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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
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You could have your Internet shut off and throw away your videogame consoles. Without those distractions all your pain will come flooding back, which might put you in the proper mindset for suicide.


True, but you want to avoid attempting suicide in a way that's retarded and impulsive. Committing suicide effectively is something that requires methodical planning.


I feel sick to my stomach every night before I go to bed. I vomited two times cause of this. All they have done makes me feel ill.
And every morning I contemplate swallowing a couple bottles of beta blockers. I have them hidden away. I'm nearing the end I think. I want no part in a world that allowed me to sob uncontrollably because they wouldn't let me eat. A world that allowed my rights to be routinely violated. A world where they pressed plungers on a troubled and frustrated me.
I think I'll buy a few drinks and some meth and then swallow all the blockers, that ought to do it. What I wanted was so simple but they'll never award my prize. The good days are over and misery us all that's left. I feel like none of this is ever going to subside. I'm sick and I don't want to go on…


Bad method.

Try jumping , train or rope.


If you are serious about hanging don't do partial, mainly because it is unreliable and you won't lose your conciousness as fast as people says, or at least thats what I have experienced.


Can you feel pain while unconscious?

"The unconscious person may still feel pain as they did when they were awake. For this reason pain medication will continue to be administered but perhaps by another method such as the subcutaneous route (through a butterfly clip in the stomach, arm or leg)."


my circumcision had indirectly lured me into where I am now. If I had been left intact, then no suicide.


maybe shotgun was the best method all along?


I am gonna run to a forest and die from dehydration. Is this plan good ?





That sounds like a great idea… until you realise that some places dont sell bullets and its very difficult building a helmet like this (you realise you need more than some metal and a drill to build this right?). It's probably easier to buy a gun from a shady guy in the alley way than it is building this with no building experience and no equipment


I am a man and to be honest, I never want attention, it just gives me cringe. I just wish no one ever thinks, sees or even knows about me, even if I do something crazy or SUPER embarrassing, the only time I want people to see me is if I need it (example, emergency)


If you posted this without a vpn, and used google chrome (or internet explorer or opera), and accessed this using google, yahoo or bing, im afraid to tell you that you failed in doing that since the police will just check your ISP and get your internet search history (although maybe even using a OS like macos or microsoft is enough to expose you which in my case I cant even do that, you got to use TAILS/Linux mint/salix OS and TOR but you cant post here via TOR (and I cannot find any suicide method forums that are accessible with tor, I searched everywhere and asked everyone but couldnt find anything)


You do realise that to do that you also have to not eat specific foods that contain water (apples, bananas, pears, watermelons, orange, tangerine, etc)


thank you !!! :D


I'm scared shitless of suicide because there is a good chance that it'll mean I'll be doing so after infinity cycles of my life. On the other hand, I'll only have decades of crushing bitterness and disappointment.

Both options are equally terrifying.


There is no infinity cycles of life.

There is nothing after death ands its good news. No need to worry


Nothing doesn't exist.


Thats the point. You dont exist.

You are nothing.


Every excuse possible to not suicide


How about paying for a VPN to get away from the cops? Might as well pay for it to have a well informed and peaceful fucking death.

There's so many people in my country that the cops don't give a fuck about people 'wanting to die'. They're probably glad that there's people dying and the population is reducing.


>There is nothing after death and its good news. No need to worry

I wish so, so, SO much that that is true but I've been obsessively reading about ER, QI and MWT and I am scared truly sshitless!

I had always thought that, the universe may be cruel but at least it isn't infinitely cruel. I could've been very wrong on that. Had I been aware of the consequences of these things then I would've surely lived my life very differently. I finally accept now how little we know. Turns out that suicide may very well offer no reprieve at all! Terrifying. The universe is an unthinking and uncaring entity, so you can expect no mercy from it

My life has deteriorated to such a point where suicide seemed like the obvious choice but I think I'm going to keep pursuing life just in case. I'll have to figure out how I'm going to continue this shit life and at least try to make it as manageable as possible. I've never felt so trapped!

I'm crossing my fingers that the copenhagen interpretation is correct and not MWT, unfortunately we'd probably never find out in our lifetimes conclusively.


It's a fact your conciousness get erased upon your death. Even universe will die at some point and everything will cease to exist. Entropy guarantees that life can't be infinite because the plane of existence that is cosmos has a finite lifespan.


>what is the multiverse


Something entirely hypothetical.


why are rational people relying on multiverse meme theory these days? Don't they know it's made up?


>Don't they know it's made up?
Prove it


I don't think so. My foreskin is entire and I am also having my issues…

If you think you had some deep-mind trauma you cannot solve willingly, you could still try the weird ways:



Not him, but it's just some mathematical model that makes the equations make sense. Theoretical physicists do this all the time, "oh, adding 10 more dimensions solves this problem" and then some pop-sci tv show picks it up with the headline "Scientists believe that we are actually living in 10 dimensions".


