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No hope, no prospects edition

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What will you wagies do when wages are abolished in 2026?

What will you do with your time?

As a master of yourself?

Start thinking about it now


Probably more like 2022 at this rate


Noam Chomsky - Wage Slavery


I'll be free to do nothing all day until I die.


My depression and anxiety have only worsened in the past year. I could hold things together long enough to do my job, but now I'm struggling to keep my head above water. My roommates have started getting tired of me as well. I'm beginning to think that I might end up homeless in the next year.


Live a modest life off my savings in a cottage out in nowhere, keep some livestock, grow my own food, elaborate cooking, exercising, chopping firewood, some garage project, keeping all my stuff in top notch shape, learn to play all my shitty weebtunes on piano, improve my nihongo etc.


Depressed because I have to work again tomorrow. It never stops. As I said before, it's like being waterboarded, can't breathe. I wasn't made for this and dont know how long I can keep it up before exhaustion. My only hope out of this hell is the possibility of an inheritance that allows me to live on passive income for the rest of my days, but that's still a long way from happening.
I wish I was a pebble sitting on the bottom of a creek forever


i have no skills and no ability to work any job. i couldnt even be a cashier or server because i am so bad at math. at least corona gives me an excuse to be unemployed
this sucks man. i just want a job i can do. i wasted my life getting this degree


I regret ever working. My life would have been better if I had just neeted.


God I wish.


And how do you live now?


Live with parents, work in their business, watching anime and shitposting here.


File: 1586810641630.jpg (39.3 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 3udfs0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well that's gonna be a fucking hell of a transition.


You're not really a wageslave lol


Except for the cottage why you can't do all the things you mentioned like right fucking now? Working for your parents isn't really a job.


I'm retard at math and I cashier just fine, all modern registers do the counting for you, all you need to be able to do is give the right amount of change it tells you to


Imagine having to looking for a job during a global pandemic.


I was told it'd be easy since grocery stores needed people but there are too many normal restaurant workers, artists and djs and stuff applying now. Fuck me.


ive straight up been denied jobs over it. its humiliating. and corona has made realizing any kind of life at all even more impossible


I'm waiting on a response from this service that has people buy from a list for multiple people and then give it to one driver who does the deliveries. They took a week to get back to me the first time I emailed and now that I responded to their follow up, it will probably take another week.

I really wish I had been born a math sperg instead of a trivia sperg.


>I really wish I had been born a math sperg instead of a trivia sperg.
why? I studied math and it was useless


Is is that hard to get a grocery job? Those are always short on workers cause no one wants to stay long term for a shitty job
And it's not like they require anything other than being cheaper than a robot


It saddens me that I will have to return to wageslavery soon. The coronavirus confirmed what I've always suspected: I really am happier being NEET. I've spent the past 4 years working full time just living for the weekend. This past month I've finally been able to explore my interests and it's been great. I wish this didn't have to end.

Not sure if I'm going to have a job to go back to after this shutdown ends, but even if I do I don't think I'll go back. I feel like I'm at a crossroads here. I need to either make a big change, or maybe just consider the possibility that I'm just not cut out for this world. If my only option is to devote my life working at jobs I hate, I think I'd rather be dead.


File: 1586870399441.jpg (4.73 KB, 124x119, 124:119, 1424633888297s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have faith in me wizzo!

Nani!? Here I've been thinking I had a job all the time, what about your job makes it the real deal?
I do some of the things mentioned to a degree yes, but with all the extra time I reckon I could put in some thorough effort.


I feel sorry for any wizzies that lost their jobs due to this virus or were in between employment. If you thought the immediate impact from the whole thing like people dying was bad, wait until we start feeling the economic repercussions. A lot of smaller businesses will probably not survive this and many other companies will have a hiring freeze while they look to cut their expenses. Your best bet right now would be to hang on to any employment you can right now until the situation changes for the better, which might take a long time to recover either way. I really do hope wizzies here were saving for a rainy day such as this and thus you have plenty of savings tucked away precisely for this kind of emergency. I feel like for lot of people this will be a major wake up call, especially if they got caught unprepared due to the whole living paycheck to paycheck and will now be going through some pain. If you have plenty of savings though, you'll weather this storm just fine.


The cognitive skills that enable you to be good at math are the ones needed for technical fields, so it would be relatively easy for you to shift to something like programming or actuarial science.


lol sure


I work at the national landlord union. Since the corona thing started, I've noticed two kinds of questions that landlords have about about it: the first is about their restaurant/shop tenants going out of business. That one is obvious. But the other is that older resident tentants are getting corona and dying in their apartments en masse. There's a serious death wave happening right this moment. It's a boomerdemic out there.


>coworker spends most of his shift talking about his ps4, capeshit and other normgroid "nerdy" shit
>gets sad when people tell him to fuck off because theyre trying to work, or when the managers remind him he's there to actually work and not socialize.

Also, every second word he says is "fuck/fucking/fucked" or "goddamn/damn." It's annoying.


man how in the world are you fellow wizards getting wage slavery permits during this pandemic? I have been looking for a gig in a 5 mile radius, turning in applications and no one calls me back.
this is ridiculous


File: 1586920821627.jpg (30.27 KB, 219x232, 219:232, sittin in the park chillin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


collecting rent


File: 1586928422328.jpeg (65.25 KB, 512x379, 512:379, EVF6W6SXsAAyojC.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Security jobs are always plentiful, especially the overnight ones. Coincidentally, these jobs are also very wizard friendly.


non-essential job.
That said, they keep bothering me trying to get me into a work at home program they tried to whip up at last minute.


What's the job about?

I always keep hearing about how working on security overnight is the paramount of comfy and shit.
But how a regular wizard acquires the requirements for such job?


It's probably alright until some shit actually happens, I can't imagine anyone here responding well to such a situation.


There's very little requirements other than not being a felon and having a warm pulse. In California, you have to acquire a guard card but that only takes a day of classes and a few weeks for processing. I would just go on Indeed or similar jobs website and email some security companies telling them that you want to work third shift (overnight). Overnight is usually the hardest shifts for them to fill because normies do not want them so you should have no issues getting a job.


Pretty much nothing happens the vast majority of time. Depending on the site you could be watching Netflix your entire time while occasionally making checks. If anything goes down that you feel you cannot handle, you just simply call 911 and get the cops to do it for you.


you have no fucking clue what a math major studies and you are a fool if you think they're related.
I studied Math. I cannot for the life of me grasp programming or IT or any of that garbage


>tech industry was already horrible to break into as a college grad
>be me fresh college grad
I think I'm done i am bowing out of this field. I cannot do a single thing with a Computer Science degree


I said cognitive skills. A lot of the interview questions for programming are just basically math word problems and often times it requires knowing math to make a program efficient. Computer Science is very closely related to math.


I have degrees in both and disagree with you. Things like algorithmic complexity and graphics just use first year baby math. None of the theory is practical in industry unless you go far and become highly successful which requires serious social skills


I have a job in a grocery store.


I didn't say the theory was applicable itself. Someone who can think in a way that's good for mathematics can probably pick up programming. The practical aspects of the two are divorced but companies would consider someone with a math degree if they learned some programming.

Most math programs advertise that a graduate could go into programming after. for instance https://math.duke.edu/undergraduate/jobs


how to unionize your workplace video.



Thankfully i live with my parents and they allow me to NEET as long as I don't ask them for money.
I lived like this for many years but its reaching a point that it's starting to become unbearable for i can't develop any hobbie due to lack of funds. I want to buy a banjo and learn to play bluesgrass, join a gym also i really want a motorbike and go on long rides. I no longer can endure staring at imageboards 24/7.

Thing is that i'm terrible at everything, i don't know how to do anything and i'm not exactly young. I've worked on retail before and i swore i would kill myself if i had to go back to it. There's just no hope nor light at the end of the tunnel.

NEETdom and no money to do anything


Working and having no time for anything


>Most math programs advertise that a graduate could go into programming after
That only underlines the uselessness of math degrees: they just advertise that the 3-4 years are so worthless that most people need to pivot into learning a whole new field. It's just advertising because they want student money.

Jobs still expect you to learn the skills they need. They arent going to teach it to you. So you're still maybe at best equal to some kid who taught himself for 3 months despite wasting 3-4 years.


I'm the same,so I had to do my own shit in order to get money.

What I was doing before this corona shit was to buy phones from aliexpress and sell them online,certain models are uncommon in my country and have good demand,so I can make like $120-150 in pure profit when I sell one,I bought a PS4 Pro and a Switch using this method.

But then corona happened and everything went to shit,still I kind of managed to survive,now I'm waiting for another one to arrive next week,maybe you can do something similar?


I'm a military subcontractor so my job is "essential".


