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I feel alone with frequency and seeing people online interacting in front of me has being the "solution" of this problem for quite a while, I spend all my waking hours here and others Imageboards. Leaving my computer increases my anxiety and upsets my mind.
Just looking at the screen gives me more peace than would have without, like a baby with his pacifier.

My dream is one day I use the internet only as an tool to search, learn or buy something


I've been avoiding talking to people for the past week or so, and don't regret it.
People are a distraction, so are imageboards. You aren't going to find quality people here.

The anxiety you feel is just your delayed comprehension of your situation.
It's comparable to taking the blindfold off and being suspended up 10k meters on a cliff side.
It is terrifying, but you learn to come to terms with it.


File: 1595507268652.jpeg (14.29 KB, 361x408, 361:408, images (1).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

The topics that are brought here are more interesting than talking about mundane stuff with my mom, the only person I can talk. But you're right, most people don't know what they're talking and are hostile for no reason. I don't have interest most of the topics I read online, but I read regardless just to fill space before I go to bed.

I don't have much to do besides reading posts and even when I wake without the urge to use the computer, the boredom I feel pushes me back here.


>My dream is one day I use the internet only as an tool to search, learn or buy something
I think it's reasonable, albeit I have tried before and always keep coming back. Not using the internet at all would maybe be even better but it gets harder all the time.


Maan do you know how trash the average person is?
Do you even Jean-Paul Satre??


i am neet and my only social interaction is on imageboards. i have grown dependent on them even though i know my over reliance is detrimental to my health, and if i want to stop feeling like shit i need to get off. i will never be able to befriend normaldrones, but it is hard and scary to come to truly accept and rely on yourself. its much easier to forget about all that and laugh at curries on 4chad


File: 1595618791778.jpg (67.61 KB, 550x413, 550:413, ISfk4xgeaz80wh1000000000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know exactly what you mean. Some people let the internet completely fuck up the way their brains work. Their PC and phone/tablet or whatever basically become their Skinner Box and they start to lose the ability to think straight and become anxious without their electronics.

I just try to limit myself as much as possible with work, excerise, books, even just going out for walks. The best part when you're away for a long enough time you start to realize how much of a damn waste of time it is. I'm completely free of social media and videogames and pron(since 2010 for social media and 2012 for the other things) . I just still use the internet for YouTube, music, and work email. Hopefully soon I can get away from those too.

Goodluk on your quest, Wiz


File: 1595624519627.jpg (64.88 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 71034132_481470342583564_7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the internet is the only thing i have for companion,everything else costs money and i'm jobless,but even this gets tiresome


>when you're away for a long time enough you start to realize how much of a damn waste of time it is

100% agree with you but in the same time returning to your computer after a long time make you also realize how much of a wonderfull tool the internet is, i guess it's all about how you use the internet or in the case of most wizards here how they've let the internet use them and i think that when you use the internet too much it become just a boring routine. I would recommend to every person reading this to stop using the internet for a little time, maybe 1 week or 2, it won't change your life that much but it's an interesting experience in this time and age were it seems that having your brain plugged to yout internet box has become a commodity, and it will only get bigger as the years passes. the age of the homo internetus has begun my fellow wizards, take your popcorn and sit comfortably in front of your crystal ball because this decade will be quite interesting.


free from social media while posting on an imageboard (??)


You're not jobless, you're jobfree :^)


>homo internetus


>everything else costs money
please tell me those things, I can easily blow $3k without a worry right now, but I can never find anything worthwhile, I just pay expenses which I have hardly any


that's how they said internet in ancient times


File: 1595686755131.jpg (90 KB, 848x1024, 53:64, 1540119117994.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm on the other side of this. I am very obviously dependent on the internet as well. But I don't see how it's remotely a bad thing in the grander context. I'm also dependent on food and shelter and the general kindness of others so that they don't come harm me for no reason. Independence is an illusion to begin with.
A waste of time? It's probably one of the absolute most comfortable ways to pass time there has ever been. Days fly by without an inkling of despair because you are so distracted all the time, despite taking no effort to do so.
I discover art, I learn shit, I get to interact with people. I bust a gut laughing, I cry to some sad story. All from the comfort of my bed. And for all the times I leave, the sheer contrast of the outside world makes everything feel permanently fresh. The sky never becomes mundane.
I get that people are afraid to be so clearly tethered to something unstable. But that's only because it's one of the tethers that is very easy to see. It's by far not the only one, nor the most unstable one.
You'll lose your home and your family one day too. You'll lose your health, memory and ability. Losing an easy way to spend time is nothing. It can be overcome at any time, even if it hurts.
Also I like the cat pictures in this thread.


get some weed


Get weightlifting equipment, some good nutritional foods, and any necessary supplements to maximize your mental and physical performance.