>I don't think so. My foreskin is entire and I am also having my issues…

Wrong reply to post? I assume you mean my OTHER post you meant to reply to. What I meant by that is that by having my foreskin unethically amputated, it DIRECTLY led to me taking a *specific action* years down the road which will lead to my suicide. Not from the trauma from the circumcision by itself.

My parents had indirectly caused me to kill myself but now I'm thinking I need to not kill myself after all because If I only have one life and I have to live it eternally than I at least want more good or at least decent years to offset the years of torture I had to endure.

In order words, Let's say that 1 = good (or at least tolerable) five years and 0 = five bad years

If I offed myself now, than my life would repeat as
[1-1-0-0-0-0] but if I DON'T kill myself then MAYBE I can make it [1-1-0-0-0-0-1-1-1-1…] etc until I die naturally.

Or it could backfire substantially by making it like [1-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-…] and I increase the misery of my life cycle by extending it longer than reasonable which would result in a longer prison sentence per cycle which adds to more eternal suffering. It's a gamble of epic scale. Really unsure of what I am going to do.


Can you explain this schizophrenia in more detail please? I don't think i'm grasping the math behind it


It's not schizoposting, it's cold hard mathematics.

If you take a 52-card deck and shuffled it in a loop, you would eventually get the original configuration that you had started with. There is an INSANE amount of possible combinations within a 52-card deck and it would take a colossal fuck-ton of time to get where you started but within the span of infinity it is inevitable.

The Universe/Multiverse does not understand the concept of time as it is timeless but possible configurations of matter are finite. After Poincare Conjecture Time (10^10^10^10^1.1 years) or even sooner, a universe that is perfectly identical to ours will be reborn. Due to casual law, everything will happen just as it has happened in this universe including your birth. Consciousness and our identity are tied to our body so you will experience your life exactly how you've experienced this one.

Simply put, your objective existence will look like this:

[birn][death]{10^10^10^10^1.1 years or so}[birth][death]{10^10^10^10^1.1 later}[birth][death]{10^10^10^10^1.1 years later}[birth][death]… and this cycle continues infinitely.

However, seeing how you are purely unconscious through oblivion, subjectively you will experience the cycle like this:

[birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death] [birth][death]…

Understand now? There is no beginning and there is no end.


so I will live the same horrible disgusting life for all eternity? fucking great,and here I thought that maybe death was the solution to all my problems.


I know, it was soul-crushing to me too when I realized this (which was not long ago)

At least, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Hell, maybe we get to live varients of our lives both good in bad within all the universes we do exist in. It may not be an exact repeat all the time. I think this would be the best outcome aside from eternal oblivion which seems too good to be true to me now.


also, a good way to look at is is at least all the mistakes you've ever made were not really your fault because you were predetermined to make them. Don't confused determinism with fatalism there are still things that you can do to improve your situation and if you accomplish that. Consider discovering this as a major turning point in your life. If, hypothetically, I found this out much sooner I know I would've put it to good use.


It will be my copy, but not me


Nice attempt at math, but what you are basically saying it that everything that will happen has already happened and will continue to happen because le multiverse 'theory'
How does this impact me in anyway though?
I won't remember having to come back a second, third… infinite times. Plus it won't even be me.
Can you explain that?


Do you even entropy? Where is this infinite energy loop coming from??


Will 'you' be a conscious observer like in this universe? Even if you retain no memories of it you will still have to go over it repeatedly. Why do you think Nietzsche considered it the heaviest of burdens?


Every unit of Truth has Awareness. That's what makes it Truth. Truth is funneled through Fact to create Reality. There are infinite Facts so there are infinite Realities. A Fact lacking Truth is a Lie. Lies can be transmuted into Truth through Awareness.


Pure probability. If things like Boltzmann brains are possible given enough time/chances, there's no reason why a new Big Bang or a spontaneous entropy decrease couldn't either.


god, it all makes sense now. Why can't we just die forever? Eternal death doesn't even make sense in any universe with or without a god. I wish I had thought more about this earlier on yet for some reason I hadn't. I liked to philosophize but for some reason the thought never occurred to me that something like this was true.

Eternal Return sounds even more nihilistic than just pure nothingness. A lot more painful too.


>You are a moron so you should just kill yourself


>multiverse theory
Do you understand what the word theory means? >>225548


Stop larping, this is is multiversewiz answering himself


if 1=tri and 2=angle
See, i did the MATH!!


>I don't know the difference between a valid argument and a sound argument: The Post


File: 1596466938638.jpg (161.29 KB, 950x534, 475:267, 1596453536.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

all these fucking excuses. Thank g-d i understand that when i die i go back to the void (even Schopenhauer believed this) and that is enough for me, it's even preferable to the shit life i have been living. Deep sleep while it lasts is not different from death.


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