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Anyone here tried those? What did they do.

My shrink prescribed me Wellbutrin for fatigue which I took for 3 months or so, but they didn't do shit except reduce nicotine cravings. Apparently it's also prescribed for smoking cessation for which it worked wonders actually.
Shrink didn't want to prescribe me other AD's because those have heavier side effects and she thinks it wouldn't be worth it since they usually make fatigue worse and are more for anxiouspatients.

I also tried a bunch of nootropics, but none of those did anything. If you have experience, share those aswell


i've gain weight on them. i'm a fat fuck now


It made me quite apathetic for the first couple weeks then it lost its effect.


File: 1587073444271.png (1.48 MB, 800x1363, 800:1363, 800px-A_Dream_of_the_Futur….png) ImgOps iqdb

I was on a couple different ones and probably all in all took them for maybe two years but am not currently taking one.

I noticed a few different things, I think that it did help with my anxiety in retrospect. At the time I didnt really think that it did but I probably acted the most consistently confident during that time.
I dont think they helped at all with fatigue and possibly made it worse, along with giving me some insomnia.
I also noticed that I liked listening to music a lot more whenever I was on one.
Im not sure that they numb your sexual appetite but I remember that I lost sensitivity in my genitals.
I'm not really sure they are worth it, you could give them a try but when I was taking them I didnt really notice much aside from the genital thing.
They really didnt help me with motivation or energy, I think maybe I acted different. Its hard to tell


Nootropics are a spoook


they won't get you to earn more money



I tried CBD and it actually makes me feel better for a while. No miracle cure, but definetely no snake oil


One cannot take those while living the same life that got you depressed in the first place and expect changes.
However life isn't so forgiving about giving you chances to do meaningful changes or a start from zero from almost 3 decades of emotional baggage you cant disappear with pills.

Psychiatry still at its baby steps so most professionals will give an educated guess on the choice of a treatment and secretly hope that's what sticks so you can become an useful member of society, whatever that means.


Did wellbutrin for years it slightly took the edge off but other wise nothing. From other drugs ive had really negative side effects like delayed ejaculation and that was horrible.

All in all would not recommend bothering with these drugs for too long unless you are shooting for disability. Might be worth trying a few to see if you feel better but after half a year on a drug dump it and switch or pull out all together.


I've tried many, many, different antidepressants, they all do the same thing, that is, reduce your ability to feel emotions at all. Not only will you feel less depressed, but you will feel less everything, which in itself is frustrating and depressing. Also, from someone with severe social anxiety, they didn't help in the slightest for that. The name the doctors give these things. "antidepressants" is the biggest false marketing in existence, they are trash, they won't help you if you are truly depressed and in a shit situation, they'll just make you feel wrong because your emotions won't line up with what's real. The end goal of all antidepressants is to destroy your ability to have dynamic emotion in favor of keeping you at a baseline feeling of apathy.


I can confirm this.

When I was 15 (I was already a trainwreck back then) and the shrink told me that I was depressed (fucking obvious) and that I should take prozac I was innocently happy thinking that all my mental problems would go away,my mom opposed and I didn't took them.

Only when I was 22 and aleady wanting to kill myself again my mom agreed to buy me prozac,and it just kills all emotions,you feel nothing,I wouldn't even say "like a zombie" is a very strange feeling.


I still felt stuff, but that's because my life was still objectively shit.

The important thing is if you take them you have to stop taking them gradually. I had a really averse reaction to sudden discontinuation and it sucked donkey.


It's like this guy.

For a few months, I actually had more energy than ever but it was not a good thing.
I felt a lot more alive to say the least.


Wellbutrin is straight fucking trash.


Antidepressants work, but not for wizards or depressions without a cause. If you are sad that your father died, that's treatable. Bad career choice? Hard, but an objective. SO left you/died in a tragic way? Normal.

Depression that doesn't have an origin or a cause, it's not treatable. These doctos are liars, snake oil salesman, that treat you because they have deals with those drug companies. Hell, it might be even more simple, you are paying em, or someone is. If it's the goverment, I imagine that there's a bonus if they have a big number of patients.



