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>learn data science(involves math/professional bs)
> generic learn to code(really tedious and mindbusting if you don't like it interviews suck)
> learn a trade(have to get an apprenticeship)
>make an etsy store and sell home made crafts(oversaturated)

god I hate advicegroids


I really hope we have UBI and more automation soon and those memes may die.


>just hit the gym, brah (never mind that not everyone is born a chad)


Well, the automation will happen. We'll probably just be fucked though and no UBI or other free shit.


File: 1592822024855.gif (1010.05 KB, 350x264, 175:132, 1411583712909.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>they have programs that help people like you with mental issues find work you know!
>literally equates to ~25 hours a week at Wal-Mart with an ever shifting schedule you have to constantly keep a tab on, treated like a retard and/or psycho by every other employee who didn't also get hired from that shitty "help", no chance of advancement ever, and reminded in the face of any dispute or contention that you're lucky someone like you even has this job



oh god


>learn a trade
To be a good tradesman, you need to know how to talk to people and make connections. No thanks.
>wizard who hasnt moved his body other than to walk to his fridge goes to the gym
Thats an injury waiting to happen. The ways in which the injury could occur are infinite. It's possible to injure yourself on the shitty muscle-isolation exercise machines, even if you do it correctly.
>just hire a pt
Oh yes. 70 bucks an hour and the risk of getting ripped off is sky high.
>they have programs that help people like you with mental issues find work you know!
People who say this usually have no idea what those programs are like and just assume they work because the people that run the programs say so.


I learned data science and coding. I have never even applied for a job because they all require social interaction and teamwork abilities etc is even more important than technical knowledge. It's extremely extremely difficult to make money on your own as a programmer and all the mathematical shit is useless when you end up just trying to make pathetic websites or whatever as a solo developer


data science wasn't as big of a meme when I learned coding, but yeah, in interviews the employers were pretty clearly not happy that I didn't seem super chipper/outgoing. everyone else I did a bootcamp with got a job. though I have zero motivation to code on my own and just dislike how easily stuff I do breaks and all the complexity of components on components and learning all the shit.


become a wagie, that'll make you happy


File: 1592904983480.jpg (130.71 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, C-hxkekXsAA539h.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>do nofap
>do dopamine fast


I really hate both of those.

>any self-help book


>dopamine fast
Says the normalfag who doesn't understand that having daily social interactions, conversations, getting work done etc. is in fact triggering a constant rush of dopamine transmitters that we simply don't have. They might as well tell yourself to go into your fridge, close the door and be there for hours in the dark.


File: 1592929699785.png (346.98 KB, 700x574, 50:41, Ea1ADMYWsAUXWpT.png) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw too blackpilled to fap


>They might as well tell yourself to go into your fridge, close the door and be there for hours in the dark.
This actually does cure ahedonia.


>This actually does cure ahedonia.
Prove it


just be functionally autistic
>but never go full retard.


The only reason why I fap is because otherwise I feel pain in my balls until I get a nocturnal emission. Which sucks because it messes my bed sheets.


I have learned some coding and will never make it. I never even memorized multiplication tables and I am supposed to learn that shit and survive of a white board interview without having an anxiety attack?

Forget it the only way to fix my life now is to die. Too broken to function beyond night shift stockroom.


Where I live those programs are just a fucking hiring agency that primarily filling for temporary farm slave work, shitty construction or the lousy part time Walmart shit like you mentioned. They don't even try and find you something with bare minimum social interaction. Most the other people in the program are fucking ex cons and druggies.

Just cut all the BS and open a suicide clinic. Those joke jobs won't even cover rent let alone anything else.


>Most the other people in the program are fucking ex cons and druggies.
Whatever faggot decided that it was a good idea to lump people with mental illnesses together with drug addicts and ex-cons, just because theyre completely fucked on the job market, needs to hang from a fucking light post.


all druggies and alcoholics are mentally ill, some wizards are druggies too.

You go to a psychiatric ward and 95% of men have substance abuse disorders.


haha, did anybody mention the psychedelic jew?
>bro just take lsd/shroom/dmt it'll change ur lief bro, who cares that it might literally fuck ur psyche up permanently, especially if ur naturally anxios just take it bro

yeah, no thanks.


>just wait for an AI to create utopia bruh


Learn to trade forex ;D
or anything that can be traded from home


Oh boy. Yeah, right, like at home with no contacts I'll just look down the fiber optic cable and instantly foresee what the actual market manipulators playing with $billions are doing to relieve me of my money, outwitting them at every turn.

I even get these telemarketing calls trying to con me into some forex trading or share trading shit. I don't even know how they get my name and number when it's not like I am giving out my details to a lot of places.


Don't forget you need actual money to get started in most trading as well. Something most wizzies lack and even the ones that do receive money probably wont be good at it. Most new people to the market just lose money in the end or barely break even.

but XYZ made millions. I am not interested in fucking excceptins. Sometimes people win the Powerball as well but most who play are fucking losers.

All this shit is just normie copes. They just do not want to accept some people are fucked and either need government assistance or to out right commit suicide. They fail to understand something fundamental to every living thing in this world. Sometimes you are just born to fail. It happens all the fucking time. Humans,plants and animals its so common its likely happening to the insects below your home this very minute.


