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i've never had friends even online
i've no money and no education, i live in thrid world and there's no hope
everyone enjoy abusing me online
i cut myself and can't stop crying, my eyes twitching and everything hurts
my life is a tortuer please god let me die


what country?


go away norpers


The answer is pretty simple, I don't know how you didn't say it yourself.
No one will help you, ever, all you have is yourself.
When things are wrong you get sad, but when they're unfair you can only become angry. If you can't find that anger in you, that rabid animal that wants to tear apart everything, then you will die as a little rabbit.
I doubt you've never, ever felt the least bit angry at something or someone, I'd say you start there.
If everyone around you is the enemy, if you really hit rock bottom then you need to work way harder than anyone else to get what you want.
Tldr get your war face on and get your shit together, no one else is gonna do it for you. I mean, would you even want that?


Go for a walk.


What a normie answer


Ah yes, only filthy normalfags can enjoy walking.


I can relate but I don't know what to say. You could try finding other lonely people online and see if you can find a job that doesn't require any skills or go for a trade job you can learn in half a year. Why do you cut yourself? Is there people in your life that taught you to hate yourself? For me it was my own family and parents, they have narcissistic personality disorder and enjoy torturing me emotionally/psychologically while pretending they love and support me. I don't know what else to say, I hope you get better and find people you can be happy with.


Well for starters I think you should just try to stop cutting yourself. It won't do you any good really and it'll just leave ugly scars on your body. Replace the cutting with something less harmful to yourself, I dunno say like punching a pillow or some other soft object. So everytime you feel like cutting yourself, instead just go nuts beating the shit out of that other object until you physically wear yourself out. Feeling sorry for yourself won't fix anything in your life, you gotta do it yourself man.


I am thirld world spic with forced high paying job in thirld world terms.

I can relate. But I've learned indifference.


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I'm sorry anon. I hope something changes and you find some hope.


>i've never had friends even online


were you from op you fgt


Drink your own tears, refuse to make friends but casual contacts (for business and so), combat fear with fear.

You are "dead" already, think about it. What is it? What makes you really unhappy: what you have or what you lack?

Desires are sicknesses sometimes…


You're on /dep/ same as any others. You're in no position to tell anyone how to improve their lives.


I don't know why would a wizard think cutting themselves is such a bad thing, if it helps you cope, then do it, doesn't matter. Probably just normalfags in this thread.


Wizchan's purpose is to understand and calm every other fellow wizard's bad feels.

You shoulnt be allowed to bray like that here inside.-


If you want to take that with out discussion… who am I to waste some time trying to change your mind?

How fool is to think that every wiz is under the very same dark magic at very same time, cooperation makes spells stronger yet some among us still crave for doing it harder.

What a ragequit.


thanks, but i doubt they ever will - live in an uhm *undeveloped* country, am utterly sick and have no money on psychiatrists or drugs (oh and there is no such thing as free medicine where i live in, only bribe-taking pieces of shit)


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Tell us story of growing up in Khazakhstan


get beaten with wooden sticks by your school teachers then work for 150$ a month untill you die of chinese invasion




Damn stop being so hard on this kid


Sounds like Canada

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