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"you're so young"

"you can do anything you set your mind to"

"don't compare yourself to others"

"things will be better when you're older"

"einstein was initially bad at math"(lie)

"you're just a teenager; you will thank me when you're older and happy"

I'm 29 now and hopeless. I hate my parents so much for all the bullshit platitudes and being shit in general.


>Supporting your kid and try to help him (poorly)
What should they done differently?


"There's still time"
there isn't. There never was.


not breed


I've been surprised lately as I realise how inactive my parents really were in helping me direct my life. Strange that I'm still only seeing it more clearly now as I get further in my late 20s. I genuinely don't think they ever made me any attempt to give insightful advice. They just left me to play games in my room, expecting me to magically become well-adjusted and successful. We never went on even basic family outings like to a restaurant or vacation. So I can't think of any 'copes'.


That's the common theme: potential.


Exactly. With my parents, it's even worse since they had another mentally impaired kid who's even worse(except not self-aware.) It just comes down to don't have kids because you want to get your dick wet. It feels like a lot of men just settle down for more regularized access to sex.


Well how were they supposed to know you’d turn out to be a failure?


File: 1591969852901.png (59.2 KB, 239x480, 239:480, Agnes_Skinner_-_shading.png) ImgOps iqdb

My parents never did that, instead they said you are a burden and the cause for all of our suffering.They black pilled me at every chance they got they said things like you will fail at school,college,you will never get a job or drive your own car,You will watch your friends be successful ,you will never be anything in life & they humiliated me in front of my relatives & friends they acted like "HEY look at this retard! he is such a looser look at him" they would all laugh after that. They were right, it all came true! I wonder why?

Now that it has all come true and they have grown old,I do the same thing that they did to me through my childhood, I black pill them about their health,the coming collapse of the economy,riots,mandatory vaccines,wars,food shortages,surveillance,failure of their pension plan… etc .They really get upset when I tell them these things & they keep asking me why do I tell them such things then they say "Its so demoralizing please stop!"
You guys are lucky if your parents gave you copes trying to make life bearable.I wish my parent said those things to me


But why would your parents have done that? This seems unnatural. Wouldn't they want their offspring to be successful aka earning money so you can provide for them later? You're parents might actually be retarded.


It would have required self-awareness of their own shortcomings.

If they thought you were a burden they should have put you up for adoption, tbh.

Copes are worse though because they set you up for worse failure because they ignore the earliest manifestations of in favor of platitudes.


>It would have required self-awareness of their own shortcomings.
Not really. They clearly grew into normalfags and had you, expecting you to grow into a normalfag just like them.


They could be narcissists who don't give a crap or they might have given up early.


My parents would constantly make up these elaborate stories about stuff I must be doing without them knowing in order to keep this false image of what kind of person their son is, like they thought I had some secret life, secret friends, that I must be doing drugs in secret, any time I had an emotional breakdown I was just being "disobedient" and trying to gain something from them. My dad was the first one to question these things and started telling my mom something was wrong with me but she would just get angry and tell him to stop questioning her, wasn't until 18 that I got any help at all, but it took fucking ridiculous amount of effort to show how retarded I am, she was bringing me to colleges and just couldn't figure out why I kept breaking out in sobbing every time, I actually had to run away from home to get any sympathy at all.


Basic foresight and average intelligence. I know that's a lot to ask.


I feel sad reading this thread. Some parents are truly fucked up. Or I don't know is this a 1st world thing? My thirld worlder parents are pretty chill about my whole wizardy. I'm over 30 and they still tell me that I can live with them and they will support me no matter what.
Or maybe its their upbringing, my father lived in favelas and studied hard and became a doctor, my mother was forced to become a doctor by her parents. So both more or less don't want to project anything on me and want me to live life as I see fit.

Though I can tell they find me a bit abnormal, but they won't say it to my face. Both my parents are married only on paper and they were in multiple relationships. My father especially is the opposite of me so much that I sometimes think I'm not his (I am, did those ancestry tests). But I think they are glad that I haven't become an addict, spend money lavishly etc. I'm quite frugal, silent etc, the typical wiz. So while I'm not the best son, I'm deffinetly not the worst.


