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not getting paid enough for this shit edition

previous >>204136


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cont from >>207733
decided not to say anything despite better judgement. seems to have been the right choice as this months paycheck had nearly all missing days from previous months paid. now I can finally get back to this drag of a life without worrying about going bankrupt.


My job is easy as fuck. I work admin in some cuck technology startup with roasties. It's completely demoralising doing the same thing day in day out when I have a masters in law and doing the same thing as succubi 4 years younger than me, and who will probably become my seniors due to gender bias and their superior social skills.


I'm trying to find a company to sponsor me to teach english in China because there is absolutely nothing in this shit hole country for me.

I am so close to offing myself because I can't be arsed to continue living. All my days are the same, I experience little to no joys in life but still suffer on almost a daily basis, I am practically living to torture myself this shit is absurd and frankly tiring and I am struggling to care.


File: 1569605231640.png (946.04 KB, 1400x5552, 175:694, lrNHGbS.png) ImgOps iqdb

To be able to teach english on asian countries you have to be a native english speaker (an actual american) otherwise they will reject you,and donde you said that you live in a shithole country I doubt you're an american.

But that may be for the best,read pic


I received a payrise today, but what difference does it make? I am every bit as miserable as when I was a student living solely off bread and peanut butter.


true, since it doesnt matter you may as well just give the extra cash to me


File: 1569633807050.jpg (25.77 KB, 450x334, 225:167, depositphotos_73035441-sto….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>both bosses were out this week
>didn't actually give me any projects to do ahead of time because they didn't think to do so
>spend every day doing general daily duties for an hour in the morning and then wasting 7 hours sitting in a cubicle
>getting paid to sit alone and browse stuff on my phone and intermittently fall asleep
>took wednesday off entirely and I'm going to put it down as a full shift anyways on my time sheet since I don't think anybody even noticed I wasn't there
can't wait to enjoy my weekend after so much hard work


What's your official job title?


I work night shift at a supermarket. I don't want to lose this job but I might.

A week ago one of the new workers was very rude to me. She called me names as she returned my stock. I just helped her unload it into my area and told her thank you. Now I've been told I had sexually harassed her, been rude to her and there were witnesses. I'm being called in tomorrow (well later today) and I've been told I already have the option of leaving on my own. No proof. No evidence. And the only witness wasn't even working that day lol. Her story is already falling apart.

The funny thing is we have a transgender worker who has assaulted STAFF and CUSTOMERS on MULTIPLE occasions and still works here. He even pulled out his boxcutter knife on a customer once and said he would cut her.



> I've been told I already have the option of leaving on my own

Sounds like they're letting you know that you're being fired.

(assuming they're making up BS to get you fired because you're quiet and didn't smile at them) normies are disgusting, i can never quite envision what it is that goes through their heads to make them behave like this.


dont leave on your own it depends on the country you are from but after getting fired they should pay you X money based on the time you have been working there and if you leave on your own you might not be elegible to receive unemployment money
make sure you are paid all the unused vacation overtime etc they will absolutely try to scam you fuck these retards
you might also be able to sue for being fired without any proof I repeat what they want is for you to leave on your own so they don't have to pay a cent and you can't get back to them legally


Curious how this ended….


Different night shift supermarket worker. This is the last full day of my vacation. I don't want to go back tomorrow


So I just worked a week at a liquor store and jesus christ how the fuck do I not have a mental breakdown at the cash register


enable robo-mode and set your mind free somewhere else


>>208467 because you are an evil white fascist oppresser of the peefull peoples piss perusing and poop polishing party (local 666).
cunts don't need a reason to do anything except they want to/feel they should do it… point out that you will go on socialist media and denounce the people responsible and will request that people boycott the company for their gutless acts of craven fear.


sounds like theyre doing you a favor


File: 1569802108632.jpg (194.64 KB, 1000x645, 200:129, d71pytw-09b80dd3-020c-4457….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know what this is like, except instead of immature flamers it’s ragedrunk succubi who still don’t believe men can be harassed in any way whatsoever.


Well it started. Been working around mostly men about 2 years, almost zero issues. Sometimes we dislike each other but all that lead to was a shoulder shrug. A couple months back they brought in 2 older white succubi that wont shut the fuck up. They of course decided i am the source of all their problems in life, despite never saying more than a few words to them, and are now according to a associate actively working to get me fired


I bet the retard that made that shitty comic acts like a retard everywhere but isn't aware of it that's why flaming happens.


Between an impossible commuting situation, sudden growing expenses and aging parents it looks like I'll either be forced from my tolerable position (night shift, part time, health insurance) going for full time dayslavery or working two jobs. I wasn't able even to do night shift + day classes without severe brain fog and depression.

I dread whatever comes next even as I recognize that my current situation is unsustainable.



same here, more or less. Walking on egg shells at work. Looking at part time work. After that i'll likely get stuck with a (gag) 'side hustle'. Christ i hate boomers.


File: 1569821630570.png (29.61 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb


i'm able to handle the robotic interactions with customers on the counter. but when coworkers try to talk to me at work it becomes clear how foggy my thinking has become. today one guy made a brief statement at me and it took me several minutes to come up with a response. and when another tried to carry an active conversation, everything i said came out all jumbled and non-sense-like. i kept using weird words that didnt really fit the context, and going off on tangents. i then immediately forget everything that was said by both of us. i have a feeling that my mental state is getting worse



File: 1569863225496.jpg (726.13 KB, 2000x1449, 2000:1449, 150114337587.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been working as a teacher since two months ago and the school hasn't paid me a single penny. I asked a succubus when would I be paid, and she told me, with a huge smile, "the next month's second week". I really need that money since I must buy medicines and I have nothing to eat. I'd like to quit it but I can't since it's my first job and, if I do it, I'll end up as a neet again.


i dont have a job anymore and i dont know what job to get because i have been traumatized by my last job of being yelled at by my supervisior cause she was stressed out and always coming to work drunk ass shit man!!! trying to look for something overnight.


thats illegal get a lawyer and sue the school.


Letting your higher ups know that they're trying to sabotage you might work. Or not, if they worship succubi.


hmmm are you a TEFLr?


It's not that easy. Here in the third world lawyers tend to ask you for money for every single document they supposedly are processing when the reality is that they're doing nothing. I need to bear this situation two weeks more…

No. I teach weird stuff at college.



thanks, without naming names, i told my boss there is something weird going on in the office. Hopefully that will atleast buy me 6 months. I know the cunts will probably come to him within a month or 2 to present evidence that i am the Devil incarnated in the office, and i need to be fired instantly. My work was annoying and this has added a whole new layer of bullshit to it. As of Jan. 2020 i will be at current job 2 years, then if fired should be easy enough to get a decent job somewhere else.


you're being scammed, no way that payment scheme is legit.


>worked for two months for free


I've been neeting for a few months but want to go back to working because I can't live without money but also I'm never going to hold a job for longer than 6-8 months.
I've had about 4 jobs all short period, and I don't want to go back, I have major fear from workplace and people in work.
(only qualified for unskilled labor shit)
anyone was in a similar place? how do you get out.any wisdom?


I love being sick. It's like a free vacation. The sickness itself is just a minor inconvenience compared to going to work and meeting those people.



do what i did. Beg for an office job any idiot can do, and apply for enough til someone desperate hires you


The high school kids who unload the truck each Monday have a habit of stuffing every trolley they can into my workplace. Each time it's a struggle to get them to take it out.

It's becoming annoying. I wouldn't mind it if they did it occasionally, and cleaned it up either on their own volition or by me asking once. Each time they call me lazy for not cleaning up their mess, saying how they have no room in the warehouse for it (despite the guy doing the Saturday truck having more than enough room for double the pallets and everything else), etc.

I mean, I'm probably making a big deal over nothing. I still don't want to be talked back to by a bunch of kids who were told better, by both our boss and me


Renting a room in a house and the smell of smoke is giving me headaches. I have no where else to go and this is it. If the headaches don't stop, I'm going to kill myself with either a shotgun or nitrogen gas. The very thought of committing suicide is making me cry.


File: 1570141237561.jpg (308.51 KB, 1024x677, 1024:677, 22888173081_075694f0a2_b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would tell you to open a window but surely you would if you could. Try something like a fan or odour eliminator.

Personally I would just get the hell out of there ASAP, just totally bug out, forget the lease or whatever. I cannot deal with a poor atmosphere thats hot, dusty, stuffy or smells bad.
I actually became homeless just so I could sleep in fresh, cool air.
If you don't like a situation you should just exit from it. Your freedom is all you have. The consequences come next.

especially when its to the pont you are ready to blow your brains out.


Becoming homeless on the cusp of winter doesn't sound like a good strategy. Unless he lives in the tropics or something.

I agree though that bad air is the worst. I can handle an otherwise dirty apartment as long as the air is decent.


File: 1570569277646.gif (912.49 KB, 240x176, 15:11, 1529949497202.gif) ImgOps iqdb

It happened guys. 6 months in my job, looked forward for each paycheck to buy a [product] to [consume] and indulge in a bit of enjoyment for some time. I got my monthly salary and this time I felt absolutely nothing when I gazed upon the currency on my account. It's over.


you need drugs


good to know you are clean don't let meth ruin your neet ways again


i guess at a certain point you need to switch jobs or take a break from working. im experiencing the same feeling and im planning to quit this month. im going to give my two weeks' notice either this week or next week, unless something so obnoxious happens that i dont want to give them that convenience


Living with other people is fucking annoying.

