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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread:


Can anyone post the pic of that wiz who killed himself in 2017 using CO poisoning? for reference


I just have the archived thread, sorry. Coming up on three years since it happened. Tempis fugit!


Thanks,fuck /pol/ though,what a bunch of retards.


Suicide by train is the best option for anyone who can't get their hands on a decent powered firearm.

Don't bother with these other shitty meme methods.


Dangerous, messy and terrifying normie method.

Better in every way to just order some heroin or fentanyl to your mailbox


My plan:
>Tie a rope around the armrest of my chair about 90cm high
>send a timed message set for about three-five hours to non-emergency service
>Put a tissue between my neck and the belt to make strangulation more comfortable and wear a balaclava to hide the stupid death face for a while

I've tested it a bit and I'm sure it will work. Just need a push.


> Dangerous
No fucking shit.
You're gonna be dead, let them clean it up.
For sure. But it's better than spending a second more here.


There are no trains where i live


By danger I refer to the chance of being mutilated but alive, or failing/being stopped in some way, or suffering as you take minutes to die.

I see truly no benefit at all compared to overdosing on opiates


Oh, I get it now. My bad.


Anything that harms or kills you is dangerous. I really hope you're a troll.

You could take an uber, or order a traditional taxi to a place with trains.


I had a dream where I shot myself in the head with my gun. it was so vivid I said goodbye to my parents and it was really sad we were semi arguing about it. The cops were coming because someone called them so they could "rescue" me. I saw the flashing lights out the window and knew I only had seconds to act and put the gun to my head. I pulled the trigger telling god I was sorry and then wham I was gone. All sound went away the world flashed into a blur and yet at the same time it was like time stopped my body was falling to the floor for what seemed like an eternity and just before hitting the ground knowing it was all over I woke up.

It all felt so damn real that when I woke up in my bed realizing I was still alive and that it wasn't over yet I broke down crying and just laid their for hours feeling dead inside.

I keep having these dreams it was the first time I used the gun though. Normally I am bleeding out or hanging. Gun is my preferred method though and it hit so close to home. I am probably nearing the breaking point I can't imagine I can go on much longer I am starting to break down.


Look after yourself Anon, I hope you get better. Chances are your subconscious was trying to communicate or clarify something to you, so I would suggest analysing the dream and figuring out what it was saying.


Has anyone here attempted suicide? Describe it.


only trannies and succubi *attempt* suicide because they do it for attention

when a man does suicide he does it with purpose because he knows what is on the line.


I agree with you that that anon should try to get better, look after himself and all the other platitudes. However I don't really like this idea that the subconscious has any plan at all, it's a stupid idea that there is this entity that is always there trying to communicate with us. If the subconscious exists then I hope to god it isn't it's own entity, could you imagine another being shackled to your mind?

Anon, I wish you luck. I wish I had more to say.



Wish I could have a dream like that. At least killing myself in a dream would be something. I think I might have had a dream involving my own suicide a while ago, but I can't remember for certain. Although, I did have a dream recently where I was sitting on my toilet and next to me sitting in the bathtub with the shower curtain half-closed was some random, dark souls hollow looking guy who shot himself, with three random shadow people kneeled down facing him outside the tub. Bullet went right out the top of his head, like a volcano erupting blood & skull fragments everywhere. I can recall getting up and looking back at his corpse before just nonchalantly walking out of the bathroom and waking up. I've also had random dreams where I've been shot & killed, like in a random act of violence, but it's never given me any profound feelings. I just get shot, then wake up.

Overall, I'm surprised I don't have unpleasant dreams more often, given my general mood & state of mind. Even extremely fucked up dreams, filled with weird surreal creatures, or serial killers, or what have you, I'm completely ambivalent & inert over. Generally however, my dreams are rather plain. You'd think for someone who's depressed 24/7, hates life, and fantasizes about suicide everyday, their dreams would reflect some portion, or even a lot, of that, but nope. Has just always seemed weird to me is all.


is slitting your vein/carotid really not an option
because it's the easiest method for me to perform and i don't have anything else on my hands


>>213336 >>213337
40+ acetaminophen pills, 3 days on the hospital. No lasting damage to my liver. Had to lie and say it wasn't a suicide attempt so my insurance would help me. I waited 24 hours before going giving out to the pain and constant vomiting, I could no longer hide it from my parents. The idea was that even if I regretted it, my liver would be damaged enough and I would die days later.
Alas, here I am. Call it attention whoring or me being a gay, tranny, fag, whatever moniker you decide.
If I had a gun I would be dead. You don't need to be "brave" to commit suicide with a gun. You only need 10 seconds or less of "courage". When I started swallowing the pills, when I had em in my hand, I just needed 7 seconds of courage to decide if I wanted to be gone. You just stop thinking, put the pills in your mouth, drink water and repeat.

If I had a gun I wouldn't be here.


>You only need 10 seconds or less of "courage"
>You just stop thinking
i have a borderline personality disorded and can relate to your experience
that's why i want to slit my carotid next time, all i need is to induce an impulsivity charge and the next few moments i'll be a dead man
at least i hope


Thank you, I feel less alone now. My next plan is just jumping from a high cliff. Even if I don't die on impact, it will be in a far way place. I will be drunk before jumping, helping me to reach that not thinking state. I'm deathly afraid of knives and edged things, although sometime ago I coped by cutting myself with a razor. Godspeed dude, hopefully you'll enjoy some moments in your journey to your last day.


>You only need 10 seconds or less of "courage"…You just stop thinking
I believe there's a suicidal character in Michel Houellebecq’s "Serotonin" who says something like that. IIRC, he often practices not thinking while briskly walking to the open window of his high-rise apartment.


So what's stopping you from buying a gun?


You yanks are a funny breed. They don't sell guns in supermarkets in the rest of the world you know.


Thanks for the book recommendation.
I'll take the opportunity to mention "On the Heights of Despair" by Emil M. Cioran, recommended a long time ago by another wizard back in "wizardchan" times.
I don't live in a country where you can buy guns for self defense or hunting. If it was possible, I wouldn't be here.


File: 1579465027780.png (4.12 KB, 250x156, 125:78, 3-MeO-PCP.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is anyone else planning on killing themselves while high on some sort of drug? I'm thinking of killing myself while high on 3-MeO-PCP.



Not everyone lives in America.


Do it, bet, all that work will have a nice payoff


If you were serious about suicide at all you would have done a google search and seen that acetaminophen wouldn't work.


>Side-by-side shotgun with dual triggers, each barrel loaded with a high-velocity slug
>Pull both triggers, fire both slugs into your chest

Assuming you take out the heart, how quickly would you lose consciousness?


This. Lots of females just couldn't get the cap off.


I really dont have any plans or know how to do it. Could someone give advice?


My sincere advice is to think about something else and forget about this thread.


Yeah, well I'm not really serious about anything really. I put more thought on my suicide that anything in a day to day basis. I try to choose a method which was easy to try, I wouldn't coward out and even if I did it would (according to the info I found) kill me, and was fool proof. The closest cliff was 4 hours away by car and I didn't have one. Hanging myself in my room wouldn't be possible, also I don't want my parents to find me. Jumping into an oncoming train has a high chance of failure and crippling. Again, if I had a gun, it would be easy peasy. Just hide it, go to a remote place and shoot myself. Easy.


Just fantasize about it to let off some steam in escapism and keep on living cause you won't have the gut to actualize

Remember to keep the attention whoring behavior in check though


>Bullying fellow wizards


Thanks for archiving this. Do you or anyone have the book "The peaceful pill handbook" ?
Share it, please !



I've been thinking a lot about the detergent method, but there are 2 things which I'm not sure about. First, the smallest room I have available is around 36 cubic meters big, how much of the reagents will I need then? Secondly, should I call the firefighters before I do it? I don't want anyone else to die so they should take care of the mess, but they are 7km from my house and could easily arrive in less than 10 minutes, would it be lethal enough for me to die before they get here?


In my opinion, Chris Docker and his organization Exit (not to be confused with Dr Nitschke's less impressive Exit International) is the gold standard for people interested in suicide. I consider him to be the most careful and methodical researcher in the field. Other organizations are sometimes sloppy and repeat claims they personally haven't researched. You should read his arguments about the dangers of the detergent method. He discusses it in "Five Last Acts - The Exit Path," which can probably be found over at Sanctioned Suicide.


File: 1579845004438.jpg (92.16 KB, 866x1390, 433:695, young-man-with-pistol-gun-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you think you will have time to realize the pain of being shot in the head?


Could you sacrifice yourself for an idea?


then wtf are you still here
heed your own words
fuking idiot


That had nothing to do with his post maybe /r9k/ maybe a better fit for you

For me it's not the pain that worries me if I tried that but the possibility of failure it seems like there are a decent amount of people who somehow survive shooting themselves, I'd want to use a high caliber if I did for that reason


File: 1579850683274.jpg (361.58 KB, 1024x686, 512:343, gettyimages-84552520-1024x….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Those morons who shoot themselves in the mouth survive. As a result, they shoot off their own jaw and then writhe in hellish pain, bleeding, and remain ugly as hell for entire life. You need to shoot yourself like in the photo. This guy doesn't even aim at the temple, but somewhere further away, in the middle of the head. I'm going to do that, by the way. What do you think?


