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I'm addicted to watching morbid things like terminal illness diagnosis videos, documentaries about dying alone, abandoned family homes full of family memories, suicide biohazard cleanup

it sounds like i gone too far down the rabbit hole but I've found morbid stuff is good to watch just to constantly remind you how good my life is.
I walk around the world constantly happy with how cool the world is and how healthy i am

I consume these things BCS im deeply unhappy
I used to go to cemetaries as a kid and read the headstones I also used do this There s something just very interesting about death and dying


>documentaries about dying alone
Can you elaborate on this?


Any documentary recommendations?



is that Kino?

so much knowledge. much sarcasm. extremely clever. bet your helpful spirit helped you a lot in life, wiz.


I relate a lot to this. I've always had an odd obsession with death. I typically watch a lot of gore online for hours at a time. It really makes me appreciate being alive, which is odd considering I don't really enjoy living. It does sort of make me wonder why I'm allowed the safe and carefree life that I have, considering I've done nothing to deserve it. I really like cemeteries, and reading up about people who are currently deceased. I kind of like thinking about the non-existence that comes afterwards. I'm really quite embarrassed by this.

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