I might pick up a second job so I can rent my own apartment.


No rest for the wizkid


Going back to work at this office job I quit months ago on Thursday.
Even though I really need the money I chickened the fuck out and decided not to take their offer to extend my hours (right now I'm only going to be working Thursday/Friday, which for my normal lifestyle might be fine but there are certain things that are really tanking my bank account right now)
They are really shitty about letting me be able to work from home but I'm going to pinch out as much work that I can do from home as I can.
Maybe its some weird coping mechanism that triggered within me but honestly I'm not dreading going back as much as I thought I would be. It's not that bad of a job/work enviroment but its really fucking draining man. Especially for a weakling like me with poor work ethic and stamina.


I absolutely dont mean to be "that guy" right now but honestly that never happened for me. I mean sure, I'm not as excited for a paycheck as I was when I got my first paycheck, but I'm always happy to get more money?
I guess if you're actually living a stable lifestyle though where you can actually comfortably afford rent already then its no big deal.


I have a similar issue except my mind is almost completely blank all the time. I am barely able to think or remember anything, much less talk so I think my days at my current job are numbered…


Even when I'm getting a good salary it's spoiled quickly when I take a glance outside of my niche "PC components and gaming, paintball".
It would take me years upon years if not decades to save up for a car or a house.
I only see two salaries
>One that sustains my lifestyle
>One that allows me to escape work before I'm an old bitter fuck
And I'm not sure I'll ever get to the other one


Well considering I do live with a parent but otherwise pay for my own stuff which isn't much and I make enough and then some to cover it I no longer feel anything on payday. Yeah it goes up but one expensive problem and there goes a whole chunk of it saved over the course of years at minimum wage.A tidal wave of them all at once out of bad luck and you back to the bottom. Never have as much as you think you do even if you are in a place like this in life. I'm grateful I have the money I need but it doesn't alone make me happy because I'm not making enough to make it any happier. Could also say it forces my perspective elsewhere and I'm always learning so it's not all bad being stuck in the middle.


File: 1571089774538.jpg (184.36 KB, 989x707, 989:707, sopr1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

thank you for reminding me about the sopranos
I still have to watch this show
started a few episodes but then got lost middle of season 1

i remember he strangled this traitor when he was on a trip to a college with his daughter
then he had a mafioso meetup that was full of FBI guys


First week of job over and I'm dead. I hate dealing with office politics and being a loner in a small company. So it's even more obvious Im a loner. It doesn't help that my co-workers believe the rumors about me and talk behind my back. I avoid everyone and everyone avoids me. Both sides, me and co-workers know we despite each other. Fake smiles and laughter are soul crushing and annoying.

I live in a city that isn't relatively small but word gets around quickly. Which is fucking annoying. FFS. No, I'm not paranoid. I've been told this shit.

And you know what hurts even more? I can't make a single genuine friend, or trust anyone. No matter how genuine they seem to be. I learned my lessons hard and still dealing with it. It hurts, it really does. So I stay by myself. This sucks.

I plan to leave in a month well that's if I pass my driving test. And get hired at a even bigger,hopefully calmer company.

Also I don't get paid enough for this shit.
So, any work loners here?


Uh this site is for adult virgins who don't want to socialize you might want to try a different place.


You're just bidding time until either your parents don't support you anymore or the government finds a way to suspend your bux legally. Then you either work or die.


What does this have to do with my post?


I am assuming you're a neet saying that wageslaves don't belong here because they're socializing.


are you replying to the post above you? if so, that's me who wrote it and I'm whining how being a wagelsave where im at is hell and mental gymnastics everyday
it's a bitch


That's what it sounds like to me, too. I guess nobody should be here on wizchan, then, as we're all technically socializing whenever we post on imageboards


File: 1571526091499.jpg (254.2 KB, 939x713, 939:713, tony2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>still not watched even a single episode of sopranos
at least I should post the screencaps I made so far


File: 1571526130235.jpg (247.03 KB, 1181x711, 1181:711, hawthorne.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I work as an overnight security guard and whenever normgroids come into work on their supposed day off and talk about work and whatever normgroid shit is going on in their life with their coworkers, I'm very thankful I work alone.


I did some math and even worst case scenario minimum wage slavery isn't even that bad (at least where I live).

I live in Canada, minimum wage * 40 hours per week = $1600 after tax

Apartment = $700
Food = $300
Internet = $100
Utilities = $100
Phone = $100
Bus Pass = $100

Profit = $200

So worst case scenario you're making $200 per month of profit.

If you worked 6 days instead of 5 per week, or if you were making 1.2x minimum wage, you're making $500 profit per week instead.

Life is easier than I thought, coming from a 10 year NEET that just got a job (only 30-40 hours per week to be fair, but still).


What will make me go insane first

>"nerdy" coworker whose only interests are Rick and Morty, racing games and superhero movies. This is all he talks about.

>the high school kids I complained about earlier. They bitch and moan whenever I get them to move their mess out of my work area
>cleaner who thinks it's hilarious to torment the retarded cleaner. 100% of his "jokes" are the same gay jokes
>another cleaner who feeds me the same "retarded cleaner will lock you out" joke to me at least twice a shift
>stock clerks who yell at each other for hours. When they aren't, they're talking like Scooby Doo to one another


calc how long it would take you to pay an apartment or spend a year without working


Is that 1.6k per month? I live in Newfoundland, making a little more than min wage, and I get a lover 1500 a month


I just did $10 after taxes * 40 hours. It's like $11.50 where I live (NB)


Supposed to say little over

It's 11.20 here, I think. I work overnights, so I get a whole extra dollar an hour after midnight.

Cool, though. It's different, yet awesome, to see another east coast wiz here


I really wish people with wide monitors would stop screenshotting threads at max res. Halve the width and double the length you piece of shit, be considerate, some of us have older/smaller narrow monitors or need to zoom in text to read it better.


>Apartment = $700
How the hell do you manage that, I haven't seen apartments drop below 1000 around here.
>Internet = $100
You might be able to get a basic plan from TekSavvy for around 50.


File: 1571617748577.png (1.16 MB, 1068x1090, 534:545, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Dying at work honestly doesn't seem that bad anymore.
I used to think it was sad that people die while employed instead of getting a decade or so of NEETdom but retirement years are so full of medical expenses and colostomy bags for nearly everyone anyways.
Nothing for a retiree to look forwards to == happy karoshi.



Why must you post this normalshit picture


I've actually been taking on fewer hours at work since I realized even if I pushed myself to work 40+ hrs a week there, I'll never get any OT pay, benefits or anything except suicidal hatred of life. Even if I worked full-time at this part-time job, I still wouldn't be able to live on my own financially.

That depressing feeling when I know I'm forever stuck doing menial jobs until I throw myself in front of a train or off of a skyscraper.


File: 1571703268334.jpg (373.84 KB, 800x3156, 200:789, 494969393694595.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have no real advice for wizards except just to save as much money at whatever job you happen to be working at this time. Doesn't matter whether you're stuck at some minimum wage-tier slave job or working some career job in your profession, make saving money a force of habit for yourself. If you get into a habit of saving money at your low paid current job, you'll be saving money at a future high-paying job as well. Start small if you have to, put away money from every paycheck that you get and over time, try to increase that amount. Over time it'll all add up and it can come in handy in the future for you. Keep your lips tight and never tell people about how much money you have saved up.

Having savings that you can fall back on in an emergency, can go a long way for you towards alleviating stress & worry about the future. If you have an emergency fund saved up, you won't need to stress about layoffs or downsizing that may occur and can plan for the future. I recommend at a minimum having a 6-month emergency fund that can cover your costs of living if you happen to find yourself unemployed or out of work. If you can make it 12 months, that'd be even better.

The thing is, money can either be a good servant to you or a cruel master. And its in your power to choose which role it will play in your life. So if you're stressing about money issues, that's something that essentially distracting you from your goals and causes you to expend unnecessary energy in trying to fix the situation. I've encountered many people in my work life that despite earning more then me, always seemed to be the ones complaining about money issues and meeting the payments on whatever expensive toys they had tying them down. Don't be like that. Keep a budget, be frugal, make sure your expenses never rise above your income, learn to invest, and have a long term goal for your life. You don't want to end up like those poor sobs that are stuck in a job they hate cause they have family or bills to take care off.

You don't want to spend your whole life working for money, when ideally its money that should be the one that's working for you. Just something to think about.


I found it entertaining


File: 1571783782114.jpg (78.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1527473725265.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just a small rant. While I do work night shift reception, which provides plenty of content alone time, I am plenty lucky indeed, sometimes some normalfag happens to come up and ask me for shit. This time it was a german with a shit eating grin, he looked at me, smiled and had the nerve of ringing the bell. Oh he thought that was hilarious didn't he? I was this close to headbutting him in the eye, I haven't got so mad in a very long time. Fucking tourists.



File: 1571940536864.jpg (138.48 KB, 800x802, 400:401, eee2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So i couldn't take the gross incompetence of my workplace anymore and walked out. My (new) Boss tells me how i should do the job i've been doing longer than him. A recent hired succubus got a promotion while i do the heavy work. I'm just done. Fuck it i'm going on sickleave due to burnout. Fuck em all.