> Basic foresight and average intelligence
Uhm no, back then the very norm was having lots of children
Judging with hindsight is really easy, you could win every lottery with it


My mother constantly gives me "cope" talk whenever I happen to mention how completely miserable I am. I'm frankly floored that, despite me being an unemployed, super high-strung and emotional autist who's also a highschool dropout and has been agoraphobic hermit for nearly a decade and a half, she still believes in me and thinks there's still someone out there who could actually love me for who I am. However, despite all that, I can tell that she knows how completely fucked I am. She and I have discussed that, but she feels like it'd be too "mean" of her to fully agree with me on it, so she resorts to ridiculous copes to try and keep a sense of hope alive, which I think is more for herself than anything. Knowing her son is going to become a miserable, bitter old man someday with nothing and no one to care for him, is too painful for her to want to admit to herself, so she comes up with fairly tale notions that I'll meet somebody who will love me and that I'll be happy someday.

My mother has resorted to lots of different copes over the years. New age stuff, religion, lotteries (etc.). One time, about 10 years ago now, she literally prayed/meditated every night and wrote like a thousand times in a notebook about how she'd be the one to win the lottery she entered to receive a luxurious dream home/mansion. To this day, she still buys a lotto 649 lottery ticket hoping against hope that she'll win and thereby all our problems will be over. Thankfully she's not obsessed about it, not like that one time, but she still copes with the idea of our lives being magically fixed overnight. She still listens to new-agey meditations on YouTube all the time and will even leave them playing while she goes to sleep and that are all about shit like the "law of attraction". Literally you'll just have a guy saying over and over again to just visualize money/health/success and to keep visualizing it over and over until it happens. Like it were just that fucking easy. I can't help, but shake my head since sometimes since these guys in these videos say the dumbest shit, like "the most successful people just visualized their success". Yeah, I'm sure Bill Gates and Warren Buffet just did exactly that and weren't actually the cutthroat, cocksucking business men that they actually were/are. It's like the people who have lots of money are somehow suddenly "blessed" simply because they have it (even though they probably stepped on many others to get that money), while those who don't have it are simply thinking too negatively and it's their own fault for being poor. Again, I'm sure the CEO of Exxon is a very enlightened and positive person who deserves every penny he has and isn't, in all likelihood, just a soulless egomaniac who'd probably set their entire family on fire if it meant increasing company profits. But no, we should actually all just be self-absorbed sociopaths and only think about ourselves while focusing intently, literally every hour of the day according to these people, on magically "manifesting" lots of money and being rich. That's pretty spiritual and enlightened, right? It's such fucking horseshit and, to a certain extent, my mother knows this, but she clings to it because there's simply no other hope in her life. Coping with fairy tales and bedtime stories gives her hope for the future, basically.

My mother used to be really zealous about the new-agey stuff, to the point where she'd go into a full blown meltdown if anyone disturbed her "meditation time". My mother has also had a tendency to chase after unobtainable men and in the past she'd tried to convince herself that celebrities (like Colin Farrel and Jim Carrey, even Jackie Chan at one point, funnily enough) were her soulmates and the universe was destined to bring her together with them. She also became enamored with both my grade school principal and my high school science teacher. Both of these guys were quite tall, good looking men, (because of course they had to be, since my mother wouldn't "settle" for anything less, despite she herself being overweight and not exactly a looker), but they were also married/engaged to other people. When I was in grade 3/4 my mother actually pressured me to be the one to tell my principal that she had feelings for him, since she didn't have the nerve to do it herself. To her credit, she's apologized profusely for having asked/pressured me to do that. In any case, neither of them were interested and they both essentially had to take her aside and clearly explain this to her, so she finally got the picture.