I remember seeing someone post a diagram on here a couple years ago and claim it was best to put the gun in your mouth tilted slightly upwards to shoot your brain stem as that would kill you instantly but I feel like your method probably has a lower failure rate as you're aiming at a bigger target but I still can't help but wonder what if by some off chance you end up becoming a vegetable


File: 1579854821787.jpg (40.93 KB, 400x457, 400:457, 403.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>end up becoming a vegetable
Lolwut. Why would there be such a possibility? Look at this comparison table. What are you afraid of? A high probability of remaining a vegetable from carbon monoxide poisoning or from a helium balloon in which there was not enough helium. These are really risky ways. And the gun has been used for centuries and no one had any doubts. Come on, wizzie.


File: 1579868891130.jpg (163.86 KB, 960x565, 192:113, afgx1p1s5vx21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How real wizards go out
>Agony: 95


You're not supposed to shoot yourself in the fucking mouth, you're supposed to put the gun inside of it and point it upwards - you know, at the brain.
Doing it like in the photo your posted is all fine and dandy if you don't fuck it up - and there's plenty to fuck up because nothing is holding the gun down in the correct angle, and if your hands start to shake and you drag the trigger down you can also miss the brain and end up fucked up.


why is fall from height worse than train? I assume theres a lot of variability based on how much height you get.


File: 1579871397004.jpg (179.51 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 61 A5tKF2KL._SL1024_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People sometimes survive falls even from lethal heights, depending how and where they land.
I's quite impossible to survive head on train tracks, even miraculously.
As for the shooting yourself, ideally you want to destroy this area. Destroying the rest of the brain might kill you, but it might just put you in a vegetative state. The marked area is responsible for the most important life functions, it's like a motherboard, where the brain is the CPU.


that will most likely fail. try jumping off from a great height into a concrete/asphalt ground below or put just your head right on a train track just before it comes


God, or gods, or no gods, or nature, or luck, or chance, or whatever it is, seems to be trying its best to get me to kill myself today.
I feel like something, or someone, they just really want me to end my life. And the thing is, although I don't want to live a life with this little quality, although not existing seems way more peaceful, I have a strong instinct not to self harm myself that has always kept things in balance.
But today everything is conspiring. I'm not sure why this is happening. I don't want to do it just because I'm being pressured by life. If a god truly exists I don't know why he must laugh at my misery like this.


Are you sure you're not mixing up the cerebellum with the brain stem?


So what do you think is the best place to shoot? In the middle of the head or in the mouth, pointing the gun up?


That would explain a few things.


theres so much variability with height, that it can hardly be considered one method. you cant compare jumping off a house roof to 300 feet and above

I guess living in the usa where even railroads look more like passenger subway cars, its hard for me to see rail as better than heights


File: 1579958949236.jpg (170.77 KB, 800x860, 40:43, 20200125_082644.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going here with hollow point using the ear as a guide, should shred the brainstem and put your lights out instantly.


File: 1579975733196.jpg (152.48 KB, 960x639, 320:213, suicide.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do you go about legally buying a gun for suicide? and how expensive can one be? I plan on getting one if I can afford it but scared of anyone finding out or spending too much.


Why'd you worry about spending too much if you intend to kill yourself?


i'd want to leave some money for my relatives, atleast something idk


File: 1579982102380.jpg (17.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 685.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is a good question. One anonymous wrote above that he doesn't live in America, so he can't afford to legally buy a gun, which is why he's still alive. I have all the same. I live in Russia and it's not legal to buy firearms here, besides, my parents are not dead yet. I don't want to get a job to save money for weapon, so I'm waiting for my inheritance to come through and I can sell something. But this isn't the most important thing. The problem is that I can go to jail if I buy the wrong gun. Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or bearing of firearms, its basic parts, ammunition, shall be punishable by restriction of liberty for a term up to three years, compulsory labor for a term not exceeding four years, or with arrest for the term up to six months, or by deprivation of liberty for a term up to four years with a fine in the amount up to eighty thousand rubles or the salary or other income of the convicted person for a period up to three months or without it. I asked on Russian forums about how to do the right thing. I was told that it's necessary to buy the gun that was lost by the Rosgvardiya, not the police. However, I was not pointed to a specific model, only the site in the Tor, which I already knew about.
I really want to die and I wait for this moment every day. Nevertheless, I'm terribly afraid of being placed in isolation. There is nothing worse than life in prison, especially in Russia. This is going to be hell. I hope that luck will be on my side. I'll check everything a hundred times before I buy a gun. After all, if I get my inheritance, I'll have enough money to go to the United States and shoot myself there, although I would like to kill myself at home, in a familiar environment.
Before that, I was leaning towards exit bag for a very long time. It seemed to me that this is ideal, since every part of the construction can be ordered legally. In addition, this method is absolutely painless, unless, of course, you're an idiot and don't cause yourself a barotrauma. I even have an encrypted flash drive that stores a lot of data about how to configure exit bag and where to buy it. Why did I change my mind? Because I'm afraid of becoming a vegetable. Besides, you won't die instantly when you put on the mask. It'll take some time, and during this time you can change your mind and, again, become a vegetable.


Since it's so risky and troublesome to acquire a gun you could always do the train tracks method or because you had considered an exit bag why not do what the previously mentioned wiz did and get formic and sulfuric acid to make CO gas


File: 1579985865518.jpg (83.46 KB, 350x627, 350:627, 350px-Giotto_-_Scrovegni_-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alright, so I'm going to go with partial suspension hanging. With about a half an hour drive out of town in the middle of the night, a five minute trek into the forest, I should have absolutely no chance of a normie coming across my body.

I've practiced the knots several times and gone through the motions of the act with the doorknob. It seems simple enough, the only concern is that somehow I will still survive…Jesus Christ this anxiety is horrible.


Have you visited the spot before in the daytime? Here in rural America, at least, some areas aren't as remote as they seem. For example, we have people around here living in the woods. The forest is so thick in places it's possible you could be within twenty feet of some guy on his backporch and not know it. Good luck, wizzie.


Nah, the place is a national park and I've visited the spot three times now. There should be absolutely zero chance of anyone being there in the middle of the night on a sunday.


goodluck Товарищ, as someone in the USA it's almost pretty easy to get a gun, but I live in a extreme liberal place so I might have to do a background check and so on. Tor is such a terrible to buy ANYTHING, you might get scammed or arrested i'd recommend a cheaper option if getting a gun is too hard, not worth the risk of going to jail


DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT do this on a national park, if you fail the federal government will come after you


File: 1579989736625.jpg (26.3 KB, 640x512, 5:4, 655.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't want to lie down on the railway tracks, because, first of all, I think it'll be very painful, because of what I'm just afraid and will not be able to pass what is necessary, and secondly, it's not as aesthetic as a small hole in my head (implying that is important, meh), and third, I'll have to deal with the train, wait for it, go to no one knows where. No, this option does not suit me at all. I don't want to deal with gases either. It's all very subtle and jewelry.
I'm really thinking of going to America. Why not? What will I lose? Yes, a lot of ass pain, a lot of fuss, but it's worth it to commit suicide. I don't like the idea of interacting with strangers, of being in places I don't know. And how will I talk to the Americans? I don't really know much English. Every time I write a post, I completely enter the text into the translator, because my level of English is at the level of a moron. I can't even imagine how this is going to happen. I have brothers who may be interested in my strange and sudden trip to another country. They might want to come with me, which would be a total failure. But damn it, I'll do anything to get a gun. This is the best option. A moment and you are gone. Magic!
On the other hand, I also thought about hanging, although it's insanely painful, but incredibly accessible. And I can do it at any time. Even now. This prospect is encouraging. I also wonder if it can be painless. I read on another imageboard that there were lucky people who turned off almost immediately after the loop tightened. Is this even possible? How to achieve this effect? There were also suggestions to take drugs or a lot of alcohol to lower the pain threshold, but I think that's bullshit. Alcohol always makes me feel sick and dizzy, and I don't think the fear will go away.
I live in fucking Mordor, where you can't even die normally. How lucky are those suicidal wizards who live in States that allow the free carrying of weapons. Seriously, if I had a gun out of nowhere right now, I would kill myself without a second thought, because I despise life in all its forms and believe that pure nothingness is much better than being.
This is cute. Thank you, wizzie.
>Tor is such a terrible to buy ANYTHING, you might get scammed or arrested i'd recommend a cheaper option if getting a gun is too hard, not worth the risk of going to jail
Yep. I absolutely agree with you. Even when I thought about how I would consult with the local anons, I doubted that I should trust anyone at all. Three years in prison? No way.


File: 1579989928137.jpg (140.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, geass.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I always wondered about aiming at the neck, seems like you are bound to hit something vital there.
Probably not a good sign that I've only seen it considered an option in an anime though.


File: 1579994165205.png (1.06 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

im going to do it by sodium nitrite poisoning. what do you guys think?


seems like a good way to get an agonizing death, choking on blood and all that.


sounds good you just need the other drugs so you don't throw up the SN, plan carefully.


I cant even sleep properly always thinking about ending it all, looking for methods and reading other people talking about suicide. But i cant go through with it because i dont want to make my mom suffer and i love my cat


A good way to die is to try to climb one of the 14 8000m peaks. But it is very expensive. I think one will need more than 30k $ The white death. They all say it is a good death.




How do migrants deal with the hell of life but we can't even life in a comfy room surrounded by treats?


