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breaking free from it all edition

previous >>218261


The hierarchy of preferred coworkers is the following:

low IQ men < low IQ succubi < high IQ succubi < high IQ men

Discuss and/or post your own version.


I pretty much agree though I would just simplify my own version to low IQ < high IQ. Or even better, extrovert < introvert. The rest is petty details.


I think that gender exerts a significant control on workplace dynamics. I'm not a sexist or anything but I think that genders work together differently.


Is this where we're at? Having to qualify obvious statements like "fraternities get along differently than mixed sex groups". Jeez. W o m e n fuck up the workplace dynamics and on average do not make as efficient, stable and innovative workers as males. Even in chimpanzees, the males of the troop are more innovative. Globalism and the egalitarian norms necessary to support it in the form of as many people working as possible means we can't notice the obvious without fear of opprobrium.


This was supposed to be my weekend off. Thanks to another coworker's bullshit, I'm working this weekend and off next weekend. Probably, unless something else stupid comes up.

I was looking forward to doing literally nothing for a couple days. Enter my now-usual "I hope the normals get put back on days again so I can go back to my old routine and not have to deal with their crap" complaint from last thread


>Or even better, extrovert < introvert
I found this to be the case.
You don't do small-talk, you don't engage in super fun topics like politics and sport - you end up on the chopping block.


Covid really fucked things up for me big time. Not only did I not get my state sponsored gibsmedats, but this is now month two of literally working for free, and me not quitting because I would probably jump off a bridge if I was left alone with my thoughts for too long. Fucked if I do, fucked if I don't


I haven't really noticed a significant difference as far as coworker experience is concerned. I don't give a crap about how innovative or stable my coworkers are, that's the bosses problem. All I care about is that they are easy to work with and don't bother me more than necessary. My favorite people to work with are introverted midde-aged succubi because they have the camlest temperament, don't weave social intrigue like younger succubi do and also don't try to dick-measure or fraternize with you like men do.


The sexes differ. Men tend to goof around more than succubi, and be more aggressive. Succs tend to spend more time gossiping or talking. I tend to prefer working with men, but I haven't had any bad experiences working with succubi, outside of not wanting to be part of their gossip if they're engaging in it while I'm around. I want to say men are better managers, but I've had my share of crap ones of both sexes.

Higher IQ workers are better workers. They also tend to leave me alone more, too. Low IQ workers also tend to waste more time, too. I don't care if they're wasting time at work, as long as they're not annoying me.

I agree with >>222023. High IQ is preferable to low, regardless of sex (with a slight preference to men), but i'd much rather deal with introverted.


>Enter my now-usual "I hope the normals get put back on days again so I can go back to my old routine and not have to deal with their crap" complaint from last thread

My prayers have been answered, if the rumours I've heard from two separate coworkers are correct, everyone is going on days starting Monday. Except one guy, but he'll be working outside my workspace. I'll be relieved, as the main coworker I'm working with has been driving me bonkers more than usual


I liked having one high iq succubus, but she left some time ago. She was of intimmidating physique, too. It's arousing like nothibg else for me to get womansplained so I'd purposefully make mistakes.


hot!! tell us more!!


Just imagined a scenario where this wiz is actually a millionaire from cashing his crypto coins but he's still working nights on a forklift, shelving boxes out of order to have a succubus in a yellow helmet tell him box 01 should go before 02.
Now that's pretty funny to me.


sounds like an anime plot


I don't wanna go back to work!!


I'm in my late 20s, no job experience, with a college degree and can't find work anywhere. I apply constantly but haven't heard anything back.

What's a job I can apply for with no work experience?


Have you tried signing up to an agenc?


temp agency


File: 1592342440026.jpg (96.81 KB, 600x924, 50:77, 1591652625450.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dear god, one of my coworkers is the most insufferable person I've ever worked with

>Constantly brings me (and everyone else) down

>Tells me to shut up when I say anything.
>Makes fun of me living at home. And another person for being grumpy at work
>He wants everything done his way. Anything different is wrong, even if comes out the same way as his way
>His taste in music is the best. If I turn on anything that isn't top 40 pop from the last 20-30 years or classic rock, it sucks
>Always picking on others, or sucking up to a couple succs he thinks is cute
>Other things I can't remember

The guy has been working the same minimum wage job, too. Hasn't advanced at all in the 15 years he's been with the company… Not an issue in and of itself, as it's not worth the effort for the slight bump in wages. Still, he thinks he's hot shit for being the most productive person there.

