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Personally, I would claim to be sick as often as possible which was easy since my nose is frequently stuffed up. My best thing was saying spring break started a week earlier and the teachers really got upset with me for that one. I also dodged classes by having to go the nurse's office a lot.

I'm mainly remembering these as I was only able to pull them off in elementary school and it's been like 20 years because I have constant flashbacks, which fucking sucks.


I was too much of a goody two shoes to try and avoid school.


Yeah, the consequences for it got worse as I got older so I had to save it. To be frank, one of the main reasons I dodged school as much as possible was because it was a sensory hellscape. Kids constantly chattering and the day seeming like it would never end. I became a loner and it was really bizarre to most people.


I would skip at least one day of school each week and get away with it many times, I had a lot of unexcused absences and was never kicked out and graduated which was weird.


in elementary and middle school I would constantly go to the doctor's office and tell them I felt like barfing so they would call my dad and he would take me home, I started to develop anxiety around 8th grade and I started to get afraid to talk to the nurse so I stopped. In high school I just started walking out of school in plain sight and no one stopped me, if anyone asked I'd lie and say I was getting a book from my car (didn't have a car), then I'd take the 2 hour walk back home, most of the time I got home about the same time I wouldve if I had just went to class and took the school bus home but it didn't matter to me, I'd rather walk hours through town than sit in school and possibly have to talk with other people, I was actually so quiet and grey that teachers never seemed to notice I was missing from class as I would hardly ever get marked absent when I didn't attend. By the time I was in 11th grade I was just a ghost, no one noticed me, no one cared, I'd just drift through people and they wouldn't think twice


Best part about going to school in a 3rd world country is that no one gives a shit if actually you go to school or not. Teachers don't care because they have an abysmally low wage and are actually glad that they have one less snotty brat to look after, the principal is too busy being a corrupt piece of shit and stealing the school's money, parents turn off their brains and watch tv after working for 12 hours, so their offspring is the last thing on their minds.
Whenever I didn't feel like being in school I'd play on the playground nearby with whoever else was skipping classes. Good times.


During intermediate school (The 2 year school between Elementary and High school) I would take off 2 days a week. Without failure. The extreme change in everything overloaded my autism and no one took me seriously. I would stay home or if I was forced to go to school I would climb over the fence and stay in some random persons backyard for the rest of the school day. In hindsight, what a retarded idea that was. I'm so glad I didn't run into any dogs doing that




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when i was a kid i also pretended to be sick but i don't remember my parents ever believing me, it's kinda funny remembering it tho, i laid on the floor as if i had a stomach aches or spoke with a tiny voice as if i was in pain lol no wonder my parents didn't believed me being this bad of a comedian. In high school it was much easier because i hadn't to come up with that sort of things, if i wanted to avoid school i simply didn't go, it was pretty comfy going to school just the morning and ditching the afternoon because i decided to.. going home, playing vidya, god those were comfy times, as far as i remeber i've never been as comfy than when i ditched school..playing vidya with no one home as i skipped my classes was so much rewarding and "tastefull" than doing this all day as the NEET i am today.. i remember doing that every fryday, being in school untill 12 or 10 (i don't remember) and then going home with that amazing feeling of week-end finally starting.
of course as you may doubt it i had a lot of problems with the shcool administration because of that. the best memories i've from school are when i ditched school.


I was too scared initially because as a kid, this school is your life. You don't quite know what the significance of it really is. Then I got some sick leave and it was so lovely I sort of realized there's no way that having to put up with shit from others is any way to live. So then I just started lying to stay home more. And then when that was too obvious I switched to skipping by heading out but never going to school, just hanging in parks. Then eventually, I refused to leave my room. It was more comfortable than being outside with nothing to do.
Somehow this stubbornness actually worked out and after a few months to a year of parents yelling and home schooling they just kind of let go. Been in this room ever since more or less. It's basically what people complain about when they call someone entitled if I think about it, though I don't feel the least bit bad.


I used to fake a cough so that I would get sent home. My parents to this day think that I had a chronic cough as a kid.


