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Reading the end of the wizards thread I wondered:

What's it like to be a wizard without any hobbies or interests? (Or at least interests and hobbies that USED to be associated with wizards?)

I've been slowly shedding my old hobbies and interests as they became mainstream (even degenerate otaku porn fetishes have this slowly increasing normalcy) and now I'm down to a couple things I still enjoy a little.

Any wizards who actually live without any real hobbies? I know I'm asking for a lot but I'd like responses from actual wizards or people close to wizardhood like the latter half of your 20s.


Turned wizard last summer. I still watch anime and play videogames and collect plastic garbage to this day. Don't really enjoy it but without them I'd be staring at walls all day.


Wizard without any hobbies here. I never managed to get into any in my entire life. It was (and still is) very difficult for me to get into something past the superficial level. I've never had any real interests in anything, and all I've done was to simply make boredom go away. It feels very alienating when you cant interact with anyone or hold conversations because you simply dont know what is being discussed. It's very boring as well. Nowadays even the few things I enjoyed at a casual level (videogames basically) are getting boring so in the end I'll have to find something else to pass the time with or stare at the wall on my free time like the guy above me mentioned.


Go for a walk.


File: 1578936195917.jpg (996 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1578780058573.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Apprentice in his late twenties here. I have no enthusiasm for anything and the things I have done all my life are merely distractions instead of interests or hobbies. For me almost everything is reduced the consumption of other peoples commodities and output. It's very hard for me to form independent thoughts (except about despair and failure) let alone create something of value. Everyday for me is a struggle to remind myself of who I am and why I still stand up to do stuff. It's actually not that bad because I have given up on drifting in endless thoughts about everything that went wrong in my life and that is wrong with existence in general. Whenever such a thought comes up I do something like grabbing a book, internet, going for a walk, music etc.

Yeah, I know this is pathetic to others but if this kind of evaluation of a person still comes to mind in your standard thought processes and is part of your integral value system then this does nothing but make you feel bad. Either accept what you are doing and the fate of your future or you are stuck as a torn person that is never content with the situation. The real goal of wizard to me is to have got things straightened out with yourself. If you still seek change of your situation and want to 'make something out of your life' and 'improve yourself' then this is only natural and human instinct but if you have these thoughts then there is a choice to be made - act on it or give these aspirations up. Otherwise this will do nothing but make you feel horrible.
The key is to decide for either acceptance of your situation or acting to change it - a wizard has to avoid not accepting his situation while also not acting on it at all costs. That is the kind of shit driving you insane and suicidal.

There was this one thing I was truly concerned about but it was a kind of huge delusion where I thought I found some truth about reality so I wrote tons of pages of shit which now I don't understand what I was trying to say there or if that had any substance to it. However I am glad that this delusional thinking stopped as it was more of an obsession than a passion. Most likely those were symptoms of schizophrenia.


It's not a good life.


Not quite yet a wizard. I'm in the exact same situation as >>213142
The worst part is that occasionally i still have these bursts of excitement i used to feel constantly as a kid, but i cannot force myself to even read a few pages of a book, so actually maintaining a hobby is impossible unless i'd do it for fun. Alas, i don't feel "fun".


All of the old wizardly, or even just normie unfriendly hobbies have deteriorated so much over the last two decades. I'm sure it started even before that, but I was perhaps too young to notice, or it was just little baby steps. I suppose each new fan/hobbyist is taking it one step closer to the mainstream if you want to look at it that closely. Video games used to be quite a niche, the difficulty required to even boot up a game used to gate keep so many people away. Today we have the news anchors doing actions and dances from the most popular games like Fortnite and Minecraft. We have 2 year olds on these games playing them. I could open up a game and converse with a toddler. It's just an open hobby now. Everyone is interested in it, or knows about it. There aren't games out there to play anymore without it being affected. Even tabletop. Oh my god. How insufferable has that become? I tried to get into it again. I went to the local game store and we had half men, half succubi. In onsies, kissing each other. Drinking, taking selfies and videos and live streaming…. War hammer 40k still has tiny communities which aren't so tapped into but the creators are catering to the masses. And store owners have even banned certain groups of WH40k players as they don't participate with the main group in the store, the group with livestream and snap chats.

I can't go to the game store anymore (I'm banned) because I refused to be on a snap chat and live stream.

I hope you can fully understand that.

This is one big joke


As dull as you expect really, it's not the life of a wizard, it's the life of a drone.

Bit put off by some of your replies about no longer enjoying something because normies started to like it, switch it up and make it more unique instead of just throwing it for a weak excuse


I for one don't mind if normies get into something I like, as if there was anything I liked doing, lol. But I digress. The way you put it fits very well - a drone.


It is obvious that you are looking for excuses to not deal with any occupation beyond a superficial level. Your attitude is lazy and disregarding. If you could not enjoy anything anymore because of psychological reasons I could understand this. But your 'argument' is simply wrong. Look closer. There is a lot that to do and discuss that is not already absorbed and dumbed down by the mainstream. You might start with the /hob/ board right here on wizchan to find ideas.


Not him but I'm annoyed by normalfags in these hobbies. They don't just join in the hobbies, they come in when most, if not all, of the groundwork has been laid out and then takeover.


if you are a neet and wizard with no hobbies like me you are fucked


I know you're being a dickhead but I've started doing this.


