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Reading the end of the wizards thread I wondered:

What's it like to be a wizard without any hobbies or interests? (Or at least interests and hobbies that USED to be associated with wizards?)

I've been slowly shedding my old hobbies and interests as they became mainstream (even degenerate otaku porn fetishes have this slowly increasing normalcy) and now I'm down to a couple things I still enjoy a little.

Any wizards who actually live without any real hobbies? I know I'm asking for a lot but I'd like responses from actual wizards or people close to wizardhood like the latter half of your 20s.


Turned wizard last summer. I still watch anime and play videogames and collect plastic garbage to this day. Don't really enjoy it but without them I'd be staring at walls all day.


Wizard without any hobbies here. I never managed to get into any in my entire life. It was (and still is) very difficult for me to get into something past the superficial level. I've never had any real interests in anything, and all I've done was to simply make boredom go away. It feels very alienating when you cant interact with anyone or hold conversations because you simply dont know what is being discussed. It's very boring as well. Nowadays even the few things I enjoyed at a casual level (videogames basically) are getting boring so in the end I'll have to find something else to pass the time with or stare at the wall on my free time like the guy above me mentioned.


Go for a walk.


File: 1578936195917.jpg (996 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1578780058573.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Apprentice in his late twenties here. I have no enthusiasm for anything and the things I have done all my life are merely distractions instead of interests or hobbies. For me almost everything is reduced the consumption of other peoples commodities and output. It's very hard for me to form independent thoughts (except about despair and failure) let alone create something of value. Everyday for me is a struggle to remind myself of who I am and why I still stand up to do stuff. It's actually not that bad because I have given up on drifting in endless thoughts about everything that went wrong in my life and that is wrong with existence in general. Whenever such a thought comes up I do something like grabbing a book, internet, going for a walk, music etc.

Yeah, I know this is pathetic to others but if this kind of evaluation of a person still comes to mind in your standard thought processes and is part of your integral value system then this does nothing but make you feel bad. Either accept what you are doing and the fate of your future or you are stuck as a torn person that is never content with the situation. The real goal of wizard to me is to have got things straightened out with yourself. If you still seek change of your situation and want to 'make something out of your life' and 'improve yourself' then this is only natural and human instinct but if you have these thoughts then there is a choice to be made - act on it or give these aspirations up. Otherwise this will do nothing but make you feel horrible.
The key is to decide for either acceptance of your situation or acting to change it - a wizard has to avoid not accepting his situation while also not acting on it at all costs. That is the kind of shit driving you insane and suicidal.

There was this one thing I was truly concerned about but it was a kind of huge delusion where I thought I found some truth about reality so I wrote tons of pages of shit which now I don't understand what I was trying to say there or if that had any substance to it. However I am glad that this delusional thinking stopped as it was more of an obsession than a passion. Most likely those were symptoms of schizophrenia.


It's not a good life.


Not quite yet a wizard. I'm in the exact same situation as >>213142
The worst part is that occasionally i still have these bursts of excitement i used to feel constantly as a kid, but i cannot force myself to even read a few pages of a book, so actually maintaining a hobby is impossible unless i'd do it for fun. Alas, i don't feel "fun".


All of the old wizardly, or even just normie unfriendly hobbies have deteriorated so much over the last two decades. I'm sure it started even before that, but I was perhaps too young to notice, or it was just little baby steps. I suppose each new fan/hobbyist is taking it one step closer to the mainstream if you want to look at it that closely. Video games used to be quite a niche, the difficulty required to even boot up a game used to gate keep so many people away. Today we have the news anchors doing actions and dances from the most popular games like Fortnite and Minecraft. We have 2 year olds on these games playing them. I could open up a game and converse with a toddler. It's just an open hobby now. Everyone is interested in it, or knows about it. There aren't games out there to play anymore without it being affected. Even tabletop. Oh my god. How insufferable has that become? I tried to get into it again. I went to the local game store and we had half men, half succubi. In onsies, kissing each other. Drinking, taking selfies and videos and live streaming…. War hammer 40k still has tiny communities which aren't so tapped into but the creators are catering to the masses. And store owners have even banned certain groups of WH40k players as they don't participate with the main group in the store, the group with livestream and snap chats.

I can't go to the game store anymore (I'm banned) because I refused to be on a snap chat and live stream.

I hope you can fully understand that.

This is one big joke


As dull as you expect really, it's not the life of a wizard, it's the life of a drone.

