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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread:



File: 1593041155268.jpg (139.09 KB, 940x1068, 235:267, debreather.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here have any information on the DeBreather? It got an entry in The Peaceful Pill Handbook. I heard it's a pain in the ass to order though, and some people said that it might be a scam.

Here's how it supposedly works:


anyone here have scars ??
im not suicidal atm but i did cut myself about 5 years ago now and have shitty cringe scars. no one else has ever seen them. or if they have they just never commented on them. it's especially cringe because if i did go out, i wouldnt do it by cutting myself.


File: 1593056706091.jpg (23.14 KB, 391x594, 391:594, GettyImages-71159827.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

One of the articles I saw said he suffered from depression for years.
>Steve Bing, philanthropist and film producer, dies after fall from building
Steve Bing, philanthropist, film producer and prominent Democratic political donor whose producing credits included “The Polar Express” and “Get Carter,” died Monday.

Bing, 55, fell to his death from a high-rise building in Century City, according to a law enforcement source who was not authorized to comment. L.A. County coroner’s spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani said an autopsy conducted Tuesday determined that Bing died of multiple blunt trauma injuries and that the cause of death was suicide.


Just a couple of days ago I happened to find some scars far in my inner thigh. I was shocked and surprised because I did it over 10 years ago and completely forgot. Brought back interesting memories


Have the guys behind the Peaceful Pill handbook ever given reasoning for why they only advocate suicide for people over 50?
I understand that a lot of young people are probably mentally ill and not in control of their decisions, but they must be aware that some younger people might have good reasons for wanting to die.


It's for people with fatal diseases.


what kind of ligature can i use besides the rope, can any belt handle it ?


>what kind of ligature can i use besides the rope, can any belt handle it ?
for hanging btw


Probably legal reasons. If they advocated suicide for people under 50, there would be an army of concerned mothers and various assorted moralfags trying to get it banned and its writers thrown in prison for manslaughter.


Normgroids will get in a moral panic over anything they think causes people to kill themselves. Take Brett's Law, for instance. There was this guy who smoked salvia and killed himself afterwards. Then the normalniggers were like
Apparently it never occurs to them that he killed himself because he hated his life, and drugs are just a convenient scapegoat.



>signed into law by senator karen
Fucking lmao.


What are all of you going to write in your suicide notes? When I kill myself, I'm going to write a suicide note telling my parents to go fuck themselves for having me circumcised.


Because they are life-cultists and think that life is inherently good. They dont recognize life as an imposition and as slavery to society/family/etc.


i'm already writing mine i saying everything that is stuck in my throat for quite some time, there is three pages already !


What is some of the stuff that's stuck in your throat?


I've got a note about that long as well as my depression rant. 6 years worth of writing and over 50 goddamn pages of me explaining why my life sucks. It goes into what were my current feelings were at the time of nasty events but also delves into my child hood and even goes into detailed analysis on how I basically have no chance at life. That goddamn thing could get me sectioned but I keep it encrypted. I will decrypt the day of the deed and leave it on a flash drive in a plastic baggy on my body.


i could quote a paragraph in here but is not in english and i'm too lazy to translate


Just post it untranslated


There was a post here that I wish I could reply in time but I guess it got deleted before I could sort my mini library out. The idea of writing down a suicide note reminded me of this particular book and I’ve been trying to look up it’s title in English and share it here. Anyway, it totally disillusioned me about the whole concept of leaving behind an emotional manifesto, or perhaps a short biography, about the tragedies of my life to be remembered by. It made me realize that things don’t work that way at all. Nobody cares about me, why would they suddenly care about what I have to say once I’m dead and gone? That doesn’t make any sense. In reality, I’ll probably briefly make the news as that guy who inconvenienced all these people by jumping in front of the train and they’ll all forget about the whole incident a day after that.

I’ll leave a link to that book below. It’s a short read anyway.


I think it is useful to understand what the intention is behind writing a suicide note. Surprisingly a lot of suicide notes are angry if I remember correctly from studies and a lot of suicides involved punishing someone.

I always had this idea that if I wrote a big long suicide note explaining everything then the person reading it wouldn't be hit as hard if they just understand how I was feeling, that they could understand and agree. I didn't realise I had that idea until later when I asked why I had this compulsion to write such a long suicide note. I also overlooked that if the person agreed with my descriptions they might be dragged in to the experience that made me so suicidal in the first place.