File: 1579138136565.png (21.7 KB, 240x240, 1:1, freezing_cold.png) ImgOps iqdb

Apart from fapping and watching video games (are those even hobbies?) I have no friends, no hobbies, no motivation and am dumb as a brick. I've come to the realization that the worst might come for me, I don't know what to do anymore, everything I do as a "hobby" I tend to drop it real quick, Reading? nope, Coding? nope, learning math? nope, i'd rather procrastinate than do anything, and the saddest part is my parents are telling me how they want me to go to college and get a good degree to have a good life but in all honesty … am I even gonna make it?


Go for a walk.


Unironically my mom recommended this to me today, I might just do that but also that's a pretty normie respond


File: 1579160154878.jpg (191.2 KB, 700x596, 175:149, 4726487263847.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Impossible. In my case, I'm an agoraphobic hermit. I haven't gone for a walk, or really anywhere by myself, in nearly 13 years. Just more ignorant, useless "advice" from non-hermit normans to wipe my wizcrack with.


>going for walks
>browsing the internet (various forums and wiki, mainly)
>listening to music
>playing video games
>drinking beer
>used to enjoy reading. Still do, but i have no attention span

Those are my main pastimes. Probably pretty "normie/normgroid" hobbies, but whatever. I don't have the patience to teach myself guitar or write more than a longish greentext, much less anything productive like woodworking or coding.

I don't care if normal people are invading my hobbies. I tend to ignore normoid friendly games like AssCreed or whatever, or most popular music.


youre probably young, 10 years ago the only animes normal people watched was junk like naruto or bleach, and only the most mainstream of video games. before Skyrim, only nerds played RPGs. The 2010s saw crabby stuff become more appropriated than The Big Bang Theory ever could hope for.


I'm 33. I've been gaming since the early 90s. Some of my earliest memories involve playing the SNES Final Fantasy games, Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, etc.

I don't watch anime, at least not since Sailor Moon or DBZ in the 90s or 00s, so I can't comment on how normoids are ruining that. Are they appropriating gaming? Sure. Do I give a shit? No, I'm off playing whatever (J)RPGs I've missed.


yeah, when I was 17 I emulated a bunch of old SNES games etc thinking I had missed out on something until I realized I had not.

I wish I was as blissfully unaware as you, youre exactly 10 years old than me but you are content to just float along through playing crappy games in your room staring at a blinking screen, never giving a thought to the futility of your situation. I stopped enjoying video games and anime thinking it mattered what I had seen or completed when in reality it does not, like collecting baseball cards or bird watching, its whatever gets your rocks off- if you have any left at all.


I simply enjoy gaming out in my free time. No need to act high and mighty or condescending about how other people waste their time.


I wasnt being high and mighty, you had already made it clear you dont care about anything going on around you except in your own little world.


How, exactly? I simply stated what I enjoyed doing in my spare time.


if u are ugly and autistic you cant go out and walk like a normal people
you need to go when everybody is sleeping


The way you insisted with profanity that you did not care about the neurotypical appropriation of video games as long as you had your precious dime-a-dozen JRPG vanilla copy-paste junk games to you keep you warm at night.

And there really isnt any reason to sage a thread at the top of the page on a board that gets 3 posts per hour, unless my harsh words have made you cry?



Based wizkid


What do you do in your spare time that's more important than playing video games or bird watching or jerking off or whatever


I havent enjoyed anything in years, music is the only thing I enjoy still and I make stuff in fl studio. I just downloaded EU3 because EU4 is too complicated though, i might be playing that for a few days.

You like my life story? OK, now kill self.



So nothing?


>hobby invasion
I guess it mostly depresses anons who became wizards in the last 10 years or so, to have your small corner of the world just slowly taken over by people that include the ones who never cared for the hobby in the first place.

I mean, I assume most wizards have been excluded from many things growing, so to have your own space/hobby was something special.

There's been a "flattening" of the geek/nerd cultures so that newcomers or invaders can just waltz in without any prior commitment to it. Whether someone is a "real" geek or not at this point becomes irrelevant because all of the effort that was required, things like collecting comic books, arranging clubs, getting rare items from abroad etc, has become trivial to do.

It may be the end of the wizards (of our kind at least) but it going to be interesting to what sort of wizard pops up when they don't have anything to call their own.


Go bully normalfags


Im 31 and have no hobbies. I work during the week and spend whole weekend lying on my bed browsing degenerate imageboards


>And store owners have even banned certain groups of WH40k players
Pretty crazy since local game stores are going through an extinction event and need all the regulars they can get. Too bad my lgs decided to give up on magic, pokemon, final fantasy, weiss schwarz and go full in on baseball cards only to have no clients but druggies trying to pawn in piles of them and closed up.
>There aren't games out there to play anymore without it being affected
You can get a hacked Vita with several thousand games from a dozen different platforms if you don't like modern games.


>Pretty crazy since local game stores are going through an extinction event
It'd be my luck that the LGS's near me are dead (and have been apparently dead years ago). The others are in the city center and are popular with the normal-ish people.

I forgot to mention another thing about the "flattening", because the geek culture is "flat" now "artifacts" pop up in the regular population and media, usually something "cool" from a specific nerd/geek subculture, but I assume you already know this.

