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i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one here who tends to think "too" much on the simplest things, too much it just irritate others, even family, makes things harder for them as they say.
What are the tough time ya'll been thru just cause ya'll think'ed too much for?


There's really not much to think.
I hate wo men.


I gave up on thinking.


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I think'ed too much and worked myself into a shoot about how inherently not good it is to exist, and how I've been given just enough self-awareness to be aware of what its like to fall through "cracks" in this world (too fucked up for x, not fucked up enough for y, ect), and think'ed too much for with regards to how I can never be a blissful idiot who can be satisfied with dumb platitudes like "take da gud w/ da bad", but point is satisfied; this has afforded me many opportunities for the tough times. Toothpaste can't be put back in the tube; a generation of crazy old coots being created


I'm also a chronic overthinker, it's destroyed most of my life.

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