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realizing you might need to do this for the rest of your life edition

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My breeders spawned me without my consent and now they expect me to wageslave and do other things I don't want to do for a life that I didn't ask for. My NEET days are numbered.

What a fucking joke.


I'm turning 29 soon and I haven't worked in almost a year. Before that it was job hopping from sub 15/hr job to the next. At some point I'm just going to have to except I can't keep running. I still live with my parents and don't work. I honestly don't care, but there are hard realities that i can't contend with


It does suck, especially that now no job is stable so you can't get used to the shitty rhytm either.


I'm really getting tired of my coworkers, to the point where I now live in fear that I may something to one of them that gets me fired. I feel like I'm suppressing irritation and not venting it is causing it to build and just makes it worse.


You did give your consent though. They're not forcing you to metabolize. They're not forcing you to not kill yourself.
Take responsibility of your life and quit being a child.


it'll be interesting to hear the response to this


then having sex with children or toddlers is a ok right?


Not if you wanna keep posting here.


How did you people get I job? I've been trying 4 times to apply for jobs now but only get rejected.


Basically make applying for a job a full-time job.
It's fucked. I was in a right place at a right time last time, I wouldn't be if I weren't in wrong place at a wrong time 100 times before that.


what the wiz above me said is right, those were some of the most miserable years of my life. Yeah, years. The worst part is that it was a worthless effort, since a family friend just turned up one day and said "hey you want a job? here you go" and bam, I suddenly got a job. Now I'm breaking my back and hoping I get accidentally hit by a car on the way home while pretending to be "thankful for the opportunity" because that's how it works in the fucked up region where I live.


My mom knew somebody at her job whose husband worked at a factory and they told me to just go tell the temp agency I want to work there and they pretty much hired me the same day.


I can't really work full time because I still have to study, the last time I did have a job was in a restaurant and it's basically hell because I had to work with people between 16-20 and most of them being succubi made it even more worse.

It's almost impossible to get a job right now for me probably because I'm older than 22 and then they have to pay you more than the slave wage they give to younger people.


I applied to 20~ places and got 2 in-site interviews and 2 calls, all of them paid below minimum salary. Ended up applying months later to an internship trough the university and kept working there years after graduating.


Boss took away my night shift hours and made me do day shift. I had a breakdown today saying I'd kill her. I don't remember much else but I'm at home and my parents said I was dropped off by the police. Did I just fuck it all up?


Pure luck. Thrown applications at everywhere I could get to and the one that I finally got was by complete chance, if my job center appointment had been 2 minutes out either earlier or after then I wouldn't have got my current job.

As far as jobs go it could be infinitely worse, but I still hate working at all. The one positive was that when it was really busy there is no time to overthink anything and time fly's by because you don't get a chance to stop and wonder what time it is before your break and then the end of your shift, but since probably mid January it is absolutely dead so there is plenty of time to dread.

I miss my NEET days in a way, though I still had to "volunteer" at a charity shop back then so I don't miss it too much. At least I had a set week then whereas now it's just set at the end of the week and that is it.


it's just a dishonest, disingenuous non-statement


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This (>>214366). But I will still reply.

>You did give your consent though.

False statement.
>They're not forcing you to metabolize. They're not forcing you to not kill yourself.
There is no argument here.
>Take responsibility of your life and quit being a child.
Normie detected.

Now to actually reply to your non-arguments. I did not consent to be born since I had no capacity to do so. The damage of the decision taken on my behalf is done and is irreparable. I can't ever be unborn, I can't ever not have been. Now you may say that I consent to living by the fact that I continue to live. You mention that suicide is the answer to my problem. That is fair to say, but suicide won't take away all of the suffering that I've directly experience due to having been forced to be. Furthermore, suicide comes with existential anxiety. It takes either lots of effort to break the barriers that allow one to carry through with it or lots of suffering to cause someone to kill themselves.

But you never addressed my point, which is that my breeders created me and now expect me to wage instead of maintaining my livelihood. After all, they wanted a son, so why should they arbitrarily stop caring after their son past a certain age? That I didn't ask for this life does not mean that I don't want it. Perhaps I do, and I just wish to not wageslave, I'd rather stay in my room and engulf myself in my interests.


starting a new job on monday, managed to convince my landlord to give me a couple of extra weeks to pay rent. at this point I'm wondering if being homeless would be better.


There simply isn't enough jobs in my area I'm actually qualified for and can get to without a car to do that though. I'm surprised at this point if I see a job listing I can feasibly work at that I haven't applied for in the past.


>all of them paid below minimum salary
how is that allowed




Dammit man my comfortable night shift has been moved to day shift. Stress and workload rises, pay remains the same. Currently struggling really hard to keep my shit together, tempted to throw it all to hell and try to survive on the little amount of money I managed to save


>Brother fucks with the wifi to the point it's 128kb/s
>blames it on ISP
>when I try to say something about it he spins it into my internet addiction withdrawal
>when he's older than me and also a NEET
I think my family just wants to make my life so miserable I move out on my own so they have no excuse to ever help me again, because "I cut ties".


in this third-world country you are allowed to pay 60% of the minimum salary to students and people who graduated less than 2 years ago :')


I take it it's much harder to find employment after this 2 year period too?


why hire an old person without experience when you can hire a fresh graduate for half the price or even better bring someone from an even poorer country and make him work without a contract
I wonder if there's any other country in the world where you can find civil servants and supermarket employees with higher salaries than stem graduates


Does anyone here work with people who speak another language? Do you find it grating?


Im working for a temporary work company for 5 months now after being unemployed for 10 months and its already too much again, I make minimum wage, my workplace changes every few weeks and I constantly have to work overtime only to get home exhausted, put a pizza into the oven and then go to sleep.

What the fuck is the point of all this if I have no time left for myself, even weekends feel like nothing cause on friday I just go to bed and sleep until 11am on Saturday, then Im mad that I've slept so long so I sit at my PC and browse 4chan and on sunday I'm so anxious that I cant start anything because Im so focused on my time running away. Fuck.


tell us your warehouse woes


I do. Yeah, it sucks, especially when they think you can't understand them even though their language uses a lot of english sounding words, and they're obviously talking about you.


28, thinking of enlisting because even though my job doesn't pay that bad, it offers zero stability, benefits, often not even basic safety or rights.
I'm not spending as much as I thought I would, but I'll never move out because I'm not home often enough to justify paying for an empty house that can be robbed because I have no friends and can't trust my family to look after my shit.



Honest question, how is it even possible that you didn't remember what happened? did you blackout or something?



wow 4 whole times. Try 15 hours a day 7 days a week, until getting hired is a relief.


yea, you re fucked. My minor criminal record from 20 years ago still causes me all kinds of grief. Security anything is closed off to you and anything involving a security clearance, and start sweating when the criminal background comes up from now on.


your parents remind me of the Normies i run into who like to brag how they will throw their kids out at age 18. Like why the fuck did you have children. And, good thing you dont like your kids cause odds are you will never see them again.

Anyhow, lashing out at your parents. Yea, they are probably clueless fuck heads. My retard highschool drop out mental case loser dad produced me, cause "He Had to Have a Family!" Whats done is done, yes we cant be un born but we can lash out at the Bigger culprit which is Capitalism and advocate for socialism


Best of luck anon hope it goes ok for you


The entire concept of gratitude loses all meaning when it is considered a social entitlement.


How'd you know I work in a warehouse?


I think there's nothing left for me to pursue other than moving out. I don't want to work, I probably will have an even harder time to find work (international trade, corona virus). Deep down I hope the world is ending so I can either end with it, or try again in a new one.


The in-company training procedure for new employees would make anyone want to quit. I hope it ends soon before I do it.


Had a job interview for a big company in front of 7 people today. 3 normies went before me and when they came back every one of them was happy, relaxed and told that there was no pressure and that the people interviewing us were friendly and all that and i could hear them laughing behind the wall. But then it was my turn and all the familiarity seemed to have fell apart altough i tried to seem friendly. It's like normies, especially corporate normies have a sixth sense to see that something is wrong with me, that deep down i absolutely hate that kind of responsabilities and that i'm afraid and disgusted of the cold world they live in.


>we can lash out at the Bigger culprit which is Capitalism and advocate for socialism


My boss is planning on quitting the company because they keep micromanaging him to death. Meanwhile he's passing on the micromanagement to us and it's becoming a serious problem.


I often leave work early and don't show up some days. My conclusion from work is that you need to find a job where you work very independently and alone if you are a wizard. Maybe even a shitty job like being a janitor would be good, since you work by yourself and do your fucking shit at your own pace. If you can't find a job such as this, it's probably better to go homeless or kill yourself, literally. I would kill myself if I was told that I had to stay at my current job for the rest of my life.


Bad shit happens to you through no fault of your own and it isn't fair. You have to accept it and move on or the alternative is the rope.


For me, going to work is not as bad as having to wake up early. I feel so tired no matter what time i go to bed. And its cold in the morning, its horrible.


I wake up and drink an energy drink in the shower and often still feel tired


Wow, you even have the strenght to shower in the morning?! I do it at night before I go to bed. In the morning i'm a zombie.


I have been reading these threads for 6 years now. It never changes, but I've always loved that they're here.

It's like an alcoholic going down to the bar. I feel at home.


The shower is to help me wake up. But I basically just get in there and sit at the bottom of the shower and try to pinpoint the exact day that everything went wrong


Corporately-correct email arguing is probably the most retarded thing I've had to experience while working. Email chains lasting almost a full week, paragraphs and paragraphs of unnecessary explanations, all written by smarmy cunts who have no better use for their time. As long as there are no direct insults or curse words, it's "valued communication". What a fucking joke. I wish I could just respond with "stop wasting my time with these long, droning emails you stupid faggot".


I agree with this insofar as it states that not killing yourself is consenting to keep living.
Also, It is not possible to ask someone for their consent to exist, existence is required to answer that question.


I used to be like that but around 25 years old things changed and now I wake up right before dawn every day no matter what. I wake up exhausted a lot but no matter what I can't get back to sleep.


Teaching as a Wizard is not fun. I am not really qualified for much else and I fucked up a masters qualification which would have been my only ticket out of teaching (I sort of hate myself for that).

I am a qualified physics teacher and I have just accepted a job at a very good school; mercifully, the behaviour is very good and the students are relatively diligent. I don't know how I got the job but people in the profession keep telling me that I'm a good physics and maths teacher (they say that to everyone to stop them leaving).

I am not looking forward to 70-80 hour work weeks as well as working Saturdays. Teaching can be fucking soul destroying and I want an escape route.