I laugh whenever the high school kids give him shit. It's a little bit of karma. Won't miss seeing the guy after next week


enjoy your time


How big were her feet and hands?


Not as big as her penis


Had 3 weeks off work, felt like a few days. I'm back on Sunday and I can't have any time off until next year september. This is fucking crazy


It's a whole lot of luck. My supermarket often hires the most terrible people. Criminal history, neck and face tattoos and above all they don't even have that "normie"ness about them. They are not social or attractive, so I don't understand why we hire them aside from the fact we are screwed if we don't have someone here by 5am tomorrow morning.


I applied for unemployment but I also never cashed in on when I was basically out of work for a month and a half in May, but now I'm in waiting hell because they still havent responded to the unemployment claim I sent in 9 fucking days ago, and my (ex)co-worker said he got a response within a week. AND I can't send in another claim for the 1.5 months I never claimed for until I got a response. Fuck


I have been jobless for a year now, but according to your chart I would be the least preferred coworker. Thank you for making my hopes high that this will ever change.


>no experience
that doesn't exist because you lie on your resume. Any mcjob won't look into your embellished work history on your resume


Your mistake was having hopes to begin with


>work 70+ hours every week
>Father complains I spend too much time on my "dragon slaying play station video games"

I thought after I got a job his complaining would stop


Do you guys have any dreams about escaping the slavery?
For me, my dreams are the only thing that keep me going. I have a vague, distant plan of eventually saving enough money to buy my own place far away from all the noise. 10-12 years from now I want to move out from the city, to a small hut surrounded by trees, get a part-time job and earn enough to humbly get by. I wanna grow my own food, get some chickens, and spend as little money as possible. I'd spend all my free time working towards self-sustainability, studying different books and drawing.
I never thought of the details of achieving that state, maybe for the better since it likely won't come true. The maths of saving money don't check out if you think about it, I'd need at least 20 years. Also, there's no way of living off of a part-time job where I live, and inflation will only make it worse. But I don't wanna burst the bubble, luckily I'm rarely clear-minded enough to think about it this way.
I was gonna write more but it's already a word salad, so take care this next week.


I do and I'm actively planning for it. I'm working on something called LEANfire which basically stands for becoming Financially Independent Retired Early-lite. The idea being that you save and invest as much money as you can in your 20s/30s working career, keeping your expenses low, never getting into debt and eventually semi-retiring from full-time work drudgery to live a comfortable life where your income from investments are enough to cover your expenses. At the very least, my plan is to eventually have enough money saved and invested from my current full-time job where I can relocate from my current pricey expensive city to some quieter rural location, where the cost of living is much cheaper and where I can comfortably work either part-time or occasionally to cover any expenses. I've had it with full-time jobs.


File: 1592800944780.jpg (2.72 MB, 5000x3827, 5000:3827, evola.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>haven't worked since oct 2019 and i only stayed for the 2 week paid training period and then quit after 1 actual week of work
>applied and got the 600/wk trump bux so 6/12 weeks to go ($~8000) in total
>worthless polisci degree that amounted to mental masturbation i could've accomplished reading the books of the syllabus at home
>no friends, only leave the house for walks and calisthenics
>have no sense of urgency to try hard, accomplish anything
>would be completely content to live in the black hills of SD, working part time at walmart, left the fuck alone by the world

Approaching 30, based on observations and anecdotes from the people I've encountered, I'm starting to fully internalize that "this is all there is." This is as good as life gets. There is almost nothing novel to me left in this world and I'm supposed to slog it out for potentially 50 more fucking years? wow, what an absolutely raw deal.

I do love to read though, and there are a lot of books to read. I'm working my way down the yellow track in pic related.


nah its doable, you just need to buy a cheap, manufactured home in a low-cost of living area or potentially another country (if you're into that). Then, you definitely could survive off a part time job. The best job i had was merchandising where i only worked 25-30 hours a week (4-5 hours a day) and spoke to nobody. I just worked pallets of stuff to the shelf as quickly as possible, milked some time, and could leave the work behind. Totally doable


How do you even remember all this bs?
I have read hundreds of book in my life and have forgotten 90% of what i have read



yeah i only remember recurring facts or details that i can relate to. i forgot unimportant details and statistics


get a load of these brainrots


wait, I didn't think you could get unemployment by quitting.


