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File: 1591776503755.gif (2.42 MB, 499x214, 499:214, 6432E4C9-9A14-4D25-A084-AC….gif) ImgOps iqdb


Not just politics but anything intellectual or truth related

Losers have no identity outside of our opinions, hence the obsession with perfecting them to reality

So our entire interest in truth is illegitimate, it was forced on us. This is the ultimate truth, the most relevant truth anyway.

Once I stopped denying this I legit went from a politics junky to extreme apathy and depression in less than a month


File: 1591777974925.jpg (11.13 KB, 500x324, 125:81, 1580119077806.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People obsessed with politics on the Internet are indeed lonely losers that think they're part of some group with certain values that's against this other group, hence the obsession with identity, us vs them mentality and inability to think outside the consensus of the group. Truth has nothing to do with it, it's just tribalism.

>politics junky

So, you read a bunch of news articles daily or did you get you pre-packaged gestalt from /pol/ threads?


I totally agree.

I don't understand how so many people are obessed with politics. I'm not saying don't vote etc but you have a limited power, you will probably will not change the world. Things will probably remain the same, and if they ever change that is not likely because of you.
Yet everywhere I see people who try to change massive stuff, defend white race, topple capitalism, create an utopia, gas the jews etc etc etc. It seems for some people their politics IS their identity.

I don't know. It feels like I'm surrounded by idiots. I say this from a place of not thinking very highly of myself. Or maybe online=too many discord using zoomers and therefore I'm unable to compute them being the middle aged fellow I am. I feel the youth is quite similar to the old farts who watch political shit on tv all day and spout their nonsense on normiebook.

Way before the 30 year old boomer meme, Varg talked about how many young folks are just acting like boomers, the 55+ year old bunch. I highly agree with him.

I have nothing against people talking politics but some imho have taken too much of the koolaid.


I read news and wiki daily back then, no pol cuz arab

My opinions ran the usual loser course:

Liberal atheist feminist
Then finally apathy

Caring abt the truth even outside of consensus is a crab trait still, never seen a winner bothering to address logical fallacies or whatever


I think it is a waste of time unless you are personally involved in a party or a particular campaign to pass some law or something like that.
But just being a spectator and actually following it in detail is just a waste of time. Most of the matters that come up aren't even real and are just an "issue of the day" invented to get people riled up. Then the next day it's forgotten about, never to bother anyone again.
I think it ties back to news oversupply and overconsumption, and the desperation of the media to sensationalise literally everything as if it were a life-and-death situation, and since they turned into defacto political ad agencies, attach it all to politics. And people now have too much time on their hands, most aren't labouring full-time so they spend a lot more time exposed to news sources, which is mostly political since nothing much happens these days.


File: 1591794132668.jpg (577.27 KB, 2800x830, 280:83, pills.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You forgot to take the Greenpill


take the brown pill


It’s irrelevant to our day to day for sure

If you’re a loser then you have way bigger problems than politics and religion, if you’re a winner your life is too good to care

It’s a tryhard forced interest almost all the time


its the brown pill for me bucko


How is this related to /dep/? T


>Liberal atheist feminist
>Then finally Apathy
In other words the 5 stages of grief kek

Would be interesting to see the ideological journey of people here. What’s your journey guys? For me it went like this
- BNWesque Totalitariam utilitarianism
- Right-libertarian transhumanism/general le rationalist edgelord
- General crabbery
- Back to totalitarian utilitarianism again but this time with a twist, the belief that being male was a biological curse
- General apathy

I still have solid opinions on many political and philosophical issues but I’m not getting butthurt over them like I did in the past


>Would be interesting to see the ideological journey of people here. What’s your journey guys?
Would be a good thread in and of itself:
>General crabbery
>Iamverysmart athiest
>Randian libertarian


Once you realize that you can't change the world and your opinions on politics don't matter at all, then you are free to live in reality and focus on the things you can change in your own life, pursue hobbies, and basically make your own surroundings more suitable to you. It's great.


I wouldn’t have distracted myself with politics if my personal life wasn’t irreparably garbage in the first place, so that’s not really an option


File: 1591981526568.gif (998.48 KB, 400x165, 80:33, walking on sunshine.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Talking politics is a hobby you ignorant cunt. Now go eat your high fructose corn syrup breakfast and drink it down with fluoridated water. Oh and don't forget to watch the newest Jewish made movie and kneel apologetically before a black man, faggot.


> Now go eat your high fructose corn syrup breakfast and drink it down with fluoridated water.
Unless you grow your own food and have some magic water filter, you really need to shut the fuck up.


>So our entire interest in truth is illegitimate, it was forced on us.
The pseudo intellectual in me wishes to tell you that there is no legitimate interest if that's how you view it. It's not just your shortcomings that make you a victim of circumstance, it's your victories too.