Does anyone here wageslave from their home? I'm so sick and tired of being around normalfucks on a daily basis. I dream of a job where I wake up, go on my computer, open my work, do it for around 6 hours then I'm done. I would learn whatever i had to and if I got paid 30k a year for it I would be fine. That is what I make now working on a production floor. I would be willing to study whatever it takes but I'd so I for something I could learn within a couple of years. I'm good with computers, generally fairly intelligent overall. I just hate commuting and I hate waking up early. I heard medical billing is good but you need a degree for it. I want to find something I can take a test to certify for, or else build a portfolio.


Yeah I do web evaluation work for Appen. There are months I make 800 bucks, there are months I make 0. Biggest problem with online shit is how unreliable it is. If you're living with your parents and paying zero rent it's OK, but if you have a steady line of bills arriving every month I wouldn't depend on an online source of income if I were you. At least not the type of work I'm doing. I'm currently getting a certificate to ease my way into teaching English to some kids online. That looks more stable.


What does the work consist of? I would need something stable unfortunately. I wanted to learn front end web shit or maybe lrn2code meme but I don't know how reliable it is to get remote or semi remote positions for that


I need an online job too.


The only teachers that seemed wizardly were also the only ones I remember being disrespected and mocked by the students in my class. Children are normie larvae, I wouldn't want to work with them at all.


i can no longer accept the fact that my mom is the only one wageslaving. she wears the same old clothes, has one bad foot :( and can't speak english very well so she is a cleaner… as for me, who is going to hire a good for nothing no skill neet. do i just pack my things and leave so im no longer a burden?


I know this is just a shitpost but whatever, I was hit with a strangely strong motivation to add my own take on this.
>You did give your consent though.
I didn't, I categorically couldn't because I didn't exist. If you mean that since I choose to keep living I give my consent then let me give you an example: If you created a robot and gave it a strong survival instinct, the ability to feel pain and be strongly averse to it then have you truly given it a choice? I find it difficult to say yes.
To put it in other words, it's like saying to someone "you can pick A or B but if you pick B I'll shoot you" or that "you can vote for the other party but your vote wont be counted". That's not a choice, even the law recognizes that consent is invalid in situations where coercion is involved.
Besides, making live knowing it will suffer and that it will find it as difficult as possible to end that suffering is not just cruel, it's evil, and they committed this act of evil solely because they wanted to. But that's beside the point I guess.
Also, remember that your parents didn't just force life on you, your parents were they only ones who could prevent your death.
>They're not forcing you to metabolize.
My mother makes a big deal out of me not eating. Most parents do, if their child doesn't eat, they do everything short of forcing food down their throat. Parents, or to be more precise, humans DNA, wants to live, and it does that by reproducing. Humans do not want their children to die because if they didn't care the species wouldn't have survived to reproduce. So they technically don't force you to but this ties into the next question so I'll get into it there.
>They're not forcing you to not kill yourself.
They do everything in their power to prevent it. They don't "force" you to live but they make it as hard as possible to kill yourself, for example: if you show signs of wanting to die, they will be more watchful as to lessen the times you can attempt. If you do attempt it, and fail, they will most likely send you to a mental hospital, where you will have your autonomy stripped from you and every measure put in place to make sure you realize the "error" of your ways (that you need to be a productive member of society no matter what it means to you, your body, or your state of mind, simply because once again, we would not have survived as a species if we didn't utilize each other and your cant use the dead (except in the metaphorical sense like as motivation or something)).
The police (well, most people really) act like this too, even going so far as to try and revive you if they find you dead. Which, if they succeed, means they've condemned you a second time all so that they can feel happy that they've "saved someone". This is why it doesn't matter what they law says, or what your parents say because their actions betray their hollow words.
>Take responsibility of your life and quit being a child
To put it simply, your parent made you/keep you alive because they want to and they want to make you because if our species didn't we wouldn't have survived. While I may be crazy, your mindset is incredibly simplistic, and most likely motivated by mainly emotion which allows you to think "Whoa man, it's so simple, why doesn't everyone else just get it?".


The more i read about ny next job the more i fear it, everyone seem to complain (262 opinions, 2/5 note on average on some internet page) that the workload is heavy, stresfull, fast-paced and being a postman in such a car-unfriendly city must be hell on earth. I'm also very disorganized and have a shit memory, how i'm gonna manage all the packages, mails, adresses, the trafic along with the eventual rude customers, coworkers, boss or whatever ? And i work saturdays too : i'm fucked. I begin tommorow if i succeed at the driving test in the morning so i'm tempted to just fail it on purpose because once i'm in i won't be able to quit it as i don't want to disappoint my mother and sister again. I already quit 2 jobs in a row recently, soon i'il be 30
but never had a stable job, can't study because i'm an early school dropout. I know they still got hope about me but if i keep running away they will lose it and i'm tired of stressing them and being a burden.


I remember working part-time as a "post man" when i was a teenager, delivering commercials during the weekend. It was such a pain in the ass to locate all the mailboxes. Some mailboxes were organized into one spot, some mailboxes would be on the individual houses themselves, and then you had mailboxes inside apartment complexes where you had to ask someone to let you in. The job was brutal but it was basically a scam, the route they gave me was way too big compared to the shitty pay. I was doing everything on a bicycle as well, having heavy bags filled with mail, attached to the bicycle. It was really shitty.

Driving in the city is incredibly stressful, especially if just have obtained a lisence. After some exposure you will get used to it though. The job will probably be very stressful and shitty in the beginning. At least you get to work alone.


I'm a senior in college and I've been looking for work for over a year. After applying to dozens of places online and only getting two phone interviews I decided to go to the career advisor at my school, who amazingly found me a job at a nearby school district as an "IT Technician". It only pays $10/hr, and is part-time, but I like it so far. I pretty much go around upgrading the OS on all the computers, or cleaning them or fixing things. Sometimes I'll bring my iPod to listen to music or a book to read. I'm almost always by myself, except sometimes a teacher will ask me to fix something or I'll go into a lab that has kids in it.

The kids are strange. They don't laugh at me for being an ugly freak like I imagined, they either ignore me or sometimes say hi to me. It seems the only thing they care about is fortnite or other shitty video games, and they often yell out stuff they heard on the internet in the middle of class. Like the other day I heard two kids calling each other boomer and zoomer. I think this confirms the demographics of the latest wave of cuckchan users.

I almost wish to stay at this job but if I stayed after graduating I would likely struggle to pay my student loans. Also even being part-time I keep getting called off, many weeks I only come in one day, either because there's not enough work to do or I haven't gotten permission from the principal. I would've gladly taken this job out of high school (and would've been able to do it just as well as I do) instead of wasting years at college just to become a debt slave. But life isn't allowed to be that easy anymore, I guess.


Just failed the test anyway, my life is hilarious. Out of 3 people i'm of course the one that didn't pass despite the guy saying clearly that touching a cone during the manoeuvers was eliminatory and guess what, one of the others candidates ran over 3 cones, the succubi 2 and she even did a scratch on the right side of the car when parking, me 0 and did everything ok but they got away with it because they didn't do a major blooper during the city drive that followed. I still makes our instructor a fucking liar. I did a blooper because i almost took a no entry road, the succubi did it too but it didn't seem like a big mistake because it was in a less busy area (being the first one to drive from the sorting center i had the worst road by far, when the others started we were in the countryside), altough in absolute it's the same mistake. Motherfucker stressed me, constantly telling me to go faster, not at all what i learned at the driving school, and he didn't like my driving style overall, not "economical" enough to work in the company. Anyway, another defeat i'il have to live with.


Getting my car license (failed 5 time or so) was a major eye opener for how much of a fuck up I really am. I hated it from the bottom of my heart.


Same for me, it was hell. Failed two times but managed to get it the third try thanks to the 6 hours of lessons i took just before but i'm still a shitty driver, carefull but somewhat unpredictable and i absolutely hate it. I tought i could become just like the rest of people and regularly use a car but i'm starting to give up, gonna use public transports instead and let my car take the dust. It hurts that everything i try irremediably fails.


Was this a test for getting a drvier's lisence or for the job? You have to drive efficiently in the city or you slown down the traffic, they won't let you pass if you drive too slow afaik.

I was disgustingly bad at driving in the beginning, but after driving almost every day for over a year I'm 'ok' at it I guess. Unfortunately you have to get exposed to stressful situations in order to improve (drving on ice, in heavy traffic, and so on).


File: 1581951661067.jpg (167.04 KB, 828x605, 828:605, d3b85212dfebd432a51e93143f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw I bribed my loicensor to get my loiscence


I've really been struggling with my anxiety and super neuroticism at my job. I feel that every one of my co-workers knows there's something up with me and that they're all scrutinizing. They constantly half ass their job and due to the prison mentality they all have, no one reports each other. Yet as soon as I might forget to do something, someone is making a comment about it. Hell, someone tried to blame me for something that I didn't do yesterday and I had to correct them. It's really starting to take a toll on my mental health. I've become even more paranoid of people, it's getting to the point where I don't want to leave my house on my day off, even though I need to. I finally have some free time and I need to get food, I'm almost completely out, yet I can't bring myself to go outside.


Nothing wrong with just jumping to the bottom line. I ended up bribing them too with how much money the whole endevor was.


I know the feeling. I hate when they don't mix up the crews in the workplaces I've been at, especially when different workplaces have much different working conditions.
I ended up in the "hardest" one in the branch, and whoop-de-fucking-doo, the workers were completely stockholmed into a prison mentality and hated newcomers.


This sort of thing happens to me to, I'm going to start looking for new jobs if I make it to the middle of summer (more than half the staff is on thin ice with something we have little control over) with this one that at least offers a back end position because I'm sick of it. Already blew it with one I didn't take up the offer on so that's one bridge burnt when I didn't know any better hanging on to this one. I can only pray if I apply again they'll let me in if they still are hiring at all.


I'd inmediately start applying for for a different thing now, if you have exp enough. I wouldn't keep up helping such #### to maintain theirselves.


After over two years of taking any shift and always coming in on time, my hours are getting cut to the point that I am getting less than 10 hours a week. I'm in my late 30s and have virtually zero prospects going forward. Suicide when?


I guess randomly applying everywhere could still work, I see older people well over 30 with equally zero potential working all the time around here. But this is given it's just minimum wage work.


I recently got fired from my awful 50 hours a week job partly due to not enough 'team engagement' i.e. banter. I tried, but it's not good enough. I'm also in 30k gambling debt and now neet.