They'll consider someone with a math degree who self-studies over someone without one. Of course you have to learn some stuff to get through the interview, but they're not expecting people to learn a full 3-4years of cs.



question for the security wizards
how did you get your guard card?
do you really have to get a background check (no big deal) and send finger prints to the fbi? (this i am paranoid of)


Employer had a free course that took maybe a day or two. I think we did have to get fingerprinted and do a background check.


you need to stop
>Jobs still expect you to learn the skills they need. They arent going to teach it to you

this is a recent thing and a sign of how terrible it is. jobs want the perfect worker from the get go and are not interested at all in training someone.

its why im gonna be unemployed forever with my computer science degree


I got my guard card within a month. It turned out I didn't need it because my employer offered their own training course and proprietary guard card. Contact the employers and ask ahead to avoid wasting your own money.


I start unemployment in a couple days because my employer furloughed me. I heard we get an additional $600 per week from the federal government as well. What should I spend my neetbux on?


>Society can function well with most workers staying home

>record breaking unemployment

>almost complete paralysis
>biggest economic recession since 1929

Wizard I….


you guys should cheer up


I want to seriously die.


File: 1587202060527.png (1.5 MB, 763x990, 763:990, Pyramid_of_Capitalist_Syst….png) ImgOps iqdb

we still have enough resources to provide for everyone, the only problem is the distribution of resources will not go where it is needed, it will go to who has money, and most money is hoarded by the rich. Thus, you are currently witnessing the fallacious claims of capitalist apologists that hierarchical market systems are efficient ways of distributing resources. The capitalist market system certainly is efficient in making the rich richer, but resources do not go where people need them, they go to people who have money. Of course, the capitalists and banks will complain that we aren't continuing our endless increasing of production units because their profits are hurt, irrespective if they need to be increased in order for people to live or not. If people had direct democratic control over the economy and their workplaces, not politicians and bankers and capitalists of all kinds, then resources would be distributed more rationally because collectively we are all self-interested in our own well-beings. If we had that power, then we could collectively choose to work less and enjoy a more fulfilling life, rather than kill our joy in life by slaving away to make someone rich as a wageslave.


I am Neet from 5 years ago, my last work was on a library where my boss was a monster, he always arguing and scream me, that was frustrating to me, the worst part of this was my job was on begin of school season, idk but im afraid about work for people, they are disgusting and i just wanna work in a silence place where anyone cant fucking kidding me but my shithole cant let me find a job like that…


>two coworkers lost a couple shifts each this week
>complain about it as if they are innocent
>one spends most of their time at work talking about nothing instead of working, the other comes in late or leaves early. They also don't complete their work, despite having ample time (and other workers) to do so

The lack of self awareness these people have amazes me. I know I'm not the best worker ever, but at least I'm honest about it


File: 1587239710367.webm (426.2 KB, 1344x572, 336:143, probably not.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>we still have enough resources to provide for everyone


My boss used to bully me and literally scream in front of me over asking basic questions, shit like this is why i'm scared to get another job, people always treat me like shit and yell at me for being slow or not good enough like the rest of the workers, my parents and brothers are nagging me to get another job but i'm fucking afraid and rather just die.


i dont know how to get through life when you're slow. it seems if you're an adult with no knowledge and are a slow learner people would rather you die


File: 1587248337746.jpeg (99.86 KB, 487x653, 487:653, capitalismkills.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb






You'll probably see less variety, but we are still growing plenty of food. Hopefully we will see more people growing their own food after this too, because transporting exotic fruits across the world causes excessive pollution which is too costly on the environment to sustain. Notice that despite growing plenty, the places that have the most to fear are where people are poor and have no money, which does not contradict what I said. Markets, especially capitalist markets which are built on vast inequality, are inefficient in supplying people with what they need. Under the market system this food would go to a fat rich succubi instead of a town of starving poor people, and capitalist apologists call this efficient. Capitalist markets will effect the poor the most, because they will probably be the most effected by losing their jobs, and without a job how can they pay the inflated food prices? The food will be exported to a richer country, less economically impacted than the poorer one and less in need of it. Therefore in the capitalist market system, "supply and demand" is not actually efficient at anything other than skewing resources in favor of the rich. Unless you believe it is efficient because you think rich lives matter more than poor ones do. Real demand is not satisfied under capitalism, only effective demand is supplied, which is to whoever has money, regardless to whether those with money need resources or not. This depraved system has killed millions in the past by creating totally preventable famines such as the Irish potato famine, the famine in India when it was conquered by the british, the Dust Bowl, ect. Of course you'll never hear about this from the capitalist ideologues because they have no shame to admit the consequences of this system.

Not to mention the millions of people that die even in normal years without a pandemic because they simply can't afford food, meanwhile the stores are filled with food and most of it goes to waste because the profit motive prevents its efficient distribution to the poor who need it.


>quote by famine expert Amartya Sen in his book Resources, Values and Development

>"Take a theory of entitlements based on a set of rights of 'ownership, transfer and rectification.' In this system a set of holdings of different people are judged to be just (or unjust) by looking at past history, and not by checking the consequences of that set of holdings. But what if the consequences are recognisably terrible? . . .[R]efer[ing] to some empirical findings in a work on famines . . . evidence [is presented] to indicate that in many large famines in the recent past, in which millions of people have died, there was no over-all decline in food availability at all, and the famines occurred precisely because of shifts in entitlement resulting from exercises of rights that are perfectly legitimate. . . . [Can] famines . . . occur with a system of rights of the kind morally defended in various ethical theories, including Nozick's. I believe the answer is straightforwardly yes, since for many people the only resource that they legitimately possess, viz. their labour-power, may well turn out to be unsaleable in the market, giving the person no command over food . . . [i]f results such as starvations and famines were to occur, would the distribution of holdings still be morally acceptable despite their disastrous consequences? There is something deeply implausible in the affirmative answer."


Thinking of looking for overnight jobs when all of this blows over.


exactly. but it's still illegal to kill yourself since you need to be there in case someone needs someone to shovel shit


thats enough schizenu


I keep hearing about that "extra $600 a week" you can get with unemployment right now. That's more than double what I get on a good week at my shit retail job.
I've also heard that, right now, they're a lot more lenient regarding who is eligible. I live with my elder mother, and with all her conditions, she's very vulnerable to the virus. I wonder if I could actually quit my job because of this and receive unemployment benefits? I'm not sure if I'd qualify because neither my mom or I actually have it or show symptoms. But, there's one vague condition, "If you had to quit your job because of COVID-19". I feel like it could be valid, because I need to start staying home to protect the vulnerable person I live with. But I'm not completely sure.

I'd like to go through with this, because even if it's just for a few months, I'd be making so much more money by NOT WORKING than actually working. But I really don't know if I would be eligible and I'd like to be completely sure before quitting. It sounds too good to be true so I'm assuming I would not be eligible. But if anyone here has done something similar lately I'd love to hear about it.


You need to let your employer know about your plans ahead of time and have them agree with it. They will call your employer and verify your status; if you quit your job without your employer's consent then you will not qualify for UI.


File: 1587409358404.gif (1.26 MB, 275x319, 25:29, 2612d39aae5e7d60f6586ecd4b….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Got a call today from a security job I applied for. They are gonna interview me over the phone tomorrow. Here's the thing though, I smoke weed often and they drug test, but I looked it up and the company is supposed to test you at the interview. I don't know what to do, do you think the drugs will be out of my system by the time they test me? Some people said they got hired even though they failed the test, and others say they're strict about it. And it's legal where I am but the application said that they still test for it despite that.

Fucking whatever.


u dun goof'd m8.


being black is hard


If they're gonna interview you over the phone how will they test you for drugs? Unless you're high during the call they won't know anything.


For you


I'm not a nigger.

That's the thing, I don't know when they'll test me or how any of this is gonna work. They clearly can't over the phone, so maybe if they hire me they will when I show up? Maybe they'll just skip it entirely?


They will test you when you get there or shortly after.


stop smoking for the time being


File: 1587444494271.gif (686 KB, 278x300, 139:150, 1431649755480.gif) ImgOps iqdb

That's the plan.


Every night fills me with dread that i'll have to go to work on the next day. Sundays are the worst. Every day I dream about the day I won't have to work anymore. when I'll be able to do nothing all day until I die, but that day is so far away, if it happens. I really despise this.


Today I dreamt I went bald. Working from home made things a bit better but I still wish to get fired every single day.


Would you mind going bald? I'd like to if it didn't make me look like a chemo patient. It would almost eliminate my need to shower, I wouldn't need to spent money to have it cut, and wouldn't need to interact with barbershops. Also I never remember my dreams, which i find great. But anyway, I think this is considered thread derailing, so to answer the topic, yea, working for home has improved things a lot for me because I no longer have to wake up early, dress, go outside into a crammed train and ride 20km to my job. However, just as you said, I also wish to be fired, while at the same time knowing that I'd probably starve without the money it gives me.