Please enlighten us on your reading retention levels?


i remember 100% of the texts i read and could recite you the entirety of illiad if i wanted


I'm proud. Not everyone is as big brained as you


You can't, at least in Canada you need to be laid off


File: 1592868288379.png (1.44 MB, 1858x1094, 929:547, mobhikki.png) ImgOps iqdb

my dream work from home light office work job has become miserable with covid. years of waiting and being a neet to get this comfy job and its all ruined by a plague.

i went from working 30 minutes every hour to working 90 minutes every hour (unpaid overtime). if i complain or ask for help i get nothing but passive aggressiveness.


I always wonder what people does in these "home office jobs" what do you actually do? programming?


>create firefighters to put out fires
>potentially die in a fire
Felons get paid $1 an hour to be firefighters.


Not OP but I have a home office job. I mostly do data entry and small menial tasks. Adding brands to our database. Adding extra images and descriptions to products. Etc etc.


how do you get one of those jobs?





Can i have a job like this please?


it's just phone calls and data entry. not terribly complicated but someone has to do it. It was an office job initially but negotiated to work from home. now with covid everyone is at home so it isn't even a perk anymore.


My employer is experiencing financial difficulties (no shit) and suddenly everyone is trying to assert themselves and stick themselves into everyone else's work to justify their jobs. It was very low-stress job (at least for me) until now.
Yesterday some old bag had a loud discussion in the hallway about how I don't have enough work to do. How would she know? She's not my boss. She has been trying all year to take over various little tasks of mine.
It's all so tiresome.


File: 1593172057137.jpg (102.76 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, 1542926261199.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was offered a call center job working from home and 2 schedules to choose, full time during the day and part-time graveyard shift.
I fucking hate myself for my stupid ass decision, i should have gone graveyard but earning only 60% compared to the other shift made me go for full time since i was really bad on money.
At least i can apply for a schedule change to part-time in 3 months from now.


Fun job you got there wizzie


Yep, I remember when I used to pull security. Eazy job if you can get a laid back gig like this. Spent whole shift watching movies and browsing imageboards. Fun times. Enjoy it wizzie!


File: 1593283996236.jpg (85.55 KB, 497x434, 71:62, wiz ban.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



why is that, wizkid?


He didn't exactly break the rules, are you saying that hes showing 3D content that isn't sexual content to be considered a ban? He didn't even show his face.


>Haha hey lads look at me non-depressing job, bet you wish you were me haha, neener neener



>hey wizkids
>with the squeakiest wizkid voice ever known to men



Someone filed a complaint against me for my "tone of voice" today. I work at a fucking Mc. Donalds, which is pathetic enough but this just was a new low. It was a succubus who complained as well, but no surprise there. Seriously how fucking bored do you have to be to take time out of your day to CALL a fucking Mc. Donalds to bitch about someones VOICE. This job is so dehumanizing, it drives me to drink.


Is there a way for you to work at walmart or maybe other low labor jobs? I rather starve and be homeless than work at mc donalds, that job should be onnly for teens and kids, I don't see one actual old person at the mc donalds I eat.


I applied to a TON of grocery stores, but no luck.
>I rather starve and be homeless than work at mc donalds
You know, I've been thinking about taking that route. And yeah, there's a ton of teens that work at the Mc. Donalds I'm at, it's god awful. Thanks for asking though Wiz.


This is what i'm fucking afraid of, I haven't start job searching in months cause I hate working with a passion, but now that I might not even find a grocery job and have to resort to mc donalds scares me to hell.


here the mcdonalds people are all older with kids, so I wouldn't even get in there. tbh I fuck up most manual labor jobs, so i'm resigned to eventually dying homeless. If I couldn't leech I'd be screwed since McDonald's doesn't pay the rent here.


File: 1593340699241.jpg (131.83 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, tired.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not even doing your job is enough. I am the "weird one" because I dont talk enough even though the complaint is made by bosses who dont talk to me at all.
I talk a lot to people I work with not the bosses who sit in their office and laugh at YT vids yet still I am the weird one.