It's like you are floating away. You feel like you are in a dream. When you are in a dream, things feel real, but they are not as tangible as in reality. That's what I felt when I was on the highest dose of wellbutrin. Straight fucking trash


You shouldn't take these pills if you still have authentic emotions. They only can work if you already are a zombie so that the pills have a chance to make your emotions come back annihilating the zombie state. People who complain that these pills make them numb and hollow weren't depressed in the first place, depression is not muh feeling sad or having a bad day but feeling nothing at all but pure apathy for an extended period of time.


I took Paxil for a few months and it definitely had a serious effect on my mood. Hard to describe because I didn't necessarily feel "better", but I felt a lot more "stable", like if something went horrible at work I wouldn't spiral as much into self hatred, nightmares of getting fired, etc. But on the other hand it just accelerated my anhedonia.

Then the doctor added Wellbutrin because I was having trouble with the side effects (Paxil kills the appetite and I was already underweight).
Wellbutrin is a scary drug, over the 10 days I took it I became progressively more agitated, angry at others, easily panicked, and paranoid. But the fact something was going wrong didn't surface until the hallucinations started. First it was tapping on the window, then it was voices at the door, maybe it got worse after that but all I remember is being scared and emailing the doctor to say I'm stopping the medication.
Apparently psychosis is a rare side effect of Wellbutrin.
Anyway I don't do psychiatric drugs anymore.


File: 1587449084775.png (622.08 KB, 472x494, 236:247, 1586633368708-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have "Pure O" ocd. Going to be trying an antidepressant soon to hopefully help with intrusive thoughts I've been having. May God help me, these thoughts make me want to off myself. I'm will to "become a zombie" if it means that the thoughts go away.


they don't go away



anti-depressants don't do shit for anyone but just numb you like a retard, just don't bother and deal with the thoughts or put a bullet through your head.


I take 100mg quetiapine, aka Seroquel every day. It doesn't help with my depression or anxiety, but it makes me tired enough to sleep 12+ hours a day.


>>218735 prozac/fluoxtine
couldn't sleep and was unstable then lost effect. last thing it worked for me wore off and im getting kicked even from private therapy soon.

opening up when there are consequences outside of my control is too hard.


Paroxetine for a few months. Got rid of the suicidal thoughts and some of the anxiety for a while, I didn't really feel more productive though, just felt slightly less shit and my head was a lot clearer.


I've heard the opposite, antidepressants work for the minority who have depression without cause and barely benefits those who have depression with those things you mentioned


yeah, to be honest, they really didn't work for me because my life sucks independently. my life didn't suck because I was depressed; I was depressed because it is and was shit

my dad is a fucking schizo but he liked to lecture on "chemical imbalance" depression shit and liked to threaten me with institutionalization due to my suicide ideation and I was like fuck you asshole and he ended up in the slammer and then the bin


If you want mind-altering substances then use the things that actually work, i.e. that people enjoy. Illegal drugs like marijuana, opiates, etc.
If antidepressants actually worked they would be obviously addictive and then be made illegal due to """abuse"""


like one time he fucking threatened me into "getting help" and going on SSRIs even though he didn't believe in taking drugs when it came to himself

the main difference is I hated myself for failures and not being able to do shit so of course suicide will seem like the best option if there's no practical way to solve your problems.

on the other hand, he liked to indulge in persecutory delusions and saying he was under too much pressure. I've heard that schizophrenic delusions are a defense mechanism to avoid harm to self-esteem.

anyway sorry but needed to vent.


You can overcome past failures with work and success anon, no amount of jew pills or real drugs like marijuana or opiates(with the exception of maybe ketamine) are going to help. Tbh I hope you don't inherit ur father's schizophrenia


>You can overcome past failures with work and success
Imagine your life going so well that you actually believe things like that.


If you think you're a failure the antidote is to become successful, sounds common sense if failure is what's bringing somebody down


>just be successful brah that'll fix ur failure problem
Lol, as if it's a choice to fail or succeed at anything and lifelong failures just forgot to be successful all their lives. What a revelation.



I mean in an ideal world it'd be the case that you could, but as an adult, chances are pretty limited; the more you fail the further from success you are.

only redeeming quality of this me not having kids so my failures at least are my problems exclusively

I'm 3 years older now than I was when my dad had me.


