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Parents will constantly bitch and moan about how my brother and I still live at home, yet, when we were kids never support anything we were good at. I remember being around 8 and asking my dad if I could play little league and his response was "Im not driving your ass to practice." Anytime my brother and I would be committed to something whether it was art or playing video games, it was always deemed stupid by our parents. "Theyre hiding in their room doing their stupid [whatever we were interested in at the time]" Pair that with my moms OCD and we never had time to learn skills or get good at anything.
And, well, what does having zero skills get a twenty something?


not your fault man most parents are failures at being parents and refuse to look at themselves for being such failures as parents to their kids.


Fuck i meant to put this in the parents thread sorry


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My parents actually want me to live at home it's kind of odd.


I recall telling my mom that I was depressed as early as childhood. Her response was always "well, it's because you don't do anything", when she'd always drop us off at our grandparents house where there was quite literally nothing to do. Our 'actual' house was essentially just where we slept; that's how much time we'd spend there. I suspect she was trying to instill some sort of individualist/self-sufficiency philosophy, which probably could work depending on your approach, but she couldn't do it in a smart way.


People shouldn't have kids if they don't want to get invested


>Breeders looking after pets for 18+ years
>Breeders looking after their own children for 18+ years


Few pets live past 14.


that's not the point you redditgroid


Yeah it’s not. The point is that a pet dog is not the same as a human being you wingnut.


It kinda is. Pets die when you get bored of them, Wizards don't.

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