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It terrifies me that there are people aware of my existence

All those persons i've interacted with throughtout my life… I'm stuck in their perception

All the embarrasing stuff I've done.. irreversible

i hate the universe


My godfather fucked a succubus (married for 1 year) on the vacation. It happened before I was born yet he became a godfather. I was told about it in the past by my mother then I forgot about it and then I was told about it again.

Another bad thing is that he likes Iron Maiden so every time I think about the band this human trash goes into my head. At least pro wrestler Asuka (fka Kana) is a fan of Iron Maiden is a fan of Iron Maiden but I can't erase the first association.

Even though it's not my fault I feel as my honor and dignity were tainted. I wish I would never breathe the same air as these people on this goddamn Earth ever again.


Feel the same. The only solution I found to this is becoming an entirely new person so that everyone you've ever met doesn't recognize you, and most of the time, people don't care enough to further investigate if it's really the same person they knew.


Become narcissist, you'll feel better with yourself
Just think that they should be minding their own business and you are misunderstood not bad or weird, they are judging you based on laws that somebody else wrote for them


Also it's weird to imagine people of my past thinking of me, considering I was such a marginal character.


>I will die someday
>death is guaranteed
>when I die, only I will die and no one will die with me, only my last thoughts will matter; what other people think will be irrelevant

>I could die right now

>what other people think is irrelevant, only my thoughts matter

There, your insecurity problems are fixed. Give it some time. Mature and learn indifference.


Best advice I've heard all day


I doubt anyone will remember me
I've always been and will be a ghost forever


To be fair the embarrassing stuff you've done is most likely either just whimsical or half as embarrassing to them since they're probably as self conscious.

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