The weird thing is though, I'm seeing more and more niche otaku-level "artifacts" pop-up; literal steampunk googles on a chav, the aheago image on multiple items of clothes, a furry image on a t-shirt of a well-built dude etc. I'm morbidly curious to see how far the regular population is going to wade into degenerate nerd/geek stuff. I predict that animal dildos will become normal and the LGBT+ will have an F added to it.


I don't understand why some of you aren't mad with normalfags basically claiming everything that used to belong to nerds/geeks, even our dengenerate hentai.

I've seen 3 fucking separate normalfags on 3 separate occasions wearing shirts and jackets with softcore hentai on them. Even jackoff material is being stolen by them.


There's nothing we can do. Normalfags enjoy walking on the fringe for attention. Any disapproval we make known will only further the taboo and create a Streisand effect, leading other edgy eccentrics to discover big anime boobies.

Net kind learned long ago that giving normal people a stranglehold on our emotions by getting worked up over their antics will only encourage them to agitate us even more. They are trolls by nature. Ask yourself how grinding your teeth at them benefits you in any way.


>Ask yourself how grinding your teeth at them benefits you in any way.
I don't know. I guess it lets me know I'm alive for the time being, but fuck me what is left for us? What small corner that isn't being currently invaded or occupied by normalfags?

It angers me that shit that they would have made fun of us for, whether rightly or wrongly, is now THEIR domain.


I enjoy music and anime but I don't consider them hobbies even though a have a pretty nice music collection but don't want to spend anymore on it right now nor do I really want to having most of what I want. The rest of the time I'm idling around on the internet, maybe making myself something to eat, or killing time scrapping cans and bottles. I just don't have it in me to really get into anything outside of the things I know a lot about just because I do them so much but don't actually have much of an interest in them outside of their function to me.

I get those too but reading is difficult for me, my brain was always shit but now it is super shit so taking it all in is very tiring and hard for me to do. I can only really do it in the morning too like most other things after I had my coffee before my neurological train wreck of a body is too uncomfortable to do anything again especially in the Winter when everything is too cold putting more of a burden on my senses that I can only tame with food to give it something else to feel and do something with.


File: 1582117282511.jpg (69.02 KB, 749x937, 749:937, 1555701032514.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do any of you actual wizards wonder if any of it was ever real? That geekdom and internet culture was ever uncool? That it ever belonged to you?

It's weird, I have these little trinkets and old game cartridges from decades (holy shit) ago and attached to a few of them are negative memories of my hobbies being looked down upon by my peers, but the internet, or social media specifically I guess, seems to smudged this notion of geekdom being unpopular to the point where I've started doubting my memories of it.


I've been staring at walls or close to it, I've been spending a LOT of time thinking, just THINKING. It does no good to be that deep in thought for that long without a real topic to think about.


I was never into that normie crap anyway.


>I was never into that normie crap anyway.
How old are you? Cos I only see this sort of attitude from (much) younger anons on 4chan (and other imageboards) where they detest anime and videogames despite the site being built on it, just to be contrarian.

What did you instead if it's "normie" crap to you? Academics? Cos even that's a sort of dead end I've found since at some point collaboration and social skills come into play, especially nowadays.


I do digital photography, it's nice to go out at night and take photos. Don't matter if they're good, just fun to look back on what you've explored. But, that's it, anything else takes to much effort (don't really mind walking). I can only imagine schizoids and Russians are that emotionless to not have a single hobby, but I commend those who do, good way to collect mana.




false, just have hours of music loaded on an mp3 player and tune the world out


op of this post here
night walks are the best, no one and it's peaceful.
This. Do something about it rather than littering this site with your "life is numb" philosophy. If not that, than like a true wizard, accept the fact that you won't do anything with your life.
people seem to forget video games are a hobby. It's kind of obvious. Masturbation though, now that's an addiction. Go to college just for the hell of it, probably make your life a bit more interesting, or else keep dozing off while practicing your wizardry, one hand movement at a time.
Wizgod. Do you ever look outside of your window?


File: 1582197581963.gif (298.22 KB, 500x370, 50:37, 83749273984729.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>I've been slowly shedding my old hobbies and interests as they became mainstream (even degenerate otaku porn fetishes have this slowly increasing normalcy) and now I'm down to a couple things I still enjoy a little.

I've never really understood this sort of thing. I've always been so disconnected from everything that I really don't care whether something is "mainstream" or not. I've never had any online friends or acquaintances (nor have I in real life either), never been part of message board culture or any forums, and I've never been part of a special clique or "in-group" when it comes to things like video games or anime, or what have you. I started posting on wizchan around the middle of 2016 and, before that point, I never engaged in any online exchanges with others whatsoever, outside of a handful of messages sent over PSN to people I boosted trophies. Which, itself, was many, many years ago now.

You can't really lose what you never were apart of to begin with. As a result, I really can't relate to any of this. All these enclaves of "geekdom", or what have you, were never something I engaged with. It was always just me, alone with myself. Engaging with others online always seemed like an afterthought to me. Throw into the mix that I was also too socially anxious to engage online and I just never put myself out there. Even during the "heydays" of low mainstream interference in these things, (2000-2007, I guess you could put it), I'm no different now than I was back then. Even back then, I was just as alone & disconnected from it all as I am now. Even though people had their perfect enclaves back then it never occurred to me to ever engage with them, not that I really would've wanted to anyway. I was only vaguely aware of 4chan all those years ago and the only times I've ever gone there was to lurk fetish threads. It's just always weird hearing from people who had a completely different past when compared to myself. I've essentially always been out of touch & out of the loop on everything.