File: 1580112645469.jpg (25.47 KB, 534x480, 89:80, 460.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is twofold. I get a perverse pleasure from the anticipation of complete liberation from a oppressive, meaningless and perishable existence, but I also don't enjoy waiting for the last day for me. Realizing that I can hang myself at any time, I still postpone suicide, because I know that there is a better method that is still not available to me, which will someday become available if I take any actions for this. It's unpleasant to have to wait a long time. I may have to wait more than a year or more. This is terrible. In short, I would say yes.
What about you?


File: 1580119077806.jpg (11.14 KB, 500x324, 125:81, strange-game.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have you considered the "jumping" method? There's not too much requirements, just climb on top of a very tall building, then jump

I'm russian too, btw


File: 1580153860738.jpg (178.84 KB, 862x1280, 431:640, 458.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Have you considered the "jumping" method?
Естественно. Я рассматривал практически все возможные методы.
>There's not too much requirements, just climb on top of a very tall building, then jump
Физических требований не так уж и много, однако нужна невероятная сила воли, чтобы спрыгнуть с высокого здания. К тому же где мне найти высотку? Даже если я её найду, то как мне забраться на крышу? В моём городе есть 25 этажные здания, но я не знаю, как забраться наверх, а с хрущёвки прыгать не хочется.
Мне не терпится именно застрелиться. Не хочу ощущать течение времени перед смертью. Не хочу чувствовать падение, я жажду, чтобы всё произошло мгновенно. Даже если будет адская боль от пули в голове, то это будет длиться не больше одной секунды, что выигрышно, можно потерпеть.
>I'm russian too, btw
На каких бордах ещё сидишь?


У меня просто батя как раз живет в 15 этажном доме, вот я и думал воспользоваться случаем и спрыгнуть с крыши этого дома


Это было бы идеально, но требований для получения огнестрельного оружия реально много

>На каких бордах ещё сидишь?

На бордах почти не сижу, иногда только захожу на форчан и лэйнчан


File: 1580217746152-0.jpg (24.7 KB, 750x738, 125:123, angry kermit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't do it, Wizards! I've been with the rope around the neck multiple times, but I just can't do it. I've read about 18yo zoomers that hanged themselves and wonder about how they have way more balls than I have. Even young attractive succubi for some mad reason manage to finish themselves off, yet me as a poster guy of life-failure am too cowardly.

Some normalfags call suicide the coward's way to go, but in reality its Chad-level: 100


I know that feel way too well. There's some impulse that stops you from doing it and it sucks. I thought that I'm scared of pain, or of possibility of becoming an vegetable, but even when I found a way that would do it safely and painlessly I couldn't do it.



Yep, that's why I gave up ever thinking or talking about suicide seriously. I still fantasize & daydream about it quite frequently, but I know I'll never do it. As you pointed out, the fact that children and succubi can do it, when I, Mr Autismo supreme himself, in a pit deeper, darker & colder than any of those sorts could even begin to imagine, yet somehow, despite it all, I still don't have the guts to kill myself, is absolutely mind boggling to me.

As an example, just today I saw this story:

>15-year-old Victor from Bulgaria jumped from a window while at school yesterday after telling his parents he had lost all hope for humanity and was disgusted by the way people treat the natural world.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/esayln/15yearold_boy_from_bulgaria_killed_himself/

(I couldn't find the actual source for the story, so take it for what you will)

It's fucking laughable, isn't it? Some damn kid can just kill themselves over getting all weepy over the environment, yet I, who's endured decades of crippling depression & agony and whom prays for death almost daily, doesn't have the balls to kill himself. It's time like these where I really do wonder if there's such a thing as a suicide gene.

>Some normalfags call suicide the coward's way to go, but in reality its Chad-level: 100

Yes, suicide requires a great deal of courage & determination. Yet children & succubi posses neither, so how come they can commit suicide? It's a mystery.



>Yes, suicide requires a great deal of courage & determination. Yet children & succubi posses neither,

Children are impulsive, so I understand incidents like these. They're pretty rare anyway.
In case of succubi: they kill themselves way less frequently the suicide ratio male to female is about 3:1, so those succubi who kill themselves are really just the most desperate of the desperate. like you implied there's probably a genetic factor to it and Succubi aren't immune to mental illness.

What's also crazy is when you read about some famous richfag offing himself.



As the person you replied to, I completely agree. Impulsiveness, along with a more wild emotional state and general desperation pretty much explains it, with sheer unconscious impulsiveness being the more deciding factor in children.

I'd say ruminating & fully accounting for the ramifications of suicide makes the act more distinguished & meaningful on a symbolic level, but also, at the same time, more difficult to go through with the more you sit and ruminate about it. Children, or even most succubi, by contrast, usually just run out the door and leap off a bridge, or take a bottle of pills, without researching or thinking it through whatsoever. That itself may explain the high failure rate for succubi when it comes to suicide, being tied to their sheer emotionalism & impulsiveness. Only through dumb luck do some of them actually kill themselves, or those whom are the most desperate whom actually undertake it seriously. Men, to me anyway, tend to act with purpose & resolve when it comes to suicide, although, like I said, that can backfire if you spend too much time ruminating about it. And then there's also the genetic factor, in regards to mental illness itself, or perhaps even the existence of a "suicide gene".

Rich people killing themselves is a little weird, I must admit. I guess it's just the sense that none of their riches can bring them any satisfaction and the world becomes an empty wasteland as a result. A sort of roundabout, burned out hedonist way of realizing the vacuity & worthlessness of the world as it is. Or perhaps they're just weary of their fame and have no way to escape it, short of death. Still though, why can't they just spend their fortunes and build a luxurious cabin in the middle of nowhere and lead a solitary life of peace & solitude? Then again, most rich people are normalfags, so anything of that nature would be anathema to them. Suicide seeming like the better option from their perspective.



Honestly I can see how being a richfag is its own kind of hell. People only want to be around you for your money and if you're a famous musician or whatever, people have a completely distorted view of you based on superficial shit that marketing created. Having a big mansion is useless if you have no one to invite over. celebrities who kill themselves are often the artistic type who "made it" and are then confronted with the cold commercial world. This is also why many of them end up as alcoholics/druggies.


>вот я и думал воспользоваться случаем и спрыгнуть с крыши этого дома
Так почему ты still alive?
>но требований для получения огнестрельного оружия реально много
Indeed. Тем более, что, насколько мне известно, купить можно только охотничье ружье. Как можно застрелиться автоматом Клашникова? Он слишком длинный и неказистый.
Хотя вру. Вот тут https://zen.yandex.ru/media/russiangunz/kak-legalno-kupit-boevoi-pistolet-v-rf-i-pochemu-na-nego-ne-nujna-licenziia-5dcec280cb3bd340e4f166e9 почитал про приобретение короткоствольного оружия. Условия отвратительные: пистолет надо оставлять в тире, нельзя с собой носить. Я однозначно не смог бы прикончить себя в людном месте, мне бы хотелось уединиться, дабы расслабиться и настроиться на самоубийственную волну. Зато, если посмотреть с другой точки зрения, можно будет прикончить пару рандомных нормалфагов. Звучит как влажная мечта любого битарда, вот только я на неё не решусь, ибо ужасно трусливый и неловкий.
Что бы я не писал, это лучше, чем нелегальная покупка проёбанного мусорами пистолета в Торе. И лучше, чем геморрная поездка в США. Worth to try.
>захожу на форчан
На каких досках сидишь?


I've been similarly baffled by this question as well. >>213858 is a good answer. I think a succubus could never commit suicide out of existential, poetic despair like Trakl, or honor like Yukio Mishima; for succubi it always comes out of social failure with no hope of making new friends, finding a new normanbreeder to pair with, which any succubus who isn't totally fucked can do easily and wouldn't have it any other way; any social bond is good enough to satisfy succubi: a single parent, a brother, a dog. I once read that females release more pleasure-neurotransmitters through social media than men do.

Maybe wizards are so accustom to despair that we don't even bother killing ourselves. Teenagers, the impulsive ones, get their first taste of the endless, aimless suffering of life and, if they've had a shitty enough life at that point, decide to off themselves. Plus a lot of them accidentally die when what they really wanted to do was cry for attention.


>Так почему ты still alive?
Снег смягчает падение, так что я жду лета
>можно будет прикончить пару рандомных нормалфагов
>На каких досках сидишь?
На каких подразделах, то есть? На g и mu


File: 1580268512969.png (354.78 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 701.png) ImgOps iqdb


Anons, that's something. I feel like a Tumblr succubus who's self-diagnosing. I'm ashamed, but at the same time I get incredible pleasure from this song. First of all, I like the title. It makes sense, because I'm going to shoot myself. I listen to this track and imagine how I'm going to blow my head off. Spinning a drama in my head that should be called a LARP turns me into some kind of whining succubus. I even sing along mentally. God, I'm so ridiculous. However, I continue this fantasy. It's stuck in my head. It's a kind of mental gum that I've become preoccupied with. You know, I have a fairly developed imagination, and I imagine a kind of montage like a FMV video or a music video on YouTube with me in the lead role. Meh. Well, at least I have a sense of self-criticism and I understand how stupid and nonsense this is. It feels like I'm 15 years old and I belong to the emo subculture.

I also like the lyrics.

Standing on the open shore, in a world of disarray
Cause the chaos is a warm embrace
As the fire hits my body and my conscience is consumed
Nothing left of me but you, yeah
And dancing with my demons through and through
Just stare into the distance for a chance to come around, take it

You can find fault and say that there is nothing special about it and that it's ordinary popular music and pseudo-sensitive meaning. Yes, I feel it too. But I still like the tragedy of this song and how much it describes my inner world and my worries.