Today was my first day off work since April. I ended up having to work because the co-worker who was supposed to be covering me ended up saying he wanted to work from home in the morning and couldn't cover my stuff. I then had a colleague tell me that he finally turned up to the office only to start criticizing me to everyone - colleague who told me said he didn't say anything because he didn't want to get involved. The anger I felt was extreme, and I ended up visiting my mother and just screaming like Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049. The anger just took over and it was like something deep inside coming out. May resign on Monday and NEET for the rest of my life.


imagine his coworkers TId him and noone saw it as ironic the way he did what they said to


>Spend all day wanting to go home and relax
>Get home and do nothing that brings me joy at all
>Tell myself it'll be different when the weekend comes, I'll go out and do something fun or go see the changing of the leaves outside or at least go for a walk or find a movie I like or etc etc
>Never do

It's so cliche but I can't stop it, I hate it all so much. I can't even remember the last time I enjoyed doing something.


I admire the guy's work ethic, dedication, and the fact that he managed to stick with McDonald's for over 30 years.

Hope he can enjoy NEETing it up now. He fucking deserves it.


it is like that for me too. I have fun daydreaming, and it ends at that too. I would probably have to do something I don't even daydream about to enjoy it, but it's hard to do something like that when I'm a slave.


>I admire the guy's work ethic, dedication, and the fact that he managed to stick with McDonald's for over 30 years.

wizchan 2019




Same here. The only thing that brings me joy is the prospect of resigning the following week, which I never do.


Seriously. The guy can put up with more bullshit than me. I can't imagine staying with McDonald's for 3 years, much less 32 or whatever. That's all I'm saying.


Oh well, the busy season has started and our already undertrained, understaffed department has had a few of our members get injured so I'm working 6 days a week 60-70 hours. Typically we used to do those kind of hours for 2 weeks in December but looks like I'll be doing that until January!

The worst part about night shift is if I don't get 2 or 3 nights off in a row it doesn't feel like I get any days off.


That sounds like slave labor conditions. Can you find any other jobs?


The cool irony of the choice of gif. Those mobsters never worked for their money.


He has down syndrome, dummy. Downies are often just intelligent enough to be capable of a job like that and find find it fulfilling. They have a child like innocence about them and a persistent positive attitude about life that people find endearing. He is basically the perfect fit for a wage slave job like McDonalds.


I used to ride the same bus as a McDonald's employee with Down Syndrome exactly like this. 4-5 days a week for about 7 years and every single day without fail he was happy as a pig in shit to trudge through pouring rain and sleet and -30 degree wind to go flip his burgers.
Maybe the key to happiness is actually just being retarded.


>just being retarded.
That's harsh man. True, but still


He sounds like sponge bob.


That's what makes it sad. If he legit enjoys it, fine, but he doesn't know better.


>finally punch out and fuck off home
>so brain dead and lacking energy only thing I can think of is unwind browsing wizchan
>it's all shit in here too



doesn't work im retarded and not happy


Never EVER get an apprenticeship guys.
Just received my schedule for next month. Between school and work im working 180 hours.
And making 320 euros. Thats less than two fucking euro per hour. Thats not even enough to pay my fucking rent. Im working 180 hours a month and i still have to rely on fucking government handouts to fucking survive. I literally made more money cashing in unemployment checks.
anyway just wanted to vent for a bit before heading over to the suicide general. peace.


File: 1572476860850.jpg (14.57 KB, 319x135, 319:135, boy.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

It literally takes me years to read books and complete games now. I realized today Ive been reading the same 500 page book for over a year now since I cant seem to read more than a few pages a night due to lack of time and mental exhaustion and stress.

All I have is anime, games, and books and in my life Ill only be able to experience just a few more, and wont be in a condition to actaully enjoy them and immerse in them without constant interruption



lately my body petrifies when i have to speak with any of my coworkers


File: 1572599937390.jpg (16.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1572594601885.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>second in command is unloading truck yesterday
>pallet tips over because whomever stacked it in the warehouse was an idiot and couldn't stack pallets to save their life
>anyway i continued walking along after I noticed what happened
>if she wasn't a cunt in general, i'd at least offer to help pick it up

Why does this bring me pleasure? I'm not usually this cunt-y or petty.


same. my mask is beginning to crack.


Why the fuck normies are so happy when they get a job? My 19 year old brother was very happy when he got his first job (drone office job) why is so great that normals are more than willing to sell their life to the jew? I just don't get it.


You don't get it yet because dad foots all your bills. People like to have an income because nobody wants to eat that stale shit from the food pantry nor spend the night on a shelter crawling with bedbugs and crazy people.


Because he'll finally get to move out.


I understand that people works because they don't want to live in poverty and eat trash,what I don't understand is why people are so excited to get a job.

A little analogy,I have to wash dishes,that's an obligation,I know I have to in order to don't eat in shitty dishes,but you don't see me being excited and grateful about the "opportunity" to wash dishes.

That's what I don't understand about normies.


I can say for myself it's not happiness, it's more like relief. Then you wageslave for some time and just begs to be let go. Then the bills pile up again and when you find an income it's a relief again. And that's how it goes in this MISERABLE FUCKING ROCK.


Just send in an application to McDonalds. Im desperate and I cant continue living the way I do right now
Im actually unironically scared that McDonalds wont even hire me because I dont know what else to do.


I have 600€/month job. I hate living in the shitty poor parts of Europe. Even here 600€/month is getting ridiculously low, a fucking cashier at Lidl basically earns more than I do.


Is this for a full-time position?


Yup. Full-time job.


is that the min wage?


No, it's above it, but it's barely above the minimum wage for "skilled" labor, because I basically do have a qualification in what I'm doing.


File: 1572714814908.jpg (142.07 KB, 912x768, 19:16, 4MynwTqvY6TKO1zQ39SGw1ky5h….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



lol thats so fucking gay


I have seen too many people doing 7 just to get passed on promotions and whatnot. What fucking bullshit


True. This is the best time so far to be alive, in terms of quality of life.
True. All arguments for why unrelated third-parties are obligated to support you personally rely on special pleading.
True, if you know basic emotional self-control. Probably beyond most depcrabs.
Good idea, no one likes being held under obligation to others.
True. Giving up responsibility over your own body is a recipe for disaster.
Only true if you own your own business, otherwise social engineering is probably more important
True. Whining only works for babies. A whiny adult is extremely grotesque.
True. Denying the most basic form of responsibility over your life transforms you into an impotent corpse. Don't act life your life isn't yours and then whine when anything bad happens to it.
True. Envy is the ugliest sin.
Wrong, some people are born inferior. Those people need to come to terms with their reality in order to be happy.


So much this, my fellow worker unit.


File: 1572727170242.jpg (30.52 KB, 474x266, 237:133, love working.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't wait to get my new job on Tuesday to slave like a droid for little money to scrap by, i'm just glad I can call anyone who doesn't have a job a worthless lazy faggot who can't take care of themselves, they're some good benefits of having a job.


sounds like you have an inferiority complex


You soon see it's all a pyramid scheme, somehow working and success is at the same time truly fulfilling and meaningful yet makes people so weak they cannot deal with the existence of mental illness and cling to magically defined free will concepts. The beliefs all this stuff rests on are threatened by nasty little truths; it's like rich people who suddenly feel unhappy if they accept luck played a small part in their situation.

After getting over depression it was easy to see that 99% of culture is literal meaningless horseshit. All this shit normans talk about being hard is bullshit, everything is super easy now my mental illness is cured. Walking for 10 hours a day is piss easy now even when my feet are covered in blisters. Yeah I'm lucky and me getting better depended on material circumstance, it doesn't affect my experience of things being fulfilling now to know that - but so many normans can't deal with it. Language is all meaningless - we are alone in this world and communicating with other humans is mostly meaningless. You must stand alone if you are even a tiny bit different because communication is mostly noise.


Where do you think you are? This is /dep/, of course i'm a whiny faggot, I mean i'm somewhat glad of getting the job, but I feel like its going to be torture to make up the money. At least my parents will leave me the fuck alone and I can move out soon.



Started a new job as a baker and it's a fucking dream come true. All alone from 1am to 8am, kneading bread while listening to the radio. Also free unlimited access to pantry / can basically cook and eat whatever I fee like.


Absolutely. The seething crabs in this thread will never understand the joy of being a productive citizen. I pity and spit on them for not contributing to society like I do, they are forever below me. I am a better human by virtue of working 12 hours a day, the money I generate for my boss increases my value as a human being. I do my job with abundant passion and enthusiasm.


That's about the only job in the food industry I would take it. Working with food is fucking nasty but your position sounds really cool actually. Hope you do well wiz.


Wallowing in self pity is the way actually.


>work 12 hours in a factory
>daydream of all the other things I could be doing
>feel like I just want to quit and live in my car
>cant wait to get home
>get off after its dark, drive home in heavy traffic which basically makes it a 13 hour day
>shower then lay on bed
>get up and use computer
>time for bed

I used all of my vacation days just wondering around wishing I were home then getting drunk alone everyday. why am I even doing this? I dont even talk to people outside of work besides cashiers or bartenders unless its my parents on the phone.