Anyway, gaming/anime/music, or just modern entertainment in general, are still things I distract myself with. The development of anhedonia has soured these things greatly for me however, but I still manage to push myself to do them since, like this other wizard >>213140 said, if I didn't, I'd just be staring at the wall all day, or sleeping. I'm not really sure if you can call this sort of stuff a hobby, since I've always seen a hobby as being more like playing the piano, or painting, or welding, or something like that. Then again, I guess reading is a hobby, so I guess modern entertainment is as well on some level, rather than just simply being a distraction.


Not often, no. The curtains in my room are pretty much always shut. I only ever briefly look out them when they need to be adjusted. Even when I open my window to let some fresh air in I still leave the curtains shut. However, sometimes I'll stand & look out our kitchen window for a few minutes. Either just staring at the sky, or the winding branches of the tall tree behind our neighbors house. I also like to stand there & look at the moon, assuming it's visible and I happen to notice it. There's also my mother's window which I sometimes glance out of as well from the hallway, since it's on the way to the bathroom and her door is always open. Passing by her window is pretty much the only way I ever know what the weather outside is like. There's also the window in the bathroom, which I sometimes take a gander looking out of as well.


>I've never really understood this sort of thing.
To be honest, I never truly interacted with the geekdom enclaves either, I just lurked 99% of the time, social anxiety held me back as much as you. But knowing that "my people" existed "somewhere" gave me a great deal of comfort cos I never really had any friends growing up, any time I tried to talk about videogames, cartoons or anything like that people would tune out and ignore me or mock me. Everyone in my school was in a real hurry to grow up so they dropped things they considered childish really fast. Hell, I distinctly remember when I was 5 years old my peers telling me that Power Rangers was for babies.

Ignoring the pseudo-social aspect of it, the other part is this small corner of the world was *yours*, something to call your own. I don't know about you but I spent a lot of time being excluded from things growing up so videogames, very small collection of comics, cartoons, the sparse bits of anime I could find and a few other "childish" hobbies became *my* thing. If I couldn't be a part of anything else, at least I had this. They couldn't give two fucks about my hobbies, so I assumed it was safe from them.

Fast forward years later, geek is mainstream as hell and the people who couldn't give two fucks and thought it was sad that I completed a game 8 hours straight (because I didn't have a memory card so I had to do it in one go) now regularly play whatever multiplayer game of the moment for many hours straight.

There's more I want to write but I need some sleep.



>I just lurked 99% of the time

I never even lurked, to be honest. Hell, it wasn't until somewhat late into my life that I began even lurking places like reddit, for example. To this day, I still don't lurk other imageboards like 4chan, or what have you. Mostly because they're too way fast & incoherent for me. Anything quicker than wizchan's pace completely overwhelms me. Even wizchan feels like it's moving too fast sometimes.

The only real websites I ever visited were just random places I found through google searches, YouTube, and just some trophy hunting websites. I also spent a lot of time watching & following the guys over on Giantbomb.com from 2008-2012. I'd watch their content both their & on YouTube pretty much religiously. Never listened to their podcast all that much, though. Losing interest in them, along with trophies a little later on, is essentially what drove me to finally start lurking & engaging with places like this.

>But knowing that "my people" existed "somewhere" gave me a great deal of comfort cos I never really had any friends growing up, any time I tried to talk about videogames, cartoons or anything like that people would tune out and ignore me or mock me.

Well personally this sort of thing never really mattered to me as a kid. Maybe it's because me & my brother were always into the same stuff that I could always just talk about & share it with him that it never mattered to me that random enclaves of "geekdom" existed out there somewhere. Even if I didn't have him around, I'm not sure it would've really mattered all that much to me since, given that I never lurked or engaged with these places, they may as well have not even existed at all.

>Ignoring the pseudo-social aspect of it, the other part is this small corner of the world was *yours*, something to call your own.

Well, from my perspective, it never stopped being mine. The only thing that's managed to take it away has been my own growing sense of anhedonia, not the influence of the mainstream, or normalfags.

>I don't know about you but I spent a lot of time being excluded from things growing up

Well, that's the funny thing, I guess you could say. Even as a kid, there were other kids, or cliques, I could've been apart of that shared my interests, but, just like with anything online, I was too socially anxious to reciprocate any invitations to join them. I'd say my natural reflex has always tended towards isolating & disconnecting myself from everyone. Although, it did kinda frustrate me how different my tastes were from others, even as a kid. I liked Lord of the Rings, other kids liked Harry Potter. I liked Star Trek, other kids liked Star Wars. It wasn't anything major to ever ostracize me, but it did sort of put some distance between me & other kids, leading to me further isolating myself.

>Fast forward years later, geek is mainstream as hell and the people who couldn't give two fucks and thought it was sad that I completed a game 8 hours straight

Well, I guess for me I just never had anyone sneering at me in contempt, or what have you, for what I was doing. As a result, the fact that these people enjoy gaming now is kinda irrelevant, since I never received any grief or hardship from those sorts as a kid, or just generally in the past.