Maybe someone also has a special song that makes them think about suicide and that pushes you to it? I'd love to hear it.


>так что я жду лета
Ты уверен, что сможешь? Собираешься писать сюда перед уходом или стримить? Удачи, wizzie. Надеюсь, ты добьёшься своего.


File: 1580271233995.jpg (15.24 KB, 728x455, 8:5, melon man.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's a nice explanation. There's something I'd like to add though, and I think it's worth considering.
I believe there's one crucial component to most child and adolescent suicides: young people who commit suicide do so early into their depression. Essentially, they don't have the time to adapt to this condition and changes in personality and perception of the world it brings. Depression's initial blows are the most devastating regardless of age, but for young people they're much more difficult to endure to their increased emotional sensitivity, no wonder some of them would find the entire experience to be simply unbearable and kill themselves, albeit aided by impulsivity.
And here also lies the answer to other people's question about why they can't bring themselves to commit suicide: you've more or less adapted to depression. Not to mention that suicidal ideation you partake in is nothing but a coping mechanism at this point. Personally, when I think of killing myself, I always envision this happening in the near future. By doing this I am subconsciously implying that the situation I'm currently in is not so bad and I haven't yet reached the point of no return. As you might imagine, this lets me "postpone" the act itself indefinitely, as whenever all these thoughts surface I immediately shift my attention from the present to the future.


>Ты уверен, что сможешь?
Вцелом да. Прыгать конечно страшно, но жить еще страшнее
>Собираешься писать сюда перед уходом или стримить?
Стримить нет, но написать-то напишу
>Удачи, wizzie. Надеюсь, ты добьёшься своего
Спасибо, wizbro


>I think a succubus could never commit suicide out of existential, poetic despair like Trakl, or honor like Yukio Mishima; for succubi it always comes out of social failure

Honestly, I believe this also applies to most men. Let's face it the average human is a fake ass pleb who doesn't give a shit about philosophy or honor. You also read sometimes about female suicide bombers and the Jim Jones mass suicide consisted of around 60-70% succubi iirc, so suicide out of conviction isn't something exclusive to men, although I agree that it is more frequent in men.


I just prepared a noose and I'm having a hard time hanging myself. Doing partial suspension and last time I tried I almost passed out but stood up because the survival instinct is such a huge bitch.

Because I don't have access to guns in my country and I don't want to die a slow painful death passing out from blocking blood flow to the brain through partial suspension seems the best, but I just can't get myself to pass out.

I've been choked out before by hands and had no issue then but it wasn't for the purpose of dying, the feeling of the rope and the knowledge it's all gonna end is giving me some visceral physical reaction, and I don't have some secret bit of hope I'm clinging onto subconsciously I have an incurable illness and a lifestyle that I can't escape from, death is the only solution and I've been mentally ready to leave this earth for almost a decade now.

Is there any trick to this or am I just too much of a pussy? I feel like I'm being held hostage by my own body and its survival instinct.


can you do SN instead?


File: 1580314582252.jpg (28.27 KB, 750x508, 375:254, 18287137231.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's true. I don't think I can argue that Trakl is any different than Plath or Woolf actually, but those did seem to be cases of "clinical depression."

>Depression's initial blows are the most devastating regardless of age, but for young people they're much more difficult to endure to their increased emotional sensitivity.
Also people like us seem to be good at enduring long periods of nothing. Think about how much we postpone basic life goals, driving, school, work, social things, in the eyes of groids. Wizzies are barely alive and we're used to it. It's like we've postponed life and death both. I think you have to go from really feeling alive first, then to feeling like this before you could really do it; wizzies have never truly felt alive.


I can't gather the materials for it, but I don't think SN seems safe either, I already have a hard time holding things down in my stomach as it is and I already stopped considering fentanyl overdosing because of it, don't want to puke it up or dose wrong and get seriously damaged.

A gun would be such a blessing, I wish I was an american or had access to assisted suicide.


>A gun would be such a blessing, I wish I was an american or had access to assisted suicide

You can jump from a height, hang yourself, suicide cop, jump into traffic,etc.

You guys baffle me, you keep whining here about how hard suicide is, instead of just doing it. You're just attentionwhoring.

I've attempted it twice and I've learned that poisoning yourself will end up in a visit to ER and no death. I am at peace knowing I can go out whenever I want; meanwhile just I enjoy my autistic hobbies.


I just mentioned I've tried hanging myself before, I've eaten pills and got found, I've stood on the edge of a very tall height but survival instinct is a bitch. I've literally never posted about this before except for now because I'd like to know if there is some way of overcoming it.

I've felt peace too knowing I'd kill myself eventually, but once you get to the point of doing it your body just fights back all it can. I'm asking for help overcoming it since I'm obviously not an expert on killing myself. A gun with an instant time to death after just pulling the trigger once just seems like a far easier method of suicide than anything else to me, you only need that one moment of willpower to shine through.


I was you some years ago.

You're dying in 5 minutes. What are your last thoughts? Are there any regrets? Anything you wished you tried? Any "dreams"?

Is the answer "no"? Then you're ready to die. Is the answer "yes"? Then it's ok, it's natural to be afraid. Maybe you don't have to dir by your own hand, at least not yet. There are still those videogames you want to play, those books you wanted to read, that mountain you wanted to climb. Try those, then you can die, with no regrets, by your own hands.

I can't die yet because I'd have lots of regrets. I'm alive but I have a bucket list, I finish my buckey list and then I resume suicide. Either way mortality is guaranteed to happen.


It is indeed no, I know what you're getting at and I've been through that, every time killer to postpone death with has been exhausted for me and I didn't even find it worth the time, should've died long ago.

The only thought I have is frustration over not overcoming my survival instinct, I'm grasping at whatever can ease the big jump to the other side.


>override survival instinct

That's easy, do sedative drugs or get very drunk. I recommend gin, Bombay Sapphire, 47%ABV. Slightly chilled, no ice, neat, no mixers.

Alcohol is a sedative drug. Alcohol is basically liquid benzos.


Dude are you seriously gatekeeping suicide?


Yes, I am, because you are my wizard brethen and there won't be any new wizards. People born after 1999 will never be wizards.

There is nothing stronger than a wise wizard. Our pain, our suffering, our hatred, our indifference. That's our force, our leverage, our magic. We can channel this force and use it to bend fate to our will.

>b-but my mentall illness

That's our disease. Treat it like a disease. Take your meds. Unless you have severe schizophrenia/psychosis, you can still learn how to deal with your mentall illness, if you're willing to.

If you're a wizard that lacks will then you deserve to keep suffering harder, because you're rejecting the gift that society has given us. We're dehumanized, not bound to society's constructs. We're free.

If my words didn't spark anyone's neurons then you're crabs and not wizards, create your own crabchan and go away.


File: 1580367946543.jpg (200.67 KB, 1224x816, 3:2, 418.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


People born in 1999 won't be wizards until 2029


I'm not sure what your point is? Are you against guns, or not?
If you're a britburka then just order sodium nitrite and use that method instead.


I'm not sure what your point is? Are you against guns, or not?
If you're a britburka then just order sodium nitrite online and use that method instead.
>I'd puke it up
That's why you take metoclopramide faggot.
Hell I own a gun but I also keep SN which is my primary method, and sodium azide for backup. I'm not gonna use the gun because I don't want to contribute to the gun grabbing statistics and I already have two reliable methods at hand.

Stop making excuses you fucking idiot. If a gun was the only thing stopping you, then go to Pakistan or Yemen where there's no gun laws at all with AKs sold at the local market.

Hell, you can easily jump to death from a building. Just drink a shitton of alcohol which kills survival instinct and jump off.

Stop giving bullshit excuses. Either kill yourself or don't.


To all the Yuros bitching that they can't get a gun: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Natriumnitrit-SODIUM-NITRITE-99-9-250-grams-/254313677700?nav=SEARCH

SN right there to order on ebay. 20mg in 50ml of water does the deed. Just make sure you take 30mg of metoclopramide which you can order right here from some pajeet in india without needing a prescription: https://www.alldaychemist.com/perinorm.html


lads, get it before the demiurge knows about it.


read up on the sn regimen on sanctionedsuicide for more info. you can do a stat dose about an hour before of 30mg of meto. just make sure you've fasted for at least 8 hours and take it with 800mg cimetidine or 200mg rantidine


Can you get in jail or something for buying it from ebay?


The only thing that keeps me from getting drunk and ending all is that I don't want to make my parents go through the suffering of losing their child. I know many of you hate your parents, but it's not my case.


No. SN isn't an illegal substance in any country. It's regularly used for preserving meat.


I'm extremely averse to pain, and other painless methods are overly elaborate. I'll just have to endure.


File: 1580421537751.png (678.53 KB, 993x631, 993:631, m6choo.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is helium a meme or does it actually work? Do you know any cases?


sorry for the offtopic, but why would we invent a wheel all over again, so to speak
when the Carbon monoxide is pretty much the ideal method to us.


sn isn't elaborate at all but ok


Because we are only interested in imagining and immersing ourselves in the gradual and sweet release of death not the actual outcome for we won't do it
It won't be relieving if we have an answer already


i fucking hate the people in my year who want me dead because there only phrases are, kys retard like atleast be original for christ sake


i fucking hate the people in my year who want me dead because there only phrases are, kys retard like atleast be original for christ sake


Anything else you can use to prevent vomit that doesn't require buying from a suspicious Indian shop? Also can you keep the sn for years till you need to use it? Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble


Do any of you want not to die, but to fall asleep for a very long time and wake up in the distant future, where technology will be developed so that it'll be possible to meet all human needs?