Always look for the meanings of dreams.


File: 1587604886436.gif (8.22 MB, 400x297, 400:297, disappointed mulder.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Well I got an email back from the security job. They said no. I didn't even get to the drug test portion. Fuck it, gonna go get high as fuck, seeing as it doesn't matter anymore.


That Fox Mulder gif really captures the disappointment of reading rejection emails. Jesuschrist


Yeah, one time a company didn't email and I knew I was probably rejected but I tried to Costanza it and it didn't work out.


I am happy for even the rejection emails. Here, companies dont have to do that so they just ignore you 99.9% of time.


Anyone here work in postal service? Is it hell? How's the pace? Do you get any say about intensity of the job?


It's great, very relaxing work, great coworkers, decent pay also


stop embarassing yourself


Really? I was thinking about it because it seems like the no bullshit job in the field I'd be good at. If my career path wont work out, and it probably won't due to corona I think I'll give it a look.


Ridiculous impossible targets, constant communication, exposure to hundreds of plebs, physical exhaustion and permanent damage to the spine


File: 1587783875295.gif (2.71 MB, 302x294, 151:147, mining.gif) ImgOps iqdb

last month i didnt get my full check
last week i also didnt get my full check
nothing but false promises about when im getting my next check
least I'm getting my trump bux in early may
what should my next job be?


wow that looks like shit why is it all squished, kinda wish I didnt attach an image now


I wonder if you guys work different positions? Or both mailmen? And maybe in wildly different areas too.


Not to make this a pissing contest of who gets fucked more, but damn I wish I at least got rejection emails at all.


File: 1587843294231.png (110.84 KB, 669x585, 223:195, 1587625796136.png) ImgOps iqdb

>two days ago, work decided it was time to wear masks while working
>why then and not a month or so ago, when covid was at its greatest risk?
>the box has Chinese on it, literally zero English
>made me skeptical

Well it was nice knowing you guys


File: 1587858306172.jpg (100.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fell asleep on my job and slept through my scheduled patrol and got a write up.

They suspected I fell asleep, but couldn't really prove it. I just said I forgot to do my round. Hopefully I don't get fired.


File: 1587858825979.jpg (10.08 KB, 196x258, 98:129, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I do have an alarm set, but I had it turned off because employees were in the office next to me and I forgot to re-enable my alarm and I slept through my scheduled patrol.


There's probably a lot of factors, I read some opinions from my city and it looks like it's tough. I'll keep doing what I'm doing and look for overnight work if I can't.


My data entry job is mothballed/furloughed whatever it's called. I qualify for virus bailout money but I know it'll run out. Prices on shit like CPUs or even snacks are through the roof on Amazon right now.

I'm too stupid to code and too out of shape for security (probably) so what job could I possibly get next?


You don't have to physically fit to be a security guard.

One guard that works for my company is a literally deformed cripple that can barely walk and is like 5 feet tall.


File: 1587949609743.jpg (4.22 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you don't have social skills, you're basically considered the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth that gets treated worse than literal retards and rejects.

If you don't have social skills, you're done.


You just need a pulse to be a security guard. At my last job, they had a morbidly obese guy as a security guard


Nah i really cant do it


Imagine trying to challenge someone about what they were doing or something. I couldn't even do that.


Why not?


i believe the healthcare field has some niche jobs that might qualify. Medical field is filled with jobs that require interaction with people, and often the social butterflies are attracted to it; this leaves the jobs with little to no interaction pretty much undesired. The road there is hell though, from own experience.


I've worked as a security guard on night shift for 2 years. It's quite a good career for asocial types like us; can definitely recommend it.


I need a new job, but I'm almost 29 and have barely any skills. Why didn't I realise this when I was in my early 20s? Absolute idiot. I should have been planning long-term.


People who have skills typically have fun doing productive stuff when they're young. When I was young, I downloaded photoshop because I wanted to be cool and make those overstylized anime sigs but it was just overwhelming. The guys who went somewhere in life had fun tinkering with it. Same with coding and anything else worthwhile like taking apart electronics, trying to make robots, etc. For more social stuff like doctors/HR/etc. they were usually very social as kids and constantly doing extracurricular stuff to pad their college applications.


Getting employed is all about the art of selling yourself and lying. Everything is a skill. Even a jobless, friendless, NEET has skills. Spend all day on the computer? You are now proficient at the computer and can put that on a resume. Say you know word/powerpoint/excel. Even just using the internet can be a skill, given how many people are in the social media/ "influencer" crowd now. Just think of anything you can do remotely well, and dress it up with job lingo.

I hate doing it and I'm not that good at it, but this kind of cheating and manipulation is how people get jobs.


That only works if those skills aren't needed and are just resume fluff. If you can't actually do the excel stuff and have to look it up, then it depends on how much time they're giving you to do it.

Being able to fake stuff represents having the ability to act normal, which a lot of us don't have.



usually when people are coming out of their late teens /early 20's they think, ehh i have plenty of time with everything, i'll have my youth forever. By the end of your 20's the second chances are drying up pretty fast.

i dont regret being a neet. but in hindsight the right way to be a neet would of been to invest in the markets like crazy when i was young so i could just relax when i got to my current age. Now im old with nothing, working harder than ever against people who have youth and energy


You'd be surprised, but there's a lot more to the medical field then being a doctor/nurse. And which are not also the lowest of the low tier, like being home health aides and stuff. There's a lot of various technician jobs out there that provide support to the field and pay well enough for a single wizzie to live on. A lot of times you just work by yourself with some medical equipment or so. Examples of such jobs include being an X-ray/radiology/sleep tech. A lot of this type of training is provided by local community colleges, so that's something for wizards to look into if they just want to do a minimum amount of studying for a decent enough career.

That's what I'm doing now essentially, I realized that at some point it really doesn't even matter what kind of job you do, as long as you're working and bringing in money. You don't want to end up that wizard who's in his 30's and is still reliant on his family/relatives for support since that's no guarantee it'll be going on forever. At some point unless you have iron-clad NEETbux from the government or something, you risk being thrown under the bus by family/relatives when they tire of you. At the very least we wageslave wizards are able to provide for ourselves though our own labor and that's a reassuring thought.

So essentially now I'm living like a hermit only spending the minimum on my necessities such as food & the roof over my head, and saving up as much income from my wageslave job as I possibly can. Investing in the stock market can be a smart thing to look into if you do your research and don't chase impossibly high returns. I recommend wizzies look into things like low-cost index funds that are basically guaranteed to grow in value over time. If you're smart & prudent with your investments, you can be that wizzie who eventually can live off his dividend checks while the rest of the wageslaves are hopefully chasing after the next big-status item to purchase and throw their money away. Even if you're at a point where you have a couple hundred bucks coming in each month from your investments, you're gonna be in a hell of a lot better position then many many normies around you. This is stuff I have learned all by myself since no one was around to teach it to me.


I've seen some people working who are skilled with excel and it's a pretty high level. Even then they only know the small bits they need. It's probably one of the easiest lies to catch by anyone that has used excel or worked with people who were good at it.
Well, if you are caught lying theres always another job somewhere.


>I was sent home for having asma due to corona chan
>With full pay
>its been almost 2 months of full pay, and the landlord told the entire building that the rent is goint to be suspended till june
>Bought a new computer
First time in 7 years since ive felt so good and that i actually made a good desicion picking this job.


what job is that


nice, hope things keep going well for you


I know this thread is more about shitting on work rather than actively searching for it but i must do the later out of necessity and damn it's such a hassle. Did it for years and only found one years ago but i must admit i half arsed it and never could stick to the research regularly but today i applied to 160 different places thanks to a social worker that gave me all these e-mails and adresses, he also completely changed my CV and cover letter. So altogether everything is optimized to the maximum and if i don't get any job despite of it i'll seriously start to think that i'm completely screwed, the worst part being that the jobs i apply to are very dead end labor stuff so what can i do if i can't even get one of those ? I guess i just have to wait and see and in 2 or 3 weeks everything will be clarified.


I've been thinking about quitting for some time. I feel like my boss hates me but it doesn't look like he'll fire me, so my dream of unemployment money vanished.
This is the first and only job I had. I've worked around a year and a half. Should I wait until I have at least 2 years of experience to add to my resume? I don't know if I'll want another job, but if I ever do it could be hard to find one.


>company I work for transfer me from supermarket close to me to one 10km away, just so i can clean shopping carts there for 10hours straight
Should I just quit this job already?