New internet media still disgusts me however and I despise the rise of YouTubers & streamers since I agree with you that these are the sorts of individuals who'd in any other time have hated gaming, or nerd hobbies in general, and are only doing it now because it's trendy & hip to do so. Commodification of culture is always a disgusting thing to have happen, but it's occurred before with other things & sub-cultures, like with punk or rap, or what have you. That feels more like an issue associated with the general social dynamics of consumption & the inherently exploitative/parasitic nature of capitalism than anything else, however. Everything is broken down & assimilated into the greater mass for the sake of profit, basically.

I remember a video I watched years ago that discussed this whole thing, which is the one I embedded here, and it certainly touches on some of the things you mentioned here, like being marginalized by others for one's hobbies, even if I don't have a personal basis for those sorts of things.


It's pretty shit. Besides mindless surfing, I can't get anything done.


I'm over 30 and have never really had any hobbies or special interests. Not really into porn. Never played any of the games that people post about on imageboards. No special knowledge of a particular subject. Sporadic anime and movie watcher, not enough to call it a hobby. Can't program or draw or create anything. Literally have zero hands-on skills and ruin everything I touch. Ruined my body. Sometimes I consider how much time I have wasted doing nothing, it used to cause me some angst but now I just don't have any strong feelings about it. I'm not capable of doing much so it doesn't feel like a loss.


So what do you spend your time on?


Mostly just looking at stuff on the internet


do you have a profession or college degree?


Everything is pointless anyway. I burnt myself out studying to get a masters degree and it was all worthless. I can't believe I tortured myself into doing all that work only to be left with debt. You took a better path than that


Yes, years ago my parents forced me to attend college until I got a degree. Obviously I only have a dead-end job, can't even remember anything from my degree after all this time.


Well you've got something then…


Not sure what, especially in the context of having no hobbies or interests.


>That final plea he makes at the end of the video to save geek culture(s)
>Video made 7 years ago, 2013, when most of geekdom was in the middle of being stripped down and being absorbed into the monoculture

That is real depressing that the commodification of geekdom is basically complete now.

>Everything is broken down & assimilated into the greater mass for the sake of profit, basically.

Assimilated into the greater mass and no longer able to be recovered. That's probably the worst thing.


Yeah, this is too familiar. I've tried to do all of those things only to crash. I can't learn how to do anything well.


Would it be extreme to say that geek culture was the last authentic sub-culture?


File: 1583366503532.webm (563.11 KB, 426x318, 71:53, bad, sad bad.webm) ImgOps iqdb

That video made me want to put a bullet through my head with as much force and speed as humanly possible.


It is like being dead.


Constant distraction. Nthing brings authentic joy anymore. I'm becoming a drunk. At least when you are drunk you just feel, you don't think.


I'm still mad but with the current crisis I wonder if there is going to a large cultural shift in terms of entertainment and subcultures?


If you don't know what you want, you want a bullet in the head.


>even our degenerate hentai.
I told you, I told you guys in the last thread that it's the end of the wizards, that normalfags will find a way of claiming even wizardhood *somehow*. Now in my workgroup chat, with lockdown in effect, there's lots of posts about marathon online gaming, comic book tv binging etc with "geek" memes being posted constantly. Nothing unusual in these days of commodified geek culture but I saw a few of them posting crab meme (and the odd wizard meme) , and it hit me, they're posting these memes cause they can't have sex because of the quarantine.

And it doesn't matter if they're not actually wizards or virgins but they'll appropriate it regardless.


Yeah, I mean there have been succubi saying "oh I'm such a wizard".


Wizchan late 2020: "lmao the virgin shit was only ever ironic bruh"
It gets closer with every passing week.


Do you wonder what more they could possibly take from you? Something you didn't realize that you had until they took it from you?


Can't say I didn't see this coming.


>workgroup chat
>with lockdown in effect, there's lots of posts about marathon online gaming, comic book tv binging etc with "geek" memes being posted constantly
normalfags have been doing this for the past decade and you just noticed?


I'm safe unless a specific kind of furry becomes the new hotness. Which at that point I don't think I could care anymore.


>I'm safe unless a specific kind of furry becomes the new hotness.
You're kidding right? Have you seen the strides that degenerate fandom has made?


Normalfags are still rightfully unnerved by furries.


They only claimed shit that already sold its soul to the devil. For fuck's sake you feel elitist about fucking PORN now?
Dig niche things, or dig things that will never get over loser/nerd stigma because it's nerdy no matter which way you cut it.


I dont know how
I DONT FUCKING UNDERSTAND how people have hobbies and interests. I dont fucking get it. i dont know how people do it. i have lived my entire life without any strong interests or pull in any direction. one of the biggest reasons i cant talk to people is because everything they say is over my head. I'm not some jaded wizard who lost interest in his old hobbies. I have never had hobbies since I was born. when i was a kid i would stare at the fucking wall, not imagining anything just basically shutting down because theres nothing to do. I wish I could have a hobby. I wish I could have some kind of art or craft I could produce something with


File: 1587506552602.jpg (25.5 KB, 640x836, 160:209, 1579489886834.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> dig things that will never get over loser/nerd stigma
That's the fucking thing. No one ever thought that being some porn obsessed weaboo faggot would ever be popular or cool. They never thought that could be taken from them. Yet here we are. It's not about the porn, it's about having a detestable and mocked thing being worn ironically for fashion.


I'm a carbon copy of this post. I wish I could elaborate more and contribute but I find it hard to express myself and elaborate. Sorry for the poor quality post but yea.


>They only claimed shit that already sold its soul to the devil.
Care to expand? Cos it seems like they've claimed most things.

