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This might sound silly but really is fun something worth pursuing just for itself? Whenever I am faced with an uncomfortable day I keep thinking back on all the fun I had in the past but what was the point of that when I am faced with the inevitable discomfort? How can I enjoy the fun knowing that eventually I will be uncomfortable again? Having fun is basically like a fast forward to discomfort since the fun times go by so fast. The desire for having fun is innate in me so it feels intuitive to pursue it but I wonder if, especially as I am getting older and my health gets worse, it would make more sense to try to focus on learning how to endure and face discomfort. Is that even something you can learn realistically?


Well you can have fun doing something but I never do anything just for fun. I prefer comfort rather than fun even if it's possible and welcome in between. I try to have a balance even though the end result of anything is discomfort. I'm not going to make myself uncomfortable just because, there isn't added value to me there just like any fun or indulgence may not either. There needs to be some sort of function to me doing something that's positive in one way or another.


The "fun" I've had in my life, if you can even call it that, has not been worth any of the bad parts.


This is basic schopenhauerism. Life is a cycle of will for something and be sad to not have it, strive for it, maybe get it and if you suceed eventually you get bored and soon will be wanting something else. He also states that 'art' (music, for exaple) is just a distraction from this cruel cycle


People who have fun should all be publicly lashed


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Lately I've been having fun reading VNs in my twitch account.
Knowing that some people may join in and share a little moment with me, even if they don't say anything makes me feel almost elated, although the opposite is also true, when I have 0 viewers which is practically always I feel dejected, but not enough to give up reading aloud and call it a day.


>This might sound silly but really is fun something worth pursuing just for itself?

I've been saying this for a long time now, 'fun' is a scam. If something is 'fun' without actually being something that'll better you (in whatever way you wish to better yourself, mind you), then that something is just abusing your reward system and making your chemically imbalanced for no long term gain. This is why video games are such a cancerous thing, because they are top notch at pulling this shit off.

Be wary of the 'fun' trap.


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I don't get what your point is. No, Jordan Peterson didn't tell me this, if that's what you're implying, I figured it out through my own suffering and experiences. You only need to think a bit to realise that what I said is 100% the case. You don't need anything that is created to give you 'fun', that's fact. Fun is the chemical process through which we improve and strive to improve ourselves.

I don't even know if Jordan Peterson thinks like this, there are many things I don't really agree with him on.


My point is that you sound like the classic preachy "improve-brah" who goes around grand-standing about how he doesn't waste time on "childish things" like "video-games and movies" because you're too busy doing "important things" like lifting weights and social climbing. The "long-term" gains you get from bettering yourself (basically power/wealth) are arguably just as meaningless (or, meaningful) because they only matter within the framework of meaning/fulfillment you have personally chosen to adopt.


There's always certain parts of work that makes me think "Why am I only concious when I'm at work?" At home I seem to be in a daze mindlessly indulging in whatever I'm doing


Indeed, happiness and pleasure are simply fleeting feelings. Life is nothing more than a steady line with small amounts of up or "happiness" and lows "depression" I get high and it makes me very uncomfortable because it causes me to feel anxiety and paranoia but I enjoy these feelings because they're real and if I can learn to deal with it, I feel like a stronger person at the end, but I don't think it's going to make me happy to over come it, rather just complacent until I die.

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