>reduce your ability to feel emotions at all
Joke's on antidepressants I don't feel emotions already.


They do. I'm a zombie. I have to force myself to feel now, which isn't really possible.


>im getting kicked even from private therapy soon.
How does one get kicked from being someone's cashcow?


That's what I said earlier, antidepressivas are made for people like you.


happened to me, the therapist eventually gets so tired of you that you're not even worth the money you pay


Wow! How did the rapist even tell you that? Was it polite?


Yeah,not everyone is gonna make it, including me


there is some retard normie wisdom. if you can tap into the power source of coasting through life on societal support and success, you can do something.


I would disagree armodafinil can get me out of a rut just don't rely on it like any medication.


she started canceling a bunch of my appointments, making me reschedule, then she left a message on my phone saying she quit and blocked my number


yeah, therapists don't actually want to deal with asocial/abnormal people


Holy shit.

I don't think there's anything they can really do for that kind of thing anyway. There isn't really for anxiety, as far I know the CBT type of stuff that they use works a bit for normans where the trigger is reasonably specific, but not really when it's pervasive. And just not having any inclination to do it (as in, adopt whatever "it" is that's the desired behavior that is the reason you were sent there) is another matter entirely.


What I've been told is basically they have cbt/social skills training, but I think that's basically rehearsing certain scenarios. It'd be too difficult to basically have to put on a professional acting performance every day to hide my wizard levels.


File: 1588121641695.png (6.26 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 2-FDCK.png) ImgOps iqdb

Have any wizards tried ketamine or 2-FDCK? 2-FDCK from my experience seems to have a strong antidepressant effect that lasts a few days.


I take St. John's wort sometimes, and it seems somewhat effective. I've also tried lion's mane mushroom and tianeptine, but they don't seem nearly as effective.


File: 1588125816743.jpg (318.74 KB, 1857x963, 619:321, anime girl on computer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I actually really like Wellbutrin, I went from an anhedonic NEET who does nothing all day but browse imageboards, to writing long introspective posts on here and on r*ddit, I also went from barely playing any video games to playing 40 hours a week. If you have anhedonia I would recommend it.


Atomoxetine 25g 60g
>Made me tired, like reaaaaaally tired
>I was a husk of a human
>literaly too tired to feel miserable
>literaly too tired too feel anything
>I could sleep for a whole day and night no breaks in between and get up feeling like i just sleept for 2 hours
>The closes thing i can related it to is being drunk
>The fuafua feeling
I hate it
Currently taking extended-release methylphenidate ITS FUCKING GRAT.


Yeah, to be honest, stims are the only real depression cure in terms of lethargy, but unfortunately they don't make me smarter.


I tried several different kinds of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, it all started in highschool probably around 17yo, of course I was the lone, bullied, ignored kid in school, I insisted on being mute during classes and breaks so bullies would just ignore me instead of the usual physical abuse, so I developed depression, anxiety,agoraphobia and later on schizophrenia.
Being schizophrenic really fucked with me and my already declining mental health, I would see shadows and hear voices then it became even worse I began seeing an image of myself from when I was a kid and sometimes it felt like a vivid dreams, the voices were pushing me to suicide, one day I slit my wrist and got admitted into a mental health hospital.

I was on
(Clozapine,Aripiprazole,Olanzapine,Prozac, and recently Anfranil)
So mostly anti-psychotics combined with two different anti-depressants.

>They made me so tired that I would sleep for over 20 hour

>I went from 70kg to 134kg and it actually fucked with my self-esteem and overall confidence
>My saliva was so excessive that I'd uncontrollably spit on myself and that was so fucking embarrassing
>I became so aggressive that I would hit myself in the face several times until the rage goes away
>According to my family I made weird noises and sounds while I was asleep
>Body trembling, coldness, shaky hands
>Hallucinations got worse and I tried to kill myself 5 times over the course of two years
>Completely lost sensitivity in my genitals, developed erectile dysfunction.