I only started avoiding school in my third year of middle school (here where I live it consists of four). Before that only failed attemptions of faking being sick or delaying my mom's alarm so she wouldn't wake up to get me ready. In that year my depression emerged so I started skipping classes to go watch anime in the school's library's old computer. I'd simply get up from my sit and walk out of class, if a teacher complained I'd tell him to fuck off, that I couldn't care less about him or his subject. The librarian was kind a friend of mine and I wasn't the only student skipping classes to go do some shit around the school so I've never had any severe problems with the adm.


I used to just sleep in the library. Why the fuck do they think adolescents work well in an 8-4 setting? I mean my sleep habits were already dysfunctional and I needed so much because hormones and shit but it definitely didn’t help that I would listen to the Alex Jones Infowars show every night from 12-4am


Starve myself, stick fingers down my throat, generally saying I was ill as often as I thought I could get away with. When I got older (16-18) I dropped the act and just started skipping all my lessons.


I claimed to be sick often. When that didn’t work, I would get to school, go straight to the toilets by the band room and hide in a stall through first and second hour, then i’d use my phone to call the office and pretend to be my mom calling me out sick. Eventually they figured me out and would immediately call my mom to tattle. I thought this was because they caught on to my phone number, so the last time I tried I asked for my friend’s phone and stepped out in the hallway to try calling myself out using their number. That didn’t work either and I got called to the principles office for that one, got five days detention, and got to hear the assistant principle explain to my friend in the lobby about what I did and how I would be punished. That friend was a good student and so that incident really was the catalyst for our friendship ending once she started to realize I was a depressed moron.


Just pretended to be sick. On several occaisons I just said I wanted to stay home and my parents let me. My mom always tried to get me to do schoolwork on my sick day but I just ignored her and played video games.


Wish I wasn't such a scaredy-cat as a kid and could refuse going to school outright, instead I'd just pretend to be sick or leave during recess when nobody was watching. To me, school is just another name for a prison. Trying to learn in a class of 25+ people who try to compete with you for grades is insane, not to mention the teachers are most concerned with humiliating you if you don't know something or did a bad job (just be perfect dude, like, read their mind, never make mistakes haha). Let us not forget things like getting called names by someone from a higher grade that can physically threaten you, oh yes, I can't wait to go to school today, mom! But the worst thing is being forced to get up early and feeling like trash the whole day because of it, this shit should be illegal as minor, what the fuck is wrong with people? Glad I'm forever free of that place, good fucking riddance.


I would eat breakfast, make myself throw up, then wake my grandma up and show her and tell her I was sick. She'd usually let me stay home.


For gradeschool I'd just draw or play PSP in class. After the first couple years the teachers just collectively grouped me in with the other hopeless problem children and didn't pester me. For highschool I just didn't show up 90% of the time.


I would go to netcafe or playstation center. Good ol times


File: 1590101861905.jpg (844.66 KB, 1600x2403, 1600:2403, gettyimages-75554969.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Always remember that the prussian educational system was designed to be a prison for the masses' offspring. All it can teach is fear and passive obedience, hence why modern man is so timid.


Couldn't skip school since my cunt of a mom almost never had a job and was always at home. I hid in the forest sometimes.


I believe it.


File: 1590139775690.png (36.22 KB, 106x122, 53:61, 1587348311765.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've had perfect attendance throuhout school, like the good little drone I am. Wish I never, as I was frequently bullied.


File: 1590149254593.gif (652.55 KB, 300x346, 150:173, 1571753529605.gif) ImgOps iqdb

My parents forced me to go every day,was bullied came home crying but they sill forced me to go,they said "You cant miss Education your future depends on it".
If I was a burger I would definitely have shot up my school.


There was excellent scholarship on this matter, concerning the history and purpose of the education.
It is not to make people "slaves to their masters" "solidfy the rule of elite" its just that people needed workers that relatively had to do more complex tasks, so a bith of math and bith of reading and writing were required.

I don't think they purposefully molded the independent kids into obedient drones, I mean being an obedient drone was and still is the norm in the first place, it just extended to children when public schools started to spring out.
You job in early 1900s as a factor worker was to be an obedient drone, even today most jobs require you to be one.

