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I am probably going to be fired tomorrow. Boss scheduled a "serious meeting", told me to leave the building, and cancelled my password. Obviously I don't have any references so chance of finding a new job is zero. Do I just lie, pretend I'm still working?


i did that 4 a while whent to library instead zj


>Do I just lie, pretend I'm still working?
How does that work? Keep going to the office and just pretend you weren't fired?


leave at usual time, drive toward the suburb where I used to work, never tell parents anything changed. & yeah I know it won't last forever…


What happened


didn't meet KPIs, agreed to performance improvement at performance review, didn't improve. TL;DR bad at job


Got a write up recently and I'm afraid I'm going to find one day that I no longer have login access and I'm locked out of the building.

The ability for an employer to just fire you without giving you a 2 week notice is criminal.

Yes, you're fired OP. Don't even go back there if you don't have to.


I know I'm fired. What's next?


Why lie to your parents? Maybe they can help you find another job or at least give you support until you do.

Did you get a severance package?
What was your job?


I did this when I dropped out of college (pretended I was still going for a semester and a half). it eats at your soul, don't fucking do it dude. Just say they're taking hits because of covid and are laying people off or some bullshit.
I would honestly have one last call to your employer, to end on a good note at least if you're really fired. Ask him what you did "wrong" (even if your boss is a shitstain and the job was garbage). At least that way you have a solid reference for your next job.


Maybe you'll get lucky and be able to neet it up for a while


if i were you, id try to have an honest and mature talk with your boss and if he gives some kind of shitty dumb reason(s) sue him for unfair redundancy or some shit liek that

youre bound to get a job even without any references as long as you have some sort of volunter or work experience youll be fine
but the job that would hire you would be desperate for anyone to work for them so strap on tight…

personal experience


why pretend? just tell them you were fired, sign up for unemployment and enjoy the free money


Start getting covidbux for unemployment I already got nearly 10k for getting fired 2 months ago this is more than i made while working


Not everyone lives in the US,a lot of people in my country got fired too because of COVID,not a single one of them will receive any aid.


I love it when bosses leave your employment status unclear. So fucking helpful.


some states in the US won't give you unemployment if you were fired. The spectrum of losing your job is quit, fired, layed off, resigned. Only in the layed off range might you get unemployment, but this is usually a state tax on the former employer. My former boss got hellamad at me when I asked if I would be getting any unemployement bux after I told HR I was layed off.


thanks to the "gig" economy everyone is an independent contractor and does not qualify for unemployment benefits.


Are you talking about covid benefits in the USA?
What's the difference between fired/laid off? I believe in most of the world unemployment can be claimed only after your employer terminates your contract.


Not the guy you're replying to but the connotation with "lay-offs" is basically mass redundancies within a business, most often due to budget cuts. People can do nothing wrong and get laid off because the powers-that-be decide it's good for the balance sheet.

Whereas "being fired" usually relates to one individual and it carries a connotation of indiscretion.

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