A Sudden discontinuation of these meds gave me horrible withdrawals which I couldn't take for more than 2days, right now I'm on Anfranil and Olanzapine, no hallucinations so far but still depressed and anhedonic.


i quit them because they made lsd (which i use to meditate to be with my waifu) weaker and they did fuck all except make fapping a chore and making me lazy and chubby. If i want to feel normal i just pop benzo's but they're super addictive and i've had 6 or so seizures from running out and psychiatrists and doctors are twats who won't prescribe them, so have to get em off black markets



There is a post about Olanzapine here in Wizchan. You should really stop that poison, slowly if you feel the sudden reaction, but to leave it at a long term..


In my country the drug they give to everyone is citalopram I presume because most people tolerate it and it's cheap. I had the same reaction you did - slept 20 hours a day and as soon as I was awake, I could put my head on the pillow and sleep another 20 hours. I would wake up for those 2 hours like you describe, the drunk feeling of stumbling up the stairs not connected to your body or surroundings.

Woke up in a soiled bed, missed appointments. I took it while at university so I stayed in my room for 2 months sleeping the world away until I ran out of pills and came off it. Get up, walk to 24hour shop on the corner if I was hungry, take pills, go back to sleep - how I spent those 2 hours awake. I convinced myself these are the side effects people say they have to just push through, but most people do not react like that.

I say this because I'm actually using 80mg atomoxetine now because someone in my family had months and months supply they never used. I am having almost no negative reaction, they may be having a slight improvement in places but not helping my mood disorder ( they apparently can help major depression which is why I tried them ).

I'm just sharing this because it's so absurd that some of us have these insane side effects to the same drugs others have no side effect to, and vice-versa.


>psychiatrists and doctors are twats who won't prescribe them
like 90% of doctors I've been to have given me benzos, including general practitioners and psychiatrists, maybe you just don't present symptoms severe enough


I got prescribed citalopram and ran out but i didn't get more, but the withdrawal caused me to become manic for several months and I did a lot of stupid shit. I had never been manic before and haven't been since. I didn't really feel much better while I was on it, still lethargic but i had classes so I couldn't just sleep all day like I had during the summer.


> I'm actually using 80mg atomoxetine now
Jusus christ man, hang in there the best advise i can give you is eat, doesnt matter what just eat plus i bet you arent hungry, but eat even if its an apple just bite, chew, and swallow with your eyes closed with some music, it really helps you to eat.
If you can get thiamine for those days when you really need to do stuff, and change to other stuff as soon as possible It wont get better, itl make you feel even worse, and whatever you do dont try to feel, just dont if you get the craving to feel stop taking them by reducing the dose slowly, i got to the point were i stick syringes in my sking, or rub my arm with a box opener and damp it with alcohol just to feel.
Good luck man


Been on both Fluoxetine and Citalopram. I preferred the former as the deadening of pleasant emotions was lesser. Citalopram also had wicked withdrawal effects when I stopped taking it too abruptly, I was more or less bedridden for a week and a half with severe vertigo.
SSRIs seem to have very similar effects; Limiting the feeling of emotions and making certain thoughts less noticable as a result. In my case it made getting up for school/work easier as all the little things like feeling tired, cold or bored didn't seem to matter anymore. They don't make you happy and they don't get rid of your depression if the reasons you are depressed are still there. I could see a use case for them if taken while being guided through a series of actions that would get you away from the sources of your depression like moving away from shitty parents or transitioning from a decade of NEEThood into full employment for financial security.
After a certain point all I wanted was to stop taking them. For all the numbing of emotions after a while everything feels wrong. It made me more productive but if anything only exacerbated my anhedonia, making the productivity seem like a waste of effort. I suppose they also indirectly helped my anxiety but did so in a way that made me apathetic even towards things I shouldn't be, that was a problem when I didn't care enough to be polite to my boss and customers.


How come I never hear anything about anti-depressants working, but they are ALWAYS recommended?


They're not bad to try if you're suicidal because it's worth at least seeing if something helps. It just has a low rate of helping. If you really want to feel happier if only temporarily, try weed.


Because they cost pennies to produce and work well enough to make norms care less about their soulless daily grind. The side effects aren't rare but they're almost all temporary so it's seen as little long term risk in handing them out like candy.


