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Does anyone else waste their time in the most inane way possible? Like watching reviews for things you even afford? Reading threads discussing a video game you never played? At this point when I manage to watch a movie or play a singleplayer video game it feels like an accomplishment even though for others that's what they consider wasting time. I have no topics to talk about with anyone. Obviously can't talk about any social experiences with normal people but also can't even talk to geeks because I rarely consume any new media and I also can't talk to intellectuals because I don't read books or visit any cultural events.


Wasted a decade doing it. Just an empty vessel.


I could write literary the same post about myself, wizbro.


well then start reading books,it's gonna be hard at the beginning to enjoy but once you keep doing it you'll find a really big pleasure


I used to like videogames as a kid. Nowadays I can't play a game more than 20 minutes without being bored of it. I might try playing 2 or 3. I still waste some time reading about new videogames or their companies shenanigans.


i relate to that A LOOOT


Lurk imageboards on different chans but never post anything.


I feel the same as you, OP. I've never had any hobbies in my life, all of the few things I've done were at casual-level, so I've also no topics in common to talk about, even with nerds. I'm an empty husk as well.


Since this year been logging with a simple timer on the phone what I do every 15 minutes.
Happy to know so far my only true timewaste is lurking chans, but I'm well aware last year I read books, watched movies and so on and still felt like time wasted. I'm a bit paranoid about how to properly consume media now.


yeah for a while i lurked a bunch of hunting and long range shooting websites to the point i get frustrated watching the posters make poor rifle/bullet/scope recommendations to others or talk about things they clearly have only a surface level understanding of. meanwhile ive never shot a gun.


I had the Direct for the newest Pokemon content on in the background as I was reading this post. I haven't played a Pokemon game in years and the most recent game looked like shovelware garbage and yet I decided to watch the 30-minute video anyway.

It's extremely rare for me to get eight hours of productive time let alone two or three out of a given day.


The biggest waste of time is reading the same posts over and over again while browsing slow imageboards like this one. I probably read the OP in this thread like 5 times already.


I pretend to be wasting time by refreshing youtube and the chans. I lock and unlock my phone several times to feel like I'm busy with my phone. It feels like my life's gamedev forgot to create further levels


i am waiting to die


Same. I just waste time as a failure in life and keep myself numb to try and minimize the pain.


File: 1579672976437.jpg (65.01 KB, 800x564, 200:141, forgot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is anyone else experiencing a pseudo-amnesia?

Already the first month of the year is almost over and I don't know what I did all this time. I bought some video games but somehow haven't even touched them yet even though I had over 2 weeks of time. There are so many things I would have liked to try and I had many years of a lot of free time to do it but somehow I wasted it all and I don't quite know how I did it.

I have interesting books here lying around with receipts from 2 years ago that I haven't even opened.

Having so much free time is a real privilege and I wasted it all. I guess it's another evidence that I am a NEET not out of laziness but because I just don't have the drive and attention span to do anything?

Sitting down and reading maybe just 10 pages of a book seems like a real simple task I could easily fit into my empty schedule and yet it seems almost impossible to do. Same with setting up the game console and playing a video game. But somehow all of it seems so difficult to me. Like some kind of autist all I can do is browse the net and watch stupid videos or video game streams. I have reached peak ineptness.


File: 1579740002257.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1457733100587.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I do exactly this and in isolation I couldn't care less, but now that I am no longer a NEET I feel obligated to actually do shit with my free time.
I was told this would come naturally after finding a job since my free time would be more valuable to me and so I wouldn't waste it. Instead I just have less free time to waste but I still waste it non the less.
It's really sad that in my life actually sitting down and watching a single movie is a fulfilling day for me. Not an evening, an entire day. It takes all of my effort to pick a movie that I just don't bother and guzzle 3-5 minute YouTube videos or watch Twitch streams constantly instead.
Writing this all out makes me feel even worse about it because it's all 100% self inflicted. I could do anything with my time and instead I do absolutely nothing. Fucking pathetic. Kill me.

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