Get a better hobby than obsessing over things you can't change or control. It's a completely masochistic activity that has no benefit to you. Do something else. Build gundams. Forage for mushrooms. Go surfing. Take a karate class. Play piano. Literally do anything else with your time and you will be happier.


Unless you're a career politician, you're just some random guy reading political fanfics, thinking you're somehow in-the-know about what's going on. It's just a way to make yourself feel superior and in control, when really you're just coonsuming a particular brand of News™.


You're not special for having a political opinion. Everyone has them. You're just pathetic enough for it to be your entire identity.


How ironic gen z acting like their gen x parents lol


File: 1592054943741.jpg (90.8 KB, 600x747, 200:249, bfa7d58fe3b52c0c42c15e3bdc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Politics is shoved down your throat in everything, from your first schooling education, kids TV shows, video games, news, image-boards, internet, social media, family, friends, advertisements, people on the street etc etc it never ends. Back in the day you could be a retard peasant just farming his land and that is all he would do, everything that happened in the world is what would happen, but it would be completely unbeknownst to him for the most part nor would he care to know. Now we are over-flowed and fed information purposefully created to initiate movements and actions, to illicit feelings that humans are simply not meant to have evoked. The saying of 'the only winning move is to not play' is extraordinarily true, but firstly involves finding a way to disconnect from the political sphere completely. But as for reasons mentioned above, it is hard to do so.


It seems like the only way politicians can get people to vote nowadays is to invoke negative emotions. Maybe its always been like that who knows. But I have begun to feel like democracy is taking a larger and larger toll on the mental health of each nation that partakes in it.


yeah its easy to say politics is unnecessary when you dont got skin in the game. self improvers or people with jobs get fucked by kikejews every day


File: 1592388868794.jpg (3.4 MB, 3328x1872, 16:9, IMG_20200613_111626.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wouldn't know how to properly summarize it, but most of my life could be divided into:
>devout Catholicism characterised by hour long prayers and going to mass daily
>ultimately succumbing to some form of agnosticism upon being discouraged by the disproportionate amount of time the Church spent feeding people hope rather than teaching more about scripture and overall theology
>stoicism phase to fend off nihilism
>further convincing myself morality grows the more judgemental the person is, immorality therefore being the only way of reaching one of the characteristics of the archetypal perfect human
>existential dread and falling into various forms of substance abuse
>general apathy


Yeah, I don't think the improvebrahs get this. politics is just another form of escapism for some people when they can't just pursue an individual solution.


>politics is just another form of escapism for some people when they can't just pursue an individual solution.
This is going in my book of quotes.


those who seek truth are the chosen ones and real wiznogs. 😶


What's a wiznog?


Is that what you say to anyone who comes up with stupid remarks? What do you get out of being disingenuous like this?


I could see it as escapism if someone were (and I don't mean for the list to be exhaustive) just studying it academically or imagining some kind of ideal system, maybe even taking a detached look at the pure political machinations of the world and trying to divine the future. The active discussions of current events and highly emotional arguments about ideological positions seems more like surrounding yourself with as much reality as possible and even obsessing over it to an unnatural degree. I don't see that as escapism.


File: 1592535433229.png (133.22 KB, 1272x378, 212:63, wizchanSocialAnxiety.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think it's stupid. I screencap all sorts of posts I find insightful.


Wizards from the United States.

WizWOGs on the other hand are wizards based in the UK, Australia and possibly even Canada.


very interesting take


weird order i suppose


I've been obsessing mainly over Coronavirus and Antiveganism recently. The problem is simply that I'm bored out of my mind with nothing to do. I tried to distract myself from it but Corona for example is hard to ingnore when you have to put on a cuck mask to even be allowed into a store. My boomer parents watching the news and having the newspaper lie around also doesn't make it easier. If I turn on the radio I will just be bombarded with more of this nonsense. So I have nothing else to do, video games are not really intesresting to me


I guess escapism isn't the right word, it's more self-escapism by looking beyond yourself in terms of being an obsessive. The power structures have never really been set up for the average ordinary person to have much of a say, so it is considered to be abnormal to have a lot of investment in politics as opposed to just being a passive consumer who goes with the flow. if you're just watching it on tv or reading online articles or tweeting/posting, it's an intense hobby rather than active involvement in the reality.


>failed normie
>delusional attempt to internalize buddhism

I don't think I'm really up for suicide, but i can totally understand why people do it. I have absolutely nothing to look forward to except enduring an isolated, lonely existence until i die. I can't believe the majority of people don't kill themselves.


Did you fall for the buddhism meme because of how much it got spammed all over this site?


Praise you tatuwiz, there something so comfy about these two 3dqts, i always enjoy seeing your posts


I too tried the buddhist meme, but i found without cultural context, its a megalarp delusion


no i went to thailand and this >>222549 is the problem. they can actually mentally internalize and buy into it because they're indoctrinated from birth to believe in it. meanwhile, I'm a an aimless loser firmly poisoned by the sickening, soulless virtues of capitalism and consumerism in america.