also always overlooked for bonuses yet office rats get them everytime ,they barely worked
Sucks so much not being born with right toolsets


this is why i dropped out of college
knowing high school v3(office jobes) is what my ultimate destination is after wasting years not learning anything made me brake down and give up at around 20
i got an internship and a glimpse into office politics and knew i wouldnt be able to survive subtle bullying and social status competitions aka small talk without shooting up the place


oh youre workplace is definitely biased as fuck
basically a group of friends that were together since fucking preschool or some shit like that
currently my workplace

do yourself a favor and maybe try to sue them for anything you can and then leave that shithole

im off to work now fuck my soul i cant wait to leave this job


yes and it is quite a bit of hard work just to get to the stage of working in some awful open office environment, which once you're in you're in for years if not decades. coming home after 8 hours of that and working on a way towards a better life? probably too tired after awhile.

and those jobs exist with gradiations, of course, but always proportional to the competition required to secure a better one.


work in a warehouse nightshift, its okay


Looking for work again.
Last time I did that I had 0 savings so at least I could cope a little with what am I going to buy.
Now I have enough savings to meet my immediate needs and I mostly look for work so I don't expire my certificates and career suicide with my procrastination just yet.
It sucks. It all sucks.


if i dont go and find work, my parents will throw me in the garbage can. But everything around is dismally underpaying, i would not be able to scrape enoutgh coins to buy new socks. So its either silent mendicacy or 12 hours everyday working so i could just sustain myself/ idk how to proceed.
Honestly ready to die, but still postponing it out of habit. 3rd world bumhole by the way.


Do they expect you to start paying for your own shit and move out when you find a job? I wouldn't be able to survive on my country's minimal wage unless I did a shared apartment, at which point I think I'd just consider suicide by drinking myself to death in the middle of a winter forest


Union worker here. Still doing my time during the pandemic. It's alright, though. I don't have to talk much or deal with many people aside from the regulars. Well-paid.



Finally getting to work from home for a bank:

Oh boy, here we go, finally got an interesting job (fraud and money laundering detection) and I even get to work from hom
- coworkers are white trash niggers who can't do basic math or understand the front of a newspaper. Constant questions.
- Normannigger managers use it as an excuse to cut time per task. yay.
- Banks decides it doesn't want to pay for proper monitoring software anymore and we will use in house systems (which are pure fucking garbage) to save 0.77 pence on every automatically generated alert monitored
- Bank took no steps whatsoever to increase server capacity for its vpn that you MUST USE when working at home so first 3 weeks were a nightmare whirl of frustration trying to reach 50% of your targetted workload a day
- Issue has now returned (probably given normies using the vpn when they're done at work, clogging the fucking thing up while I still try to work)

Working at a bank is a big blackpill right up your arse for a former free marketeer like me. Banks are niether sophisticated nor complex institutions, they're just run like an large incompotent fucking office and it has never been clearer that the bank would prefer the financial crime, monitoring and detection departments to cease to exist. What do they care if that's drug money, or dodged tax? it's in THEIR vaults and THEY have that market share. Investigation has been parred down, in some cases, to fucking google searches I shit you not.

Fucking jewish cocksucking filth.

Also, fyi, most criminal ethnic types in europe and uk go romanians>nigerians>"travellers" of any type>jews.

I have seen 6 jewish bank accounts in my time. Every single one of them was engaged in tax evasion via "charities".

Working from home is better than hanging around normalniggers, but only just when someone is trying to step up your "volumes".

Fucking fuckers. Utter fucking fucks.

t.works at major uk bank.


>Also, fyi, most criminal ethnic types in europe and uk go romanians>nigerians>"travellers" of any type>jews.

Surely you mean Gypsies/Roma and not Romanians?


I finally got a letter saying that my employment is going to be terminated the end of next month. I've been waiting for this shit for about a year now. I've been wanting to quit but quitting meant I wouldn't be able to get unemployment so I've just been doing jack shit waiting until I got fired.

I have enough money saved up to comfortably NEET it up for at least 2 years, and that is without any unemployment checks. I'm celebrating by smoking cigars and getting drunk off of my ass.

Fucking hell, I haven't felt this good in years.


Congrats and enjoy neeting.


Get on that unemployment asap, I heard they've increased the payments because of corona chan


congrats nigger



I do not.

The word for fraudster is foreinger. Another blackpill people need to take is that /pol/ is correct. Any foreinger in a foreign land is inclined to rip it off as best he can and funnel his money home. The vast majority of all financial crime is carried on by immigrants of one sort or another. I know for a fact (from my job) that this is the case in the UK. I strongly suspect it is the case everywhere and at all times - the rapacious white man swindling the indian out of a decent wage in his cotton factory in 1876 and the wandering jew everywhere at every time.