To be honest, in certain ways, my mother reminds me a lot of the mother from "Requiem For a Dream", just without the drug addiction angle. Her constant fantasies and pining for a "perfect future" that never comes are very much like those you see exhibited by the mother character in that film. She can also be a bit Tomoko-ish in regards to some of her antics and the fact that she's a very shy/awkward person and that, up until a little while ago, she was as much of a reclusive hermit as I am.

My mother isn't fully delusional though, certainly not to the same extent she was in the past, which I'm quite grateful for. Fundamentally, she's actually a very intelligent and shrewd person and she knows the real score of things, despite her attempts to retreat into fantasy. She does rely a lot on coping, but never enough where she isn't able to reasonably plan for the future that will likely come.

It's actually kind of nice that my brother is way more functional and normal than I am, (has gone to University, will eventually become a medical doctor, is in a steady relationship with a succubus), since I'm certain on some level my mother takes comfort in all that. If it were just me, she'd probably be way, WAY more miserable and might have even killed herself by now. It's hard to say.


>My thirld worlder parents are pretty chill about my whole wizardy. I'm over 30 and they still tell me that I can live with them and they will support me no matter what.

Same here. I'm a first worlder and both my parents have no issue with me living with them for the rest of my life. My wizardry is essentially a non-issue for them. As far as my mother is concerned, she doesn't want me to be all alone someday. And I'll admit that I even worry about this myself. Quite a lot actually. The thought of being totally alone someday kinda terrifies me, frankly. And you know, I'll be honest, that, even with my parents around, I am actually still pretty lonely. If I could have my waifu somehow materialize in front of me, then I certainly wouldn't complain. As far as reality is concerned, I couldn't expect anyone else to tolerate my hang-ups and I couldn't really be expected to tolerate theirs either. Any relationship I could ever have with someone else would almost assuredly be a complete, unmitigated disaster. I'm a highly miasmic hermit. How could someone else possibly come to care for, let alone love, someone like me? I know this more deeply than anyone else, but that doesn't stop me from feeling lonely most nights and yearning for the embrace/affection of someone who could actually love me. Decided to spoiler this last bit, so I don't trigger all the truwiz(TM) cunts out there. If you happen to be one, you can kiss my magical ass. Maybe some real wizardry might happen to rub off on you, if you're lucky.


I'm not judging with hindsight for my own lack of kids. Yet I have basic foresight and average intelligence. Parents obviously mostly do not.


They thought you would turn out fine and have sex and make a family yourself, why wouldn't they?


Well, my parents were just lovers and I was the unexpected child. My mother decided to keep me so they married.
Let me phrase by saying at least they had the average intelligence of not repeating the same mistake again. I'm their only child and thankfully they haven't divorced/married off. So I'm good on inheritence.

I also like the age gap. They are still in their 50s, which is a tremendous bonus. I mean no matter how helpfull they are it would mean nothing if they were 70-80 and I had to take care of them. Not saying I wouldn't but still that would be a problem.

Thanks for the comment wiz. I also read yours, your mother seems to be an interesting character.

I'm living on my own now but there is a good chance of me returning back to my mothers home, due to coming economic crisis. I think the terror of lonely living is overrated. You really get use to it. I think a bigger problem would be to cut off from your parents. So If they die then one might truly feel lonely.

I have a very very small family, my mom is an only child of only child parents, and my fathers relatives live off the country. So when my parents die I will truly be alone. But due to agegap being close I don't worry about it yet. But I'm preparing myself to my 50s. I would highly suggest you to keep in touch with your brother and maybe your nephews etc. Family is really everything you have. More you grow up more you realize this.



>I think the terror of lonely living is overrated. You really get use to it. I think a bigger problem would be to cut off from your parents. So If they die then one might truly feel lonely.

