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i have very bad ocd and depression and have heard smoking pot does wonders for you, like one wiz said he tried it once and all his depression and anxiety went away just then. is it a good idea to go smoke some dope so i can get these intrusive thoughts out of my head?


There's no guarantee your experience will match. It could help you, or make you way worse. If you never smoked before, it will be unpredictable-and maybe a foreign setting would not be the best place for that. When it comes to intrusive thoughts I've found weed can make that worse and send you into a state where you are visualizing them more clearly than ever and before you know it an hour has gone by and you've just been in your own head dealing with thoughts the whole time, possibly having paced around mumbling to yourself like a madman while doing so.


Marijuana makes my depression and OCD go away, but this is only works while you're high. Make sure you're getting a sufficient amount of both CBD and THC.

But, there's no guarantee it'll help you. Just because it works for me, it doesn't mean it'll help you.


>heard smoking pot does wonders for you
lol no, if you have anxiety and depression then weed will most likely only make it worse, don’t listen to the hippies that tell you it cures everything

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