From my experience:

Nigerians - seem to think if you claim you run an oil company you can do whatever you like with your account and no one will notice you live on a council estate. Naive attempts at major confidence fraud
50% are crininals

Romanians: Somewhat similar to nigerians, more often involved in money laundering or smuggling via chopped car parts and shell company schemes, or they dodge tax (40% criminals)

Romany Gypsies and Irish gypsies (also called "travellers" in the UK). Any fucking scheme they can run, usually laundering drug money through various methods 75% are criminals

Jews: 100% criminals. Exploit any and every tax loophole. Most common trick the use of charities (to promote the jewish faith) automated interbank repeat transaction monitoring has, ironically, caught them hopping because they mostly bank AMONG THEMSELVES and are totally unaware of what some of the automated systems can do now in major commerical banks, because no jew ever worked in a bank BACK OFFICE. He OWNED banks, or traded under the table in diamonds and other precious materials, but he never ran a fraud office. Life is ironic like that

There is a reason there is an inborn disgust and distrust of the foreigner. It is because an interloper with no ties to the land is always tempted to exploit it and simply leave afterwards. It is probably true of every race. It is just the case that more races are wandering IN to white countries, than whitey wandering to theirs.


File: 1593624904631.png (37.6 KB, 549x169, 549:169, 1568095824174.png) ImgOps iqdb

Had a five minute interview for online salesman position, funny thing is that in description they put it like a call-recever position, simillar to what u can find in call-centers. Well, i was taken by suprise when they asked what are your reasons for applying for a salesman position and what your inspirations are? I was like: "WTF idk, i thought i would be receving calls and managing customers online". Well i did`nt say that, at the end of the conversation nothing was clear, but after it i was notified that i`m not suitable for this postition. No reasons… I wouldn't apply if i knew that yr job entails selling crappy services online. Is there anything else lowskill, high-intensity u can do remotely online other than sale rackets?


What do u people think about Eastern europeans there? I feel like we are white niggers over there/


I was interning at a big international company for 6 months. After working for 2-3 months, I was just painfully waiting for it to get over.
Sweet talking with normies is something I can't do. I tried hard but I just couldn't blend in.
I was hoping that I won't be getting the job due to my antisocial behaviour but guess what? - those fuckers sent me an offer letter last week.

My parents are ecstatic that I've managed to find a well paying job in these tough times and I don't want to disappoint them so I'm acting happy before them.
But I hate it wizzies. I hate it. I don't want to go back there. I am applying at other companies hoping I'll get a call before my joining date but so far - no luck.
To make matters worse, I have a stammer and I'm not that good at my work. I can do the coding/programming but I'm not good with analytics.

I just want to live a simple life. I don't need a lot of money. Is it too much to ask these days?
Seriously, how do you guys deal with these interactions and small talks? It doesn't comes naturally to me.



No native person is going to thank you for turning up to take a job that he may have got.

Especially if you loudly announce your intention to "make money" and then "go home". Why would anyone welcome someone entering their community with no intention of adding to it? They would be inherently suspicious that you will do whatever you can do to line your pockets and then leave. People instinctively know you will be inclined to do this. Hence the evolved dislike of foreigners. If you intend to stay, people will be more accepting.

In terms of pure racial emnity, literal racial disgust alone, you will not be looked down on for being slavic or simialr.




Was intended for you


Would u rather work nightshifts for much lower pay or work a decent paying remote work from home in ur room with 0 privacy and poor sound-isolaton?


I'm always thinking about taking my money back out of my 401k and my IRA, eating the fees, and then quitting my job and just existing for a few years. I know it's "a bad choice". I know I will lose money. I know that if I just keep putting money in them for 4 more decades that I might be able to live more comfortably from my wheelchair when I'm an old fuck. But if I want to stop working, it's the only way I'll be able to survive for more than a couple months. I'd be placing a bet that in a few years I'll either A) be less depressed and more willing to work again or B) more willing to kill myself.

A lot of times I think I should see a shrink and I end up thinking "my job has one of those EAP things and will give me a few free sessions, and if I quit, I would have to pay for that myself". But I've thought about that for years and have never followed through with it and probably never will. But this retarded reasoning keeps me willing to enslave myself longer for some reason.


I return to my last year job on Monday. That is all.


Sorry about your upcoming loss of freedom.


It depends, if you don't need the money that bad and you know you'll have less work/stress during the nightshift then go for that.