That's the worst part. There's nothing, not even dead end. At this point I'm kind of alarmed when someone does call back. If it's too easy it's a red flag too.


Has anyone here ever resigned from a job with nothing else lined up?

I'm at a very low point in my life, spiritually, mentally, and I feel like I need to take some time detached from everything in order to potentially regrow afterwards. Maybe this is just laziness or depression influencing my instincts.


I did, but I work contracts so it was as easy as making an excuse to not go next time and they never called again.
Corona happened later. I've got savings to last me for some time but I've got this nagging feeling of needing to find something to do because I'm bleeding money.
Generally it worked in the way you describe it, but my family are cunts so unless I can move out, I can't really recover properly, job or not.


Are these contracts well paid, or it it minimum wage work?

Thank you for answering, and hope you find something soon if you're trying to do so.


Not exactly, but kind of. I got fired from a job because I was caught stealing. I was doing all the bitchwork at the job (moving a bunch of heavy stock around the mall in traffic by myself, etc.), i was promised stuff that wasn't given to me (weekends off, then scheduled back in on my weekends off), etc.

It was a shitty work environment. I should have just left, but whatever. I have a slightly better job now.


Does your current job know why you were fired?


Well paid by Eastern European standards, yeah, it still was ocasionally minimum, but by ITF standards.
I'll start sending out applications soon, but until airports are open I don't think I'll find anything.


Just had to call out because I overslept, legs are cramped up (have to bike there) and I am not paying $80 bucks for a round trip cab ride ($40 there then call again after shift to be picked up)

This is the first time I called out where it is 100% all my fault due to irresponsibility.
I feel bad for letting myself down.


File: 1588215197809.png (1.17 MB, 1025x687, 1025:687, 1381420565106.png) ImgOps iqdb

Are all well paid jobs boring?
I've been looking at other forums looking for experiences, trying to find people who love their jobs, and most responses seen to be "all jobs suck, just find something you can tolerate and have your fun outside of work"
this is so depressing, do most people really only work for the money? I've even read somewhere that Usain Bolt wanted to be a cricket player as a kid, but he started running because it paid more. So not even famous people are really doing what they love, it's all about the damn money, money, money…
If all jobs are boring, I might as well pick up something easy to do so my mind can wander during work. Like maybe work at a grocery store or as a dog walker, idk…
I'm trying to stop being a NEET but it seens working is soul crushing, idk what to do



i'm sort of glad i was forced back to work in 2016. My position and skill is solidified now. God, help anyone trying to come out of NEET into the work world. Employers will have their pick of the best of the best of the best from other industries begging for anything.


dont do it, not right now


its like everything else. you either get lucky with everything, or unlucky with everything. If you were going to get your dream job you would love, you would of already known about it when you were a kid, and been on your way since your late teens. Just try to find something you dont hate. i hate my job , the only part i like is when the day ends


>PUA expanded to include people that quit their jobs due to covid-19
>Unemployment temporarily increased by 600 dollars per week
>Quit my job on the spot when I realized it and applied, got approved

Living the neet life now boys, I'll see you on the flipside


it honestly doesn't matter what you do. the fact that you're forced to do it in exchange for money makes every second shitty. The best jobs ive had are the ones where i had minimal interaction with other people. This was usually overnight stocking or merchandising. I could just mentally check out and/or listen to music. it made everything way more bearable


What skill is that? tbh, I never had any ability so it wouldn't have mattered. Would have only been able to get seasonal work. Just couldn't bring myself to work for like 9 an hour.


yeah I get to 1200 a week just to sit on my ass

I dont even have to do work searches because my job is unionized


That's twice as much as I make from working. Jfc.


I wish I wasn't born European. Fuck this life.


Not to my knowledge. I never told them why, and Igave them some bullshit excuse about why I left. I know at least one of my references never either.

If they do, they don't give a shit, as I've been there for almost five years and management hasn't brought up my last job past the interview. I lucked out in that regard, I guess.


Work split up my days off again. Starting at 4am makes it feel like I don't even have a day off anymore, just an extended break between shifts.


Yeah honestly fuck it time to cash in on NEETbux. technically still have a little bit of work coming in every now and then but its not nearly enough. I hope there are more stim checks on the way too.



You know when you post a video, with a thumbnail that doesn't indicate what it is, and with no text explaining why you posted it or the general gist of the video, it doesn't really convince me to click on it.


does anyone click on it? I never open any yt crap posted here because I use a yt account and once you watch some garbage you didn't intend to, your recommendations get fucked beyond repair.


I do, usually just when people post music here though. When I don't want it on my yt account I just open in it a private window so my account isn't logged in.


Letting a google account log everything you watch is disgusting


File: 1588453857257.jpg (24.56 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 47634643.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A family member found me an undeclared construction job with one of his friend. It's only for one week and the guy is a laid-back boomer. I'd feel horrible right now if it was with many people i wouldn't know at all, even for a week, but given the actual circumstances i don't feel stressed at all hell it doesn't negatively affect me in the slightest which is an unfamiliar feeling. It's unrealistic and stupid but at that moment i can't help but think that this is how life should always be for many mentally broken people to function. I even feel grateful that i will be able to escape the hell that is my own mind and maybe reboot it a bit somehow because i'm losing my sanity. I was never put off by work in itself, it's all the other bullshit i can't endure. Some works though are awful and unbearable by nature, like factory jobs.


I almost never click on thumbnails that look like the video will be some normtuber rambling on about whatever. Occasionally I click on videos that look like they might be something else, like a news report or a clip from a documentary or something.


no only schizos post youtube videos and its always schizo garbage


Agreed. I imagine this is how a lot of people get jobs when they can't traditionally. I just had to have a family without any connections to anyone who will just hire as a favor.

That said, I might have a temp job that is comfy but it's only 4 hours a week. It's mainly scanning and picking out the items people order for online grocery delivery. Will help to offset some debts at least ugh.


File: 1588510941154.jpeg (119.26 KB, 539x540, 539:540, varg.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

isn't this guy a neo-nazi? it's not like he can have a job now since norpers will try to get him fired.



Yeah that's great, we should all just be millionaire chads.


I always click but usually don't watch. This one I watched entirely.
Use an alternate client like invidio.us and an rss reader for a subsitute of subscription box, you'll never have to deal with recommendations or other jewwy tactics again


I can't stand this wageslaving shit anymore. How the fuck has an entire generation been brainwashed to think that this is the best way to live? Doing a fucking song and dance so you can can be dependent on someone else. It is no different than being dependent on your parents at home. Society is a joke.


> a whole generation
It goes back a lot longer than that friend.


bosses are saying they want people to start coming in a few times a week again (probably mon-wed). i dont think i can do it though, i definitely am not showing up tomorrow. let me work from home or Im not working at all, you fucking retarded boomers.
On top of already hating my job, this month of """"lockdown"""" has kind of fucked me. I can work from home but I don't think there is any way I could bring myself to go back to the office.


File: 1588577616951.gif (1.12 MB, 720x404, 180:101, M7cuO88.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The normos in the office I work security at are always complaining that they have to work from home because they have children and they keep bothering them while working.


He's got a new job and "was working up to the lockdown"


I didnt goto work and noone has said anything yet


I'm hoping this lockdown lasts as long as possible, I'm feeling very comfy working from home. Dreading when this is all over and I have to be back in the office dealing with all the normies. Working from home is the best thing that ever happened to me in my working career.


nothing better than the boomers having to adopt technology for the quarantine so people can work from home (like they always could have been doing anyway)
Theres no excuse to make people come into an office now


File: 1588639886887.jpg (34.22 KB, 340x372, 85:93, mmo fugg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Work makes me go into some work at home bs
>turn down at first but later agree cause lockdown is getting extended yet again
>Sup tells me to go to a different work site to pick up a computer for working at home
>Turns out the dude giving out the computers hasn't been going for days
>Sup tells me to go home and that he'll have the computer delivered at my house.
>Every time I ask he says he's working on it.
>Even new hires have their equipment to work

It's been two weeks like this.
I don't care about working since im still getting paid but I wouldn't really want this to blow at my face with them saying im indisposed or whatever cause I didn't harass my supervisor hard enough.


just show them the logs if they try to pin anything on you


File: 1588671342513.png (133.43 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 555-come-on-now-1687205.png) ImgOps iqdb

>work overnights at supermarket
>when i first started, i was told to log every time another department takes our stuff
>apparently they had/have a habit of not scanning it through, or letting us know
>everyone on daytime does it too
>anyway, the night crew eventually get the hint, and alert me whenever they take shit
>covid happens and day crew are sent on nights
>coworker must have seen someone from that department take something from our shelf last week
>he jotted it down, as he thought it was for their department
>think nothing of it, as i literally never saw anything and we were told to cover our asses
>before i got off work this morning, the worker from the other department came into my workstation to bitch to me about it
>apparently she was buying it for herself

Jesus. I'm convinced she thinks I did something wrong, even though I have no idea what happened beyond the above. Sorry for it being slightly confusing


What are good hikki jobs? I.e. barely any social interaction and can be done remotely from home? Anything? If I could make at least 30k a year is be happy. I'm so sick of my current job on a noisy production floor. I miss being a neet.