Part of my long suicide note was also working through the thoughts of my own experience, trying to create language that set all this confusion while dealing with the urge towards suicide. It was for the other and myself to feel peace before suicide which is more important for the drawn out suicides of giving up on life after years. I stopped writing a long suicide note after that.


>just used google translate and change some small things that were wrong

[…]I am always crushed by the pressure of knowing that this "my best", far from the loneliness of the soul, is just an imaginal product. What I feel is like the afflictions that affect the saints in all sacred history, it is the dark night of the soul but devoid of the image of holiness that preceded the certainty of dissimulation. Lately not even sensory massages, like games, anime, manga and other shit are taking care of this misery, I just got out of a 50 minute gameplay of Team Fortress 2, but I intended to play all night but I couldn't because the feeling of repetition gets more and more intense.
A while ago I read a book that I don't remember the name but I remember a part that said that we often create a world to support certain illusions that we want to believe such as those based on the idea that we are in control, that we are loved ones and others things like that. Our world is based on comfortable hunches and euphemisms about the hardest facts of life and the future so why do we accept these lies? well, because we are not the ones who make the world, we just inherit a small part of it and are devoid of the rest. We cannot change the world to fit our minds, in fact it is the static world that changes our dynamic minds to fit it.
Life is unfair and it is difficult to accept it, but it is a fact whether accepting it or not the only choice is to hide under our illusions, but how far does this artificialism go?[…]


thanks wizbro, could you please provide a pdf of this book ?


File: 1593263477955.jpg (46.41 KB, 802x460, 401:230, diazepam-normon-efg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Would 1 or 2 boxes of Diazepam kill me? It's all I have right now. I need to end myself soon.


i hear benzos and alcohol mix can be fatal


you can't overdose on benzos, it's only deadly if you mix them with something else


I don't understand why people dont do basic research about how to die. It's your fucking death.


What are all the drugs that will kill you if you mix them with benzos? I read somewhere that mixing benzos with PCP can be fatal.


Why take the risk that you'll survive or be braindead with something that 'can be fatal'? you can always vomit it up and survive


I would only try to kill myself using drugs as a last resort, in case all other methods fail.


read somewhere that a belt works too, just don't know if is efficient as a rope would be


Crossbow or starvation?


This is one of the most failed normie things I have ever read on this site


I still don't get the circumcision obsession on this website. Like I can see being upset, but we have bigger problems than circumcision if we're contemplating suicide.


When you commit suicide with drugs, it is important to eat anti-emetics 1 hour before taking the drugs, like metoclopramide or domperidone.
Suicide by drugs, with the right drugs, can be a peaceful and reliable way to go. Read the peaceful pill book for more information on what combinations of drugs can reliably end your life.


File: 1593450343216.jpg (1.95 MB, 1768x2357, 1768:2357, el rayitos.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Intentionally failing CBT attempt:

I know Im going to get critized for this but I want to try suicide(PART of me wants to really die),but survive,to be given attention,gifts, better and more food(by parents),etc
I know ill be sent to the looney bin for a while,but I want to be treated as special and cared for,andmaybe ill loser fear and inhibition if i attempt suicide.

as I said part of me really wants to die. I have a chin up bar and a rope,but I think you need to cook the rope to make it effective?


is this suposed to be a joke ? because i'm laughing


Im being serious,I want to be catered to and served like a sovereign


What does cock and ball torture have to do with anything?


File: 1593455864351.png (1.21 MB, 637x950, 637:950, t0da-druid.png) ImgOps iqdb

Bro. What you've written. It's utterly retarded. So. Please don't do it. If you really wanna KYS then do it silently, without telling anyone, Like da fucking Boss


ctb means cease to breath
imeant CTB not CBT
retards are the next step of human evolution;low-inhib and strong


Because fighting against circumcision is a good Effective Altruist cause. If the normies get the idea that their sons might kill themselves to get revenge for being circumcised, it might convince a few of them to not mutilate their sons. I'm going to kill myself no matter what, and I would rather kill myself and potentially prevent the suffering of millions of boys than kill myself and do nothing.



>Because fighting against circumcision is a good Effective Altruist cause.
Honestly this. It's one of the few things where the absolute eradication of the practice would have zero downsides.