And why shouldn't I be elitist in my porn habits? I remember way back in school when one guy in class was caught with hentai pictures on his 64MB usb stick and for the entire month they spent embarrassing him for this saying that he's sad for masturbating to cartoon succubi. He wasn't a loser so it never went beyond that but only God knows what would have happened to me if I had been him. Seeing people their age back then now, wearing softcore hentai on hoodies in public spaces makes me seethe because it just shows the extent of what they lay claim to now. It's not really the porn persay that I'm being elitist about.


The fact that they're aware enough of furries to be unnerved by them speaks volumes of how far they moved up. I remember the most I heard about them in the public sphere was late night sex shows on the "weird sex" segment and they looked like scrawny nerdgays.

Now they're all over youtube, twitter and other forms of social media, I've even bumped into one IRL which is a really, really fucking hard thing to do in the parts I haunt.


Furries have been in the news since conventions started getting big, around thirty years ago. And people still largely hate them or at least don't think it's cool.


>Furries have been in the news since conventions started getting big
Maybe you're close to the fandom or have always had your ear close to the ground so it seems like a constant stream of news to you but…

>around thirty years ago

…I only learned about furries 17 years ago but I've unknowingly bumped into some online earlier on, but my point is that I only learnt about the fandom online on nerdy/weaboo forums and only there, whatever small news articles I saw were always links from these forums. Normalfags who I went to school with or worked with didn't even know what a fandom was. It's only in the last 5-10 years have I started seeing furry-related stuff outside of the fandoms.

>And people still largely hate them or at least don't think it's cool.

I don't think that matters, as long as it starts trending for some reason they'll drop all pretensions and jump on board. I mean, how long ago was that pro-gaming was seen as something unworthy? And now modern day pro-gamers are now dudebros (who use pro-gaming as a springboard into something else).


30 years ago is when they started running actual news stories about them. I don't watch the news and I doubt you do either, so it's understandable you never saw these stories. They are also incredibly rare.


>and I doubt you do either, so it's understandable you never saw these stories.
I used to watch the news quite a bit at that point in my life. I assume the US newsfeed is completely different to UK newsfeed, so I wouldn't be surprised if it never appeared here (until the last 5-10 years) outside of a documentary or "freak show" part of a tv programme.

>They are also incredibly rare.

That kinda lend credence to my view of it, that they're getting popular, maybe not straight away but they're heading there.


They are only getting more popular in that the internet is, and so furries being a mostly internet phenomenon are in turn being more prevalent. They would get news stories in the same way 4chan got their infamous "hacker's on steroids", but in a less damning sort of way. And these sorts of news reports are becoming more common, 8chan got multiple and let's not forget we got our own as well.


>only on the internet
Dude at this moment in time the internet is the virtually the world and it is the engine that drives trends in the real world. Hell, the reason geekdom has been become so mainstream almost to the point of blandness is because of the internet.


I’m not saying only on the internet. I’m saying the prevalence of the internet in real life is why they are growing more prevalent.


Then we're in agreement I guess.


Maybe not directly related but it's amazing to see people who maybe one or two decades were berating you for spending too much time on computers, are now addicted to their smartphones.



The internet, normnetworks, smartphones, etc, have been at practically 100% saturation for years


I mentioned in the other thread I've reached murrsuit porn. Not proud but it's where I've reached. And it's strange because a lot of them now are athletic twinks and twunks, a far cry from the fat blobs or stick thin nerds that used to be in murrsuit vids. And my female murrsuit folder is still a lot smaller than the male one but compared to before the ratio is a lot more equal than it used to be. And they're no longer hamplanets.

I have no doubt it my mind that the furries will merge into the mainstream.


basado y rojo pastillado


what's murrsuit porn?


Basically fursuit porn. Murrsuits are fursuits with dick and fuck holes in them.

To be honest I'm not sure if it is based and redpilled.


File: 1588007365175.gif (342.08 KB, 800x450, 16:9, kaiki phone.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>I have no doubt it my mind that the furries will merge into the mainstream.
I have never wanted someone to be wrong more than now.


Ey, if I'm wrong then maybe society won't be (completely) heading for a bizarre manchild direction. But I didn't come to that conclusion straightaway, I've watched the fandom go from the fringe to everywhere and only just short of the mainstream.


Yeah furry will just be seen as a form of a roleplay to spice things up. It'll be similar to the mainstreaming of anime.


>normalfags have been doing this for the past decade and you just noticed?
Literally the next line is
>Nothing unusual in these days of commodified geek culture

It's probably going to be more insidious than that, I honestly can't imagine how this is going to progress but the fact a lot of porn vids that have dildos nowadays use fucking animal dildos now is slightly concerning. Maybe it just stops there, I don't know but it'll interesting to see how far things go.


What else is there? I've never been part of anything but as far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be anything "new" in terms of subcultures, everything seems to be a throwback to something else.


how do hobbies even work man
hes pretty cruel there


I just learned that Elon Musk's wife twitter has an anime avatar from a series about review monster succubus hookers.


Just checked,it's true,pack it bois we're fucking done,I hope coronavirus kills all humanity.


File: 1589136825402.jpg (55.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Me too. Most of the "wizard" (you know what i mean..) hobbies did indeed get the Big Bang Theory treatment. It's been this way for years and years now.