>I.e. barely any social interaction and can be done remotely from home?
Doing comissions.


Has to be online stuff or by mail. So any kind of art or investing would work.


I would start by searching for "overnight part time jobs" in your area or something. Might not be remote work but better than a production floor job. I was looking for data entry jobs earlier, never ended up landing one.


I think before there was wageslaving, you either farm until your back breaks or you starve, or something similar to that. You might not have been slaving away for a wage, but you did have to slave away at something for food and housing. Things haven't changed much. We still have to provide our time, energy, and labor for the basics for life - only it's very unlikely that we suffer hunger or death.


So i work for the swagbucks program i was invited by sheer luck. I earn about 50 dollars a month which is 50 dollars above the zero I usually got as a neet. it's still such a chore which makes me wonder what it would be like to wageslave for real…. i can never win. turns out even if i did have money it wouldnt matter since all ive done was waste it on buying onaholes from g project and tamatoys and toysheart and such… perhaps if i earn more i would be incentivized to save up more for a new laptop…. but eh…. gooks… gooks gonna gook…. is there any point in saving up anyways when the world is gonna end by climate change in the next ten years..???? seriously. there might not be a tomorrow so i might as well drug up on anime merchandise… hehe…


those programs are definitely scams and wastes of time. Is $50 really that much for you especially in a post-trumpbux world?


Not him but for a 3rd worlder without any chance of getting NEETbux $50 a month would be nice…if it was free.


File: 1588760597355.gif (1.47 MB, 236x250, 118:125, 1587289855395.gif) ImgOps iqdb

> Is $50 really that much for you especially in a post-trumpbux world?
Not everyone is american.




Is it worth learning to draw for that sort of thing though?


America IS a third world at this point. Sadly Americans never travel beyond their own state and believe they know everything about the world from the comforts of their CIA bought news stations (lol).


Sure, there's good dollar in drawing, especially if you can draw everything like anal vore shitting dick nipples furry smut.
Look top netting patreon, look up how many shit artists somehow do comissions on Deviantart, there's money in providing fapbait for niche fetishes.


>America IS a third world at this point.
Sounds like third worlder cope.


I'd imagine third worlders would be pissed that some comparatively well off American is complaining how awful they have it when they are living luxury by comparison.


third worlders and depcrabs are the same


boss has been asking people about remote work and going back to the office and only one wants to go back
i hope this opens the door to full remote work in the future


Depends on the third worlder. In a lot of third world countries, the only people who can write articulately in English are already relatively well off.

it's more that it has low quality stuff in some areas based on what we've prioritized

if you look at the real third world countries like india it's 10000000000000000x worse. tons of people didn't even have formal employment so it really meant no money coming in. In Africa, they don't even have the luxury of an effective social distancing since people live so close together.


I just have a hard time imaging me being worse off as american when I look up hobby shit and they have better prices than here (courtesy of 23% VAT and € I guess), while also having 4x the minimal wage.
Sure, there are things like healthcare, but I never needed healthcare in my 28 years of life, and I wouldn't go to college if I had to pay for it, I basically finished a trade school with extra steps here.


Is this still the case? Posts like >>219484 make it seem like I just need to quit and then apply. I hope it's that simple but I don't know for sure. Things like this are so confusing and anxiety-inducing for me. Having to figure out who to contact and what they'll say and what I'm supposed to say.

I work at a dollar general and I get a "bonus" on friday and I have to be working with them until friday to actually get it. It's close so I plan to stick it out for two days. But I'd love it if on Saturday, after I've been paid the night before, if I could just call in to the store and say I have to quit to protect my elderly mom, hang up, go online and fill out a form, and start getting that $600. Even if this is only offered for a few months, I feel like such a tool and an idiot and a sucker if I keep working where I hate for less money.

I really want to do this, I'm just so anxious that I don't know exactly what I need to do, and that I'll fuck it up, and be left without a job, without the unemployment money, and a group of wageslaves at dollar general who won't act as references for me because I decided not to swear an oath of vassalage to the store. I fuck everything up and I'll fuck this up too. There's always some little rule or social ritual that I was just expected to already know, and everyone else except me already understood this, but because I didn't, I fail and am blamed for not 'just knowing' what's 'obvious' and 'common sense'.


I don't know if it's the couple of years of wageslaving that destroyed me, or was it browsing imageboards for God knows how long, but it looks like I just shouldn't make opinions because they always stir up the hive. The problem is co-workers seem to value small-talk like nothing else in this life, pretty sure I've been shitcanned from my last position because superiors didn't like that I don't talk much.


Yeah, small talk is how they get through their day so if you don't mesh sufficiently, you're a negative presence if someone else can do the job.


Yeah thats pretty much why I didnt apply for unemployment even pre-covid. Knowing that they contact your past employer is too much for me.


Imagine dying penniless in the streets homeless
All because you didn't complement the baby picture of lil johnny from your hr manager and got fired
There is a war on quiet people


Fourth day just went by, two more to go. My mood didn't really improved, i think it even worsened. I constantly have intrusive thoughts, even when i'm tired and drilling some wall in a stinky basement. The fact that i actually sleep/spend the whole week here because it's far from home and in the middle of nowhere probably makes it worse. My only horizon in life is this relatively hard work, a dead hotel in the middle of nowhere and some old dude with whom i don't connect that much, it's depressing as fuck and has that "end of the line" feeling, i feel like i'm drifting away from everything and that everything is over, holy shit. I often reflect on past things and today it made me cry a little bit. But i probably won't work here anymore anyway because the owner don't want to give me a legal contract. Ending on the streets might be even better than this life.


Yeah, that's why I don't want a job


just want to die lads


>coworker tries to make me feel bad for working at home instead of coming into the office like the rest of them
no. no bitch. fuck the fuck off, why the fuck are you trying to bring me down with the rest of you stupid normalfaggot cunts, me being there changes nothing. I get the work done at home just the fucking same shut the fuck up and stop bringing it up. fucking cunt just because youre too much of a retard boomer to work from home doesnt mean I am.


I am getting tired of having so many people around at work. I wish the pandemic restrictions at work are lifted so everyone put on nights are put back on days, so i can work in peace again.

All of my bosses were ok with me not really interacting with my coworkers and generally being shy. I was polite and friendly to customers, so they didn't care. I don't have any controversial opinions, nor do I really voice my opinions, either.

I just hate small talk in general, though. It's a nuisance.


Especially if it's shit like this one. I'm so dumb, depressed and oblivious to everything that i didn't even notice until today that we were working 10 hours a day instead of 8. We also have to work saturdays. In total i worked 63 hours this week, in a pretty physically draining job. I'm not even talking about being soaked with dirt and dust from head to foot and having difficulty breathing even with the mask on. Thank god the guy can't give me a stable contract because my mom was ok with me working here, only earning 9 euro per hour. She'd want me to keep going with the help of antidepressants, just working like a horse for a small salary in a forgotten shithole, what kind of life would that be ? It's horror i tell you


I'm being made to wear a mask at work. Any other wiz kids being forced to wear gloves or masks?


When I inevitably return to my dreadful office I will have to wear a mask. I hate it because it makes me short of breath, the exhaled air goes up my eyes, the inside of the mask gets moist because of humidity from breathing, and I can't shake off the feeling that I'm breathing my own exhaled CO2 which makes me anxious. In short, I'll hate it and it'll last for a very long time. Fuck my life.


I get the feeling that I unintentionally annoy a couple coworkers. I am conflicted. I don't want to annoy anyone, as I just want to do my work and leave without being noticed or bothered. On the other hand, the people I'm annoying annoy me.

I have had to wear a mask for the past two weeks or so. They're uncomfortable, stinky, and they fog up my glasses.


File: 1589210829100-0.jpg (39.64 KB, 316x311, 316:311, feel depressed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Made a mistake causing financial trouble for the company I'm working for
>Boss completely lost his mind literally screaming at me on the telephone
>Said they will lay me off as soon as possible
Jesus Christ, what a horrible day. If I lose my job, I will most likely lose my flat as well.


Accountant? Did you fuck up the business tax credits or something? Being in a position where you can make those types of mistakes must be hell.