Damnit, my bad. Accidentally prematurely posted. I stand against circumcision as well, but I think as long as there's a religious necessity for it for a prominent group of people, there is going to be no easy fix (especially when such a prominent group of people has a very very strong political presence).


Literally only jews "need" to do it. I don't know of any other religious group that says to do it in scripture. All the muslims and christians that do it just do it because penises are icky and blind tradition. Also no government has ever had a problem banning shit just cause someone does it for religion.


Maybe governments run by Gentiles.


File: 1593460741942.jpeg (118.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, medicaid circumcision.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Australia managed to do it. Newborn circumcision is now banned in Australian public hospitals. If parents want to have their sons circumcised, they have to get a mohel or go to a private hospital to do it. In the US, one way to bring down circumcision rates would be to make it no longer covered by health insurance/Medicaid. If everyone had to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to get their sons' dicks chopped, a lot of people probably wouldn't do it.


thoughts on drowning?
there's a lot of filthy water to dive into, I was thinking dive as deep as I can then start to swallow water, sounds perfect in theory and easy to commit.


File: 1593477216647.swf (833.08 KB, Peach Drowning.swf)


File: 1593480471087.png (101.12 KB, 499x771, 499:771, suicide methods.png) ImgOps iqdb

Drowning is one of the most painful suicide methods. If you do it, I suggest getting drunk or taking some kind of drug beforehand to numb the pain.


File: 1593481320683.jpg (322.17 KB, 1920x787, 1920:787, Grandcanyon_skywalk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Would going to the Grand Canyon and jumping into it be a good way to kill yourself?


would sticking one's head in a beehive and calling the residents faggots really loudly be a good way to kill yourself?

any thoughts on inserting a needle into a major artery so it caues lots of inernal bleeding?

greetings fellow wizards after i am done posturing about being such a good and caring son to my dipshit breeders im going to kill myself by stuffing bubblegum down my dick

hey guys Im gonna die from reading DUMBASSES post DUMBASS SHIT. want to die? buy gun, barrel in mouth diagonal towards back of head OR position knife in front of throat / heart and fall towards ground so it pushes the knife in OR jump head-first from tallest building you have access to onto sidewalk bricks or asphalt OR hang yourself its really not that hard


yeah lying in the woods with broken legs until you die from exposure or coyotes sounds fun


File: 1593483410281.png (1.01 MB, 1000x563, 1000:563, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am going to kill myself by drinking a lot of water


File: 1593486072489.jpg (184.63 KB, 304x1390, 152:695, juststop.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Failing a suicide attempt means the following in many places:
>5150 hold. This is not a sympathetic situation. This is a "Fuck you for disrupting our normie lives with your bullshit, stay ina cell you worthless trash because we can't be arsed with you."
>forced psychiatric medication that will–just read some of the other posts here about what psychiatric meds do to you. They certainly don't help, that's for sure.
>Everyone will be mad at you, they will not give you sympathy. Anyone who does give you sympathy you can notice the whiff of disinterest in them.
>The biggest reason: you'll likely be disabled from your attempt so that you won't be able to KYS if you fail the first time.

If you plan to commit suicide, do it like you're only going to have one chance to do it right, because chances are that you WILL only have one chance to do it right!


What suicide methods have the lowest risk of leaving you a cripple if you fail?


You shoudnt even think about that, but should think about what has the minimal chance of failure. Just use some minimal research and it will be fine, like youre not going to survive if you inject 100 times the lethal dose of fentanyl or heroin, or shotgun blast your brain in a forest


>suicide by starvation
>suicide by crossbow
>suicide by dehydration
>and now fake suicide attempt
what next ? "hey wizzes, does staying naked in Antartica jerking off to polar bears until i die from freezing or bear attack a reliable way to die ?"


He admitted himself that he just wants attention. Starving yourself skin-to-the-bones sounds like a great way to signal to others your complete resignation and get that pity without ever actually being in any danger.

Just cut your wrists. It has that shock factor because of the blood but you're unlikely to bleed out unless you cut along the arm. Enjoy being the center of attention for like a day, man.


Seconding shotgun 2a head if you want to try to do it right and quickly.