>fired for not bantering with coworkers
Holy shit. Hopefully they all get cancer.
Back with parents?


Ban this faggot


Boss cut my hours by 2 hours per week. No longer full timer. They declined me. Unions too cucked to help me. I'm going to do live action post man 5 on him !!


Welp, gonna start applying for jobs again, I've run out of things I enjoy and my only motivation now is to move out so I at least can enjoy doing nothing in peace, without all the nagging.


I hadn't realized until now, but my will is uplifted and broken down multiple times a day. I have a constant feeling of hope, followed by crushing despair. I am wagecuck, I think some of you guys can relate.

I actually have a nice job, I do my tasks on time and I am lawful neutral with colleagues.

I am 26 and facing possible cancer. Mortality not by my own hand. I've had to remove two dick moles and one hip mole, and there are two more to go in the back, plus I am already seeing new moles that I will have to eventualy remove. I have this rare skin disease where I get white spots all through my body.

Yesterday I got planted for something important, then I went to the doctor and got my last dick mole and hip mole removed. I can't fucking pee. I can't sleep, I always wake up at night, even though I take my meds.

I am having a strong episode of something mental because I am a loony and I am paranoid and down and my colleagues have noticed and they started treating me different, forever. "A freak that guy is". This is too much for me. I will drink and use some drugs today. Can't fucking stay sober. I hate life, I can dettach from everything except from my mind.


>I hadn't realized until now, but my will is uplifted and broken down multiple times a day. I have a constant feeling of hope, followed by crushing despair. I am wagecuck, I think some of you guys can relate.

Sorry I started talking nonsense. My point here is that this feeling is torture, this is mental waterboarding. A candle being constantly lit, put down, lit, pull down. It's what's left of my humanity and compassion struggling with my wizardry.


I have a nerve damage in my neck and shoulder. Due to this I have problems standing upright, my body just collapses. I have problems with the lungs, brain, gut, everything basically, also likely due to the damage. On top of this I'm a wagecuck in a physical job. I live with a family that I despise. Every day of my life is identical, I just go to work and sit in my room. I go to work and pretend that I'm normal even though I'm completely destroyed and a wizard on top of that. I come home just to be around morons that I'd rather never see again. My life is just one big wait. The damage is healing slowly through rehabilitation, it's the only thing that keeps me going. But the damage is very severe and might not ever heal fully. I will probably have to end my life it if it doesen't heal, although that will not be an easy thing for me to do.


File: 1582299192737.jpg (126.66 KB, 480x844, 120:211, 1465943050801.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

After a year of non-stop work, my temp contract ended a few weeks ago. My life has been nothing but hedonistic since: I haven't showered or left my house once and I only leave my basement to use the bathroom or retrieve food from the kitchen at night. I don't see my family for days at a time which is delightful. Just anime and video games and indulging in delicious food.

But all good things surely come to an end and my agency has already lined up a new job that starts Monday… effectively the same work I was doing before. It is just as well because my savings are depleted and I cannot keep paying my part of rent any longer without income. My current plan is to power through another 90-day temp contract and return to NEETdom for as long as my savings can muster. It is going to be a very long two months.

Does anybody else have experience working for short bursts and coasting on their savings? How long do you generally last before returning to work?


How did you get your nerve damage? Genuinely curious. I care about my wiz brethren. I had sciatica before and I understand how hard nerve damage is. I've had multiple sports injuries, the only thing I can do is lift through my injuries and strengthen all muscles surrounding the injury. Got a torn ACL, I squat and deadlift a lot for it. Got a torn rotator cuff ligament, I overhead press a lot.

I can't fucking lift if I am abusing substances. I'd lift today but I literally have open bleeding wounds, one of them in my fucking dick.

I am moving back with parents for a while. Our relationship has improved, for the first time ever we get along. Communication was key, they harmed me for many years and I damaged them back in retaliation, now we're even but we are not friends. My mom knows this, my dad is more childish and still think that we can be friends after 26 fucking years. I stopped comfronting him but I ignore his "bonding" advances. I accept food though.


I work contracts, generally 1 month on 1 month off would be ideal for me.
2 months on 2 months off both feels too long at work and too long at home.
Unfortunately I face scenarios like 4 months on 2 months off, or 6 months on, 6 months off, which basically split my life into two parts I equally hate.


>How did you get your nerve damage?

I've likely had the damage since birth. I discovered it after I started working, because it got a lot worse due to the work. After I discovered what it was, I started the rehabilitation through neck and shoulder exercises. The problem is that my body has adapted to this injury, after I started rehabilitation some very strange stuff has been happening to my spine, and I have constant neck spasms. This nerve has been near dead all my life and now suddenly just came alive. It's over for me if it doesen't heal, I can't be bothered to live like this. My life could have been different, everything was ruined due to a dumb circumstance. Life is so disgusting and cruel.


Over the course of two years:

>anxiety at work slowly builds up

>legs start shaking all the time
>become paranoid that people are watching how anxious I am
>train myself to calm my legs
later on…
>start developing bruxism
This one ended up being a slightly different story where I bought thicker/firmer chewing gum to deal with it but my cheek bones started popping because the excessive hard chewing wore down one of the joints in my jaw, so I had to stop.
later on…
>gut starts to spasm and clench multiple times an hour
>become paranoid that people are watching how anxious I am or that I may get a hernia
>train myself to become aware of my clenching gut and reduce it
later on…
>eyebrows start to clench and furrow multiple times an hour
>once again, become paranoid that people are watching a nervous wreck
>train myself to calm my brow muscles
Now I'm getting really bad headaches. At this point I think it's either deal with the embarrassment at work that I look strung out all the time (which I probably already do despite the efforts I've listed) or getting a brain aneurysm/stroke. Might look into nicotine gum but I don't want another addiction that comes with a monthly bill. I'm already giving my employer my time and my energy, I should not have to fucking foot the bill for the mental anguish that I'm being put through.


Maybe she's thirsty for your cock


What does she do exactly?
Do you actually ignore her or are you tied to talking to her?


I didn't last so much, but I see this sickening conditions are everlasting, unless you start… with tough…and non-stop

warp wanings


Do you have admin access to the router? If he fucked with it a bunch you could just do a factory reset on it, then set the SSID and password back to what it was.


so uh whats the proccess for getting unemployment bux, im getting fucked out of a job ive been at for 4 years. not fired, company going down, owner is big retard.


>Does anybody else have experience working for short bursts and coasting on their savings? How long do you generally last before returning to work?
Eh, depends. Best case scenario, I think I lasted like 6-8 months. But now that I've burned through a majority of my money, I need to start saving up again.
I live with my parents though, I dont think I could last more than a couple months if I had to pay rent.
I mean if your standards are low enough AND you live with your parents… just NEET for life until your parents die


Nah, they keep me away from having control over anything in household. The writing on the wall is they'll kick me out when they need my room.


File: 1582635579216-0.jpg (252.44 KB, 1280x1593, 1280:1593, 330610c1ac38f8b42f7bfd30f4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's a really disloyal manchild retard who works with me. He always keeps asking about each and everything I do so that he can report about the progress himself to my superiors. We both get assigned with a task, he initiates it after acting like some "yes man" in front of them, whines sometime and tries to cheat and complete it, I need to take over and make sure the work gets actually finished properly.
I feel like a massive cuck. I don't have the confidence. I think I also don't want to create a fight. I'm just some temporary labor and this is my first job. Any advice welcome.


Tough sell, you'll probably gain more confidence overtime and it will become obvious who's pulling his weight and who's not if you become temporarily unavailable or something.


File: 1582655731735.jpg (47.74 KB, 450x362, 225:181, 1463338826520.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First night on overnight shift and I already want to quit. It's still like somebody reached into my skull and wrapped my brain around their fucking fist.


The first few weeks of graveyard/third shift are absolute hell. Your brain will rebel against it and you will likely have micronaps which can be dangerous if you drive. Just make it easier to sleep when you get home, block out windows with heavy curtains. Go to bed as early as you can in the morning. Melatonin may help establish your routine.


They were bad sometimes but I have fond memories of the overnight shifts at my old job, they played different music and there was almost no one around. It was a very mind altering experience. After a while it somewhat destroyed how rigid I was with time and I appreciated things like seeing the sun rise more or the silence outside in the early hours of the morning.


I had the same experience. I never was as angry as I've been at 2am in the morning knowing it's still 4 hours to go sitting in the dark like a thief.


File: 1582811111151.jpg (39.24 KB, 288x339, 96:113, 1448854888930.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>work in shipping for a hospital
>look up and there's a guy pushing a cart with a corpse on it
Always takes me out of my work because I think about what kind of person they might have been or why they died. Some guy wheels them out of their room immediately and comes to the loading dock to send them to the funeral home, meaning depending on the night you're going to see several dead people (or rather, the uncomfortable outline of their body from within the zip-up cloth bag). It's strange to see them when you know how recently they died– there's a family somewhere in the hospital grieving (hell, they might not even know yet). I don't think I would mind seeing a skeleton from decades ago but it's terrible to see a fresh body and know how recently they were still a person: they had an entire lifetime of desires and interests and memories and now all of that is gone forever. It's like I'm seeing something forbidden and profane, like when you're going somewhere you know you're not allowed and on edge.

There was a small one today. Maybe 10 or 9 years old, couldn't tell the gender at a glance. Those are the worst because for a lot of people they're in the hospital because of poor choices they made themselves, a child is essentially blameless yet dead regardless. I'm not usually one to place children on a pedestal for no reason like a normalfag but they still bother me more.

A coworker told me a few weeks ago they had a 800lbs guy die and ended up having to transport him out in a fucking trailer instead of the van because it literally couldn't support his weight and it was all they had on hand. I have no idea how they got him to the hospital in the first place.


I feel like this too when I go to the cemetery with my mom and my grandpa to see my grandma,I often wander around looking at the tombstones,the date of birth and the date of death.

Once I found 2 very different tombstones next to each other,one was of a 11 y/o kid,next to it a tombstone of someone who lived like 98 years,both of them died in the same week.

I was like "WTF!" life is so strange 2 very different paths of life,one much larger than the other converge in this same place,FUCK,I should have taken a photo,it was very symbolic.


File: 1582842138818.jpg (43.41 KB, 499x382, 499:382, beavis frustration.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

On holiday from my 3.50/hour outsourced third world call center job.
At least its some income and I don't have to stand for 9 hours. I guess I oughta be thankful boomers are incompetent when dealing with their tech.

It feels weird working with some people who are still minors though.


3.50 an hour?