>Go to office for my PC so i can work from home in my new job
>My user is not ready, wait 6 hours and not ready
>Had to wait till friday, 2 hours in my user is ready but my VPN isnt 2 more hours
>Finally ready, im taking the PC
>While im unpluging the cables I have 3 succuby behind me
>While im taking the ethernet cable i drop the PC
>I D R O P T H E P C
>It wont turn on
>Want to cry
>Its ok anon have this one instead
>GO home
>VPN suddenly stops working, cant look my tools nor learn anything, 4 days in and cant do shit
>Today it finally gets fixed, but now i cant acces my PC if the VPN is active and have to turn off the wifi
>They tell i cant work like that and tomorrow ill have to talk to an IT guy
>This is like a dream paying job, enough to move on my own and have a confortable life
I might get fired, im scared, im alone, I want to die
Why cant i have a descent paying job?


Get hired at a generally not respected company like me. I'm socially retarded, unskilled and can't focus but I'm nowhere near getting fired. They pay me more than enough to get by despite it being part-time.


File: 1589631234389.jpg (119.83 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1584219642253.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

"Essential" but underemployed.
Not getting unemployment or hazard pay. Had to wear a stupid damn mask until last week when I got the option of signing a waiver. My mom was told to work from home then they cut her hours back despite workload increasing. I hope this country fails.


I want to quit so badly. I want to just not show up for my next shift and never look back, but I feel like I'm trapped now more than usual because of the pandemic. Who's to say when or if I can get another job. I don't even have a driver's license.


Another weekend is over, those two days when I can stop feeling like shit, a glimpse at what life could be like if I didn't have to work or study, a life where I could just stay still and not worry. But no, those weeks just keep on coming like waves, each of them wearing me down bit by bit. And they wont be over anytime soon, I've got all those decades ahead of me. Tomorrow it all begins again. Each sunday night fills me with sadness.


For all you wageslaves who need to come into close contact with customers, why have you not quit and collected covid-19 unemployment yet? I quit last month and now make more than I did working.


You can't quit and still receive unemployment in the US (or at least in my state), you have to be terminated for no wrong doing of your own. Even if you say, take a shit, on Mr. Goldstein's desk and then get fired you won't get unemployment.


Wow I don't know…maybe not everyone here lives in the US,just maybe.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have daddy government pay for everything,and for you,what are you going to do when those payments end? They won't last forever.


I thought the same thing until I checked my state’s unemployment FAQs and it showed you could quit because of the virus. Check it out if you haven’t, but if you already have then I’m sorry man.
True, I never considered the non US citizens. When my payments run out I will just apply for PUA benefits to get more money. But by the time my payments are finished in late July I’ll have an extra $10k in the bank so I’m not really worried.


jealous at how easy you guys get jobs. too late now anyway i guess


File: 1589771786243.gif (1023.6 KB, 242x227, 242:227, 1433390471305.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You think we get them easily?


what is there to be jealous of? if you’re a NEET with no financial problems then you are blessed.


The obvious inference would be that he does have financial problems.


read between the lines. “too late now anyway i guess” means job searching is not top priority for him which also means there’s a good chance he’s not in desperate need of cash.


File: 1589775676785.gif (957.82 KB, 270x360, 3:4, 1503558520269.gif) ImgOps iqdb

There's a camera in my office and I feel that they're watching me


If it's any consolation, CCTV systems are rarely monitored, and most footage is thrown out within a week or so.


I forgot to do a patrol and I got a phone call from operations saying I didn't and I said I must have forgot.

They even said they watched the camera recordings.


He probably thinks e cant get a job because of covid


I'm hearing down the grapevine that my workplace might be going back to the office in a few weeks, though most likely it won't be a full-on back to business routine but more like a 2 weeks physically at site, 2 weeks working online type of deal. And that'll be the routine going into the fall. Which is not too bad all things considered since I've gotten too comfortable working from home and am dreading things just returning back to normal. I don't want things to be like they used to anymore, working from home is just so much more convenient wizzies you have no idea. Once you get a taste of it, you just don't want to give it up anymore. Even if you hate working with normies, if you can land one of these permanent work-from-home type of jobs it'll be a lot more tolerable .


My two months of remote working bliss will be coming to an end soon and my anxiety levels are consequently skyrocketing. Fuck everything right now.


just quit
just quit
just quit
just quit
just quit


And then what? Find another job that will probably end up being shittier? Live on the streets?


You don't need a job or money to live comfortably. Just adamantly declare that it is so and the universe must comply.


You are fucking retarded.


>Yes. Employee monitoring is totally legal in the U.S. The United States employee monitoring laws give employers a considerable amount of rights to monitor the activities of their employees on workplace devices. It must, however, be backed up with valid business reasons


"valid buisness reasons", i,e., anything


Then this life is your choice. You are declaring that you must suffer, and so you do.


keep trolling wizbro, you're doing great!


File: 1589913905590.png (290.34 KB, 720x400, 9:5, 1579908339251.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes because if everyone followed your dumbfuck advice and just quit their jobs that they don't like, i'm pretty sure society will collapse and you won't have your tendies or fucking internet or anything.


File: 1589914827088.png (193 KB, 500x676, 125:169, 1408809991957.png) ImgOps iqdb

My managers are pushing me to get more training in my job. Things like additional training, certifications, etc. The assumption is obviously that I'll be able to earn more money that way and eventually move on to 'bigger' things but they don't know that obviously I'm a loner wiz with no responsibilities for anyone. Earning more money will really not change my life that much and having more responsibilities just sounds like more effort and work in general. Plus I'm used to living like a broke NEET from my years of NEETing so I'm fine with getting by on less. I guess this pic accurately sums up my attitude towards the workplace in general.


My dream of being fired was crushed. One of my coworkers is terminally ill so we'll be understaffed again. For some reason he wants to die working so he isn't quitting, but he won't be able to work full time either.


Making my money from online casino atm. Pretty comfy tbh.


I've heard rumors of airports opening up in one month, and it's been exactly one year since I quit due to things getting bad for my mental health.
My mental health hasn't improved, because my family are cunts, but maybe novelty of change will activate some dormant fight or flight instinct. If I can't find work in the sector I worked with I'm gonna give up and accept life of a wageslave and try to find a wizard friendly job.


File: 1590059364707.jpg (60.4 KB, 612x472, 153:118, 1536094806978.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The truck gate I worked at when I was working my old job had a camera in it also. I spent the night watching youtube videos and Netflix. I miss that job so much and I want it back.


Is there a way we can verify this? Like a site that says when airports open and which flights are okay?


File: 1590108055340.png (369.96 KB, 950x707, 950:707, stalker wish granter.png) ImgOps iqdb

Got called to be back on site this Monday,I really don't want to go back and deals with some idiot client's bs but its either that or spending the whole day with a yelling mother that is a threat to your mental health.

Why does it seems there's never good choices but whatever I choose always turns into the wrong one?



In my country it's a decision a government makes, of course they can delay it.


I've come to a conclusion that this is purgatory and things are always inherently monkey pawed.


File: 1590136902762.jpg (19.33 KB, 240x239, 240:239, Earth And Oil.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fucking hell
I work at a warehouse in burgerland. Minimum wage (obv), hard labor. I'm probably gonna snap my spine or get a hernia or both at the same time, and there's no way insurance will cover it. Maybe I'll kill myself before that becomes a problem, but history shows I'm too cowardly. Managers will often just say "hey could you work faster you're not fast enough. Oh and remember I can fire you if I want" regardless of actual speed.

And there's one succ manager that DEMANDS (sort of, I think she realizes it's completely unrealistic but maybe not) every incoming truck/trailer be unloaded within a set amount of time, by one person, regardless of what's in it. A few boxes of feathers, totalling 20 pounds = Truck filled top to bottom with literal tons of metal/coffee/alcohol(essentials only lmao). I wish I were joking. You won't get fired for not being a GitS cyborg, they'll just harass you (more than usual)

I'm one of the few people that wears a mask. Normies cluster together and YELL AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE. The most frequent LOUD I hear is "Trump's a genius" "Muh guns" "Muh veterans" "Muh wife" "Corona a myth" "CDC and WHO are idiots". Oh and "global warming just a theory", ffs, I'm sure there are flat-earthers there as well.

I almost wish there were more succubi. it's like 20:1 M:F and the succ are all "boyish"/old, because then the normies could focus their energy on trying to fucc the succ instead of asking me "hey cuz of 2nd amendment I should be able to bring my rifle with a modified 100-round drum magazine with armor-piercing and hollow-point rounds and wave it around and shoot it in the parking lot right? Cuz you know what Stalin did when he came to power? Right? Just trying to understand what your character is like."