1: yes
2: you need metoclopramide otherwise you'll puke it out. that site is legit but if you're concerned tell your doctor you have nauseau so he can prescribe to you.
more info on SN is on the sanctionedsuicide site


Funny story for you guys, idk if anyone can relate, decided I was gonna get clean from alcohol, ordered SN, was clean for like two months, started drinking again, decidec I was gonna buy a substance in the city, went there completely shitfaced, talked to an addict who could get me something, went to the person selling, gave him 30 bucks (euros), the guy gave the stuff to the addict, the addict just walked away from me, clearly got robbed, I'm a pussy so I couldn't do anything, proceeded to get even more shitfaced, collapsed in the middle of the street, went to hospital, luckily I didn't get put into a mental hospital, now I'm back in square one, no faith in staying sober now because I realise that at any moment I could have a crazy notion and fuck up my suicide plans anyway and get drunk even if I stay sober, so idk what to do right now, thought I'd share that with you guys.


Had the SN in a backpack when I went to the the city btw, so it got confiscated in the hospital, idk how I'll find the antiemitics and tagamet and all that shit without fucking up my plans from now on, because I seem to throw a wrench in everything I try to do, in hindsight I should've paid for what the addict wanted and then paid for what I wanted seperately or asked for the guys number, but yeah, I can't do anything right, I can't stand being in my room being drunk all day and making zero progress, I want to die


Does anyne know if there are are subreddits for suicide or deep web suicide websites, I'm banned from sanctioned suicide, and also I've thought of a method where you fly to the US and you buy a gun from a private vendor or a gun show that way, does anyone know if there could be legal consequences for doing that or for the person who sold you the weapon?


What the fuck is sn??


File: 1580575006518.jpg (43.4 KB, 600x494, 300:247, c3def681b4078b364682ada35a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Yea, whatever. Back to the topic now.


sodium nitrite NaNo2


r/suicidology is the only one i know don't remember if it's shitty or not.


>clearly got robbed

nah wiz, you're just dumb as bricks.

yes, there's /r/timetogo although method discussion is forbidden and its basically just a bunch of people whining.


What should've I done


give him half and the other half after receiving the drugs


>>2140 I trust the person selling to give me what I want, it's the addict who I don't, whether I gave him half or not he could've always just not handed me what I paid for or not, he could tell there would've been no reprecussions, I should've just gone to the guy selling and paid for the guy who lead me there's stuff and then paid for my stuff seperarely but again I was so shitfaced it was bound to go wrong, atleast I know not to do that drunk anymore


I can't even reply to you without accidentally greentexting the whole thing so you're probably right I am a retard


does anyone have any good tutorials for the belt method?


File: 1580627634084.png (46.92 KB, 800x1303, 800:1303, Pentobarbital_2d.svg.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is me >>213718 again. I just read about nembutal on Sanctioned Suicide and it lifted my spirits. I feel like a slowpoke.
Now I don't rely on the gun method and don't want to go to the US after my parents died. It's much easier to go to Mexico. Nevertheless, this is a very scary country and I once watched a film in which tourists are captured and then sold their internal organs. What if this happens to me? I'm terribly paranoid about this.
Has anyone thought about this method?



I did, but its hard to get. There's lots of scammers out there and even if you have a legit distributor, chances are the Nembutal gets caught by customs. Driving directly into Mexico would be way too scary for obvious reasons although it could be that most of that mafia talk is just exaggerated. You also need anti-emetics or else you'll throw up.


>Driving directly into Mexico would be way too scary
Better than continuing life. It's not as risky as buying illegal weapons in Tor.


why not get SN instead? is it painful? I already bought it myself though


>why not get SN instead? is it painful?
Yes, I'm afraid it's painful. Most likely it is. I've also read intimidating posts about how if you make a mistake and take too much, then SN can corrode your insides and stomach. I don't know if it was trolling. More research needs to be done.
Here is a general thread: https://sanctionedsuicide.com/threads/sn-megathread.1156/page-3
I'll try to read it all today and accumulate the most useful information and bring it here. Maybe it'll be useful for someone. In Google, I couldn't find anything for the search "pros and cons" and "poisoning symptom".
>I already bought it
When are you going to take it?


Try drugs or alcohol. Alcohol especially would be a good choice


So, since I am too much of a coward to do the job myself, what do you think about traveling to a country with death penalty then do the crime and getting killed by law? The disadvantages I see is that it still requires some courage and effort to do the crime (thinking about a drug crime because I don't want to hurt anyone) and that it could take some time until the actual death sentence is executed.


If you're serious, doesn't seem like a good plan to me, because you could just chicken out of the crime which you know would logically end up getting you killed, and then you've just wasted your money on a plane ticket to another country, and it's not like you'd immediately be executed on the spot, I don't know, but I'd assume you'd be in a jail with other guys for a while in a place you can't speak the language, that doesn't seem too pleasant.


Fucking stupid. Could end up tortured in jail for years


the lenghts people go to just to lose the gift God gave them, you are truly an antinomian lass.


Follow up to an article from a previous thread.
>Belgium euthanasia: Three doctors cleared in landmark trial
Tine Nys, 38, died surrounded by her family on 27 April 2010.
In the landmark case, her sisters and prosecutors had argued she wanted to die because of a failed relationship - not an "incurable disorder" as required by Belgium's euthanasia law.

But after hours of deliberations the jury in Ghent cleared the doctors, prompting applause in the courtroom.
Those acquitted early on Friday were Joris Van Hove, the doctor who administered the lethal injection, Nys's former doctor Frank D and psychiatrist Lieve Thienpont.

The succubus, Tine Nys, requested euthanasia under the law in 2009, according to Joris Van Cauter, the lawyer for Sophie Nys, one of her two sisters, who said Tine Nys had suffered from depression and heroin addiction and had tried to commit suicide several times. A few months later, the lawyer said, she was diagnosed with autism by a psychiatrist.


>When are you going to take it?
It doesn't depend on me. I had thought of using the train method and still do if I needed it to.. but I'm unable to even self harm properly there, plus there has been cases of heads reacting after being beheaded and that shit terrifies me SN might be an improvement but if it fails knowing my shitty body I would have to use the train method afterwards.


I'm too lazy to read the entire thread on SS, so I'll leave here only what I immediately found. Here it is:
Sodium Nitrite, NaNO2, acts as a catalyst in the conversion of the hemoglobin in your blood into methemoglobin (MetHB), a molecule with a much higher affinity with oxygen. This occurs when the ferrous ions in the regular hemoglobin are converted into ferric ones.
Since it's affinity is so high, methemoglobin cannot let the oxygen flow into other tissues that need it, thus depriving them of oxygen even while you're breathing. Death, then, occurs by hypoxia.
Sodium Nitrite poisoning symptoms include nausea, vertigo, vomiting, very heavy headaches and, should you manage to not pass out for too long, seizures.
The PPH claims that, during a monitored suicide with SN, the patient was unconscious at 12 minutes and dead by 35. However, some sources claim that SN poisoning might take as much as 8 hours to kill, probably due to low dosage.
Since methemoglobin creation is a natural process in our bodies, you must be aware that a certain enzyme works to transform it back into hemoglobin again. This is why the recommended dosage has varied on the PPH so much, as the syntetization of these enzymes and their "power" to overcome the formation of MetHB depends purely on your body, thus making a normal, general dose for all who chose this method very hard to determine, unlike N.
As for the physical symptoms your body will experience, not much will really change. Since your blood will mainly be MetHB, it will take on a bluish chocolate brown color, and the tips of your fingers, toes and nose (amongst others) will turn slightly blue from cyanosis.


ok but what is the proper way to do it, I don't live in japan where trains go as fast, so jumping right into a train sounds like a bad idea. Is is better to jump on the railway?


> image
implying anybody would come lol


Not jumping that's for sure the safest way is head on trails but you need to make sure you don't move so isn't easy for sure


How can I order an SN if it takes money and I'm not working? I will have to ask my parents for money, and they will ask why I need it. It is clear that you can lie, but they can check the mail when the SN comes. God, why is it so hard to die?


>money money money
Okay I'll just steal it. And when the mail arrives, I'll say it's a package from a distant friend of mine.


> I'll say it's a package from a distant friend of mine.
Not being upfront about what it is will just make them more curious.
Buy some gloves or a dust mask from a nearby department store and keep them hidden, then when the SN arrives just say "Oh here are those gloves I forgot I ordered" and present the ones you bought prior. They won't think you have something to hide if you go out of your way to be clear about the contents of the box. Ancient onahole collector strategy.


I already ordered all sorts of shit from AliExpress and my parents didn't care what was inside the parcel. I'm lucky that my family doesn't overprotect me. There's no point messing with gloves. Even if they see what's inside, I can tell them it's a sweet wormwood arteannuin extract powder that looks exactly like SN. If they ask why I decided to buy it, I will tell them that it was advertised on my favorite Japanese site or something like that. They know I love anime.
I'm worried about something else. SN should be taken with an antiemetic, but what about a painkiller? What exactly and in what doses should I take? Please help me with this.


literally this, bulletproof plan, you just can't chicken out, because if you move and the train stops and they catch you, there is a huge fine.


your survival/fear response will not give a fuck about a fine



>that will most likely fail
why though, i've slitted other parts of my body getting to the muscle tissue several times, i believe there'll be no difference when i'll do the same with the carotid


Useless. You would have better luck begging them to shot you.


looking at the statistics it has the lowest success rate. thats why i recommend the two other methods which are way higher on the list


Thank you.