People will say "who cares about what normies do?" but if anime and epik weeb shit is popular and lamestream, and if I'm sitting here watching anime schlock and posting pictures of anime succubus memes- what makes me different from a normie? Besides the obvious, of course.

It was different 10 years ago, when I was in highschool and could go into the anime club and most people would be talking about lamestream shut like Naruto and BLeach and Vocaloids, at BEST there would be some fujoshit sluts talking about Black Butler.

It was different back then, but as the 2010s came around and "cosplay" became popular amongst normies, and this "cosplay" became even more salacious, and everybody remembers when GamerGate happened as video-games became filled with political correctness and streamlining for the masses, even as early as Skyrim in 2011 (more of a 2012 game though)

It is what it is, too late to complain about anything now, it could never have been stopped.


A non-event that was blown up into stupid proportions and probably sped up the mainstreaming of geek culture.

>It is what it is

Question is now what? It's not as if I'm anywhere near the end of my life even if I've turned wizard last year.


Yep do absolutely nothing except old hobbies for a couple of minutes to ease the itch.


I ask again, what now? It's not as if I'm going to die of a natural death next year, I'm sure I have at least 15-20 painful years left if I'm particularly unhealthy.

I'm being slowly driven insane by the things I keep bumping into.


File: 1590626471089.gif (488.78 KB, 497x373, 497:373, hardtimes1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Bumping an important thread.


>there doesn't seem to be anything "new" in terms of subcultures, everything seems to be a throwback to something else.
That seems to apply to just about everything at this point. Everything now is a reboot or a revival of some sort. I guess it's always been that way to some extent, but if feels so much worse now.


>I guess it's always been that way to some extent, but if feels so much worse now.
It's worse now because the money machine is repeatedly regurgitating it and people won't stop buying.


Arts and crafts is more of a creative skill than a hobby per se. It can be pursued as a hobby I guess.

I guess I never had a hobby in active sense. Just watching stuff and reading about it. I'm not really good at learning, so that fuck ups most pursuits. I was screwing around in photoshop recently and I barely got anything done. Each time I open it it's like the first time.


Does anyone think there is or there is going to be a class element to normies stealing (or have stolen) geek cultures or subcultures? I've been thinking about figurines and how expensive they were, and the people who bought *usually* *seemed* to be dudes who spent their monthly wageslave or NEETbux while neglecting their other needs.


First off that ship has long since sailed. Second off, the exact thing you mentioned is why class never really became relevant. Poor people are willing to neglect other things to fund their hobby, while rich people can just throw money at it regardless. So either way they can afford it.


well it's been changing since the main anime fans were underachievers and now it's like a geek chic thing.


I don't know, I think I just got worked up over the idea that anybody with a buncha cash could just outright buy "nerd cred". I mean, if you were on a crappy wage or on NEETbux, it meant something to you to spend that much on something. And I guess if you were a rich nerd, it probably meant something as well because "nerd cred" wasn't worth anything outside the community back in those days.

I know this was some time ago and I'm crying over spilt milk. But man…


Now what you ask?
You get to watch everything slowly devolve and degrade in front of you.


>degrade in front of you
Jesus Christ you aren't wrong about that, it's to the point now where you have to narrow the scope of EVERYTHING you do. Just now I saw the PS5 livestream where there was some anime-esque (clearly) furry game and it's like, what is even left? They've scrapped out literally everything; from body-pillows to hentai to manchild cartoons to plastic collectable crap to games to every freaking fandom, like everything.


I really dont get wizard who bitching about how muh niche hobbies started get noticed and liked by normalfags.
Isnt that just proving in the end wizards are right and ahead of their time?
Norman follow our hobbies because their lives are boring. And thus proving virtual world (game/internet/anime) are infinitely better than meat grinder that is "real life".


>there was some anime-esque (clearly) furry game
what game?


i think he means that game


Volcano High or something.

What? No, it's completely irrelevant if the wizard/nerd/geek stuff is fun or not, it's just in vogue right now and therefore must be assimilated into the mainstream. And in the process it becomes THEIR hobby, THEIR passion, THEIR thing and you become the outsider to what was once yours.


I am waiting for that moment where not only will be made fun of for being a wizard but I'll be made of by trannies and furries.

>What you've never had sex? Even with a man in a dress? Or a dog?


File: 1591995150825.jpg (245.21 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 69346810_p11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Man you said anime-esque and furry and got my hopes up. That's fucking revolting.


>Isnt that just proving in the end wizards are right and ahead of their time?
I don't care about that when someone comes and takes a dump on what I love.


>That's fucking revolting.
Most of furrydom is.


Has he stopped uploading videos? I don't see anymore after 2017.


I "took up" some hobbies throughout my life.
First it was guitar. Surprisingly I kept at it for a few years but never gotten really good at it aside from learning a few songs that I liked.
Then (which is more recent) I started collecting air rifles because I like guns, didn't touch them for months now.
Now I am also into knifes so I started collecting several already. Of course I don't even use them for any purpose because I'm somewhat of a larping retard I guess.


I have no alternative to compare it to since I never had any hobbies so I don't think I can really say what it's like. I just exist, I am trapped in the present, I go from one moment to the next. When the moments require things from me, I try my best to do them but I have very little energy since I am depressed. When moments require nothing of me, I lie in bed on the computer and read various news articles and forums like this one.