Bit put off by some of your replies about no longer enjoying something because normies started to like it, switch it up and make it more unique instead of just throwing it for a weak excuse


This post and your life are one big joke


I for one don't mind if normies get into something I like, as if there was anything I liked doing, lol. But I digress. The way you put it fits very well - a drone.


It is obvious that you are looking for excuses to not deal with any occupation beyond a superficial level. Your attitude is lazy and disregarding. If you could not enjoy anything anymore because of psychological reasons I could understand this. But your 'argument' is simply wrong. Look closer. There is a lot that to do and discuss that is not already absorbed and dumbed down by the mainstream. You might start with the /hob/ board right here on wizchan to find ideas.


Not him but I'm annoyed by normalfags in these hobbies. They don't just join in the hobbies, they come in when most, if not all, of the groundwork has been laid out and then takeover.


if you are a neet and wizard with no hobbies like me you are fucked


I know you're being a dickhead but I've started doing this.


File: 1579138136565.png (21.7 KB, 240x240, 1:1, freezing_cold.png) ImgOps iqdb

Apart from fapping and watching video games (are those even hobbies?) I have no friends, no hobbies, no motivation and am dumb as a brick. I've come to the realization that the worst might come for me, I don't know what to do anymore, everything I do as a "hobby" I tend to drop it real quick, Reading? nope, Coding? nope, learning math? nope, i'd rather procrastinate than do anything, and the saddest part is my parents are telling me how they want me to go to college and get a good degree to have a good life but in all honesty … am I even gonna make it?


Go for a walk.


Unironically my mom recommended this to me today, I might just do that but also that's a pretty normie respond


File: 1579160154878.jpg (191.2 KB, 700x596, 175:149, 4726487263847.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Impossible. In my case, I'm an agoraphobic hermit. I haven't gone for a walk, or really anywhere by myself, in nearly 13 years. Just more ignorant, useless "advice" from non-hermit normans to wipe my wizcrack with.


>going for walks
>browsing the internet (various forums and wiki, mainly)
>listening to music
>playing video games
>drinking beer
>used to enjoy reading. Still do, but i have no attention span

Those are my main pastimes. Probably pretty "normie/normgroid" hobbies, but whatever. I don't have the patience to teach myself guitar or write more than a longish greentext, much less anything productive like woodworking or coding.

I don't care if normal people are invading my hobbies. I tend to ignore normoid friendly games like AssCreed or whatever, or most popular music.


youre probably young, 10 years ago the only animes normal people watched was junk like naruto or bleach, and only the most mainstream of video games. before Skyrim, only nerds played RPGs. The 2010s saw crabby stuff become more appropriated than The Big Bang Theory ever could hope for.


I'm 33. I've been gaming since the early 90s. Some of my earliest memories involve playing the SNES Final Fantasy games, Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, etc.

I don't watch anime, at least not since Sailor Moon or DBZ in the 90s or 00s, so I can't comment on how normoids are ruining that. Are they appropriating gaming? Sure. Do I give a shit? No, I'm off playing whatever (J)RPGs I've missed.


yeah, when I was 17 I emulated a bunch of old SNES games etc thinking I had missed out on something until I realized I had not.

I wish I was as blissfully unaware as you, youre exactly 10 years old than me but you are content to just float along through playing crappy games in your room staring at a blinking screen, never giving a thought to the futility of your situation. I stopped enjoying video games and anime thinking it mattered what I had seen or completed when in reality it does not, like collecting baseball cards or bird watching, its whatever gets your rocks off- if you have any left at all.


I simply enjoy gaming out in my free time. No need to act high and mighty or condescending about how other people waste their time.


I wasnt being high and mighty, you had already made it clear you dont care about anything going on around you except in your own little world.


How, exactly? I simply stated what I enjoyed doing in my spare time.


if u are ugly and autistic you cant go out and walk like a normal people
you need to go when everybody is sleeping


The way you insisted with profanity that you did not care about the neurotypical appropriation of video games as long as you had your precious dime-a-dozen JRPG vanilla copy-paste junk games to you keep you warm at night.

And there really isnt any reason to sage a thread at the top of the page on a board that gets 3 posts per hour, unless my harsh words have made you cry?



Based wizkid


What do you do in your spare time that's more important than playing video games or bird watching or jerking off or whatever


I havent enjoyed anything in years, music is the only thing I enjoy still and I make stuff in fl studio. I just downloaded EU3 because EU4 is too complicated though, i might be playing that for a few days.

You like my life story? OK, now kill self.



So nothing?

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