Why are you? I was able to survive on part-time work on a $10/hour job, factory work being more stressful should pay higher than that. If it's rent you should consider moving. You could even buy a small plot of land and live in a camper, I've done that.


File: 1572904273584.jpg (192.49 KB, 720x720, 1:1, buddha.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What's the point if when I finally get home and have some free time I don't feel like doing anything. Fuck.


Do you guys have any sort of endgame you're working towards? Mine is saving 80% of my paycheque living with my dad till he eventually dies. Goal is to save about 50-100k in those years and then go into frugal neetirement.


I've gotten to the point where I I'm saving 50% of my monthly income but im trying to increase that proportion. Next year I will hit my projected goal of having 100k networth in cash & stock investments. Sure i'll probably continue to wageslave for a while though but at least I'll be comfortable enough due to having this safety net tucked away. I'll also be looking for ways to increase the income I get from my online business so I don't have to rely completely on my wageslave job too. I had to live like a hobo for the past several years to achieve this goal but I believe it was worth it.


File: 1572989478630.gif (1.99 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1466666224719.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>call out of work yesterday since I had an interview
>come in today and coworkers are being extremely short with me because they had forced overtime on monday as I wasn't there to contribute and help get work done on time
>while I'm eating lunch one of them asks me if I'm going to actually be doing my job today
>get pissed off and go as slow as possible for the rest of the shift so they have forced overtime again
>I don't have to stay late because my temp contract forbids it
>mfw I leave on time while all the norcs watch two extra hours of their night melt away
go fuck yourselves


what kind of work does this involve?




I work in a distribution center so it's general shipping/picking/etc


nice one, fuck those fags


Man I would be terrified of doing this. I think about doing stuff like that all the time but once I'm actually there I'm a fucking pussy. I would in fact have stayed and helped them without the pay, that's how much of a faggot I am.


Are people actually this petty?

Good on you wiz


Anyone worked for a temp agency before? If I'm going to work a job without killing myself, it has to be temporary.


I have worked as a temp and it's worse than being an intern. Expect to do the same work as someone who is making 3x as much as you do. Also, you have no control over what shithole the agency sends you to. Do anything else, wiz.


I think you should go for part-time positions.


I started working because I wanted money but I haven't used any of it.


Anyone here got a corporate job that requires lots of humanbinteraction? how do you get by?

I have this strawman persona on a surface level. I always try to please my colleagues so they don't fuck with me. But I still refuse to eat lunch when they eat or I sit alone in a table. And I refuse to partake in their conversations, which are inherently stupid, I just put my headphones and listen to music all day to avoid listening to dumb shit.

How do you cope?


>Anyone here got a corporate job that requires lots of human interaction?

>how do you get by?

You suffer every day.

>How do you cope?

Save enough money to quit and not have to work for a while.




File: 1573222591261.jpg (58.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, TheStruggleIsRealwht-4500x….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>have dual screen setup so I can bullshit my way through those e-learning things companies push on you now while lurking


File: 1573223479333.jpg (248.18 KB, 766x1043, 766:1043, sick.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why do I have to be born as a fucking retard? I recently started working at a Fedex packaging job and my god i'm a fucking dunce, I keep fucking up going through security and embarrassing myself, can't even put this dumb fucking device on my wrist thing because most of the time I can't slide it through, and apparently I was too fucking slow and barely scanned any items or packed them in trailers. Another guy who is just new as me did 5 times better than me and the managers just rubs it in my face. I fucking can't catch a break with working, i'm useless.


Yes that's why I don't even try anymore, I know I'm too slow compared to your average normal wagecuck. Or try a night job like hotel, no boss there to see you do nothing.


Funny enough, it's a night shift, I mean one manager is pretty cool but I hate how i bother him for every petty shit that doesn't seem to work. Other manager just tries to help me but feels pretty strict and doesn't take bullshit so he might fire me the most. I hope when I go in there next time i will know how security fully works and can get that dumb fucking thing on my wrist.



You most likely have a streak in you that wants to do things "properly" and you are taking way "too much" time on something like making sure you definitely have the right package.

But fedex's attitude will be "fuck you pack faster".

This is because if you make one mistake in 10, people will grumble but do they give a fuck? No. But if you make one mistake in a hundred but are only 10% as fast, then you will end up with everyone getting the right package BUT FEDEX MAKES A LITTLE LESS PROFIT

so "fuck you, speed up".

It took me a while to realize just how much this happens in every job.

I work in a fucking bank investigating money laundering and it is ABSOLUTELY clear from time limits sets that the bank wants me to weed out only the most obvious cases to signal compliance with state legislation.

Absorb this for a minute - then try to feel better about yourself for trying hard to be good. But save that shit for things that matter and just do the job they want you to do while you're in the neo-liberal hellhole that is the wage-zone.


How the hell were older generations able to work nonstop for decades? I cannot even last a year at any job before having a mental breakdown and quitting. Working full-time leaves me with no time for anything besides work, sleep, and errands. I barely have enough time to make this post because I'm so time-starved.

Why didn't past generations of men put their feet down and say "Fuck this miserable existence! I'm done!" like I'm going to do before long?


I read somewhere people are working more nowadays than ever before. Too tired to actually look it up now. I guess when you have something to look it up to it's easier to endure work, now all you can look forward to is dying on your sleep so you don't need to go to work next morning.


FedEx Anon here, what's worse now that everytime I scan the items, my number doesn't go up because I'm not scanning a shit load in time, so my number literally goes down. That's how fucked it is, no wonder shit ton of people quit and they say they always lose people.


I dont get why some people put in "extra effort" at a job beyond trying to suck the dick of higher ups to get a promotion. They get shouted at to work faster (when their current pace is actually perfectly fine) and actually oblige, they only do that to try squeeze as much out of you as possible as people fall for it.


they stayed decades in the same place to be able to make new employees ram their tongue inside their assholes


I worked in a company which was helping prepare samples for analysis to see if the people who the samples were taken from had cancer. When I started I was slow and was told a few times to speed up but yet I was also told I had to be accurate. I could be accurate or I could cheat and half do it and do it more quickly, pick one.


File: 1573602600362.png (162.73 KB, 348x253, 348:253, idontcareanymore.png) ImgOps iqdb

"Anon, where were you?"
"At work."
"I think you were with your girlfriend ;)."
"Mom, I'm 32. I've never had a girlfriend. If I did, I'm so socially awkward that you would have figured it out by now."
"I think you're just hiding her from us, anon ;) ;) ;)."
*remain sullen and silent while she continues teasing for 5-10 minutes and then eventually gets distracted by something else.*
Sometime in the past year I realized that she will never stop this. I will have to deal with her saying this sort of shit for the rest of my life. The only respite I've noticed over the years is that as I have slowly made my responses more and more apathetic and monotone, she has not only stopped asking me this sort of shit, but just started talking to me less in general.


Mine does this shit too ocasionally. Can't really treat her seriously anymore.


>Maybe the key to happiness is actually just being retarded.



Time to whip out the dakimakura on her. "Mom, I would like you to meet my girlfriend." Bonus points if it is a loli.


I would like to do this so fucking much.


Took a day off today to clean the apartment. Hopefully it'll stop smelling like booze and old food and dirty clothes and dust. Maybe it'll feel satisfying if I tell it to someone even if nobody will read this.


File: 1573671308753.jpg (52.88 KB, 260x400, 13:20, Paulie1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just 2 days ago I watched exactly this episode:
>carmella stresses tony she needs more money
>and more security
>just a few weeks after talking to that shrink about her husband and his criminal activities
>but she cannot throw away the luxury life now
>it's fur dah childruns
>stresses tony for money
>tony stresses everyone else
>in the end, ralphie needs to buck up
I always hated ralphie though
I like paulie


Good for you anon, I often fantasize about cleaning my apt but I never do, I just start moving stuff around and then watch youtube videos all day or play video games.


Do you guys have any energy to do stuff on your free time? I keep day dreaming all day about all the shit I'm going to do on my free time but as soon as I'm home all I can do is lie down, browse wizchan and watch garbage on youtube. FFS


Day dreaming is a good hobby. You should go straight to bed and day dream for a couple hours, see what happens.


90% of my free time is spent browsing the internet, gaming out, and listening to music. I go for walks daily, too. Don't have the gumption to do anything more productive than light exercise.

Awesome, wizbro.


File: 1573741775409.png (517.16 KB, 820x606, 410:303, 1380618547165.png) ImgOps iqdb

The "big secret" at work is that corporate is springing a six day workweek on us starting in 2020. Who doesn't want to work an extra 50 days a year, right?


Is this an office job? Just curious.


Wow is that legal?


No, a package handler job at a mail hub. Amazon's one day shipping is distorting everything and now they want to add another shift to keep up.


my life will always be shit. i will never have a job that pays well and i'll never have healthcare that's even remotely beneficial. $4000 deductible? might as well not have insurance at all.


As time goes on I can coping seems to do less and less. At least I have one and have something coming in to save but being happy with that only goes so far when your too old and too miserable with your life otherwise. Contemplating if a time machine and doing some things again is even what I want or a new life altogether with an assurance that it won't be a giant cosmic joke and that I can remember what I learned in this one.


It's only a formality nowadays anyway.


The only thing that's still attractive to me is the idea of voluntary space colonization.
Fuck off to some remote planet, maybe die in your cryo sleep, turn into a hermit otherwise.