Kill your self and leave this website, in either order.


great music, wiz. It reminds me of GunZ


>im a homosexual
fixed that for you


is that meant to be an insult?


oh I see that poster didn't like 3d succubi
gee, he must be a HOMO

normnigger logic as it's finest


4chan tourist alert


No its not you retard. Be glad your ancestors were retarded like you.


I think it depends on your intentions. Most people are into politics so they can brag online for some social points. I generally don't like it, especially in those moments both sides are retarded, but sometimes one side is extra retarded and I have to check how hopelessly idiotic humanity can be.


Every single government on earth is a murderous mafia police state. I have no opinions on how this people farm should be managed.


File: 1593809632434.jpg (82.72 KB, 708x698, 354:349, soda_dog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Politics are 1000% a fag hobby for noman trash and losers who wish they were normans. Political circle jerking and shit flinging ruined the internet worse than social media. Wizards should honestly not give a single flying buttfuck about politics.


No one who regularly uses imageboards should be allowed to hold political thought. They aren't able to form anything coherent in the first place.
The last ten years have only proven this to me. These places produce nothing but psychotics.


I agree with everything anti-politics in this thread but:

> Once I stopped denying this I legit went from a politics junky to extreme apathy and depression in less than a month

You don't have to be apathetic and depressed now dude. Do something else that makes you happy.

Fuck if politics makes you happy somehow do it even though its a loser hobby, we are all wizards and kinda losers.


It's already being managed by a higher intelligence, you think all of this is by accident?


Anything that has purposely set up the current state of affairs is hardly what I’d call an intelligence.


> it was forced on us
Only if you conflate the news with politics. Actual political study is certainly not forced upon anyone, quite the opposite (by denying that certain things are political).


Imagine living your whole life in revenge because you got owned by some red pilled guy.

You think about him everyday and he doesn't even remember owning you.


Politics is a good interest if you actually get into political theory and philosophy behind it and aren't a sperg that thinks he's going to make a difference. If you're just watching Ben Shapiro compilations and breadtube shit then you're wasting your time. If you're a faggot that gets into long winded arguments on social media you're also doing it wrong.

Geopolitics>politics also, realpolitik>idealism. It's cynical, but you can more understand things by studying geopolitics than obscure marxist theory, straight up


Yes. Nice to have your own ideas but there's legit no point. Don't like it? move.


I fell into political religion (right-wing) when I was 16 years old. I soon after began to hate that I was sacrificing my own life for the sake of a "greater good" but I felt like I was standing for what I saw as right. really, it was all mental masturbation because none of it was going anywhere. I would've realized this sooner at 18 but I had a couple of chance events that had ruined my life for the next 8 years, one ideological and one not. That on top of the state of society just kept me in an endless loop of bitterness and being pissed off all the time.

It didn't take until I was 26 to realize what I had been doing. I finally knew what it was like to live a life without ideology and to live within the moment but by then it was already far too late. Too late in the sense that my life is fucked now and will have to CTB soon for unrelated reasons. So many things that I had missed out on, so many things that I never got to do…

I don't regret having my own political views but they should've been placed into a small compartment and shouldn't have taken up as much space as they had.
I believe that my motives were noble but it was futile.


>sacrificing for a greater good

How so? I used to do nothing but sharing data while lurking

but weren't you happy being alone with your toys as a child?
> suicide, but i can totally understand why people do it. I have absolutely nothing to look forward to except enduring an isolated, lonely existence until i die. I can't believe the majority of people don't kill themselves.


>Happy as a child
yea but the pain started when i went to college and the requisite urgency required to go out and build the social connections that can get you a non garbage retail job never materialized. I just went to class and then went home and played video games. I avoided people like the plague. now im 29 and still live with my parents


>How so? I used to do nothing but sharing data while lurking

I was thinking long-term.


>weren't you happy … as a child?


I apologize, then. But never surprised about how some people comes with a deeper delving in darkness than others.


If it doesn't happen naturally, you will come off just as awkward and people will want to keep you away. I used to see intellectual pursuits/higher education as something that would be good for me as an introvert but given you have to suck up to professors/grad students/etc. it's the fucking worst. I'm the same age and my biggest regret in addition to attending Uni was thinking I'd be more mature if I was attending one not near home. I was immediately noticeable as awkward and my roommates hated me or tried to take advantage of me on rent and shit. Only reason it didn't go even more poorly is there was relatively more tolerance for weird/out there people in that city but the vast majority of students were well put-together people from high income households who didn't get into ivies/stanford/etc. but were still smarter than most and social at the same time. I didn't realize what I had landed myself into since I transferred from community college until I realized how different the majority of students were.

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