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i regret smoking meth, i did it for a year and the damage it does is not worth the high. its a high that doesnt feel like a high.


i guess its different for some ppl but for me it would put me on edge, give me anxiety. i would always get on one and enter psychosis, i would think ppl are talking about me or that people are out to get me, after i got more use to it i stopped experiencing it as much, my theory is that abnormally high dopamine levels cause schizophrenia and because my dopamine receptors were fried at this point i stopped experiencing schizophrenia unless i get really high, usually when i smoke weed with it i get paranoid.
fuck meth. if i start doing dope again i will do down, fuck uppers.


>because my dopamine receptors were fried at this point i stopped experiencing schizophrenia unless i get really high

I am a fellow drugwiz and I kinda agree. I've had drug induced psychosis so much, and keep using despite consequences so much, that I am incapable of having a psychotic break ever again because my brain is fried.

Real, fiction, I am indifferent to it.


not to mention porn is underwhelming, it will never be like when you a teen and first discovered porn :(


lets smoke a bowl together fam


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Iv only smoked meth for a single day and it honestly wasn't anything special. It was exactly like taking 60+ mg of adderall except the onset is obviously much faster.

Overall id rate it 4/10


Sure wizbrother, let me fikish my bomvay sapphire loke a gentleman. Plus benzos andnwiid


wizchan 2019


File: 1573410853898.png (1.96 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1546898182143.png) ImgOps iqdb

I regret not overdosing when I had the chance. Never been on meth. Don't like uppers. I even hate how coffee feels. Downers though. That's the shit.



fucking wizchan 2019, normals chan, like every other…this one is no exception


o ya smokin meth is such a normal thing to do


File: 1573418532815.jpg (76.64 KB, 775x714, 775:714, e1yWWQg2gNypAoQpKc1SmeuTnm….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Drug thread ? Do I have to shoot up heroin to feel the amazing high ? I've snorted up a bag and only felt nice but nothing amazing. A big ass joint feels more intense than big line of heroin. Kind of surprised heroin did so little even though it was a quality product by the looks of it. Pic related is how it looked.


Most wizards eithar have BPD or SPD, SPD being far more common.

There's a strong correlation between substance abuse and BPD, SPD, depression, anxiety and other shit. Ergo, it makes sense some wizards are fiends.

My will to keep using to stupor to escape life far outweights any social anxiety I can get from securing substances.


>quality product
sorry dude but this is H3 heroin the sandnigger crap
either go china white or go home (that is the H4 stuff)


yes, iv drugs is on a different level but be careful, know what you're doing.


smoking meth is very normal indeed, that is why my family doesn't want anything to do with me


don't smoke meth my wizbros


File: 1573427208869.png (286.43 KB, 775x515, 155:103, Patient-with-methamphetami….png) ImgOps iqdb

fries your brain, food 100 dopamine units, sex 200,cocaine 350, meth 1250 units


Nurse, nurse she needs her jab again.


i got the opportunity to try meth twice, both experiences were only a few days apart. I don’t understand the hype. The feeling was okay I guess, kind of intense and overwhelming somewhat. Enjoyable but imo not so enjoyable that i cares much to do it again. At best i’d rate the high itself as perfectly neutral, not exactly good or bad.
But what really ruined that drug for me was the absolutely godawful comedown. Both times I felt like complete and total shit afterwards, not just for a few hours but more like an entire 12-16 hours later I still felt like i was crashing. I hated not being able to sleep, I hated feeling wired and uncomfortable and anxious, my muscles felt incredibly sore, i had this strange tingly electrical feeling in my hands that wouldn’t go away, like they were numb. When I see the word meth, i associate it with negative sensations, not positive ones. The pain it caused me greatly outweighed the pleasure.

It really baffles me that people will be addicted to that drug when for me I feel sick just thinking about doing it again


Is it me or do some parts of the brain, which dont usually activate during "healthy control", become more active during 14 months of abstinence?


you get used to the comedown, if you do it everyday you'll build tolerance and you get used to meth to the point you will be able to function on it , first few times it will fuck with your head and you will go into psychosis many times.


I wouldn't even know what to do with a stimulant drug. All I do is go on the computer all day.


Where would a wiz even get meth? Meth is the one drug I really want to try. I can't explain it but I've always been fascinated by it and though that it "looks delicious". Perhaps one of my parents smoked it. Also, how long does it stay in your system?


Your description doesn’t exactly sell it.
Why do people do this shit? I mean, I get why: it’s an escape. But WHY, when you know its temporary, and will fuck you up longterm. If life is so shit for you that you need to do drugs, then just off yourself. That’s the only true escape.


what set of circumstances have to transpire for a person to decide to try meth? like what was going through your heads? do you need a very low IQ to make such a choice? genuinely interested how you can mess up so badly.


I would try meth. If it were too pleasurable I would just do it once to not get addicted. Besides there's things you can take like memantine that greatly reduce the potential harm from meth even if you do it regularly. It's a simple matter of risk/reward. If your life is shit and you already want to die, you literally have nothing to risk and maybe it could make your existence better. Even if you end up destroying your life further, that can be a good thing when you have been stuck at the ledge of suicide for many years but been unable to take the plunge. Fuck, maybe I wouldn't stop after one go if it were amazing, perhaps becoming a meth addict is what I've really needed to do all along.


it's a social drug, passing the pipe just like you pass a blunt.


Not as low iq as you though


Yeah i've tried a lot drugs but never had any desire for meth

Maybe they hear very different stories about it and have very different expectations


that's neurotoxicity for you
rather go the heroin route than ever try crack or meth

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