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things are changing, times have shifted, it's not like we all use to know anymore, even scares me a bit. Not a religious guy, i'm the last person you can talk religion topics with but more and more, i do see the end times coming, and its coming quick. It's like them religious folks say, we're in the age of clay and iron where shit don't mix and i see it, everyone arguing with they're sexuality, belief, race even equality, shit just keep getting worse and more stupid.


I don't give a fuck im the biggest loser.


heh even for this this fucking shit world is a competition


Its not the biblical end times friend.

We’re simply approaching yet another sad epoch where Jews succeed in destroying yet another nation this time America.

What your sensing is Civil War II on the horizon.

Should this happen it will end the United States as we know it and result in balkanization of the American land mass as each racial group scoops up a territorial piece of the pie for themselves.


death to the zogland.


I really hope the 1% is just gonna wipe the 99% off the face of the earth. I don't care I belong to the latter. I'm done.


there's little reason to think the "end times" are coming and even less reason to believe yourself to be more sensitive to eschatological revelations than others. those feelings are probably resulting from your ego attempting to manifest self-importance from a history of none.

even if i grant you that these abstract "end times" are coming, what of it? are you that emotionally invested in humanity to care about it's ultimate fate? i feel like browsing wizchan is a sign that you don't, and if i'm wrong, what are you even doing here then?


It can all be stemmed back to giving succubus to many rights. Just look at the metoo movement. A random dudes life can be fucking ruined with so much as a few words. No proof, nothing and the worst part is that guy could have had zero interactions with said female.


On the internet yeah, but I am a wageslave and in my day to day life interacting with normies I don't ever see this petty arguing. Sometimes politics, but nobody ever argues religion or sexuality from what I observed.

I do think we're gonna get fucked by climate change though. Far harder than most people predict.



almost pity gringos, they live in a decaying husk of a make believe empire that will fade away in the coming decades, if not in coming years. Overcoming their false sense of entitlement and fake superiority complex that they build after wwII era when the rest of the world was literally in ashes will be a tough pill to swallow, slowly but surely gringos will realize they are a high budget third world society and increasingly living standards will catch up.

Look at mexico and brasil, thats your future, ironically, much of the third world including africa might start slowly but surely putting their shit together, maybe the asian influence when China is the first world superpower wont be that bad after all, all the US ever exported is jew shit and nigger gangsta culture.


>Thinking China will amount to anything when they're teetering on the brink of annihilation due to decades of retarded domestic policies
Yeah, get back to me when they ever actually win a war and don't just use war to thin out the number of single, unmarried men. Or when they cease polluting in their own country far worse than any other country does, ruining what little arable land they have, forcing them to import food from USA and other countries… Africa getting it's shit together? Maybe 1 or 2 countries, the rest are barely sapient. Mexico's government has been successfully bullied into acquiescing to their demands by a drug cartel. Brasil is where "Brazilification" as a term comes from, and that level of genetic "diversity" creates "outbreeding depression" rather than "hybrid vigor". The world is staring into the abyss, it just doesn't know it fully yet.


>Mexico's government has been successfully bullied into acquiescing to their demands by a drug cartel.

Should read: Mexico's government has been successfully bullied by a drug cartel into giving into said cartel's demands (free their dude from prison). They've become a failed state.


You are delusional. It's jsut soo good that we start to notice how bad it really it is.

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