So when you apply for unemployment benefits do they contact your ex-coworkers and ex-employer? That seems insanely fucking uncomfortable. The gubmint really will put you through hell before they give you any money eh


Yes, such is the life in the third world.


File: 1583103255370.jpg (111.6 KB, 900x889, 900:889, erwsdaf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who else is ready to go to w*rk on less than five hours of sleep?


I showed up to work drunk. No one seemed to notice or care.

Now I am sober but want to sleep. I think i'm gonna take a nap in my car.



I just woke up from my nap. It was a good nap. I would like to go home now but it isn't quitting time yet.

Thank you for reading my blog.


About to embark to the employee sorting facility in the hopes I will get assigned a duty to slave within a dungeon not more than 3 miles walk from my apartment. I'm going to record it.

I have a long fucking story to tell leading up to this point, but as it stands I need a job ASAP, else I'm going to donate my horde of wizgoods to some anon here and then walk north until I die.


File: 1583277084424.jpg (13.44 KB, 467x407, 467:407, 87c227296d668a918e6d159884….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>recording stopped shorty after begun
blppffftt… bbb..b..,,

factory line work with molten substances
explosive OSHA shit
small, shoulder-to-shoulder environment
8 mile round trip, don't drive
no cellphones or music players allowed in building, period
bring your own tools
miss 2 consecutive days = assumed abandoned
can't leave premise on lunch
mandatory we buy their uniforms, maintain them
mandatory overtime
card in rounds up, card out rounds down
no drinks on work floor
start next tuesday lads
gonna work on that story some

happy napping wiz


>I'm going to donate my horde of wizgoods to some anon here and then walk north until I die.


What english level is required to make translations from english and get paid for it? I have B1 and i doubt i can monetize it. Fuck, i need to make money and support my sick granny somehow, should i just go working a streetcleaner.


File: 1583320276361.jpg (713.13 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, mpc-hc64_2020-03-04_03-03-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Need a new job/money
>Apply for a bunch of places online
>2 places tried to contact me through e-mail
>massive amount of anxiety swells up when they ask me for an interview and I just don't respond
I don't know if I'll ever summon enough willpower to accept an interview at this point. For the next couple weeks I'll probably be okay but afterwards my parents are going to be pressuring me hard to do something.
I don't even know what it is. Interviews are easy for someone with my type of autism because they're complete bullshit, I just need to follow the script and give them the correct answers. The atmosphere is overwhelming I guess. That and knowing that they're over-analyzing and judging your every word choice.


Any "data entry" wageslaves here? Are they as good as they sound? I see a handful of positions open in my area, all paying $1-3 USD above minimum wage. The only downside to me is that you're forced to work the hours of the office (8 or 9am to 5pm) otherwise it just sounds like you type a bunch of shit from paper onto computer and scan shit?
How much overtime do you work? Lots of minute "get this done by (unreasonable time)" moments?


File: 1583322444503.gif (33.04 KB, 220x164, 55:41, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've worked in admin my whole career and Data Entry stuff has been some of the most cushy stuff I've ever had to do.

Methods of entry vary a little here and there and some companies are more up to date technologically than some of their peers, but using a computer is going to be standard across the job, it might sound daunting especially if this is your first job but it gets boring rather quickly, I promise you that.

Never experienced any real deadlines other than the reasonable expectation of getting data entered within at least 5 working days of us receiving it, pretty manageable.

One of my best jobs involved me working on my own in a light and airy office in my local hospital, very rarely did anyone from my "team" come down as they were all Healthcare Practitioners meanwhile I was the Admin slave.

Really had the ideal arrangement, I cycled to and from work and had a better self image, work even had a shower which I used in the morning, I was able to leave early once my work was done but still claimed my full 20 hours per week (kinda fraud but I didn't get paid shit anyway so I wasn't about to claim less)

Wish you all the best Wizzie, find a way to enjoy your money so you don't become miserable like me


Translation is not easy as translating word by word or even paragraph by paragraph for any pay that worth wageslaving for, it may also require specialized degrees.
General translation is penny and everybody is doing it for free on the internet anyway.
Do something else.


I'm ok with tedious stuff, I can just listen to stuff and zone out pretty easily. Company I worked for 4 years at recently went down because the owner was an idiot and shit at any sort of management. The pay was decent. Outside of a few hell days where we had to make deadlines the hours were cushy which is why I'm hesitant about working at some places that have stuff like "8 to 6" written right on the application page. I would rather not be doing 40 hour work weeks.
Not sure what kind of office or space the place I applied to has, I just imagine any company hiring for data entry positions are big uncomfortable open offices with like 50 employees.


That's my last hope, i don't know what else to do. I have no skills besides basic english, nothing at all. Even for shitty streatcleaning job i have no papers army. Literally what the fuck am i supposed to do, eating my dick and die.


Working full time is hell for me, I'd much rather be at home watching Tokusatsu and thinking of something to cook for dinner.

I resent working full time but doing so allows me to live in a single bedroom sanctuary close to my workplace, I save a lot of money but I have no real idea why as I have nothing to really spend money on other than bills, food, and my singular hobby.


I live in a hellhole called california so even if I got a fulltime job I probably wouldnt be able to afford a studio apartment unless it was in the ghetto. Planning to leave as soon as I pay off my car and loan.


Yeah and most jobs people can get easily won't give full time.


File: 1583363489658.jpg (48.9 KB, 380x306, 190:153, merchants.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If I may offer some advice to my fellow wizards:

A while ago (possibly several months or years ago, don't remember exactly) I asked in a wageslave thread what to do with my wagebux, since I was living at home and had no significant expenses, and wasn't interested in spending money on entertainment or consumerist hobbies. A kindly wiz recommended that I put it in savings, and I can only reiterate his advice today:

If you're in a situation comparable to the one I was in (working, living at home with no expenses), you're in a good position to save 90%+ of your income (as I did). Continue doing this for as long as possible, while living frugally and not wasting money on stupid shit. Realize that the average wageslave is living paycheck to paycheck and is one significant expense away from financial ruin. Eventually, your life will take an unexpeted turn (probably not towards normalfaggotry) - maybe you'll decide to get more education, change careers, or hell, even buy property, and at that point you'll be glad for every penny.


That's what I'm trying to do, right now I'm playing catch up with my CD collection that I lost before I moved years back now to archive but once I get the majority of that I want I don't have much else I need besides the basics. Maybe I might need a PC part or storage.

Sometimes thinking of how most people live from paycheck to paycheck brings me some sense of security with my little cushion. I also save all my change and get more on the side every day I can with a little extra work, who knows how much is there but it's a nice chunk for years of slaving away for the mountain of coins I started from when I actually thought I was going to be homeless.


This is completely true and I wish I had this mindset way earlier because I wasted all my savings on stupid stuff that i don't really need which makes me feel like shit every time I think about it. Having savings on the side raises the quality of life significantly.


true. people who cant control their urges to buy shit stay poor.


How is it possible to afford college or property with just NEETbux?


Maybe read his whole post.


There aren't any numbers. I assume It would take you years on NEETbux to save for your first semester.


Jesus fucking christ
>If you're in a situation comparable to the one I was in (working, living at home with no expenses)
>(working, living at home with no expenses)



The unexpected turn for most here is death of parents, forced to get a job, the end of NEET.

I was forced back to work, every day i hate it more and more. Now im under pressure to get a second job. if you are a failure at everything like i am i would suggest having a worst case scenario, a place you could fall back to that you know you could hold off from. For me it's probably a trailer park in Tampa or the suburbs of Miami while i wage slave just enough to get by.

For almost anyone else, who has some kind of marketable skill, dont wait, work on that skill, and have a plan to gradually be able to make money off of it, you dont want to end up where i am at my age


File: 1583385201407.jpg (7.62 KB, 264x191, 264:191, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I find it absurd how one can be willing and able to work, having the means to get to and from a job, and yet is unable to find proper employment.

I've applied for over a hundred jobs over the past month. Each one advertised on seek and other job seeking websites. What the actual fuck is wrong with this economy?


you have to have a job to get a job.

Contingency plan is to die.


The system is built for normalfags. 7 billion normalfags. If you arent normal you may just disrupt their circlejerk and make them less productive/comfortable, as they want work to be a sociable party, so it makes sense to keep you out.


Humans are more useless than ever with automatization and having employees cost money. Competition is fierce even for shitty jobs and companies can afford to choose the best, and best usually means some guy who is married or have other good reason to do a shitty job for 30 years without quitting or complaining.


I have a theory that the job requirements that they post are particularly tailored so that out of the 1000s of applications they get only one guy who they had pre-fixed in mind is able to meet all of the requirements.


This. There's not enough chairs and they're prioritizing people that are already constricted by the system, or pose no risk of falling out of it.


Yes that happens all the time. There are legal requirements that you have to leave it open and are supposed to pick in an unbiased way. In particular, when hiring immigrants youre meant to only do so if you fail to hire a local after x months


File: 1583423572775.jpg (65.35 KB, 435x550, 87:110, 1332412343124.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>just got a new job at a restaurant
>one of my leader is a faggot and the other one is a huge tot


File: 1583430013195.jpg (37.78 KB, 553x400, 553:400, dubsman not porn.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got several jars full with my country currency equivalent to half Dollars coins.
My mother suggested it to open a bank account with them but I don't really wish to deal with Banks Jewry.
What do you suggest fellow Wageslaves?

Sounds like the worst scenario for someone from here.
Stay safe Wiz



Saving your money also makes work a lot less stressful. Working is a lot less depressing when you know you can quit any day and live for about a year or so off of your savings.


I had to lie my ass off to get my first real job. My motivation was reading a reddit post where a dude claimed he brought a fake degree and ended up getting a job as an owner of a company.


What you doing at the restaurant? I actually liked doing random kitchen work back end.


You ever just leave work and come home filled with overwhelming feelings on despair mixed with a little bit of anger?


It's not exactly what i would call a restaurant but that's what they calls it, but my current responsibilities are
>Greeting customers with a smile and saying hi even when you get way to many for that
>While greeting customers keep making sandwiches or soup etc
Also have to clean if I work till closing time.


One of my coworkers is driving me nuts.

>work overnights

>as such, I really only see the other people in my department for an hour or so at both the start and end of my shift
>get along ok with them ok, despite me being socially stunted
>we make smalltalk about work or video games, mostly.
>one is particularly… odd, i guess
>like, he goes through cycles of being extremely talkative then being extremely distant
>when i saw him a week or two ago, he was on a "talk to me at length about capeshit or old rock music i don't particularly care about" kick
>today, he just kind of looked pissed off at me, and ignored me greeting him

I'd understand it if I did something to piss him off, but I never. This shouldn't bother me as much as it should, as I'm quite content with not being bothered at work


>go to job interview
>what they're looking for is completely different than what was on the job description
why does this keep happening?


