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Anyone have these how do normalshits react?

Usually they don't care because suffering is subjective and they think im a lunatic or something.


Most people are usually pretty considerate. What was most surprising is that poor people and loitering youths will look out for me, inquire if I'm alright, etc, while rich yuppies (always the females) will laugh. One bum outside the library even gave me a chocolate milk while I was having a breakdown, which was nice of him.


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the rich, well adjusted, and succubi on average don't experience much turmoil or pain in their lives to be able to relate to the misery of those unfortunate enough to break down in public.

I remember telling this female relative a year ago or so that I was crying because I felt extremely lonely, and she replied by saying "I have never felt lonely in my life". Or that time I cried in front of my family, two years ago I believe, on my birthday. One aunt cried and tried to hug me and the rest just said that they understood, and then keep eating and chatting about who knows what, because I kept crying and crying so much that I barely finished my food and had to leave to wash my face and then to my room. I realized then that it'd be a waste of time to even talk to them about anything, it's not like anybody cares in the first place. All they'd do is feel bad for you maybe, and then keep with their lives, they're too busy, they don't have time, they have other priorities. You really can't blame them…

One time as a young kid I remember playing football, I was maybe 10 or 11, when I had this sudden need to cry, so I waited for the match to end so I could finally cry when I had arrived home, and avoid going through the embarrassment of crying in front of others, but I failed to hold on and cried in front of two guys on the way back. One of them was a black friend, who had a vicious personality, he was known for getting into fights and also for mocking everyone, that's why his reaction surprised me, because he acted really concerned, so much that he got a bit angry because I couldn't explain why I was crying. He patted me on the back, and we stopped because I couldn't keep going, and he didn't insult me or say anything nasty, instead he was asking me gently what happened, why I was crying, saying comforting words, his aggressive tone was replaced by that of a caring nurse. It made me believe that he was a good friend, but my first thought was that he was just being curious so he could tell the other guys about any problem I was having, and use it against me. The second guy also stopped but for a short time, he didn't believe that I was crying, and after a while he left, but while he stood there, he did not know what to do, or how to react, and so he said in disbelief "he is not crying, it's just sweat."

The thing about having a breakdown in public is that maybe you have to look a certain way for people to care(be a succubus), send them the right signal I guess, I wouldn't blame anyone if they ignored me, maybe I'd act the same way, I don't know…
I always try my hardest to just cry in my room alone.


Had one at my mom where i started banging my head on the cupboard and screaming, what more is there to tell


>"he is not crying, it's just sweat."
Ya, heard that one before, turns out, it wasn't just sweat


yeah I have them in public sometimes, of course the only time I go in public is with my parents and they know what's wrong with me, usually my mom will open her purse and give me my meds and then I'll feel better in 15-20 minutes, people walking by don't seem to care but I try to keep my head down and not look at them. one time in the mental hospital there was some older guy that asked me if I was alright, I just nodded my head and he left me alone, I guess he could tell I wasn't the talking type, and I guess other people silently noticed my problem too though because it turns out there was this one really unruly and aggressive succubus in the same unit as me that helped me get a phone call with my mom, my first day there I thought she was a loud mean person just from observing from a distance but turns out she actually cared to help a random stranger like me


Those of you who have these things, what do you expect or want people around you to do for you?


I was trained by my mom as a kid to never show autistic traits in public. No toewalking, stimming, whatever. So in public, I haven't had a break down. I have had plenty at home though. My dad gets mad at me usually and starts making fun of me. Sometimes, he can be kind and help me through it. Mostly, he'll just close the door to whatever room I'm in and start talking out loud about how he should put me in a home.


Thats so messed up man


I hope they ignore me


Shit man. That actually sucks.


Any kind of (attentive) response. It's an expression of desperation and mental agony that cumulated over time thus leading to irrational overreaction. It tells other people that something is wrong with you and that you need help. It sometimes can't be avoided because the internal pain is invisible to other people. There has to be a way to communicate the pain. Sometimes mere words or subtil signals are not enough to make other people see how bad it really is. It shows that people have to drop normal expectations in regards to the person with the breakdown. They cannot expect him to act as he is ought to do in the realm of social norms. He's in such a bad position that he just can't do it anymore.


I can usually avoid it in public. It just usually comes full circle at home when the distractions don't work anymore. No one really cares about me outside of direct relatives who aren't exactly doing well themselves, so I'm always under a lot of stress since I was never capable of improving my situation as I simply don't have the intelligence level needed for it.

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