BTW I don't live in the sticks, neither do these cunts. Suburban at most. But they need muh guns and muh huge truck not that they're insecure or anything but "I can afford the gas" pretty genius really.

And I just have to respond with "uhh maybe" or shrug because they've sucked more corporate cock and we both know they can make my hell even worse.

They can't even use the bathroom properly, it's so absurd. I'm not joking, at least once a week one of the toilets will have condoms in it or someone will piss on the walls, shit on the floor… why.

I want to get fired. Considering the cash I spend getting to/from work, extra food, damage to my clothing and body- I definitely "made more money" back when I was on NEETbux. And could actually feel happy. But my parents insist I stay with the job or they'll evict me.

Seriously, if anywiz is reading this- minimum wage, never ever. The "benefits" aren't really benefits, you won't "climb the ladder" (unless you lose your mana and reproduce, kids=cash it's true for welfare queens, politicians, and wageslaves) It's not worth it. I saw a homeless man the other day and felt profound envy.

Oh, and because of Corona I'm considered "essential". I get (basically less than) minimum wage and I have physical and mental health problems that are ignored by this country's shit healthcare, but I'm "essential".

I just want everyone to die. It's the best outcome for humanity. Life is a cruel joke.


Warehouse work blows, I hope you manage to escape that hell wizzie.
Get some comfy security job if anything where you can sit the whole time and browse the internet, it's a lot more preferable then working in warehouse hell.


File: 1590175780013.jpg (46.03 KB, 634x438, 317:219, 1586640683900.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I found out I'm getting under paid (almost 5 dollars)today because the HR lady left paperwork out on her desk today when I was in her office. I asked for a raise and was told pretty much they cant afford it because of covid-19

So I went into the office shared bathroom and got shit all of the bowl and toilet seat. I also pissed in the sink and didnt wash it down. There is no doubt in my mind they know I did it. That'll teach em.


All you've done is create more work for the janitorial staff.


> janitorial staff

wizard staff.



good, fuck him.


he's probably a wizard, but cool if it's a succubus


Once your back health is destroyed you will never recover. You should at least try to find another job

> I almost wish there were more succubi. it's like 20:1 M:F and the succ are all "boyish"/old, because then the normies could focus their energy on trying to fucc the succ instead of asking me "hey cuz of 2nd amendment I should be able to bring my rifle with a modified 100-round drum magazine with armor-piercing and hollow-point rounds and wave it around and shoot it in the parking lot right? Cuz you know what Stalin did when he came to power? Right? Just trying to understand what your character is like."

does this actually happen in burgerland?


you suffer either way through


That sounds like hell, wiz. I hope you can find a job with less retarded coworkers


File: 1590233404355.jpg (35.31 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1559345691634.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>They can't even use the bathroom properly, it's so absurd. I'm not joking, at least once a week one of the toilets will have condoms in it or someone will piss on the walls, shit on the floor… why.

>So I went into the office shared bathroom and got shit all of the bowl and toilet seat. I also pissed in the sink and didnt wash it down. There is no doubt in my mind they know I did it. That'll teach em.


>Once your back health is destroyed you will never recover. You should at least try to find another job.
This, you only have one body, take care of it. No job is worth ruining your health over, especially some min-wage one.
>does this actually happen in burgerland?
You'd be surprised at how many low-iq tards work in these physical blue-collar jobs. Usually these are failed-normies who didn't succeed in life or are stuck in the boring work/family routine and now for one reason or another try to one-up one another, show off or bully newbies to take out their own frustration/anger on.


File: 1590423240247.jpg (592.68 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, p.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Where is this corona wave 2? Don't wanna go back to the workplace!!


I'm starting to think it was a hoax after all.


Very little testing is taking place and the people who are likely to party and stuff aren't getting tested. There won't be a second lockdown since the decision has already been made that it's better to just sacrifice the people.


> very little testing is taking place
Alternate universe
> the people who are likely to party and stuff aren't getting tested
They don't get sick from it either. The "sacrifice" stuff is ridiculous at this point.


Wave 2 is in the vaccine for wave 1.


File: 1590636640437.jpg (203.41 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, gosling goddammit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



She's coming back…


I just found out, two days on the job, that I don't get paid travel time. I worked 3 hours yesterday and only got paid 1:45 hours. Jesus fuck, you'd think this would be something they'd tell me before I started. Because one third of the job is travelling.

They're the premiere cleaning company in the city, and they're the only ones that can't afford to pay their workers travel time. I wondered about the high staff turnover, but it makes sense now.


nah bro it's all a hoax
get back to work


Got called back to work now that corona-chan is gone
I wanna die


store manager and district manager getting really mad lately that I keep forgetting to put my initials on a checklist. it's a cleaning & disinfecting checklist to make the store safe and sanitized against covid.
If I clean and disinfect but forget to put my initials on the checklist, that's bad.
If I don't do any of it but put my initials on the checklist, that's good.
Lately I never do any of the tasks because we don't have anything to disinfect with anymore because we don't receive anything. But I try to remember to initial T H E C H E C K L I S T anyway because if I don't then apparently somethingsomething LEGAL DOCUMENT somethingsomething ACCOUNTABILITY blah. Basically they don't actually care about the health and safety of anybody. If someone gets sick and they initialed the checklist then they have their scapegoat, because they can say I was responsible and didn't do well. If I don't initial it, then they can't blame me. And my purpose is to be trampled on by everyone for the company's reputation.

But despite their nagging and saying "YOU GOTTA INITIAL THE PAPER INITIAL THE FUCKING PAPER SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO PLAY GAMES OF PRETEND WITH THE PUBLIC", I face no real consequences. I think I'll just respond by asking if I'll be fired over it. I don't think they will do that because they need a slave. But if they do, then I'll be free. I know this sounds like the most trivial thing but in my life this is 6 years of wage slavery and frustration coming to a head. If I ignore initialing this piece of paper and just accept whatever shitty fate awaits me, this will be the first time I've ever stood my ground in my entire existence.
This is a bullshit piece of paper and to you it's pointless. I get that. I understand that. For me, after cleaning up human shit on the store floor multiple times, after putting in a two weeks notice but then being too scared to actually quit, after being harassed and taunted by high school kids every single day for years, after dozens of other examples of shit I've rolled over and allowed to happen: For me, this is exercising my agency as a human being with a will of my own for the first time. I've never been a human before. This stupid checklist is the vehicle through which I assert to the universe that I exist.

I'll just be completely honest. "Well, I don't really care much anymore. Yeah I'm not really into working here or life at all honestly. Yeah I won't fill out the checklist. Yeeeeah I just don't want to." What the fuck are they gonna do? I only stand to lose something I don't even fucking want in the first place.


Corona is still present and will likely remain around for a while with us, it's just the elites have determined that a small percentage of people dying is an acceptable trade-off in order to restart the economy.


It's here and it's not going anywhere. Lots of people in the building I live already lost their jobs and they were not doing that great to begin with, that's what they get for being poor and having kids. It's not just the elites, blue collars desperately want to go back to work, too.


Boss told us today they are planning to start going back to the office in a couple of weeks.
I was planning on quitting when I had to go back but my boss said he'll have to talk to us about the FUTURE of the company. I'm pumped up if there's any layoffs I should be the first in line to go.


Can employers legally ask for my health records? I have legitimate health problems that make lifting and other tasks in wageslave jobs difficult and I'm wondering if my employer can legally ask for my health records to prove I'm not faking it to get out of doing things. For example, arthritis in my fingers is one of them. I told my employer about this and yet they still had me lifting heavy ice buckets, and other stuff while doing my fast food job.


File: 1590930334102.png (67.6 KB, 500x430, 50:43, 1582133030476.png) ImgOps iqdb

After almost a month working as a customer service representative for clinic i can safely say this is the worst job i have ever had in my life.
In the span of less than a month I've seen at least 7 different people have a mental breakdown/crying on the job (and these are normies mind you), just this morning i had some fat thot that was in the course with me cry for over an hour until the manager calmed her down, i had someone claiming to be a news contributor for the 2nd largest channel in the country say they recorded me and are going to do a story about how horrible the companies policies are.

I would highly recommend any wizard to stay clear of jobs like these, this is not worth minimum wage.


I mean they could ask but it's easier for them to fire you if you refuse. You have to specify health problems when you apply typically. If you did then they can still ask. Most jobs have it as a requirement that you can lift if it involves lifting objects.


No job is worth minimum wage.


no job is worth


no job



No job is worth selling your time for
Not now, not ever


Dollar General CEO sent a message to stores.
From "A Message from Todd Vasos: Purpose and Community

>Our DG family continues to be saddened by the death of George Floyd and the violence being experienced by, and in, many of the communities we serve. We remain focused on serving our employees, customers and communities and are grateful our employees have remained safe. Any damage we have experienced has been thankfully limited to physical items that can be replaced, repaired or rebuilt.