I started seroquel recently. 25mg twice a day and 50 or 75 mg at night for sleep. It worked well for sleep the first few days but I developed tolerance and I've been increasing it. I took 150 mg last night and it didn't even knock me out. I'm very concerned with how fast I'm developing a tolerance and how horrible the withdrawls are going to be. I think I should start stepping it down and try to get off it before it's too late.


I have been taking Seroquel for the last year and a half as an add on medication.
I have only ever taken it before I went to sleep and did not develop a tolerance for it.
After i had a seizure in February which my psychiatrist linked to the high dosage he reduced it to 75mg.
Even when the dose was so drastically reduced, I never had the problem of it not knocking me out at night.
For me Seroquel was a massive help in fixing my sleep schedule which was a great factor in allowing me fix up other aspects of my life.


I forgot to say that i went from 300 to 75mg


People who they work for aren't talking about it online really. There's not much to say about them when they work because you just feel better and everything is different. In a lot of more norman depression forums you will find a lot of people talking about how depression meds are working, often many of them complaining about side effects. Some of them discussing how they stopped working after a while and had to change. "I'm sorry they aren't working for you, it took a few meds before it worked for me, keep trying" is all can really be said by those it works for.

The majority of the population that take antidepressants only use them for a short time to help them through a period of under 12 months, of which they seem to help a lot of people although there is debate about it. There is a selection bias because online and in these communities.



wizzies i just went cold turkey on my prozac and have been having brief but frequent dizzy spells that shake up my head and sometimes feet and hands. i was only on 20mg and i think the worst is gone should i see a doctor? will this cause any permanant damage?


It's very suspicious that the statement "they (the medication) work for me" stands for itself. You just feel better? How does it change your situation? I cannot even comprehend what that's supposed to be like. I guess for normalfag it's easy to measure the success. If they can do normalfag stuff like work, routine, relationship, friends, in their everyday life then the meds works. But if you don't have any of that then how am I supposed to know if the meds work? I guess the best they can do is make me forget that I care about other things than what I have right now. Or maybe I can consume more stuff without getting tired of it. Life's good and the fact that it's actually not will be forgotten if you take a pill. Great. Well maybe it's still better. What is there to lose.


The fundamental premise of ADs is just bonkers. First they reduce a complex condition like depression to some specific brain chemicals without any real empirical evidence, then they sell you a drug that messes with your brain chemistry in unpredictable ways causing all kinds of side-effects. The positive effects are indistinguishable from placebo and the popular advice is to try a bunch of them until they work, or more correctly until you convince yourself that they work.

If you really need something to get you through the day, try weed or other actually cool drugs that work as intended. The nature of depression is based on a lot of factors, but there are many drugs that can get rid of negative feelings or lack of energy temporarily (but your doctor will never prescribe them).


You're fundamentally right that the easiest way to measure success is by objective criteria, for me I used the ability to complete a todo list of chores I had to do every day. I cycle between dysfunctional depression and better moods, so for many years I couldn't do a single item on the todo list. Now I cycle between it taking me 6-12 hours to do the items, or failing, when I'm depressed and being in normal being able to do them in 2 hours.

For people with more normal lives who have a superstructure around them of friends, work, family, routine, they have many more external indicators that something is wrong. If they suddenly can't do what they were doing, and then can do it again, the pills have worked. These things will also exert pressure on them to check if they're getting better, friends and family will continue to try and see if they're better. Considering a lot of people develop depression and haven't had it for most of their lives such things allow them to catch it early and easily see if the pills are having an effect, true.

There is a level of focus on internal experience though. Depression ultimately creates a focus on things which normal people don't focus on. When you're depressed moving across the room to start a task is a complicated thing : trying to access missing motivational energy, your body not responding, your internal language not connecting to anything, concepts not making sense, having to move your body limb by limb. I never had success with medication to be clear; but when I lift out of depression all of that disappears. You just intend to do a task, your body responds, and you do it; it's so much simpler that everything just happens and it's different. Even if you have to remind yourself why you're doing something when you don't want to do it, your mind responds to the reminder and your body just responds to the intention. How could that be explained to someone who is still experiencing it as a broken down mix of unresponsive internal factors? It becomes like magic, invisible to oneself, even if you still have to apply psychological tools to do something you don't want to.