Come to my country Belarus. We have death penalty (shot in a head).


Does anyone know the revival period for hypothermia? I recall vaguely reading something about three days after 'death', you could be brought back. On that note, how dreadful is hypothermia in your guys' opinion? Hypothetically speaking.


А зачем всем вам крыша??? Общий балкон есть же, разве нет???


you are so deluded and retarded


how do disabled people kill themselves? I'm worried that i might lose my legs due to spine problems. In a few days i should be able to confirm at least partially if my spine is beyond fucked, which it seems to be. My method of choice now is trains, but if i lose my legs i have no idea what im gonna do. if i went blind that seems very hard to do too. I can't do anything at the house, where i am surrounded by people at all times.


really sad to think about all unable to move who want to die


File: 1581206944880.jpg (16.65 KB, 342x342, 1:1, tarp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I am planning to shoot myself with a 12 gauge, is there anything I can do to at least slightly reduce the mess? I was thinking about maybe hanging up a tarp or putting the tarp over my head or something, I would just like to make it as little of a headache as possible for my roommates.


>as little of a headache as possible for my roommates.
For that you should at least record it and leave the video openly visible along with a note of some sort, and maybe some ID. If LEA can see as soon as they get there that your death was completely a suicide with no involvement from your room mates, there would be no cause to investigate the possibility that it was murder.

Tarps help. If you're looking to be comfy, you should remove as much cloth matter, trash, and belongs from the death site. LEA will go over ever inch of anything in the room that got hit by splatter. There's really no dignified way to liquify your head so if you're comfortable with it, you can wrap your head in cloth, stick it in a large contractors bucket, lay flat with your head pressed firmly in to a corner, then shoot from below. Point blank 12g will throw your upper body around a bit so you might miss a tarp entirely if you're not firmly positioned.

If you're not completely attached to your room, you could always use the bathtub with the shower running


I don't have a particular attachment to my room, but I feel like it's more likely to happen there because I can be a little more impulsive than say, driving somewhere secluded in my car, which I think might be a good option.


>Не хочу ощущать течение времени перед смертью
А мне, наоборот, хочется именно наслаждаться процессом умирания, смотреть на то, как из меня выходит жизнь. Особенно, когда выпью. Поэтому часто подумываю о том, что вскрыть себе вены/артерию, или замёзрнуть в сугробе. Наверное, не более чем мои позёрские фантазии и никогда их не осуществлю, хотя причин на самовыпил у меня более, чем достаточно, чтобы считать его единственным рациональным решением своих проблем.
С крыши прыгать комфортнее и немного менее страшно, нежели чем перекидывать ноги со своего балкона. %%Я проверял.%%


>А мне, наоборот, хочется именно наслаждаться процессом умирания, смотреть на то, как из меня выходит жизнь.
Мне кажется или это какая-то психическая болезнь? Это не есть нормально. Умирания боятся и избегают все здоровые люди.
>причин на самовыпил у меня более, чем достаточно
Поделишься, пожалуйста?


Do it outside away from people. Call the police right before you do it and tell them what you're going to do and the location. Then they can collect your body rather than traumatizing whatever random person comes across your body. It's best it's not someone who knows you like a roommate.


>"mental" disease
>"health" people
Go fuck yourself normie


I'm scared I'll end up killing myself out of laziness, I know what I have to do to stop my fucked up life being the way it is, stop mindlessly browsing the internet, exercise and get hobbies that get me out of the room, but there's just so little stimulation when I stop my addictions that I immediately go back, idk, I'm fuckex


>Мне кажется или это какая-то психическая болезнь? Это не есть нормально. Умирания боятся и избегают все здоровые люди.
У меня нет оффициально установленного диагноза (ну, кроме липового "шизотипического" из ПНД), но я давно уже не ощущаю себя в их рядах.
>Поделишься, пожалуйста?
Комбинация тотального безденежья и психических заболеваний, не позволяющих мне нормально функционировать, заниматься своими вещами и получать от жизни должное удовольствие. Я мог бы бороться и решать свои проблемы, но решил зарыть голову в песок и спустить всё своё время на бездумный эскапизм. И время всё ещё остаётся, но я продолжаю ничего не делать. Вполне вероятно, что в ближайшем будущем мне предстоит столкнуться с последствиями своего бездействия и я ощущаю приближение этого момента долгие годы, но так и не пошевелил и пальцем. Жизнь давно потеряла какие-либо ощущения и воспринимается в сером цвете. Фантазия отключилась, сил едва хватает на прочтение 5-минутной статьи, а общение с людьми вызывает только озлобленность или стыд. Кажется, что всё это не реально, даже при выходе на улицу чувствуешь себя как во сне. Словно безвкусная жвачка, которую хочется просто выплюнуть.


Да, и я не нахожу в процессе умирания ничего отталкивающего, но разумеется только до тех пор, пока он не сопровождается сильной физической болью. Поэтому написал, что хотелось бы именно истечь кровью, если выбирать из всех наиболее доступных мне способов. Но возможно я ошибаюсь, и эта смерть не так безболезненна, как я себе её представляю.


Russian normies should go to rfch.rocks


>Словно безвкусная жвачка, которую хочется просто выплюнуть.
Ох. Красиво сказано.
Спасибо за ответ.


File: 1581428072357.png (588.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm unlikely to get a satisfactory answer, but has anyone here survived using NANO2 and can tell me how painful the poisoning was? Some rate this as 4/10.


There are some survival stories of people who didn't die or who were found on Sanctioned Suicide, as far as I know the Peaceful Pill Handbook organisation says it's peaceful, but the symptoms scare me, elevated heart rate etc., idk at this point which method I want, hanging is my last resort because you can survive with brain damage.


>because you can survive with brain damage.
Wait. Why do you describe an obvious disadvantage as an advantage? It's bad if you survive with a damaged brain.


My parents are so stupid that if I killed myself because of their psychotic bullshit they would probably blame some other thing like videogames or a show I was watching or whatever instead of relizing it was their own fault.
Fucking narcissists


>My parents are so stupid
It's actually a good thing, because you won't feel sorry for them. If you have a good, intelligent and loving parents, you will not be able to commit suicide because of the pressure of guilt.


I said hanging is my last resort, meaning I want to find a more effective method, because I don't want to have brain damage.


I'm very sorry, I'm stupid and misread the post. Thank you for answering.


File: 1581459010022.webm (2.55 MB, 272x480, 17:30, 1581358742871-0.webm) ImgOps iqdb


I wish that was me


Damn, rip wizzy.


well, she had more balls than me, especially since her feet are touching ground. Unless it was murder.


Those who can, please kill the ones you hate and you think deserve it and then feed the worms.


were there any confirmed wizard suicides besides the Belgian and the Finn?






File: 1581529401595.webm (12.8 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, de7ff0f66435e40f4da9de45c….webm) ImgOps iqdb


Holy Shit! Didn't think an assault rifle would do that much damage


it's not an assault rifle, it was Saiga-12 if I'm not mistaken, automatic shotgun



ah, looked like an AK to me


At least he died instantly


How do you guys like to hurt yourselves? I've taken to punching myself in the face, taking freezing cold showers, forcing myself to drink piping hot coffee. I've been too pussy to ever deeply cut myself.



Seemed like a bad angle he took to shoot himself. Lucky that he managed to die instantly regardless. Interesting how with a shotgun it really doesn't matter where you point it, as long as it's somewhere around your head you're pretty much dead. Even that mexican kid who shot himself while streaming, just had the shotgun pressed right against the front of his head in a rather awkward & risky, I might become a vegetable, sort of way. I guess what what I'm saying is that, if it were me, I'd prefer to put the barrel in my mouth to ensure the highest chance of mortality/success. Under the chin is obviously the most retarded location, since you're likely to simply blow your face off, instead of your head. Creepy how one of his eyes seems to remain somewhat intact even after blowing his head off.


File: 1581537076427.png (Spoiler Image, 363.69 KB, 377x651, 377:651, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>How do you guys like to hurt yourselves?
I don't torture myself in any way, but I have a wonderful video about a Russian streamer succubus, who suffers from hysterical neurosis and beats himself on camera, it's very funny to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps-hiTRL6RQ&t=14s
>I've been too pussy to ever deeply cut myself.
I'm not a pussy. I have scars all over my hands (it's not my hand in the photo, but the scars are the same) because I cut myself about a year ago. What to be afraid of? I've never been beautiful, so it's not a loss of visual appeal. Physical pain? Pain is ephemeral. Mental suffering is even worse.



>I've been too pussy to ever deeply cut myself.

Same. I'd always panic immediately if I ever started to bleed too much, thinking that I might've gone too far and now I'm going to bleed to death. In reality, I've only ever cut myself in places where it'd be impossible for that to happen (thighs, or my left arm nowhere near any veins), so it was more me just being a little squeamish pussy wrapped up in a sense of delusion & cowardice. By & large, I mostly just give myself semi-deep paper cuts, that might pool with blood & streak down my arm/leg a little bit, but are otherwise relatively minor. They look a lot worse than they actually are, to be honest. My dead cat could give me deeper cuts, frankly.

