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How resist? Every day is a damn hell, I feel like I can't take this life anymore. I have been living practically locked up for no purpose in life but surviving for several years, every time I have tried to improve my life I hit the wall and time progresses in the blink of an eye, I feel like I am drowning in my own mediocrity and I hate myself too much.

I have afraid, I don't want to grow old and realize how I spent my whole life doing nothing all because of my damn anxiety and inability to live in this society.

How are the most experienced wizards able to live a similar life without blowing their damn head? (I admire these guys) each day is so frustrating and repetitive over and over, that when I least feel it I am crying non-stop, I can't stop crying.

Sorry for mi english.


Which country are you from? Have you considered learning new skills?


Are you a NEET? If so I'd recommend changing that.


I am from El Salvador, so I am usually seen as a bigger loser than I would be in another more developed country, I suppose, since it's less common in these countries to find such introverted people, I have tried some things to distract myself in recent years such as drawing, learning to cook and learning English a little, but although it distracts me, it doesn't work.

I have tried, but it's not easy to get a job here, I don't have any work experience and I only have studies until high school, I feel very incomplete as a person, I don't know how to get a job properly.

I don't have social skills properly and I know that all this would be a mockery for normal people who would see me as an idiot …I don't know if having a job would help me emotionally, but I have to try.


Worst thing is, whenever i find the strenght to do something it wears off fast because the disgust, regrets but also uncertainty and fear of the future are getting really exhausting. I was an outcast during my adolescence (high school dropout) but i regret not doing anything at that time with so much free time on my hands. Now that i think of it i was so much better than now but i completely lost that natural impulse to live in daydreaming/consooming. Being in a bad mental state is such a vicious circle it's a poison killing me. Anyway i can relate a lot to your situation it's pratically same as mine. How old are you ?


life immitates art >>222779


Listen man, he said he was scared of growing old and having wasted his life. So if he's sitting around all day NEETing it certainly won't change that. I'm not saying to go get some dead end job but he clearly should go do something.


>El Salvador
rest in peace, amigo

Go to the US as an immigrant or claim asylum. You can get a job or even join the US military to get free college and I think even citizenship.


If u still can cry it's good, i can't for a long time


the only way is to accept what we are and distract ourselves from reality with sensorial illusions such as music, videogames, books, etc. or you can transcend your state with meditation

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