Even if you don't have external measures your internal experience can relate to semi-measurable factors like the nature of doing a task. For me personally I have to actually remind myself some experiences exist when my mood raises, I have to remind myself that you can just breath and pay attention while doing something and enjoy it. You can just pass through time doing a task and conscious awareness isn't just suffering unlike depression, and afterwards you can feel a sense of reward or pride. That disappears during depression, it doesn't even make sense - entire areas of human experience just disappear. You can't explain it. I can't explain it to myself in those states, I read my own writing and don't understand it. I didn't really believe it until a few years ago.

Furthermore that's what make objective measures useful. You can't just compare a depressed state to a normal state from memory, you can use semi-measurable factors but you can't really compare them as experience. I have a lot of stuff written down about the differences and I just can't access them from memory. I however experience quite bad cognitive deficits during depression.

This can be seen in quite a pessimistic fashion outlining how much depression takes, but hopefully it helps you comprehend a little. Fundamentally I believe depression is an altered state of consciousness that requires its own language to describe and relate to. As I say I haven't had success with prescription medication, as outlined in >>219503, but I believe people when they say certain meds just changed everything "night and day" and it may be possible for some people. Sorry for the long post I hope it helped you or someone.


I took SSRIs for 10 years. They made me fat, lazy and less ambitious. I'm pretty sure they're the reason I dropped out of college, I couldn't get myself to do anything and I didn't really feel like doing anything anyway.


It is ideal that you reduce the dose gradually so that you don't get more lasting side effects, but yeah, you do get those zaps when you quit on it along with some other uncomfortable sensations. For me the general unpleasantness lasted for several weeks. Either way, I don't think anything permanent will happen, but it can last for a long time if you don't do it properly.


This post is absolutely correct. I find it really odd that antidepressants are prescribed on such different premises compared to how you treat virtually any disease. You don't have to test anything, you don't have to actually have anything, you could just go to the appointment on a bad day and the doctor can deduce whatever the fuck he wants from your words to start drugging you. They don't even have to know what you have. Usually they'll just come up with something broad/generic on the fly to justify it. It's fucking bullshit.

I took antidepressants for a decade, and they NEVER made anhedonia better. If anything, they made it worse. The only difference is that you're too busy being a zombie to care about it. All this time, it was just my parents and the doc insisting I was better, even though I didn't really feel any better at all. In fact, my life got much, much worse, but everyone just attributed it to mental illness rather than the medication. Psychotherapy helped me much more than ADs ever did.


I took antidepressants back in 2006, opened up sexual negative stuff to a guy I know from high school, some hacker messed with me. He(most hackers are male) disseed my 3 Windows XP computers. I was held for 3 months in a mental hospital. Now I have a pension at age 33 yr. Use antivirus or use Linux


It was a Finnish mental hospital, I was renting from my mother and got only 50€ in housing support, when I got my pension in 2010 the rent support was increased to 600 €


>Now I have a pension at age 33 yr
What is your pension for, wizard? Depression?


(I have a pension at 33 yr)
Schizophrenia. I tried to study with study support, but that was only around 400 €/month since I was renting an apartment from a parent. I also took more advanced math + physics than minimum (I had to apply for that). Only passed one course of the more difficult physics.


Here is a pro-tip for people in Finland. If you claim your computer is hacked that is enough reason to say you a delusional or psychotic. There is nobody who is going to run anti-virus on your computer and submit a report to a court. Even if you have complained about 3 month forced treatment to a Finnish administrative court. It took 2.5 months of mental hospital torture before a judge ruled that they had the right to hold me. I can't remember if the court reached a decision in 2006 or 2007. I was never taken to see a judge or talked to a lawyer. I talked to a somebody at the ward, but the question was for things like: do you have special powers? I was like I am really good at math. I also said I was spied on with malware on my computer. In 2005 I got the highest grade in math (maximum level) from Finnish national examination.


At age 7 they diagnosed me with learning disability + been logically gifted. They let me study in a local school, despite of the disability. At age 20 yr, they declared me mentally ill.


Interesting, thanks. Do you think you'll ever try to go back to school?