>just cut your wrist
there's a chance of cutting the tendons and losing the hand movement sometimes permanently


>tourniquet suicide method, you can die while lying in bed
one lays down in bed, and relaxes - one wraps a soft, thin, flexible cloth around the neck - a ligature is looped around the neck - a square knot is tightly done - a small bit of cardboard or chipboard, such as from a cereal box, is worked under the knot. The greatly reduces binding. - a pencil, pen, or other such shaft like tool is placed over the knots, and another knot, or two, is tied over it to secure it. - the tool is rotated, and in doing so the ligature is pulled tighter, and special care is taken to tell the shaft rest in a place where it will not spring up and come undone.


one keeps turning until about 20% of the total circumference of the neck is reduced from the resting state. Negotiating a turning rod around the shoulders and ears can be a chore. One constriction is achieved, the rod is tucked somewhere secure to prevent loosening


What's the best way to get heroin or fentanyl if you're an autist with no social skills or connections? How safe is it to order opiates from the Darknet?


That is not the worst of ideas. Freezing is a guaranteed death. Just take lots of alcohol with you and the pain will be tolerable. Of course with the maturation part, that's just stupid. I also thought about throwing myself into a volcano.


How the fuck is drowning not 100% lethality?


Ever heard of CPR?


Darknet is safe if you take some time to research best practices: use monero and choose a vendor within your country that has a lot of feedback


Oh, I am just going to try drowning in a public space with lots of people around so there is a high chance someone will put me up to the ground and reanimate me, that surely will be the safest way…


Consider that many tall things like bridges are over water.


I really feel like I've already outlived my time here, I'm just waiting for something to take me away at this point.


Yeah I use to burn myself, I got scars all up and down the side of my leg. Loved that shit for the longest amount of time and it's not as gay as cutting… Still pretty gay though


File: 1593911504558.jpeg (272.21 KB, 344x565, 344:565, D9F16D54-E102-4E70-B84C-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Why aren't you supposed to browse in full screen?


Websites can read what screen resolution someone is using, which can help give a slight edge to deanonymization. That's why most Tor browser ship with a default resolution that they suggest you not change.


File: 1593930831310.jpg (19.28 KB, 612x459, 4:3, image_search_1593930580008.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

every case of hanging that i see is by a rope, is the hanging by a tie or belt a myth ? is there any cases of hanging that use something else but a rope ?


File: 1593934283188.jpg (438.01 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, IMG_20200705_173050.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My plan is to workout for a few months and then beat the absolute shit out of my dad for being a alcholic
Deadbeat loser then end it as I possibly can't turn this around and at best will be stuck wageslaving for the rest of my life

What do you guys think? Good plan or no I just have some unfinished business to attend to and then I can go

Pic related my knocked out bottom teeth courtesy of my dad


>is the hanging by a tie or belt a myth ?
No, there are many cases of these. Robin Williams used a belt.



No wtf are you talking about man?


just wanted to say it does NOT get better you are better off killing yourself whoever you are
the faster you do it the faster the pain will end
the only reason i haven't done it yet is because i believe in an afterlife and i believe that i will burn for all eternity if i kill myself
im also a huge pussy
the pain keeps getting worse
i keep getting abused


Who is abusing you, wiz?


my parents
my family
my siblings
my "friends"


I'm a piece of garbage. Alone and afraid and angry and frustrated. I keep typing and deleting and retyping this post. I don't know how to formulate what I'm feeling. I know I want to share it with someone else, someone who is "like me" so I can feel a little less alone. I've been waiting on a gun for weeks but the panic buying has background checks backed up. It's a shotgun. The little parts of my brain that made me angry and hurt others will be nothing but red slime on a basement wall. Those other little parts of my brain that made me miserable and afraid will be on that wall too. My memories, desires and all that other worthless shit? Wall city. My parents think it's great I want a hobby and have personally recommended several firearms. I don't want to live to watch my sick mother die but I don't want to give her the pain of seeing her son die before her, either. I don't want to live with regret for the things I've done and haven't done and wish I'd done differently. "I wish I had done things differently"– the same words millions of people died thinking before I was born and the same words millions will die thinking after I'm gone. The least exclusive club. Maybe you're part of it. My mind is poisoned. I couldn't possibly live a full life from this point forward and find happiness. I'm just ahead of the curve by ending it early. What was I? A victim of circumstance? A hateful being carefully crafted from a lifetime of self-pity and coddling? How could I sum up my life? Maybe this post is all I need.