I'm an agoraphobic hermit with autism so I'd never want, or be capable of living on my own, but, even if I did, so long as at least one of my parents were still alive, specifically my mother, it really wouldn't be so bad, since I could still call her up to talk, or go to visit her if need be. Like you pointed out, it'd be an entirely different story if they were both actually gone/dead forever. Near as I can tell, the only people who can cope with that sort of thing are those who have never really had anyone in their lives to begin with, loving parents included. In my case, I heavily rely on my parents for a sense of company. There's a slim chance that I'd eventually get used to being completely on my own, but not without a massive amount of dislocatingly intense grief/agony involved that might itself be enough to finally drive me to suicide.

>I have a very, very small family

Same here, actually. I'm heavily estranged from the fairly tiny amount of relatives I have on both ends of my family. I actually haven't visited or talked with any of them in a great long while, (for well over a decade, in fact), with the sole exception of my last living grandfather on my mother's side, whom I saw briefly about 5 years ago. At this point, most of my relatives have either moved exceedingly far away, are dead, or are very nearly dead. I've never come from the sort of family where you can actually "count" on relatives to do anything for you. Everybody is just too busy with their own problems. In that sense, my relatives mostly just sit on the same grounds as complete strangers do. I frankly can't even imagine stuff like big Italian families, cliched as it is, where everybody is as close as could be with each other and can ask for support/favors from one another. On the other hand, that actually sounds really suffocating. Everyone in my extended family just minds their own business and never bothers me or each other, which is actually just as nice, if not better to be honest.

>I would highly suggest you to keep in touch with your brother and maybe your nephews

Hah, I don't have any nephews fortunately and I actually sincerely hope I never do. I wouldn't want to have anything to do with my brother's kids, assuming he ever has any. And, to be honest, shame on him if he does. I mean, can you imagine a kid being born today? What their future will be? Either a frightening techno dystopia, or a collapsed Mad Maxian hellscape. The good thing is that my brother, while he's certainly no antinatalist, seems to have some grasp on these things and I really hope he can manage to keep this sort of thing in mind whenever the inevitable "baby" talk comes up between him and his current succubus. On that note, I haven't even met her yet and I actually have no intention to, since why do I even need to? You know, it's funny, but apparently she's almost a bit like my mother from what I hear. She's got some anxiety issues and a couple mental problems and my brother largely has to look after her a lot of the time. Apparently it's something he's getting quite tired of, so who knows if he'll even stay with her. From what I've heard, she actually doesn't even want kids, which actually is enough to make her a-ok in my book, that is assuming, like my brother, she stays of that opinion and doesn't end up changing her mind later on for selfish reasons.

Either way, I'm actually on fairly good terms with my brother. Quite surprising considering our past together. I'm about 50% certain, at the least, that he wouldn't just abandon me once our parents are dead. I'd imagine he'd probably still come to visit me every once in a while. Maybe a couple times a year I assume, although perhaps that's being optimistic. It wouldn't be much of course, but it'll literally be all I'll have. I just hope it's enough. Although, I could never talk "real", or open up about my feelings to my brother. I can only do that with my parents. It seems like there will never be any substitute for that, which is going to be very difficult for me to deal with having gotten used to it for so long now.

>Family is really everything you have. More you grow up more you realize this.

Yes, I agree. That is, assuming one's family is amenable to begin with. Having a terrible family with parents/siblings that are more foe than friend would be really, really awful. Still, my parents are the most important thing in my life and I make a constant effort to try and not take them for granted. Without them, I would be in an extremely bad place. Both in terms of my mental health and my actual physical well-being, assuming I were still alive. I also should try to keep on good terms with my brother. I don't really trust or feel as comfortable around him as I do my parents, but I don't think he'd ever stab me in the back and leave me to die on the streets. I really can't say for sure, though. Once our parents are gone he could become a fucking demon for all I know. It's hard for me to read people, considering my autism/paranoia. For the moment, he seems to genuinely care for me merely because I'm his only younger brother, which I don't really understand all that much, but whatever. I guess I'll just have to see whether he can actually remain my lifeline to the outside or not, assuming it comes to that. He could die in a fucking car accident as soon as a month from now for all I know. Boy would that throw things for a loop.