Because the average job which is posted on a site has hundreds of applicants who meet the qualifications. Hell, most jobs you could probably figure out how to do after being trained regardless of work experience or education.
The supply of workers exceeds the demand for the workers. This makes it highly competitive to enter most industries and also keeps wages low since there will always be someone desperate enough to work for less.
So it all boils down to finding an individual who they can tolerate being around. This is where aesthetics, social skills and friendliness really come into play.
If you got the interview your resume is decent but you need to work on your people skills.
just quit the rat race, move to canada and get on welfare like me


File: 1583539689672.jpg (304.24 KB, 1017x579, 339:193, dog has lost the will to l….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't go on NEETbux. I couldn't handle the shame from my family, and NEETing would just make me kill myself out of boredom. I just want a job that lets me have a decent house and money for hobbies. Also I spent 4 years getting this godforsaken degree and I would sooner kill myself than let it go to waste. I'll find a job eventually. They can't keep me out forever.


>Also I spent 4 years getting this godforsaken degree and I would sooner kill myself than let it go to waste
loool you're in for a tough lesson. You dont even have a postgraduate degree. It really is all useless

>just quit the rat race, move to canada and get on welfare like me
You can't get residency without having a job at least for some time


>just quit the rat race, move to canada and get on welfare like me


Does anybody know a good job for someone like me?
I need a job pretty bad. I have a degree but no skills. its computer science but programming and IT are both not really options to me ( dont ask)

I need a job where I dont have to deal with people much and doesnt risk my life too badly


It's easier to get on welfare in Canada, but they don't hand it out to everyone. Elaborate how you'll get canadian welfare


they are the reason he has to commit suicide in the first place. commiting suicide is not fun, now is it?


I dunno about fake degree but yes, interviews are nothing but a test to see if you can lie/bullshit out the corrects answers. Apply for shit even if you fall short of their qualifications too.

I went to my first job interview like 5+ years ago at a walmart. I applied for a specific job on their online application but when I went in they still asked me what position I wanted. It caught me off guard. Even when I explained what position I wanted they just went "um… so is clerk and floor associate fine too?" (aka the worst fucking retail jobs you could ever ask for especially as an autismo shut-in) I think the real answer they want is for you to just say "anything" (I applied for overnight stocker/janitor/outside cart associate or some shit idr)


Living with roommates has been the worst experience of my life.

I don't make enough to rent an apartment on my own, so I have to have roommates.

Going to have to move soon because my current place is not ideal because I have to park on the street and I keep getting $25 parking tickets. Hope the cocksucker gives me back my $400 deposit.


Just got back from applying to my first ever job as some paper pusher and goddamn, the condescension and passive aggressiveness when they pick apart and belittle everything you say about how you're not Chad with one million years of job experience. I am in for a hell of a ride aren't I?


theres literally no other place to park? sounds retarded. anyway I would rather have roommates than have to live with family.
Knew a guy whos roommates were some mexicans and their daughter, now that sounded shitty.


The damn agency I went to last week hasn't clarified anything so I'm in the dark about exactly what I'm supposed to do today. They gave me no schedule or underlined any procedure, so all I can hope to do is show up an hour early to where they hinted at where I was going to be working and pray that the guys there have my name on a sheet somewhere.


you cant call the place?


Only one of the places I applied to ended up contacting me and even that I ended up blowing (I e-mailed them back several days later)
This is a lot harder than I thought it would be


If I parked in the driveway, I would have to wake up at 6 AM every morning to pull my car out, then be awake at night to pull my car in, so the other people could get out.

I'm not doing that.


They said they'd call me, but then zero day rolled around and they open 3 hours after the shift starts. I'm going there in person later to see what's up. Ironically when I was doing the initial interview, the succubi working the desk forgot to give me x document and activate my e-account because they were chatting away on their phones.


None of the places I applied to responded… My parents are definitely going to start hammering me for being jobless for basically an entire month soon and its not even my fault either.


I've had like three people at work now ask me why I was losing so much weight and if something was wrong with me. I think the weight loss is a combination of taking kratom, constipation, having to walk a mile daily from work back home, and just generally eating either three small meals a day or just one meal on my days off. I used to weight 198 but now I'm like spooky skeleton. I don't see anyway of gaining the weight back without becoming unemployed again so I can just go back to eating and sleeping 14 hours a day.


File: 1584042669402.png (642.59 KB, 1924x2792, 481:698, cor.png) ImgOps iqdb



Got an orientation tomorrow but I feel a dryness in my throat. Every few weeks either one of my relatives brings home some sickness from their whoring out and I end up catching it. Having to work is bad enough but working in pain or being denied work because of someone else's ignorance and poor choices makes me want to kill them all.

Lucky. If things get better your work might extend the shutdown.


I run a cash register alone for three hours alone during the busiest time of the day and it's been busier than christmas eve with all the doomsday prepping and I'm supposed to get other stuff done between customers but for the entire time I have lines 8-10 people deep with overflowing carts and they're talking on their cell phones bitching about being late but I can't help it because I'm always scheduled alone at that time. Literally the only employee in the store. Working alone is great except when a riot is about to break out. Yet I'm still more anxious about annoying coworkers (who hate me) and my mom by quitting than being bitched at by customers who seem to think I just don't want to call for backup (backup does not exist). Then they fill out surveys saying how slow it was, but the grand joke of that is, the results turn that into saying I'm slow. I'm signed in on the register at that time so when hamplanet soccer mom#28 selects "Had to wait to be checked out" the results we get say I have low "speed of checkout" score. WHY DO I GET PUNISHED FOR THE STORE MANAGER REFUSING TO SCHEDULE ONE MORE PERSON AT THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE DAY.

I can only cope during the terror by never looking in the general direction of the line. Pretend it doesn't exist. Never look any customer in the eye. I dissociate or "leave my body" or whatever it's called, where I feel like I'm dreaming and my body runs on autopilot and I watch myself go through the motions. And when I finally eventually have a free moment, I go the office and abuse kratom and benzedrex because I don't know how to get "real" drugs.

And now I notice just how disgusting the average customer is. They smell like they don't bathe (people would harass me if I stunk but it's okay for normalfags for some reason). Their hands are visibly dirty (people would ridicule me if I didn't wash my hands). And they cough and sneeze and dont do anything to mitigate the effects. They just stand facing my direction, three feet away, and cough or sneeze and don't turn or cover their mouths. If I dared to do that I'd be pushed down and stomped on.

The company sends out tasks like "build a 'keep your home healthy' display and spread coronavirus awareness!" And I read it as "take advantage of the mass hysteria to SELL SELL SELL! and make sure to do your part to convince more of the public to panic!" But when they start rioting I'm sure the company will suddenly be silent. The company sends out newsletters saying 'everyone should work from home if they can!' I guess that applies to the people working at the corporate office? Because the fucks working at the 12000+ stores across the US can't stock shelves or get robbed from home. And a chance of death is no excuse to miss work! "If you aren't willing to put your life on the line for THE TEAM then you can just fuck off get real know your place you expendable reject be grateful we don't murder you right now for being so ugly"


File: 1584121941645.jpg (5.07 KB, 274x184, 137:92, kanpai.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Usually have no sympathy to spare for the entitled children here but you can have a little for providing this insightful and entertaining read, cheers. Have you considered wearing assembly gloves while working btw?


you retail slaves will be the first to die from plague


Was he acting entitled or are you just disguising a /meta/burger post as a /dep/ one?


On the contrary, they'll be the first to develop resistance to it while neets will die as soon as they have their inevitable first sniff of it as their immune system are not used to pretty much anything at all other than the odor of piss.


Just go there wearing a complete mask and goggles antiradiation uniform. Let the boss say whatever, it's do or die


File: 1584131700003.jpg (125.86 KB, 551x800, 551:800, 218f036b9c373c2ff3581e518a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think 7 years of working night shift are taking a toll on me. Daytime might as well unexistent, all I do is sleep and then try to mentally prepare myself to stay up all night.


I hope I am


This Corona virus has been a nightmare. I work receiving in a warehouse and we aren't allowed to let drivers in the building anymore. Which is like a nightmare for people like FedEx who have to actually scan pallets of stuff as you unload the stuff. Then some drivers get super irate and say smart ass shit like "Oh, what about the paper though? What if the paper is contaminated? You sure you want to take the paperwork? Oh, I see you just scratched your nose while you signed the paperwork! How do you think I feel."


File: 1584134019282.gif (25.08 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6e2592c15147dca87eac242a81….gif) ImgOps iqdb



This kind of shit is why I'm glad I got fired from a pharmacy. It was chock full of unwashed normies, sick old people, and bitchy middle aged succubi. That's in addition to incompetent managers and flakey/bitchy coworkers.

I work nights at a supermarket now. There are maybe 10 people who work with me, and I don't have to deal with the public. I rarely go anywhere on my off time. I'm reasonably safe, at least compared to my last job.


Can someone tell me what's customer service like? I'm going to a job interview tomorrow and wanna know what to expect.
From what i understand there is one section for Financial related stuff and one for a clinic.


I suppose this is a luxury problem but in the last few weeks I have lost two years worth of savings from my wageslavings because I was too inhibited to cash out my "investments"(lol) like all the chad speculators who dumped theirs in January without a second thought. Really having trouble processing saving for years and still ending up with fucking nothing.


File: 1584361089462.png (1000.94 KB, 736x832, 23:26, 1576494383114.png) ImgOps iqdb

If I were you I'd sit tight with whatever you're holding and hope for a retrace, which isn't too unlikely once this corona affair blows over, if you have any funds left you can always buy some more. I actually sold back in january, you have no idea how infuriatingly frustrating it was to see everything launch up up and away after doing so, so there's always that.


I would say most of the customers I deal with are so disgusting that it would be difficult to match them if I tried especially with how horrid some of them smell. From rotting onions to dead fish covered in cheap perfume to so much perfume that breathing near them burns my eyes and nostrils. I like the night shifts because there's not as many of them, the afternoon shifts are usually when the worst people come through. If I get fired at some point from this one I'm definitely taking something where I can mostly be back end and not deal with the public.

You're always one mistake away from losing a good chunk of min wage slaving savings. I try to be at least content when I spend a lot with the fact that I have enough for what I need. I remember when I had almost none, doing yard work from time to time for people and life still went on.


