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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
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Alternate view: What if religion was created by people in elite positions to keep people working and living, thus preventing them from killing themselves so that these elite people could continue to live luxurious lives at the expense of all others?


Yep in high school some kid told me about this, he was strange. But he told me that religion was also made to keep cattle in check and not kill themselves because they gotta work for them for no reason. Without religion I don't think we would advance as fast as this.


There are religion out there there that preach the "this world is just an illusion, just renounce your ties with the earthy to reach god" bullshit.


The world feels like a complicated mess, I lost my faith because I can not understand this place one bit or why am I here. Gods are just like mantras to keep people in check, there is no chosen one, no God, no fucking nothing. We are in empty space and plopped just like this to eat sleep and reproduce mindlessly. The Earth doesn't speak, it doesn't do anything but rotate, we have no true guidence and we just follow our mindlessly instincts untill we are all killed off by something, what a waste of time.


That's more fitting the definition of a cult. Established religions usually give validation to a certain ruler. Religions that can be manipulated to support a ruler are also a thing. The level of organization needed to go from a cult to an organized religion is pretty high and can typically only happen with legal sanction.

There's a reason the Cathars got killed off.


What are your thoughts on this scene bros?
I just thought this scene is quite interesting because it BTFOs the normalfaggy arguments that are raised against suicide.
The anime sucks by the way.


That was good to watch. To be frank, this could never get aired on US TV. Like he said, Christianity and governments are a main reason it's not allowed, but idk how that makes sense in a Japanese context besides being influenced by the US. It's probably that since I remember it being common for people in Japan to kill themselves so the family would get the life insurance money.


Your "I" could come into existence the first time, so there's no reason it couldn't come into existence again. What makes you think you only live once? One human lifetime and then eternal nothingness sounds too good to be true.


We don't even know if there is a continuous self in the first place. It's possible that your "I" dies every moment of every day.


I’m so tired of this metaphysical BS. God philosophy is so worthless.


your comment is Undue and Improper;the shirtless guy is talking about science-based concepts


Philosophy isn't all metaphysics. Most of metaphysics was just a product of the science not being advanced enough at the time. Science came from philosophy itself, though.

Life is a lot more mundane though now that we know we're just flesh and blood meatbags who exist for no real reason.


Your comment is a philosophical observation.


> science-based concepts
No, no he is not. There is no testable basis to see if your "I" dies, or if you're a boltzmann brain or whatever other bullshit. And the outcome of such a thing if it was testable would not matter in the slightest.


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A shot in the head is clearly the best method. You'll die so quickly that you won't even have time to feel the pain. If you're among the 5% who survive just try it again, I'm sure a second time will do it.

For those who have a gun, why haven't you done it already?


As much as anyone would like to deny it, very few people still have a slimmer of hope somewhere that stops them from ending it instantly.



Same, no matter how i try i cannot achieve any result in partial. I can't even sharpen a fucking knife watching video guides for several fucking hours. I'm too stupid to figure how leave this world.


give me ONE fucking logical argument against poverty charged suicide. I live in post soviet shithole, there is no sun, there is no love, it's literal hellhole in which i will never survive without the help from my granny which is already sick in mind and dying. There is no rational arguments against killing self in my occasion.


I've already tried to kill myself 2 years ago and failed. Nothing changed since that. Nothing will ever change, it's going to be only worse. That's how life works.


Jesus has chosen for you to suffer in this fashion as a spiritually redeeming experience. If you kill yourself over poverty, you won't go to heaven.

Real talk: You're right.


>He has chosen me to suffer.
Seems like a god I want to worship. Why couldn't he just make me live in a 2D isekai power fantasy instead.


