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Would you like to share some disgusting things people you live with do? I live with my mother and father, here's some things that really disgust me

>Often wears underwear and his genitals hang out of them when he sits down
>Loudly "hucks?" up flem from his throat
>Yawns like a fucking wolf
>Picks nose and ears and touches everything afterwards
>Sneezes on my computer screen and sometimes my food
>pisses on the toilet seat and floor

My mother is too much, but she's mentally ill so I try to not let hers bother me


> grandma coughs loudly everywhere and doesn't give a fuck whether it's directed towards food or other's faces
> mother messes up everything that I put an effort to clean or fix up
> walks around only in panties all day without her bra on so her old breasts keep swinging out of her shirt
> she doesn't flush or wash her hands after using the toilet and screams like a crazy bitch if I dare to say anything


My father announces to me every time he's going to take a shit.
I hear him everytime he's taking a shit (he is lactose intolerant or something so he is loud). Sometimes he's not giving me enough time to prepare loud music to drown out the noise. He usually anounces he is finished and leaves the most putrid smell behind as proof, should I ever doubt him.


Sounds almost identical to my family. My dad has some kind of personality disorder that makes him act completely disgusting (not even joking). He snores extremely loudly, smacks loudly while eating and eats with his mouth open, puts the shower soap in his asshole so there are poo-stains all over it, constantly yawns in a very loud and annoying way, has a lot of other disgusting mannerisms (sucking on his fingers, eating boogers, etc.), also this >>211133. If you saw his behavior you would think that he was trying to act as digusting as possible on purpose. When he eats or drinks he's slurping and smacking loudly as if he's trying ot act like a pig, it's unbearable to listen to. Yes I've called him out on these things, and he just denies it all. He is a decent guy if you put his disgusting behavior aside, which is why I am able to cope with living under the same roof as him for so long (although I'm really, really looking forward to the day when I don't have to deal with this shit anymore).

My mom is literally insane and borderline asylum-patient material. There is too much to write about this insane cunt, so I won't even bother.


Sounds like some kind of personality disorder, stay away from people like that they do those things on purpose and don't respect you even if they're family or parents, they are most likely a danger to your livelihood and quality of life. They may get enjoyment out of sabortaging your life while pretending it's all coincidence or by accident and in the worst case may even have the intent of one day ending your life.


You're quite a piece of work trying to instigate fear on these anonymages.


Lmao I do all these things .. I'm disgusting. I also collect my boogers in piles. You guys ITT just come off as overly sensitive.



Officially hiding this thread.


my dad is gross like that too that's why I don't live with him.
He sometimes walks around naked and he has a really disgusting fat body that makes his dick look small.
I went with my mom, i hate her but at least she is not gross. Im shut in my room 24/7 its like a more comfortable prison.


Step father burps loudly often which makesme like there is dirt in my ears. It echoes is my head for sometime afterwards. But other than that I have little to complain about. The forgettable transgression infrequently.


If this shit grosses you out and annoys the shit out of you, then fucking stand up for yourselves and tell them to quit being slobs, goddamn pussies and wimps I swear. If not, then quit being such a fucking prude and suck it uo, cupcakes.


Your mother sounds intriguing, please at least elaborate a little?


You can be as disgusting as you want when you're on your own, it's different when you're amongst other people.
I'm sensitive because I don't like people making disgusting noise in front of me, while I'm not doing the same to them? Fucking stupid retard.

It doesen't work like that. I've had huge fights with my family over the years, and I've destroyed a lot of stuff in the house. I've been on the verge of getting kicked out several times. I have actively tried to control my anger and stop getting into conflicts with my family because I'm put in a powerless position here. So now I just try to avoid them as much as possible. If I were to become financialy secure one day, and live in my own house, my personality would do a 180-degree turn. I would start calling out people on their bullshit and not accept shitty behavior. If someone acted the way my parents have done in front of me, I would have beaten them up badly. But if I try to do that now, I'll just end up as a homeless person.


File: 1575241435914.png (126.33 KB, 640x359, 640:359, 1575225185048.png) ImgOps iqdb

Stop being a vagina. I'm sure there's something that you do that others think is disgusting. Sometimes I shit with the door open while eating a can of sardines at the same time. Count yourself lucky that I'm not your dad. I'd probably sneeze my snot onto your face just to torment you and make you cry. I'd make you flush my shit down the toilet.

I'm a disgusting NEET and I'm proud of my own filth and bodily functions! I'm not going to let some girly handwasher shame me for it!



Wizchan 2019


>I'd probably sneeze my snot onto your face just to torment you and make you cry

No you wouldn't because I would fucking stab your anus with a knife and then fistfuck your bleeding ass while holding your sardines in my hand.

>I'm a disgusting NEET and I'm proud of my own filth and bodily functions!

>I'm proud of

You write like a succubus and I will fucking beat you till you cry for your mom's help.


File: 1575274684245.webm (4.86 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Tamakin Everywhere (1).webm) ImgOps iqdb


It's okay as long as you don't shove your habits down other people's throats.
I like the smell of my own farts, but I don't subject others to that.


I liked Gintama, but they sometimes drag-out the jokes too much. Usually the worst ones, like 'poop' jokes or some references to Dragon Quest.


Motion detection faucets in every household when?


Abussive narcisistic piece of shit and a normie who married my father because he had money. Had sex with father and spawned 3 kids. She mentally abused me and my father and is now getting divorced.

Smart guy. In a way. He is mediocre at programming,genius at math, good beekeeper and genius with working on database systems like microsoft SQL or postgress, likes helping some of the people. These are his good traits. On the other hand he absolutely lacks empathy and critical thinking. He gives money to kids in Uganda while he lets his own kids getting bullied. Lacks ability to think in certain levels, because he wa raised by my piece of shit grandma. He married my mother and that makes him an idiot.

-grandma(father side) manipulative sociopathic piece of shit who beliefs that "reproduction is the point of human life". She manilulates her 3 own children(fourth died when 17) and grandchildren so their life fits to her own fucked up view on how things should work in this world.

- 2 sisters
Brainwashed turbo-normies.No need to say more.

piece of shit which should have been castrated. No need to say more

People are animals who just throw shit on each other. Im tired of this shit.


Thats pretty shitty

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