Overhead this at work today, they weren't talking about me, but someone very similar to me:

“All he does after work is go on his kompyuuter and play haylow.” (they were pronouncing those words as if they never use them)
“On the kompyuuter?”
"Doesn’t he have any friends he can go out with instead?”
“He has a brother in X, and his sister lives down in Y, so they don’t see him much.”
“Oh,well that’s sad.”
"He needs to get out and socialize.”

This conversation actually rustled my jimmies a little. Boomers. Not even once.


File: 1573944987650.jpg (60.68 KB, 869x579, 869:579, Triatholon-768x512-768x512.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The store where I work has started playing Christmas within the past week. I was hoping it wouldn't start until December.

Merry wizmas to me.


i quit my job in august due to health problems. the break worked and i'm better now. i'll have to start working again next month. i'm going to apply at a dairy farm. if it doesn't work, maybe this place called World Market, import store.
i want to kill myself.


>True. This is the best time so far to be alive, in terms of quality of life.

no, best time and place was in boomer heyday, from 60s to early 90s in the US, Late 80s to mid 200s for western europe and late 70s to early 90s for Japanese people, before their asset bubble burst. Now is all decline for the salary person with no added benefit or much social mobility.

In the rest of the world it has all been decline since ww2, and latinamerica and africa is a perpetual shithole that doesn`t count.


>True. This is the best time so far to be alive, in terms of quality of life.
is it really. By quality of life I see being able to live in peace. Which usually means moving out to a nice location and having savings and not having to work. Is this achievable today?


I can get access to pretty much any book or piece of media I want for free in minutes. Boomers weren't able to do that.



Over exposure to mindless media that you won´t even truly enjoy once your dopamine receptors burn out definitely makes up for living in a pod with no prospects in life. Are you prepared to eat the bugs?


No one's forcing me to be overexposed.



no one is forcing a junkie either, but i am sure if you choose to stop indulging you`d find life is full of rewarding alternatives for you, specially in the best ever global economies of today.


What I'm saying is that I am not overexposed. I used the internet to find books and read them.



boomers had libraries, they could buy books, they could also buy houses , travel and get educated with their salaries without being millionaires or having a phd and speaking 3 languages like shit wage jobs require today.


Not the guy you're responding to but I think he's arguing from the perspective of the average user on this site. Most people here don't give a shit about what you're listing because they require socialization or are normalfag pursuits.

>without being millionaires or having a phd and speaking 3 languages like shit wage jobs require today.

These are blatant exaggerations that really just hurt any arguments you're attempting to make.


Library genesis has exponentially more books than the average library. I checked my local library once and it was nothing but young adult stuff, local history, and hobby books.


this made me kek and also get angry, god I hate ignorant close minded normalfags


>best times were before fall of the iron curtain
it is like commies did us a favor by keeping themselves shut out from the global economy
today everything is turbo capitalist and turbo competitive
you cannot even go to a cheap shithole country to do cheap vacation there because the richfags already bought up all the ressources to prostitute them for max. profits already


coomies are what made the standards so shit in the first place, when there are countries like China that run on slave labor thanks to communism is really hard to keep companies from outsourcing to cheaper labor markets. It warps the standards of other countries were workers generally had safer work environments and much better earnings. Same with Latam, the #1 cause of massive migrations is socialism , like 15% of Venezuela already left the country and those are people who are collapsing the job markets and lowering standards in all neighboring countries.


I think more than my job, I hate the brainwash that comes with it. THAT is depressing and destabilizing.


File: 1574160377173.jpg (379.6 KB, 842x900, 421:450, 1574067830739.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Agreed. I especially hate when they send you those elearning crap or sign you up for some garbage training. It serves no purpose other than making you realize who your masters are.


File: 1574347278948.mp4 (542.49 KB, 640x360, 16:9, wage-slave.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>finally got pushed off of neetbux a couple months back
>16 hour contract retail job so it wasn't TOO bad
>since week #1 the hours have been going up and up
>working full time hours now
>Christmas run up is getting busier and the customers are getting ruder
I'm getting like 4x what my neetbux where but I'm not doing anything but saving/lending to my family anyway so what is the point? When I do spend my money it's on something that lasts a few hours at best and doesn't bring me much joy at all, nowhere near enough when compared to the hours I put in to afford it.
To make it even worse this is probably as good as it gets. The job isn't terrible and there aren't too many jobs out there I think I would prefer, so what do I do? Is this really it for the next 30+ years of my life?
I need a monetary goal to be aiming towards or something because this is fucking dreadful. As a NEET there was at least the faded possibility of things getting better when/if I found work, it wasn't realistic but I had that "grass is always greener" thing going for it. Now I feel like I've seen all the grass I can realistically access, and every single patch is dried up and dead.


Just ended my 4th day of work at a meat factory and i think it's the last. It's loud, cold and back-breaking. I could take it if i was good at it, but i never understand what my bosses whant me to do which is a mix of hearing impairement, anxiety, slight autism and retardation. I'm also a mess when it comes to being practical etc. People start to look at me funny. Even in the shittiest, exhausting jobs i reach the botton of the barrel. This puts the final nail in the coffin, and i can't take it no more.

We get 20 min of break 2 times a day but it's a joke. We must go to the locker room and take off our working clothes, then put them on again at the end of the break, which along with all the walking required to reach the cafeteria or the smoking lounge takes a solid 10 minutes. So we get 10 minutes of break at best, but it feels like 5 because of the pressure the time clock puts on the worker.


After I worked in a factory for a week I couldn't understand how the normalfaggots who worked there their entire lives could possible retain any will to live. After my shift I had to just lie in my bed and stare at the ceiling for hours I was so exhausted.


Same here. Since i started, i didn't do anything beside working. I can't even play video games, this shit job is crushing my soul.


No, I need to work for a week and be done with it. I can't take this indefinite shit. The grind wears me down, the senselessness of it all. Even if I just make a few hundred dollars a week.


Just resigned from the meat factory. I told i was sick and the corporate stooge on the other end of the phone aggressively told me to never work for them again if i don't come at work today (i have a temp contract). I was fine with it, but now i just hope i won't lose my unemployment bux because of them, have to see a doctor. Next time i'll be more carefull when chosing a job, i didn't know that real slavery was still a thing in first world countries. By the way 90% of my coworkers were foreigners from central Africa.


>By the way 90% of my coworkers were foreigners from central Africa.
That should have been your clue as to the type of environment this place was, these type of companies love to hire immigrants and foreigners who don't speak english and who aren't aware of their labor rights since that means they can fully take advantage of them & not give them benefits & etc.


I don't mind my job but I often feel the same. If I've been doing a lot of work on a certain day my brain is just fried when I get home, I can't even relax with a video game or a moviek, or anything else for that matter. I really hate the 5-day work week system, I'd much rather work longer days for shorter periods. I just need time to adjust to wagecuck mode and relaxation mode.


>By the way 90% of my coworkers were foreigners from central Africa.
Oh man I had this exact job except it was pakis rather than africans. I gave it in after a day because I physically couldn't keep up with being a human conveyor belt. I had to stand and pick up trays of sausage rolls, turn around and walk 3 steps, then place them on another conveyor belt. Repeat forever. Would have drove me insane if I did the full 12 hour shift never mind any more days/weeks.
There was then the lines and lines of succubi who just had to roll the meat that came down to them. Literally stood there chatting while the men did the actual work. Fucking sucked.
Oh and when I started I accidentally stood in the Punjabi line which I only realised after I clocked on to the fact that I was the only white guy in the line and I didn't understand anyone else around me. Thought it was just their accents at first.


>I had to stand and pick up trays of sausage rolls, turn around and walk 3 steps, then place them on another conveyor belt.
there's no reason for these kinds of jobs to not be fully automated to allow more people to get out of their misery


Jesus how brain washed are you that you've been convinced the only options are slavery or homelessness.


I honestly consider automation taking over retarded jobs like this and try to at least train homeless people or high school dropouts/college dropouts for specific trades or occupations. Mc Donalds and all the shitty minimum wage jobs are shunned anyways and normies treat the workers like shit, tell them to get a better job because its so "easy" or purposefully give unnecessary problems to workers, people fucking hate minimum wage workers to the bone.



that could easily be automated by some kind of robot arm thing, but the robot would probably cost slightly more than paying a poor person to do it.


the retraining 'meme' wont exist in another 10 years. robots and AIs will start taking jobs people never would of thought in a million years could be automated. the 2020's will be a different world.


I'm in cleaning and I get shit from white collar paper pushers who are at least 10x more useless than myself.


Oh well, I guess automation will weed out the weak and stupid, homeless people or retards will die and only the most useful minds should stay alive.


>the robot would probably cost slightly more than paying a poor person
all you need to replace that kind of job is a conveyor belt that takes sausages from conveyor A to conveyor B it'd cost less than a few weeks of salary and would be able to operate non stop



there is some bean counting cpa who looked at it, looked at the robot arm, and looked at the numbers and said, "Nah, maybe in 2.3 years"


The Christmas songs were a breath of fresh air over the perpetual pop music playlist used throughout the entirety of the rest of the year for me, when I worked retail. Even better was when the music was shut off for a few days by corporate, with no reason given as to why.


idealistically, robots should take over all jobs so people don't have to worry about earning money and are free to pursue what they want. obviously, that'll never happen, but moreso any positives that come from automation will end up a net negative as the powerful rich faggots at the top will manufacture more arcane ways to exploit people


It will happen, but only when 99% of the people are 100% useless to the 1% and they can remove them with a one swift sweep and are finally free to enjoy their new world order global theme park.