Spoken like a true chad


WizChad 2020


File: 1595923856284.jpg (314.19 KB, 1123x1463, 1123:1463, D1E01B9mbxQQeN1AhSLWhHNPPW….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is exercise anti wiz?


Chads have taken over the entire internet and there's nowhere left to hide. Can't even be depressed in peace.


Get a grip you lazy fucks. Looking after yourself physically isn't a chad thing, or do you think all wizards should be amorphous blobs that wheeze and struggle to even get out of their chairs?


Just sick of having the genetic upper class brag about how great things are for them and rub my face in how shit I am.


showing off is anti wiz. Modesty is a tenet of wisdom


Yes it is


Exercising for the sake of slaying succubi is anti-wiz.
Exercising for the sake of exercising is pure wizardry.


Indeed, the concept of exercise is inherently for normcattle to make them more productive


Yeah. I never feel connected
Communicating with anybody over the internet makes me feel even more alienated, but I still come here
First thing I gotta do is get rid of this abomination called "" "smartphone"""


don't care for drugs, if anything it'll just make things worse
I'm decently fit and do body-weight exercises most days, it helps, but not enough.
I used to be a hikki neet and my family didn't think too highly of me, but now I'm working and going back to school and they thinks that's great. But I feel just the same, and I even do the same exact things I did as a neet, I just have less time to do them. I don't talk to people at work, I don't talk to people at school. Is it just loneliness? I never enjoy others company though, so I don't know.


What is irritating about sports and exercise in our society is that it has almost become a pseudo religion in itself, or rather some sort of pseudo ritual? It's so excessively prescribed and glorified, as if it were some virtuous act, an secular ascetism of sorts… I remember reading in a novel something to the effect of "jogging is the yoga of modern man".


Maybe because the modern world feels so fucked up and alienating ? Exercising keeps me sane, it may be one of the last mental defenses for many people. I guess that the crazy jogger succubi in GTA V was a parody of this


simulation of a simulation, nothing to see here, everything is normal


>last mental defenses for many people
Yes, probably, that's my point: it's a parody/substitute of the rituals of traditional societies that usually served among other and greater things the same purpose for us commoners. (like praying, going on a pilgrimage, that sort of stuff)
When you look at it that way - and it's especially obvious in the case of sports as spectacle - that kinda makes it… trivial doesn't it, at least that's what it does for me, and I suspect for many other regardless of their opinions on religion and spirituality.
I can't trick myself into believing that repeatedly lifting weights will help me mentally in any way, and I have tried! Now I do more mundane lowkey physical activity (walking and cycling), and I sort of got addicted to it honestly, but there was never any significant improvement to my mental health that I can speak of, only as time went on, frustration when I cannot do it because of the circumstances, or when I feel that I haven't done enough, so what was the point?

But merely expressing such reservations is taboo, there's this assumption that physical exercise is necessarily good, one hundred percent wholesome and an almost guaranteed fix to all your problem - you only need to muster the motivation to get to it! Well I have, and let me say it is bullshit, and I am sick of this propaganda for sports.


File: 1596261705104.jpg (250 KB, 698x562, 349:281, obesity-overweight-statist….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1596263196733.png (579.31 KB, 474x497, 474:497, TJI0Mdx.png) ImgOps iqdb

Uh oh.


You can not eat like a hog AND not exercise at all. It's the reason why skinnyfat people are really common in Europe.


So? You can have both extremes at the same time. It's not unlike how puritanical societies are often the most degenerate and hypocritical. America is the best example of this.
The solution if there is one is certainly not to chastise people for not going to chur- to the gym.


you can't do this if you hate yourself and i think most wizzies lean towards self hate rather than narcissism

so without a goal of improving yourself since you don't care and hate yourself, it makes no sense for wizzies to do it


you elbow barged me before taking the picture. unfair.

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