What's your biggest source of shame and what do you hate the most about yourself respectively?


how ? i can't picture


File: 1594102895082.jpg (166.85 KB, 1420x800, 71:40, 1509303495427.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What do you guys think of freezing yourself to death?

I live near a mountain and have plenty of alcohol. It shouldn't be hard for me to pass out with a bottle in the snow. It's certainly a lot easier than hanging.


File: 1594105895334.jpg (234.75 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, EbiIieiWsAEk4AC.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I always liked this idea. I researched it quite a bit a long time ago. IIRC, the only two major risks are the temperature rising unexpectedly before you've died and people finding you. They've been able to revive people even after they've spent significant periods of time out in freezing conditions.


File: 1594107443862.png (69.32 KB, 756x346, 378:173, map heh.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is at the height of a carpark around 1000M above sealevel, I'm looking at about 0 to -2c there at night on a good cold night, with chill factor dragging it down well below into the -4c. How reliable is chill factor in sinking temperatures?

I think I can realistically make it up another 500-1000m, and there the chill factor is a solid -16, base temperature a solid -7c.

-7c should kill a person who's naked and drunk within a few hours right?


Sorry, I don't have my notes on hypothermia anymore, but IIRC there's a lot of easy to find info on all this online, including medical journal papers and case studies.

You don't need to strip completely naked to successfully freeze to death. Just strip down to something thin and comfortable. And I would try to camouflage myself or find a ditch to lay in so no normans see me. (Even if the odds are very remote anyone could stumble across you.)


How is that easier than hanging? Seems like a lot of hiking and cold pain.


If you survive and are found before dying, there's a good chance that you will have to get some of your fingers or limbs amputated.


It's not. It's just another way to avoid doing the deed as you can plan what gear you are going to take with you, how much water, temperature charts etc etc…



I tried partial suspension hanging and I always had my survival instincts in. I think hypothermia and alcohol would be a much easier method.

Yeah yeah, whatever, I'm just a pussy.


eye drops can put you in a coma state, if you drink tge right amount wich i'm not sure how much it is


beat him then kill yourself and let him know its because of him. that will fuck him up.

I was researching nembutal to buy but it's so samn expensive I need to wageslave for 2 more months to exit… I guess I will get Fentanyl since it's way cheaper. But maybe its better to wait..


As I got into the snow with all my supplies I changed my mind. I did a u-turn and my car skidded out and was stuck in the dirt. I purposely didn't bring my phone with me and I screamed and fell apart, everything changed. Suddenly my life was alright and it was worth living, the cruel irony of it all just overwhelmed me and I was a mess.

I managed to get out of the dirt and drive back down.

I can't commit suicide, I just fucking can't do it. Even when I'm abjectly miserable there's something keeping me alive.


You forgot
>suicide by drowning
Which seems to be a 19th century english writer larp
Will you attentiongroids never learn?


and also
>suicide by freezing
Maybe we can write a peaceful pill parody book which showcases the most ridiculous attention-seeking methods possible


We can call it the agitated pill.


that was actually what happened


File: 1594240070642.jpg (943.29 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, image_search_1594240007600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

can i hang myself with a hose ?


Use a shoelace.


how ? a shoelace can handle my body weight ?


no, that's the point


Partial suspension hanging only requires pressure on your neck. You can tie it on a door knob and just ease into it until you pass out. Anything you can't rip with your hands can be used, like a charging cable, lamp cable, rolled up bed sheets, string from window blinds etc.


Thanks for letting us know. Hang in there, wizzie.


File: 1594325399464.jpg (57.69 KB, 553x369, 553:369, BN-BQ006_seoul_G_201402210….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Seoul's outspoken mayor Park Won-soon, long seen as a potential South Korean presidential candidate, was found dead Friday, police said. He was 64.
Park's body was found on a mountain in northern Seoul, police said, after a search by hundreds of officers.

Emergency personnel brought his remains down a path in the early hours of the morning, AFP journalists on site saw, before they were taken to hospital, where succubi wailed as they arrived.

Police said no suicide note was found at the scene, but Yonhap news agency reported that he was "presumed to have taken his own life".

If Park does prove to have killed himself he would be the highest-profile South Korean politician to do so since former president Roh Moo-hyun, who jumped off a cliff in 2009 after being questioned over corruption allegations involving family members.


Thanks !!

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