I fucking hate shitty and sloppy co-workers. Not trying to act like I'm Wagie McWagecuck here, but I'm in a job that requires quite a bit of skill, so I'm not talking about some kind of factory assembly line job. Anyway, they hired a new guy about 6 months ago and the guy seemed promising in the beginning, seemed like he had quite a bit of talent. Fast forward 6 months, the guy has barely improved and is complete and utter dogshit at the job. I literally work 2-3x as fast as the guy, and the quality of my work is many leagues above his. The guy shouldn't even be allowed to work because he's just too fucking shitty. It really pisses me off because we're often working on the same project and have to share the workload with him, when I'd rather just do everything by myself instead of letting this shitter touch any of it. And the boss doesen't even seem to give a fuck, and he reacently hired another competele and utter useless retard.

I give my best anyway and try to ignore all of it, but this shit pisses me the fuck off. I hope that retard gets in a horrible accident at work. My complaint isn't just that the guy is shitty, but he's also sloppy. He works way too fast compared to his experience level. His work is below the requirements, and the boss doesen't give a fuck. And the guy is a total attentionwhore and acts as if he's the most important person in the whole company. Man I hope that stupid cocksucker cuts of his fingers at work.


Oh, and I forgot to add that the retard acts passive-agressively towards me because he secretly wants to take my job. My contract expires in 6 months and might not get renewed, we'll see. I like the work itself but the company is destroying itself by hiring those retards. If those stupid cunts are supposed to replace me then the company won't last long anyway. I suspect that they want me out due to my wizardly behavior at work, at this point. I've always done a good job but the bosses are retarded so they'll probably get rid of my anyway.


What do you do for a living, wiz?


Welding. Might not sound completely wizardly, which is totally understandable. All co-workers are chads or normies. My life is quite bizarre.


I'm not him but eventually you know they'll have pop versions of those songs. Though it is, I concur with the other guy, annoying either way.


>looking at places to move for work
>notice all the places I'm interested in have the highest suicide rates in the country
great omen


I'm 26 and I make minimum wage and it feels kind of hopeless.

But I just decided to try a simulation: what if I just invested $200 per month into a long term growth robo-advisor (5% int) from now until retirement age at 65?

It would end up with almost $400,000!

Someone tell me where I fucked up and why my plan doesn't work please, thanks.


And just for fun, $500 per month and you'd be a millionaire in 40 years.


the fuckup is that you have to work your whole damn life

who cares if youre rich when youre fucking senile


Honestly I thought the same thing when I was a NEET (10+ years, actually), but after I got a job I noticed after a surprisingly short amount of time my overall happiness did not increase or decrease compared to before. Nothing really changed in the end. Do I want to not work? Yes. But I know if I were to not work my happiness level would not increase for any meaningful period of time.

For any given week if you average out the happiness it's the same if you work or if you don't work, assuming that is the norm for you. Of course people don't want to work, so some may find it hard to come to this conclusion out of their bias. Just a thought.


File: 1574980297792.jpg (30.01 KB, 288x364, 72:91, work till die.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>years as a NEET
>fucking miserable
>now working full time
>fucking miserable, but there are days where I am too focused on work and at the end of the day too tired to be miserable and just work/eat/sleep instead

Holy shit is this it? Is this what the normies feel when they "just keep working"? Maybe the only difference between us and the normies is that they cram their lives with so much shit that they don't have time to be miserable like the rest of us. Maybe that's the only way to be "happy".
Fuck I hope I die tonight.


i work as overnight admin in small hotel its ok most of the time and now in winter season i have litle interactions whit normans ,but some times its hell like today when i get to talk whit poeple and take money do paperwork and sudnely i have some error somehow and female co-workers are mad at me in the next shift , i see this succubi only in the edn fo my shift for 10 min bit this is enahought the five me mental breakdown and in summer time when someone is ill i will be put in dayshift because other male overnight co-worker have kids and can only work overnight im fucked up , and this is will be when i will be fired
i work 2/2 12 hours for minwage and i cant have paid ill days to be in my bed and get money


You are an anomaly, working decreased my quality of life to insane levels. Just so much time in a day was absolutely wasted, not learning anything, just doing random crap for money. Then you have to suffer the normalfags which adds a whole new layer of hell. Day after day off that crap and you can feel your soul melting away.


Work does have a bit of an effect on my happiness, at least insofar as what the type of work is.

I worked at a call centre for about a year 10 years ago, and it was literal hell. I was a neet for a year after, but I couldn't enjoy it as I had no money. I did like the free time, though.

I found a job at a pharmacy after the yearlong neet stint. It was marginally better than the csll centre. It was bullshit, though, as the management treated me like shit. (Promised me stuff then backpeddled on it, screwed with my schedule, etc.) Not sure how I lasted eight years there.

My current job is pretty good, though. I work overnights. No customers, and I have little interaction with coworkers. My job is easy, so I can spend most of my time browsing the internet on my phone. It's a pretty wiz-tastic job, even if I'd rather be at home playing video games.

I had a few jobs in university that were pretty good, too, as they were temporary and low stress.


What's the job?


I just got my first job ever as part-time cashier in some supermarket, despite not completing a single month since employment, HR expects me to drive 4 hours a day just to commute for a meager and shitty pay that I wouldn't have needed if it weren't for my parents fucking shit up for me more. do transfer requests actually work at all or are they just a waste of time? do you think they'll fire me because i *accidentally* left the ailments section of app. form empty?


It's hard to describe that soul melting feeling especially in min wage retail world. I work around 20 hours a week and I can't even handle much more. Yeah it's technically easy but it's so mundane and robotic that you need to learn how to turn off your emotions if you have even a fraction of a brain left in your head. If I even have the slightest thing going on in my head or passive anxiety about something I feel like I'm losing it there. I don't know how full time normal people do it, my only explanation is that they actually lack something in their heads that makes them human and thus able to handle it.

If I'm productive with something that's a long term project at the time and I'm working for the very money that funds my life and it, it's just too stressful on top of the always present "what if's" in my life, life can fuck you over in an instant. Everything is always one disaster away from taking away everything you ever had and are working for which thinking about it now is what makes it all the most hellish when I'm there for more hours a week than usual. I have to play head games with myself and distort time just to make it through sanely.

I don't think so. Shouldn't there have on the application been a section that asks if you're willing to work in other stores. I can't myself and I'm not asked to go to other stores and I'm in the same position.


project manager is leaving next week hopefully his replacement will push to fire me


They said they WILL pick the closest branch to my house, which was just 5 minutes drive, and even told me if I wanted to work in that specific branch. suddenly they moved me to the furthest branch possible for me without any valid reason or even telling me beforehand.


this is known as mobbing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobbing
they are trying to make you leave by yourself because firing someone is more expensive


File: 1575111621562.jpg (55.43 KB, 496x330, 248:165, file-20181101-83632-qxzwlj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cuts in the produce section of a local store. I have to fill plastic containers with fruits and veg, like pic related.


File: 1575130972472.jpg (151.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sion.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I fucking hate working so much, I expected it to be shit but my god, min wage jobs are fucking annoying. Shitty cunt managers making you go insanely fast and not giving a shit about your safety or your humanity, annoying shit talking faggot co-workers, no respect, inspectors come in and always watch me like i'm some prisoner. I just simply want a comfy slow job that makes survivable money and i'll be happy, why is it so much to ask? Christ I need to do better in college or fucking anything.


I remember you wiz, you have talked about your job before. Good to know you're still at it and enjoying it.


Just keep up enough till you can say you have some xp. Make some online courses if you have the energy for such things…

then you may apply for a different job more safely. It may took some time.


4 hours sounds like far distance, you won't last long dealing with that kind of commute. I suggest that you don't stay there any longer then necessary if you decide to work there. From my experience even a good job can be hell if you have to deal with a long commute. I worked an office job once where I had to commute half-way across the city in the train for 1 1/2 hrs each way just to get there and then the same amount of time back every day. I was basically losing 15 hrs of my life each week just sitting in public transportation. I would sometimes fall asleep in the train late at night when there were shifty people around. Eventually after suffering like this for a few months and being completely worn down by the commute I just quit. It was an okay job actually but the commute was what destroyed me, and I was glad to not have to deal with the stress of the commute anymore. Eventually I found a job closer to me where its only a 20min train ride away and it's so much better.


it is hellish, but i guess thats one of many cons of living in a concrete jungle shithole. still i desperately need the money so i'll try to shave at least 2 months before quitting. its exhausting as it is me being sedated, weak lethargic and fragile. now im put under more pressure thanks to life fucking me over, still somehow i have hope i'll move closer or find a better job.

those months you went through sound absolutely hellish, however in the end you found something less stressful commute-wise and that is half the issue freed out of your chest.


Cool. Yeah I've posted about it a couple times.

Thanks though! I'd rather hang at home 24/7. It's pretty good, as far as jobs go. Low stress, low responsibility. As long as I need to wage, I'll be here.