This is a sidenote but I'm always amazed how most freedom loving americans are more or less perfectly fine in working in enviroments right out of a communist dystopia, highly authoratarian management, HR constantly screening and monitoring dissents, blantant -we love our jobs- propaganda that no one believes but everyone plays, the snitches you report anything to higherups etc etc
Then they go back to their home and go online ranting about how living in soviet union was hell.


Sickness was my most frequent excuse for getting out of school. Once I got to junior year and beyond I stopped bothering faking it and would just outright refuse to go whenever I really didn't want to.

I did the same thing at my first job: several days off every month for various reasons. Fortunately I wasn't in a position of importance and nobody cared as long as I gave advance notice. Responsibility in general is something I've shirked my entire life– I'm not interested in it and don't feel any obligation to do things that I don't want to.

Looking back, I probably should have just gone to school, left anyway and come home when classes ended. It would have saved me many morning arguments and shouting matches.


when i was in like first grade or kindergarten i would always cry driving to school and getting out of the car because i didnt want to go, sometimes my mom would have to drag me in. no surprise i turned out this way


I'm sorry anon. You aren't alone, though, my parents never really helped me in that regard.

I wouldn't have shot up the school. I wish I wasn't so spineless, though. I should have stuck up for myself. I think I kept quiet in the silly belief that they'd leave me alone

Throughout not throuhour


I couldn't avoid it. I was more scared of the possible consequences at home for trying to avoid school than having to bear the nightmare that school was to begin with.

Sadly that wasn't the case for me, but I guess it depends on the school/family. Dad would beat me up daily for not doing my homework as the teachers would write down notes for them every time. School would call home whenever I wasn't in class, I picked up some of those calls myself when I was actually sick or had a legitimate reason not to go.


I faked a chronic cough, because when I was coughing it would disrupt class and teachers would send me home even if my parents wanted me to go to school because I had no other symptoms.


I did a whole bunch of shit, the worst was telling the teacher I wanted to kill myself multiple times when I was like grade 4-8, they'd call my mom and ask her to bring me home. I was a fucked up kid.


>"fuck you, I'd rather get whipped by you than go today, I spent all night playing vidya, I can't sleep and there's something wrong but I can't put my finger on it". It actually worked 99%

Like, I couldn't believe, late middle school I'm still being hit hard by mother and father, mainly mommy. Black eyes, broken lips, cut skin. Magically get into high school, suddenly my "fuck yous" scared the same people that has been abusive for years.


Yeah, I had the same, guess they recalculate their actions when the victim can hit them back, and hit them back hard
What a sad pathetic lifeforms they are. I had the same problem with my family, and you know what I would have respected them more if they hit me as I was a kid. At least I would apploud them for their bravery.

Pushing people below you in strength and power only signifies your cowardice. I'm currently a professor at a university, and I'm appauled by some of my peers actions towards the students. If there are 100 cases of entitlement and rudeness it is maybe 1 case of a student nad 99 cases from professor. The zoomers people love to hate are always polite, always apologizing and always considering to me.
And I try to be as such to them, I always try to be very courtious check my emails to prevent any passive aggresiveness and be patient and kind towards them. Because it is easy to not to.

I hate people who direct their hate downwards while being cowardly towards upwards. Scum of earth. Sadly many of them are professors.


File: 1590856218727.jpg (82.72 KB, 708x698, 354:349, soda_dog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would pretend to be sick, which is the classic one for kids. Later on in life I would only do this for important things like if I needed more time to study or work on a project.

There were a few times I stayed home just because the bullying was too much but eventually I just learned how to be very good at avoiding them in school. The bullying stopped high school for the most part. A lot of those kids who were bullies were sociopaths and nearly all of them ended up becoming criminals.

In high school sometimes I would skip out on classes or gym class. I wait for the teacher to take attendance then I would hide in the bathroom until they left (to the field or the lab etc) and then I would go back to retrieve my belongings and leave. I would then go to the lunchroom and talk with my friends or just eat snacks alone, then I'd go nap in the library. That was sort fun because I was never caught doing it for gym but for other classes I did get caught twice but I was never punished.


I was the best most avid schoolgoer all A's and work habits at maximum.

It will be 10 years of my neetdom soon.

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