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>apply for manual labor job
>it's taken over by mexicans
>apply for a middle class job
>it's taken over by the poo mafia, if you want the job you have to speak their poo poo language

What the hell can a wizard do these days that's for introverts?




this mexican ass niggas they just jump over the fucking border, run around and steal wizzie's jobs.
Make america great for wizards again.


I don't know about usa but here in Canada there is tons of work available. It's too difficult though so I collect neetbux instead.


I dont even know how people get any job, sometimes I see people that are missing chromosomes doing a job and I wonder how the hell can they get a job and I cant


In the west, people below a certain shittiness threshold get lots of government assistance, programs, quota benefits, and pity. If you are right above that threshold you're fucked.


A lot of americans are on welfare or disability benefits and all that, my parents are both on disability but my mom secretly works a nursing job and just takes care of a old lady part time.


People with Down's Syndrome are good workers compared to a wizard. Plebs accept that they may break social rules accidentally, so they don't feel like theyre awkward and creepy. Plus they can handle doing boring, repetitive work, and it makes the employer look good for supporting them


This. You're worse than a retard, you're a nobody. Nobodies get shafted harder than anyone else in this society, we're truly the bottom of the totem pole.




Yeah, I hated working and was constantly stressed out every moment. Lack of self-awareness makes shit work a lot easier.

that said, I'd rather not do manual labor ever


Not if the automation mafia get their way.


>go over to Home Depot parking lot hoping rich gnormie will ask you to work on his house.
>get picked on by Mexicans sitting around a crate playing cards.


>have a bunch of indian in-laws through white sister.
>none of them help me get a job.


Poo mafia is real. Do not work in any environment that has an indian in it. They will fill the place with their same caste/same hometown brethren in few months. Many sillicon valley companies are being investigated for this shit actually. Cisco being a recent example.


I cannot underline how much I hate them after having seen this behavior firsthand. Loos will do nothing but lie and steal welfare while bringing them in. It is a form of gangsterism based on white flight


Google has already fallen


Why is it that they have no problem scamming?


i dont think i could ever look someone in the eyes and scam them or be dishonest over anything not trivial. i truly dont think normalgroids are human


A pajeet scammed me out of $50 directly to my face when i was in New York trying to buy a souvenir for my brother.
Some races are programmed to view other people as insects and non-humans to exploit. Pajeets treats cows better than their fellow humans


Indian culture is based around scamming. Culture is your operating system.


Their country is very shitty but it presents an utopian ideal in the West, full of celebrities and rich people. This creates a sort of bitter envy in Indians where they justify doing anything steal from Westerners because they see them as spoiled soft people who probably are rich anyway.


File: 1596245959096.png (105.26 KB, 340x255, 4:3, Mr.PopoVsGokuEp131.png) ImgOps iqdb

I did not knew that this site is filled with racists .

Imagine hating someone on some ethnicity. Maybe your wiz life is so bad that you have to compensate it by shitting on other races. White people …. smh


White people are the least racist group of people on the planet. All the other races are freely racist towards everyone because it's not taboo for them.


Is this bait? If you go on shitty sites like worldstar, you would find that many blacks hate white people with a passion and always act racist towards them. I hate it when other races can't be racist at all even if they say the most fucked up shit to whites.


The woke colonist cries out in pain while being worshipped by the legacy culture he is replacing.


File: 1596280128358.jpg (102.96 KB, 1200x775, 48:31, 1596045318232.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I find it endearing when someone tries to come up with racial slurs against us. They come up with the most elaborate words that don't work, and still lose their shit when you just type the n-word or call them a faggot.


File: 1596285758420.gif (858.87 KB, 2970x2483, 2970:2483, truthabtrace.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>obvious reasons to not stay ignorant before some racialist causes, even if remaining courteous.


File: 1596302830706.jpg (197.12 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, SKull-Bandana-Fack-It-Tech….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What the hell can a wizard do these days that's for introverts?
Get urself one of these



>Imagine hating someone on some ethnicity


Why are you obsessed with race? What are you going to do about it?
Brown people are here to stay, and will spread to most areas of the world over the next 20 years


Race is an incredibly divisive and controversial issue that often is handled in an unhealthy and immature manner; it is also a massive part of people's identity (family, culture, music, art, etc.) Regarding my own biases as an white american male, I'm not too fond of other cultures because they oftentimes seem hostile towards my way of life (but this is often the case with people in general, regardless of ethnic origin or identity) so anyways, your question comes across as unhealthy and judgemental because you accuse someone of racial obsession, which ceases a healthy, conducive discussion on race, and you basically flout an acceptance of future racial ambiguity which can be confused with the genocide of european culture.


It sounds like you have an issue with culture, are you being honest with me here? Would you prefer white muslims or brown christians?
Not a trick question, many people hide behind the smokescreen of 'culture' when they just prefer everyone to look the same, when that is not going to happen.>>225546


Well, not exactly. I really dislike low-class, uneducated whites here in america. I hate rap music and country music beyond race (with the former becoming increasingly normalized.) So I don't believe I have a problem with a person's skin color as much as their attiude and folkways.


Imagine whining about racism but in the middle of your whine you start gloating about ethnic cleansing.
>>225564 Only to go back to gaslighting about how race shouldn't mean anything to white people even though getting rid of them is important enough to brag about.


you think i'm fucking 6, i don't hate someone because they're from somewhere else, i hate them because they're retarded violent leeching shitheads


Can you /pol/turds kindly get the FUCK out of my thread. This thread wasn't made to spark a fucking autistic race discussion you could have on your neo-nazi hive instead. And stop falling for weak bait retards.


Sorry, your question: What can an introvert do these days? Maybe try studying a hard science like mathematics or some other valuable skill


From Google:
>:Theoretical mathematicians are generally mathematics professors or graduate students, with stipends or grants to work on mathematical problems that concern them. The majority use computers in their analysis, and most work alone a large part of the time."


God pol and dep get worse day by day, now the worst two combined and you have this disaster

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