This happens in most third world countries. The more well-off people with degrees can emigrate while the less well off ones have to be cabbies or do tourism-related jobs.


I really hope I get cancer or something soon. Then I can die early without killing myself.


When the educated leave the country, why don't the uneducated go to a university and get a degree? Surely there's a ton of open jobs if all the educated people leave. Or is it like the US where getting a degree will leave you penniless?


uneducated run the country and refuse to pay living wages to the educated so theres no point in degrees when youll end up earning the same


I won't mention the country to maintain anonymity. With regards to S, T, E in STEM:

>Surely there's a ton of open jobs if all the educated people leave.

The educated people leave in the first place because there aren't any quality jobs.
The boomers are sitting on the actual quality jobs for years.
It's impossible for someone to get a job on their own effort without any reference or bribe.
The jobs left over are bad and can be done by someone with a high school diploma.
>Or is it like the US where getting a degree will leave you penniless?
Getting a degree will leave you both penniless and futureless for some.
People with these degrees apply for sanitary worker jobs in government institutions because pay is more there than the shitty dead end job that are available.

I don't have any idea about medicine but apart from MBBS, I heard other degrees face the same issues as above.


There's less capital being invested to make well-paying jobs in those countries. The educated people with means leave if they can because their economic opportunities aren't great in their own country.

The US has the mythology if you go to school, you can get a job, but it's not really a solution. If too many people are educated, then it's a situation like South Korea where almost everyone goes to University and youth unemployment/underemployment is high.


This is kind of the big thing with the whole education scam. Even in the US, where there's complaints about shortages of x, y,z, there's no real effort to educate more people in those subjects because it's expensive. Most universities have limited space in STEM programs since they are expensive to provide. The tuition from the other subjects subsidizes some of STEM as they're cheaper to teach. Companies themselves could retrain workers but they don't see that providing a big enough return which is why they just want to say no one can fill the job and bring in H-1Bs. The education is paid for and they're cheaper to employ.


The market wil come back. The only people losing are brokers who depend on selling for income.


I work in a grocery store. We're running low on stock, despite being in a place with no coronavirus cases.

My dad retired in January. He had some pension plan with his job that involved the stock market. He managed to get his savings out before he lost a bunch of money on it.


Hmm I've found a listing for a light technician night shift and it seems pretty nice. Mostly just you driving alone in the service van fixing and replacing lights. Not too many hours either.
I have never worked a manual labor job in my life though, I'm out of shape and theres no real long term career I really want that has this in its career path but eh. I'm running out of options.


I applied but highly doubt I'll get a response


File: 1584484846120.png (71.38 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 1920px-DJIA_historical_gra….png) ImgOps iqdb

You haven't "lost" anything until you actually decide to liquidate your holdings, that is to actually decide to sell it off. Your investments just declined in value, but you're still holding an X amount of whatever stock you own. Once the panic subsides, the market will eventually recover from this dip as it always has in the past. Simply continue to hold your investments and do not sell them, this time next year or so I bet it will have recovered fully and you would have not lost anything. Meanwhile if you sell now, you'll permanently lose whatever money you invested in the stock. Take a look at this chart, noticed how the stock market always has a series of boom & bust cycles, but the overall trend for it has always been to go up. Sure, your average joe investor can't compete with the high tech daily algorithms that profit from minute stock market movements, but then again he doesn't need to. If you simply have a long term horizon for your stock market growth and don't succumb to the occasional panic that causes most investors to lose their minds, you'll do just fine. There has never been an instance where the US stock market went into a permanent decline and stayed there, the overall trend has always been for it to grow. People still need goods & service and while this whole virus thing is pretty scary, humanity has survived much much worse epidemics and came out just fine. You'd be surprised at how resilient humans are, it'll take a lot more then some minor flu variation to kill us all off. I'd suggest for you to stop paying attention to the news so much and stop watching the stock market. Don't touch your investments and most importantly don't sell them off. In a year or s,o I bet the market will have recovered sufficiently where you'll be thanking yourself that you didn't sell anything off.


The market cannot go up forever. There are physical limitations on space, energy and resources that impose a ceiling on the total size that the economy can achieve.


File: 1584494409839.jpeg (58.32 KB, 640x420, 32:21, www.usnews.com.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>he doesn't know about infinite money cheat code


Every online community ends up being shit,4chan was ok in 2005-2006 and it's now shit,wizchan used to be good in 2013-2016 but it's shit too now.

We used to have interesting threads about loneliness,feels and memes like a more laid back version of 4chan's /r9k/,now this place consists of nothing more than angst chads (on wizchan can you imagine?) that say "I'm fit and super handsome but since I'm a virgin I belong here" and even gays and /ppl/ tards.

Shit I miss the old wizchan.


Sorry this post wasn't supposed to be here.


File: 1584524022209.gif (215.7 KB, 749x578, 749:578, 1360727812756.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Any other wagies here just waiting for their state (or country) to do a shutdown of all non-essential businesses?


We are currently in viral limbo as the hysteria gets more out of control here. I still have mine but because of my parent I may lose a big chunk before I'll be running on savings just to stay here. I think I have enough to last the summer if I lose mine too, killed any hopes I had for saving up enough to live on my own though. Can't win but oh well that's a lesson I learned a million times over already in my life.


I'm pretty sure I'm never finding work again in Maritime Sector if this keeps up.


Just got laid off from the corona virus. I work in a hotel and there aren't any customers. Why are people memeing this shit so hard, I just want them to say fuck it herd immunity and just infect everyone for a month and we can get back to normal. The panic is the cause of the economic collapse.


>I just want them to say fuck it herd immunity
That is not remotely how herd immunity works.


Believe it or not, normies don't actually see anything wrong with working.


They should do it anyway.


File: 1584572558329.png (429.45 KB, 460x460, 1:1, 1575617657602.png) ImgOps iqdb

Had to quit binge drinking for a while to maintain a job
Agency put me in a HEPA sterile factory to assemble oxygen masks
Government said this factory has to stay open no matter what
Bus I take was cancelled due to corona
Lost my breath running to work
Line of 12 was down to 6 because a bunch of sick people left
Got stationed above a vat of plastic glue because of shortages
Needed oxygen but they just kept spraying 99% alcohol in my face



invest and retire early
that's your only goal
eat rice


i understand my advice sounds bad since the market just had historic drops, but think long term, now is a good time to buy actually.


I got fired due to covid too, here in the San Francisco area we aren't even supposed to leave our homes unless it's necessary.They said for 3 weeks, but everything I read online says it will probably be much longer in reality.


anyone know? this covid stuff has fucked my chances even more. nobody will hire now


I heard grocery stores are hiring to do the deliveries.


just invest bro its so easy


no transportation for me



Why did you get a degree in something if you didn't want to do the only thing it qualifies you to do? I mean what are you gonna do, invent new types of computers? Good luck if you're not Einstein. The only thing normal people can do with a computer science degree is become a code monkey or a server monkey and the latter only after doing even more training and certifications. The degree becomes outdated incredibly quickly too because of how fast everything in the field is progressing, if you don't work actively using your knowledge base in the industry you will become less and less attractive to potential employers over time. I would just become a code monkey if I were you. (actually I would just be a neet but, you know, figure of speech and all that)


>all non-essential businesses
What they really mean are businesses that operate purely for recreational purposes. Restaurants/bars, hair salons/spas, bowling alleys, casinos, waterparks, etc. Almost any other business that isn't solely recreational can be categorized as "essential businesses". It's so loosely defined in the shelter-in-place mandates that have been issued so far; even GameStop was able to class itself as "essential business".

t. wizzy that's pissed that he has to go back to work on monday and risk being infected 5 days a week because the government isn't going to shut us down and the company won't voluntarily shut down either


Not that wizzie, but I work in a grocery store. Business is booming, as people are stocking up on everything from asswipe to bread and other food.

I'm waiting to see this play out. Dreading when it dies down, and my hours are cut. Or, worse, I'll be laid off.


im not qualified to do anything with the degree


same I'm waiting to get fired


jus invest bruh it's easy,as easy as being ur self and taking a bath.


What is difficult about clicking a button once a month exactly?


File: 1585039736284.jpg (165.93 KB, 1393x931, 199:133, authorized to work during ….JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>issued state executive order to stay at home and quarantine
>employer says go to work and gives me travel papers


Yeah bro, let me just pull out this capital out of my asshole and bet it all on my 1000000% return investment plan.


They'll learn the lesson when someone who's an employee gets infected and the whole company gets shut down.


I work in a supermarket. We are still open.

Customers are spitting at the workers and assaulting us, however if I quit I will lose my job obviously, but also my right to get the 80% income or even welfare. I'm going to get the virus or starve to death. I have no way out. I've also been forced to work 6 days a week and the occasional 7th day every so often (2 weeks in a row so far).

For everyone that's still working during these times we deserve HUGE benefits from the government or anyone/thing. It's so fucking crazy. If some asshole spits on me, there will be some very entertaining headlines in the news.


>Customers are spitting at the workers and assaulting us
Are you in the goddamn congo?


New Zealand. However the people who live here are quite terrible.


>Customers are spitting at the workers and assaulting us

Like fucking why? I live in this fucking 3rd world country called Mexico and is not even THAT bad here.


It's the particular region in NZ that I live in. We have a mixture of people who collectively don't value anything that makes someone a decent person to be with in public. Major anger issues, small intelligence and English ability that simply don't understand "No sir, I'm sorry but the chicken wings have all sold out. There will be a delivery tomorrow."

Our store hired more security but it's a joke. They hired all 60+ year olds and half are succubi no bigger than a 10 year old


File: 1585214993631.png (917.12 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1584260966479.png) ImgOps iqdb

So practically everyone in my department is working nights, starting next week. I will go from "working alone in peace with very minimal interaction with people in other departments," to "having to spend 8 hours holed up with a few other coworkers." On top of that, my schedule is changing. Instead of working Mon-Fri nights with weekends off, I'm going to be working every second weekend, and I'll have a random day off in the middle of the week. On top of having to deal with normals literally every shift, I would have less time to decompress, as I feel better rested after two consecutive days of doing nothing.

Fucking covid 19. My manager said it'd only be until the whole coronavirus thing blows over, whenever that is.


imagine complaining you still have a job lmao


if you actually don't like being around people having a job is hell if you have to interact with them. it's also increasing his risk of getting sick. if it doesn't come with sick leave or paid healthcare, then it's a big liability



Looks like you'll have to deal with the normies for either a couple more weeks or a couple more months according to Sean Malstrom and since he is usually right about everything that he says get ready for about 14 or 60 some odd days dealing with the normies before this Jew psyche warfare bioweapon hysteria finally blows over.