Other ways I self-harm, is by biting myself as hard I can until I leave deep tooth marks in my arms which usually leads to developing bruises the day after. Slapping myself firmly across the cheek, or smacking my head with my hands. Banging my head against the counter top nearly as hard as I can. And also sometimes kicking the wall until my foot gets sore. Those last two I actually do quite often, to be honest, relative to cutting & biting myself.

As an aside, it's weird how I've bitten myself hard many times, but never bled from it. How fucking hard do you have to bite to draw blood? I really do wonder. I've even tried to rip my skin with my canines, but still nothing. It's probably for the best, since biting and breaking the skin would more than likely lead to infection.

Still, I haven't cut myself for a while now. It's only an occasional mood for me, to be honest. Sometimes it'll last a few weeks and then months, or even a whole year, might go by where I don't hurt myself at all. Then, out of the blue, I'll start it up again. Usually out of pure boredom and a desperate need for escape from extreme mental pain. Causing myself physical pain tends to distract myself away from much more acute mental pain. It can be quite helpful in that regard, but if I do it too much, then it stops being helpful. In that sense, it's really no different than anything else done to excess, that then loses its efficacy. People say self-harm is addictive, but it really isn't, at least not for me. Eventually, it just becomes a hassle & is more annoying than anything else.

I feel like the worst way I hurt myself is simply by living the way that I do. Permanently locked away from everything, living as an agoraphobic hermit 24/7. In my case, for well over a decade. Also, playing shitty games to completion even though I'd much rather play something else, or even do nothing, is another weird way I tend to self-harm. It causes me much mental anguish to the point where physical self-hard is almost a pleasing reprieve.


File: 1581542359221.mp4 (2.3 MB, 872x480, 109:60, Young Man at Shooting Rang….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Are we posting random suicide videos now? Strange the corpse of that dead succubus. The eyes of a dead person are somewhat surreal. Like looking into the black lifeless eyes of a doll, or something.



Part of it is the .00001% chance of me trying to join the military. Otherwise I'd be willing to rip my shit up but I'm not very good with pain regardless.


You know, as much as I fantasize about killing myself, watching those videos about people actually doing it reminds me of why I never will. Those people are very brave, very desperate, very ill, in a way I'll never be. I'm doomed to a situation thats just borderline suicidal but never actually becoming it. It's so brutal, gory, and violent, and I'm so soft, cowardly and afraid. At least videos like those posted bring me back to reality - I'm stuck here until I die, but not by my own means. Blessed are those who actually find it within themselves the power to escape this hell.


is not really brave to take two seconds of courage and pull the trigger. It takes way more to go through life until something kills you.


If it were that simple, neither of us would be having this conversation. I wouldn't, at least. It's a lot easier to keep going. Look at that guy who shot half of his head off with that rifle. Don't you think it's brave to defy the very nature of the living that's self preservation? Living is a lot lazier and easier in comparison to the feeling of having your face pierced and then shredded off.


>It's a lot easier to keep going
>Living is a lot lazier and easier


Im not going to do it. but if i wanted is just two seconds and bam for god sake. the guy who shot himself was no longer in pain unlike you and me.


btw there is no feeling of having your face pierced because you are dead before pain could hit you. thats why you fear so much the idea but in reality this shit is way worse.


How's the fentanyl method? I've already sorta found a way to get fentanyl patches. I just need to know how many I need to put on for a maximum peaceful death. I want to go quietly in the night.


>without needing a prescription
Wait. But it's illegal. What problems can I have? I live in Russia.


Fill bathtub with water. Keep the faucet running and as you are about to do it unplug the whatever that thing is called so the tub gets drained. Tub full of water should act as a backstop for the 12 gauge and you'll be washed by the time anyone sees you.

Sadly, or more likely happily, consciousness is extraphysical because only it can cause waveform collapse and therefore enable classical physics at all. We are alive because we are conscious, therefore innately outside of our bodies by design. So your pain will not end like that, because physics.

So that means the wiz who inhaled toxic fumes is still conscious somewhere and living with the consequences of what he has done.

At least you'll leave a clean bathtub behind.


1. firearm
2. train
3. probably falling from heights

I say don't bother with anything else


I'm going to severe my carotid and you're not going to unconvince me.


there is better methods and painless. but whatever good luck.



why would we unconvince you, it's you bending over to the demonic overlords of this reincarnation cycle, not us alivefags


File: 1581761142473.jpg (309.51 KB, 800x977, 800:977, 800px-Gran_coloso_dormido_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Please let me expire already, I've had enough at 24


Then i shall try to escape this life even sooner and reincarnate with a better start. And anything would be better, i assure you.


File: 1581803505182.png (1.32 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's very difficult, wizards. I'm going to go to the doctor to get Meto, but it seems to me that I may not be able to get this medicine. First, the doctor can give me tests and find out that I'm lying to him and that my body is all right. Secondly, he may prescribe me another medicine or not prescribe any at all, advising me to just eat healthy food, rice or chicken broth, for example. Given how stupid our doctors are (not USA), this scenario is very possible.
I'm not going to buy illegally over the Internet. I went to a hundred pharmacies and they didn't sell me anything without a prescription.
What should I do?


I'm going go try and live a healthy life without any addictions before I end it, might as well see if any change comes from it.


Death by poisoning is a bad idea, you can always pussy out and end up in ER, or it can always fail.

I'd advocate violent suicide, you're guaranteed to die by a self inflicted shot to the head or by hanging yourself.

What addictions do you have? Do you mean substances? Wizards rarely discuss addiction or alcoholism but I believe it's common in us.


Alcoholism, nicotine, overeating and then throwing it up, I became extremely anxious and worrjed avout things since I was 16 and I still have it now, so I resorted to these things to make me feel better, the pleasure I get from these isn't worth the negative side effects, so I'm stopping them, kne of my big worries is my fucking retarded brain will convince me to go back to one of them tommorow or the next day, I wish there was a switch I could push that could lock in the decision.


How can I make cutting a more viable method? I thought about cutting my left arm's radial and ulnar arteries while using anticoagulants like aspirin, what else?




Do not watch Nosso Lar. The ending shook me to the core


I'm considering this method too. Besides using anticoagulants, i'd also make sure my blood sugar is low so i won't get an accidental stroke in the process of bleeding out.


I Know im a little late, but reading this opened my eyes. Thank you for writing this.


don't jump in front of a train, you can get sued


My anon, plan to improve as opposed to destroy your gift of life, be grateful

Read a book, go for a walk, bathe the sunshine, they are scientifically proven to improve your mood


Why is partial suspension so hard to carry on? No matter how many times I've tried it, I can't get myself to lose consciousness


As for all the wizards who commuted seaside they are proper fucked right now. Don't be like them. Yes life sucks now level up and live it, normans didnt build the fabric of its existence so why do i see the soyboy hate and rage.


Try living
Chance of death is 100%


>normans didnt build the fabric of its existence
Due to the subjective nature of reality/realities and the overwhelming ratio of normans to wizards, I have to disagree with you there. Reality is a normalfag-owned and normalfag-controlled construct.


>Reality is a normalfag-owned and normalfag-controlled construct

that's just, like, your reality wiz


That might take a while, also I don't want to wageslace through an unrewarding life


Tonight I stood by the railway, but when the train came, I just didn't put my head on the track as I wanted to. Why can't I even properly do one last thing? I was so determined during the day to finally escape but over the last two hours my determination faded away.


Maybe selling all your possessions will give you the conviction to follow through with your death. Start with your computer.


None. Metoclopramide isn't an illegal or controller drug on any nation TMK. You could always trll your doctor you're nauseous and ask for meto prescription.


I am kind of indifferent about killing myself, for now I feel okay and don't want to cause any pain to my family.
But because i've decided I don't want to work another day i'm afraid that I will end up in a less desirable situation soon or eventually.
Is it a good idea to try and end things before you're too desperate or wait until you're in despair?


We need to decide how and when we will die before the decision is made for us. For those of us who are dealing with things like insurmountable physical or mental problems, the prudent thing would probably be to die sooner rather than later.


NewGame+ carries over the exp from previous life. If you said fuck it and alt+qq early you will get shafted.


Can someone convince me hell doesn't exist? Some pieces of shit scared me about its existence, and now it's one of the main factors keeping me from ending my life.
I'm a rational person for nearly everything, but the idea of being even worse off after death terrifies me.


File: 1582318884092.png (377.24 KB, 854x512, 427:256, 284.png) ImgOps iqdb

>hell doesn't exist?
If you were smart enough, you would have realized long ago that hell exists and you are in it.
>Some pieces of shit scared me about its existence
Like stupid christcucks? Who in the 21st century in their right mind believes in religious fairy tales? I thought the average wizard was more clever than the average normie.
>keeping me from ending my life.
A boring and pathetic life, I'll correct you.
>even worse off after death
After death, there will be nothing, that is, the absence of any sensory information, because the living brain is responsible for this. Everything will be over for you forever. The end of your life is the end of everything that could have happened to you.


How do you deal with the feeling that you don't want to upset people you love? It can be anyone, but it usually means family.


Assuming reincarnation is what awaits you after death, does anyone here feel confident in "rerolling" the dice, so to speak?