File: 1593888320332.jpg (53.87 KB, 233x361, 233:361, 20200704_133859.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



>unironically using kek
>unironically being that big of a massive faggot
So how was high school last year?


File: 1593889936145.jpeg (24.26 KB, 480x488, 60:61, images (2).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Stop avatarfagging nigger



Wow you are the new cancer of this board


All I said was I return to my job.


How much do you get paid and how did you find this job?


no faces faggot, no having fun here, mods help



17k a year. You can find office jobs by searching on the big online job sites. With the experience I've gained in this fucking bank I confidently expect to be able to monkey branch my way over to a better bank or civil service and bummp this to 23k soon.

Top tip is IGNORE what the fucking requirements say and just apply for shit. You'd be amazed what companies are willing to take. I work with certified fucking retards. There are people in my department who have a e and english gcse, no a-levels and no degree. They're monitoring bank activity just like me.

It's up to an commerical concern WHO they will take, unless it's some sort of thing like an engineering ombudsmans office where you MUST be qualified to a certain extent. Or you're trying to become a doctor.

But for most commerical job, and most cushy jobs like being a nightwatchman or something like that you need next to no qualifications. Just keep checking in on job search sites.

I assume you're trying to escape food service industries or something. I know I fucking well was.

Top tip for wizzies. Never. Ever. Ever. Work for food service. Ever.


Had to work with the bitchiest succubi this weekend. No shit she'll complain about fucking everything and completely ruin the mood of the whole team, yet somehow her ass hasn't been fired.

Earlier today she had gotten customers that just needed to swap out some tv boxes (forgot to mention I'm a spectrum employee) and she just goes off on this oldfag for "shoving his ID in her face" even though he didn't, she was just being a cunt. She's gonna have a complaint against her…again and SOMEHOW she'll probably keep her job.

This company is bullshit lemme tell ya.


I see, I asked that Roma/Romanian question. I only know one Romanian family and they are hermetically sealed off from American culture, the mother homeschooling their kids and the father working in a masculine academic field (mathematics related). A recent meta study found that Roma/Gypsy, on the other hand, average an IQ of 76, probably due to high inbreeding depression. That's quite a bit lower than even blacks in the US.


Gypsies seem barely human with their shenanigans so it doesn't surprise me.


I'm in a pork slaughterhouse as a forklifter. It's ok.


Not impressed to hear gypsies are even dumber than niggers. In my country they get free housing, then destroy the electrical instalation to sell the copper for 50€ and go back to live in a hut made of cardboard on the side of the road.


File: 1594059430973.jpg (35.31 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1559345691634.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beyond seeing them sit and beg outside all supermarket entrances here I have had but one encounter with gyppos, where I was tasked with cleaning up after their week long camping out in someones forest, land owner called the cops on them, cops aren't allowed to touch them but thankkfully they were nice to move when told. Trash was spread out over about a football field size area, 13 trees had been axed down, it took a full day to sort out and I almost threw up when I had to cover up their shitpit.


Godspeed wizzie, I'm hoping for the same thing too actually. Have enough savings to live on for years without working. Just tired of working full-time for years when I don't even need to! If you're single and frugal, you can generally get by on pretty little so no need to stress yourself. Might even switch to some laid back part-time job for a while.



ugh, I ended getting a job offer (two, actually) because I guess some people caught wind of my employment situation.

It would be stupid for me to not accept, so no that means I wont be a neet like I wanted. I have no idea why people are willing to hire me, I literally never show up to work on time, rarely make deadlines and I don't talk to anyone. I guess the lockdown made people forget how shit of an employee I was.

I just asked for a substantial pay increase so I can try to retire early, at least.


covid was the only reason I got my current job. From people who showed me no loyalty or professional help when I was previously employed by them.


I think Im just fucked on neetbux. The first application I submitted I said that I wasnt unemployed due to COVID. But then I remembered there was actually 2 months where I didnt have work that was really because of COVID and for some retarded reason I just didnt use that. I submitted another application for unemployment bux over the weekend with the months of no work due to covid included but so far got no email back. Not sure if I should call them, I really really dont want to have to do that. My states unemployment website said that if you submit multiple applications it could effect their decision.


I had a similar experience
I had to call, took a long time to get ahold of a real person but they were very fast when I finally got one and it was not a bad process honestly and worth the free funds

You deserve the money, get it wizzie


For more weird It seems, I miss being wageslaved. It's so much better than rotting in my room waiting for the time go by.


You're insane, that's what I crave every day of my life.


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