>dude lmao u still have a job, stop complaining in the designated thread for doing just that lmao :')

Still having a paycheque is great. As >>217310 implied, I absolutely detest dealing with people. Being able to work by myself is a godsend, as it made wageslaving bearable.

I don't have paid sicktime, either. If I catch anything (coronavirus, flu, whatever), I'm without pay for however long I'm off. Also, I'm going from working alone to working with, at minimum, two people in my workstation, often more. I'd rather not get sick.



Oops forgot to post the article text for you last time but here it is…


"Society will split into two…

We’re at a point now where society can split into two. Some people will return to the world while others will stay in quarantine. Some may need to do so. But most people will do so because of their personal belief.

If people wish to take the chance, why shouldn’t people be allowed to go back to work/socialize? Those who wish to quarantine themselves in their homes can continue to do so.

It is legal for the US government to shut down trade due to pandemic. But that can only last a couple of weeks. After that, the compelling interest argument stops.

I can easily go in front of the Supreme Court and argue the government, local or otherwise, is violating my First Amendment Right to Freedom of Assembly. The reason for restrictions on pandemics no longer applies when people can choose to go into quarantine. If Malstrom chooses to socialize while the reader hides at home, Malstrom is not inflicting pain or disease on the reader who chooses to stay locked in their house. I can’t be blamed for ‘spreading pandemic’ when people can choose to stay home.

It is extremely difficult for any American government to prove compelling interest over First Amendment rights outside of existing precedent. In a couple of weeks, I expect society to split into two. Some will go to work, others will remain in their house.

A few months later, one narrative will collapse and the other will prevail. I suspect the narrative that ‘Coivid 19 panic is being overblown’ will prevail. Historians will laugh at us for shutting down society over a cold virus."


>sean malstrom
Didn't know he was still blogging. I hope he's right, and it's closer to the "couple of weeks" side of things.

The coronavirus thing is overblown, in my opinion. On par with the flu or cold. Anyway thanks for the link.


Well there is a reason that it's gotten the level of attention it does: someone with money doesn't want to be at risk of coronvirus. There's very little emphasis placed on the value of a "human life" when it's not something that can impact people regardless of class. Not having money can increase risk of death.


> someone with money
These normalfags and their infernal need to "travel" are the reason it spread outside China in the first place.


Well, it's also because our glorious job creators rely on China to make superprofits so our response is shit in both being able to prepare and deal with it. Most of the reason Apple is so profitable is they moved production to China.

But it feels like there's intra old rich guy tension since some want the economy to go back up so they don't lose investments. The media and other online industries are mainly reaping the rewards from the lockdown though.


lmao we had an infection today but the company is going to cover it up. You heard it here first


It's not going to matter soon. The decision is being made that it'll be high risk only having to stay in, because enough people with influence want it by Easter.


I thought this was my chance to finally get fired but my boss reasured us today the company had enough money to pay several months of salaries, plus the usual revenue was still guaranteed to keep going.


File: 1585519723404.gif (67.17 KB, 682x526, 341:263, wage_slave.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I did the maths. If I keep being obedient to the system, I'll be able to buy a house by 40. That's about the age I'm expecting to die of heart or lung disease.


what do you work as?


If you live near a winter resort try get a job at the ski lifts.
My interview was straight with the boss and it was basically; "Are you an alcoholic? Do you take drugs?" Very easy to get into and most stations are solitary and since its winter, cozy. Its basically like being a security guard, you set up some nets and shovel snow in the morning and during the day you just sit in your comfy hut and turn off the lift when needed. Very boring though and I advise some audiobooks or podcasts, internet might be a problem and reading is not really possible because you need to keep an eye on those morons.
Pay is shit of course but you dont have to deal with normalfags and you can get a variety of schedueles, 4/3, 5/2, 6/2, 6/1 etc. and best thing is weekend during the common work week instead of Saturday/Sunday when everything is closed and full of normalfags.
A lot of resorts also have summer attractions open so you can be employed ten months a year.

Very wizardly job and I recommend it if you have the chance.
And be vary of their machinist training courses, I heard there is no real benefit except that they might legally shit the blame on you of something serious happens. Also you are more likely to be assigned to a two man station.


I am from Austria btw, Vorarlberg.


Web programmer


i quit wagecucking because of this. anon.
tbh, i will live day by day until i'm in my 30s then i'll tie the rope..


i make $30 an hour as a server and yet im learning to program because thats my degree and everyone says its what smart people do and it pays well and yet the highest paying job in programming near me is like $15 and i'd have to study shit i hate for a year at least

I don't know why the fuck i am doing this to myself it seems obvious the computer industry is fucking dead in terms of being a lucrative desirable field. I keep torturing myself with trying to program when i get home from work when its just not worth it yet society tells me its what i have to do to be make it


Learn programming then code "Serving Simulator", a mobile game based on your current job. Collect microtransactionbux from bored succubi spending quarantine on their Iphones. Seems trivial desu.


it gives you an illusion of stability and *some*potential for mobility in your job. But if you are making good money now, just save your cash and start investing.


It'll sink down to the bottom of search results and will never appear in recommendations.
I'll waste dozens of hours on learning new language and writing the game all for nothing.


Then write a virus instead. If they won't give you money, just take it. Payback for the time they took from you. Have the virus install Diner Dash on their machine for lulz.


If you don't actually like doing it, it's hell. I'm surprised you can't get a job with that degree because it was easier, but I guess the bottom has fallen out of the programming field.


I'm not trying to be mean but
I think I just lack the autism to really be able to enjoy programming for its own sake which is the only kind of person businesses seem to desire. These jobs pay like shit and demand so much from you. But I feel like I'm being wasted if I'm just a server.
I guess my ego is just too big


Programming is not for everyone. I personally hate it. Nothing wrong with you for that.


what is a server? as in computer server? sorry english is not my first language.


how the fuck do you make $30 as a server? tips?


I studied it for so long. I have no hobbies or goals in life it feels pretty awful. I haven't had a hobby or a goal in my entire life. I wish I had a real skill to be good at.
Restaurant server, person who takes your order and tells the cooks what you want and then brings you your food.
Yes. Consistent $30 an hour.


To be honest, that's crazy. I thought only succubi could get that level of tips.


> implying


I still think it's insane that "work" is something you need to apply for like it's some sort of privilege to be a slave in exchange for mere sustenance. I'm not a communist but fucking hell


For normies working is actually a privilege,poor retards don't understand that you're exchanging money for time,and that time is much more valuable than money because you can't get it back.

I once heard some anon in 4chad say something I really liked "The only job worth doing is the one you enjoy so much that you would do it for free"


Unfortunately, if you were to receive free sustenance it would mean that someone else would become a literal unpaid slave for you. Mass replicators don't exist yet.


> time is much more valuable than money because you can't get it back.
anon, there are many things you can't get back but are absolutely worthless, and what's the use of time if you're just wasting it wishing you were dead like the majority of dep, pretty sure they would trade all their remaining life on earth for 1000$
what a dumb statement


Do you even read what you post retard? Why would anyone exchange their lives for money? What's the fucking point of having money if you're dead.

Also wasting time is up to you,I make good use of my NEET time,probably much better use than you.


because they already want to die idiot
> wasting time is up to you
that's why you should have spoken for yourself, not for "normies"


they would even give money to die


especially that nowadays applying is more stressful/bothersome than work and once you're employed, they threaten you with demotion/firing you. I hate life.


You can go off into the woods and hunt stuff, or forage for food or whatever. It may be illegal, but it isn't stealing


If it was like $1000 I could spend in a certain timeframe, but I'd die right after then I'd do it for sure. Existing without money is a lot worse.


Getting free stuff isn't really stealing either because there's tons of shit that's thrown away/unused just to keep the "growth cycle" going.


Anyone working full time care to give any tips on how to endure this hell? I couldn't even stomach a part-time position. JESUSCHRIST


What do you do?


File: 1585757925697.jpg (327.72 KB, 595x476, 5:4, suffering.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Anyone working full time care to give any tips on how to endure this hell?
There is no way. You suffer until it becomes a dull, aching pain, which as the years go by consumes your soul.


It's easier when you've got no choice.


File: 1585774907936.gif (986.84 KB, 500x452, 125:113, matsu not amused.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Just signed up some Work At Home Walmart outsourced bs and all I feel is dread having to deal with panicked normies in the middle of this pandemic.
Any wizards here with some experience with working from home?

The less you look at your watch/clock the better.


>Pandemic unemployment coverage expanded to include people that quit due to Covid-19
>In my state, with all benefits combined I'll get paid 900+ dollars a week to do nothing at all

For the next few months lads, im free, this wageslavery has temporarily come to an end. Thank God for covid-19


File: 1585796775117.png (841.58 KB, 662x651, 662:651, antiwork.png) ImgOps iqdb

Abolish wageslavery, abolish capitalism.


https://libcom.org/organise - union organizing guide

>“Common to all Anarchists is the desire to free society of all political and social coercive institutions which stand in the way of the development of a free humanity.” [Rudolf Rocker, Anarcho-Syndicalism]


File: 1585798102346.jpg (60.32 KB, 750x785, 150:157, fW9lBS9Ke_k5IGe-1X5UZ6KEJ8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm tired of getting robbed by my boss (profit is theft) and having him control me like a slave.


You're free to quit.


File: 1585798875330.jpg (93.72 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 9xzpxlllm0201.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

and then pick another boss to enslave me. Thats about as free a choice as someone putting a gun to your head to your head and giving you options to live. That is not "freedom", that is coercion.

Do you think anyone here signed away their liberty because they wanted to? not out of desperation because they had no other choice? I'm 100000000000% sure people here would rather be neets, or if they had to work they would rather work without having a fucking boss so they wouldn't feel like a slave. jack ass

pic related for those defending wageslavery and the system that maintains it


Your boss isn't responsible for your desperation or poor living conditions. Liberty means taking responsibility for yourself. You're free to pursue starting your own business, to do contract or freelance work. Comparing having biological needs which demand resources with someone threatening you is just dishonest.


File: 1585801062367.jpg (1.98 MB, 1713x2284, 3:4, antiwork2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No one said bosses were responsible for that, we don't want them to be. We want our independence from bosses and freedom from them, not a dependent relationship on them where we have to beg for everything. We don't want bosses at all,because they deny us our liberty. We are thinking creatures, and to deny us our liberty is to deny us the opportunity to think for ourselves, which is to deny our very existence. Freedom is a product humanity because of the very fact that we are all unique individuals, conscious of ourselves being different from others, creates a desire to act freely. The craving for liberty and self expression is a fundamental and dominant trait that we are denied in the workplace.