I bet even if employees died Dollar General would still say nothing was lost that can't be replaced. "Serving Others means putting your life on the line. Our employees knew the risk." Wouldn't be surprised one bit.

>Below is just one example of the teamwork and sense of community you build in the neighborhoods you serve. Customers arrived at one our stores this morning, ready to help clean and repair damage. Powerful!

Probably the same people who destroyed it the night before. Probably being forced by police to fix it or something. "Our DG family thanks you for liberating our physical, replaceable items and for terminating our replaceable employees. This is truly a POWERFUL lesson in tolerance!"

I don't even keep up with what's happening in the world. I just don't like being a flesh pawn in political games.


Dollar stores are specifically put in poor neighborhoods and reap gigantic profits. This won't set them back one bit because they have a ready-made customer base and bare bones operating model that allows them to flourish in good times and recessions.

It would be odd for them to say anything critical of their consumers. They probably just tell people not to fight it if they get looted.


How do you deal with responsibility-related anxiety? When work is over I spend the rest of the day getting stomach pains over everything I did that day that could potentially be wrong and come back to explode in my face later.


It's simple, I avoid as much responsibility as I can. I even declined opportunities to take on more company tasks even if it'll lead to more rewards like salary raises. Fuck that shit. The more responsibilities you have at work, the more stressed you'll be in the end trust me. The best thing I would advise for wizzies when it comes to workplace responsibilities, is you want to be that guy in the background who nobody notices and just collects his paycheck. You'll have a lot easier time.


Did you quit?


>customer service representative for clinic
What sort of clinic is this and what exactly do you do in a day?


I just bottle it up until its too much and quit.


File: 1591272593576.jpg (86.69 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 4qs138ccni251.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do most of you work the standard 8-hr day? It's amazing how little free time you get to yourself doing the whole 8hr/5day workweek.


I started working a part time union job when I was 18. I just kept doing that since I absolutely didn't want to work full time. My parents yelled at me to get a full time job and I just ignored them.

11th year working there I'm now making $17.50 an hour averaging 4.5 hours. If I don't quit this job out of an emergency necessity I'll end up transferring to a 6-7 hour position eventually.


Quit the job and tell your parents that you got fired. Then find a different job. Jobs like that are for monkey normies. Brave New World had a good point when it came to that.


Similarbut more work, more commute and less sleep


File: 1591349802800.jpg (25.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1588579879635.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

so work has been giving us gift cards for hazard covidbucks for the past couple months, instead of actual money. They're taking that away, which I'm indifferent about, as I haven't used what I received. We're also not required to wear masks, starting next week. I just hope they switch the workers who switched to nights at the start of the covid hysteria back to days. I'm starting to tire of dealing with normals as much as I have for the past couple months. I miss working alone.



"Putting Our Words Into Action: A Message of Inclusion from Todd Vasos"

>For the past several months, my team and I have been going through an extensive journey on what it means to be an inclusive leader. The results have been powerful

In my head I see the CEO and his crew being forced to attend seminars on how to be "inclusive" probably grumbling the whole way about how they have to pretend to care. Probably had to watch the same CBL video I had to about "the importance of diversity". I wish I had saved a copy to show how creepy and unnerving the video was. It had a section telling me to write down a list of all my coworkers, write down the things I know about them that makes them diverse, and the "most diverse" one I was supposed to 'learn more about them' or something. Something about making a list of people separated by their race and gender and any other sensitive things I may know about them and them singling them out just feels… nasty.

>As a part of our commitment to the values we hold most dear, we have hired a Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), an essential position in driving both strategy and tactics as we continue to grow in the D&I space.

What the heck does a vice president of D&I even do? Ensure racial quotas are being met throughout the company? Create more brainwashing CBLs that tell me I should quit my job so a pansexual trans black chick can take it (and probably get paid more)? Well I don't like retail anyway so I'd be happy to give the job to anyone who wants it. But nobody wants it, I was the only one stupid enough to take it!


>What the heck does a vice president of D&I even do? Ensure racial quotas are being met throughout the company? Create more brainwashing CBLs that tell me I should quit my job so a pansexual trans black chick can take it (and probably get paid more)?


I don't really get why they're putting so much pressure on basic retail people at dollar tree unless there are like incidents. This type of stuff seems more like a corporate office thing.

Most of the dollar store employees I've encountered are usually black anyway and dollar tree is usually in black neighborhoods.


oh nvm. I just checked out dollar general and it's based more in rural areas, so this makes a little more sense. they are trying to expand.


File: 1591651076449.jpg (8.84 KB, 236x192, 59:48, 1579859019712.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>my province went down a coronachan alert level
>Virtually every business is returning back to normal hours
>No word on when my store is going back to normal
>Still have to deal with more normals than I'm used to, and comfortable with

I just want to work in peace. Not hear normals hot takes on politics or how it's unfair that they're being held accountable for not doing their job right


Traffic has been absolutely unpredictable for me. I deliver goods in a truck around Metro Detroit and right now it's the perfect storm of construction, horrible hot weather, and everyone wanting to be out because it's summer.


I applied for unemployment bux though Im not unemployed because of covid nor did I put my former employers number
Being a NEET is not a good feeling for me just because I know the future is uncertain for me and it can't lost for long. I've been looking for a job but no dice.


>commuting for 3 hours
>actually working for 8 hours
>sleeping for 8 hours
>"chores" take 2 hours every day????
yup, its a boomer post


No matter how hard I try, I still fail to pay enough attention to do my job properly. It's a line of work that requires following the minimal details up to a microscopic level, and I'm already showing signs of not having what it takes. The only variable in this mess is whether they'll fire me sooner or later


Being almost 30 and being bossed around by someone who's around 19 hurts. A lot.


one of my associates, who is an "office person", is going to one of the many managers because I told her I'd clean a register if I had the time. She had told me 30-15 minutes before we had closed and I was swarmed with a bunch of customers. We also had another associate doing nothing, but the reason she hadn't used him is because he had cleaned two other registers beforehand.

I just made some notes, one paper long, both sides, on the situation and why she's freaking wrong, and I hope when I talk to the "manager" (hopefully alone) she'll understand my plight and punish the "office person".

The literal reason she gave me to clean it was both the guy did "a bunch" of stuff beforehand and because "she told me to". With my notes, I plan to out-convince the "manager" or maybe just quit on the spot. I work an 8 hour shift, and even though I don't want to, if it's extremely egregious, I don't think it's worth being there for the money. I'm ready to move on anyways for more skilled work. I just gotta look for it.

Wish me luck.


I got laid off of my job due to corona virus back in March. I lived off of the $1200 stimulus check for a while but it is all gone now. In good news I seem to have finally been approved for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. I think it will be $600 a week! They said my first pay was deposited about 26 hours ago, but so far I see nothing in my bank, still only two dollars in my account. From what I have read online it will take sometimes up to 8 days before people actually get the funds, so I will remain patient. It is very exciting to get what is basically NEET bux. $600 a week is more than I was making working, and I don’t even have to do anything at all for it. Very fortunate, too bad it is only for a brief time but it is nice, I have not had to work in 3 months now.


My job still never contact me since they told us they are sending us home back in March. I was a new worker there and if I am being entirely honest I was quite incompetent and useless. I imagine they regretted hiring me. I think they probably will not bother contacting me even when they open back up, but that is just fine.


enjoy it wizzie
this is a once-in-a-lifetime type of event so savor it while you're able and getting paid for not working.


being the "annoying" coworker is way better than being the creepy quiet coworker. Plus, people actively avoid interacting with you if you're annoying.

Constantly talking about shit that only you and nobody else cares about is one of the best ways to be left alone in the workplace.


Thank you anon, it arrived today. $625. At the $9 an hour I was making, this is the equivalent to ~70 hours of work, and that’s before even considering that money they take out of paycheck for taxes, or transportation costs of taking the train. All without even having to get out of bed or go anywhere or do anything. It’s an amazing feeling. I hope UBI becomes a thing in our lifetimes. The message I get here is that I’m worth more staying at home than I am as a worker, and that’s just fine with me.



Nothing happened. Lmao. Time will heal these wounds. Also not talking about it ofc. Horray for not addressing problems!


You can’t have armor piercing AND hollow point. One negates the effect of the other


I applied for unemployment but I also never cashed in on when I was basically out of work for a month and a half in May, but now I'm in waiting hell because they still havent responded to the unemployment claim I sent in 9 fucking days ago, and my co-worker said he got a response within a week. AND I can't send in another claim for the 1.5 months I never claimed for until I got a response. Fuck


ex coworker I should say since I dont work there any more


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