There's a type of scam at the racetrack where people bet on horses. The con man approaches a random mark and offers a tip about a horse that is going to win. The horse wins, and then the mark believes the conman has secret information, and pays him for more tips. The truth is, the conman just picked a horse at random, and told several marks about different horses knowing one was likely to be right.

A lot of people giving trading advice are basically doing this scam, whether they realize it or not. They get lucky with a gamble and then try to convince others it's because they were so smart. In reality you can barely get an edge over the market long term if you're very smart or lucky. That's why the wealthy form hedge funds where they pool together huge sums of money so a small percentage return adds up to a large amount.

(This actually applies to a lot of subjects people try to seem like experts about, not just money)



it comes from the old like 80s assumption that someone who sits at home all day on the computer must be smart in SOME way right? they dont really comprehend how life is


They'll have to implement UBI. The alternative is rich people walling themselves off and letting everyone rot on the outside, with small armies of PMC types to keep us out. I don't see that they're ready for the latter, so giving undesirables money is the best solution for now. But I'm sure it will come with many strings attached.


I think sterilization would be a good idea. Anyone on long term handouts and not paying in is not allowed to have kids. If poor people only on UBI are allowed to breed they will just create more mouths to feed and collapse the system.


UBI will be needed precisely because of production not requiring labour.


Seems we are heading that way, or some combination of the government and market (same thing at this point) will create more fake jobs that don’t produce anything useful. The huge constant expansion of education is a good example of this.


That is a good example as it has a dual purpose - keeping people in education for longer keeps them out of the workforce and also creates more jobs in the bloated universities.


Better solution is that they find ways of harnessing the bio-electrical energy from babies and allow UBIgroids to breed as much as they can


>AI will automate everything but the ability to make you money.


and here Marx told me we would eventually own the means of production


why do the rich even do this? Is it a cope to deal with their entire economy being a farce? Or are they terrified of being made to "look bad" by mistreating minorities?


what else do you do with all the useless people?


To pacify the population until they build robotic exterminators to zap all the useless eaters and ship them off to be turned into fertilizer.


from playing Stronghold and studying Machiavelli, you generally want your populace to live in fear for them to be productive. Though in Stronghold they include the added dimension that unless you are bribing everyone (the opposite of a tax), they will all tell you to fuck off and leave the castle (which was what the "good" knights were assign to do, round up unruly serfs (why don't they have this as an in-game option?)). This is unlike the French or Russian revolutions where the starving populace literally rose up and beheaded the ruling class and everyone in proximity of money (another feature Stronghold is missing).

However in our post industrial society, a lot of simple tasks can be automated (except for picking fruit, which goes to those poor migrants that farms "need" to sell their stock at a profit to the third worldimean at a reasonable price). They still try to push people out of fear, at least at the highschool age, to make them excel in college and their professional career. The fear here being the possibility of losing the ability to live a "normal" and happy life according to the media or their own desires. However if these highschool students are not able to perform at the desired level, they have an outlet to dispose of them. You think the rich would want to keep them from breeding (as in the Eugenics era at about 1920), but even the military values young able bodied people and want to insure a pipeline in schools of hard working career professionals to actual serve the rich's needs. Anyone who gets thrown out of this pipeline needs to be miserable and reproduce or die as quickly as possible. But again, the rich does not want to ever "look bad". So I am guessing at the moment the rich is more focused on shaming the underclasses rather than having them live in fear.


Eh, the former is closer to being a reality than UBI. Rich people rarely interact with poor people as is. You can look at the third world to see what it's like when most people are not needed for wealth production due to lower levels of investment.

Cash handouts are just too stigmatized.


Huh? Most of the make-work sitdown desk jobs aren't done by minorities. Minorities typically work jobs that are just too expensive to automate just yet, but they're getting closer like the burgerbot.


The rich and powerful have moved on to using more subtle forms of control and force than the outright violence of the feudal era. Basically they just set up reward systems that benefit their goals and spread propaganda to influence society. Outright violence being rare and completely rejected as a moral evil is actually more beneficial to the ruling class than the fear generated by public punishment or torture was. Today’s ruling class is mostly invisible, and doesn’t have to fear a public uprising. Also through mass surveillance and use of intelligence agencies, anyone who is an actual threat to the system can either be killed or bribed, and anyone who is too antisocial can be put in prison (and forced to work for free labor). The whole ideology behind today’s liberal society: “everything is permitted, everyone is equal, just don’t do anything to upset the people who own all the property”


Same. Nocturnal emissions are the fucking worst, there's nothing as humiliating as waking up with wet underwear and having to clean the semen out of my pubes.


why are they importing immigrants then?


Immigration pushes up land values and devalues labour; immigrants vote for big-government types that tax labour more heavily and issue mountains of regulations that drive out less-capitalised or less-connected businesses; and the presence of immigrants makes society more atomised and people organising for their own interest more difficult. In general it makes rich people better off in every way.


which ones? in terms of shitwork, immigrants who do it have no real expectations of a comfortable lifestyle since they're from de facto warzones or unemployed people who can no longer subsistence farm in their home countries. the work they do is stuff the kids who grow up wanting to be professionals or youtubers or rappers don't want do.

in terms of higher skilled work, it's a huge bonus for employers since they can get the most well-educated people from india/china/etc. without investing much in them. not having to train anyone is a huge profit boost.

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