>for people to become educated to freedom and the management of their own interests, they must be left to act for themselves, to feel responsibility for their own actions in the good or bad that comes from them. They’d make mistakes, but they’d understand from the consequences where they’d gone wrong and try out new ways.” [Fra Contadini]

Liberty and freedom is a precondition for the maximum development of ones individual potential, and we do not have liberty or freedom in the workplace. We are denied our self expression, they rob us of our time, and they rob us of the fruits of our labor while we are paid crumbs.

So we want full responsibility over ourselves. What we have now is not that, what we have is a dependence on a boss who denies us of responsibility. In turn, this stagnates and retards our growth to our full potentials. We want control over our own self activity, not to give it to some boss to control us like slaves.

The capitalist firm is a centralized hierarchical totalitarian institution and those subject to it will see their abilities to manage their own lives, their creative thought, individuality, and self expression eroded under a constant stream of orders from above. In turn, the pretensions to power of those at the top are justified, as our capacity to manage our own labor without a boss is weakened by authoritarian social relationships that keep us dumb and from thinking for ourselves.

We want our own self-empowerment, not dependence on authority and not to give someone power over us.

No one is free to start their own business as easily as you want to believe. Do you live in reality? Don't you think that if it were so easy then people here would do so instead of taking the humiliating position of being someones wageslave? You need money to even to begin such ventures, which most people here don't have, and even if they did, our society is structured in such a way that the vast sweep of work is done collectively and socially (and the capital owned by a minority of rich to who enslave us), not as freelance/contract work.

What standing do you have to speak of liberty issuing from an authoritarian organization and society? There is no liberty under authoritarianism, except for the boss.

You're dishonest coming into the wageslave thread and acting like people here made a free choice to be a wageslave. The reality is that they had no other choice, because the society they live in and their own circumstances in life, which is the circumstances of the vast majority, leaves them no choice but to be a wageslave. Fucking bootlicker


Okay? No one's forcing you to sign an employment contract. You can pursue all of the things you're talking about on your own. The problem comes when you start trying to rob people because you decide that signing up to live on an one of the many voluntary communes that we have in this capitalist society is too much work.


The pic is a shortsighted rage, Bezos is rich because normies are consumerfags, not because he steals someones wages. Consumerfags give their wages to his empire voluntarily, because it is a good service for obtaining material objects. If you feel that Amazon steals your wage - be less of a consumerfag, there are no Amazon-only essential items. He's not nice to his workforce, but that makes him rich-er, not "rich", he'd be a billionaire even if Amazon was a half-charity. Same story with most billionaires, normies suck and these guys happen to supply to their demands well. And my demands, too, Amazon has some great objects there, rare, hard to find, all in one place. I demand 15 minute delivery for my material hedonistic needs, using drones, planes, electromagnetic catapults on zeppelin warehouse networks - I honestly don't give a fuck, if the technology allows it - let's do it. Monumental mad projects like that I'd gladly wageslave on, and give a part of my wage to.


File: 1585803354090.jpg (95.66 KB, 664x664, 1:1, 04dxmdckgjyy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Maybe he thinks the world has infinite resources and we can just start a homestead in the woods or some unused land, but too bad since 99% of livable land has been turned into private property for the rich to exploit and enslave us.

>the poor are trying to rob
Labour creates all of the worlds wealth. Without workers, there would be no society or civilization. So when we wise up and liberate ourselves from our masters and bosses, it will just be a re-appropriation of what is rightfully ours, not theft. The only theft is the wealth the boss derives from their position as a boss, or the wealth that someone derives from renting out land, or the theft that someone derives from renting out homes, the theft from charging interest on loans, the theft from gaining an income through stocks and not through work. All wealth derived from work, and not from passive ownership over private-property, but that is where the rich derive their wealths. Thus all the greatest thieves in society are not your fellow poor neighbors, workers on strike trying to raise their wages, not the so-called criminals that steal from supermarkets because they can't afford to eat. The greatest thieves are the people controlling us and running society, the business owners, the landlords, the bankers, and the politicians.

It is not robbery to take back from a thieve what is rightfully yours. The wealth of the world was created by workers and we will take back what is rightfully ours.

When we say Bezo's is a thief, it is because of how he earns his money, which is through ownership of a corporation and the power that position gives him over the distribution of surplus that comes from the amazon business. He is only able to retain that position because the state defends private property rights by violence, and if there were no state to defend these unjust rights then the workers would be Bezo's equals and they would get an equal say in how to divide the surplus in which they all contributed to in making.


Who would defend the workers' "equality"?
Personally I feel much more secure being paid according to an arrangement with my employer than I would being paid according to some collective whim. I only have to think back to school and how I was treated by my "peers" to know that it wouldn't be good to have my job, finances, living conditions, etc, decided by then. I suppose that for the bullies among us it would make sense to aim for a system that would be more easily manipulated to their favor, however.


Communism is a worse trap than wageslavery, you'll be forced to work on things that you don't care about, exactly what capitalistic wagies do today. The only difference is that essential products would be much cheaper and everything that is more than essential would be really hard to get, because nobody cares about making a lot of high-tech dishwashers due to no competition and hand-washing being "good enough". Everything would always be "good enough" and everything would forever be shit compared to what slaves of capitalism have, where there is at least a productive competition between lizard people. Collapse of USSR was a massive breath of fresh air for everyone in it, until its corpse started rotting.

Besides, what product of labor does an amazon warehouse worker has? The fact of movement of a 1200 boxes from a shelf to the conveyor belt? How do you compare it to the labor of an office rat that has to chew through 1200 spreadsheets a day, to distribute the surplus in a fair way? What if the rat is unhappy about your distribution and starts spreading its social nets to undermine your position and get a larger share? Soviets solved this issue by killing people like that, if you're not blissful about being a social slave and accept what the party is saying - you're an enemy, a parasite and should be disposed of, with lying manipulators having a massive edge in this game and a solid reason to conspire and make this system even harsher and more stable. In the end people like that came to power, and the whole system became like that, and it's like living in a snake nest. Monetary power was replaced by social power on all the levels of the system, if you're an "important person" or friends with the TV salesman - you can get it, if not - you're not really worth talking to, communism did not happen yet, money doesn't matter much, demotivated labor did not produce enough TVs for everyone and engineers aren't that interested in reverse-engineering capitalistic TVs or toilet paper production lines, rocket engines and tanks are much more fun, go back to the queue, smile harder and re-read the government-approved sci-fi books about the happy communistic life on a Jupiter moon in the nearest future. Same situation as with not having money in a capitalist society, but with even more shit on top of that.

I believe the actual non-trapping way out of this shit is building the infrastructure through wageslavery, avoiding it personally as much as possible, and then squeezing their capitalist balls hard enough so that everything necessary for survival becomes practically free through technical progress and taxation alone. With no possibility to die of starvation or cold, people would have less reasons to do shit jobs, with too-big-to-stand companies falling apart due to that. It would cause even harder competition between lizards, they'll have to lure people to work for them as the value of money and labor would raise, with even higher risks/rewards for lizards and big rewards for the time people spend on someone else's project.


The "demand" is only socially created. People are bombarded with images saying they need to have everything new. It's manufactured demand. Amazon can also only do all of those things since they have the bargaining power against other producers. The producers then also lower their wages. He has to make sure everyone is skimping as much as possible so he can offer the products at the cheapest price. It's the same thing with wal-mart.


This also doesn't mention that Amazon typically gets huge concessions from governments so they don't have to pay taxes as much since governments are willing to race to the bottom to get shitty jobs in their area due to trickle down theory.


File: 1585924878892.gif (2.01 MB, 480x360, 4:3, planepassing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm almost jealous of essential workers, I hate being holed up at home
I hate wageslaving but NEETing it up makes me just want to go back to wageslaving, I don't want to think about my shitty life for long periods of time
Not to mention I'm still working, just now it's at home


I'm jealous of you, wiz. I wish I could feel this way about work. I despise work, I hate it, I don't think 99% of jobs are necessary, everything about it is wrong and terrible.
I want to go back to NEETdom again but that's likely impossible unless I win at the lottery.

Paper pusher.

That's what I was afraid of.

It really isn't.

One of the only things that actually work. I have read about Buddhist monks being able to exist in the moment like there's no past or future, if that's true it's worth trying to learn how to achieve that frame of mind.


Also nice gif I might ad. The old series is very comfy.


without him you won't even have any wage



Stockholm Wizzuh.
That being said I sort of wish I had at least a part time job I didn't hate, because I'm bleeding money as there's no unemployment here. Just bargaining in this hellish reality we call life.


I am straight up going to kill myself. I can't get a job PERIOD. I have a Computer Science degree but apparently no skills that companies want whatsoever. Coronavirus has made getting a job even more impossible somehow.

I wish someone would help me. I need some kind of guidance. I feel incredibly lost in this world. There is zero opportunity.


Have you tried freelance sites like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour? Virtual Office Temps could also work.


you that guy who got the degree but can't code?


i dont have any skills people would pay for


It's a really bad moment, programmers are mostly working remote, and it's rare to hire newbies to do remote work. HR and managers will want to talk to you one on one which is impossible right now.

Apply to 300 entry job positions, dont worry about how shitty the company is, you just want to have a year of experience in your resume, HRs will consider you then. If you have a linkedin account, recruiters will spam you the shitty positions they can't fill.
Try to get a job where you use the language you want to use later. Don't get a javascript job if you loathe frontend web development because you'll have a hard time moving away from there.
You can try learning something like django or rails and upload a basic site to github to show that you are able to do something.

You have to compete against $1/hour indians in those places. Freelancers are hired either because they are extremely cheap (outsorcing to third world countries), are 'experts' in a specific field or their social network.


I loathe programming. I haven't found any kind of programming I enjoy. I studied it for 4 years but I'm going to be miserable no matter what I do in this life so I guess I'll do this.
The only jobs that exist are web dev. I have no web dev skills or knowledge. All entry level web dev demands years of experience. All programming jobs pay like complete shit


Two days simply aren't enough to rest from a workweek. It's like being constantly waterboarded, the time you're out of the water simply isn't enough to breathe


File: 1586292001042.jpg (73.62 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1569210199086.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'd make more if my job just fired me and I went on unemployment.


Im so sick of busting my ass, staying late everyday, putting up with retards and still getting bitched at by my boss. Its all such a fucking shitload.

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