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If something good or bad happens in my life it will only temporarily change my happiness level, but after a couple days I always end up back at the same level.

Even after 10 years of NEETing and finally getting a job I felt like my life would be over, but such a huge change like that had little actual effect on my happiness overall.

My question is:
Has anyone here permanently changed their happiness level one way or the other?
Has anyone ever seriously tried (even failed attempts)?

Feel free to post any information related to this concept and if there's any hope for long term change.


It never gets better.


Yes. You need to learn how to make changes to what causes you happiness.


I was never able to maintain a certain level of content, at the beginning of this year I had a sudden rush of happiness or I rather just felt content with myself and this feeling lasted about 1,5 months, then it suddenly disappeared and left me back feeling even worse, I can't even really tell what was the reason why I felt better.


The only way to trick yourself into feeling improvement is to first experience decay. There's no point to doing so at all, so there's no real point in chasing the feeling of things being good.


What improved my life quality was things like improving diet, exercising and in general understanding myself and the world better, therefore becoming more relaxed.


>Has anyone here permanently changed their happiness level one way or the other?
I gave up. Like in general. Ive stopped fighting and just went with the flow. I feel much less shitty now. Whenever something bothers me, i see it as an error on my side, that i gave too much of a fuck. Ive learned to be happy from the little things. Ive accepted that nothing matters, not even me, and now its up to me what im going to do about it.
My perception is a little odd ever since but meh, best ive ever felt for years
>Has anyone ever seriously tried (even failed attempts)?
Too much of a pussy.


Yes I have moved from constant suicidal depression to a more normal indifferent relationship with existence. It took 13 years but it did change so I believe it is possible.


Hapiness can never be a permanent state


Nothing can be a permanent state.


A lesson that greatly improved my day to day “happiness” is simply allowing myself to have a bad day. I know that advice sounds downright retarded and painfully obvious but it was a real game changer for my mentality.


Anyone ever get any long term benefits with meditation? Or is that just a meme?


Been practicing for about 10 months now. Here is a non-inclusive list of benefits I've experienced:
• can go to sleep easier and circumvent insomnia
• can cut off awareness from personality for relaxation
• can remove perceived value from events to reduce anxiety and general unhappiness
• through removing sense of self from body, can drastically increase pain tolerance and somewhat alter body sensations
• greatly increased memory from practicing visualization. Since I've started I've also been able to go straight into a dream after waking up if I want. May be able to expand on this to reliably go into wake-induced lucid dreams but I haven't experimented with this
• able to alter moods by conceptualizing the desired result and transferring the sense of self into it
• been experimenting lately with altering body temperature using the above method. I've been able to get a fever a few times and a couple times got my left foot to increase temperature so that it almost felt it was on fire.
• was able to intimidate a family member to stop being verbally abusive by invoking a predatory archetype




That new age meditation shit you posted and deleted was the craziest shit I've ever read here.


i'm not allowed to feel good. i'm cursed.


Drugs and alcohol, but that doesn't last long because your work place is designed to disallow the high life OP.

Still, drugs. I'd do them but I'm still a bum. But if I did work I'd be too lazy and or too deficient to do work. So I'd lose the job.

My life is full of such paradoxes.

Also, you probably feel bad because you went an entire 10 years, 10, without working. How can you just suddenly get over that old mindset that says do nothing and still live? You're trading your time for things, but it's still a trade and if a fair one you actually gain nothing. Normalfags don't notice because they were always busy little bees so it all seems like free shit to them because they actually seem to all but enjoy work. Even if they hate it they dearly love to use the status to blow smoke up their own asses.


>Has anyone here permanently changed their happiness level one way or the other?

God. That's it.


You will never see this, but what kind of meditation do you do?


Focus on the pure sensation of being until all conceptualization ceases and only the noumenon exists. Using a specific object as the subject results in loss of self-other dichotomy which can lead to changes in personality.


Did you save the post? I missed it.

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