My parents and grandparents were never suited to form interpersonal relationships, much less raise children. I can see this in myself, but my parents don't.


"You can always turn your life around, it's not too late."


This one really pisses me off because the more you fail, the worse off you are in the real world. employment gaps or lack of experience are killer and you're basically way behind everyone else.


I'm also 29, and my parents were platitudinal as well, buti like that they were very hands off, so i got to fuck around alot. I didn't develop into a dignified person who has accomplished anything or who is successful, but i wasn't help to any standards and that was nice. seems like its gonna be a long, dogshit slog of a life from here though. Something should've happened by now and it just hasn't. I'm still sitting in my room wasting my life and I can no longer maintain that delusion of a "come up" in the future. I have no friends, no social life, and I ruminate over my lack of accomplishment all the time


Yeah, I mean,if the pressure came from my parents, I would have just been defiant. I was always pushing myself since I always felt ambitious but I'd always come up short and nothing ever changed in me that would make me less inept at doing things. I don't really care about social relationships much and felt uncomfortable around people but unless you're talented you need decent social skills at minimum to not rot away. I could handle being an isolated person if I was like able to make decent art or do anything worthwhile, but it's the worst to know you're at a dead end and just get a bunch of copes. "hang in there. it's tough for everyone" and I"m stuck having to explain even in good times I was fucked. It's hard for people who don't get the same amount of anguish to understand someone who is conscious of their own inadequacy.


"There's still time wizzie, you are so young!"
"Don't worry, you have potential :^)"
"You're so smart!"


i was diagnosed with aspergers so that must mean im smart and will change the world and need to get motivated to do something because i have so much potential. the worst was they followed asperger groups on facebook and people would share their quirks. "see they have quirks too youre not the only one"! its like my aspergers defined me and it infuriates me so much


File: 1592686856573.jpg (63.1 KB, 634x738, 317:369, 507A41CC00000578-0-image-m….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My dad always told me that I have be tall because being tall was important. He probably told me that over 100 times. Not only him, but also my grandfather. He also taught me that going out and knowing lots of people was important, and that I should get a girlfriend to have sex with. He didn't say the word girlfriend though, he said "ass". He thinks that every succubus is a whore and that you should never completely trust them. That might have something to do something with the fact that he's fucked so many succubi in his life, so when no one is listening and he talks about succubi he refers to them as whores or bitches. My father is also antiwiz and antineet. He believes that nothing in this life should be free and that you shouldn't expect anything from anybody because that would make you a weak parasite, and that's why you have to work to get through this life, and that to be happy you need to indulge in some vice because there's really nothing more in life than work and whatever pleasure you can get. In his case, this vice is sex because he can't abuse drugs or live the life he used to. He's 49 now and fucking some 20 something bitch.
My brain has always been anticope thanks to him, and the succubi in my family believe in all type of happy bullshit that never apply to me so I never listened to them. The moment my aunt or mom starts to speak about something life related I know it's just bullshit. Lol fucking dumb cunts living in their fantasy lives.


Can you post a picture of your dad and the succubus? For comparison
Are you neet now and who do you live with?


"You have thick hair like your mother"
You could see my scalp through my hair when I was 11. I had the circle spot like the monks have when I was 14 and they still tried telling me I had good hair.. I don't really care about it now but as you can imagine the bullying was pretty bad back then.

"Just tell the succubus she's pretty and kiss her"
I was really dumb, I was told this to stop a female bully mind you. I didn't have any crush or romantic desire as all the bullying crushed any hope of that sparking, nowadays I am just uninterested totally. Oh yeah, I tried that advice too and I'm still a registered sex offender as I did this when I was 14.

"You're intelligent"
No I was just not causing a fuss in the classroom, teachers really love students like that while they are still under stress. Once the teachers stop caring or learn how to handle a class they pick on students like me.

"Bullies are nice people, try opening up to them"
Nothing spectacular happened, the bullies were mostly a little dumbfounded but just bullied me again anyway.