I much prefer the moments which require nothing from me because expending effort is anathema to me. I have never liked it or been good at it so I don't do it often. Hobbies just seem like work that people do because they enjoy it only I have never enjoyed work. I used to try and fit in and do things out of peer pressure, but now I just seclude myself because I was never any good at fitting in and all the effort without any rewards for it was making me miserable. I am still miserable living like this, but I am also comfy if that makes any sense.


The same thing for me, but I started to collect music tapes, band t-shirts and GBA games, now I feel like a autistic retard (I am) for buying all this stuff that I very rarely use.


I wonder who or what the new (REAL) wizards are going to be. They are going to have a hell of a time.

I used to collect old games too till hipsters wrecked the retro games economy. Every retro game is now at least double what they used to go for no matter how common the actual game is, it's insane, I mean even when the game doesn't sell at it's inflated price they won't budge on the price.


>never had hobbies
That's a lie.


>I've been slowly shedding my old hobbies and interests as they became mainstream (even degenerate otaku porn fetishes have this slowly increasing normalcy) and now I'm down to a couple things I still enjoy a little.
holy shit you failed normie


You should probably leave zoomer.


Bumping an important thread.


Strange question but is being a nerd in the classical sense of being smart and into STEM subjects, part of the mainstream?


yeah. iirc more people major in stem now than ever.


even when I went to uni(like 8 years ago)

all the stem people were ultra-normal except getting high grades

like they enjoyed anime and video games but that was it no other nerdy interests outside of their specific field just normal shit like going to coachella and partying

it dawned on me that I was pretty unique as an asocial


Well in a way they are but not truly. Most people are as stupid as ever but they'll lend lip service to being a "nerd" like NASA t-shirts, having some sort of "science" quote on their social media or something superficial that "proves" they are into science.


If you look into faggot teen today, 90% is furry. I think that is already mainstream.


i disagree
the normies are way smarter at science than the nerds ever could be. surprising nobody as it turns out mentally healthy and adjusted people are able to excel.
I was the dumbest fucking kid in my classes and the most inept at all other aspects of life outside of it. Im sure normies are more read up on nerdy interests than I am at this point


>the normies are way smarter at science than the nerds ever could be
I'm somewhat surprised at the level of self-hatred on wizchan on this particular subject.

I may have been a loser but I was definitely the top of my classes.


same, but intelligent volcels seem to be an incredibly tiny minority.


Discussions of intelligence are always amusing to me, since most people are miserable anyway.
You'd think with enough intelligence you'd find a way out of the lockbox your skull is.

By extension, most accolades linked to intelligence are things I don't think one should pride themselves in at all.
Good grades in school don't measure intelligence, it measures obedience.
People that flaunt going to top colleges I have nothing but pity for. If that's success, I'd rather hang myself.
Or people that flaunt having a high paying job. Most measures of success that are indicative of intelligence appear mostly stupid to me.
Congrats! You just wasted many years of your life fitting in and working on shit tasks!

IQ tests don't mean much, it's just pattern matching.
Most measures of intelligence just suck.
It's best to avoid the word intelligence altogether. Attracts vermin, like me.

Although I have a low tolerance for stupidity, I have a lower tolerance for people who constantly create labels of smart and dumb, when really these descriptives are meant for actions, not state of being.
You aren't smart. You are just doing smart things.
You aren't stupid. You are just doing stupid things.
And so you can see the pitfalls of our language.
People heavily identify with words that were meant to correct actions.
They get stuck in their ways, always identifying as the smart one or the stupid one, when both are bankrupt and unable to enjoy one step to the next. To just act as themselves, for themselves. Sacrifice for the image is always melancholic.


Yes ldar is the best


you are wrong. i am dumb and stupid.
good grades do not test obedience. they test intelligence. i know because i tried very hard to get good grades and it was the only thing i dedicated my life to and i was still not good enough. all my hard work amounted to 'average' and other students who actually put in no effort did better than me


This sounds really nice and fluffy and hopeful but at the end of the day it does not change that I am measurably slower at everything than the average person and know less than the average person. Effectively, I cannot learn new things and I do not know anything.


Yeah, worst part is the fact that I didn't realize this until University and then in the real world because K-12 was relatively easy and the teachers gave a lot of extra credit/make ups/etc..

I wish I had realized I was low IQ, but there was a lot of coping about just being not great at math. The reason is ultimately math can't get as watered down as other subjects in school. I should have realized it was indicative of overall aptitude instead of taking my ability to memorize some easy facts as intelligence.


You would only say this as an intelligent person. If you are stupid then obedience won't get you good grades or a high paying job. For obedience to work you already need to be intelligent.


What's K-12?


Kindergarten to grade 12


>(like 8 years ago)
Like finishing or starting uni? Cos the mainstreaming of geek culture was practically finished by then.


finishing but yeah I agree


Gentrification except social right? Has anything ever happened like this before?


I'm still surprised at the lack of anger at everything being stolen.


There are no more niche hobbies anymore are there?


File: 1596767193386.jpg (193.49 KB, 814x1093, 814:1093, lcod05s68o211.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

there will always be niche hobbies that are too weird or require too much work for normies to ruin,reviewbrah and my grandma are the only 2 people i know who are passionate about shortwave radio
taxidermy,pottery,woodworking,calligraphy are niche hobbies but wizards like most normies will avoid them because they require a lot of effort and time instead of consuming an already finished product

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