Has anyone here tried any MAOIs like Parnate or Nardil? I'm considering ordering some from Indiamart but I'm not sure if they will work.


I keep reading that antidepressants reduce your ability to feel either happy or sad… I ALREADY feel nothing at all! Except rage and numbness. How is that supposed to help? I got on Trintellix and all it gave me is stomach ache and anxiety attacks! Wtf?


Sounds like my brain secretes this 24/7 except the sleep thing


gl agonizing receptors when theres none left


I was on Zoloft for a number of years. It would make me nauseous in the morning and cause me to eat more than I should. It made me so apathetic that I almost went through with suicide. I recently tried Lexapro for a month only this time it caused me to sleepwalk a lot. I still found myself gorging on junkfood again and not caring about anything. It's like they give you these pills in order to become the perfect consumerist worker drone. Also my dick stop working as well as it should.


Yes, I've been through countless antidepressants, and all they did to me (aside from the various side-effects) was to make me not care about anything. I'm not exactly sure how that is supposed to help people since it also means you won't actually feel compelled to do anything to change your life. The worst thing is that I complained about not being motivated to do things over many, many years to various psychiatrists and absolutely none of them even considered finding me an alternative to antidepressants, at best they just switched me to a different one that ended up doing the same.


Have you ever had Methylphenidate? It's what I want to try but where I live it's very hard to get a prescription.


Not OP but I have. It’s good but I built a tolerance quickly.


I'm quoted anon, but I haven't had that one in particular. They mostly prescribed SSRIs and SNRIs. I've wanted to try it though, not sure how I'll react.


Not op. I've tried Adderall, focalin, Ritalin, Vyvanse, modafinil, daytrana, concerts, etc

I have ADHD and these pills plague me with extreme emotional blunting while I'm up on them. 1/5 patients have this side effect unfortunately. My friends remark how dull I am when on them, they destroy my confidence, kill my appetite, and make everything in my life joyless. Certain things I engage with that trigger a dopamine reward circuit, for instance getting a multikill in a competitive video game, feel completely numb on stimulants.

It's like I'm in some weird version of hell when I'm on them. I'm better at functioning in every way, and I can actually keep my life together. I can focus my head long enough to learn from uni textbooks, I can sit down long enough to think through complex problems, I can make the correct choice faster in pressured scenarios. It's like my brain is finally realizing it's potential. But I can't enjoy any of it. In fact, I am so detached that I genuinely don't give a shit whether I'm alive or not. Not that I wish to die, but rather that I am so uninvested in my life that I might as well keep going forward because I couldn't give enough of a shit to stop what I'm already in the middle of doing. It's like I have no opinion were you to ask me if my existence was worth living.

At least when I'm off them I want to die, you know? At least I want something.


Very interesting. Too bad it's not only the
>I'm better at functioning in every way, and I can actually keep my life together.


well he's getting that much out of it. adderall doesn't solve my lack of cognitive ability, so I just focus on reading which isn't productive, but I feel worse off it. I smoked cigs when I was younger and adderall basically just replaced it, but my fundamental slowbrain doesn't change.


I've recently started my third anti-depressant, the last two were SSRIs, this one is wellbutrin.
So far, same experience as the SSRIs. Nothing changes whatsoever, no side effects, no mood differences, no nothing. I started wellbutrin over a week ago so I still have a couple of weeks for it to kick in fully, but I don't even have any side effects. I truly believe these are all sugar pills and rely on placebo or something to make them work.


This is pretty much my experience as well. I've been on a little over half a dozen antidepressants, SSRIs, atypical SSRIs, NDRIs, MAOIs, fucking everything. Never once felt an actual difference on any of them.
They're not complete sugar pills, because the dick-numbing side effect of SSRIs way too often for the pill to be inert. It happens to over 50% of people taking the drug even if you don't tell them SSRIs fuck with libido.

My view is that they do occasionally work, but they're very unreliable and we don't understand in the slightest what, if anything, is going to work for any particular person. That's why the prescription cycle is just endlessly trying random shit until maybe something works.
Depression treatment is not scientific medicine yet, all we know is that we have a bunch of pills that are occasionally helpful and if you try enough of them you might eventually get lucky.

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