File: 1582368792875.jpg (6.49 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 74627846278.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What an edgy, meanspirited warlock you are. I mean, none of what you're saying is wrong per se, but there's no need to be so caustic about it. The other wizard was simply asking for some reassurement about oblivion. It's not necessary to act as if he just took took a dump in your warlock flakes in response to something so impartial. Also, pic related.


Ponyfag and a knowyourmeme filename, he's probably got his issues.


I'm too stupid to assemble an exit bag or even a good rope and I have no guns or drugs or other stuff to end it with. The only viable option would be slitting my wrists, but I never see this option discussed here. Why? Is it too painful to go through?


>I'm too stupid to assemble an exit bag or even a good rope
This is almost certainly not true, wizzie. There are very detailed step-by-step instructions for methods like the exit bag, hanging, and compression. I'm autistic and still struggle with tying my shoes, brushing my teeth, and cooking basic meals, but I eventually taught myself how to do partial suspension and the tourniquet / compression method. It took months, but in the end I achieved a level of proficiency. And now I have my escape ready at hand, which brings me a measure of solace.

On a related note, one of the sort of frustrating things about browsing places like Sanctioned Suicide or 8chan's now defunct /suicide/ board are all the people there who half-heartedly researched or practiced their chosen method for an hour or two and then gave up, declaring it's too hard or that the method doesn't work. I sympathize with them, of course, since I suspect chronic depression has sapped their energy, will power, and self-esteem.


Admittedly, it would have been more honest for me to say "I'm too impatient to learn". But in the end, is there much difference between not wanting to learn and being unable to?

Also, how do you know you're proficient in your methods without being … dead?


>Also, how do you know you're proficient in your methods without being … dead?
Because I can consistently reach the point of losing consciousness when I practice compression, and death is assured after that point, assuming the tourniquet doesn't come undone.


File: 1582506088283.jpg (103.26 KB, 777x901, 777:901, BuF31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hi anons,

Is pic rel a reliable method of suicide? Or is it more of a meme or more likely to cripple me?


Sounds like more of a meme, I never heard anyone die from this. And it's definetly not mustard gas.
I'm trying to figure out what exactly this reaction is trying to accomplish. Bleach and ammonia produces small amounts of hydrazine and some other slightly toxic shit, but not really enough to seriously hurt you. I guess the pennies and salt are supposed to help make chlorine gas somehow? I don't think that would work.


File: 1582524918711.jpg (248.44 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, haibane renmei reki.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I agree.


What method should I choose if I live with my parents? My mom is at home almost all the time

Train is scary af. What if I don't have the steel balls required for this method?


teens are able to commit to suicide because their brains are not fully developed. Once it completes development, suicide becomes more difficult.


Just realized that aspirin overdose is a thing, and seeing that I don't own a gun or have access to one, is it actually viable? I imagine I would lock myself in the bathroom and swallow as many 500mg pills as I can.


Depends on how much you weigh and your overall health, but probably not. It takes a lot of pills, and you're more likely to just throw them all up before your body would be able to absorb a lethal amount. You're more likely just gonna make your life even worse.


Alright, thanks anyway. I've decided that if I go, it'll be by train. Just guaranteed death.


Pop Smoke is dead, hope I can meet him at the other side soon
RIP yo Pop Smoke my bro


Can relate, except that i can't even practice properly since i have no own room and my mother will never leave the house. I mean i still can practice outside the house at night, but where do i keep the rope in between this sessions?
>The only viable option would be slitting my wrists, but I never see this option discussed here. Why? Is it too painful to go through?
I'm considering this method too (except that i'm gonna try severing my carotid/femoral artery when i get my next suicidal impulse) and it is a good question. There is a good chance you'll end up alive and even hand-damaged (or something even worse), but i'm convinced this method still can be lethal under some certain circumstances.
>I'm autistic and still struggle with tying my shoes, brushing my teeth, and cooking basic meals, but I eventually taught myself how to do partial suspension and the tourniquet / compression method. It took months, but in the end I achieved a level of proficiency. And now I have my escape ready at hand, which brings me a measure of solace.
Your words are reviving my hope, thanks. What type of rope would you recommend? I know it should be fairly thin, but how thin is enough? Also, how to make sure that the rope itself is capable of supporting your weight, should i just directly ask the vendor about the weight cap or is it indicated right on the wrapping? Perhaps i should've crrl+f the thread before asking this autistic questions, sorry.


Just listen to some BTS songs. You will immediately want to leave this world.


If you dont have peace on this side you wont have peace on the other side
Most wizards dont want death
They want peace, peace from groids, peace from mental shit, peace from the world
This takes time and work


The type of rope or cable is mostly a matter of personal preference, but thin climbing rope is often recommended. I believe mine is 10mm. And since it's climbing rope it can of course easily support most wizzies.


there is no other side tbh


Gun powder historical gun suicide - thoughts? From the EU, you can purchase one without a license if it shoots only one bullet at a time. The lethality seems quite effective. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/221731683_Complex_suicide_with_black_powder_muzzle_loading_derringer


infinity of nonexistence -> some random wiz in 21st century -> infinity of nonexistence
Does that seem plausible to you?
Be responsible - dont fuck up suicide, now be even more responsible and dont fuck up afterlife


Sounds good. It's been discussed here before. The American writer Iris Chang killed herself using this type of gun.



you can buy shotguns in Austria without License, but you need an EU citizenship for that


>infinity of nonexistence -> some random wiz in 21st century -> infinity of nonexistence

What about:
Who knows -> some random wiz in 21st century -> Who knows

Non-existence is not a sensible term. Existence is not a sensible terms. It's a pretty new invention (of a flawed concept) in relation to the history of philosohpy. These are all just word games and you fell for it.


>infinity of nonexistence -> some random wiz in 21st century -> infinity of nonexistence
You're too confident for such a small creature. Have you ever thought about a scenario in which there is an option with the impossibility of rebirth in principle, and that life is given only once? And don't forget that this is just speculation.
What makes you think that "If you dont have peace on this side you wont have peace on the other side"?
>These are all just word games
Well, actually, language is a game of words, if you understand certain rules as a game, and words as a unit of speech. So what are you talking about?
Are you sure you picked the right word? I don't quite understand what you mean. Please explain.


He's responding to a post saying
>there is no other side
not a post saying
>who knows what's on the other side


>Have you ever thought about a scenario in which there is an option with the impossibility of rebirth in principle, and that life is given only once
You just greentexted that scenario, it looks absurd.


Where do bacteria go when they die? Ants? Dogs? Lions? Elephants?

Where were they before life? Humans are animals just as they are except with thicker cerebral matter. There is no fundamental difference between us and them and everything else is illusory.


Buddhists tried to explain this. Reincarnation based on net karma points system determines what you get to reincarnate as. God > God-servants > Demigods > Humans > Animals > Ghosts > Hellspawns. Each class has their own subdivisions. Eg. In Humans based wealth or pre-existing spiritual awareness.


Who is the judge on what actions are good or not good?


btw, humans are animals so that distinction is meaningless. There is also no proof whatsoever (0%) for anything supernatural.


Karma and reincarnation was invented solely so the indian elite could subjugate the lower classes, and say "we are allowed to shit on you cause you clearly did something awful in a past life, so be a good little slave and maybe when you die you'll get something better".

Just like every other religion.


Are you a religious man?


Use some context clues and I think you'll find the answer.


You say that religion was invented by the elite to manipulate people, but that doesn't mean you don't believe in it. You obviously don't like the creators of religion, but what about religion itself?


I don't believe in any form of divinity or higher power. I don't actually have much of a problem with others believing so, but I don't believe that such a thing exists, or if it did that it would align with any human concept or notion of such.


Real enlightened buddhists know it is just a metaphor and trick. We are one with the universe. 'You' is actually the universe as a whole. Understanding this means you cant be reborn as someone else; that is why enlightenment ends the supposed cycle of rebirth. Westerners completely misrepresent this as it gets lost in translation, even the way i try to explain it in these were lines is poor


>I don't believe in any form of divinity or higher power.
This might change your mind.


Half hour video is a little too much. Maybe I'll watch it later. Also why does it say in the description that he's trolling an god doesn't exist?


After taking psychiatric drugs i feel even more suicidal. im glad for the help. is train guillotine a good idea? Laying under the train i mean. I've looked and looked but i can't find any other method i can do under normal circumstances, i would either have to do illegal stuff or do stuff that i couldn't lie my way out of if anything went wrong. i'm only worried that the train bumper(the thing in the front) will push me out of the way and ruin it. All trains seem to have them here, and i can't really tell if my head will fit unless i lie under it. And the trains are slow as fuck, but it's the best i got. I imagine the pain will be beyond 10/10 scale, does it last long?


unless you're having a teenager feminine sort of suicidal episode you can take the time to order some heroin/fentanyl to your house


It’s a train. Doesn’t really matter where it hits you, you’re dead.


that's not true at all and many have been maimed horribly without dying that way.


Those people probably weren’t trying to get killed and it only hit an arm or leg, and someone was with them to prevent bleed out. If that wiz drink some liquor and positions himself in a remotely good fashion he’ll die.


I don't live alone. Anything that has to do with my house will be prevented by parents.
I never drink so not sure how that would work on me. I have some zomiren which works instantly anti anxiety a bit though.


>I don't live alone. Anything that has to do with my house will be prevented by parents.
they open your mail?


I say it because alcohol thins the blood, meaning if you don't die instantly you'll likely bleed out quickly and with less pain.


fucking this
best prep for death is to live your fucking life

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