable for my job
>back pain is ramping up again and now I have to cling to the hand rail to be able to scale stairs
>coworkers keep staring at me every time I lumber by
I'm about to fucking break



That sounds fucking horrible, and though I mainly lurk here I've been tempted to post to try and help you.

Never cheap out on clothing or shoes again if you have formerly. You're in them for the better part of the day so why buy cheap shit. Get good solid walking boots. Get two pairs so you don't bash one in prematurely.

If you're so fat your thighs rub together when walking then you need to drop some weight. In the mean time, lance any blister with a pin sterelized in a candle flame, cover the wound with a plaster, then put another layer of bandage on top (having two layers of bandages will mean one layer can move over the one that doesn't. This same thing applies to socks. Those moving around a lot benefit from wearing two pairs of thin socks - one slides over the over just a little…trust me it helps).

I'm not trying to be an improveyourselfnigger. I'm just trying to give you some practical advice.

The plus side of blisters is when the skin heals it comes back tougher.

Good luck.



Also, I forgot to mention this, most back pain can be cured by a kneeling chair for reading or using a computer coupled with raising the desk or monitor or both to an eye level height (look up proper desk ergonomics online…look for pictures to help) and also, when sleeping, it is better to do it on a very FIRM mattress. The floor is generally too hard but most beds are generally WAY too soft. Try putting a board under the mattress. Also, lay on your BACK with a below under the back of your knees. This is the perfect sleeping position and completely removes all physical force save gravity from the spine.

I did this stuff and never ever get back pain any more.

Again, not trying to be an improvenigger. I just feel bad for you.


File: 1579536539533.jpg (641.04 KB, 828x1280, 207:320, 1497588813606.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 36 and I'm just a shelf-stocker at local supermarket in a bum fuck nowhere town. I have no ambitions or goals for anything more, I have no other transferable skills or qualifications (basically unhireable). It's mind numbing shit, with bitter middle age divorcees who mostly hate men and treat me with utter contempt or utter indifference.

It's taken a huge toll mentally, I feel like just an empty vessel working myself to no end destination other than keeping a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Such a horrid existence.

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