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How to do tourniquet method during sleep ? I am in lockdown and can't go outside. Want to die by strangulation from tourniquet method . Any video or tips would he appreciated please


you can't strangle yourself in your sleep, you'll subconsciously undo whatever is around your neck



But people succeed doing this . I have no option due to lockdown any other method


File: 1585610321999-0.jpg (106.93 KB, 946x594, 43:27, 1ZwTaG5QKW4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How easy is it to get to your carotid and bleed out. If you mix it with high dosage of aspirine beforehand and a strong long course of taking anticoagulants (i.e. warfarin). Please tell this is as lethal and reliable, as i think it is. I don't have any other methods on my hands, except for some meme ones like poisoning on OTC drugs. Can't even find a decently tall enough building in this fucking city.


>Jesus has chosen for you to suffer in this fashion as a spiritually redeeming experience
There's already hell for that exact purpose. Let alone i'll simply be forced to make even more nasty things and sinning to redeem for simply in order to survive. Just throwing me into hell would be more consistent, but this "Jesus has a plan for you" explanation is a pure retardcy.
>If you kill yourself over poverty, you won't go to heaven
Cry me a fucking river on that. I just want to be returned back to the void and never bothered again.


Modscum also deleted our comments regarding the shirtless wizkid?

Is he untouchable around here or something


Is suicide by crossbow a decent alternative to a firearm in a country where I don't have access to firearms? I'd rather not go through with a method like hanging where possible


Yes it will make your blood thin and bleed like a river but you have to take warfarin and aspirin days before the suicide.

And I would prefer jumping when my blood is thin you would die 100 percent.


No just no. You would injure yourself than die. It's better to die in a warzone area than crossbow byself .


Thanks for giving me hope, anon.
>And I would prefer jumping
I'm thinking about combining these two methods. But first of all i need to find a tall enough building - not an easy task in thirdworld. And then i have to make sure there is an access to the roof.


It's hard in the US too due to anti-suicide barriers and stuff put up at the best spots.


are there some nets on the edges of Grand Canyon?


I don't think so, but guards will try to stop you and it's not so steep that you'd die on impact, so you'd have a painful fall down and suffer.


So is it a fact now that the oxygen method no longer works? I've heard they've modified the tanks or masks or something so you can no longer kill yourself with them.


Yeah, I'm more talking about places where the height is high enough and the fall is a perfect slam into the ground/ocean. The issue is, it's bad publicity so they will try to stop people at all costs. I'm kicking myself every day for not doing it before they cracked down on the golden gate bridge.


If it's steep enough that you will tumble on the way down then you're likely to end up dead. People can die just from falling down a flight of stairs, after all, although with that distance they can also just end up crippled.


So if i'm about to buy a 10mm climbing rope, how many meters do i need and where exactly do i buy it? Sorry for being retarded.


I've got needles. What are my chances by injecting air into my veins? Drugs are not an option.


If a larger amount of air is injected at once, you get air instead of blood flowing through the veins. When this reaches the right heart, you get a beating right ventricle sloshing around bubbles instead of blood, and cardiac output goes to zero just as if the heart had stopped. The patient dies suddenly.


Thank you for the information by instantly do you mean real quick? How come no one ever talks about this method?

>>217752 everyone is a jew nowadays, that's why I am killing myself


On other instances i was in a hospital constantly pulling out my lifelines on the IC

Traumatized the staff so much. The guard holding me down was literally crying when he stared into my lost, doomed soul. Perhaps he caught a quicj glimpse of his own future reflection.

That shit was real hell. Change can happen though. It is not likely that crushing of new dreams will not occur, they always shatter

But dont kill yrself mayne.
not like that


I have a chronic procrastination problem. It's one of the big reasons I want to kill myself, because this problem has pretty much caused me to fuck my own life up. It's just one of the reasons I want to kill myself, but it is also ironically enough one of the reasons I haven't done it yet. I just constantly keep pushing it back, I think maybe because I'm still a little afraid.


If you procrastinate long enough you'll die anyway, I wonder if that counts as suicide.


i DEFEND my statement


he's dead
a thread on /sci/ showed a poster of him as a missing person,then his car was found near a lake


How much propane would it take to blow myself up in an enclosed space and leave almost no remains? Couldn't care less if it looks intentional, just don't want to leave a mess.


> leave almost no remains
No amount will do this.


How much will guarantee death, then?

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