If you have a job, I hope it's wizfriendly, too. Or you aren't stuck at a crap one for long.


What's ironic to me is that working seems like such an insane/nolifer thing to do, at least a big portion of the jobs out there. It's just too much goddamn effort and time compared to the importance of what you're doing. Can you imagine waking up early and going to work for 8+ hours most days of the year, just to work in a dead store, a call centre or doing some bullshit unimportant work in an office? A huge portion of work is totally unnecessary made-up bullshit, and to me it seems like this is whole 40-hour work week is an outdated system of the past, when we actually were required to do the work because technology couldn't take care of things like it does now. It's complete nolifer insanity if you ask me. Yet this is considered the 'normie' thing to do.
I work full-time but it doesen't really mean a whole lot to me because my life is destroyed anyway. So whether you send me to work, prison or even the frontline in a war for that matter, doesen't really mean shit at this point. But for you wizzies that still are well-functioning and have better things to do rather than wasting your time in this insane system, I really get your frustration.

>Christ I need to do better in college or fucking anything.

That probably won't even help. The game is rigged.


File: 1575293190657.jpg (57.07 KB, 482x549, 482:549, 1475416009302.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>one day off in the middle of a 9 days work
>they called me
>wanted me to work on my day off too
Unbelievable. It's an entry level retail job too so it's not like they need my fucking expertise. I think they have just identified me as the mug who will work whenever because they already know I do fuck all on my days off.

I'm considering packing it in in a few months and going to university, assuming I would be able to get the funding at the age of 24. Nothing in mind at all, I just want to get the housing loan and steal a year or two of relatively easy/comfortable living before I hopefully work up the courage to off myself. That was the plan after college too though, and here I am. Maybe this time…


and in places where it's perfectly justified to be working 8 hours a day (shift system) they're trying whatever they can to push a 12-hour workday.
I was a fool to choose my line of work, but back before 2008 things really looked like they would be improving in the future.


>I was a fool to choose my line of work
Sorry my curiosity, but what is your line of work?


Maritime transport. Being stuck in a floating prison with a bunch of crabs of various nationalities, being disrespected by people "underneath" me because I'm younger than them, being bullied by people "above" because of various other reasons.
Back then it didn't seem like a bad idea, because I imagined I'd end up on a bulker - mostly doing watchkeeping alone 8 hours a day. Fuck, it even seemed like a Wizjob by the stories my dad told me.
Then the whole crisis shit happened, crews are getting smaller and smaller, 4 by 8 watch system was in some capacity replaced by 6 by 6 system wherever I ended up.
I quit my last work, because if I ever felt like actually killing myself, it was one of those days before I realized I'll be doing 6 by 6 everyday for the next three months. Even with vacation time, I had 42 hour work week every single week of the year, and thinking like that made me realize money isn't really that great either, and nothing about it was like I anticipated.
I'm gonna try again next year, because there's no use throwing in the towel before my certificates expire, but I deeply regret my life choices. I feel like chunks of my life are being torn away and I can't piece anything together.
I just exchange whole years of my life for some numbers on a bank account. If I don't manage to find something I don't hate, I'll try to find some wizjob, and just live frugally. I did the math and I'll never escape this life, even if I work hard and climb the career ladder.
Sorry for venting.


> I did the math and I'll never escape this life, even if I work hard and climb the career ladder.
This is what's fucked me up recently. I was living with the idea that I would be frugal as fuck and in a few years save up enough to just pack it all in and live off my savings for my remaining years. Then when I was desperate for a goal of some kind I decided to work out exactly how long it would take for me to earn what I need so I can start counting down the days/years until I am finally free.

It's impossible. I don't know what all these "Financially Independent Retire Early" faggots are earning but it's literally impossible for me. So there goes the only dream I have ever had, which was literally "get enough money to be able to exist as I do now minus working". What a rewarding and encouraging goal that is…


>I was living with the idea that I would be frugal as fuck and in a few years save up enough to just pack it all in and live off my savings for my remaining years.
This works indeed but only if you already know when you want to die
for example you say
>by age 50 I will be a cripple anyways, better off myself before that point then become a pathetic cripple

>Then when I was desperate for a goal of some kind I decided to work out exactly how long it would take for me to earn what I need so I can start counting down the days/years until I am finally free.

the problem with that is that once you have no money coming in, everything costs money
every fucking thing. and the worst thing is things get more expensive every year

>It's impossible.

of course it is. even the governmental pensions are ponzi schemes that will run out of cash soon
the entire premise of getting money for doing nothing for 30 years and living good is absurd but people believe it

>I don't know what all these "Financially Independent Retire Early" faggots are earning but it's literally impossible for me.

the leanfire movement can be roughly divided into some categories:
>college educated white collar faggots who worked a few years earning 100K per year, bought a house when they were still cheap and it doubled in value and they could sell it with profit and then they had a cushion of 300K on their bank and felt they could quit their job safely to live in Bali the blogger life
>the trust fund kids who either have rich parents or won in the stock market / bitcoin lottery
>the instagram and blog shills who are doing lifestyle blogs and market consumer crap to their audience in exchange for ads revenue worth 1500$ per month that will fund their life in Indonesia or Thailand where everything is inexpensive
>freelance workers like artists, graphics designers, composers, programmers, consulting workers who can work from wherever they want and they just move to a cheap location but keep doing work in rich countries and paid in rich country dollars
I saw one german lady from youtube she worked at a consulting firm for nearly 10 years, then got a burnout and quit her job. now she does "marketing consulting" and has vegan and travelling blogs. Basically millenials telling other millenials what things they need to consume to be trendy and cool and they get a few ads dollars in return for shilling products.

>So there goes the only dream I have ever had, which was literally "get enough money to be able to exist as I do now minus working". What a rewarding and encouraging goal that is…

I have to admit, this is the only thing I ever wanted too. To not have to worry about just existing with the minimum I need to survive without feeling pain and just kill the time with internet and watching pirated stuff
But now after a few years of being just like that, I feel kind of bored and I doubt I could do this for another 30 years


are you the polish guy on the container ship?
I wish I had my own ship that I could use to sail into an uninhabited tropical island and just live there far away from everyone else


Probably me, though containers were only an extra for the car carrier I was on. Yeah man, despite everything I still like ships. I just wish I could find something that could be compared to delivering Pizza/Uber rather than ending up in a truck on a tight schedule every time.
I would probably end up killing people or grounding if I stayed where I was. I had two close-calls because of how apathetic I become when my sleep schedule is as fucked as it was there.



i'm gonna shit in my chair at work as a prank on myself tomrrow


nah this is bullshit. this is financial planning only for the basics after "retirement," i.e. you'd essentially be living the same austere lifestyle, the only difference being you're not working. you'd still be on the same meager budget, and what's the point of retiring early if you're not gonna be able to enjoy any of it? you're basically torturing yourself for the idea that you're "free."


simply dont pick up your phone


What are good things to think about if you have a job where you don't really have to think? I feel like I'm wasting my time not thinking about anything.


Already tried this. Got bombarded with questions about why I didn't answer or call back etc etc. The slave cannot disobey the master after all.
This has the added problem of being another worry in the back of my mind if I don't answer too. "What did they want? Did I do something wrong last shift? Am I fired? Did someone complain about me by name?"



>Implying it is torture to buy less crap


Depends what you have to think about. If it's something you don't care/not good at, it just adds another layer of stress.


worked 60 hours so far this week, only another 2 more 12 hour shifts to go, until i can do it again.
my plan is to just keep going in until they tell me i need to take days off, lets see just how bad it can get.


jesuschrist I'm barely managing to put those 40 hours down as it is.


What job? I physically couldn't hack that myself and I just work retail.


Between work and university, I barely have time to buy food items for my living cubicle.


No it is auto-pilot where I don't have to think, that's my point. What should I think about instead with all this free thinking time?


If a subject matter doesn't come naturally for you I don't think anything people say here is going to help. I usually just daydream about the shit I'm going to do when I get home.


File: 1575668869718.jpg (478.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fuckkkk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why every fucking blue collar job I work there has to be a asshole fucking manager treating me like shit, yelling at me to do shit faster and just generally wants to make my life worse? I really don't want to quit this job because I have no other job to find and the pay is shit but its better than nothing. This asshole always fucking ask me "Why you're working this job? you should do computer stuff" It's annoying because I look pretty scrawny but I work like a fucking monster and get high rates and he still shits on me, while he treats a little succubi like a goddess and doesn't shit on her. Christ I just wanna smash his face in, he's just a typically redneck annoying cunt who hate the weak, just like every other shitty job I been too, I don't think working in general is for me.


Tell him what you think. Stand up for yourself.


>bro just stand up for yourself lmao


What else is he supposed to do?


Cleaning job?


I know what you mean but I can't, I really don't wanna stir shit up with him, I rather just be quiet and slave until I get enough experience or work till I save a shit ton of money, I recently looked up jobs around my area and theres barely any thats even nearly decent as this shitty one, so i'm gonna be stuck like this for a long time.
Package Handler, I posted here on this before complaining about shit, but it wasn't as nearly bad as this, it just keeps getting worse for no reason.





>quit my last job because of horrible working environment and conditions
>now my old boss is refusing to pay me my last salary
>only a few weeks before christmas
I can never get used to the amount of evil that exists in the world. Makes me wonder why I even keep trying when Im only going to get fucked by some asshole behind every corner.