"Bullies are nice people"
t. Bully


After getting to know my parents more, or as when they let their guard down after a few drinks they are non-stop backstabbing people. My father cannot go anywhere without attacking people, we order McDonalds and the teenage worker there is doing 10 things at once but if she doesn't give him the best service he will yell at her.. Also hear them speak ill of me thinking I can't hear them.


They conspire to erect a pedestal of false righteousness about themselves by lowering those around them in their own eyes. Most people do the former, but the latter method defines the bully.


They couldn't. As everyone else, you can't just predict the future out of thin air. This is why they should have planned and expected such outcomes which he would encounter, instead of assuming birth is always just.
To put it in perspective, how would have been if he was born completly disabled instead? Automatic failure, without his will, no chance at recovery.

It would be all avoided by not breeding, or adopting one of the thousands of available children, for which the damage has already been done.


"your bullies are just jealous"

"one day they'll be working for you"

Did anyone else get these? What a joke. In retrospect what was really sad was that I had so little exposure to the world (other than being bullied) that for a long time I actually believed their copes. Being retarded was presumably also a factor. Obviously the mentality the copes promoted only made things worse for me.


You have to be older than 18 to post here.


If you know where she lives why don't you just call "Child Protection Services Australia" and tell them yourself?


They told me to "take baby steps" which I did indeed do. Then they moved me to the middle of nowhere and fucked all my progress. I was studying for IT shit and there are no tech jobs here. I would have to travel 300 miles to be somewhere relevant for that to pay off and there is no work for home with out at least bare minimum 2 years experience. Even then its rare.

Then they told me I could just inherit their shit heap house and sell that to move somewhere relevant again. Turns out they owe about what the house is worth so I would be lucky to walk away with even 20k after real estate fees and shit. Hell that is being optimistic probably would break even or just a few thousand. Since it would likely take months to sell the dump. to save money I would have to go maximum Jew and cut expenses big time. Like no or very little electricity use and just enough heat for the pipes not to freeze. Getting hand outs or eating out of trash bins that kinda shit.

The sad part is those fuckers actually believe their own lies. They are not copes to give me false hope its their own false hope being handed down to me. Its frankly insulting they think I am dumb enough to believe it. When I called them out on their bullshit they pretended to acknowledge at first then went right back to believing their same copes.

Now whenever they toss this false hope at me the minute the conversation starts I just start thinking "why do you need to come with these bullshit lies." I am not asking for advice or shit from them anymore.

Sorry for the rant but its all so tiresome even making this post I can feel my blood pressure raising.


the funny thing about this shit is the moment you hear that bullshit its likely already too late. Unless your still in high school maybe. But anyone 25 plus your fucking done.


"you are so good with computers"

Being better than someone who can barely turn on tv doesnt make me "good"


Yeah, I get a lot of this too. One thing I regret is having any intellectual interests, since that leads to people having an overly inflated opinion of your abilities and then if you fail at something useful, it's because you're lazy instead of just intellectually impaired.

There are tons more normgroids who have basic surface level nerd interests who are engineers/software/etc. and whatnot. None of them give a fuck about Schopenhauer or world history.


>The name the doctors give these things. "antidepressants" is the biggest false marketing in existence, they are trash, they won't help you if you are truly depressed and in a shit situation, they'll just make you feel wrong because your emotions won't line up with what's real. The end goal of all antidepressants is to destroy your ability to have dynamic emotion in favor of keeping you at a baseline feeling of apathy.

Yeah, that living in a lie is the worst side of that.


“You’re so young”
My non used to be saying this until I was 23 about succubi (although for modern succubi an 18 year old boy without sexual experience is already creepy, and a 15-16 year old one without dating experience is also already kinda weird)
But after I hit 23 even to a 1950s succubus like her it was clear I was hopeless, especially because I had switched to a useless degree, so there wasn’t even the money factor involved anymore, and being a female she recognized no one would be attracted to me. So when my father tries to bring up the dating subject, she shuts him up immediately, along with me.

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