File: 1575762908075.png (1.27 MB, 1124x805, 1124:805, 1573636149174.png) ImgOps iqdb

Look for help from the labour board in your area, or whatever governmental org looks after wages owed. Pretty sure withholding wages owed is illegal, even if you quit the job.

Kind of reminds me of my last job, but they never withheld pay. They were sketchy as fuck in other ways, though.
>was promised every second weekend off for years. Finally got it… only to have the schedule changed on the Thursday before
>get promised full time hours. Only get ~25 hours a week pay. When asked about it, they said "anything above 25 hours a week is considered full time, according to our handbook :) :) :)".
>get to do most of the heavy lifting at work. Cool, whatever. I am not adverse to manual labour. Most of it was moving seasonal stock around the mall, usually in traffic and inclement weather. Complete and total bitch work
>I had shitty schedules. Back to backs (finished midnight one day, start 8am the next), 7+ days worked in a row (no/little overtime pay, because of the above "only worked 25 hours a week" thing), etc.

Not sure how I lasted 7.5 years at that hellhole. I've been gone from the place for over two years, and I still think negatively about it.


You're wrong.


I'd be a real shame if that boss had four flat tires just before christmas


Can you threaten him to file a complaint to his superiors, or is he the boss?


He's just a manager, I could file a complaint but still a pussy too and don't want to cause trouble or drama, just want to fucking get this work done. Why do people treat each other like shit when the main goal is to make money and live their lives? Christ people are so fucking retarded.


its because most people dont change after high school they stay immature ass childrens in bigger bodies growing up.


LMao people love power tripping dude they really love tf out of it LMAOOO


can we get a janitor over here for this faggot


how do i ask for a raise


Yeah figures, it was a job full of retard rednecks and a lot of ghetto trash, but whatever. I had to resigned yesterday cause I kept puking for no reason multiple times and they wouldn't let me go unless I resigned and stopped working, so I did it and didn't give a shit so i'm a neet now and my parents are raising hell. I'm done posting, hoping I will suicide now, Fedex anon out.


doing anything worth doing requires money. money gets you a lot more than just "buying crap."



Normgroid stuff like travelling, probably


anywhere from getting treatment for sudden health problems, repairing/replacing broken appliances to actually learning something and developing a hobby.

easy to label anything that's not laying down and rotting normgroid. having a job and saving money is one of the most normgroid things possible, so this observation isn't just obvious, it's pointless.


Calm your tits, little buddy.


Wow these are the things in life worth doing? May as well fucking kill ourselves now then, all that sounds like it sucks shit.


Tell us about these hobbies


i cant stand to live with my parents any longer but i also cant stand working so might just kill myself honestly


learning and having hobbies are orthogonal to the worklife
health problems only apply on the usa the rest of the world has free healthcare
only good point you made was getting a new stove if yours breaks


You do realize that not all hobbies cost money right



File: 1576146740934.png (27.4 KB, 150x183, 50:61, 150px-Senorbackwardscap.png) ImgOps iqdb

>everyone in my department started losing three hours a week or more, a month or so ago
>noticed everyone in the store is getting a sweet, sweet 1% raise

Thanks. The 12 cents really conterbalances the $36 or so I'm losing each week


If there was one thing I envied about people regularly employed was the job/wage security but I've seen this happening so many fucking times it's disheartening.
I'm sorry wiz, well at least they cover health insurance, paid vacation and you can qualify for benefits if you're let go, right? Fuck this world.


>Had a training contract with Shell
>Join the site as a contractor
>Indian Pajeet nigger starts fucking abusing me for no reason
>his underlings do the same
>hold out for 2 months
>eventually explode and call him an animal mother fucker
>resign from said position
>get new training contract
>guys here are cool and no niggers in sight
>get email from SHELL today
>oh hi anon (((shell))) here. We paid you too much and now need two weeks pay off you even though you have resigned

Honestly as if I haven't been shit on enough as it is. One of these days lads I'm going to kill myself. Live on this earth is hell. I'm not fit for it.


If you attract drama and trouble wherever you go, sometimes you're the problem.


lol look at this guy getting triggered. He can't even read the post properly he's so upset about it.


>attract trouble and drama
I just do my job then go home. I don't understand how that is drama. I'm also quite and reserved. I get the job done then leave. If people have such a fucking problem with that then they're the problem not me. At least this time my managers recognise that and are really cool guys.


Are you fucking retarded? He said the Indian pajeet always abuse him and treat him like shit, they probably yell at him all the time too, so he had enough and didn't want to deal with them and now they're trying to fuck his ass when resigned. Sick and fucking tired of shitty co-workers and managers trying to start shit with you when you try to do your job and go home peacefully, nothing makes me more mad when wage-slaving.


Thanks, anon. My hours (and the hours at the store) usually get cut in January for a bit. This is the first time they were cut before Christmas. I'm still getting 37 hours a week, but it's weird.

But yeah, I get two weeks paid vacation a year, and insurance. Benefits depend on how I left. I'd qualify if they let me go because business was slow, for eg. If I were fired for stealing, I wouldn't be entitled to anything beyond what I was owed for workimg.

I hope nothing comes up like that, but whatever.



nigger. i need money. i need nigger money. i need money nigger.


File: 1576509109853.png (18.89 KB, 174x273, 58:91, 1VGLtVv.png) ImgOps iqdb

>was NEET
>had tons of free time
>never did anything with it
>told that once I get a job I'll have less free time but spend it better
>have a job now
>have very little free time
>constantly too tired to do anything in it
>used to sit around watching youtube and TV shit, now I just sit around staring into space until it's time to eat/shit/sleep
Remember lads, life always gets worse. If anyone so much as suggests something more positive than that then they do so for their own gain.


>rest of the world has free healthcare

basic care. if you want to live properly you need to pay up a lot.


Did anyone here experienced having a part time job ? It seems like the least worst thing if i want to live on my own. Here in Europe i'il also have the right to a small amount of unemployment bux while working part time, in order to reach the minimal wage. It's possible to live like this if i rent a small room. I dunno why but this makes my family extremely salty.


File: 1576641385732.png (250.77 KB, 393x393, 1:1, 1573741775409.png) ImgOps iqdb

>spend all day at work walking and on my feet
>cheap shoes are worn out from being used so often
>my left heel gets a deep infected sore from the shoe plastic (the interior cloth is almost completely gone) cutting against it daily
>switch to a pair of boots instead
>now the bottoms of my feet also hurt because of walking in circles all day in work boots
>my fat thighs chafe through my shorts and wear holes in them
>find an old pair of pants to wear to work
>halfway through my shift realize they also have worn out holes which is why I discarded them in the first place and they have also been visible all day
>panic and patch the holes with duct tape placed on the inside of the pants
>now there's just two taped holes on either side of my crotch and the tape chafes even worse than the pants did
>spend the entire shift holding back tears and walking like a retard
>get home and there's blood blisters on my thighs
>spend what little money I have on new pants
>visible blood stains on them after a few hours at work the next day from the blisters chafing and breaking
>heel sore still hasn't healed at all and is leaking pus into my socks
>have to wait several more days to be able to spend my paycheck money on new pants and shoes in order to be presentable for my job that gives me the money I need to spend to be presentable for my job
>back pain is ramping up again and now I have to cling to the hand rail to be able to scale stairs
>coworkers keep staring at me every time I lumber by
I'm about to fucking break



That sounds fucking horrible, and though I mainly lurk here I've been tempted to post to try and help you.

Never cheap out on clothing or shoes again if you have formerly. You're in them for the better part of the day so why buy cheap shit. Get good solid walking boots. Get two pairs so you don't bash one in prematurely.

If you're so fat your thighs rub together when walking then you need to drop some weight. In the mean time, lance any blister with a pin sterelized in a candle flame, cover the wound with a plaster, then put another layer of bandage on top (having two layers of bandages will mean one layer can move over the one that doesn't. This same thing applies to socks. Those moving around a lot benefit from wearing two pairs of thin socks - one slides over the over just a little…trust me it helps).

I'm not trying to be an improveyourselfnigger. I'm just trying to give you some practical advice.

The plus side of blisters is when the skin heals it comes back tougher.

Good luck.



Also, I forgot to mention this, most back pain can be cured by a kneeling chair for reading or using a computer coupled with raising the desk or monitor or both to an eye level height (look up proper desk ergonomics online…look for pictures to help) and also, when sleeping, it is better to do it on a very FIRM mattress. The floor is generally too hard but most beds are generally WAY too soft. Try putting a board under the mattress. Also, lay on your BACK with a below under the back of your knees. This is the perfect sleeping position and completely removes all physical force save gravity from the spine.

I did this stuff and never ever get back pain any more.

Again, not trying to be an improvenigger. I just feel bad for you.


File: 1579536539533.jpg (641.04 KB, 828x1280, 207:320, 1497588813606.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 36 and I'm just a shelf-stocker at local supermarket in a bum fuck nowhere town. I have no ambitions or goals for anything more, I have no other transferable skills or qualifications (basically unhireable). It's mind numbing shit, with bitter middle age divorcees who mostly hate men and treat me with utter contempt or utter indifference.

It's taken a huge toll mentally, I feel like just an empty vessel working myself to no end destination other than keeping a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Such a horrid existence.

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